Queens Park Rangers vs Newcastle United extended match highlights and interview

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“Match of the Day” highlights from Saturday afternoon’s game between Queens Park Rangers and Newcastle United from Loftus Road.

Post match interview with Alan Pardew.

Score and Goalscorers.

Queens Park Rangers 1 (Remy (pen) 11), Newcastle United 2 (Ben Arfa (pen) 18, Gouffran 35).

Teams and other match facts.

Queens Park Rangers (4-4-2): Robert Green (G), Jose Bosingwa (Fabio da Silva HT), Nedum Onuoha, Clint Hill (C), Armand Traore, Andros Townsend, Jermaine Jenas, Stephane M’Bia (Shaun Derry HT), Junior Hoilett (Adel Taarabt 84), Loic Remy, Bobby Zamora.

Subs: Brian Murphy (G), Fabio da Silva, Esteban Granero, Shaun Derry, Ji-Sung Park, Adel Taarabt, Jamie Mackie.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Rob Elliot (G, Steve Harper 81), Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Yohan Cabaye, Cheick Tiote (James Perch 52), Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa, Papiss Cisse, Yoan Gouffran.

Subs: Steve Harper (G), Danny Simpson, James Perch, Vurnon Anita, Sylvain Marveaux, Gabriel Obertan, Adam Campbell.

Yellow cards: Yohan Cabaye (10), Mike Williamson (30), Stephane M’Bia (37), Rob Elliot (68),

Red cards: Rob Elliot (two yellows, 81).

Referee: Lee Probert (Wilts).

Attendance: 17,278.


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68 Responses

  1. I take it by the way you’ve worded the poll your not a fan of pardew. Prob need to make it a balanced question if you want a balanced answer.

  2. Mark says:
    May 12, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    “I take it by the way you’ve worded the poll your not a fan of pardew. Prob need to make it a balanced question if you want a balanced answer.”

    What isn’t “balanced” or about it, Mark? It is beyond dispute that Pardew is a long ball manager whether you like it or not, and that’s the whole point of the poll.

  3. I thought we were going to chuck it away again in the second half big display of hoof ball and deep defending

  4. now we safe the debates can begin i take it, cause what collo said about divsions in the camp annoyed me, made every1 look like prats in my view

  5. in fact annoyed is to light a word to put it better i was blinkin steaming when i saw what he had said hes surposed to be part of the solution not the main blinking problem

  6. Coloccini never said there were divisions in the original interview in the Chronicle. He said there were team meetings. Divisions were not even mentioned. Luke Edwards twisted the wording in the Telegraph, because he’s a c*nt.

  7. Toon, below is what Coloccini said:

    “We have meetings like any other team. We had meetings last year when we played fantastic.”

    “The meetings we have are to improve us. Then we can speak and see what is going wrong. No more than that.”
    “That is normal when you are where we are now. The manager and the players are together.”

    “People can criticize when they want but we always give our best on the pitch and on the training ground. It was the same when they said I did not want to play or I was not giving 100%.”

    “It can happen. It does not affect the changing room. We are together and we know what we are fighting. We have players who have played in the Champions League and have won league titles.”


    This was then twisted by Luke Edwards into

    “Fabricio Coloccini admits there were divisions in Newcastle squad as David Ginola blasts French contingent”


  8. Jimbob says:
    May 12, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    “Luke Edwards twisted the wording in the Telegraph, because he’s a c*nt.”

    That’s a terrible thing to write about c**ts, Jimbob. If you were just a mere c**t, how would you feel if someone likened you to Luke Donald?

  9. Are there any Danes or people in Denmark out there?

    I want to watch Andreas Cornelius from F.C. Copenhagen but I can’t really get alot of Danish League football in England.

  10. Worky, :-)

    I was too generous with my insult. Apologies to any c**ts out there.

  11. On another note, I can’t promise anything but I might be able to do a season review as I’m leaving the country this week to travel again. I’ll have some free time next month before I go so hopefully I can do another review like last season. I’ll let you know.

    Be fookin horrible writing one to be fair, probably find a bridge and jump off it half-way through writing it.

  12. Jimbob says:
    May 12, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    “On another note, I can’t promise anything but I might be able to do a season review as I’m leaving the country this week to travel again. I’ll have some free time next month before I go so hopefully I can do another review like last season. I’ll let you know.”

    It would be great if you could!

  13. There was a feel good factor about last seasons one. I think like me, most people on here specialize in misery so if I do write it it’ll have to have a disclaimer before anyone reads it. I’m not being held accountable for a mass suicide.

