Newcastle United vs Everton full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Newcastle United v Everton full match video.

Newcastle United v Everton full match video (opens in new window). Click on “HD” for better picture quality.

Extended “Match of the Day” highlights.

MotD Highlights and interviews from Newcastle United vs Everton from St James’ Park.

Goals / Goalscorers.

Newcastle United 1 (Cisse 2), Everton 2 (Baines 43, Anichebe 60).

Teams and match facts.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G), James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, Cheick Tiote, Vurnon Anita, Papiss Cisse, Sylvain Marveaux, Gabriel Obertan (Gael Bigirimana 65), Shola Ameobi.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Tavernier, Shane Ferguson, Gael Bigirimana, Mehdi Abeid, Sammy Ameobi, Nile Ranger.

Everton (4-4-1-1): Tim Howard (G) Phil Jagielka, John Heitinga, Sylvain Distin, Leighton Baines, Steven Naismith (Victor Anichebe 58), Phil Neville (c), Leon Osman, Steven Pienaar, Marouane Fellaini, Nikica Jelavic.

Substitutes: Jan Mucha (G), Shane Duffy, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Bryan Oviedo, Magaye Gueye, Victor Anichebe, Apostolos Vellios.

Yellow cards: Papiss Cisse (41), John Heitinga (47), Mike Williamson (53), Chieck Tiote (68),

Red cards: None.

Referee: Martin Atkinson (Yorks).

Attendance: 49,391.


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138 Responses

  1. I was at the game and to be honest it wasn’t the worst game we’ve played this season. I think we’re really in big trouble now though and so is Pardew. He was getting booed at the end.

  2. toontony says:
    January 3, 2013 at 9:31 am

    “He was getting booed at the end.”

    Aye Tony, stewpot mentioned something about that last night.

  3. Santon was at fault for the 2nd goal, he was ball-watching and let Anichebe run past him. We had enough chances to win the game and I thought both penalty shouts were valid especially the first one. The ref seemed to favour Everton with his decisions and I’m not saying that through BW tinted glasse.

    As Peter Reid said in the Sky summing up we need to get a few clean sheets even if it means some boring games.

    Trying ro outscore the opposition just don’t seem to be working.

  4. Just sticking my head in. AP still not fired, eh? Odds down to 14/1, tied for 3rd. Might have been a nice flier when he was at 25/1 just a couple weeks ago…we’ve also passed Sun’lun to take firm hold of 5th-most-likely to be relegated, according to the books.

    Depressing stuff, this.

  5. Happy New Year Worky n everyone..
    wiv Cabaye back in training i hope this Debuchy deal gets sorted quick.if it does happen i think we see Cabaye back to his best.not to sure about Remy tho,dont think the kid has lived up to potential..also have we got to many french players in the dressing room? aye it worked at Arsenal but they had Wenger not this mug we’ve got..
    Saylor also back in training so if he can stay fit from now untill the end ov the season,Debuchy in,a happy n fit Cabaye n we will be allreet come the end ov the season…

  6. I didn’t think we played that badly but as usual there were defensive lapses and baffling decisions by Pardew. What was Cisse doing right midfield, and what were those substitutions about?

    It seems we will have to win despite Pardew and if we attack the way we have maybe we can beat an average team 3-2. It looks implausible that we will be able to keep a clean sheet unless Krul plays a blinder.

  7. There is no point in firing Pardew when (a) there is no obvious improvement lined up who would be willing to take the job; and (b) when you have just given him an 8-year deal you need to be certain that he is taking us for the drop. Neither of these two scenarios are readily apparent. The second of the two may loom in about one month’s time, but even then we would still need to find an improved replacement.

  8. Then again, we have played 3 of the in form teams in the last 3 games so maybe, just maybe we are being a bit harsh on the team.

    That comment on the previous thread by an Everton fan about Moyes and Pardew was interesting.

  9. I’m well past the point of evaluating in terms of “how we played.” We have 17 games to get 20 points. Points on the board are all I care about now.

    3 in-form teams? Really? Strikes me as rationalizing when I see the mackems and QPR handle City and Chelsea and watch both City and Arsenal have their “best game of the season” against us.

    As for AP and Moyes, honestly the latter shouldn’t care. His CV is so much better, he’s in a different league.

  10. Paul @ 9: I counter with one word. Motivation. AP provides none and I can’t believe nobody out there could do better.

  11. Tunyc: It is human nature to care what people say about you even when you deny it and when it comes from someone you don’t respect. I think Moyes would enjoy twisting the knife just like Sir Alex does.

  12. No disagreement here, GS.

    Thing is, I can see Moyes sympathizing a bit with a side like ours. But our manager is a pompous ass and, unfortunately, he is the public face of the club. He’s also one of these people (I’ve known a few) who systematically alienate people. Remember SAF’s rant a couple weeks ago? I picked out his line “and he’s forgotten how I helped him” as the core of it all and a valid point. AP just can’t not put his foot in it.

