Newcastle United vs Liverpool full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Newcastle United vs Liverpool first half.

Newcastle United vs Liverpool second half.

Extended match highlights.

“Match of the Day” highlights from the game between Newcastle United and Liverpool from St James’ Park.

Post Match interviews.

“We got a bad start and never really recovered from that” says Pardew, which is a fair assesment, if a little understated.

“Chuckles” Rodgers won six nowt, but still sounds like he’s at a funeral.

Score and goalscorers.

Newcastle United 0, Liverpool 6 (Agger 3, Henderson 17, 76, Sturridge 53, 60, Borini 74).

Teams and match facts.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Rob Elliot (G) Mathieu Debuchy, Steven Taylor, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Massadio Haidara, James Perch (Hatem Ben Arfa HT), Cheick Tiote (Vurnon Anita 65), Yohan Cabaye (C), Moussa Sissoko, Papiss Cisse, Jonas Gutierrez (Yoan Gouffran HT).

Subs: Steve Harper (G), Mike Williamson, Dan Gosling, Vurnon Anita, Hatem Ben Arfa, Yoan Gouffran, Shola Ameobi.

Liverpool (4-2-3-1): Jose Reina (G), Glen Johnson, Jamie Carragher, Daniel Agger, Jose Enrique, Lucas, Steven Gerrard (C, Fabio Borini 73), Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson, Philippe Coutinho (Suso 84), Daniel Sturridge (Jonjo Shelvey 84).

Subs: Brad Jones (G), Andre Wisdom, Sebastian Coates, Martin Skrtel, Jonjo Shelvey, Suso, Fabio Borini.

Yellow cards: Mathieu Debuchy (20), Daniel Sturridge (20), Jonas Gutierrez (39), Glen Johnson (41), Steven Taylor (44),

Red cards: Mathieu Debuchy (75, two yellows).

Referee: Andre Marriner (W. Midlands).

Attendance: 52,351.


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134 Responses

  1. Just looking for the”He is gone”headline, but I dont see it.I guess we will wait until Carroll and Nolan score the goals that put the rope around the fans kneck,then against Q.p.r remi will score the goals that hang us.By us,I mean the poor f*+king fans that taste buckets of misery swallowing excuses and fairy tales.How we going to keep Any half decent player when we go down?

  2. Totally agree with sampdiago, I am afraid Pardew has proved a one trick and one season manager who has been found out!

  3. sampdiago says:
    April 28, 2013 at 10:19 am

    “Just looking for the”He is gone”headline, but I dont see it.I guess we will wait until Carroll and Nolan score the goals that put the rope around the fans kneck,then against Q.p.r remi will score the goals that hang us.”

    Sampdiago, I’ve been having the Carroll nightmare myself since he started scoring again.

    BTW, I put up “Match of the Day” highlights earlier for those of you who would like to feel a fair amount of pain, but not a whole 90 minute’s worth.

  4. @4 Thats alot of smileys! The 8 year contract is for show, it’ll only cost us a years worth if we sack him.

    I missed this game aswell lads, I think it’s an omen and I’ll try and watch the West Ham game.

  5. Well Pardew isn’t embarrassed by yesterday’s performance, and refuses to criticise any of the players.
    Everything is okay though, because he’ll put it right on the training pitch, 10.30 am sharp, on Monday!

    I don’t even want get into yesterday’s utterly shameful escapade, only to say, why is he such a coward, on team selection?
    Fair enough, play with three in midfield, but why play Sissoko out wide?
    Is he that terrified of upsetting people, that he’s trying to move heaven and earth, just to give him an outing?
    He would have been better coming off the bench, if things were not going for us.
    That’s why he never has any options, he’s continually throwing his eggs into one basket.
    Playing Liverpool at the best of times, is tough, but the manner of that defeat, is unpalatable, they never tried one iota, apart from a ten minute spell, at the start of the second half.

    I cannot see Ashley sacking Pardew, till at least the end of the season, they have more or less said so.
    We also know how naive and amateur they can be, so you just know, they will not do the right thing.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if he was still in charge, next season, even if we go down.
    We would get some crap about how Pardew owes the fans, and he’s determined to get them straight back to the prem, well according to Ashley, he’s the perfect manager!, I wonder if he thinks he’s better than Capello?

    Pardew should have been sacked, just before the transfer window opened, and the disasters at arsenal, and Man Utd.
    The bloke is a complete and utter cowboy, and if anyone has seen the 1980’s film, “I’m going to git you sucker”, you’ll know what i mean.
    “Every super hero needs his own theme tune”, when Pardew walks down the street, he should be accompanied by a, “Rawhide theme tune”.

  6. Not surprising,Steven Taylor is the only person to apologize for yesterdays capitulation.Not the manager who ran off down the tunnel,Steven would do a better job,cause even though qpr are now gone, they would and will still beat us with parpoo at the helm of my club.Goat.

  7. We will be relegated I have no doubt.In what game this season have we picked up points comfortably none.The points we have gained have been lucky ones last gasp ones or lucky last gasp ones.Pardew does not have a clue how to handle it he is drowning in his own ineptitude and spoken drivel.As for Ashley and his lame sidekick they have left it to late to rectify and will not wish to admit to screwing up yet again.So being lead by that trio a captain suffering from depression a team with no cohesive training and it would seem no backbone.There would seem to be little to no hope.Add to that the fact other teams in trouble are at least having go and making a fight of it.There is nothing in the whole sorry set up to suggest that we would be promoted back anytime soon not even a yo yo club.More likely we will be doing a Wolves.The truth as I see it.

