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Alan Pardew stats.
Pardew – Two good Premiership seasons followed by disaster.

As some of you may know already, Newcastle United’s Silver Supremo, Alan Pardew, is a huge fan of statistics. Indeed, most managers are nowadays in their bid to get that little bit of edge on the competition. Well in this story I will turn the tables, taking a look at the vital statistics of the stat master himself.

So without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

36.75%. Alan Pardew’s win percentage in all competitions as Newcastle United manager so far. His overall record is P 117, W 43, D 31, L 43.

To provide some perspective, the win percentages for recent Newcastle United managers who spent the equivalent of a whole season or more leading the Magpies in the Premiership include Sir Bobby Robson (46.66%), Glenn Roeder (45.83%), Graeme Souness (43.37%), Kenny Dalglish (38.46%) and Ruud Gullit (34.61%).

35.50%. Alan Pardew’s win percentage in all of his 169 Premier League games with West Ham, Charlton and Newcastle United. His overall here is Played 169, Won 60, Drawn 40, Lost 69.

Breaking it down, his Premier League win percentage was 36.36% with West Ham (P 55, W 20, D 9, L 26), 26.32% with Charlton (P 19, W 5, D 7, L 7) and 36.84% with Newcastle United (P 95, W 35, D 24, L 36).

Alan Pardew's second season syndrome. Surveying the Silver Supremo’s second season syndrome.

The first figures are the win percentages for Pardew’s first season in the Premier League with West Ham, followed by the second season where he was eventually sacked, with Alan Curbishley having to come in and rescue the club from a seemingly unstoppable death spiral. The next figure is the win percentage of his first full Premier League season with Newcastle United, followed by the next season (this one so far). In his only other Premier League spell (with Charlton), he was relegated after only 19 games.

West Ham.

In his first Premiership season with West Ham (P 38, W 16, D 7, L 15), Pardew won an average of 1.45 points per Premier League game, but in the second (P 17, W 4, D 3, L 11) it was only 0.88 points per game up to the point where he was sacked by the club’s new Icelandic owners. This means that if Alan Pardew had finished that 2006-7 season with the same form, he would have ended it with a total of around 33-34 points, which would have seen them relegated in 19th place. With Alan Curbishley’s firm hand on the tiller however they eventually rallied, actually finishing in 15th with 41 points. Curbishley subsequently took them to 10th the season after with 49 points, but then did a Keegan, walking out and suing the club over interference in the squad which breached the terms of his contract.

Newcastle United.

Looking at the same figures for his first full season at Newcastle United (P 38, W 19, D 8, L 11), the Magpies won a mighty 1.71 points per game in Pardew’s first full season at St James’ Park. However, they have ony won a mere 1.06 points per game in this season so far, which has the team scheduled to finish this season on only around 40 points and touch and go for relegation, with Pardew touch and go for keeping his job.

49 points. Alan Pardew’s average points total per 38 Premier League games, ie a season’s worth of games at roughly 1.3 points per game.

Pardew’s Premier League finishes so far have been 9th, sacked (West Ham), 19th and relegated (Charlton Athletic), and 12th and 5th with Newcastle United with points totals of 46 (2010-11) and 65 (2011-12).

In the two Premiership seasons where he managed a club from start to finish, he finished 9th with 55 points for West Ham in the 2005–06 season, and as mentioned above, 5th with 65 points for Newcastle in the 2011-12 season.

5-0 & 0-6. Alan Pardew’s biggest Premier League victory and biggest Premier League defeat.

The biggest victory was his 5-0 defeat of West Ham with Newcastle United at St James’ Park on the 3th January 2011. The goalscorers were Leon Best (18, 39, 60), Kevin Nolan (44) and Peter Løvenkrands (63).

Pardew’s biggest Premier League defeat was a 0-6 drubbing of his Newcastle United team by Liverpool on the 28th April 2013. This was Newcastle United’s worst home defeat in 87 years.

The highest scoring Premiership game involving Pardew as a manager was Arsenal’s 7-3 defeat of Pardew’s Newcastle United at Ashburton Grove on the 29th December, 2012.