  13. toontony says:
    January 3, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    “What’s happened to the highlights?”

    Is everyone out there having a problem with the highlights?

  14. Paul in Hollywood says:
    January 3, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    “(b) when you have just given him an 8-year deal you need to be certain that he is taking us for the drop.”

    Paul, forgot about the 8 year contract. Like most things with Ashley, Llambias, and Sports Direct too, it wasn’t what it seemed. If he was sacked, the most they’ll to pay out to Pardew is one year’s salary and Pardew’s annual salary is Championship, not Premiership. It was probably more about compo for ASHLEY in case someone tried to lure him away. Not much chance of that now!

  15. jack72 says:
    January 3, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    “Happy New Year Worky n everyone..”

    Aye, cheers Jack. All the best for the New Year to you too!

  16. didn’t pardew also say something last season about newcastle being in a different league to everton (or something like that)?

    i also don’t understand why people are trying to excuse current results by mentioning the supposed quality of the opposition… what about all the previous games where we squandered points to supposed inferior opposition??

    it seems incredible to me that cisse’s loss of form in the first half of the season has suddenly been rationalised by his being played out of position (which a lot of us have been saying since the spurs game) and at the first opportunity to rectify this pardew, in his wisdom continues to play him wide.

    on the booing, i’ve seen a lot of people on twitter suggesting that it was directed towards atkinson. while that may have been true at half time and perhaps that was the motivation for some at the end, i’m fairly certain hat the vast majority were frustrated at another shoddy display by pardew.

  17. stewpot, it’s called self deception or denial.

    The strangest of all recently though was when someone blamed Simpson for our defeat to Arsenal. How many of their 7 goals did they score after Simpson was actually subbed? :lol:

  18. Stewpot: there has been a definite switch in tactics that coincided with us playing three very good teams. We probably would have had a few more points if we had not played long ball football against the weaker teams.

    It is impossible to fathom Pardew playing Cisse on the right. If you want to play Shola, he has played as a narrow winger before so put him there.

  19. @worky

    re. simpson, he’s a soft target like willo, who interstingly was nowhere near our worst defensive display in quarter of a century. our defensive deficiencies are fairly obvious and not the fault of any one individual.

    krul, colo and santon’s form have been every bit as erratic and yet they seem to escape similar criticism.


    i agree there have been a few more positives in terms of the overall look of the team and certainly the progress of marveaux and anita are bonuses but you have to place all this in context and picking out a few games in isolation doesn’t paint a true reflection in my opinion.

  20. Depressing! the loss of Ba.
    As for Remy, no way we will pay the going price i’m convinced of that.
    Probably go for a cheap second choice, like a former Toon target Miaga, now at West Ham and not exactly setting the league on fire.

    Well finally it seems we have secured Debuchy, with both he and Cabaye in the side, plus hopefully Douglas (who i’m not hearing much about) we culd be a much improved side, with enough to avoid relegatioi.

    I mean i cant believe we will go through another window without bringing in a top CD.

    Pardew had mentioned he was looking for a bit of Power and pace and it’s not often i find myself agreeing with the man, but on this one i do.
    Too bad Liverpool grabbed Sturridge who would have fitted in well IMO, but there’s still Jr. Hoilett, who has bags of pace, good technique, a goalscorer, who can play behind the striker or on either wing.
    For some reason he’s not getting a lot of time at QPR and as Arry needs to bring in people, could no doubt be bought for a reasonable amount (which should please Ashley)

    One of the problems with the side is our reliance on our strikers, for scoring (yea i know that’s their job) my point is few goals are scored by our midfielders.
    We have to improve in that respect, i mean look at Barca, they dont even distinguish between the five or six non defenders, there is no designated striker, everyone has the opportunity to score and usually do.

    Of course im not advocating that for us, with Pardew we can hardly switch from a hoofball 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3, but we should be getting more goals from everyone and not relying strictly on our strikers/striker.

    And before anyone mentions it, yes i’m aware Debuchy is not quite in the bag yet, but does anyone believe he wont be signed ?

  21. Chuck – since moving to QPR, Hoillet has been chronically hurt. He limped off early in the game vs. Chelsea to be replaced by Shaun Wright-Phillips

    He’s a good player, but his wages are likely disproportionate to his talent since signing for the money bags.

  22. di biaggio says:
    January 3, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    “Transfer targets boys? Realistic plz”

    di biaggio, being the vultures that they are, Ashley and Llambias should be looking at the Spanish market with the financial difficuties over there. I was banging on about Michu a while back, now look at him! There was also his Spanish compatriots who also went to Swansea, Hernandez and Chico, all of whom were absurdly cheap. Actually, the one “transfer” I would really like to bring into Newcastle is Michael Laudrup (shut it Chuck!).

