Newcastle v Arsenal full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Newcastle United v Arsenal full match video first half.

Newcastle United v Arsenal full match video second half.

“Match of the Day” highlights.

Score and Goalscorers.

Newcastle United 0, Arsenal 1 (Koscielny 51).


Newcastle United: Harper (G), Coloccini, Yanga-M’Biwa (Campbell – 80′), Debuchy, S Taylor, Cabaye (Anita – 57′),Ben Arfa, Gutierrez, Tiote, Cisse, Gouffran (Marveaux – 64).

Arsenal: Szczesny (G), Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Arteta (Oxlade-Chamberlain – 28′), Walcott, Ramsey, Cazorla (Wilshere – 88′), Podolski (Giroud – 77′)


Yellow Cards Newcastle: Gutierrez.
Yellow Cards Arsenal: Gibbs, Rosicky.

Ref: H Webb
Att: 52,354


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136 Responses

  1. Guess these are the last we will see of any live action this season and thank goodness for that.

    I’m not gonna get on Pardew’s case, as hopefully sometime during the new season he will be fired.

    And it probably will have little effect on the makeup of the side, as I doubt very much he has any input into who we may sign.
    I believe that’s something decided by both Ashley and Carr.
    Yeah he may be in on discussions, but only to be informed of Ashley’s decision.

    This I believe is how things operate, of course the question has arisen as to how competent our coaches are.

    And who with any knowledge of the game could oversee what’s happening there.

    Having had Carver under a guy like SBR, one takes it for granted he is competent.

    But when one looks at our set plays, plus our defending at times and the fact that Tiote’s bad habits have not changed one bit.

    Then it’s time to question, the whole backroom staff, including Physio’s, when one looks at the number of injuries that occur.

    I wonder in that case, if Ashley makes all the decisions,
    are we to depend on the joint knowledge of himself, Llambias and Pardew.

    Two of which, as described by KK know nothing, the other
    the worst manager in the EPL, then before we start we are in deep shit.

    And there I was thinking Stan Seymour was an asshole, little did I know what was coming down the road.

  2. chuck-I’m not getting on his case…but I just can’t see myself getting at all excited about this club until he’s gone. Thinking I might take however long it takes him to get fired to familiarize myself with the Bundesliga.

    I do have trouble assuming competence on the part of any of our coaches given our horrible record from corners & FKs and also our porous defense.

    I’m starting to see what you mean about Tiote, but I still insist it’s the dribbling in our own 3rd that costs us, not his tackles (he’s no worse than anyone else in the league in his position for that and better than a fair few).

  3. Agree tunc,

    It’s his constant refusal to play the easy ball that gets us in trouble time and time again!

    I think the apathy has set in for all of us, I’m just numb now, can’t bare watching good, skilful players ruined by inept training and tactics. 1st time in many years that I’m actually glad for the season to be over!

  4. Yep! that appears to be the general attitude, apathy, not only here on this blog, but on most Newcastle blogs in general.
    That and a belief that Pardew has overstayed his time and anger at Ashley for not getting rid of him.

    One lesson learned this weekend, the “no lose” situation, where if we had beaten Arsenal.
    He would have pocketed an extra 3.5 million or so from finishing higher in the league and passing on one million to the NUFC staff.
    He’s been known as someone who believes in incentive’s
    as a way to get the most out of his employees and I believe that had something to do with his getting rid of Hughton and the two scousers.
    Who apparently opposed him in a certain scheme concerning bonuses.
    Would you buy a used car from this guy ?
    At least we now know how his value system works.

  5. Having had Carver under a guy like SBR, one takes it for granted he is competent.

    But when one looks at our set plays, plus our defending at times and the fact that Tiote’s bad habits have not changed one bit.

    One sounds Rather like Little Lord Fauntleroy.

  6. Hope ones Silver Haired Supremo can hang on to Mr Williamson after digesting those statistics one fears for his exit.

  7. @workyticket
    is amazed to see Perch got more yellow cards than Tiote lol put some effort in over there mr Tiote :)

  8. SJT, F**kin’ pathetic isn’t!, He talks the same crap, The same words are used.
    Every summer is the same, The Chronic; “In an honest interview”, Who are they trying to kid?
    We heard Spurs were interested in Cabaye, Was there ever any truth in that story?
    Normally these stories will leak out, I cannot remember seeing anything about Cabaye.
    The old crook Harry Redknapp, Would have come out, And said as much.
    In reality who’s going be that interested in Newcastle players, After the season they had?, Not many covered themselves in any kind of glory, That would warrant, Any serious bids.
    I honestly cannot see many clubs falling over themselves for Cabaye, Apart from P.S.G.

    All that is happening, Is the big Propaganda Machine, Has started again, In earnest!
    Andy Carroll is being linked again ffs, There is no way Liverpool will deal with Newcastle, After all their carry on, After the first deal.
    The only way that would ever happen, Is if they came in with a silly bid.
    We all know that will never happen, So that one is dead in the water.
    IMO, The same s***e again, I’m afraid!
    Another fruitless summer, Where no one of any note, Comes to the club, Because no one else wants them.
    Then the most gullible of the fan base, Will be told how good the board have been, By retaining the services, Of our better players.

