Newcastle United v Leicester City Hong Kong Soccer Sevens final video

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Well it was all going so well, though sadly, it wasn’t to be in the end.

Leicester City ended ended Newcastle United’s 11 game winning run in this competition with a 2-0 victory, the same scoreline as Newcastle’s win over Leicester earlier in the competition. It is unsure whether Alan Pardew called them in Hong Kong to gave them a special tactical briefing and pep talk before the final kicked off, though it could be a possibilty after their surprising decline after some very convincing, free scoring performances in the earlier rounds.

Anyway, congratulations to the Foxes.

Coach, Willie Donachie, had this to say after the disappointment:

“The first goal is important in a tournament like this and especially in a final, but the players gave everything they had and hopefully they’ll learn from the experience.”

Incidentally, it IS the 2013 final, not “2003” as it says on the video.

Below are the scores for Newcastle United’s games in the competition.

Sat, 25th May: Newcastle United 2-0 HKFC Captain’s Select.

Sat, 25th May: Newcastle United 5-0 Southern.

Sat, 25th May: Newcastle United 2-0 Leicester City.

Semi Final.

Sun, 26th May: Newcastle United 3-2 Rangers


Sunday, 26th May: Newcastle United 0-2 Leicester City (Cain, Panayiotou).


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17 Responses

  1. Anyone interested in the commercial side of football, should check out “The Swiss Ramble”.
    For everything you wanted to know about the commercial side of the game, interesting.

  2. Aye Chuck, I’ve read his blogs on Newcastle United, Udinese and skimmed through one or two other bits. He certainly seems to be conversant with the financial side. On the rare ocaausions when he strays into the actual football side he goes a bit wonky though.

  3. Cant seem to generate any interest in our youth system, being there’s no one who has broken into the first team since Ashley bought the club.
    Sure we have had one world beater after another join, the youth sides, only to be shown he door after a couple of seasons.
    On the other hand, when they were introduced, (The cup game against Brighton) they looked way out of their league and disorganized, with Pardew claiming they were just not good enough.

    Easy for him, he being the reason they were disorganized.
    Ah well we will be defensively stronger with a thirty year old slow-ass Samba, next season.
    God knows who we will have up front, as we have been linked to every striker there is.

  4. Chuck, that depends on whether you mean both come into the club under Ashley then broken into the first team, or just broken through as a regular first team player.

    Carroll and Krul were already here, but they broke through under Ashley. Also Krul’s ex rival to be the future number one, Fraser Forster, certainly could’ve broke through if it hadn’t been for the Flying Dutchman.

  5. It just shows Pardew up for what he really is, Not a manager with integrity and passion, Who should front the fans, And take their questions, After his dire performance, Last season.
    Of course he was going to bottle it, Because he is no where near as popular, As he likes to tell the media.
    He is a Sniveling, Toadying yes man, Who will never take the blame for his failings.
    This is what this Football Club is trying to do, Stop people from having their say, And create a dumbed down fan base, Of naive Flag wavers.

    I see the Chronic are up to their old tricks,With another of their ridiculous polls.
    It is very much in keeping with their other controversial effort, From late last year, “95% Of Newcastle Support Pardew”!
    This one takes another set of statistics, And at the end of it, Comes to the conclusion, The fans want to win a cup.
    There used to be a lot of fans having their say, On the Chronicle board.
    I see the comments have no been whittled down to a few, Because you have to log in via Facebook.
    It’s just another intrusive way they can keeps tabs on who is commenting, It like living in the old East Germany, With the stasi breathing down your neck.

    At least The Mag were willing to put the questions to him, But sadly they will never see the light of day.
    Some of them questions would have had that grey headed twat sweating!

  6. Worky, I think that one is summed up in the first few paragraphs, “A lot of us get called deluded”.
    I haven’t got a problem getting behind Pardew, But when i arrive, He’ll get a size nine, Straight up his jacksy lol.

    I’m sick of hearing about the comparisons between him and Fergie, And David Moyes.
    Alan Pardew will never be in the same street as them two, And it’s pure fantasy to suggest otherwise.
    Then you get the other old chestnut,”Stability”, Which is all well and good, If you have the right manager.
    Back in the day, We had stability with Willie Mcfaul for a while, But it didn’t get us anywhere.

