Newcastle United vs Reading full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Newcastle United v Reading full match video.

Newcastle United v Reading full match video (opens in new window). For better quality, try clicking on the “HD” button on the screen.

Extended highlights.

Highlights of this afternoon’s game between Newcastle United and Reading at St James’ Park.

Post match interviews.

Pardew blames pressure, lack of players and the negativity of fans in the second half for defeat.

Brian McDermott doesn’t know how he’s going to get home apparently.

Score and goalscorers.

Newcastle United 1 (Cabaye 35), Reading 2 (Le Fondre 71, 77).

Teams and match facts.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G), Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, Vurnon Anita (Gabriel Obertan 80), Yohan Cabaye (Gael Bigirimana 74), Shola Ameobi, Sylvain Marveaux (James Perch 64), Jonas Gutierrez, Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Perch, Steven Taylor, Gael Bigirimana, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Nile Ranger.

Reading (4-2-3-1): Adam Federici (G), Stephen Kelly, Alex Pearce, Adrian Mariappa, Ian Harte, Mikele Leigertwood, Danny Guthrie (Adam Le Fondre 70), Jobi McAnuff (C), Garath McCleary (Hope Akpan 64), Jimmy Kebe, Pavel Pogrebnyak.

Substitutes: Stuart Taylor (G), Chris Gunter, Sean Morrison, Hope Akpan, Jem Karacan, Adam Le Fondre, Noel Hunt.

Yellow cards: Mike Williamson (56), Danny Guthrie (65), Stephen Kelly (67), Mathieu Debuchy (79), Fabricio Coloccini (90+3), Jimmy Kebe (90+3).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Andre Marriner (West Mids).

Attendance: 49,411.


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105 Responses

  1. Wow!

    Never seen our club so united for such a long time, shame it that we’re all united in thinking that Pardew has to be sacked ASAP.

    Now EVERYBODY wants Pardew to go. I’ve stood by the bloke and gave him the chance I felt he deserved after his achievements last season but yesterday frankly showed he is an awful manager.

    He literally threw that game away with his subs and to put some of the blame on to fans was just pathetic.

    We play terrible football with no plan B at all if things go wrong and now I, like everybody else it seems, has just had enough of it.

    I just really hope we can get a goof manager to replace him with and not a Curbishly/Hughes/Kean type.

    Now that would really upset me. :(

    Bloody Newcastle. Never a dull moment is there?

  2. goof=good. Dear me, I hope Ashley doesn’t make the same mistake. :)

    Maybe thats how we ended up with Pardew in the 1st place? :D

  3. Don’t like being the doom-monger but does anyone get the impression it’s gonna get a lot worse before we see an improvement.

    ff’s sake man….,back to the championship we go.

  4. Geordiedan says:
    January 20, 2013 at 10:44 am

    “I just really hope we can get a goof manager to replace him with and not a Curbishly/Hughes/Kean type.”

    Curbishley did an magnificent job of sorting out the mess Pardew left at West Ham Geordiedan. I only hope we can find someone who can do as good a job as he did there.

  5. Worky>

    Fair enough but I wouldn’t want Curbishly here long-term Worky.

    Any new manager coming in usually gives the team a boost as it will have done for Curbishly at Westham (and did for NUFC when Pardew came here as tbh).

    I want a manager who is genuine quality but under Ashley’s budget that’s just not going to happen is it? :(

  6. On another seperate note Pardew did say this yesterday:

    “We need two or three more players in this group and hopefully we can get them over the line before we go to Villa.”

    We play Villa in 2 days time. Does he seriously think we are going to sign 2-3 players in 48 hours and have them eligible to play at Villa?

    It takes this board 6 months to get 1 signing over the line. I think Pardew has literally cracked under the pressure lately.

  7. Geordiedan says:
    January 20, 2013 at 11:25 am


    Fair enough but I wouldn’t want Curbishly here long-term Worky.”

    Alan Curbishley was a good manager Geordiedan, I don’t know why he didn’t come back after West Ham. His older brother Bill’s a very good manager too, only he does rock bands like the Who rather than football teams.

  8. Each to their own mate. Curbishley was decent enough but I think the time he’s had away from the main stage never seems to help any manager too much. The game changes so quickly these days that older tactics struggle in the Prem.

    Never knew that his brother was the Who’s manager like. Now that’s a decent job.

  9. Bayern Munich’s board have people such as Karl-Heinz Rumminigge, Mattias Sammer, Uli Hoeness and Franz Beckenbauer to choose their managers and several other great clubs are similar too. We have Mike Ashley, Derek Llambias, Lee Charnley and Kath the Tea lady.