  8. joe hawkins says:
    April 28, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    “Every super hero needs his own theme tune”, when Pardew walks down the street, he should be accompanied by a, “Rawhide theme tune”.

    Joe, Pardew’s nickname used to be “Mr.Motivator” so perhaps this one would be more appropriate?

  9. Nutmag says:
    April 28, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    “In what game this season have we picked up points comfortably none.”

    There was that 3-0 against Wigan when the ref sent one of their players off after 10 minutes, Nutmag. Oh! and the 3-0 against Bordeaux. By the law of averages though, there’s always two or three where the opposition have an absolute ‘mare instead of us for a change. We also got ’round the back of Pochettino’s Southampton and beat ’em 4-2 after a very hairy start because they hadn’t quite got the hang of their new manager’s method yet.

  10. Look there’s plenty of blame to spread around.
    If Ashley is looking for a goat, all he has to do is look in the mirror.
    His parsimony last summer, trying to nickle and dime on transfer fees, when every dog in the street was aware we had to strengthen in order to meet a tough schedule, was criminal.
    That is apart from signing Anita for seven million +,
    Both he and Amalfitano, have proven to be flops (so much for Carr’s infallibility)
    Apparently he had no problem putting his hand in his pocket, when it became panic time, with relegation staring him in the face, which is still a possibility.
    Though I believe there’s more going on than we are aware of, all the talk about a solid locker room, usually comes when things are actually coming apart.
    It certainly seems to me there’s no fight in his side, very similar to our relegation season.
    I just don’t think the side is playing for Pardew.
    Well I have also voiced the fact, Ashley has refused to relinquish any control over operations, having two yes men as GM and Manager, one of which was describe , by KK, as knowing less than nothing about football (Llambias)
    And it was apparently his expertise that was responsible for Pardew’s arrival.
    So unless Ashley figures out he needs to hire both a GM who understands both the game itself and how to expand the club’s brand name worldwide, that, plus a manager who understands the modern game and actually can win things.
    Then we are destined to the same old slow learning curve we have been on since Ashleys arrival in charge.
    And I mean that, in charge of everything.

  11. Nutmag says:
    April 28, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    I stand corrected hope yet then?”

    Nutmag, I’ve been thinking about this time ever since Pardew was appointed, even when we were fifth. Now it’s looming however, I’m trying not to.

    Having written that, we are still five points above the bottom three and if we can pick up two or three points against West Ham and QPR we should be ok. Admittedly, Wigan do have a game in hand so we must become West Brom supporters now as that’s who Wigan have next.

  12. chuck says:
    April 28, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    “That is apart from signing Anita for seven million +,
    Both he and Amalfitano, have proven to be flops (so much for Carr’s infallibility)”

    Anita isn’t a flop at all Chuck, he actually makes alot of chances as well as being defensive player. It goes back to Pardew again. Only Newcastle would try to play Robert Huth / Ryan Shawcross type football with friggin’ jockeys. You just have to laugh really. Amalfitano was never going to trouble the first team and I really don’t understand what that one was all about. He was a bit old for a future prospect, and from the stuff I found on him, I really couldn’t see the potential there.

  13. One of the most stupid and insulting things I’ve read in my entire life from Steven Taylor:

    “It’s a sick feeling. At this moment in time, it feels like a family member has died,”

    If he tried saying that to someone who’s just lost a parent, or a wife, or a child and they’d probably punch him in the mouth, and they’d be right.

  14. Worky

    Actually, I don’t see him (Anita) as being much better than Perch and not as much of a utility player.
    Not that he’s a bad player, but for seven million +
    or whatever it was, I can think of a lotta players I would have preferd.
    As for Amalfitano, perhaps he was confused with his brother?

    At this time, imagine Ashley dilemma, having realized he should never have listened to a clown like Llambias
    and hired Pardew.
    Who surely must be on his way, following this momentous defeat.
    Not to mention he being the reason for the possibility of loosing out on a share of that five billion plus revenue stream of EPL riches, over the next three years.
    So much for the best laid plans and a fluke fifth place finish.

  15. All is not lost – yet. We really do have a chance to get 3 points at QPR. We have seen some of our players play well, we only need a few to have a decent game and maybe a bit of luck. Wham aren’t world beaters either (we handled big Andy once before when he played for Liverpool).

    I have a nightmare of Wigan and Villa both needing a draw on the final day to stay up at our expense unless we get something out of Arsenal. Now that would be an interesting day :)

    Pardew has lost the dressing room. How could he not, they have to hear him every day in training. We only get 2-5 minute sound bites and we are sick of him.

  16. Ben Arfa is most likely to dig us out of this hole. If he does, then the current love the fans show him will be as nothing. Keys to the City, statue next to Sir Bobby, talk show with Malcolm McDonald, blow job from Lee Ryder etc.

  17. And the BJ from Lee is because I assume Lee wouldn’t like it, not that Ben Arfa would :)

  18. Lets see how long that “creating stability” over the next twenty years, mouthed by Llambias lasts ?
    FFS why us ?
    Ed. was postulating on Ashley selling up and getting out of the footballing game, that is if in fact we are relegated.
    It seems he’s not suited for it, having not learned from his prior experience.
    Things would be quite different this time around, one wonders if there are clauses in the contracts of those who arrive following promotion.
    And if not how many would be interested in giving up on decent money.
    Or will it be a mass exodus, with NUFC going the way of Leeds?

  19. GS says:
    April 28, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    “Wham aren’t world beaters either (we handled big Andy once before when he played for Liverpool).”

    GS, you haven’t been watching Andy Carroll recently then? four goals in his last four games, including one against Man City. His return to form started earlier too, back in February when he came back from injury. He isn’t the Andy Carroll we faced when he played for Liverpool.

