Benfica vs Newcastle United full match video, highlights and interviews

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Benfica v Newcastle United full match video.

Benfica v Newcastle United full match video.

Match highlights.

Highlights from this evening’s Europa League game between Benfica and Newcastle United from the Estadio da Luz, Lisbon.

Alternative highlights.

Post match press conferences

Pardew’s “overjoyed” with the performance but not the result, and thinks anything is possible at SJP if Newcastle put Benfica under pressure at St James’ Park.

Jesus says the tie isn’t over yet.

Also, here’s a transcript of what Alan Pardew had to say in his post match interview stright after the game:

“We’ve done so much right tonight and got ourselves into a great position with Papiss’s goal. The away goal could come into it if we get the first goal at St James’ Park because if we can get that first goal, we are only going to need one more.”

“In terms of the performance and the players, I can’t fault them. We came here to have a go at them and we did that. They caused some problems to us just before half-time for ten to 15 minutes, but other than that we were in control of the game.”

“If it was 2-1, you would think we would have a good chance at home, but it is an uphill chance for us now. We can be proud of the performance, but disappointed with the result. “You have to say they are a quality side,”

“We have to give them respect and on the break they are going to be dangerous at St James’, but we showed signs tonight that if we are ambitious and we can hurt them.”

Thanks Alan.

Score and Goalscorers.

Benfica 1 (Rodrigo 25, Lima 65, Cardozo (pen) 71), Newcastle United 1 (Cisse 12).

Teams and match facts.

Benfica (4-3-3): Artur (G), Andre Almeida, Luisao (C), Ezequiel Garay, Melgarejo, Nicolas Gaitan, Nemanja Matic, Andre Gomes, Rodrigo, Oscar Cardozo (Maxi Pereira 77), Ola John.

Subs: Paulo Lopes (G), Roderick, Maxi Pereira, Enzo Perez, Urreta, Pablo Aimar, Lima.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson (Dan Gosling 83), Steven Taylor, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Davide Santon; James Perch (Vurnon Anita 61), Yohan Cabaye (C), Sylvain Marveaux (Shola Ameobi 81) Moussa Sissoko, Jonas Gutierrez, Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Rob Elliot, Mike Williamson, Vurnon Anita, Dan Gosling, Gabriel Obertan, Shola Ameobi, Adam Campbell.

Yellow cards: James Perch (20), Rodrigo (28), Enzo Perez (73), Shola Ameobi (87).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Antony Gautier (France).

Attendance: 44,133.


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32 Responses

  1. somebody should tell alanweoperateatahigherlevelthaneverton, a game lasts for 90 minutes.
    we played well in total, 50 minutes, and we were gash for the other 40 minutes.
    i think that’s the difference between good sides, and also ran’s, they manage to kill the game off, when they are on top.
    cisse had a few chances to put them out of the tie, and when the ball hit the post, you could sense that was the turning point.

    steven taylor’s antics are becoming pathetic, although last night’s am dram, was still not as good as his dying swan against villa, all those years ago, so he hasn’t improved as an actor.
    he can have no arguments about the handball, it was where the linesman had a good view of it.
    the bloke is a liability at times, he just has that vacant look in his eyes, and you just know he’s going to do something stupid.

    santon got himself into a pickle down the flank, and the stupidity of the back pass, was ridiculous.

    that brings us onto el gobs***e, he prances backwards and forwards with his arms folded, occassionly crossing out letters on his piece of paper.
    you would think with that kind of industry, there would be some kind of grand plan.
    nope it’s seems for all his jotting down of words, amounts to, if in doubt, lets throw shola amoebi on, who basically kills any momentum, and slows the game up, with his constant fouling.
    alan pardew has no idea how to change a football game around, and frankly, i’m getting tired of his lame excuses.
    benfica’s manager took of rodrigo, who looked a threat, and replaced him with lima, who had an immediate impact.
    alan, this is called football management and tactics, you should try it sometime.
    the good thing to come out of this, is more and more fans are starting to see this sham of a manager, for what he really is.
    his giving it large, came back to haunt him again, as the team who would finish 9th, beat the team who are in the bottom six, alan you are one utter dickhead.
    i will fly flags and have a street party, the day this chump finally gets his marching orders!

  2. joe hawkins says:
    April 5, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    “steven taylor’s antics are becoming pathetic, although last night’s am dram, was still not as good as his dying swan against villa, all those years ago, so he hasn’t improved as an actor.
    he can have no arguments about the handball, it was where the linesman had a good view of it.
    the bloke is a liability at times, he just has that vacant look in his eyes, and you just know he’s going to do something stupid.”

    I take it you didn’t listen to Pardew’s explaination then, Joe?

    “Steven’s so unlucky, it looks like he’s caught his bootlaces in his studs and it’s affected his jump.” :lol:

  3. <<<<<<<< Thinks taylors a complete idiot and his stupity prob cost us the tie was defo on purpose in my view

  4. worky @ 2: wow. He actually said that? Let’s hang our heads in shame for being associated with this hard-on.

  5. tunyc says:
    April 5, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    “worky @ 2: wow. He actually said that?”

    tunyc, It’s in the post match press conference video I posted above.

    It would have been far more credible if he’d said that Taylor was suffering from “prestididwick’s congina.” :lol:

  6. worky, is that what he said?
    what i saw, was him mistime his jump, so all he could do was handle it, followed by him feigning a injury to his leg.

  7. Personally, I think Taylor was just upset at how it happened, I don’t think he would argue that it hit his arm. If you watch the replay, he clearly steps on someone (Yanga-Mbiwa I think?), and that effected his jump. Why he was jumping when the ball was so low is another question, but he definitely was involved in a little mix-up there.