    But who are the arrogant ones going around shouting their mouths off that they’ve found a whole new way to run a football club? :-)

  10. Geordiedan says:
    January 20, 2013 at 11:53 am

    “Never knew that his brother was the Who’s manager like. Now that’s a decent job.”

    He manages Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Judas Priest too, as well as running a major music publishing company and he’s into film production. They’re both very talented.

  11. Geordiedan @ 5: it’s actually worse than that. We had a good manager willing to work for the peanuts on offer: Chris Hughton. Dekka ran him off because he wasn’t “horrible” enough.

  12. Gents it is simple. Fat ash is the real problem. Good managers will never be able to do their job under his thumb. You cannot build a Prem team that can compete without a good core of experienced players that get paid the market value and want to stay at the club. Not going to happen under fat ash.

  13. tunyc>

    Couldn’t agree more mate. Hughton’s a great guy and a very good manager.

    Such a pity that the cretins we have in charge didn’t appreciate that.

  14. First of all, yes Pardew is a problem, but the main problem as i see it is Ashley.
    His stubborn attitude, which is reflected in the people he hires.
    His ignorance is only exceeded by his arrogance.
    A new way of successfully operating a PL side, yeah sure Mike.
    As i have often mentioned, his is a slow learning curve.
    How would it be any other way when surrounded by football ignoramuses.
    When he reaches the conclusion he needs help, in a GM and Manager both with track records, then this club will perhaps move in the right direction and have some success.
    Until then, more of the same.
    The decision to not reinforce last summer, attempting to save a buck, will now possibly cost twice as much, however as long as Pardew is still mismanaging, it’s a moot point.

  15. did anyone see that documentary about the behind the scenes, at QPR?
    briatore and co were shown to be a right bunch of meddling nutters, who wouldn’t let the manager do his job.
    so if they were that bad, it probably beggars belief, how mad ashley and co are.
    they should have done a documentary on them, i would loved to have seen that.

    nitoon, your right there, the problem always comes back to ashley, being a crap owner, and some who is akin to an absentee, or slum landlord.
    sadly that’s exactly what he is, and this club can look forward to more misery, under this blokes stewardship.
    the only way to get rid of him is for the fans to stay away, en masse.
    the only language this man understands, is money, plain and simple.
    no other course of action will have him retreating to his ivory tower, than the fear of losing out, on a few bob.
    we need to cut off the head of the snake!

  16. I think I’m right in saying there is still a few die hards clinging to the belief that a couple of signings will save the day.Its not them arriving at the training ground that matters its what happens on that training ground which at the moment seems like very little of any value.Gave up watching matches some time ago but it seems nothing has changed or is likely to while this mob pulls the strings.

  17. GS>
    Cheers mate. ;)

    Mis-read the official page in my hangover/rage from yesterdays game and just saw the Tuesday part. (Note to self: mustn’t drink that much again).

  18. we can bring in as many quality signings as possible, but they would soon have their game ruined by pardew.

  19. Epic Pardew pisstake. :-)

    “I think we need to re-assess this situation a little bit because the scenario isn’t good at this moment in time surrounding this football club. I’ve said before that the fans here are more knowledgeable than they’re given credit for, and when they start booing the players, I think it might be one of those situations just to tell you a bit. You have to learn from that, if I’m an honest. If they’re telling the players they don’t know what they’re doing, you have to take notice of that. I was blaming the Europa League scenario a little bit and the injuries, but I think the fans might have a point sometimes. You have to recognise and accept that.

    “I need to speak to Colo next week or the week after because Colo needs to understand that sometimes you need to say things that hurt a little bit, but you have to stand and be counted like a man and I’m sure he will see that. I won’t be commenting on the Colo situation but I can tell you it has nothing to do with his wife or me or his wife and me. I think one of the problems with this football club, if I’m honest, is that the top continental players find the scenario is too cold here, a little bit, and I think the fans understand that and that will always be a problem for any manager here. We only want to see committed players here, looking at the right mentality, and so we do our homework to make sure of that. We don’t give players big five year contracts, 100%, if we think they mightn’t have the right mentality or can’t play in the cold. But sometimes we might have to rely on those players like Nile and Xisco who have the big five year contracts and the wrong mentality because of the situation that we find ourselves in. The scenario this week with Remy was that I asked him to come up on Tuesday, and the flight was booked, but I had to tell him so that he would know this is a strange city, a little bit, and it is a bit colder and it wasn’t a shock. I have to tell him that. I only come in at the end to tell players this. He didn’t leave his hotel and preferred to stay warm and play FIFA. Sometimes you do the homework and it doesn’t always work but I think the fans understand that scenario a little bit. We did the homework with Colo and he has been fantastic for this club. I don’t know how cold it is in Argentina but the cold here is not a problem for Colo. I must tell the fans that the cold has nothing to do with the Colo scenario.