  20. On the other hand, this could be the crossroads that is needed to finally convince Ashley he is in over his head, as far as running a football business without the aid of professional help.
    Every successful club has their smart money and brand name conscious executive, doesn’t matter what title he has, that plus a manager who understands the game as it is played to-day.
    How long will it take for Ashley, to get it ?
    Last season was the culmination of his expectation, believing all the rubbish hacks were writing about him and the club.
    ‘An efficiently run operation” comes to mind, that plus a fifth place finish, like Cagney’s famous cry, “Hey Ma, top o the world”.
    That’s what happens when you start believing your own bullshit.
    Everything was going so well, he figured hell I don’t have to strengthen, why, we got a fifth place finish with this side.
    Personally I believe our loss of Demba Ba, also played a big role, something not mentioned much.
    But every professional manager and head executive understands the need to constantly strengthen the side, where Ashley was constantly looking to do things on the cheap.
    It’s my opinion he needs help, professional help, as he still doesn’t get it.

  21. Worky: I have seen a bit of Carroll. I admit I was clutching at straws, but I was trying to summon up some hope from the depths of yesterday’s despair.

    Agree with you about the Taylor comment. He didn’t think it through and it was spur of the moment. Learning from his Manager?

    Everybody has turned now. I took a look at Toonsy’s and Ed’s blogs and the towels have been thrown in (except Troy, but what do you expect from him).

  22. Our best hope is to get three points from QPR.
    As having watched both Arsenal and West Ham recently our best hope is to get at best a draw.
    Arsenal being involved in a top four fight will be fighting hard to get the points, whereas West ham are playing their best football of the season.
    In which case it could be three points from QPR, which would give us forty which may not be enough.
    Lotta tight asses between now and the seasons final whistle.

  23. GS@18
    West Ham must be rubbing thier hands at the prospect we won’t be
    Did’nt Ba also have a shot at the training methods at Nufc on leaving?

  24. Below is some information on Keynes and some quotes that I think Ashley would do well to read:

    “John Maynard Keynes was an enormously influential economist, but some of his detractors complained that the opinions he expressed tended to change over the years. Once during a high-profile government hearing a critic accused him of being inconsistent, and Keynes answered with one of the following:

    When events change, I change my mind. What do you do?

    When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?

    When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?

    When someone persuades me that I am wrong, I change my mind. What do you do?”

  25. We could offer Mr Rednap the job again or something for his help in that game.
    Oh sorry he is too straight and honest for that sort of thing.Only kidding.

  26. Worky mate: you have stayed pretty quiet. I admire your ability to be calm and not to scream loudly from the rooftops “I TOLD YOU SO !!!!”

    None of us want NUFC to fail, so getting Pardew out is a double edged sword if we go down.

  27. You know, I have only watched one NUFC game down the Pub all season. Most were playing and the “soccer bar” is just down the road. I watched a game early in the season and then the dross we were serving up gradually ground me down more and more. I knew even if we got a result, we would scrape it and usually be clinging on in the end in the dour Pardew fashion against the likes of Reading, QPR and Villa.

    If I had gone out yesterday I would have been outnumbered 10-1 by Scouse. Thank God I stayed home and watched that slow motion train wreck.

    I have tried to remain upbeat because nobody likes to see people moan all of the time. But, Pardew has done it. He has almost killed my spirit.

  28. Agree with you GS been watching this lot for 38 years and seen my share of ups but mainly downs can see another relegation looming and cannot see us getting out of it. This for me has killed my spirit when enough is enough feel its time to let this bunch who have slowly killed this club get on with it just cant see me going there anymore.Never thought I would feel as low as this the team we have on paper but 3-0 against the makems and the demolition yesterday time to call it a day.

  29. Sandybaz: I am not calling it a day. But, I will never say another good word about Pardew. I have tried a few times to defend him on here and to myself. No more, I am done with him (and I wont change my mind like he did after Southampton when he said we were done with the relegation fight – when he said that I didn’t realise he meant we were done fighting and would accept our fate :))

  30. Present odds on relegation

    Wigan = 8/11

    Villa = 2/I

    NUFC = 9/1

    Norwich = 16/1

    S’land = 25/1

    Stoke = 50/1

    No doubt Wigan have the toughest run of games IMO, but I believe it will be Villa who go down, possibly on goal average.

  31. Mike Ashley has been the Margaret Thatcher of NUFC. The story of the old NUFC before he came along has been completely distorted and vilified to make it seem like he’s a messiah and the only way is his way. He’s divided the fans with snobby, aspirant fans looking down on the rest like they were scum, people are talking more about money than they are about football, everything’s been covered in ghastly plastic signs and next we have Wonga. The replica kits should all have enormous shoulderpads built into them like the clothes back in the eighties.

    I’ve been supporting the club for decades, I’ve spent many, many hours writing this blog and truth is I don’t even know if I like Newcastle United anymore, not what it’s become anyway.

  32. A quote from Our Bobby after a bad team performance:
    “I hope they don’t sleep tonight because I know I won’t”.
    How many of this lot will care that much?

  33. Worky, I wonder who came up with the Mr motivator moniker?
    Because there has been very little on display, throughout a lot of his tenure.
    This club is losing it’s identity, more and more, as time goes by.
    The home crowd seem like a rent a mob, and Ashley has killed the atmosphere, with him throwing his toys out of the pram, because those nasty Geordie’s were calling him a “fat b*****d”.

    It does seem like the fans are turning into financial experts and the talk is of money, and not football.
    they do remind me of politics, the way things have went.
    first we had the halls and shepherds, labour style, “Boom and bust”.
    we now have Mike Ashley’s, conservative style of, “Age of austerity”, to deal with, oh what joy!

