Pardew doesn’t understand why Martinez is called “confident” while he’s called “arrogant”

Posted on May 3rd, 2013 | 23 Comments |

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew speaks on the “confounded” and “insulting” criticism of his team, and his failure to understand why Wigan’s Roberto Martinez is called “confident” while he is called “arrogant.”

He also has a few words on Saturday’s visit to his old club, West Ham.

(video from the Press Association)


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23 Responses

  1. I support the way the club and manager have decided to fight back against some of the garbage coming out of the “national” media.
    As Geordies – why should we have to put up with it? I certainly won’t lie down and accept fabricated stories – with no direct quotes or even attempting to say the usual “sources close to the club”.

  2. UTD111: it rings true though. I was Ok to give Pardew the benefit of the doubt when we were getting results. If that makes me a fair weather fan I dont care. We have played so much dross and he has spouted so much sh*te that it is quite easy to see him for what he really is. He’s lying about there not being dysfunction in ths dressing room. You can see it by his body language and his words. I still want us to beat West Ham, he is just one more chancer that we need rid of. Derek next please.

  3. utd111 says:
    May 3, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    “I certainly won’t lie down and accept fabricated stories”

    What about fabricated stories being “leaked” to the media by the club, UTD?

  4. Luke Edwards says he has texts from players to back up his story. And if paying a solicitor means you are innocent, then we should get ‘Arry the Bung as manager.

  5. workyticket says:
    May 3, 2013 at 6:44 pm
    utd111 says:
    May 3, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    “I certainly won’t lie down and accept fabricated stories”

    What about fabricated stories being “leaked” to the media by the club, UTD?

    Give your examples Worky ;o)

  6. “Alan Pardew hasn’t become a bad manager overnight”
    apparently a quote form MOTD after the liverpool game.

    Indeed, he’s been perfecting it for his entire career!

  7. utd111 says:
    May 3, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    “Give your examples Worky ;o)”

    “The madness of King Kev” and Hughton losing the dressing room to a cabal of senior players are two, UTD.

  8. workyticket says:
    May 3, 2013 at 7:12 pm
    utd111 says:
    May 3, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    “Give your examples Worky ;o)”

    “The madness of King Kev” and Hughton losing the dressing room to a cabal of senior players are two, UTD.

    I was hoping for sources and links – not criticism by opinion and innuendo?

  9. Utd111: I will leave you and Worky to it. But, what is a blog anyway except opinion? A bit of bluster, inuendo and letting off steam, so I fail to see your criticism. I think a certain person’s head would explode if he couldn’t vent on here about modern football, or lack thereof at NUFC.

  10. GS @ 10

    Don’t disagree with that.

    I just reckon it’s obvious that Pards is here to the end of the season – so criticising now in public only serves to undermine our efforts to stay in the EPL.

    Pards is saying what he has to say in the above video to try to rally support and engender confidence.

    FFS NUFC fans should be the last people in the world trying to undermine those efforts when we have 3 cup finals still to play?

  11. Good to see your comments utd111, i read your blog, but i have had enough of Pardew to even begin to agree when you try to defend him.

  12. utd111 says:
    May 3, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    “Pards is saying what he has to say in the above video to try to rally support and engender confidence.”

    By blaming the players inexperience?

    “The biggest problem is that, between us, we lack experience. Heavy defeats break your spirit and that’s happened to a few of my players. I don’t think our problem is a language problem, I don’t think it’s a cultural problem, in my opinion, it’s been an experience problem. We’ve got a lot of Premier League inexperience on the pitch.”

    I thought that Pardew had quite alot of experience of heavy defeats and relegation battles anyway?

    As a manager, he should take the criticism without blaming the players for being “inexperienced.” Especially so as it’s really his awful route one tactics which has left us in the clarts. Anyway, it was Pardew and Llambias who were trashing experieced Premiership players not so long ago in comparison their new French imports. It was Ashley, Llambias and Pardew who drove most of the experienced players out of the club to make room for the allegedly inexperienced French ones. So why is he just aggravating the problem now by putting it on their shoulders in public? If he was a real manager, he’d grow a pair and take it all on his own shoulders.