  14. There was a great story on Radio 4 about Pep Guardiola and Barcelona earlier, with people like Carles Rexach, Michael Laudrup and Joan Laporta on it. It was very enlightening about what makes a great manager, and a great team.

  15. Jimbob, Radio 4 and the World Service has some great programmes on about football, which is the exact opposite of all the meaningless, ill informed trash from no nothing hacks that you read in the papers. You have to be a certified insomniac to carch most of them though. I check out “World Football” or whatever it’s called regularly now.

    The last one I listened to before the Guardiola one I mentioned above was about Bill Shankly and I was listening to another one before that with Nigeria’s head coach, Stephen Keshi.

  16. Jimbob says:
    May 12, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    “I’m pretty much nocturnal these days. What time is it on?”

    Jimbob, they were different programmes. The Bill Shankly one was “Great Lives,” the Keshi one was “World Football” and I don’t know what the Pep Guardiola one was because I just missed the beginning because of the match and the other stuff earlier.

    Here’s the homepage for “World Football” anyway:


  17. Another delayed tape game, where I waited to watch, without knowing the final score.

    Was it worth the wait, no !

    It was possibly the worst game of football I have watched all season.

    Two sides that looked as though they belonged in the second tier.

    And had it not been for three screw-ups no one would have scored.

    Add that to possibly the longest forty eight minutes of football I have ever watched, the second half.

    On the other hand I am grateful for the three points.

    Who played well, Colo, (and I hate to admit, Williamson),
    plus Yanga-M’Biwa.

    What the hell is wrong with Debuchy, he’s becoming worse
    than Tiote.

    We certainly looked like a side without a plan, other than in the second half, when Elliot instead of wellying it outta play, took it outside the area.

    From then on it was everyman behind the ball and just hoof it up field.

    Watching Pardew was a trip, he went through all the emotions, Despair, joy, anxiety, you name it.

    Ashley and Sanch Panza were there, probably the most relieved pair in the country, will have a good night in the Casino, I suppose, knowing that one twentieth share of five billion is available as things look.

    Have to say Jr Hoilett had a decent game and I was impressed by Townsend.

    There’s a rumor young McCarthy may be heading to Spurs, for a mentioned ten million quid, a deal IMO.

    And Oh !, congratulations to Chris Hughton, for a great win over WBA

    Soh! with the season all but over, I suppose we will be subject to rumor and lies, not to mention, others druthers.
    Just glad we got the three points to-day.

  18. Chuck, I have a feeling they will retain his services, Unfortunately “The Gruesome Twosome”, Know next to nowt about football.
    As far as their concerned, It’s job done, And Pardew has made them their wedge, for next season.
    As long as he maintains the “Status Quo”, And midtable mediocrity, Where else are they going to find a yes man, as docile, as he is?
    They’ve hung him out to dry on numerous occassions, and he’s just took it up fizzer, Where others would have walked, To maintain their dignity.

  19. chuck says:
    May 12, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    “Who played well, Colo, (and I hate to admit, Williamson),
    plus Yanga-M’Biwa.

    What the hell is wrong with Debuchy, he’s becoming worse
    than Tiote.”

    Chuck, am I hallucinating or have you fianally seen the light with magnificent Mike?

    Debuchy has always been like that. I watched him playing in France (on TV and video anyway) and he makes Alan Smith look like Bobby Moore sometimes. He is certainly no stranger to red cards and suspensions.

    I did brief you all on him.

  20. Well lets see how he does next season as this season has been a new league for him and jumping in to a relegation fight. I take your words as usual thought Worky so I know you are now exaggerating about him.

  21. Chuck, I’m seriously considering it after this…

    “I don’t really care if Arsenal win 4-0 [next weekend], If I’m honest, I’m sure Spurs will – but I only care that our fans enjoy themselves.”

    He really has a way with words doesn’t he.

  22. chuck says:
    May 12, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    “But seriously folks, can Pardew survive ?”

    Well, he shouldn’t, should he? But he might, given Chubs’ and Degsy’s contempt for any and all football club management models I can think of. I never know what these people are going to do next, Chuck. If you think they’re bound to dispense with Pardew because of this close shave, I’m not so sure.

    I reckon Pardew’s value as an obsequious toady underling is pure gold as far as fatso’s concerned. Although he’s blotted his copybook to some degree in recent days with a few comments suggesting that at least some of the blame lies higher up the food chain, I think he’ll probably still be in charge next season.

    I mean, it’s not as if the opinion of the fans in wanting a change will count for much. It never has before.