  9. @ joe hawkins
    so whats liverpool ganna do if west hams offer is matched by toon and carrol refuses to sign for west ham

  10. carrols more likey to sign for us, than west ham, and the liverpool surporters are peed off, over west ham trying to wimp out the 17 mil deal they agreed

  11. Toonarmyelite, I doubt whether either of the clubs would bid anywhere near, What Liverpool would want for him.
    Even if Newcastle did match the said bid, West ham would still out bid them, Even Hull City, Wigan, And a few others have gazumped Newcastle, In the past.
    It’s what Ashley and Co do best, Showing themselves up, And dragging the fans name, Through the mud, With them.

    It’s like daft Pardew telling anyone who’ll listen, “we’ve got a massive club here”.
    Well if that was the case, We wouldn’t have a t*t like him as manager, And we wouldn’t be vulnerable to bids, From other clubs, For a start!

  12. Toonarmyelite, Of course Carroll would sign for us, If he could.
    It doesn’t mean it’s likely, Where Mike Ashley and his cohorts, Are concerned.
    They are only good at signing cheap Foreign imports, And have been sadly lacking, When trying to sign British players.

  13. @joe hawkins
    rumour is the top bid west ham is going to put in is 10 mil, which means with 20 per cent of the sell on fee toons got on him,means well get him for around 8 mil cash bud.Liverpool are stuck between a rock and a hard place,and they cant afford some1 on 90k a week siting on the bench,so it makes sense that they will see sense in the end and do the deal in my view

  14. Totally Agree Joe…I just hope Man U or Chelsea don’t launch a huge bid for Amilfitano….as ones heart would be broken :lol:

    I can’t see anyone wanting Cabaye,Tiote or HBA for big Money at this moment in time either.

    May 21, 2013 at 9:50 am

    “@ joe hawkins
    so whats liverpool ganna do if west hams offer is matched by toon and carrol refuses to sign for west ham”

    Carroll’s already got himself a nice house near my mate in Bishops Stortford and he’s working well with Nolan. His new team have just got a bigger stadium than SJP for next to nowt and have finished six places above Newcastle United. Why would he want to come back to a club that finished 16th? A club where the Managing Director lied about him and the fans preferred to take his word, calling him “Judas?”

    If he did he would be as daft as a brush.

  16. @workyticket
    the daft as a brush dude will be landing in toon shortly trust :)

  17. means we wont be able to put the kettle on when we get a corner in future lmao :)

  18. Worky, If i was someone close to Carroll, I wouldn’t advise coming back here.
    like you say, He’s settled, Got himself fit, And is starting to get a run in the West ham first team, And the most important thing, He’s wanted, For the right reasons.

    Bringing him back here would be more of a propaganda, And Season ticket selling exercise.
    Not to mention the fact, He is now in a good place, And keeping himself out of trouble.
    A couple of nights out in the Bigg Market, Would probably do for him, And he’ll probably end up, Back in the dock.

    Why would he come back to a bunch of toerags, Who tried to fit him up, And turn his own against him!
    A club that is being run along the lines of, “Dad’s Army” or “Fawlty Towers”?
    We are more akin to Fulchester United, And Ashley would sign Billy The Fish, Brown Fox, And Shakin’ Stevens upfront, If he thought he could get away with it.

    With the style of football on offer, The fans should be given their own “Anderson Shelter”, On entry to the stadium.
    Where the Referee will dispense of his whistle, In favour of an Air Raid Siren!

  19. “We’re one of those clubs where we’re liable to lose one of our great players to a Champions League team through finance and sometimes the will of the player,” Pardew said.

    “You can’t keep a player who doesn’t want to stay.

    “Having said that, it’s going to be very difficult for any club to get a player out of here unless its a serious or big bid.”


  20. SJT, When i see stuff like that written, It comes across as though Pardew is touting his players for sale, Probably at Ashley’s request.

  21. “You can’t keep a player who doesn’t want to stay”
    That’s one of Ashley and co’s biggest tricks, Trying to shift the blame onto a player, they want to sell!

  22. Yup agree JH it’s the same Mantra…Pardew talks about our club like it’s some tin pot outfit…boils my pi55 :lol:

  23. sirjasontoon says:
    May 21, 2013 at 10:59 am

    “We’re one of those clubs where we’re liable to lose one of our great players to a Champions League team through finance and sometimes the will of the player,” Pardew said.

    “You can’t keep a player who doesn’t want to stay.

    “Having said that, it’s going to be very difficult for any club to get a player out of here unless its a serious or big bid.”

    “No – he’s worth f*** all. It is about control. We had the control. We knew the Torres deal was there. We drew that f****** deal, perhaps the ultimate. So £30m? F*** off! Don’t waste my time and I slammed the phone down. £35m? Everybody including Pardew all agreed. But the £35m they wanted to pay over four years. It was rubbish. Mike (Ashley) said — and he is a brave boy Mike I promise you — get all the £35m up front. We got it all up front and then they never paid us on time and we charged them 12 grand f****** interest!”

    And now Llambias and Ashley have to keep sending out Pardew to drum up business in the hope they can pull off another Carroll with another one of our marquee players like Cabaye or Benny. Would you want to buy a £35 million used car from the man quoted above though?

  24. Well this so called summit is supposed to go down today.
    I would love to be fly on the wall for that little conflab.
    I wish the makers of that Q.P.R documentary, Had done a one on Ashley and Co.
    Watching the hapless idiots there, Would pale into insignificance, To watch Ashley and Llambias, In action.

    I reckon Pardew will be given the chance to put things right, But i don’t think they will give him a nut to spend.
    I think they will highlight the fact, They did their spending in January, And the squad should be doing better.
    He will be told to carry on with what he’s got, And any additions to the squad, Will be funded by, Who goes out.