    Okay he might not take us down next season, But i bet we’re not exactly pulling up trees either.
    Then he’s on about challenging the likes of Everton, Oh silly me i forgot, We operate a level above them.
    He’s on about Ashley and Llambias learning from their mistakes!
    What’s he on?, They have learned nothing from the last time we were relegated, And only narrowly avoided it again, Through their continued mistakes.
    I have no doubt they will continue in a similar vein, And mess up yet again.
    It’s fans like that knacker, That underline everything that’s wrong with the club, And why it will never go anywhere.

  7. Apparently “The Willie Mcfaul Of The Tens” Padrew, Has been seen at the F1, Sniffing around Phil Beard.
    Some QPR fans think he’s interested in Samba and Remy.
    Great!, Along with the Titus Bramble rumour, Bring them all, Remy and Bramble can get together and compare duct tape, And other assorted items, Which make up a certain kind of kit.

  8. Joe, I’m worried about you. I think that you’ll be the one collecting the duct tape and other assorted items soon as you foam at the mouth and keep muttering “Pardew.” ;-)

  9. Its sad that when we should be looking forward to the improvements we need on our upward climb Instead we are looking forward to at best more of the same or even worse.Yes we have been told Ashley and Llambias have learned from their mistakes.Even Pardew has said he will learn from his mistakes.First you must recognize the mistake then make sure you don’t repeat it or make things worse.This is what he was doing on a regular basis game to game.How can you learn from your mistakes if you don’t admit to them first.I don’t think he is clever enough to know where he’s going wrong and the gruesome twosome know even less.I don’t believe we are going to have that miracle that blinding flash of light that will give them at least a basic knowledge of football.All we can hope for is a really horrendous start to the season giving a new man enough time to repair the damage.

  10. It’s not Pardew so much as Ashley, where the problem lies.
    Pardew is just a symptom, who if things continue as they are, should be gone by Christmas.
    But we are still stuck with the other two football geniuses.
    One who knows nothing about the game and the other less than nothing.
    Yes it appears we are stuck with these two, for the foreseeable future, being there’s no White Knight in sight, someone interested in replacing Ashley, that is.
    In which case I assume Ashley is looking at how to get a return on his investment.
    It’s obvious with a guy like Llambias as GM, he shouldn’t expect much in the way of increased revenues, from sponsorships and kit sales.
    But the steadily increasing revenues from the PL tv deals, should make for a constant profit each year.
    That plus the clubs worth should also increase.
    So combining both Bums in seats, plus PL money, should make for a steady profit over time.
    Of course the more success the club has the greater the earnings, but that requires additional spending.
    Something Ashley is not fond of, but has hopefully come to terms with.
    Each year it seems he learns another reality, well hopefully that’s the case.
    I’m waiting to see if he is going to repeat last summers moves, which almost got us relegated.
    He has to realize you cant remain pat, in this league, sides have to attempt to improve continually in order to survive.
    And we with a constantly near capacity crowd, which gives us an advantage over other clubs with much smaller attendances.
    Which if income were a judge of how the side should perform over the season, then we should be in the top six to eight, depending on who we had as a manager.
    It appears we have the scouting system, but we lack both a savvy footballing GM, who in turn could expand both the brand name and bring in a decent manager.
    But Ashley has too tight a rein on things and is unlikely to let that happen, so it’s an ongoing project.
    Yes the slow learning curve continues, it’s becoming a saga actually.

  11. Worky, If your worried about me, Take a look at Stardust’s polemic, On Simon’s blog.

  12. joe hawkins says:
    May 28, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    “Worky, If your worried about me, Take a look at Stardust’s polemic, On Simon’s blog.”

    Last time I heard from Stardust, he said he said he was going to send the Police around to confiscate my computer and arrest me. :lol:

  13. Joe, Here’s Keith “Stardust” Smith on Twitter. He calls himself “KeithSuperC” on there. :lol:

    “Keith Smith@GSuperC

    “Founder, Global Superyacht Club, an Owner-Member’s Club providing Owner-Members their own yacht and a global fleet, your world of yachting privileges awaits.

    “Med/Caribbean/UAE/USA ·”

    What a knob.