    “Mike and Derek have done wonders if I’m honest. Three years ago, before I came to this club, if you gave the fans a scenario that we’d have French internationals like Johan and Hattam and Matthieu and Sylvan, and top African players courted by the top clubs, with top young Italian and Dutch talent, they’d have been thanking Mike, 100%. I said I was 100% happy with the squad at the start of the season and anything else would just be the icing on the cake. But the FA Cup made us all think a little bit about that and I think the fans are knowledgeable enough to see that some of these kids might not be ready yet, a little bit, and might need to go out on loan for a year or two. I had to tell them that. I think we might need to do just a bit, possibly two or three new faces in the playing department, so I’ll be asking Mike and Derek to do a bit more if they can on that scenario, and I’m confident about that. Yesterday’s performance has certainly increased the discussion mode on that.

    “I don’t need to tell Mike and Derek because they see it themselves at the games sometimes like yesterday because the pressure can build a little bit in this place on days like that. They are two strong characters who I respect a lot, and sometimes that sort of situation might get to you a bit if I’m honest when they’re sitting right behind you if you’re not strong enough. You might not make the right decisions a little bit. I didn’t want to take two flair players off in that scenario but I took Marv off and then Johann who had already told me at half time he was struggling. You can’t always predict these scenarios. I might have done things differently sometimes and I think Mike and Derek know that. We really only have two strikers at this club. I should have put a striker on at that point to give us extra impetus, but I did not have that option. Shola’s triffic, but he can’t train all week and that might show a little at times and we can’t always rely on him. We don’t play Sunderland every week. I think the fans understand what I mean by that.

    “Nile has said one or two things following the game, criticising the fans, and he wouldn’t be here, like I said a few months back, 100%, and I’ll need to speak to him about that next week or the week after. He was on the bench but I couldn’t use him and the fans will understand that. Same for Steven. He was on the bench but I couldn’t use him. It’s frustrating for a manager when you get a scenario like that. Sometimes you can’t use a player in certain situations because of the scenario that you’re in. I said this week that our game plan that we had last year and the way we played might need to change to just make sure that we continue being a stable Premier League side. Papiss is not doing it for us at this moment in time, if I’m honest, because our midfield has not been strong this season. I think the fans know that but sometimes one or two need to understand that you just need to defend games with some of your flair players at times when you’re at home against teams like Reading, who showed in the first half that they can be dangerous.

    “I will be suggesting to Mike and Derek that they might need to do something else on a Saturday a little bit because sometimes in these scenarios you need time to think about it without added pressures from them. I was looking to John and Steve to help me out in that substitution scenario a little bit, and they are triffic in those situations, but we might need to look at that a little bit. I would never say never again after what happened with big Andy, but John and Steve will be here for eight years with me, definitely 100%, but they might need a little bit of help if I’m honest and I will need to speak to Mike about that. We are not far away from being a very good side.

    “I can stand up to this pressure. I’m used to these scenarios at my previous clubs. I always said that this season might need to be one of consolidation and it is about educating the fans to that scenario. I think ‘m being proved right on that, if I’m honest.”

  20. geordie dan you are a toon fan you need to drink non stop to block the pain, other people may say its wrong I say it is theraputic so cheers mate.

  21. geordie dan I have the answer to all cashleys problems, free bar at the game which opens at 9.00am and then nobody will be able to see the shite on the pitch or remember the result, dont know about everyone else but it works for me and would be marginally cheaper than paying quality players wages.Bring it on.

  22. Have to say the scenario Worky presented is pretty much what we can expect from our Supremo, if i’m honest.

  23. “I’ve said before that the fans here are more knowledgeable than they’re given credit for, and when they start booing the players, I think it might be one of those situations just to tell you a bit. You have to learn from that, if I’m an honest. If they’re telling the players they don’t know what they’re doing, you have to take notice of that.”

    Is that speech actually real. It can’t be where’s it from?

    Err, the players weren’t subject to the booing and ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ chants. That was directed at Pardew.

    Wow he really doesn’t get it, and thinks he’s totally void of anything that’s going wrong :-)

    Though that is if it’s a real transcript from captain bullsh*it. I can’t imagine him chatting about Colo’s wife and denying he touched her :lol:

  24. Jimbob says:
    January 20, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    “Is that speech actually real. It can’t be where’s it from?”

    Nah, it’s got to be a pisstake Jimbob, though it does read like pure Pardew. I saw one on that Vital Football / Newcastle United or whatever it’s called and too. I think I nicked the one above from the vital site.

  25. It’s very good Worky, almost exactly what he’d say and most likely what he’s thinking. I can imagine he’d believe the boos were for the players and not him.