7. The amount of Frenchmen on the pitch at one stage of the abovementioned 0-6 defeat to Liverpool. This was a highest amount ever of foreign players from one nation in a Premiership team.

In 2006 Pardew said of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal:

“I saw a headline saying Arsenal are flying the flag for Britain, I kind of wondered where that British involvement actually was when I looked at their team. It’s important clubs, especially top clubs, don’t lose sight of the that. It’s the English Premier League and English players should be involved.”

7th. According to football tranfer website “Tranfermarkt” Alan Pardew’s Newcastle United has the seventh most valuable side in the Premiership with a total estmated value of around £155 million.

The six above the Magpies are Manchester City (£380 million), Manchester United (£370 million), Chelsea (£340 million), Arsenal (£250 million), Tottenham (£235 million) and Liverpool (£215 million). The closest behind Newcastle United are Everton (£120 million) and Sunderland (£105 million).

Meanwhile, the Premiership paupers are Reading (£39 million) and Chris Hughton’s Norwich City (£57 million). Hence, this season so far, Pardew’s Toon predecessor has actually managed to do better with a £57 million Norwich squad (14th) than Pardew has with his £155 million Newcastle United squad (16th).

£7000.00. The biggest transfer fee paid for Alan Pardew as a player.

This was his big money move from Yeovil Town to Crystal Palace on March 17, 1987. All his other transfers were free or on loan.

The nine teams Alan Pardew played for in his 18 year playing career as a journeyman midfielder were Whyteleafe (1980–1981), Epsom & Ewell (1981–1983), Corinthian Casuals (1983–1984), Dulwich Hamlet (1984–1986), Yeovil Town (1986–1987), Crystal Palace (1987–1991), Charlton Athletic (1991–1995), Barnet (1995–1997) and finally, Reading (1997–1998).

It was at Barnet where Pardew got his first break as a coach and Reading where he eventually became a full manager in 1999.

Bobby Robson. The last manager before Pardew to manage Newcastle United for a whole season in the Premiership from beginning to end without been sacked or resigning.

That was almost ten years ago in the 2003-4 season, but the curse was finally ended when the younger silver Supremo managed to ride the Toon tiger for the whole of the 2011-12 Premier League season without being sacked or leaving by mutual agreement.

Inbetween Sir Bobby’s sacking on the 30th August 2004, and Pardew starting work on the 9th December 2010, there has been Graeme Souness, Glenn Roeder, Nigel Pearson (Caretaker), Sam Allardyce, Nigel Pearson (Caretaker), Kevin Keegan, Chris Hughton (Caretaker), Joe Kinnear (Interim), Alan Shearer (Interim) and Chris Hughton, a total of 11 managerial changes in slightly over six years.

Between Robson and Pardew, Newcastle United’s longest serving manager was Graeme Souness, who managed to keep his post for 1 year, 4 months and 20 days (13th September 2004 to 2 February 2006). Souness didn’t quite manage a whole season though, being appointed to replace Bobby Robson only four games into the 2004-5 season, and being sacked in the February of the next one.

Glenn Roeder almost made it for a whole season. However, after a 2-0 loss to Blackburn Rovers in Newcastle United’s penultimate game of the 2006-7 season, he was called to a meeting of the Toon Politburo on the 6th May, 2007, where he resigined and left the club by mutual consent. The club’s last game of the season against Watford was managed by caretaker, Nigel Pearson.

P3, W1, L2. Alan Pardew’s Playoff finals record, something which might be good to know if Newcastle United are relegated to the Championship once again at the end of this season!

Pardew’s first encounter in the playoffs was with his Division Two Reading in 2001. He was defeated 3-2 by Walsall in the final, though he eventually took Reading to the giddy heights of Division One with automatic promotion in the following season. Incidentally, it was during this period when Pardew coined his motto “Tenacity, Spirit and Flair” to describe the qualities of his teams and give them a psychological edge.

