Pardew defends “inexperienced” and “overmotivated” players

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Alan Pardew in the dugout.
Pardew: Blaming inexperience now Europe is over
In his latest defence of his French players, this time against alleged criticism in the media, Alan Pardew’s continued with his latest “inexperience” offensive, which seems to have replaced injuries and Europa League fixtures as his main explaination for Newcastle United’s poor form, which now has the club in a relegation dogfight.

Seemingly relishing the chance to shift the the cold finger of blame from himself to the players in the guise of defending them, the silver one reacted to Luke Edwards’ Observer story which alleged a rift in the dressing room and earned the former Journal hack a ban from Press access to the club. On this he began:

“Some of the criticism of the French group has been so unfair on them.”

He then went on to explain that the latest reason for the club’s recent hammerings has been the Premier League inexperience of his January signings (Debuchy, Gouffran, Sissoko and Haidara), along with Cheick Tiote’s “overmotivation” apparently. On this, Pardew continued:

“The only thing that they lack is experience in the division and the intensity has caught them out.”

“I’ll be the first to admit that the January signings have been poor in some games but they’ve been magnificent in others and unfortunately it’s that consistency you have to gain. We don’t need more fight or more passion, just to use the experience they’ve gained and put it to good use.

Moving on to what he calls the players’ overmotivation problem, Pardew went on:

“They’re motivated, sometimes over-motivated and they make mistakes. I could give you an example of Cheick who was desperate to win on Saturday and made a couple of errors in trying to get a win for us on his own – it doesn’t work like that.

“That’s the sort of inexperience we have. The young left-back [Massaido Haidara] bombs forward at 3-0 because he thinks that’s what he needs to do to influence the game.

Though Haidara is a fairly young player who has only played a few Premier League games, Tiote is now coming to the end of his third season in the division Getting back to Haidara though, most of Liverpool’s goals didn’t come down his side, they came down Mathieu Debuchy’s side, who admittedly put in a truly awful performance, possibly the worst of all before he was sent off for yet another rash and stupid challenge which would have been “inexperienced” in any league. Pardew also omitted to mention that the highly experieced Premier League players like Steven Taylor and Jonas Gutierrez were every bit as awful as the latest Gallic influx last Saturday. However, he did finally end on a positive note with:

“I am confident they can get us the points they need.”

Let’s hope so.

Pardew continued his “inexperience” theme in other outpourings to the Press too on the eve of Newcastle United’s game against West Ham at their place. This time however, he added a wish to sign a Kevin Nolan like player in the Summer, bemoaning that his current players don’t have that Nolan “nous” for a win. After trotting out the same kind of stuff I have already quoted above Pardew said of his ex-Captain:

“What Kevin has is a real knowledge of how to win games. As Sam Allardyce does and that’s what we are up against on Saturday. James Collins, Mark Noble, these are players who I know very well and they have nous. That’s a word I used a lot about Kevin as he used to find positions on his pitch just through his own nous, he is sniffing chances out. He is a worry for us. In terms of leadership in the group we have got leadership but in a different ways.

“I wouldn’t say Colo is like Kevin, I wouldn’t say Cabaye is like Kevin, or Shola is like Kevin but they are kind of our leading group and we look to them now.”

Fianlly, when asked about summer transfers Pardew said:

“That’s a question I don’t really want to answer at this time. The marker is the market. We will certainly at the end of the year have a discussion about where we are going to trade, where is best for the group.”

Will he be making a move for Nolan and Carroll if we survive relegation? If so, that would certainly be ironic.


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12 Responses

  1. The bloke is an idiot, the players we already had guttieriez, obertan, ameobi, cabaye and tiote have been woeful at times this season so unfair to single out January signings, has he never stopped to think it’s his own shitty tactics and playing players out of position which has them performing poorly???? The sooner we are shot of him the better! !

  2. Classic Pardew saying how Nolan and Carroll where good servants of his WTF?
    This gets better “We’re one of the smallest teams in the Premier League.
    “But defensively we have been pretty strong”.

    What a total twat.

  3. What we are seeing now, is the real Alan Pardew!
    His team in trouble, his back against the wall, full of excuses, and blaming everyone, apart from himself.
    Watch interviews of him from his West Ham days, and it’s like, “Ground hog Day”.

    I gave him a little bit of praise, in the previous article, because I thought he was at least honest, in the fact of what we have to do, to get out of trouble.
    He then had to blow it, in the next sentence, with his excuses, and blame game tactics, which are the only tactics he possesses lol.

    someone mentioned his statement before, about not becoming a bad manager overnight, I agree with him, that journey started back in 2002!

  4. I am prepared for the worst today.
    I expect the players are still shattered after Europe or something.

  5. sirjasontoon says:
    May 4, 2013 at 11:08 am

    “I expect the players are still shattered after Europe or something.”

    FFS keep up SJT!

    That is soooo last week. The latest reason for us being shite is the inexperience of new players like er, Tiote, apparently.

  6. I’m thinking of putting a tenner on us winning our next three games, might as well be “Over” optimistic and the odds at the bookies should be good!!

  7. Sorry Worky I will try harder ;lol:
    Maybe Tiote could gain some experience in the reserves??

  8. That’s a lot of praise for someone (Nolan)who he, along with Joey, couldn’t wait to get rid of.
    The bloke’s a fcuging nutter!