    On reflection I think he’s lying about the Cabaye sub from what he said yesterday. He knew 100% Cabaye would come off after being out so long, which makes the Marveaux sub even more stupid. He was trying to shut up shop on the 64th minute, he had every intention of taking both flair players off. He knew he’d be taking Cabaye off before the end. His plan backfired and he allowed the worst side in the league a route back into the game. He’s been doing these suicidal substitutions all throughout the season. I have zero confidence that he will be able to motivate this team and I don’t trust him to pick the correct players or system for the last 15 games when he hasn’t, or rarely does it throughout the first 23 games.

    It’s probably too late to get rid of him now, he should have gone at least a month ago. The worst part of this mess is that you could see the miss management and tactical incompetence happening as early as the Villa game at home.

  26. 7 games at home, and 8 away including Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal (they’re just the top 8 sides) Doesn’t fill you with confidence knowing we can’t even beat the teams around us as we also have mackems, QPR, Wigan, Villa and Southampton.

    Not good really, I had more confidence in 2009.

    Goes to show though that Ashley’s cracked running a football club with all these fantastic policies. A potential 2 relegations in 4 years. Very well run club these days.

  27. One if the bits of research material I collected when Pardew was announced as manager of Newcastle United. The title should have been “a cautionary tale of what can happen when mediocre MANAGERS get too big for their boots.”

    “The demise of West Ham’s 2006 FA Cup final team is a cautionary tale of what can happen when mediocre players get too big for their boots” – Daily Mirror, 18/09/09.

    “The problem facing Pardew was hubris. After one season in the big time, one year of being told how great they were, everyone involved, both players and manager, believed the hype. After all, just a year before, this was a team who had threatened not to even make it out of the Championship.

    “As West Ham toiled in the second tier of English football in 2005, Pardew came under intense scrutiny. He had arrived at Upton Park from Reading in September 2003, taking over from Glenn Roeder who had overseen West Ham’s relegation from the top flight. This was no job for the faint-hearted. Pardew was one of a new breed of English managers, all positive lingo, blue-sky thinking and catchy slogans – for West Ham’s play-off semi-final against Ipswich in 2004, he wore a t-shirt with ‘Moore than a football club’ written on the front.

    “The future when all is going well, but football’s answer to David Brent when it’s not. West Ham lost 1-0 to Crystal Palace in the final and Pardew attracted ire for taking off his three strikers when in desperate need of a goal…

    Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose).

  28. The reason I don’t bang on about Ashley anymore is that he isn’t going anywhere. Given that any new owner would have to pay back fat Mike’s very large LOAN to the club, I can’t see that happening unless we become regulars in the CL.

    That leaves Dekka & AP. I’d like to see both go. The latter as soon as possible to be replaced by anyone who can motivate the lads NOW. Leave long-term solutions for another time when we’re not in crisis (I know, I know). As for the former, my hope is that one day Ashley will decide to can him and try, just for shits & grins, try using an actual football person in that position. I don’t know if, say, David Dein could get Mike Ashley to understand some fundamental things about running a football club but I definitely KNOW that Dekka isn’t even remotely capable of that. You can’t teach someone what you don’t know. It just doesn’t work that way.

    worky @ 25: agree with jim, that’s virtually what he’d actually say. Can’t believe he hasn’t been fired.

  29. So do I tunyc. As I wrote, it does read like pure Pardew, a bullshitting coward who’s always pointing the finger at others for his own failures. A snide.

  30. worky, he’s definately football’s answer to david brent, that’s for sure, infact the unfunny ricky gervais, could probably do a better job than him.

    reading that article is history repeating itself again, you can see why llambias appointed him, just to be a front man for their scam.
    the trouble with pardew is, he must actually believe his own hype.
    ashley and llambias have blown that much smoke up his fizzer, that he must think he can walk on water.
    it’s got to be said, he is one of the most self deluded, self promoting, self preservationists going.
    calling him a snide is being kind to him, the gruesome twosome must have put a lot of thought into hiring a man, who is every bit as horrible, as they are.
    he’s only there to front their propaganda machine, well they’ll reap what they sow, because he is that bad, there’s no way he can keep us up, unless three teams are worse.

  31. Saw the same thing, pete and thought “oh, shit.” Latest is he’s supposedly scheduled to have a medical in Newcastle today. So it’s as likely as anything that he’s playing FIFA with Wenger right now.

    Frankly, I’m pretty cynical about it right now in any case-guessing if we do sign him, Colo will be off pretty quickly. Very strange that there were supposedly talks with him last Wednesday and then: nothing.