His next playoffs came with First Division (now Championship) West Ham in 2004. Pardew was thwarted once again though in this bid for glory, as the Hammers went down 0-1 to Crystal Palace in the final of that one. The Silver One eventually struck gold the season after though, defeating the lilywhites of Preston North End 1-0 in the 2005 final, making Pardew a Premiership manager for the first time.


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52 Responses

  1. Just more evidence to back up what we already know……… Hes a managerial trainwreck in slow motion

  2. Aye tunyc, I should have put “Premier League” in that bit too. It’s all about the Premier League apart from the odd bits about Pardew’s past clubs. I never compare the Championship with the Premiership for obvious reasons.

  3. i persevered with everything he spouted. After the 6-0 defeat, he came out saying his teams are:

    b)on the front foot

    i cried and realized that all along the ‘anti-pardew neggers’ were more or less on the money.

  4. Never liked Pardew and Never liked the current regime,none of them deserve a club like Newcastle.
    I can’t believe that Pardew is still here waxing lyrical….he needs to go NOW and the current owner needs to take down his tacky billboards from the stadium and sell up.

  5. Worky, off the top of my head, Roeder had a full season? He left right at the end, but I can’t remember if it was before the last game. Watford away I think.

    Wasn’t there an issue with Martins refusing to play or something?

    What a shite win percentage for Pardew. So everyone thinks Roeder was rubbish (he wasn’t at all), yet with a worse squad and much worse injury record he achieved a better win percentage.

  6. Funny enough, Mentioning Glenn Roeder, the chronicle have given him the platform, to spout off some of his guff.
    Another manager who is very similar to Alan Pardew, in terms of how he tends to go, ie, starting off well, then failing miserably!
    I didn’t read the articles, because old Glenn is another patter merchant, and he waffles for England.

    Alan Pardew is another of a small band of managers, who are good at coming into a club, and doing a motivation job, when it’s not their side.
    I think Alan got by in his early days, on the back of what Chris Hughton, had forged, beforehand.
    The club got rid of the last of the, “toonpuddle martyrs”, In Joey Barton, and Kevin Nolan, for a more continental approach.
    Obviously this worked in the beginning, or did it?
    I think everyone and his dog are coming around to the fact, that last season was a one of punching well above our weight.
    We rode our luck massively, and things went our way, after being played off the park, at times, by the opposition.
    A lot of experts and pundits, are asking why a club can go from the fringes of the Champions League, to relegation candidates, within twelve months.
    There’s no big secret imo, as we are playing the same way, we did, last season.
    We are not doing anything different, we have just been found out, and so has our manager.
    The trouble is, Pardew is what he is, And he’s never going to change, and has one way of going about the job.
    That’s where Ashley and Llambias have been remiss, and showed their lack of football knowledge.
    What Alan offers will only take you so far, then you need a manager, for all seasons, after that.
    It’s verging on lunacy, to think that Pardew will somehow emulate Sir Alex Ferguson, at Newcastle Utd.

    At the end of last season, a lot of us were singing from the same hymn sheet, I remember Jimbob saying, “That season would be Pardew’s high water mark”, And he would crumble under the weight of expectation, In his following campaign.

    I see the Journal are running an interview with George Burley, Probably the biggest example of the curse of, “Manager of the year”, award!
    I doubt whether it will give the fans much hope, after reading it.

  7. Jimbob says:
    May 2, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    “Worky, off the top of my head, Roeder had a full season? He left right at the end, but I can’t remember if it was before the last game. Watford away I think.”

    Jimbob, Roeder lasted until an “emergency meeting” with the Toon Politburo on the 6th May 2007, where he resigned by mutual agreement. Pearson managed that last Watford game so nearly, but not quite!

  8. joe hawkins says:
    May 2, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    “The club got rid of the last of the, “toonpuddle martyrs”, In Joey Barton, and Kevin Nolan, for a more continental approach.”

    Joe, Steve Harper is the last of the “Toonpuddle Martyrs” aka “The bonus sheet five” (Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll, Alan Smith and Steve Harper).