  34. joe hawkins says:
    April 28, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    “Worky, I wonder who came up with the Mr motivator moniker?”

    Don’t know for sure Joe, but he reads crappy self books and sticks the slogans he finds around the training ground and the dressing room and stuff like that, which is where it comes from. I put some photos on here of a few he had clagged up on the walls at Benton once.

    When Ashley reached his last low water mark? Relegation, get out of our club you Cockney bastard, trying to sell the club via e.mail and all that? That’s when he brought in a crack team of PR people to manipulate the opinions of the less gifted, more gullible fans.

    You know how every Tory is instructed to talk about the terrible economic situation they inherited from Labour every time they speak as a justification for their actions? With Ashley it’s the terrible economic situation he inherited from Fat Freddy, though as I’ve written many times, we’re actually in more debt now. He technically signed quite a few of the players of the old team who were used as examples of the old decadent era too (Alan Smith, Cacapa, Xisco and so on). The prudent buying really started with Hughton and Carr when Hughton had to rebuild the scouting after Wise’s departure, but of course, Ashley and Llambias claim the credit for it because everything has to be a lie at NUFC nowadays.

  35. Anita is quality, he had a run in the side where I thought he was our best player. If he didn’t get injured or whatever happened he’d probably be our player of the season or at least most improved.

    If Wigan beat West Brom I’m gonna shite meself.

  36. maze202 says:
    April 29, 2013 at 8:26 am

    “If he didn’t get injured or whatever happened”

    I think he’s only had one very minor injury which only lasted for a few days, maze.

  37. Pardew is saying he got it wrong!, how many times are we going to hear this, from him?
    The whole point of his job, is to get it right, those words have become, some kind of low rent spiritual mantra.

    he thought he would push Cabaye, on a place, because it worked against Liverpool, last game.
    Alan, you cannot stand still, in this game, and that just proves you don’t have a lot of foresight, in the tactics department.
    He thought they didn’t attack Liverpool enough, down the flanks.
    Well if you play a defensive midfielder, in Sissoko, and a bloke in Jonas, who couldn’t cross the road, what do you expect!
    This just backs up what a lot of fans think about his abilities.

    I’m now sick of having a go at the bloke, as it seems somehow heartless.
    Watching his interview on Saturday, How much has he aged, over the last eighteen months, he looks ancient!, who would be a football manager?, it’s got to be up there with being a politician.
    It now seems as sadistic as, pulling the wings off a crane fly, lol.

  38. Has everyone got their red and white scarves, and prayer mats, at the ready? lol.
    Everyone fix their compass towards the “VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED”, and bow down, and start praying, at 8 pm.
    Put on a Futureheads album, and hope for the best!
    Right, “UNLEASH THE HOUNDS” he he!

  39. joe hawkins says:
    April 29, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    “Has everyone got their red and white scarves, and prayer mats, at the ready? lol.”

    Do they make adult sized Pampers, Joe? That’s what we’re going to need at the ready if Villa and Wigan win and things don’t go our way at West Ham.

  40. Worky, I don’t think villa are any where near as bad, as their league position would suggest.
    I’ve got a fancy for them to turn Sunderland over, tonight!
    The one time you would want their help, and they will conspire, to f**k it up!
    Christian Benteke is one dangerous centre forward, I wish we had him, he would be a hero here.

  41. It doesn’t seem possible that Pardew can survive within the present circumstance.
    There have been suggestions of Arry taking over the reins, what! he’s gonna swap on relegated side for another.
    Forget about Arry never gonna happen.
    But whatever does happen , should be an indicator of what the future holds for the club.
    By that im not talking about if or not we get relegated.
    What I am talking about is has Ashley finally figured out, he needs help yet ?
    If we get another, Pardew retread type, you can figure it’s all over, on the other hand perhaps Ashley has had an epiphany and decides what’s needed is a real manager.
    One that he has to pay, there’s no lack of good prospects available, but not for five hundred grand a year.
    Which is reportedly what Pardews is currently on,
    currently the lowest in the league, with an average roughly around three million
    God knows what he pays Llambias, actually who cares, he does nothing anyway, other than fill a designated job description GM.
    Actually he’s the Sancho Panza of football.
    Point is that explains a lot, you get what you pay for and that’s why we find ourselves in our present dilemma.

  42. I see both chuck’s and worky’s points re: Anita. I also wonder why one spends 7M+ on a current full Dutch international to constantly have him on the bench behind Perch and Gutierrez (was told Anita plays FB as well). Myself, I’m willing to give him a mulligan under a different manager. If AP’s still here, we might as well sell him and replace him with a cheap plodder. Also understand chuck’s point re: other players at that price. As little as Anita has played, think the money would have been better spent on a CB.

    Oh, and I dare the squad hasn’t been listening to AP since late last season when he reverted to type and the results dried up…just my opinion.

    “Pardew has done it. He has almost killed my spirit.”
    This is the effect he has on folks, GS. It’s just taken you a bit longer…damn optimists!

  43. Well, I saw something about Pardew being a very hard worker and analyzing the opposition thoroughly. Isn’t there sometimes overanalysis? You can freeze people by giving them too much information and I think that might be what he is doing.

    It is like playing golf. Practice is great for grooving a swing, but if you have lessons, and they put 10 different things into your head, when it comes to actually playing you will tighten up and make mistakes.

    He is micro-managing which is never a good thing. On the other hand his overall plan is also flawed. It seems to be nullify the opposition and if we do get a goal on the break, sit back for the rest of the game. He doesn’t appear to play to our strengths.