  32. joe hawkins says:
    January 21, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    “worky, he’s definately football’s answer to david brent,”

    I think of him more as the tailors in Hans Christian Andersen’s “Emperors New Clothes” – An illusionist who convinced the more gullible fans that they were actually watching “el joga bonito” at St James’ Park when all that was happening was his usual brand of 90s route one football played by a band of elegant continental imports. I’ve felt like the bairn in the crowd for quite a while.

  33. One day I hope to wake up and MA,DL and AP are gone.
    Really we haven’t moved forwards under this regime we have just been spinning around in ever decreasing circles and it is boring now.
    I used to Buzz off the Toon,worship the players like they where Gods now it is just dull and the football is GASH.
    Do us a favor you 3 and FOOK OFF.

  34. As far as the Colo situation goes, as San Lorenzo have admitted they can’t afford him unless it’s on a free, I don’ t think he’ll go. I, also, don’t think he’ll give us his all until the end of the season if we don’t allow him to go.

  35. Pile ranger should be minced and put in tescos horse burgers,and parpoo has me thinking about my own rubbish removal service,that guy will get no points against villa because he is waste.Remy was coming but spoke to parpoo the parrott and derdick lamblasted,and said he would rather get robbed in london by hoodies and get relegated with the bottom side,than play at the circus.

  36. pete-Colo was pretty horrible on Saturday. Methinks you’re right, an omen of things to come.

  37. I think the transfer targets may change to players better suited to getting us promoted from the Championship.

  38. worky, i cannot understand why some fans, were taken in by his bull.
    his pathetic attempts to ingratiate himself with the tyneside population, have been cringeworthy, and every bit as bad as the gruesome twosome’s.
    llambias’s “we know how it works at this club,now..”, were bad enough, and ashley’s trying to buy the fans off, with pints of lager, and i’m one of the lads, wearing my black and white shirt routine.

  39. i was just reading that pardew has been promised 3new players before the window closes..a striker and 2 squad players !! according to reports we bid a fkin massive £650k for Gorcuff which was rejected by if thats wor bid for a striker whats the fat prick ganna bid for the squad players,an intrest free loan off wonga?
    also who the fk does that nile ranger think he is “

  40. Gourcuff is on horrible form in any case, thus the knockdown price, thus the potential interest from AshleyCo. He’s scored 5 goals with 8 assists from 43 appearances the last three seasons. On that form, we could expect him to score or make about 4/5 goals in half a season. Again, not at all what we need. In fact, kinda sounds like what Nutmag mentioned at #46.

  41. joe hawkins says:
    January 21, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    “worky, i cannot understand why some fans, were taken in by his bull.
    his pathetic attempts to ingratiate himself with the tyneside population, have been cringeworthy,”

    Them Geordies with their whippets and their stottie cakes, walking to the ground after a hard shift down the pit. I love ’em, them Geordies! Salt of the earth, just what football is all about and so on… :-)

  42. jack72 says:
    January 21, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    “i was just reading that pardew has been promised 3new players before the window closes..a striker and 2 squad players !! according to reports we bid a fkin massive £650k for Gorcuff which was rejected by bordeaux”

    Gourcuff or Gouffran jack? Gourcuff’s Lyon and Gouffran’s Bordeaux. Either way, you can times that £650k by ten for either player, roughly.

  43. tunyc says:
    January 21, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    “worky @ 52: exactly. Them Geordies wouldn’t appreciate flash players anyway…”

    Nah tunyc, we like our entertaining flowing football like West Ham and that’s what he brought to SJP apparently, just as he did with the Hammers.

  44. I saw one report that Goufran is valued by Bordeaux at 1 million Euros because his contract is up in 6 months. I don’t know if this is true or not.

    If we get Mbiwa (a big if) and a striker there could be hope. With the return of Taylor, Tiote and Ben Arfa we have a much stronger team.

    Marveaux is coming into form and Cabaye is fit again (contrary to what Pardew said to cover his ars* on Saturday). The key is probably Cisse scoring a few.

    Surely, with these players at his disposal, even Pardew cannot f@ck this one up. I know, I know it hasn’t stopped him before :(

  45. gouffran is available on a reduced fee because his contract runs out in the summer. Gourcuffs team are trying to unload him cos they cant afford his wages any longer.

    howay man – catch up

  46. Not being funny,but i would take a graham now over cisse.yes par is poo,but some players just are not working hard enough,re.colo with his back turned for them anyguy goals.only players who care about the club.Danny graham is a mag,we need a guy like him and taylor keeping wilo out the team.,ranger has to go.

  47. GS says:
    January 21, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    “I saw one report that Goufran is valued by Bordeaux at 1 million Euros because his contract is up in 6 months. I don’t know if this is true or not.”

    It is true that his contract is up at the end of June, divven’t knaa about the rest GS. It wouldn’t surprise me though if they’re still letting the transfer window clock tick down, playing “hardball” in an attempt to save £150,000 when a relegation dogfight looms.