    You could also include Hughton in the Toonpuddle martyrs too, as when the players mentioned above refused to sign the agreements, that’s when the powers that be at NUFC started leaking smear stories to the press about how Hughton had lost the dressing room and the team was actually being led by a powerful cabal of players ie the Toonpuddle martyrs. This is where the fans were supposed to start thinking that Hughton was weak and calling for him to go so Ashley could sack him without an outcry and with the backing of the fans. The whole club is built on lies now and the fans are manipulated like gullible idiots.

    As Llambias said in the Llambiasgate tapes:

    “You guys don’t ­understand how f****** ­horrible we can be”

  9. Worky, It just shows how out of touch, Messrs Ashley and Llambias, Really are.
    If they don’t realise how horrible, we already know they are, then they are in, “Cloud cuckoo land”!

    funny enough, I think it was them that were putting the flyers, in the pubs around the city centre, concerning Steven Taylor.
    “Don’t people realise, how much Steven Taylor, Is hated at Newcastle!”, Was what was on the leaflets.
    It was when Carroll smashed his jaw, But he was flavour of the month, at the time, So it was probably them trying to sow the seeds, to make a profit on him.

  10. @ 8: lunacy is the right word for the SAF comparison. There’s nothing in it. SAF broke the old firm deadlock, winning the league and Scottish cup multiple times as well as lifting two European cups BEFORE he arrived at Manchester United…and he was five years younger at that point than when AP arrived here.

    As worky points out, the Johnstone’s Paint Can and an FA cup final appearance were the high points on AP’s resume when he came here.

  11. Was I astonished to just read, there are no contingencies for the drop, in regard to salaries ?
    Unbelievable !
    I continually state that Ashley is on a slow learning curve, but didn’t realize how dumb he can be.
    From the beginning when he didn’t do the normal business practice of due diligence, that plus having already experienced relegation, with all of it’s down side.
    Once again his ignorance has proved he really should hire some decent help.
    By refusing to buy last summer and of course continuing with this clown Pardew, only proves that both he and Llambias, still understand little about the game.
    Take the difference between ourselves and Liverpool.
    The Fenway group, who knew there was money to be made in the EPL, bought the side from the other two clowns, who were almost driven into bankruptcy by Raffa’s spending.
    Anyway the Boston crowd knew little about the game, but became quick learners, sussing an out of touch Dalglish, who also spent profusely if not well.
    They cut their losses, fired Dalglish, hired a fairly successful Rodgers, who though it took him a season, has now got the side playing his style, which is a modern version of the game.
    And are doing ok now, and should do fairly well in the PL next year, depending on who they recruit.
    While Ashley, in his sixth season, is still making the
    same mistakes, why is that ?
    Obvious, he refuses to cede any authority to anyone, other than both the coaching and game plan.
    Apart from perhaps Carr, who does he consult on football or financial matters concerned with football ?
    Hopefully not Llambias, but who knows.
    I’m sure there are those who are sick and tired of my consistent rant, that unless Ashley hires a competent GM/ money man, and both a manager and coaching staff, who are on the same page and understand how the modern game is played, rather than hire someone, because they are cheap and only reinforce his belief, he is right, by yessing the shit outta him.
    Then he will continue going from one crisis to another.
    For gods sake get your head outta your ass man.

  12. 6 years has been a long time under this regime,maybe a bit too long,things are stale,the football has been shite for a long time and now…so maybe we need to go down to wake the numpties upstairs up to the fact they are clueless when it comes to the beautiful game.
    Sell up Fatty..preferably to someone with Oil or Sheik on their CV.

  13. sirjasontoon says:
    May 3, 2013 at 9:26 am

    “Sell up Fatty..preferably to someone with Oil or Sheik on their CV.”

    Well we got a billionaire and look what’s happened, SJT. We’d get the only tight arsed oil Sheikh, or his wells would dry up the day after he bought the club or something like that. We are Newcastle United after all.

    A more likely scenario is that Barry Moat will return, this time backed by finance from Wonga.