    I support the team and I want what is best for it, UTD. That’s why I don’t like to see Pardew trying to not so subtly try to shift the blame to them for his own incompetence.

  13. When things go wrong as they quite often do with Pardew its always We, Us, Our,Never Me, I,etc your right Worky he should grow some.Just because most of us see through his slime does not mean we will not support the team but the whole sorry mess has me just about there.

  14. A classic Pardewism – “when you have a day like that (Liverpool game) you embrace your family” :)

    And how do you do that Alan? By sticking your c*ck in another bird like you did at another club?

  15. Developing his latest “inexperience” theme, Pardew starts off in one of his latest interviews saying he’s “defending” his players from criticism. Then, he says that all the January signings have been inexperienced and erratic. Mentioning specific names, he then blames Tiote’s “inexperience” and “overmotivation” for mistakes, along with Haidara’s “inexperience” for trying to bomb forward and attack when we were 3-0 down to Liverpool.

    That’s the last thing they need from their manager right now.

  16. Worky: he can’t open his mouth without blaming someone else. He blamed the reserves for not being good enough in The FA cup. But that is why they are reserves and you don’t throw them all in together in an important game.

    He also does the classic switcheroo along the lines of “I mean no disrespect, BUT” and then goes on to be completely disrespectful.

    eg. I don’t want to blame the players BUT… Tiote cant pass and Haidara attacked when he should have defended, and injuries…

    Doesn’t mention Cisse had no support. Sissoko played out of position. He picked the 20 year old left back. Jonas out of form, but picked anyway. Ben Arfa and Anita on the bench. Perch is OK but shouldn’t be first choice. Taylor and MBiwa have no understanding. Subs Gouffran when he is our main threat, brings on Shola to facilitate more hoofball, changes tactics in desperation whenever we are a goal behind, Carver and Stone still coaches when they are only good enough to arrange the traffic cones. No goals from corners since 2011, always hit first man leading to counter attack etc. etc.

  17. Pardew’s managerial career, apart from his first job which he left for a bigger club, have all started well and all ended badly in season 2 or 3. He simply isn’ good enough and if you want to see the difference look at how Hughton has done at Norwich on a nil budget compared to how we have done after spending significant sums in January.

    In my humble opinion we haven’t looked fit all season; we have often been poutplayed in the second half of games and no better example than Befica away when we started really well at a high tempo and didnt have the legs to see that through the whole game.

    Let’s be honest, it is an utter disgrace that we find ourselves in fear of relegation. We have allowed players of character, people who would roll heir sleeves up and not lie down to leave the club (Nolan, Carroll, Guthrie and – despite all his faults – Barton). When it comes down to it will Tiote, Cabaye, Marveux, Sissoko run through fire and battle to the death for our football club?

    We have an owner who doesn’t careabout the club, a manager who is the epitome of Napoleon’s generals (i.e. better to be lucky than good, but his luck has run out) and too many players who do not understand what NUFC is all about.

    This reminds me so much of the last relegation. Lots of “quality” players who simply would not or could not put a real shift in (Viduka, Martins, Owen and others).

    A defeat at the hands of Carroll, Nolan and Fatsam tomorrow, and a Wigan win, could be the defining moment of the season. The rot has set in, have the players and the manager the balls and the drive to do something about it? On the evidence of the shameful capitulation against Liverpool there is a massive doubt about how much they are prepared to fight for our club

    Even if we stay up, Pardew will be out of the door in the summer, no question. And it won’t be a day too soon.

  18. Reagardless of what I am saying about that F2ckup I desperately want us to get something from the game tomorrow. It will be a disaster if we go down.

  19. I’ll give him his due there, that’s probably the most honest he’s been, since he’s been at the club.
    he made some good points, but let himself down again!, well basically being himself.
    If he thinks you don’t deserve criticism after shipping six goals at home, then to say, some of it, was uncalled for, then you shouldn’t be in the game!

  20. looking at the final 3 matches i see only one point at QPR, and nothing at west ham or home to the arsenal. We will have to hope 38pts. is enough and wigan blow it!