  48. Sorry for the gouf (I’ll get my coat…). Rumor has us in for Gouffran, and I’ve also heard that he might be available on the cheap. Don’t know why that would be, really.

    Those are Gourcuff’s stats I cite, of course-which actually aren’t bad now that I know it was a midfielder and not a forward under consideration…

  49. GS-the other key is a tactical set up in which our players can play to their strengths. We looked awful with a full squad earlier in the season.

  50. sorry Worky Gouffran i was sky sports i was reading the £ somebody said before he’s out ov contract in summer plus his shit form makes it £650k to much..typical ashley buy tho eh.

  51. jack @ 64: easy mistake to make…how many French footballers named Yoan Gou…can there possibly be?!

  52. Sampdiago says:
    January 21, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    “we need a guy like him and taylor keeping wilo out the team”

    Where is all this Williamson stuff coming from Sampdiago? He was just about our best defender against Reading. Colo wasn’t at the races and Santon has almost completely forgotten that he’s actually a defender, not a winger or left sided forward, so even if we did lose, it was a still good thing that he was in there or it could have been even more embarrassing.

  53. Whatever happened to the analysis of Pardew here worky? I was looking forward to the next installment.

  54. jack72 says:
    January 21, 2013 at 4:49 pm (Edit)

    “sorry Worky Gouffran i was sky sports i was reading the £ somebody said before he’s out ov contract in summer plus his shit form makes it £650k to much..”

    He’s still Bordeaux’s top goalscorer so far this season though Jack with 8 goals, though it’s true that he hasn’t been so prolific in his recent matches. He would be an absolute steal at £800,000 and if was true that Llambias only bid £650,000 when they would have agreed to £800,000, that would be a piece of monumental stupidity which beggars belief.

  55. Just read something about gouffran that made me chuckle. Apparently he is allergic to grass! That just tops it all for me

  56. tunyc: I did say that having good players hadn’t stopped Pardew screwing things up before which was a reference to earlier this season.

    I have been expecting to open up this site or newsnow over the last couple of days to see a headline of Pardew sacked. We can only hope, as I think the blind man who used to play the accordion at Grey’s Monument would do a better job.

    It shows you how much I know about football as I didn’t see this meltdown coming. I thought we punched over our weight last season and could consolidate with a few additions, but would still be upper mid-table without. I failed to see that Pardew would believe his own hype and would have his own unique form of second season syndrome (although technically it was 2 and a 1/2).

  57. pete_toon says:
    January 21, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    “Whatever happened to the analysis of Pardew here worky?”

    If you mean FarmerG’s analysis of Pardew, you’d be better asking him. I did nag him about part two but he wrote that he was “quite busy” ATM.

  58. Worky. I leave nagging to wor lass. You should always leave these things to the professionals.

  59. Scott says:
    January 21, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    “Just read something about gouffran that made me chuckle. Apparently he is allergic to grass! That just tops it all for me”

    Aye, I dug that one up in my research for the Bordeaux games if you’ll excuse the pun Scott.

  60. worky @ 69 sez:

    “a piece of monumental stupidity which beggars belief.”

    Also known as s.o.p. @ Ashley’s NUFC.

    GS @ 71 sez:

    “I thought we punched over our weight last season and could consolidate with a few additions, but would still be upper mid-table without.”

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Given the quality in the squad, that wasn’t too hopeful an outlook. But AP has handcuffed our squad tactically and destroyed their confidence and spirit.

    Good shout about your caveat re: AP with a full squad. I wasn’t really disagreeing with you just emphasizing that that’s the key to the whole problem. This isn’t a 5th-place squad, but it’s not 18-20th, either.

  61. Worky
    Let it go !
    Your defence of Williamson out of pure orneryness, was ok for a while, but i really believe (being you repeat it so much)that it has now become a reality to you.
    Even when you ar find yourself to be his sole defender.

  62. I have said this before, but nobody answered. WHAT THE HELL ARE CARVER AND STONE DOING? And why are they given a free ride?

  63. chuck @ 76: broad analyses aside, do you think Williamson was worse than Colo (or Santon for that matter) on Saturday? If Saylor’s back for the next match I’d be tempted to start him with Williamson. I’m getting inured to Colo leaving anyway. His head’s clearly been turned by something.

  64. GS-they’re AP’s guys, what do you expect? A new manager would want to bring in his own staff. Fine by me. I watched Carver fail as a manager in MLS-not encouraging.

    Our poor defense and woeful, woeful set pieces (ironically the only way we can score from them is directly) are an indictment of the entire coaching staff.

  65. Yeah tunyc: how many years has it been since we scored from a corner. Ironically, I think the closest we came was when Ben Arfa (I think) almost scored directly from one.

