Metalist Kharkiv vs Newcastle United full match video and match highlights

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Metalist Kharkiv vs Newcastle United full match video

Metalist Kharkiv vs Newcastle United full match video (Opens in new window)

Match highlights.

Longer ESPN highlights.

Highlights from this evening’s Europa League game between Metalist Kharkiv and Newcastle United from the Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv.

As usual I shall be updating these with better highlights, posy match interviews and a video of the whole match when they become available.

Score / Goalscorers.

Metalist Kharkiv 0, Newcastle United 1 (Sh.Ameobi (Pen) 63).

Teams and match facts.

Metalist Kharkiv (4-2-3-1): Olexandr Goryainov (G), Cristian Villagra, Papa Gueye, Marco Torsiglieri, Fininho; Juan Manuel Torres (Willian 67), Edmar (Sebastian Blanco 82), Marlos (Jaja 67), Cleiton Xavier, Jose Emesto Sosa (C), Jonathan Cristaldo.

Subs: Vladimir Disljenkovic (G), Oleg Shelayev, Andriy Berezovchuk, Oleg Krasnopyorov, Sebastian Blanco, Willian, Jaja.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Massadio Haïdara, Vurnon Anita (James Perch 76), Yohan Cabaye, Moussa Sissoko, Sylvain Marveaux, Shola Ameobi, Papiss Cisse (Jonas Gutierrez 76).

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Perch, Steven Taylor, Dan Gosling, Gael Bigirimana, Jonas Gutierrez, Gabriel Obertan.

Yellow cards: Massadio Haïdara (44),

Red cards:

Referee: Serge Gumienny (Belgium).



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31 Responses

  1. Caught the later re-run of the game.
    Another scrappy game against a bunch of latino players, who are not a bad side.
    So much diving and a lotta fouls, kept the game from flowing.
    I’m not so sure about the penalty, as the goalie got a piece of the ball, but hey! i’le take it.
    When i saw Shola step up i knew it was gonna go in, actually he had one of his better games.
    Haidara looked ok and Simpson had a steady game, but in general we did’nt know how to break them down, as they packed the middle.
    Following the penalty, we went into a defensive shell and were fortunate to come away with the win.
    As Metalica had a number of opportunities where they should have scored.
    Is this some kind of default position we automatically go into, when we take a lead.
    Talking bout going into a defensive shell and just resort to hoofing it in the general direction of their goalie ?
    This is not the first time this has happened, seems every second half, we resort to hoofball whether leading or not, whats this about ?

  2. Some comments mentioned it was a good game and we played well.
    The only good thing was we happened to luck out, we were under pressure for the whole second half and had little idea of how to break them down.
    On saying that, they were not that bad a side.
    I doubt if we will get past Hiddinks team they have some top player’s and their manager will have little trouble out-thinking Pardew IMO.
    The rest of the survivors are not bad sides either, so dont get too carried away with last nights win.
    Our target should be to concentrate on surviving the drop and climbing as high as we can.
    Next season will be different,(i hope) i wish i could say the same about our manager, cause what was he doing during the second half ?

  3. With you on that Tripp,but why did krull leave the stadium with his foot in a protective cast and on crutches?We cannot loose him now..

  4. Paul on the left coast

    Whats up with the sudden upping of Pardew ?
    The doubt as to whether he is or is’nt a good manager.
    The general concensus, is he’s not the most popular manager to be on the NUFC sideline.
    Thats among home fans, it’s even worse among non NUFC fans, who mostly view him as a less than knowledgeable tactician and someoewhat arrogant.
    As far as quoting, the players seem happy with him ?
    Do they have a choice, would they show it if they did’nt like him, it would be political suicide.
    Hey they are here making better money and paying less taxes than in France and if they play well, the opportunity to move to a bigger club, or at least one who will pay them better.
    Life as a pro. footballer is relatively short.
    But to question whether Pardew is in any way or form, as good as Hiddink is laughable, as a matter of fact i would take just about any manager in the EPL before him.
    I mean what happened during he second half last night and how did he deal with it, he did nothing, did’nt know what to do, same story most games and why Ashley who is not a stupid man, puts up with it, belies belief.
    By now it should be obvious to even the most recen of fans, the Empror has no clothes.

