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In the latest development in NUFC Blog’s inexorable rise to world domination, we are now the official NUFC bloggers for, the free newspaper much read by tube and train travellers down in that London.

I will posting stories on there which will not available on here so keep checking it out and don’t forget to leave a comment and say hello! The first one is about Newcastle United’s January transfer window, and in it I look at a few players I have been observing who the Magpies should be pursuing, but who have been missed in by usual Toon gossip and speculation mongers. Other stories will be updated around once a week hopefully.

You can find the main page by following the link below, so don’t forget to save it in your favourites. I will also be putting a link to it in the sidebar of this site too.

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16 Responses

  1. Good one Worky.To early for the Colo news I suppose, so thats another CD we need.There never seems to be an end to it at good old Newcastle.Never mind as Pardew says every window we are working around the clock to get signings through the door.Their productivity for 24 hour shifts is “bloody rank”

  2. Nutmag says:
    January 11, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    “Good one Worky.To early for the Colo news I suppose”


    I don’t write stuff just because others are writing about it Nutmag. ;-)

    Let’s just wait wait and see.

  3. Brilliant news worky, though I knew already cause you told us! I read your transfer window story on there and looked up some of those players you mentioned in it. That Bony fella defintely seems worth a go looking at his figures. The others look good as well but whoever Ashley goes for he’ll probably blow the deal over 50p and lose tens of millions getting relegated instead. what a clown he is

  4. Good for you Worky, you deserve a wider audience than us layabouts on here.

    It is a pity the news is all bad. Your readers will be able to see the slow motion train wreck that is NUFC.

    One thing I don’t get is why Coloccini just doesn’t move his family to Spain. It would be easy to adapt and they could visit every few weeks. When you think of the troops going to fight in those 2 crazy wars I can’t have much sympathy with football players complaining. They have the means to easily sort out the problem and in Coloccini’s case it would only be for a few years. He could even move his mother-in-law.

    You might counter that these kids signing up for the Army know what they are getting into but I don’t think they do.

  5. GS says:
    January 11, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    “Good for you Worky, you deserve a wider audience than us layabouts on here.”

    There are more people on here than you think GS. I think most of them are just avoiding Chuck though. :-)

  6. toontony says:
    January 11, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    “Brilliant news worky, though I knew already cause you told us! ”

    Cheers Tony, aye, I did. As for the rest, I’m trying to be optimistic. Let’s wait and see what happens.

  7. Workie
    Hey, i’m gonna keep your feet on the ground, even though you are now contributing to that major news outlet.
    Not only that, but appears you have morphed into our new “Toon Tony” (think that was his name) i’m sure you remember,the guy who reccomended we sign some of the remotest clubs players, most of whom i have never heard of since.
    He was on Ed’s Blog in the early days.
    Anyway your, “France is so yesterday” ?
    Spain is where it’s happening?
    Has anyone informed Carr, he’s looking in the wrong country?
    Erm ! do we have to look at the stock exchanges to figure out where we should recruit nowadays ?
    I already wrote an article on that, both Brasil and the area surrounding the Rio Plata, are the richest recruiting grounds.
    Of course most EPL sides wait until players from the area are recruited, by continental sides and Russia, then pay over the top prices for them.
    My suggestion was to set up a scouting system, perhaps use Nobby, who knows his way around the area, how much could it cost?
    But then what the fcuk do i know.

  8. GS
    Since both the UK & US went from the traditional citizens army consisting of draftees (national servicemen)no one has any bitch about where they fight.
    Sure the poor will then do the fighting to protect the wealth of the rich.
    And the middle class mothers and fathers can rest assured their kids wont be placed in harms way.
    Viet Nam, did it for us, an unpopular war with GI’s fragging their officers, that and the anti war movement at home.
    The Iraq war was fought by regulars, who volunteered and as long as the draft was not reinstated, no one gave a rats ass.
    Hey as long as my kid does’nt have to go!
    I was a draftee and spent two years on active duty
    (Mostly drinking rum in Barbados and smoking weed in Panama) nevertheless, could have been sent to Nam , had i been younger.
    Though i did’nt particularly like being in the armed forces, it was an experience that i will never forget.
    And i believe the elimination of national service, and the creation of a professional army was a bad idea, why?
    It was both the perential and draftees objection to unjust wars, that either prevented them, or gave the government pause to consider whether they should get involved.
    Not so with to-days regular army’s, hell they are dispensable.

  9. Do San Lorenza have any players we could take in an exchange deal, as they are supposedly strapped for cash?

    Will have a look at the Metro thingy later, but have some the missus’s relatives staying so can’t take too much time out for blogging etc.

    That young Bradford kid looks like one for the future, fast as a whippet with great energy and skill. Probably end up at Arsenal!

  10. well done worky, hopefully we can get are more balanced view of all things newcastle united, instead of the bias and misinformation.

    i just looked on sky’s website, i hope that story about newcastle trying to get jeremy alliadiere, is rubbish.
    if there is any shread of truth to that, then any faith the fans have left in the unholy trinity, must be misplaced at best.
    this kid couldn’t hit a mule with a banjo, and that’s being kind to him, plus he’s 29, but i wouldn’t put it past the knackers running the circus.

  11. Well done worky, wish more sports journalism was as researched & clearly written as what you’ve given us over the years. I hope you’ll keep the blog up. Looking forward to today game if only to see how Debuchy settles. On a separate note are you surprised by the poll results?

  12. Thanks Sammy!

    If you mean the Pardew poll opposite, it’s roughly in the same general area as the same one in the Chronic’s “Big Toon survey” or whatever it was called. Nothing surprises me nowadays! ;-)

  13. It’s tricky supporting the side at the moment. Clearly we all want things to cone good but many cannot see it happening under the current regime. Some have said they’d be happy for us to loose today and while I can’t count myself among them you can see how they have become so exasperated. I would love to see a proper performance & hope whatever issues Colo is having improve & once they do I’m sure his performances will reflect this it would be completely unacceptable should the window close without us signing a CB but I’m not expecting one! What’s the general view in Anita it us it too early to judge?