  25. The QPR Doc is class Joe.
    Can’t see Pardew getting much money to spend – anyone he does buy ends up crap after a couple of games.
    Sissoko against Chelsea was immense then he just disappeared.

  26. Players looking for a decent club with ambition and a bit of drive won’t be coming to NUFC this summer.
    We will probably be sniffing around Amilfiano’s old club for some Raw talent to mould into stars of the future.
    Thing is this buy them cheap sell them on expensive has totally backfired….who in our current squad right now would fetch mega bucks?
    Tiote wouldn’t,Cabaye is not as in demand as he would have been last year and HBA wouldn’t be anywhere near figures that were banded around before this season…the stocks have dropped on those pesky purples.

  27. Medhi Abeid, A roaring success, Amalfitano, The French national squad, Will be on the phone, After his sterling displays.
    Harris Vuckic, Will be ready when he’s 35, Gosling, Signed when he was injured, And hasn’t left the table much since.
    Marveux was known as a crock, And Liverpool pulled out, But we signed him, And he’s been out for long periods.
    Hatem Ben Arfa, Hardly kicked a ball for us, And is continually injured.
    Shola Amoebi can only train twice a week, Even when he is fit lol, And was sporting a leg brace, During the lap of shame.
    That transfer policy is working a treat!

  28. Xisco , Was “One for the future”, at 25 years old ffs.
    The fans have to stop facilitating these con men, and boycotting is the only way to rid ourselves of this disease!

  29. Two days after the seasons ended and he’s repeating the exact same guff as last summer. “we’re not a Champions League club”. Blah blah blah.

    Next it’ll be “Mike kept hold of our star players”, “we need two or three additions”, “we need one or two additions”, “hopefully we can get one over the line”…

    Mike and Derek’s mouthpiece in full swing already. Really bored of football now, just depresses me.

  30. Some people don’t even notice what he’s doing, thankfully it seems everyone on this blog does. The rest have been well and truly brainwashed by this bell end.

  31. Jimbob, The most depressing thing about it, Is the fact he’s allowed to say these things, Unchallenged.
    Why isn’t he put under scrutiny for his actions and his words.
    It just seems like Ashley is getting his way, And we are left with a bunch of fans, Who are zombies, And are allowing the people running the club, To sleepwalk them into disaster, And they are accepting the contrived reality.

  32. Worky can we have a thread where we can just post total fookin drivel links for the next 90 days please?

  33. That’s a good idea SJT, should have done that last summer. Makes interesting reading :)

  34. Joe, I bet when the Chronicle publish it’s survey results Pardew is totally blameless and it was all the big bad Europa Leagues fault. And injuries Considering the Chronicle comments section is anti-Pardew, Ed’s blog etc have woke up a bit and looks as though many of them filled the form out. I did it too.

    Old Clueless Chrissy Houghton did well with a team that should have been relegated didn’t he :roll:

  35. When you get a group of people who are in effect, “Johnny come lately’s”, Who have no ties with the area, Are not fans of the club so to speak, You would have expected them to act differently.
    They could have come in, And kept a low profile, And eased themselves in gently, And made a statement along the lines of look, We are not fans of the club, But we are here to do our best for you etc.
    I wouldn’t have minded that honesty, And you would have knew where you stood, The same thing has happened at other clubs, Who have recently been taken over.

    What do we get though, Ashley dives straight into wearing replica kits, Trying to buy the fans off with pints, And standing on the terraces with them, And acting like fan of the year.
    You had Llambias wearing manager’s jackets, And the knob heads signing the Blaydon races, at karaoke’s .
    The whole thing is too try hard, When even now these chancer’s understand this place even less, And are completely out of touch with it.
    When that happen’s you get free thinking people who see straight through that crap, And come to the conclusion, That these people are trying to buy them off.

    As soon as he had Chris Mort utter the words, “we don’t think that throwing money around, Is going to solve the problems, And we want to do it a different way”, They lost me from that point on, Because you knew they were a bunch of con men, Here to make money from this club, Just like others before them have.

    You have the same rubbish now with Pardew running around, Thinking he’s a Geordie, And pretending he’s one of the lads.
    He somehow thinks he’s the Official spokes person for the fans, And thinks he knows them.
    When in reality, He is like his organ grinder, And they are sitting in their make believe bubble, And have very little clue of the real consensus, That exists.
    Everything about them is cheap, fake, And an all round sham.
    The fans are going to have to stop burying their heads in the sand, Because this club will never go anywhere, Under the tenure of these idiots.

  36. I hope someone can invent a ‘Pardew Alerts’ app so wherever I am I can get 24-7 updates.

  37. Here’s just one example of being brainwashed from a Newcastle Supporters webpage.

    “Am I the only one fed up of the negativity of some of the fans on here. If we look at the positives from this season for a second, we reached the quarter finals of a european competition (no mean feat), we stayed in the premier league, we bought in a few of europe’s highly rated players when they were being targeted by financially ‘bigger’ clubs, Ashley is showing some ambition for once and we are at a good financial footing. Pardew isn’t the worlds greatest but he has the potential to lead us to 5th at least, with a few more signings a few less injuries we should do well next season i.m.o. Thought?…”

  38. Swansea City’s Itay Shechter produced four shots in his 621 minutes on the pitch over the 2012-13 Premier League season. That’s one every 155.3 minutes.

    Sounds like he would fit in well :lol:

  39. sirjasontoon says:
    May 21, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    “Swansea City’s Itay Shechter produced four shots in his 621 minutes on the pitch over the 2012-13 Premier League season.”