  14. chuck says:
    May 2, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    “The Fenway group, who knew there was money to be made in the EPL, bought the side from the other two clowns, who were almost driven into bankruptcy by Raffa’s spending.”

    No they weren’t driven into bankruptcy by Rafa’s spending Chuck, they just saddled the club with lots of debt to buy it like that other Yank at Manchester United.

    Benitez didn’t actually spend that much for a club of Liverpool’s size because he also sold some players for very high sums too like Xabi Alonso (£30 milion). Players bought by Benitez were also sold for fortunes after he left too (Torres £50 million, Mascherano etc…)

  15. Daft Pardew does not want to be getting into slanging matches with Gary Neville.
    SAF has already made him look like a right mug, and will more than likely, look even dafter, come five o’clock time, Saturday.
    Classic stupidity by our fearless leader, to be goading Gary on his lack of management C.V.
    Neville could take up management tomorrow, and see Pardew off in his first game, Paolo Di Canio, turned him over tactically, in only his second Premier league game ffs!

  16. Why is Derek Llambias getting away with everything so easily and Pardew taking all the heat? After all, it was Llambias who bragged about having the bright idea of sacking Hughton and bringing in Mr.Mediocrity (along with all his other cock ups).

    The natives should be flaying Llambias alive right now and hoying him on a bonfire.

  17. Don’t you think that Pardew will be scared into changing his tactics? That last defeat must prove to him that it is time to set the team up differently – to start Ben Arfa and play Sissiko in his preferred position and have Cabaye NOT try to be the “quarterback” on every play.

    I don’t like to see our players being injured but I think Hadiara being out is a blessing in disguise. He is not ready to start yet.

    Pardew will have to be either monumentally stupid or arrogant to not change after not having a goal threat at all against Liverpool. He has to see that Cisse does not operate well as a lone striker and the rest of the league have identified our aimless hoofs 15 yards into their half as our main “tactic”.

    West Ham and QPR are very winnable games. Normally, I would be looking forward to them, but these are not normal times.

  18. I think the team picks itself, but I am not Pardew. He will probably play Jonas, although he is out of form and the Refs have identified his falling over routine. I usually don’t go in for guessing lineups, but…


    Simpson Taylor Coloccini MBiwa

    Anita Cabaye Sissoko

    Ben Arfa Cisse Gouffran

    Only 5 Frenchies so that should satisfy Mr. Ego’s need to get his own back on them for the mini revolt. Plus Coloccini gets the armband back to put Cabaye in his place (well, in Pardew’s eyes anyway).

  19. Throwing Llambias onto a bonfire is a cracking idea, he would ignite immediately, As he is a complete, lump of wood!

  20. GS, it would be great if Pardew could go to bed one evening as a mediocre coach, read one of his self help books for a while, then wake up the next morning with the tactical brilliance of Rinus Michels combined with the consistency of Alex Ferguson simply because that’s what he wants. Sadly though, it doesn’t quite work like that.

    Looking at what Pardew has said before and since he’s been managing Newcastle United, I beleive that he genuinely can’t see what the problem is (ie himself). He really does think it’s all the things he says it is, and that fate is somehow conspiring to thwart his brilliance.

  21. Aye Worky we will probably end up with another complete prick in charge…its written in the oil wells :lol:

  22. Barry Moat and Wonga what a great idea…the repayments would be proper Hefty though haha

  23. I’m one of them that don’t want Andy Carroll back but I;d swap any of our lot to have him and “Tugboat”in our side tomorrow.Never gone into a match with so much dread. I will not be watching I’ll wait for the result later.Have’nt been to SJP since we were relegated and gave up going to our games here in the Midlands last autumn when it was obvious the direction Pardew was taking us.Its all part of my plan to break the curse and addiction of NUFC from which I have suffered for too many years.I finally retire next week well its a form of retirement.My work will become my hobby and my hobby will become work.I’m hoping I will be so busy there will be no time for NUFC.After all I don’t want any gloom and depression to weigh me down in my new venture and there looks to be somemore of that ahead.