  5. Con the NUFC sidelinehuck says:
    February 22, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    “Paul on the left coast”

    Chuck the huck, why did you make this comment on the same thread as Paul’s comment?

  6. Well guys the victory yesterday was very bittersweet for me. I’m glad we advanced, but I was going to go to the game against Stoke on March 9th, which is now two days after the first leg of the Anzhi tie. With this in mind they will most likely move the game to the next day. If this is the case, I will most likely no longer be able to attend my first ever game at SJP, as due to various scheduling conflicts while I’m in the Uk.

    Glad we won, but learned this morning about my situation. Gutted.

    Here’s hoping the Prem Lge screws us and keeps the game on Saturday lol.

  7. Con the NUFC sidelinehuck says:
    February 22, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    “I mean what happened during he second half last night and how did he deal with it, he did nothing, did’nt know what to do”

    Chuck, that was part of the usual Pardew masterplan. He felt that he’d done enough after the Shola penalty with Kharkiv then having to score two goals, hence he went into his usual defensive mode. However these defensive modes of his usually seem to end up being somewhat counterproductive, with the Newcastle goal actually ending up under more pressure than it was before his changes. Thankfully for Pardew though, Krul was on very good form last night.

    Hoosiertoon, sorry to read that you’ll probably miss the Stoke game now.

  8. Worky and Chuck, your main answer then to my question, so it seems, is Pardew’s lack of tactical nous is what makes him incompetent as the manager of NUFC, with or without a decent squad of players.

  9. Paul
    Yes thats what i ment,i cant speak for others.
    Though we have the makings of a good side, as long as we have Pardew (not so sure if i should include our coaches)as the tactician, we are going no-where.
    That’s another story, coaching.
    As there are problems that continue.
    Poor results from setpieces (same plan,Cabaye sends it to the same spot, thats it, no variation)
    Too much reliance on only the strikers to score.
    Also the fast break needs work, now we have a bit of pace.
    Bringing the ball out of our own end is tough because we cant string five passes to-gether.
    Failure to find a way to break sides down when attacking.
    All of these things need practice, with variations,the average fan can predict whats going to happen next when we are in possession, never mind our opponents.
    Yes we are a predictable side and it only takes a half before the oppositions coach has it sussed, changes his game plan and we are back to hoofing it upfield as we resort to our normal second half plan “B”.
    Hoofball, which is described by Pardew in diffent glowing terms, like well… have all heard them I guess and know them better than i do.
    Hey, whadda you gonna do ?

    I watched the game between Pool and Zenit, following the Newcastle game, like night and day.
    None of the cheap shots and diving and slowing the game down.
    It was a fasr free flowing game of mostly crisp one or two touch passes, one of the most entertaining games i watched all season.
    It left me a bit dejected knowing as long as this crowd we have directing football are still here, we will never play like either of those two sides and i just wish Ashley would cop on to that.

  10. Chuck, you make several good points which are hard to dispute. I also watched some of the ‘Pool/Zenit match and it did have a lot going for it. Maybe Derek is following this thread…

  11. Chuck says:
    February 22, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    “Yes we are a predictable side and it only takes a half before the oppositions coach has it sussed, changes his game plan and we are back to hoofing it upfield as we resort to our normal second half plan “B”.”

    Chuck, if we go a goal or two ahead, Pardew often does it himself and the opposing manager doesn’t have to “suss him out.” Off go the goalscorers, more defensive players come on, we get battered, the opposition equalises / wins / or occaisionally, Krul plays like he’s “Billy the Fish” and/or the defenders do a sterling job and hold on somehow.

    There are several examples but perhaps the best one, the textbook example, was the last Reading game.

  12. Well obviously you get my point, as far as how i rate our present manager.
    Just let us see how we do against a decent S’ampton. side,
    With a new manager , who is attracting attention to the degree Workys guy at Swansea got on his arrival.
    Who by the way is being talked as a possible replacement for the great one at RM.
    The Southampton game (a side who beat us earlier in the season) should prove to be something of a guage as to where we are at.
    If they beat us, i’m sure Pardew will claim we were tired from our flight etc….
    The guy never runs out of excuses.
    If we win, watch the game and make your own judgements.
    Hell! hopefully our coaches are doing their job and have the new guys integrated and there’s at least a plan.
    Listen we are still in sixteenth place, last time i looked and relegation is not impossible.
    So lets not get involded in any euphoria about Thursday nights win.
    It’s gonna be tough to advance at this stage of the competition and IMO this is as far as we will get.
    Our real goal is survival, as the big bucks start next season, something more than silverware.