  66. So whats new on the transfer front?

    Guess we have signed Hidara, young, decent, versitile, adds to quality in depth.

    Yanga-Mbiwa, good CD, though not a physical player like Douglas, prefers to intercept and reads the game well. Can unlike most CD’s, create a fast counter and carries the ball well, though not that good in the air.
    Will he stay or will he go ?

    Looking at Sissoko @ Toulouse, for 3.5 m a deal.
    Seen as a DM, but actually has played more of an attacking role lately.
    Though capeable of both, guy can run all day.

    Though i would rather have a more refined Diame, with a get out of jail clause at West Ham.
    And while talking about the Hammers, could we pick up Tomkins, in a part exchange with Simpson.
    More quality in depth.

    No way we want players.

    Then there’s Victor Wanyama at Celtic and Hooper, both decent, but sought after by a number of PL sides.

    Doubt if there’s much hope of securing Siem DeJong, who i have watched, guy would be ideal to play behind Cisse, can lay on the perfect pass , plus score.
    Though i believe he will be available come the seasons end, he is essential to Ajax’s plans until then.

    Then there’s the youngster we have put in a five bob bid for, Thauvin @ Bastia, gotta laugh, here we are up shit creek and they are still playing low ball, though i think he may be one for the future.
    Dont here much more about wor Bong, guess he’s off the radar.
    Ten days left.

  67. tunyc

    I dont really care what Williamsons partner does on any given day.
    What i say is Williamson, will never be more than a fair second tier defender.
    He’s too slow and just does’nt have the skills to compete in this league, constantly ball watches, his positioning is poor, his distribution is pathetic, has never scored for the side, for a six foot plus player used on set pieces, thats remarkable.
    On the plus side, very little unless you want to remark on his, not go to ground as much as he used to, but would be a liability in any PL side.
    And has not improved perceptibly since his arrival.

  68. As for Colo. who knows ?
    Could be a domestic split, or perhaps he and Pardew got into it.
    One could hardly but notice him giving Pardew the cold shoulder as he ran out onto the park, to give him a hug.
    And it appears the falling out was about tactics, same as Ba and HBA.

  69. Below is Cabaye’s “defense” of Pardew. I actually think it is a damning indictment of Pardew:

    Cabaye says he came back EARLY from his injury, that the pitch was heavy and that it was his first start back. Pardew knew all these things and took Marveaux off. He took the wrong player off and then is surprised that Cabaye is blowing a bit after 70 minutes and his groin is a bit tight.

  70. Ok now that the odds are 1/5 on Pardews taxi arriving any day soon.
    Erm, thats not 5/1, but i/5.
    I’m sure an old casino hand, like the guy who was influential in hiring this misfit, can see along with Ashley who listened to him, it’s time for him to go.

    But dont get excited Shearer, you had your shot.

    Hell must be a lotta action going on, panic buying, while looking for a new Manager.

    Look at Arry, doing his job like a pro and will end up both surviving and earning himself a big chunk of bonus dosh.

    While who are we looking at?

    I think we should just bring in Adkins until the end of the season, in the meantime do some research and get us a decent manager to take charge next season.

    Thing is, if we sign Yanga-Mbiwa, Sissoko, a striker and perhaps Tomkins,and bring in Dejong next summer.
    We could have a side that could compete at any level.
    Which would go a long way in our being capeable of retaining our best players.

    Not only that, could generate money, by selling the brand, competing for Silverware, and providing an entertaing spectacle for the fans, who pay their money every week.

    Not some crap side resting on their laurels, on a jammy fifth place finish, then fighting to beat relegation.

  71. My guess is that parpoo has not got the stones to drop colo,who by the way has not had a great season and is not at the races,williamson is like perch,championship class,and while i see that with what we have sees us having to play him,he is poor,and reminds me of dabizas,any player with a brain plays off wilos shoulder,because he miss hits clearances and is easily outpaced.If we get mango mbwia un cocolala whatever his name is,my first choice c.b. Pair would be taylor and him,anyhow i think demba is not the only 1st teamer to leave this month…

  72. Why was Cabaye playing at all last Saturday ?
    It’s common knowledge that groin injuries take time to heal.
    Anyone who has had one can testify to that, yeah some (torn) can be repaied by surgery, but others can last a lifetime.
    The word was, we are missing Cabaye, true enough we have no real player in the squad who can boss the side like him.
    So he was brought back prematurely, ergo suffered a relapse.
    Dumb !
    Having took the lead before half time, then take the guy off, he’s done his job.
    Who else comes close to being a playmaker, Marveaux right?
    Then why take him off and leave a guy not fully recovered on ?
    Put in a defensive Midfielder and use Marveaux as the playmaker.
    I dont know i just dont get Pardew and just want him outta here, before we are relegated again, which we may never recover from.