  24. Congratulations Nutmag! Aren’t you having a bit of a holiday though before you jump into your new career? What are you going to be doing anyway?

  25. Worky

    Depends on how you evaluate “not much” as far as spending is concerned.
    During his time there he averaged around five million a year in spending.
    With somewhere in the region of 127 million spent, as opposed to around 98million from the sale of players.
    I suppose that’s not really a lot, thought it was more actually.
    I seem to recall Ashley, mention (I could be wrong) he would be willing to spend a good amount each season, which never came to fruition of course.
    I can only assume he wishes he had spent last summer, as that five billion over three years just seems to be slip sliding away.

  26. Yes Nutmag, if it was that easy we would all support Man U :) You made it to retirement supporting our cursed team, I doubt you will change.

  27. Well to-morrows game will be huge, no doubt about that.
    but I feel we can get a point out of it.
    Our problem is finishing, in which case no point in putting out players like Jonas and Tiote.
    Plus we are gonna miss the fact both Santon and DeBuchy
    are out.
    So here’s my pick for what it’s worth.

    Hopefully there are some goals in this bunch, plus there enough people there to supply Cisse.
    My fear is Pardew will either play Tiote and Jonas and perhaps Perch or Bigiramana, who the hell knows, looking for his usual defensive game and hoping for a point.
    I’m also fearfull of our taking the lead then trying to defend a one goal advantage, instead of keeping them on the back foot with our pace.
    Lets see !

  28. worky
    Having a working holiday in July as my new career as you put it, is painting Ive always been an artist (Not the sort that drinks too much)all though I try on occasion.Off up to the Orkneys and July is the best time.
    I know but I keep trying but I’m not that clever one of the canvas’s Im working on at the moment is a toon football crowd for a show on Northumberland Ive got planned for next year.I’ll just keep trying.

  29. Chuck
    Marveaux is out for the season another hamstring in training would you beleave.

  30. Chuck: I think Marveaux is still injured which is why I went with Anita earlier. Pardew is making more noises about working harder to get out of this mess. What it really means is more focus on minutiae and navel gazing to confuse the players even more. My wish is that he will realise that both his captains have questioned his tactics and he will just let the players play. I CAN BUT DREAM !

  31. worky @ 19: I venture an answer to that.

    AP carries water for the owners. He’s a PR mouthpiece. Llambias and his heretofore-unknown-to-us horribleness, I suspect is actually a trusted lieutenant of Ashley’s and in MA’s mind, key to the club funtioning as he desires

    To this ownership part of the value of a manager is to be a lightning rod for criticism. That’s a reason for Pardew staying that I’m surprised isn’t mentioned more often.

    GS @ 21: you’re mainly right but you’re forgetting AP’s love affair with Perch. I’m guessing Anita starts at LB and Perch in midfield.

    Nah, he’ll go back to 4-4-2!

  32. Worky: would you rather have the Bongo Bros like WHam or Wonga and tat like us? And arent they getting a gift from the tax payer with that stadium deal? Seems a bit unfair to me.

  33. chuck @ 29: 5M per is not much at all for a club that finished second in the PL, consistently qualified for and once won the CL.

    Oh, and according to that thing over there —->
    Marveaux is out with yet another groin injury. Officially injury prone if you ask me.

  34. tunyc says:
    May 3, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    “chuck @ 29: 5M per is not much at all for a club that finished second in the PL, consistently qualified for and once won the CL.”

    And got the the Champions League final a second time and won other trophies too, tunyc.

  35. Tunyc: I know my team selection is wishful thinking and we will see Perch, Jonas and Shola :) but, he admitted he got it wrong last week so maybe …

    The whole crowd knew he selected the wrong team last week so how the f@ck could he not see it?

  36. There are rumors that Carroll could be on his way back, now I got nothing against Andy, but what would that mean for the side.
    Are we going back to the hero worshiping No.9 again and all it’s implications as far as tactics are concerned.
    Apparently Rodgers has decided, there’s no place for him in the L’pool side, as his throwback typical English center forward style, would only be a disruption to his passing game, where not only CF’s are expected to score.
    In which case would the same not apply here ?

