Norwich City vs Newcastle United match highlights and post match interviews

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Highlights from this afternoon’s game between Norwich City and Newcastle United at Carrow Road.

As usual, I shall be posting better ones, along with post match interviews and a full match video when they become available.

Post match interviews

Alan Pardew was glad to see an improved performance now a few of his big guns are back. Was he watching another Newcastle United game in a parallel universe perhaps? He also makes a comment on the great Captain Colo mystery.

Chris Hughton thinks his Canaries could have snatched a victory if their final balls had been better.

Goals and goalscorers.

Norwich City 0, Newcastle United 0.

Teams / Match facts.

Norwich City (4-5-1): Mark Bunn (G), Russell Martin (C), Sebastien Bassong, Michael Turner, Javier Garrido, Anthony Pilkington, Bradley Johnson, Alexander Tettey, Robert Snodgrass (Elliot Bennett 77), Wes Hoolahan, Simeon Jackson (Grant Holt 68).

Subs: Declan Rudd, Leon Barnett, Ryan Bennett, David Fox, Elliott Bennett, Harry Kane, Grant Holt.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G), Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, James Perch, Vurnon Anita (Gael Bigirimana 84), Gabriel Obertan (Yohan Cabaye 57), Sylvain Marveaux, Jonas Gutierrez, Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Steve Harper (G), James Tavernier, Gael Bigirimana, Yohan Cabaye, Romain Amalfitano, Sammy Ameobi, Nile Ranger.

Yellow cards: Mathieu Debuchy (84).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Anthony Taylor.

Attendance: 26,752.


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58 Responses

  1. Was it tough to find a highlight ?
    With games like this, why not do the reverse and show some of the screwups, would perhaps make it easier, though you would possible be stuck for choices.

  2. chuck says:
    January 12, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    “Was it tough to find a highlight ?”

    I had to be pretty nifty to get around the obstacles to embedding it on this site, but of course that isn’t what you meant.

    Newcastle United always seem to be last highlights to go up nowadays, and if any get missed out it’s Toon unless we’re playing a big team like Chelsea, Man U etc… It’s a bit like how they always show the most boring games on last on “Match of the Day.”

  3. Well if Pardwho had a fluky season, did Clueless Chris have half a season? Without the route one strikers they had nowt and couldn’t even take a corner today. ;)

  4. It’s all rather grim really. A successful side needs a few characters and we seem woefully short of them, especially when the skipper is out of sorts for whatever reason.

  5. Paul in Hollywood says:
    January 12, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    “It’s all rather grim really.”

    What make me grim is looking back at Pardew’s times at West Ham and Charlton. Once he gets into a funk, whether it’s during one game or over a whole season, he just can’t seem to do anything to stop it, and makes bizarre decisions which can make things worse. He spoke in his interview as if everything was fine again now that some of the purple gang were back and we’d just beaten Norwich 3-0.

  6. San Lorenzo president Matías Lammens has rather arrogantly set Coloccini and Newcastle a deadline of this week to complete a transfer that is clearly financially beyond the Buenos Aires club.

    Lammens admits the only way San Lorenzo can do a deal is if Coloccini can “rescind” his Toon contract which has three years to run. any1 think newcastle should report these to fifa,

  7. so all we got to do is get the players we want to rescind” his contract and we could get all out players for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol bet fifa soon have something to say about that lmao

    January 12, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    “San Lorenzo president Matías Lammens has rather arrogantly set Coloccini and Newcastle a deadline of this week to complete a transfer that is clearly financially beyond the Buenos Aires club.”

    It reminded me of that Kirschner woman going on about the Falklands again when I read it. Hands off Captain Curly!

  9. It’s about time to give Los Malvinas back to Argentina.
    But lets hang on to Collo.
    Jonas i dont care about, perhaps he can be part of the Malvinas deal.
    From recent media reports Remy is rumored to be on his way for ten million.
    And we are to get Tomkins, who’s asking price is around ten million also (which is a crazy price for someone like him) and obviously they wont get it, but there’s a possible chance of a part player exchange, with Simpson ?
    I would imagine prices for young UK players may go through the roof, due to the upcoming changes in the number of non UK players allowed on the roster.
    Ed has stated Ashley has allocated funds for ten signings, between both windows this and the summer window.
    If you believe that i got this great bridge for sale in Brooklyn, going cheap.
    With top management also acknowledging there is a lack of talent in depth, perhaps there actually may be some numbers coming through the door.
    But names like Bong and Tomkins dont do much for me.
    Douglas, Sissoko, sure!
    As for outgoing, Williamson, Perch, Amalfitano, Raylor, Gosling, with possibly Jonas and Obertan.
    WE may even Abeid and the rest of the young but not good enough players in their twenties.