    And you didn’t hear Michael Laudrup whinging about how he and the equally goal shy Luke Moore are his only strikers (Michu’s a midfielder), how he’s not good enough for Swansea, how he’s completely inexperienced in the Premiership, if he can just get a few more bodies over the line, if he only had less injuries, if it wasn’t for the League Cup run blah blah…

  40. True Worky…sick of the same excuses being spouted,it’s like a broken record.
    I think we should have a page where we can paste the repetitive club drivel and discuss all summer :lol:

  41. sirjasontoon says:
    May 21, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    “True Worky…sick of the same excuses being spouted,it’s like a broken record.
    I think we should have a page where we can paste the repetitive club drivel and discuss all summer”

    At the risk of being like a broken record myself, I’ve telt ye before, SJT. They’re like Hitler’s “big lies” which much must be repeated over and over again. Llambias and Pardew have been told by the club’s PR advisors to constantly drive the same bullet points home until they become accepted as facts. All the hardship we’re going through now is the fault of Freddy Shepherd and the world financial crisis and the greed of the banks is all due to our previous Labour Government if you believe the Conservative party’s PR advisors too.

  42. “A lie can be twice around the world before the truth has got his trousers on”

  43. The Gooners are after £24.5m Striker Stevan Jovetic
    Liverpool are after Kolo Toure on a free
    Pulis has left Stoke
    This should mean Pardew will be having a meeting sometime in July to discuss targets.
    I really doubt if I’ll ever be interested again or till these jokers have gone.

  44. Looks like Stoke are wanting to achieve a bit more and Pulis is on his way. Wonder if Pardew’s in the shortlist to take them forward. He’ll do well there with his ‘style’ of football.

  45. Cutting through Ashley’s Propaganda is easy….the mantra is the same all the time.

  46. Vicious Circle I would give Pardew F.All to spend in this window…I would force him to get freebies as he has proven he can’t work with talent or flair.

  47. Worky @19: I think it was only idiots that were calling Carroll Judas. Most people thought Liverpool overpaid. The problem is that they let the Pardew type players go. I hope Carr is in this inquest that the club is having. He scouted the players so he must know they are capable of better than 16th. I imagine Pardew can be a bit of a tw@t so I bet he shouts him down.

    And we all know Pardew can do not wrong in his own warped sense of reality. Even when he makes an apology the next thing out of his mouth is another excuse.

    I don’t understand how other clubs haven’t raised a stink over the West Ham stadium deal. It gives them a real advantage if they are getting a break. Liverpool have been talking for years about a new stadium and didn’t Arsenal spend about 350 million? Imagine the team you could buy for that (unless you are Citeh and give Mark Hughes the money, or Kenny and Comoli :) )

  48. GS says:
    May 21, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    “Worky @19: I think it was only idiots that were calling Carroll Judas.”

    GS, most Newcastle United fans thought Andy Carroll was a Judas.

    They swallowed all of Llambias’s bollocks.

  49. Worky @58: I had more faith in the intelligence of NUFC fans. I was always surprised when I read on Ed’s blog fans calling him Judas.

  50. GS says:
    May 21, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    “He is blaming Marveaux and Anita. I don’t really see them as having been given much of a chance by Pardew.”

    GS, Micky Quinn’s cranial cavity is full of lard like the rest of him though. He’s a clueless idiot.

  51. workyticket says:
    May 21, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    “They swallowed all of Llambias’s bollocks.”

    I didn’t mean that literally BTW.

  52. I’ve never read the article yet, But if Micky Quinn is blaming Anita and Marveux, He’s way off base.
    The bottom line will always be the same, It all comes back to Mike Ashley’s running of the club.
    Where Newcastle is concerned, Ashley has cut that many corners, That he is now going round in circles.

  53. I think some of the gullible f***er’s have swallowed a bit more than that!

  54. Holly willoughby’s mate Fearne Cotton, God there must be a shortage of people going for presenting and DJ jobs, If she’s getting starts ffs.
    Her style reminds me of the Paul Whitehouse character, “‘int milk brilliant”.
    Speaking of a shortage, The untalented duo of Ant and Dec, Another of the “Cash From Chaos” brigade, Are not much better!

  55. I still don’t know which is which.

    I mean Ant & Dec there, not Judas and Andy Carroll. I think I can tell the latter two apart, Andy Carroll being notable for his lack of references in The Bible.

  56. Howay Worky, I resent the fact that comedians graft their bollox off, All year round, Only to have this unfunny and talentless duo, Take Comedy Awards, For their schoolboy toilet non humour.
    It’s not edified!, Even if they come from God’s country!
    Let’s get ready to rumble, Tonight i’m free, I rest my case lol.

  57. Worky: living away from the UK means I miss a lot of the crap that goes on. We have our own created crop of so-called celebrities. Some of them, like the Kardashians become booty and boobage in the Daily Mail – bikini bodies as The Mail calls their voyeurism.

    ESPN haven’t renewed their football coverage so that means Steve McManaman will be heading back your way. I don’t think fox will get the premiership anymore so that should see the repatriation of Ian Wright.

    And you thought your football coverage was bad. Thank heavens for small mercies.

  58. I did see Ant and Dec for the first time when I came back a couple of years ago. My first thought was “who are these two talentless monkeys and why are they on TV”. And by the way the so-called “celebrities” on the island weren’t much better.