  13. Workey
    If you go back in the recent archives, i begged the question, why were we parking the bus with two center forwards, for all intents and purposes, just hanging about in the oppositions half, when everyone was defending.
    Yeah ! appears to me, that replacing those up front for those that can defend, when leading, sounds logical under the circumstances.
    But to then send out an adittional, striker under those circumstances, defies logic.
    But hell, Pardew is an EPL manager who supposedly knows what he’s doing, but i just dont get it ?

  14. Agreed Chuck that Southampton will be something of a gauge. although with Pardew’s caveats as you are saying if we loose. The point being that we shouldn’t loose. We should win. I think Pardew knows that from here on in, its performances that count, not the rhetoric, come BS. As you also say, Ashley is nobody’s fool. He’s played his part, he will be expecting Pardew to play his. The roulette wheel has been spun; the stakes mount.

  15. A Southampton blogger’s view of Pardew’s tactics written in the run up to our game tomorrow:

    “Not only did Adkins achieve better results, he also did it in style with a team who liked to pass the ball. Under Pardew the style of football was alright, but nothing special. It was usually quite direct and relied heavily on long balls towards Lambert, although to call it ‘long ball’ football would be doing it a disservice. Compared to what we’ve seen under Adkins, Pochettino and even Jan Poortvliet it was not too appealing.”

    I don’t like the look of this Pochettino gadgie at all. He presses the opposition relentlessly and keeps teams pinned back in their own half, which isn’t what we want. He even did it with Man City when he beat them 3-1. Manchester United just beat Southampton but purple nose remarked that they were the best and the toughest team he’d played all season. They look a bit like Athletic Club did when they knocked Manchester United out of the Europa League.

  16. I,m not aware of the politics that resulted in Atkins being fired, possibly result associated.
    But i thought he played an attractive style of football and thought it could have been a poisoned chalice for the newly arriving and relatively unknown Pochettino.
    As it turns out someone had done their homework, as he has proven to be a decent manager, who has turned the side into a tough nut to crack.
    Looking forward to to-morrows game, as i previously stated, should be a guage of exactly how good we are.
    By that i’m not talking about the players as individuals, we all know we have some exceptional players in the side and finally have almost the full squad to choose from.
    It’s about how they play to-gether as a team.
    Looking at sides like Swansea, Southampton, Liverpool, West Brom, etc, we have seen new managers stamp their brand of football on the sides, not everyone, playing the same style or using the same tactical approach.
    But being able to improve the sides, though some are still works in progress due to playing a more complicated game, but improving.
    It’s also a pleasure to watch some of these sides as they play an attractive modern style, some using what could be called innovative tactics, which may or may not prove successful, but at least they are not afraid to experiment.
    When one compares this with what we have it’s a bit depressing.
    Sure Ashley went out and bought a few decent players, which was in his own self interest, the club having slid down into the danger zone, with the EPL financial bonanza about to begin next season.
    It would be a financial disaster if we were to be relegated.
    In which case he acted in his best interest, or so he thought.
    Other sides, looked at it from a different prospective, believing a good manager was most important, but i guess Ashley does’nt want to cede any authority to anyone.
    Ah well, lets see who’s right?

  17. Now we have an almost complete squad to choose from and this is an important game (well from now on they are all important) here’s my pick.

    Ben Arfa___________Cisse__________Gougffran

    Though i’m sure many would disagree, leaving Jonas out and Collo on the bench (hey he probably needs a break.
    Some may disagree with the possibility of Bigi, getting on, why not he deserves it by his recent performances and may soon even eclipse Tiote.
    Haidara had a decent game against Metalica.
    Plus Marveaux can relieve on either wing.
    But i’m sure Jonas and Collo will start, but it would’nt hurt to rest them now that we can.