  10. Pardew’s in a tail spin and leaving Mike and Derek to finish up their beers just when Mike thought he was on a winning streak. If Mike wants to be successful, he needs to hire a manager who is to football management what Mike is to retail shopping. Only then can he be left alone at the roulette wheel.

  11. COLO!
    He’s going nowhere, he just signed a massive multi million dollar deal and believe it he aint gonna give that up, as its probably the best deal available at his age, not to mention more than likely, his last one.

    Most Argentino football players, cant wait to get to Europe, simply because the get paid there, there’s no money in Argetine Football.

  12. Paul on the left coast

    He has to get both a REAL GM and a REAL MANAGER and let them do their jobs.
    He’s been stumbling around for five years now going from crisis to crisis, simply because he has no one to explain the facts of football to him.
    And did’nt want anyone, because he thinks he knows it all.

  13. I grant you that Chuck, but Mike’s gonna swing his axe at Pardew first before, with a real steely glint in his eye, he’s gonna swing at Derek who hired the incompetent fellow in the first place. Something like “Showdown at the Casino!”

  14. i saw his inteview last night, and to be honest, he more or less said everything you thought he would say.
    if nothing else he is predictable, and you could set a watch by him.
    it was typical pardew in fantasy land stuff, where everything is a okay, and his team were faultless, despite the fact that every pundit, newspaper article, expert, man and his dog, took the game for utterly poor bore fest, that it was.
    i knew he would praise the clean sheet, and say it was something to build on, this is without a shadow of a doubt, the par for the course alan pardew, eventual meltdown, where ever he has been syndrome.

    i aslo found it amusing the way he thinks the collicini situation, can be sorted out, with a bit of a chat lol.
    i hope this doesn’t entail derek llambias applying his own unique brand of charm, and making a delicate situation, a whole lot worse.
    by his own admission, “derek you dont know who horrible, i can be llambias”, will no doubt issue some petty threats, to collicini, which may have the bloke jumping on a plane, to the land of corned beef, or try and give him a slap.

    i’m no expert in contractual law, and if he just upped and did a runner, he would be in breach of contract.
    what i have seen though is some australian players in rugby league, having their contracts terminated, on compassionate grounds.
    i’m supposing there must be something in there to protect anyone entering into a contract, for extenuating circumstances, against personal or family problems, bereavements, and crisis.
    it does seem know that his wife has health problems, and has flown back home, so i doubt whether a chat with mr deluded, will take precedence over his family.

  15. Given the UKs relationship with Argentina, if he was just to up and off, what punishment would their FA sanction against him?

  16. Joe Hawkins: wasn’t there a very similar situation with Tevez going AWOL after a bust up but also stating family reasons. How was that resolved? He’s still at City so it shows players don’t always get their own way.

    Also, Worky or anyone. Is Remy any good? I will have a look at YouTube BUT THEY HAD A GREAT REEL FOR ALBERT LUQUE, SO I AM NOT SURE IF I THRUST THOSE FANBOY COMPILATIONS.

  17. gs, i’m not saying one way or the other in favour or against the situation.
    your right about the tevez situation, but there must not have been enough grounds for something to happen.
    in the case of collicini, if his wife is genuinely ill, i’m asking the question of whether, under special circumstances like that, could a contract be terminated, if there was genuine evidence to back up the claim?
    surely the person or persons holding someone to a contract, would look heartless, if someones family member was gravely ill, and they wouldn’t let them go, to be by their side.
    i doubt whether there would be a court anywhere, who would stand by that, imo.

  18. it’s a long time since i did french, but the gist of it for me, was along the lines of, newcastle have made a concrete approach, and there is just the matter of the small details, to be finalised.
    if joey barton is saying it’s more or less in the bag, i would be inclined to believe him, unless some has hijacked his account.

  19. GS says:
    January 13, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    “Also, Worky or anyone. Is Remy any good?”

    Perhaps, but not this season. He’s scored 3 goals in 23 appearences, and only 1 in 14 in Ligue 1.

    Whatever his qualities, he’s going to have to hit the ground running, and Debuchy too as he was shite yesterday. He was like a bull in a China shop and much too late in the tackle.

    I still say Wilfried Bony from Vitesse Arnhem for the situation we’re in ATM.

  20. joe hawkins says:
    January 13, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    “it’s a long time since i did french, but the gist of it for me, was along the lines of, newcastle have made a concrete approach, and there is just the matter of the small details, to be finalised.”

    Joe, I’ve just done a story on what the Marseilles president told French radio about it and what Joey Barton had to say about the situation on his Twitta.