    Our fate is in our own hands. We/he have come back from bad defeats before. He has probably lost the dressing room by now though.

    Oh, and good move to give the captaincy to someone with an admitted depression problem that Pardew himself said he helped him through.

  44. joe @ 41:

    I’m not one to discourage humanity but before you shed a tear for AP, keep in mind that he makes half a million per to screw up our club and feed us self-serving lies.

  45. GS @ 49: I’d also point out that he’s reactive and his tendency to fixate on opposition and defense shows that. Not saying it’s not important but do you think guys like Ferguson, Ancellotti, AVB, Mourinho or Guardiola worry exclusively about the opposition? Or do they set their side up in a way that gives them a chance to win no matter who they play? He certainly does not get the best out of a squad, hallmark of his career.

  46. One thing though. Although we lost badly to Sunderland we didn’t play that badly. We created chances and they were a bit lucky with 3 spectacular goals in one match.

    Against Liverpool we were totally inept, so maybe we can write that off and bounce back if Pardew will free up the players’ minds.

    We have to hope that we go ahead in our upcoming games because Pardew is at his worst when we are chasing a game. He throws any idea of defending out of the window, we get desperate and other teams know this by now and attack in numbers on the break.

  47. GS says:
    April 29, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    “Oh, and good move to give the captaincy to someone with an admitted depression problem that Pardew himself said he helped him through.”

    GS, are you saying that people who suffer from depression like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas K.Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr shouldn’t be put into positions of leadership?

    I do hope not.

  48. chuck says: “It doesn’t seem possible that Pardew can survive within the present circumstance.”

    I think he will Chuck. Or at least I think he will if we avoid relegation.

    Ashley & Llambias have found someone who fits into their system without complaint and they won’t let him go lightly.

    If we avoid relegation, I would put money on him being in charge next season. If we’re bottom 3 next November then maybe there’d be some thoughts of change but, even then, I’d have my doubts.

  49. Worky @53: there probably wasn’t anybody else anyway. I thought about it after I wrote it and apart from Krul there probably wasn’t anybody else that was guaranteed a place.

    I am not an expert on depression, it was just an off the cuff remark, me trying to find another stick to beat Pardew with because I am so p*ssed off at him at the moment.

  50. Why was it we didn’t sign either Douglas or Alderwiereld, oh yeah! price.
    We could have used either or both of those guys against Liverpool, rather than an Anita on the bench and Douglas would have cost a lot less.
    Look at Vertonghen at Spurs, not only defending well, but scoring too.
    That’s what happens by being cheap, but then Ashleys whole life is about cheap, cheap players, cheap management (if the can be called that) Cheap signs, cheap gear in his cheap stores, cheap haircut, cheap clothes, in fact a life based on cheapness, sad really.
    Got billions but is tight as a drum, there’s a problem there folks.

  51. Hugh

    You very well may be right, where ya gonna find a guy for one sith of the going price, who will yes you to death ?
    On the other hand it is ignoring the obvious, that Ashley has had five years of no real success, unless you consider a flukey fifth place finish as success ?
    If it’s not obvious to him by this stage, that he needs more than a bingo caller and a bullshitter, no matter how cheap they come and how many yesses they deliver, then were screwed for the foreseeable future.

  52. And, there is no hope for Pardew if he plays Jonas against WHam. He is out of form.

    Hadiara should not play either. He is a young kid being asked to do too much after only a few months in England. I think he is overwhelmed. He had one decent game, looks good going forward but is shaky at the back so far.

    We have players who can play left back – Mbiwa, maybe Anita or Perch. We can play 2 of Taylor, Coloccini and Williamson as center backs and Simpson as right back. Is this what Pardew means when he says we need “experience”? Actually, I hope so because we were a shambles on Saturday and at least this lot have sometimes played OK together in the past.

  53. Hugh

    And yes I do understand the birds of a feather thing surrounding Ashley’s hiring practices.

  54. Important game to-day, hopefully Sunderland can get all three points, as I would prefer to see Villa go down, plus odds wise if favors our survival.
    I would imagine there will be a lot of interest in the result, a lotta tight sphincters, with a share of five billion big ones at stake.
    Were not talking about a few thousand at the Casino here.

  55. Are we forgetting that Sunderland are far from safe? Although their GD is probably worth a point.

  56. A lot of people seem sure that Wigan won’t win two more games.

    Personally I can’t see us winning any of our remaining games. How could I after Saturday? If that wasn’t a show of a dressing room being lost I don’t know what is.

    Wigan are more than capable of beating West Brom away. We could have put that game to bed first half and we’re absolute shite. They will beat Swansea at home, then they also have Villa at home.

    I’m pretty sure we’re F*cked.

  57. Hugh, it’s like it’s all been written already in some NUFC horror novel.

    Fat Sam, Nolan and Carroll this weekend. Remy and Jenas next, then Arsenal the club we’re supposedly trying to emulate.

    It becomes a bit of a comedy/horror when you think back to Llambias’ gushing over Pardew after beating Chelsea. And the 8 year contract.

  58. I reckon we might get a point at QPR, which would take us to 38 points. Wigan would then need 6 points to draw level with us (and if they got those 6 points they may be ahead of us on goal difference).

    I can’t see Wigan getting anything away to Man City or Arsenal (their last 2 games) so a lot depends on how they do away to West Brom and home to Swansea.

  59. Jimbob
    I’m with you all our rivals are up for it and as I have said lots of times This team with Pardew in charge have not got a win in them.