    We do get Vinny Jones now and again. He doesn’t have a coherent “fawt” in his head about the game he played for 20 years. It is all “banter” about how he used to be the dressing room enforcer and intimidated new players and played stupid practical jokes. Thank God I have never seen Rio’s antics.

  59. joe hawkins says:
    May 21, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    “Howay Worky, I resent the fact that comedians graft their bollox off, All year round, Only to have this unfunny and talentless duo, Take Comedy Awards, For their schoolboy toilet non humour.”

    On the subject of Geordie comics, graft and awards, I definitely think that the makers of “Rab C.Nesbitt” should give at least one of their awards ro Gateshead’s Alan Snell.

  60. Pulis, Ferguson and Moyes are out. That leaves only Wenger as a longer term manager than Pardew (excluding the promoted sides).

    People argue about who would we get that would be willing to work at NUFC? There must be someone out there. Maybe one of the German coaches?

  61. GS says:
    May 21, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    “Maybe one of the German coaches?”

    GS, if they get a German coach it’ll probably be to drive the players to the games ’cause Ashley’s too tight to pay for a flight.

  62. GS, Mick Quinn talks shite. To even put Anita and Marveaux into a list of players who must go shows how very little he knows about the modern game, even though he’s an ex pro! Much like Pardew.

    I see a certain someone was exempt from blame in his piece.

  63. Jimbob: everytime I see or hear the name Neville Neville I can’t help but laugh.

  64. I have read other articles by Quinn and thought he was a big fat idiot. I never got why anybody cared about his opinion. However, I moved away from Newcastle before he played there so I didn’t know much about him.

    I get confused by McDonald as well. He had a great career at something that the rest of us think of as pleasure. Now he talks and writes about football and is still as miserable as sin. What more does the man want?

  65. It appears that Carr is the only one the fans have any faith in !
    Is he in fact that good ?
    When one looks at Obertan & Amalfitano.
    And like Quinn i’m not that impressed by Anita, though i’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, being he really hasn’t been given much playing time.
    But seven plus million, I think we were had .
    As for Tiote, appears he will never improve and is turning into a liability.
    Spurs are in need of a replacement for an ageing Parker and looking at Wigan’s McCarthy, who I think is decent, but fifteen million, nah.
    So in fact they may come in for Cabaye.
    Have to say i’m not that impressed by Cabaye this season, nor his buddy Debushy, between them they are almost as bad at collecting cards as Tiote.
    Don’t ask about Perch, a nutter, though an honest one, gives his all, but just not good enough.
    Sorry to see Simpson go, dumb decision in my book.
    Was Impressed by Yanga-M’Biwa, I think he’s gonna be a really good buy.
    Haidarra, will be ok, still young, a good backup for Santon, who is coming into his own, but who is beginning to look like Jonas when bringing the ball forward.
    You can bet on him cutting inside to get the ball on his good foot.
    Gouffron is another I like, got pace and technique and gets his goals.
    Sissoko is another, got pace to waste, can put his foot in, gonna be a good buy also.
    Marveaux like Anita seldom gets a start, a defensive minded Pardew obviously prefers Jonas.
    I think we may get another season outta Collo. (it’s about the money)he may eventually will leave, which means we should be looking at a good CD, now!
    Obertan, Williamson (regardless of Worky’s misplaced adulation)Gosling, Perch, perhaps Anita, should be part of a clearout, which may bring in a few bob and will reduce the wage bill considerably.
    And prhaps we could bring in some better quality replacements, to have a smaller but better quality bench.

  66. On Ashleys recent inducement to the staff, he would lay out a million quid, if we beat Arsenal.
    (he designated it to the wrong people, shouldda offered it to the side)
    But that’s beside the point, what he is aware of is the difference between a fifth and a sixteenth place finish.
    In which case perhaps he has seen the light, the fact that winning sides earn more money (always a consideration in his book)
    And may not want to settle for mid league mediocrity.
    Yep the fact we earned nine million less this season, has a way of concentrating the mind.

  67. The more football gossip one reads, the more you realize there’s a lot of ignorance and a lot of those who know better, but have an agenda, tend to write things they don’t believe for a minute.
    The story about a possible return for Carroll, keeps making the rounds, aint gonna happen, forget about it !
    Nor are we gonna sign Aubameyang, he’s making eyes at a German club.
    As for (if he stays) Pardew wanting experienced players, that translates into defensive minded plodders, we could end up with a bunch of PL retreads.
    Who would be cheap of course.

  68. Chuck@78
    Notice no mention of Shola I know you have a thing about him.Ive never thought of him as more than a championship player.

  69. Looks like the Hammers have agreed a deal for Carroll!
    Toonarmyelite, We’ll have to see if your mate Ashley equals the bid of 12 million.

  70. For the ant and dec golf match as they drew the shirt should have been ripped in half , and what was left should have been worn !only sensible eh ?

  71. Llambias will offer a £6.5 Mill in instalments over 10 years for Carroll :)
    Twitter was going crazy with Pardew sacked rumours…fingers crossed they are true.

  72. I’d actually cry with joy if he’s sacked. I know big Ron will be the replacement but I don’t care, such as my hate for Partridge. He belongs in League one.

  73. Rumour has it theres an announcment to be made today! It’s probably that we’re keeping Pardew on but theres always hope..

  74. Parvenu wants to emulate what Liverpool did this campaign, He sees them as the yardstick.
    According to the divvy, We’ll be better because we are not in Europe.
    Alan, What a brilliant deduction to make, I wish i was as intelligent as you.
    According to most guttersnipe press, He is an intelligent and erudite individual.
    Well i suppose he could be considered bright amid the Flotsom and Jetsom, Including Einstein’s protege, “David Beckham”.