  21. @joe

    …also, do we really want and unhappy, unfocussed player at centre half in the middle of a relegation fight?

    as far as i’m concerned, colo has shown himself to be a good pro and i doubt that his request would be frivolous. the recent contract is largely irrelevant, circumstances change.

  22. Interesting article from Steve Gerrard.

    Basically stating, even in a great cachment area like Liverpool’s, the results of attempting to develope young talent, has proven to be neglibigle.

    Ashleys attempt at doing likewise, has also proven to be for the most part a waste of time and money.

    On saying that, have to admit the early kids brought in were of the middle teen years, where it’s more difficult to judge a youngsters potential.

    That changed, and the players coming in, got a bit older.
    The latest being guys like Amalfitano, the aussie guy etc., whom we have niether heard or seen much of lately.

    Yes it all sounds like a great plan, it’s making it work where the problems arise.

    Niether Man. U. or Arsenal, who’s managers were proponents of this policy, appear to have now given up on it and bring in, only the finished article as they say.

    Of course the plan of buying cheap and selling for a good profit, is part and parcel of Ashleys MO.

    Though he buys cheap and sells cheap, making his money by buying former glamerous brand names, that are now a bit shabby and labeling them on equally shabilly manufactored goods.
    Making money selling cheaply made stuff with a supposedly good brand name, in volume.

    Getting back to NUFC, the present situation of having both an age and salary cap, just wont work, it’s been tried before.

    Caps can only work when imposed by governing bodies, with both Owners, governing (UEFA) and player associations reaching an agreement.

    The precident is in place in the US, with the National Hockey League, who’s players have been on strike for months, have now reached an agreement, where the players, now receive 50% of income and ownership 50%, the players dropping from a 57% former cut.

    Thats only a very rough picture, with other factors, pension, health etc.

    But getting back again, this silly age cap, with it’s obvious ramifications (sell on profit) may work in the retail business, but a team without a few veterans, or the refusal to buy them is only a ridiculess policy that puts a self imposed restriction on the club.

    I mean with the obvious need for help on the back line and a guy like say Hangeland reaching the end of his contract, whats wrong with buying him for a couple of sesons.

    He’s a guy who could do the job, experienced and proven.
    Hell if Alex Ferguson is interested on a thirty plus Ashley Cole, why not someone similar.

    Yes, running a football club, is perhaps a bit more complicated than our owner realized, especially when surrounded by those who are willing to tell him what he wants to hear, and in a couple of cases the people he consuts with know as much or less than he does, the blind leading the blind.
    Ah well, whatta ya gonna do ?

  23. worky, they have an agreement in principle, i hope deadly dekka doesn’t start trying to shift the goal posts.

  24. chuck, that’s the problem with britain now, in the 80’s you would see kids kicking the ball around the school fields, from morning till night.
    nowadays you will find them behind the school buildings, rolling joints and having buckets.
    in liverpool they are more likely to be lying around with a needle sticking out of their arms.
    hence not much talent coming through, as the young’uns want everything quick, and dont want to work for it.
    the whole mentality has changed to what it used to be, no pride in the community, or community spirit anymore, thatcher took care of that.

  25. joe hawkins says:
    January 13, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    “worky, they have an agreement in principle,”

    Aye, I know that Joe, I wrote a story on it!

    I want Wilf Bony like I wanted Cisse when everyone else was saying we were getting Maiga. I’m hoping the same thing happens this time.

    If Remy eventually comes good again, it might look like a very wise investment on the balance sheet. But if his current lack of form continues, Cisse’s scoring doesn’t pick up either and the unmentionable happens, all of them will look like shite investments.

    As I’ve said earlier, we don’t need Mr.Right, we need Mr.Right now!

  26. joe hawkins says:
    January 13, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    “nowadays you will find them behind the school buildings, rolling joints and having buckets.”

    Well that’s what I used to do Joe.

  27. worky, i’m no angel myself, i’ve been a herbologist and a trustee of modern chemistry, from time to time.
    i just think the youth put most of their energy into those pursuits, on a fulltime basis, and we are not as sporty as we used to be, in terms of wanting to take sport up, as a career.

  28. DarthBroon says:
    January 13, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    “Is there nothing that this obnoxious clunge doesn’t have an opinion on?”

    Darth, I don’t think he’d last very long if he lept saying ‘It’s about time to give Los Malvinas back to Argentina.’ in Stanley (the one in the Falklands, not the one in Durham).

  29. it’s like that divvy jeremy kyle talking about cannabis making you impotent.
    that’s crap, every drug dealer’s house i’ve been to, they’ve got loads of kids.
    another phenomenon of drug dealers houses, why is it, that they never have carpets, and just bare floorboards?
    i’ve often pondered on this oddity…

  30. joe hawkins says:
    January 13, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    “worky, them buckets not half do yer chest in, after a while lol.”