  23. Darthbroon, I cannot disagree with any of that, The only way he will be shown the door, Is if Ashley decides he’s no longer playing the stooge, Then he’ll be gone, as others who have stood up to his s**t, Have gone before.
    The only trouble with Pardew going, We will get more of the same, And it will be a case of, “The Stooge Is Dead, Long Live The Stooge”, And we’ll end up with someone just as bad, If not worse, Than Pardew.

    Ashley has got the fans to the point of thinking mediocre is good, And if it were not for him, Things would be worse.
    So the fans are happy to take the scraps from his table, He has the whole thing sewn, All ends up!

  24. Worky

    Not so sure, I think Ashley (who’s the only one that counts) was enamored with the European competition.

    It Helps with the brand name thing, as does the signing of French players, which certainly has caused a stir in La Belle France.

    Places where he may consider expanding his real business.

    Where he could use NUFC as an adjunct, helps with each being associated with the other.

    Plus i’m sure he is aware that clubs who have success on the field are in turn rewarded more.

    Look at Liverpool, a smaller stadium, but a greater domestic and foreign following, because of a history of winning, not a lot lately, but never the less.

    We in return have a state of the art stadium, but unfortunately, a small catchment area, plus have won nothing, though i’m sure we attracted a number of fans from outside Tyneside, during the KK era.

    Bums in seats have unfortunately become a secondary revenue earner, compared to tv revenue.

    However I don’t see any sign of that kind of development or expansion, and certainly don’t expect it from someone like Llambias.

    I kinda think, Ashley is a phenomenon, who understands the rag trade, someone who through risky deals, has shot to the top of that particular business, was smart enough to sell a minority stake to the public, become very wealthy and has used that windfall to buy up competition and companies in distress, liquidate many, and selectively hold onto those healthier ones.

    But I certainly have yet to see any real lack of understanding of professional football, expanding the brand name etc., going on what he has accomplished over the last six years.

    Yeah the stadium renaming turned out to be a bit of a problem, but though it’s now “St.James’Park” again, what’s changed, there are Sports Direct signs everywhere you turn.
    In which case it might just as well still be Sports direct Stadium.

    Then next year there’s “The Loanshark” deal, how will fans feel about, advertising a loanshark organization, I would rather have “The Mafia” on the shirt, at least the vigorish is less.

    Yeah birds of a feather, Pardew, Ashley, Llambias and their loanshark friends.

    But they rely on the average fan to not really give a toss, most are more concerned about the colors or design of the shirt as opposed to what they may be selling.

    That appears to be the kind of people who have hi-jacked the club and god knows what they have in store for us.

    I certainly would take Llambias’ statement about how horrible we can be, to heart.

  25. @ workyticket 11
    n1 bud thats ok is total different from the way that other twonk who calls himself a reporter tryed to spin it

  26. jimbob

    Yes he just blathers on as I stated earlier, I think they use him as a lightning rod, to distract the fans from whatever’s going on.
    I doubt if anyone actually pays any attention anymore as he constantly contradicts himself.
    The The straw that broke the camels back was just recently, when he stated he had a great understanding of tactics ?
    Yeah Al !
    But they have changed a bit in the last ten years !
    Anyone notice, to-day9 both managers put out 4-4-2 lineups, what does that say ?

  27. Worky
    You know me , I call em, as I see em.
    Talking bout Williamson.
    Hey no one is more surprised than me, but what I don’t get is, following Simpsons recent performance, why was he replaced by Debuchy ?
    And Ashley will be really dumb to let Simpson go, if he can get him to stay at this stage.

  28. i think wigan will go down meself, think scumberland and villa got enough points,if i was ashley when wigan go down i would send that prat owner of wigan a message, theres clubs in the prem and you aint in it lmao :)

  29. Chuck, I like defenders who can play the ball out rather than whacking it but defnders are expected to be like Messi nowadays and some of ’em are so busy trying to be Messi that they forget to defend. Mike Williamson knows he isn’t Messi, but he does defend and he does get stuck in, especially in the air. If he makes one mistake, it gets amplified a million times but Debuchy can hack people all over, get sent off, give away penalties and he hardly gets any stick at all.