    Frankly Alan it wasn’t very bright to come out with your latest garbage.
    His crack about Europe ruining the season, Which he has cited continuously.
    Is this not an admission that he isn’t good enough?, Because clearly, He cannot balance the two competitions.
    He’s the first manager I’ve heard whinge about being in Europe.
    What’s the point of being a manager if you don’t want these games?
    IMO, It’s because he doesn’t have the ability to coach, At that level, And it seems he wants to keep us down, So his standing doesn’t suffer.
    How pathetic is this arrogant tosser?, He’s more or less saying, Don’t put too much onto me, Because i cannot handle it!

    If that circus at Barrack rd, Have any sense, They should cut him adrift now, Before he does any more damage.
    Get a new man in now, So they can be ready for the Pre season.
    There’s no point giving this hopeless ingrate, 10 games, Then sacking him, Do it now!

  75. As a side note, Has anyone noticed his new little saying, He puts into nearly all his recent interviews?, “TRUST ME”, Seems to be his new mantra.
    I wonder if he got that, Out of one of his Self Help Books?
    Is there something subliminal in there, That’s supposed to influence people? zzzzzzzzzzzz

  76. “We need to strengthen. Even with our best team out I think we would have finished below Liverpool.” “And we want to threaten them – so we need to improve.”

    “It is a difficult league. We could have finished in the top 11.” “If you’d have said that at the start of the season, and getting to the last eight of the Europa League, you’d have said it was OK.”

    Oh Dear….couldn’t make this stuff up !
    Please Fook off Pardew you tool.

  77. SJT, Pulis wants to pack John Major’s body double, Alan Pardew, And take him with him, To The States.
    Then again!, Should that twat be forced upon the American Public?

  78. Haha JH :lol:
    Douglas is off to Lazio….just when we almost had it over the line…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  79. Pardew using the Europa league as an excuse for our bad performances.

    We need to strengthen. Even with our best team out I think we would have finished below Liverpool.” “And we want to threaten them – so we need to improve.”

    “It is a difficult league. We could have finished in the top 11.” “If you’d have said that at the start of the season, and getting to the last eight of the Europa League, you’d have said it was OK.”

    “It is just the way we got there was unsavoury, and some of the performances.” “I genuinely think that without the Europa League our performances will be a lot stronger.”

  80. STJ, I’ve just seen it, Well if they do miss out on him, It’s the story of their tenure, Not acting quick enough to situations.

  81. So close to getting it over the line Joe.
    Any news on Pardew’s departure?
    More likely a contract extension haha

  82. Andy Carroll is turning into a sick note. I think that has a major bearing on if we should buy him.

    I also think it might be difficult for Krul to come back from a dislocated shoulder. It is something that tends to recur (look at Steven Taylor). I don’t have much faith that Newcastle will get it right this time, what with the Ben Arfa injury saga. I think another goalie is a priority, at least as a back up plan.

    I heard Celtic have a good young ‘keeper.

  83. Aye, HOWAY ASHLEY!, For once redeem yourself with the fans, And sack that useless prick!

  84. Joe Hawkins sez @94#

    Pulis wants to pack John Majors body double, Alan Pardew,
    and take him with him to the United States.
    Joe what the fcuck did we do to deserve such a thing ?
    But if he did end up here he would last about five minutes, We have an expression for people like him.
    Money talks and bullshit walks, that’s seven days a week.

  85. Thought ‘Pards” would have been fired by Now…got some beers on ice ready though :lol:

  86. Sorry guys, as I expected, it has been reported that Ashley has decided to give Pardew another shot.
    More fool him, when there are people with track records Raffa, Martinez, and plenty of others, who would do a great job, with this squad.
    I guess he just cant get by the fact, he’s cheap, pliable and lets Ashley make all the decisions.
    On a subject that after five or more years he has proven to know or learned very little about and the slow learning curve continues.

  87. On thinking about things, from a player perspective.
    Yeah! I’m sure there is a certain amount of discord in many clubs, for varying reasons.

    Lack of playing time, a personal dislike of various people, squad members, coaches, manager.

    Disagreement concerning tactics, position played, etc.
    So perhaps it’s just as well Ashley an his buddy (I really have no clue what he does) Llambias remain somewhat isolated from the players.

    But it must seem obvious to the majority of the squad, even those recent recruits, whose English is not that good.

    That Pardew is nothing but a bullshitter who is lucky to have a job.

    In which case they too must wonder why Ashley continues to dig himself into a deeper hole by hanging onto a guy who has around a 30% win record.

    Now that’s fine if you compare it to a batting average in baseball, but it calls for an end of contract in football.

    I just wonder at times what the players really think about this clown.

    But what I don’t hear on these blogs, unlike early days, is any condemnation of Ashley, who IMO, plays a significant role.

    In that he handles everything apart from training and tactics, to treatment of injuries and the selecting of recruits, though that I believe is worked out between himself and Carr.

    Does anyone believe, that Pardew had a hand in bringing in the recent five signings, during the winter window?

    Probably came as much as a surprise to him, as it was to us.
    Hey, whdda you gonna do?

  88. It’s not happening GS as much as we can hope. Have to wait another 6 months for the wake up call.

  89. Pardew has come out with another gem.

    “we should try to emulate Liverpool”

    From my perspective, the easiest way to accomplish that would be to trade managers, no ?