  18. Chuck: you made some good points as you mostly do when you lay off the argumentative tone. From what Pardew has said, Ben Arfa will be lucky to even make the bench as he has only had a week back in Newcastle. Who knows, it could be a bluff. We are allowed 7 subs which means there should be room for Jonas and Anita. I also think Shola will be ahead of Bigi for a spot on the bench.

  19. chuck says:
    February 23, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    “I,m not aware of the politics that resulted in Atkins being fired, possibly result associated.
    But i thought he played an attractive style of football and thought it could have been a poisoned chalice for the newly arriving and relatively unknown Pochettino.”

    Chuck, I was a bit nonplussed when they sacked Atkins just when he seemed to be coming good in the Premiership with a side which is very finacially restricted, but I can see what they were thinking very clearly now.

    Pochettino’s record at at Espanyol doesn’t look incredibly spectacular on the surface, however if you study the context, along with the fact that it was his first ever job as a head coach it was actually quite remarkable. Most of all though, you just have to look at his football to know that he’s going to be a truly outstanding coach. I would have rather had him than all of our January signings put together.

  20. Should we be seeing them tossers with trumpets from the England games playing “The Great Escape” for Wigan again. I hope not as it will make it harder for us. What i will say is that with this squad if we are in any danger with 5 games to go, then I would hire Martinez to sabotage Wigan and spite their owner.

  21. GS says:
    February 23, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    “Should we be seeing them tossers with trumpets from the England games”

    That’s what they should call themselves GS, “tossers with trumpets.” It’s catchy and very accurate too. At least they’re not as bad as the fans in South Africa with those zulu vulva things though.

  22. whats the latest on Krul? last i heard he was ganna have another scan on im doubting he will be playing 2mrw..
    its a must win game asweel as we both have the same points.afew results went wor way 2day but a couple didnt…1things for sure..its not ganna be an easy 90mins for the lads the morn.that argie Poncetta has them playing well n can give ANYONE a run4there money atm..

  23. Jack, all I keep seeing is five weeks out for the flying Dutchman.

    As for Pochettino, his methods are very demanding so things can take a while to settle in. That certainly didn’t seem to be the case against Man City though! Hopefully they’ll have their erratic phase tomorrow.

  24. 5fkin weeks!!! just as he was finding abit ov form aswell.
    they seem to be settling all2well worky.the 2 Manchester games prove that.BUT hopefully Sissoko can give them some problems wiv his size,strength etc.either way its a must win game.we should be feeling confident coming off that result against Metalist.

  25. Just watched a re-run of the Barca. vs. AC Milan game.
    It was both an interesting and entertaining game to watch.
    A younger AC this year, coming out ahead as i’m sure everyone is aware of, with both goals coming from two ex Brummy players from Arry’s time, Prince Boatang and Sully Muntari.
    Interesting in how AC played, a highly disciplined zonal defence, rather than man to man and it worked.
    In the second half they changed it to a very high line up front, killing time and making it difficult for Barca to bring the ball forward.
    Of course easy to say, but you dont bottle up such a side for long.
    But Barca could’nt afford to press everyone forward, being AC’s game was to score on the fast break.
    Resulting in barca’s chances which were few and far between, in either period.
    Something to be said for the tactical nous of Milans Allegri.
    Yes they now have to go to the Nou Camp, but Barca needs at least three goals to win.
    Not an easy task and could open the way for a number of sides if Barca are eliminated.

  26. To-morrows game?
    There are no gimmees, anymore, with each owner looking longingly at the riches of the EPL to come next season.
    With those eliminated, facing a tough way back, and posibly (at least in our case) a monetary debacle.
    What would Ashley do if we had a repeat of three seasons ago ?
    In which case it’s down to the man with the eight year contract, to make sure it does’nt happen.
    Hey! he has the horses, just gotta produce the right kind of football, but as Worky said, he would have traded all five recruits for a decent young manager like Potchetinno.
    Not exactly a vote of confidence.

  27. chuck says:
    February 23, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    “but as Worky said, he would have traded all five recruits for a decent young manager like Potchetinno.”

    Chuck, I didn’t write that just because I think he is “decent” I think he’s going to be a bit better than that, and his football is breathtaking to watch sometimes.