  60. Nutmag, I just feel like banging my head against a wall. Even more so when people actually buy into Pardew’s excuses. Everything’s been a disgrace. From top to bottom. In six years Ashley has the chance to oversee 2 relegations. I’m sorry but nothing he has done has been good for this club. The debt is still there, only owed to him, and in fact, actually more than when he took over.

    How can anything he’s done worked if we get relegated twice?

  61. chuch @56 & 57: huh. Those are thoughtful, rational, dare I say insightful comments.


  62. GS @ 61: notice how the pundits who back AP (including Shearer, who somehow absolves our manager of any responsbility for what’s happened the last couple matches) never have anything specific to back up their position? Just a lot of: he’s built up good will from last year…wish my job were like that: do well one year and you can completely fvck up the next and won’t be fired because of…goodwill…well, I guess some jobs are like that.

  63. Another point: Alan “I work on the defense, four days a week” Pardew’s NUFC have conceded more goals than any other side in the PL. Fact.

  64. Exactly Tunyc. So what the f*ck has he been doing on the training ground. Watching Jonas and Tiote doing their stretches from behind?

  65. So it is worse than we thought. Not only has he lost the dressing room but we have a French mutiny led by the Captain. No tactics, playing players out of position and bad substitutions and now no discipline, control or leadership.

    Could it get any worse? Yes, relegation.

    Now people are saying part of the problem is Pardew doesn’t speak French. Well, get a translator. Mourihno did it for Bobby Robson.

  66. tunyc

    Nice of you to say so, about the following,

    “Those are thoughtful, rational
    dare I say insightful comments”.

    Whatever they were ?

    Do the best I can to either entertain or introduce a differing version of the reality of NUFC>

  67. Soh !
    Went dahna pub, watched the game, and got more f***ing depressed than normal.
    It appears, from what I have been reading and having watched our last thrashing by the Pool, that the side are not playing for this cnut.
    Am I surprised ? no!
    I’m praying we can survive, well not really, just hoping.
    Wonder how Ashley is feeling, about the thought of loosing out on a share of the five Buillion at stake and what his attitude to-wards Pardew will be, if we don’t survive.
    Actually I kinda lost interest and really for the first time ever don’t give a rat’s ass, if we go down or not.
    As far as i’m concerned Ashley and his cheapass crew can go pound salt and I hope if we are relegated, no one goes to the games next year.
    Screw you Ashley!

  68. GS says:
    April 30, 2013 at 3:20 am

    “Now people are saying part of the problem is Pardew doesn’t speak French. Well, get a translator. Mourihno did it for Bobby Robson.”

    You think Ashley should get Mourinho in as Pardew’s translator?

  69. well ive just read that Ashley is backing pardwho to revive us…….were gone, done I have no next to no faith anymore, rip NUFC

  70. The way things seem to be panning out with Villa and Wigan, this could well be one of those seasons where we need OVER 40 points to survive.

  71. He’s in the chronicle, saying he is the man for the job.
    Looking back at his time in charge, he has been humiliated time and time again, and he’s still here.
    His pay masters are in the same boat, they have come through times, where other owners, would have left, and they are still here ffs!

    The “Gruesome twosome”, have unfortunately for us, “Stick-ability”.
    Six years on, they are still here, peddling their cheap scam.
    They will fight tooth and nail, to keep Pardew, in his job.
    Where else are they going to get a dupe, as willing, as he is?
    Even if we get relegated, I can still see him being in charge, and they will spin it, in a positive light, and probably go as far, as accepting the blame themselves, to shift the negative backlash, away from Pardew.
    I said the other day, they would come up with some crap along the lines of, “Don’t blame Alan for the seasons failure, it was our lack of planning, and he deserves the chance to get us promoted, at the first time of asking”,
    if we were to go down.
    Even if we stay up, would they retain his services?, I would say probably, and the same spin to the first scenario, will be used, along the lines of, “Don’t blame Alan for the seasons failure, it was our lack of planning in the summer, Alan is still the man to take this club forward, and the board have every faith in him.
    we will be better equipped to go into the new season, and this club will be challenging on all fronts”.

    We have had six years of this crap, to put up with, and we have in all honesty, had two good seasons, Out of six.
    Even if you count the year in the championship, which I would class as failure, on their part.
    How many relegation battles has this club, been involved in, since the barrow boy turned up?

    I think it’s starting to dawn on most fans now, that Pardew is severely limited as a football manager.
    Even if he is shown the door, who do we get to replace him?
    I have no faith in Ashley and his cohorts, to come up with anything better, than we have now.
    granted there are much better than Pardew, knocking about, but would any decent manager, Worth their salt, work for a con man like Mike Ashley, and his gimp, Llambias?

    Alan Pardew is in reality, a scapegoat for a wider problem, and it comes back to Michael Wallace Ashley.
    This club will never move forward, under their stewardship.
    I was saying the other day, they had got some things right.
    Yes it looks on the face of it, we are in a much better position, in terms of finance, although we are in loads of debt, to Ashley, so it’s like the devil and the deep blue sea.
    Yes we don’t want to return to the days of, Alan Shearer and Michael Owen, bleeding the club dry, with their astronomical wages.
    In reality though, what does their so called transfer strategy bring us?
    Whenever we unearth a decent player, they are sold on, because we will not give them a pay rise.
    Then we bring in someone cheaper as their replacement, without any idea if these players are any good.
    The whole thing now looks self defeating, and we will probably never build a decent side, because of it
    The signing of players under 26 years age, Is ridiculous, and you could get four good years out of a 30 year old.
    So you can see by their actions, they are only interested in money.
    the whole thing is a sad state of affairs, and will not change, while this corrupt regime remains.
    They want to be careful though, because they will end up with the some total of f-all, when apathy sets in, and they will abuse the fans loyalty, to the point, when we’ll have crowds of 20 thousand, playing in the championship or worse.