  73. GS says:
    January 21, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    “Below is Cabaye’s “defense” of Pardew. I actually think it is a damning indictment of Pardew:”

    Thanks GS, I may well make that the subject of my next piece for that London Metro. I was just mulling over what to write about when I saw that comment.

  74. To each his own, chuck, but your criticism of Williamson is just as reflexive as worky’s defense. Frankly, I find the whole disagreement absurd. Bigger fish to fry and all, like wtf has happened to Cisse’s finishing? Why is Cabaye lumping so many long balls forward? Why do we no longer ever challenge opposition players carrying the ball until they’re in our half? Enquiring minds want to know. But I’m totally with you about Cabaye and the subs. It was like answering: what were the worst possible subs?

    Yep, AP leading the sack race now. Wonder if that’s possibly related to reports that Blackpool want to hire Adkins…

  75. Read that piece, GS. AP says our defense was sloppy leading up to the first goal.

    The only thing that was sloppy was that Reading was allowed to advance to the center line without being challenged. Now I wonder who instructed our players to wait so long to step to the ball carrier? Hmmmm…

    From there, it was one long ball out wide, a cross and then some lucky contact on the ball.

  76. A good thing about the unbelievable run of losses is that it SEEMS to have gotten Ashley out of his slumber. We are being linked with a lot of players now. Finally he realises that he will lose more by not spending now and losing out on the big TV payday next year.

    Is it too much to hope for that the penny will also drop regarding Pardew? From the bookies (who are rarely wrong), it could have.

    I think I saw a stat that we have won only 2 of our last 28 games. Can that be true? It stops being bad luck at that point and begins to be bad players or bad management. I wonder which of those the people on this blog would choose :)

  77. GS says:
    January 21, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    “I think I saw a stat that we have won only 2 of our last 28 games. Can that be true?”

    Why don’t you go and check it GS?

  78. tunyc
    Yes of course you are right, both Worky and i obviously have differing opinions on Williamsons abilities and it’s hardly worth while repeating them.

    Cisse ?
    Who knows ?
    Possibly a lack of confidence, usually happens with strikers, look at Torres.
    Then again he did have an interesting dubut last season, scoring at will.
    Of course, strikers have to have the opportunities, in order to score, which i dont believe is happening, i mean the service has been a bit limited.
    Then again, we cant rely on one man to score, our midfielders have not exactly been setting records for scoring either.

  79. GS says:
    January 21, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    “Worky: I was in the process of checking when you wrote that. I found the link. It is Luke Edwards so I am not sure if that is full fact checking”

    GS, check the Newcastle United link in the Premiership table on the sidebar. That will take you to all of Newcastle United’s results this season in all competitions, and friendlies too.

  80. Pardew is not the problem, its the board and always has been. The only way to save this season is to sign 3 decent players and the montepellier defender would be a good start, get Ben Arfa fit again and keep playing marvaux ,I think he will be a class act. We were really unlucky the other day, those 2 goals were lucky as f**k, an air kick turning out to be pass of the season lol. Get behind the team now . Had Cisse been more lucky in front of goal he would have got a hat trick and his confidence back, he could yet be our hero at the end like!

  81. Worky: I looked at all results this season including Europa and we have won 8 of 31. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Luke Edwards.

    Wasn’t he Chronicle trained? Sorry for passing on sloppy journalism onto your site. I should have known better.

  82. Worky: I was doing my own double checking when you posted @98. The Edwards stat just didn’t seem right. If I cared, I would ask him to make a correction. Shows you how sloppy he is though. All I was doing was passing on information from the paid NUFC correspondent of a “quality” national newspaper.

  83. richie boy says:
    January 21, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    “those 2 goals were lucky as f**k,”

    Aye, they usually are richie boy.

    “Get behind the team now .”

    Who isn’t behind the team?

  84. GS says:
    January 21, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    “If I cared, I would ask him to make a correction.”

    When I tried that with fatty Ryder once, he banned me!

  85. On Cabaye’s defense of AP: I wonder if he really thinks it was just circumstance because he can’t fathom a manager as tactically negative as ours.

    chuck, re: Cisse, I’d still ask what caused the loss of confidence because he’s looked pretty poor all season. Torres started the downward spiral when he got injured and further injuries made it worse. Also, while I agree that he doesn’t get the service you’d hope for-he does get chances. That one in injury time that he put 3 yards over from 3 yards out comes to mind. Not saying he has to score it, but ffs he didn’t get it anywhere near the goal under no pressure at all from near as close as you could ever hope to be. Not to mention that one at the beginning where he was so offside he even p!ssed off Shola…