  90. Jimbob: I thought we would be told one way or the other. The meeting with the board was supposed to be about Pardew’s future vision for the club.

    Even if it is grating to hear Pardew making excuse after excuse it would be better if he made the correct excuses. Injuries have been an issue, but we should still have been upper mid-table.

    If he wants to deflect the blame from himself now then say that the influx of young French players having to live in hotels away from their family and friends has been an issue. Quite a few of us have moved to other countries.

    Apart from Pardew, and again if he want to divert blame -it is the coaching staff. Our set pieces are diabolical and someone has to be sacked for that.

  91. Maybe we should try and emulate Norwich, West Brom, Southampton… In fact any of the ‘lesser’ teams eh Pardew :-)

  92. Pardew’s future vision GS is to do the exact same things and hope for a different outcome, hence he’ll fail. I’d really rather not hear from him at all. Just angers me.

  93. I know other teams deal with the issue of foreign players but we have many of them and often it takes a year or 2 to settle.

    There are exceptions of course and if anybody wants to put up a list, then OK. But some do have this problem, and if you change the team the way we have this can only exacerbate the issue.

  94. JB wonder how many plans from other teams they have name checked in the last 5 years…maybe they had to drop the Arsenal one after “Pards’ revealed his dislike of Europe :lol:

  95. I don’t expect Ashley to do the right thing as most of his decisions regarding NUFC have come out of nowhere.Usually leaving everyone totally bewildered.I see the gambler in him giving Pardew another shot at it.When the logical thing to do is go for the very best manager he can get.(Fat Chance)
    Just read Martinez will decide his future in the next 24hours (and then go to Everton)
    It looks to me we will see out the rest of this year in the Pardew Twilight Zone.

  96. GS says:
    May 22, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    “There are exceptions of course and if anybody wants to put up a list, then OK.”

    I see you’re still a typical Geordie, GS. You’re too lazy and useless to do it for yourself, so you try and get some other mug to do it for you! ;-)

  97. Worky @118: I know there are tons and tons of exceptions and I hoped that NOBODY would list them.

    I was trying to give Pardew some excuses that might actually be credible ;)

  98. GS says:
    May 22, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    “Worky @118: I know there are tons and tons of exceptions”

    Indeed there are, GS. There’s also the strange case of Fernando Torres who’s done it in reverse.

  99. GS says:
    May 22, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    “Worky: yer mate Ed has put up a long ball article.”

    He’s copying the Sun, who are copying me. It’s not right doing it through the amount of long balls though, as the Sun has and as Ed has copied.

    I learned after a very short period that although Newcastle United top that one too, it can give a false picture. It has to be on the % of long balls to give a real indication of who is using “route one” as a tactic.

  100. Worky @122: wouldn’t “completed long balls” come into it? I don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me, but a lot of ours just seem to Ping-Pong around or gift possession to the other team.

    I don’t read The Sun. I think they wanted my e-mail on line to view and I wasn’t willing to give them it.

  101. Worky @124: thanks. So how many launches do we have and when added to long balls how does that stack up against other teams?

    The launches are more annoying to me than the long balls. I guess it would be difficult to define a launch though as every long goal kick could be classified that way.

    I don’t have OPTA stats.

  102. Not so fast in nominating Martinez for the management role at Everton.

    It seems “Bill Kenwright” is a bit more discerning than our own beloved owner “wor Mike”.

    The latest Rumor is that he is considering the present Porto manager, “Vitor Pereira” as his choice.

    On looking him up, may in fact a decent choice, being he has succeeded in bringing two division championships in the two years he has been at the club.

    Having succeeded AVB in 2011, following his departure to Chelsea.

    Why cant we have an astute owner, in that regard.
    The only conclusion I can reach, was best described by KK.

    Ashley knows nothing about football and Llambias knows less.

    These are the people guiding us, the blind leading the blind.

    Ah well !

    At least QPR did us a favor and saved our ass from relegation, we really owe Arry one!

  103. Worky @ 122#

    You are right, I have come across any number of articles, that not only sound familiar.
    Either in regard to something you may have stated at some time , or opinions presented by others on these blogs.
    I get the idea, there may be a number of keyboard jockeys out there who in fact rely on combing football blogs.
    From which they can get a consensus, in regard to how the fans feel about certain situations and tend to lean in that general direction, in what they say.

    Not only that, but on their evaluation and description of what actually took place, during games.

    Others are so lazy, he hardly make an attempt to change the few sentence’s that would take to disguise the fact they have almost copied it verbatim.

    Sad but true, why in that case are they in the business ?

    I do see a general change of mindset on both Ed. and Toonsy’s blogs, both of which I believe arived from the bottom up, in other words, both Blog owners saw which way their readers leant and not wishing to either antagonize or loose them, joined the trend.
    Though I could be wrong in that regard.

  104. chuck @ 108: I don’t care for Ashley: he’s venal, has no good intentions for the club, strikes me as a cheapskate and a grifter and a phony. But we’re stuck with him because the club owes him 100M or so. Nobody is going to pay market price for this club and then pay that. So until we’re a consistent CL club or until a very rich but not very diligent super-billionaire decides to relieve his boredom by owning NUFC, he’s gonna be here.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the signings. I have no problem with whoever made them. We were understandably the envy of all non-CL clubs in the league. AP’s tactics shackled them and drained them of enthusiasm, that’s my take anyway. Good managers can compete under crap owners: see your boy Martinez. Truth is, most owners are in the same class of asshole as Ashley.