  72. Joe hawkins
    Agree with what you say as any right thinking supporter would.I don’t however think that Ashley and or Llambias would in anyway admit “again” to any wrong doing.More likely straw grasping such as “Unfortunately the new signings did not have time to settle in to the much tougher EPL because of the amount of injuries we had”Either way they will put their heads together and push Pardew out to do what they have him for to blather another load of tripe.

  73. Oh God. Jamie Carragher is joining Sky. Phil Thompson is bad enough. That back of the throat Scouse accent really makes me shudder. That might be the one saving grace of relegation, that I won’t be watching much Sky Sports and having to listen to those 2.

  74. GS says:
    April 30, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    “Oh God. Jamie Carragher is joining Sky. Phil Thompson is bad enough.”

    Could be worse GS. If Pardew is sacked, they might give him a job too.

  75. When I think back, I do remember Carlos Tevez once saying that Pardew was an English football man who could handle English teams with English players, but that he just didn’t understand the game of foreign players like himself, and that he just couldn’t handle foreign players like him and Javier Mascherano.

    Or something like that.

  76. According to official site Dan Gosling can be the man for big occasions!
    “Click here to buy a Newcastle United shirt with Gosling’s name and number on the back”,
    Orwellian :lol:

  77. sirjasontoon says:
    April 30, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    “According to official site Dan Gosling can be the man for big occasions!”

    Is Derek Llambias hiring him out for birthdays and hen nights now?

  78. Heh heh I think have finally cooked their goose.
    Fookin’ Idiots.

    Worky Even under the influence of some heavy psychedelics I couldn’t imagine someone waking into the club shop,purchasing some Puma tat and demanding the Godling to be embossed on the reverse.

    Defiantly one for the “big occasion”.

  79. I was wondering how Pardew gets across some of the finer points to a French contingent, who for the most part understand little English.
    I mean did they hire a translator, or does one of the more knowledgeable team-members do the translating ?
    Not that according to what I have watched, there are many fine points to hoofball.
    But things look bad, and I would expect a few of the current squad, wouldn’t mind a move.
    The way I see it is Pardew is a dead man walking , regardless what nonsense he babbles, done, finished and why did it take so long ?
    I think we would do well to try for Martinez, depending of course which one of us goes down.
    Yeah it would be tough as there’s bad blood between Ashley and Dave Whelan.
    If not then Ronald Koeman presently managing at Fayenoord, who has been quoted as wanting a move to the EPL, his resume includes some good sides who in turn had good managers.
    Plus we know the Dutch not unlike the Scots have produced some decent managers.
    Question is, would he be interested and would Ashley pay him, also would he be given the freedom and time to turn things around at St. James’Park.
    Anyhow being there’s IMO, just no way back for Pardew, is it not time we began the search for a manager.

  80. Appears the PR department must be into some good drugs these days, the shit they are coming out with is bizarre at best.

  81. Though I take great pleasure in being justified in all (well most) of what I have written in regard to the three footballing geniuses and take a Schadenfreude’ish
    pleasure in the fact all three have to be in a state of panic and fear.
    And for both Ashley and Pardew to realize it’s all their fault, the possibility of missing out on the billions of revenue, due to become payable to those surviving relegation.
    Quite a change from the hubris of this time last year, ah well, it’s true indeed, pride tends to produce a fall.

  82. chuck says:
    May 1, 2013 at 5:00 am

    “The way I see it is Pardew is a dead man walking”

    Don’t you mean dead man talking, Chuck?

  83. Even if we do get relegated to the Championship, there’s always a bright side. After all, we still have Wonga to look forward to. There’ll be Wonga on the shirts, Wonga in the community teaching the less fortunate how to deal with their financial problems. Of course, there’ll also be the Wonga half time experience where paupers can humiliate themselves for cash to entertain the crowd. It’ll be fun, fun, fun all the way.

  84. sirjasontoon says:
    May 1, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    “Maybe Willie Wonga can do a bit of coaching?”

    Willie Wonga’s already doing a great job coaching the reserves, SJT, he must be because they are topping the League right now (unlike the first team). We also had Richard Money aka ‘Dickie Dosh’ running the academy not so long ago.

  85. If we go down maybe Ashley will sell the club and and we can get JK back and give him zillions to spunk on players :lol:

  86. sirjasontoon says:
    May 1, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    “If we go down maybe Ashley will sell the club and and we can get JK back and give him zillions to spunk on players”

    Well JFK didn’t do so badly in the short time he was here, SJT. He brought us Kevin Nolan and Ryan Taylor, and was after Stephane M’Bia (the QPR one) before he had his episode and M’Bia went to Marseilles.

  87. Strange stories going on in the media, it’s as if everything was normal and no threat of our being relegated.
    See where we have been linked with the Wigan midfielder James McCarthy, who we could have signed a couple of years ago for next to nothing, where was Carr on that one ?
    Kid was playing in the SPL at sixteen, not like he was unknown.
    At fifteen million, Nah!
    But if we could get Martinez, I wouldn’t be disappointed, listen anybody but this guy.
    Why is he still here anyway, don’t tell me Ashley is gonna hang on to this guy for much longer, end it now for chrisakes.
    Well screw it anyway, I lost interest, off to the May Day march.

  88. Looks like the media are up to their old tricks again, trying to create upheaval, while the club is struggling.
    The story about Hatem Ben Arfa wearing his PSG top, in a Newcsatle gym, is complete bollox!
    The kid is a life long fan of the club, ffs!, what do you want him to do, tattoo N.U.F.C across his a**e, and run on the treadmill, with it hanging out?
    If Newcastle were upset by that, they seriously want to lighten up!