  30. Joe Hawkins

    Not so sure about that.
    Ashley obviously enjoys total control and only hires those who are willing to “yes boss” him to death.
    But there’s something more important, “money”.
    And this near escape from relegation and all it implies, must have given him pause for thought.
    Apparently he was incommunicado for a while, which I believe left Pardew hanging in the wind and had we not stumbled our way through, to the three points to-day.
    Could have easily resulted in his being fired, after all what happened to Shearer.
    Who knows, could still happen, but like yourself I think he will get a reprieve, but any sign of a repeat of this season, IMO will be met with instantly being replaced and if Ashley were smart, he would be looking at replacements as we type.
    Who the hell knows perhaps he already has someone lined up.

    May 13, 2013 at 1:13 am

    “i think wigan will go down meself, think scumberland…”

    You never knaa Toon. Just think about it, Sunderland in the Championship :-)

  32. @ workyticket
    had thought about it but if that happened they get 2 years bragging rights they beat us,cant be having that bud lmao,even more so after that horror tackle, and the way wigan conducted themselfs though,plus there handball winner

  33. Worky
    On Williamson, yes the guy is honest, but he has a lot of liabilities, some of which unlike others he has obviously worked on.
    His Distribution was in his early stages awful, he had the habit of going to ground, he also had a positional problem, plus a pacey attacker could leave him standing.
    I still believe he’s not good enough for this league, but sure to-day he performed well.
    On saying that, he didn’t have a lot of competition in the side as we as a team played awful.

    May 13, 2013 at 1:20 am

    “@ workyticket
    had thought about it but if that happened they get 2 years bragging rights”

    Being in the Premiership with them in the Championship is the ultimate bragging rights though, surely?

  35. Wigan

    Hey I like em, a small town, small ground, good owner, great manager, plus they play attractive football.
    They have some nice players and I hope they survive, though it’s unlikely.
    I would also like to see Sunderland survive, face it derby games are special and don’t happen without them.
    Have to say young McManaman, ran his ass off, had a great game.
    Any time you dominate a side like Citeh, with the players they have, you cant be bad, but if Martinez leaves, that’s it, and Dave Whelan knows it.
    Hell I only wish we could sign him.

  36. @ chuck
    would not mind keeping simpson meself let him and Debuchy fight it out for the 1st team spot think simpson is better def wise but Debuchy is better att wise in my view

  37. @ workyticket
    still prefers wigan to go down after horror tackle :) im not bitter about it of course lmao well maybe just a bit lmao :)

  38. I think we are in a far better position than we were this time last year. We have a squad of internationals that were bought on the cheap. If say, Tiote and Cabaye want to leave we will get decent money based on their performances last year and we should be able to get replacements. The new Frenchies will be given a pass because they came into a team in disarray. If any want to leave we should get decent money.

    All we need is a new manager. Hopefully someone who is persuasive and can convince Coliccini and Ben Arfa that we have ambition.

    Use the extra TV money to buy a couple of strikers. Yes, they will be expensive because of the extra cash in the Premier League, but we should be able to buy almost any of the second tier strikers from any league in the world. I mean second tier when compared to Falcao, Cavani etc.

    Pardew out.

  39. I don’t really mind too much who goes down. I would like Wigan to survive because there is so much to admire about their club, beginning with the owner who is beloved by everyone who seems to know him, apart from Mike Ashley which may be a further reason for liking him. I would be happy to see Villa survive because I think they have seen their backs against the wall in recent weeks and come out fighting, and I think Lambert deserves more of a chance. That leaves the Mackems, but as has been pointed out, there go the derby matches which are so enjoyed by the fans and often the only thing we have to celebrate all season.

    With all that said, I expect it to be Wigan who go down and perhaps Everton will pick Martinez up as Moyes replacement. Lucky them if they do, and would no doubt guarantee them the relative success that club manages to achieve.

    Which, in this flow of conversation, leaves us with ourselves. I don’t think Mike and Derek are quite so daft as we sometimes paint them. Clearly there is a problem in the dressing room and on the pitch, and having so many French guys who don’t yet speak English or understand the English game and our passion is surely a big key to solving that; Pardew’s ineptitude and innate fear-based tactics being the other. I would imagine Pardew will be given until Christmas to get us in a decent league position with the addition of another decent striker and one or two others to replace some dead wood, but no way will Mike want to be lurking anywhere near the muddy waters at the bottom of the table come January and if we are, then Pardew’s time is done. But hey, I could be wrong…

  40. Paul in Hollywood says:
    May 13, 2013 at 2:26 am

    “having so many French guys who don’t yet speak English or understand the English game”

    Following Pard’s post match comments (pick a match, any match), you could replace the French in that comment with Pardew.