    Oh! sorry, forgot, even though we actually do have some technical players, we are still the side that plays the most direct football.

    Then there is another rumor, that we want young McCarthy at Wigan.

    Now that’s someone we could use, another Cabaye.

    Though I cant see Ashley springing for that kinda dough.

    The guy is the fulcrum of the Wigan side, the engine room.

    Everything goes through him, the side doesn’t function without him.

    He has been playing first team football for over seven years and is only twenty two.

    If we have decided to sell Cabaye, then McCarthy would be my choice to replace him.

    Have to say, though I gotta soft spot for Wigan, it would be in our best interest to see them go down.

    Being Whelan, unlike Ashley, has contractual wage reductions, not only for the players, but the manager too, in the case of relegation.

    So there’ a shot at both their by far best player and one of the up and coming young managers in the PL.

  37. Worky: getting back to your article, did the getting rid of team have to pay the 7 grand to the aquiring team?

  38. GS says:
    May 3, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    “Worky: would you rather have the Bongo Bros like WHam or Wonga and tat like us?”

    Bongo Bros, GS. Have they tried to rename the Boleyn Ground the Ann Summers Dildo Arena? Or the Sven’s Dorty Boooks Stadium? No.

  39. In regard to L’pool’s spending, no I mentioned that I believed it was more and realize five million on average is not a lot.
    When you say if fast, kidding !

  40. chuck says:
    May 3, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    “Being Whelan, unlike Ashley, has contractual wage reductions, not only for the players, but the manager too, in the case of relegation.”

    Chuck, I’ve never seen any actual evidence regarding Newcastle United not having relegation clauses in the contracts of their recent signings, have you?

  41. I just don’t understand how over the years, we end up with so many injuries.
    Was there not some explanation, involving the playing surfaces of both the training ground or St. James’ Park itself.
    Personally IMO it’s gotta be either the training regime or we have a sub standard physio department, as every time a French player gets injured, he’s off to La belle France to take care of his medical needs.
    Does that say something about the quality of healthcare in both France and the UK ?

  42. Chuck, my fear is, After all the usual, self assurance, excuses, the large talk, the fake flattery, the patronizing, We don’t get any kind of a performance, and we go down, with a whimper.
    I can just see Pardew, pacing up and down the line, with his arms folded, the same strange team selections, poor substitutions, no game plan, no passing, no movement, and the same tired old excuses, at the end of 90 minutes.
    I hope I am wrong, but if Pardew has not been able to motivate this squad, all season long, why does he think, tomorrow will be any different?
    Cue large talk post match press conference, about how they will be up for the Q.P.R game, and everything will be put right, on the training pitch, Monday morning, 10.30AM sharp!

  43. Nah, it says something about the weather and restaurants in France compared to Newcastle. In truth though, it is only Ben Arfa that they are pandering to by allowing him to go back to France. They let Coloccini go back to Argentina on full pay. Strange that ! As the Chuckster has said, it is lucky for us that Ben Arfa didnt get fat on all that fancy French food when he was back there.

  44. Well no actually.
    Though Ed. did mention it in one of his blogs, in which case I assumed he had researched it.
    But it certainly would’nt surprise me.
    See “No relegation clauses in players contracts-say it aint so”.

  45. Does anyone find it unusual that Ashley, Llambias, Pardew Sports Direct and now WONGA, all seemed to find one another, i’m beginning to believe that birds of a feather………

  46. Well Joe
    I think someone above hit the nail on the head, about Pardew.
    He’s probably been reading these “How to make friends and influence people” books forever and actually believes he’s the real deal, it’s just that others are not prepared to follow his instructions and constantly sabotage him.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to find the man actually believes he could become another Alex Ferguson.
    The brain can lead people down some strange paths.

  47. I had once thought Pardew was in fact a pretty good con man, but now I think he really believes his own superficial nonsense.