  89. Worky
    Yeah! that was a great deal, Charles N’Zogbia for Ryan Taylor, not!

  90. Joe Hawkins

    It certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise if half the side wanted away, put yourself in their shoes.
    You are stuck with a madman for a manager, who plays a style of football, that was old ten years ago.
    Has no real clue, just as well these guys don’t understand half of what he sez, because if they did, they would be lining up with transfer requests.
    Actually I believe some of them only came to place themselves in the shop window anyhow.
    I still think with the right management and a few decent additions, we could be a top six side.
    But with Pardew at the helm, I doubt if we can avoid the drop.

  91. My Wilf’s still scoring for fun in the Eredivisie. 37 goals in 35 games for Vitesse Arnhem this season so far. Derek says he’s too weak for the Premiership though, even though he’s like Big Al on steroids and sends defenders flying like skittles. Even for Llambias, that was a bizarre and ill informed thing to say. It was like someone saying Drogba would be too weak for the Premiership before he joined Chelsea.

  92. I would sack Pardew today. He is not there to develop new talent and he doesn’t have a say over transfers. He is there for results and style of play. Last year he managed to get results and we were just about OK in the style department.

    This year we have not put in a good 90 minutes except maybe Chelsea, Southampton? We have been woeful when it comes to entertainment. On top of this we are a breath away from relegation.

    However, who is to say we cannot pull this one out. If he plays Cisse and Ben Arfa up front there is a chance we can get a couple of wonder goals. We also have the players in midfield if they play without fear and Pardew leaves the players who are out of form on the bench. Tiote and Jonas shouldn’t start although I think Tiote could come good again.


  93. Chuck, your dead right there, he is completely barking mad, is Pardew!, he shouldn’t be allowed out, on his own.
    What he lacks in managerial ability, he makes up for, with sheer arrogance and delusion!

    GS, We might as well let him see out the last three fixtures, because if he was given his cards, Ashley would probably only put carver in charge.
    Whether or not, that would be a bad thing, who knows?
    It might cause to much upheaval, so I would just stick with him, until the end.
    Even if he keeps us afloat, I wouldn’t advocate going into another campaign with him at the helm.

  94. joe hawkins says:
    May 1, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    “What he lacks in managerial ability, he makes up for, with sheer arrogance and delusion!”

    Joe, Pardew has a classic example of what psychologists would call “positive illusion,” He is Mr.Average, Mondeo man from middle management who has an inflated sense of his own abilities. Hence, he blames everything but himself when things go wrong because he simply can’t see the dissonance.

  95. Worky: people compare Rodgers to David Brent when it is really Pardew who they should be pointing to.

  96. worky @ 117: Llambias said that? Proves Keegan right, again. Anyway, looking like the new Drogba (more goals in Europe than anyone not named Messi) wants to work under the old Special One at CFC next season…talking about the EL & CL being the competitions he really wants to play in…

  97. GS @ 122: exactly. Rodgers is more like Tony Robbins: sounds full of shit and probably is but you can’t argue with his results. Don’t we all want to fly our own helicopters?

    sjt @ 121: it’s getting positively Soviet in here!

    Happy May Day folks!

  98. Worky, He must be very adept at a**e crawling, after reading
    Carlos Tevez, putting the boot into his time, at the hammers.
    When he said he couldn’t believe Pardew held his position, for as long as he did.
    The same thing is happening now, because he really should have been gone before Christmas.
    So he must be very good at toadying, and sucking up to the top brass, hence the sham eight year contact.

    We all know he talks a good fight, but behind closed doors, he must be wetter than a weekend in Scunthorpe, and have more smarm, than Darius Danesh!

  99. When Pardew puts on his ridiculous bins, He looks like s**t version, of John Major.

  100. I would very much like that Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund as a replacement for Coloccini. That gadgie is a hell of a good centre back.

  101. Joe, in case you’re wondering why your comment 125 was held for a few minutes, you used that word again, S-cunt-horpe. :-)

    Ihat team was a f**king nightmare when we were in the Championship!

  102. tunyc says:
    May 1, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    “worky @ 117: Llambias said that?”

    tunyc, I stand slightly corrected. That bit about strength may have been embroidered by Mark Douglas in the Journal.

    If you remember that Wilf Bony story I did a while ago, it “went viral” as they say.

    The fans picked up on it and the hacks picked up on it, turning it into a Toon are actually trying to sign him story. It grew so much that even Llambias was reported to be “angry” about it (which made my day incidentally). Owlheed was so angry that he actually went on record to pooh-pooh it.

    Here’s the story from Mark Douglas in the Chronic:

    “It is understood that Newcastle watched the Vitesse Arnheim forward, who scored twice at the weekend, over the space of several months but decided that he might struggle with the physicality of the Premier League.

    “They were angered by the reports that suggested they were in advanced negotiations for him and Llambias confirmed to the Journal:

    “We were never interested in him.”

  103. With Ben Arfa starting we could conceivably score goals, just probably not even half what we will concede.

  104. So,fat ash backs a no hoper to keep us up,there will be no more French days at st.James,and parpoo uses all of his favourite excuses in one week…let the pantomime continue…

  105. sampdiago says:
    May 1, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    “there will be no more French days at st.James,”

    Maybe there will, sampdiago, with Ashley bringing out “Madame Guillotine” like Robespierre. Then the crowd can cheer at the sight of Pardew’s heed in a bucket. :-)

    That would be better than the forthcoming Wonga half time experience!