    It used to be “hot knives” back in my day Joe. Ditto.

  31. worky

    I think upchuck’d get just as big a kicking in Stanley, Co. Durham.

    They don’t take to folks who can’t get the gender of the Spanish definite article right ;-)

  32. :lol: Aye Darth. I just noticed he’d put LOS Malvinas, not LAS Malvinas when you pointed it out. That’s Chuck though, trying to pontificate on a place he doesn’t even know the name of in a language he doesn’t understand.

  33. worky, it takes a lot of precision to execute the perfect hot knife, as i was shown one night, by a kid who removed the bottom of a glass bottle skillfully, without damaging it too much.
    when a certain substance is pressed onto the glass, it works a treat, if you get it right, them were the days.

  34. It appears that most UK subjects are convinced that the UK has a better claim to the archipelago located on the
    Patagonian (Argentinian) continental shelf.
    Known as either Los Islas de Malvinas or the Falkland Islands.
    Being it is located on the continental shelf of one claimant and over nine thousand miles from the other, with occupation by both during it’s history, beside being occupied, by other European nations.
    Though for the most part unoccupied through many periods in it’s history.
    Any occupation by Spain or Argentina was followed by an immediate expulsion by British Armed forces, though they showed little interest in settling them themselves.
    Had not the Argentino generals decided to invade and occupy the islands, (possibly to create a better political base for the Military dictatorship)
    Those same islands could to-day, through negotiations, be jointly guvorned by both countries.
    Instead of being a bone of contention, between former friends ending a continuous period of good relations stretching back to Argentine emergence as an independent nation.
    The Island is a drain on the UK economy and apart from a few bales of wool and possibly a few fish, contributes little or nothing to the UK.
    It’s natural trading partner is Argentina, which is nearby, also the closest transportation hub available,
    and should be it’s natural partner.
    It’s a shame almost as many Argentine and British Armed forces members died in combat (to protect a continuous intransigent Falkland population) who number a mere three thousand plus.
    An odd fact is, there were almost as many subsiquent suicides (literall over a thousand) by ex soldiers of both sides in the years that followed.
    So now the natives (if you can call them that) prefer to live on subsidies from the UK, and depend on an expensive military garrison to protect them, as do those other British dependencies, that cling to the former empire, Gibralter, Ascention Island, St. Helena and other dots on the globe.
    Not sure about the subsidies paid to these but Norn Iron is costing the treasury an arm and a leg, with over thirty percent of the work force working for the public sector, plus the upkeep of twelve thousand squaddies, drinking guinness for the most part.
    Could be worse, actually Following Scotland Norn Iron and the North West Comes the North East, Subsidised, with a per capita eight thousand quid plus amount, not bad if you can get it, helps pay for that season ticket I suppose.
    No everything is not exactly how it’s fed to the public.

  35. Dark brown and workie ticket

    Kind of a neanderthall reaction to my comment on what you call the Falklands.
    Give him a right kicking like.
    For what ?

  36. Good old Chuck.

    The ONE SINGLE American in the entire world that doesn’t think that The Falkland Islands are alternatively known as The Maldives.

    And he’s written an essay to prove it.

    This is a football blog, seppo. Try and remember that.

  37. Yes DARK I,m aware it’s a footie blog, but sometimes it becomes a bit boring, much like yourself.

  38. chuck @52

    “Yes DARK I,m aware it’s a footie blog, but sometimes it becomes a bit boring, much like yourself.”

    You could improve things by unplugging your keyboard. Maybe just folding your arms for a good long while.

    I don’t think anyone’s interested in your daft essays.

  39. i’d be amazed if many people from stanley (co. durham) could find the falklands on a map… or google for that matter.

    lighten up lads. and by lighten up i mean in the way worky and joe were discussing.

    cockney mafia out!

  40. Dark Brown

    Your moniker sounds a bit like the Star Wars guy Darth Vader, is that actually your first name ?
    You may be surprised to know i seldom if ever use Google, i find of it as a bit insidious and invasive, so i just use, avoiding it.
    Probably much the same information available.

  41. Actually
    I only did the Falkland essay, to get up Workeys nose, he’s so easy to play.
    He knows that and can take care of himself.
    And yes i’m afraid i do get a bit bored as there are just so much one can repeat about NUFC.
    If anyone is offended, get over it and grow up.
    After all i dont force anyone to read my rants.

  42. chuck says:
    January 14, 2013 at 12:58 am

    I only did the Falkland essay, to get up Workeys nose,”

    Well it was a wasted effort Chuck because I didn’t read it.