  105. Emulate LFC?

    So we should buy Carroll for 35M along with a bunch of other chancers and flirt with relegation next season?

    Maybe get new owners and fire the current dinosaur of a manager? I like that part…

  106. tunyc

    You may be right and you could be wrong, why ?
    Looking at some of the most desperate attempts by as many as seven or eight clubs to avoid this years relegation fight.
    Not talking about QPR and Reading, who appeared doomed from the start.
    But this was one of the toughest league series of games in quite a while.
    OK MU won at a canter, but the fight for European involvement went on until the last day and it wasn’t until one game prior to the last that it was decided who the third team to be relegated was.
    What am I getting at, i’m setting up the fact that the EPL is where the money is at, guaranteeing most clubs a profit (if they don’t go crazy and considering the limits of the new far play rules that may be difficult)
    All of which make most clubs worth more.
    And there are twenty spots available, with how many billionaires presently as owners, hell Arsenal have more than one on the board.
    What I believe is, we are yet to see more clubs, snatched up by oligarchs, oil states wealth, we already have four clubs headed by US money and could end up with more.
    So one hundred million, if in fact it is that, owed to Ashley on top of a profit for him, may not appear to be such a bad deal, considering, the in place state of the art stadium.
    When sides like Liverpool, Spurs, Everton, Fulham, and others, all of which need new arenas, where the cost is a hell of a lot more than one hundred million.
    Hell they are talking about selling Bale for over fifty million.
    What i’m saying is, big bucks earned could attract big bucks owners and we are all aware of the amounts of wealth going in only one direction, to them that’s already got.
    Millionaires are pikers in this league and guys like “Kenwright” who’s days are numbered unfortunately, as he was and is a savvy guy, but just cant compete.

  107. I’ve purposely kept away from the computer, Hoping to come on to a nice surprise, FFS, Have they not sacked that useless yes man yet?
    The fool was only saying last week, He would like to sign Carroll.
    How does he explain this one away?, It just goes to show how much of a waste of space he really is.
    He’s as much use a chocolate fire guard, There is no point to him even being there.
    Even if he is on low wages, What is the point to him?, Do we even need him?
    This squad could go out onto the pitch without his involvement, And it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, Well they wouldn’t do any worse, IN fact they would without question, Do better!

    The Andy Carroll saga has found him out again, His opinion means nothing to Ashley & Llambias, If we only had suspicions about that,So far, Then after today, It’s as clear as day.
    If he comes out, putting another brave face, On being hung out again, Then he’s far more of a mug, Then i ever thought he was.
    Was that statement today, The beginning of the end, For Pardew?
    I might be wrong, But that declaration, May show he hasn’t got much support left, From upstairs.
    If the daft cnut was any man at all, He would have resigned after the first Carroll sale.

  108. Yes Joe, the only surprises you’ll have will be more shocking Pardew statements tomorrow. Like…

    “we don’t have the finances of Man City”

    “We need one or two over the line”

    “The Europa Leagues knackered us out”

    “We want to emulate Everton”

    Then if you read ‘NewsNow’ you’ll see Ed’s headlines…

    This Player – He’s Really Good

    Breaking News! – There Is No News

    LLambias Decision Imminent – We Think

    I think just accepting Pardew is here until there is a mass revolt is all that we can do. I’m waiting for the ultimate headline though…

    Pardew Sacked – Big Ron On Way Via Helicopter.

  109. I have to add, I was disappointed there was no crowd demonstration, at or following the last game.
    Have the fans become so apathetic, they cant even raise a decent booing, or Pardew out chant?
    Where are the bedsheets FFS ?

  110. There’s an article in the Chronic, More or less saying, He’s kept his job.
    Though Ashley is far from being happy, They have had,”Clear the air” talks.
    Okay Ashley might be showing some loyalty to him, But as i said last night, It just doesn’t help the fans, In the slightest.
    He’s kept his job, But i bet it’s hanging by a thread, The Mirror were running one along the lines of, “Don’t do this to us, Ever again”, With Ashley giving him another chance, But telling him, We cannot flirt with relegation again.

    That’s all well and good if you had someone, You thought, had a chance of turning it around.
    Pardew has no chance of doing that, IMO, So the whole pre season will be a one of negativity.
    Not to mention Pardew Is now in even more of a dire situation, With Ashley holding all the chips.
    He will be knocking on Ashley’s door now, With an old pound note, When it comes to reinforcements.
    He is going to be more beholding to Ashley now, Because nearly all managers, Who put a season in, Like that one, Would have been,”Down The Road”.
    The danger is now, He is going to become even more of a Yes Man, And toady like, There’s no tomorrow.
    We the fans will suffer, Because i doubt they will give him much in the way of money to spend.
    I expect to see him become more isolated as time goes on, And if he does not get his new coach, Then you can see him getting the same treatment Chris Hughton received.
    I think he will be given the chance to turn it around, But the hard nosed Ashley, Will make it difficult for him.
    Pardew has the, “Sword of Damocles” hanging over his head, And the fans have no leader, As Pardew has now proved himself to have no power what so ever, And his role is now looking more and more pointless.

  111. chuck-don’t disagree with anything you say. But as I say, the only potential new owners in any thought exercise involving them must be very very rich, and rather bored. Because to take a club like NUFC and turn it into a money spinner-which I agree is, in theory, possible-will take a long time and a lot of investment.

    It will be interesting to see what happens at QPR over the next couple seasons.