  41. here we go with the we must keep collo blogs bollocks again get rid as soon as poss

  42. the only prob i see in that dressing room is a comunication prob, and the players that dont speak french need to learn it, also the same for the french players they need to learn english, soon as poss in my view.when thats sorted the players could speak french on the field if they like, so the other side cant understand what they saying,be a great weapon for us in the future i think

  43. Yeah you are right, personally i’m in favor of a compromise how about they all speak Franglish.

  44. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww,were safe atlast.
    Simpson should get new contract and Debuchy should be converted to a winger just like Arry did with Bale.Worky did give us warning about Debuchy liking a card or two way before he signed.
    We still need a good CB or 2 if Colo goes in the summer.Mbiwa is much better playing at LB/RB,im still unsure of him playing at CB atm.
    I cant really understand people talking about Cabaye leaving.He has been pushing for his best pal Debuchy to come to the club and now he’s here do they think he’s just ganna move on?personally i just cant see it.
    We need a fit Tiote,we only see the best of Cabaye when he’s playing with Mr T and we have missed him a lot this season.
    And most importantly…..PARDEW OUT!!!

  45. So, Pard’s is seeking to allay our fears by joking about not caring whether or not we lose to Arsenal on Sunday. I assume he tried similar levity in his team talks before the recent Sunderland and Liverpool matches.

    Oh, he is such a shining wit.

  46. All else aside, don’t understand folks’ soft spot for Wigan.

    I’d like to see them go down. They contribute nothing to the competition other than relatively-entertaining escapes from relegation. Sunderland and Villa have at least tried to compete in recent seasons. Wigan seem content to be everyone’s feeder team. If Martinez stays there much longer, I’ll really start to question his ambition and belief in his own abilities.

    Highly amused by people’s assumptions about our squad’s language skills. Ba, for example, speaks better English than some native speakers I know. Why speculate about that before considering the obvious tactical/selection predictability, clear lack of motivation, no creativity in midfield, etc., etc.

  47. tunyc says: “All else aside, don’t understand folks’ soft spot for Wigan.”

    Well, to consider that this present team was assembled for the grand total of 11 million quid, when Manchester City had eleven players each costing above this amount, is one good reason. Another being their owner who is a good, old-fashioned decent bloke who began making his fortune by selling toiletries in the local market; and by playing attacking and entertaining football is a third. They have done incredibly well to survive in the Premiership for so long.

  48. Just had a mackem tell me that there’s an announcement from Pard’s coming tonight over his future (the rumour being that he’s resigned). Can anyone confirm this?

  49. Pete_toon, A mackem telling you that, Should tell it’s own story lol.
    Why would he resign?, He’s onto a good thing with Newcastle.
    He’s probably the only manager in the world, Who is rewarded for failure.
    We sacked a manager for 1 win 5, For this deluded joker, Who breaks all records, For being s**t, Everywhere he goes.

    Although it now seems that the 8 year contract nonsense, Was more of a nominal gesture.
    Ashley & Co were always going to keep him on, If he kept us up.
    Even if the contract is full of clauses etc, They would still be a laughing stock, If they got rid of him, Only a few months, After their ridiculous statement.
    He will now be given enough rope to hang himself, and will be sacked, about 10 games in, Next season.
    He will start the next campaign,In the same way, He is finishing this one, And that will be,”All she wrote”, For laughing boy.

    His latest gaffe, Will no doubt become self fulfilling, And he has set himself up, For a massive fall.
    If Arsenal put 4 or more past his team, He is going to look like the biggest divvy of all time.
    Not to mention questions will be asked about his commitment to that said game, When there have been similar accusations levelled against him, ie, F.A. cup matches.
    The man is a complete and utter fool, And we are the unluky one’s, having this t*t, manage this football club.

  50. The only way i see him walking, Is if Ashley tells him there’s no money to spend, And he has to manage with what he’s got.
    Which knowing Ashley, He could well do!

  51. joe hawkins says:
    May 14, 2013 at 10:57 am
    “Pete_toon, A mackem telling you that, Should tell it’s own story lol.”

    Normally I’d agree, but the Mackems love us having Pardew in charge given how bad he is. They don’t want to see us with a decent manager.

    Still – who knows.

  52. Pete_toon, Stand on me, Nothing would give me greater pleasure, Than to see the back of, “The most odious man, In World Football”.
    It’s just our simple cousins, From alang the road, Like their little wind ups.
    Although i did chuckle, When that Sunderland fan posed as a millionaire, Who wanted to buy the club.
    I hope your right, But unfortunately, I cannot see it.

  53. joe – I can’t either, but I do so hope it’s true. Just the thought of it has cheered me up no end.