    Also -look how he has played for us the last few weeks – he’s been excellent IMHO.

  8. worky, it’s getting to the point, whenever he appears on the screen, i turn him off, as i cannot stand his patter.

  9. Here we go – Taylor’s cheeky nudge. Sorry, it looks more like it was the middle of his arm in the pic really, though it looked lower when I watched it in slow motion by the time it actually hit him.

    Steven Taylor handball.

  10. I’m confused as to how Steven Taylor’s bootlaces, studs or jumping ability have anything to do with the fact that he put his arm out and deliberately handled the ball in the penalty area.

    That said, I think he has done OK since he has been back, although I bet our average goals let in per game are probably about the same.

  11. worky @ 5: I meant it perfectly seriously earlier in the season when I said I can’t stand to listen to him anymore. I’m reminded of what that’s the case now.

  12. GS, you’ve missed obvious part, he didn’t jump and there was no need to jump. He made as if he was going to jump, then he actually leant into the ball instead so he could manipulate it with his forearm. It was a blatant subterfuge to try and con the ref but Pardew wants to play up the “unlucky” angle.

    His feet were wide apart with no bootlaces showing too.

  13. Canada-not sure how you come to that conclusion. Might be the angles you’ve seen. Look at the first set of highlights above here. Taylor is always a couple feet away from MYM. He didn’t slip.

    I’m more inclined to criticize Santon: ball-watching for their first goal, played a real nice pass to their forward for the second. I’m losing patience with him as a defender and from just the little bits I’ve seen I won’t be surprised if Haidara takes his job sooner than later.

    (I also happen to think it’s quite possible that if Saylor doesn’t handle it’s a tap-in goal anyway.)

  14. CanadaTOON says:
    April 5, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    “Disagree, he stepped on Mapou and lost his balance”

    Canada, Taylor didn’t step on M’Biwa at any point. He didn’t even come close.

  15. I find it very hard to believe that Davide Santon’s agent is really called Renzo Contract (Renzo Contratto). It’s stretching nominative determinism too far and he must have made it up.

  16. Lee Ryder’s been at it again:

    “Indeed, Benfica boss Jesus had warned United they were “burnt steak” ahead of the first-leg game.”

    He said no such thing at all. He was full of respect for Newcastle United right the way through. Even after winning 3-1, he’s said that the tie isn’t over yet by any means. Ryder knows that.

  17. Newcastle United are still the biggest long ball side in the Premiership with a long ball percentage of 16.3%. This is still higher than Stoke (16.0%), Reading (15.9%) and finally Big Sam’s West Ham (15.0%).

    At the other end of the scale, Manchester City and Arsenal are still the tippy-tappiest Premiership sides with both on 8.2%. Third is Manchester United with 9.8% long balls.

  18. “Still looking very safe from relegation after todays results”,Said Alan to Mike :lol:

  19. What I don’t get SJT is that despite being one of the top 7 or eight teams with a squad to match, we are looking at relegation for a second time since Ashley took over. Despite this, daft Geordies are still queueing up to suck his knob and saying we can’t go back to the bad old days of being in the Champions League.

  20. We desperately need a result against Fulham tomorrow. If we can grab the three points, and Chelsea have the nuts to do what they really should do against the mackems, things will look a whole lot better from our point of view.

    Then, if the unthinkable happens next week, at least we won’t be trading places with them.

  21. workyticket says:
    April 6, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    “Despite this, daft Geordies are still queueing up to suck his knob and saying we can’t go back to the bad old days of being in the Champions League.”

    Are there really that many people thinking that, Worky? I think even the pompous spreadsheet junkies (those who are genuinely interested in the toon, at least) must be biting their fingernails at the moment.

    “There’s still Wigan v QPR though, with Wigan going for their fourth consecutive win.”

    True. But, if they get it, that means Blunderland will likely be in the bottom three by tomorrow afternoon :)

    That’s assuming there isn’t an ‘el duce effect’, of course. If there is, let’s hope it’s no better than their coach arriving at the ground on time.

  22. We have to win tomorrow. I read some idiot’s blog before the Benfica game that said Pardew would rest players for Fulham. Even Pardew isn’t that stupid (it wasn’t Ed’s or

  23. DarthBroon says:
    April 6, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    “Are there really that many people thinking that, Worky?”

    Are you kidding Darth? Lots of ’em are still in la la land (like Paul in Hollywood)


    10:28 AM on 27/3/2013

    “Nice things are coming out of St James Park this week in regards to injurys, debt free and future signings, its all good and positive. However the real injection of boost we all need is some points at the Etihad. City are there for the taking, there’s going to be a massive clear out down there in the close season. They have been tuttled by Man U this campaign, the manager will be finished and most of the players will go and they know it. Performances have been awful and their centre backs and keeper are easily exposed. Get at least a point down there and the week will be a great one now Haidearas okay.”

    Toon-Prodigy // Apr 5, 2013 at 7:30 PM

    “Rafa Benitez?

    Would you lot see him as an upgrade?” (On Pardew FFS)

    There are many thousands writing guff like that, and they honestly believe it. We’ve just had a few injuries this season, and we will renew our quest for Champions League football next season.

  24. aye, level on points with the vile, who a lot of fans were taking the slash out of, and had them as certainties, for the drop.
    if daft pardew cocks it up against fulham, then ashley has to seriously start to think about giving him the spanish archer, at the end of the campaign.
    it will not be an easy game, and fulham’s record at st james’, is pretty good.
    if the unthinkable happens, no doubt pardew will have an abundance of excuses, at the ready.