  23. Worky
    Could’nt agree more, actually there are numerous managers i would prefer to Pardew, but Ashley and his learning curve is our greatest problem.

  24. Nutmag says:
    January 3, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Its not a learning curve its Going around the bend!”

    Or going round in circles, which is the history of NUFC since I was a bairn and started being a fan seemingly.

  25. chuck-I think I asked you this the other day. Who is the last established first-teamer at a PL club bought by NUFC? There’s none in the squad-Ba was closest and he was a free. Hoilett will not be happening; we flatly refuse these days to compete with other PL clubs on wages.

    wt-doubt Laudrup’s going anywhere. If this season hadn’t gone completely wrong for us, we might have had a shot at Martinez, though.

  26. chuck, I wouldn’t call out-of-form and rarely-playing Remy any sort of first choice either, especially at 10M+.

  27. toontony says:
    January 3, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    “worky what happened to your other story? it just disappeared!”

    Good question Tony. I made a bit of a cock up, possibly, but I’m not entirely sure yet. I thought I’d better take it down just in case.

  28. Worky@30
    I have at last decided to get off the the NUFC merrygoround don’t watch games anymore I have other more
    constructive things to do.Its good for my blood pressure to.Just pop on here every now and then to see how your all suffering.Ive suffered enough nearly 70 years but if you don’t learn from history you are forced re-live it thats the curse of being a toon supporter.

  29. tunyc says:
    January 3, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    chuck-I think I asked you this the other day. Who is the last established first-teamer at a PL club bought by NUFC?

    Sorry for answering Chuck’s question but it was Kevin Nolan back in Kinnear’s day tunyc. There was the brief loan of Stephen Ireland, or the semi retired out of contract (and out of shape) Sol Campbell, the hardly played and usually out on loan Danny Simpson and that sort of thing. The last one to fit all of your definitions though, a proper first team player from another Premiership side was Captain Tugboat.

  30. Nutmag says:
    January 3, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    I have at last decided to get off the the NUFC merrygoround don’t watch games anymore I have other more
    constructive things to do.”

    To be honest I’ve been starting to feel the same way Nutmag. The fans just aren’t the same nowadays. The amount of sheer nastiness and stupidity I’ve encountered since I started running an NUFC blog has absolutely amazed me and I really don’t feel as “connected” with my fellow fans as I used to, or even just Geordies in general. We used to be a nice, jolly, friendly lot with a good sense of humour. What happened?

  31. Actually yes Nolan was bought during the Ashley regime, could never figure that one out.
    If i recall most fans were not too happy with the deal at the time.
    I guess Joey was brought in by FFS.

  32. Worky, you’re right it was Nolan, and also Ryan Taylor from Wigan. You could also maybe say Dan Gosling from Everton. He was one for the future there. Wasn’t as an established first-teamer as Nolan but was in most match day squads for them.

  33. Worky@36
    A whole host of reasons the Money in the game first.Players were not much different from us back in the day now they think they have the status of film stars.I cooked for the old players when I was an apprentice chef.Had a Woodbine with Wor Jackie when he was sprint training with my brother-in -law.Stood shoulder to shoulder with opposing supporters at matches.We have lost so much and gained so little.
    I’ll soon be crying into malt (Whiskey) not Hot drink

  34. Jimbob says:
    January 3, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    “Worky, you’re right it was Nolan, and also Ryan Taylor from Wigan. You could also maybe say Dan Gosling from Everton.”

    Actually Jimbob, you’re more right than I am because on second thoughts, I think that Ryan Taylor came in JUST after Nolan, but he was a makeweight in the Insomnia deal so I wrongly passed him over there. Well spotted!

    I put Gosling in the same bag as Simpson, not an established first team player by any means, more “one for the future” as you write.

  35. “Fabricio wants to play for San Lorenzo and he is trying his best to find an elegant way to leave Newcastle,” Coloccini’s father told Indirecto on TyC Sports.

    “We don’t know what Newcastle will come up with, but Fabricio is trying to rescind his contract because he wants to be back at San Lorenzo.

    “His contract is very good and that could complicate things in an attempt for him to leave Newcastle.”

    Well if this is true then explains why Colo’s been pretty woeful recently, and as to the Pardew falling out. Though Alan has a habit of falling out with his staff and depleting morale throughout a club. See West Ham, Charlton and Southampton.

  36. Worky, the Insomnia deal was as the window closed if I remember. Think that was the day David Craig received bacon rolls from Ashley and we made £8 million ‘bids’ for Micheal Johnson and Kieron Richardson :-)

  37. Nutmag says:
    January 3, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    A whole host of reasons the Money in the game first.Players were not much different from us back in the day now they think they have the status of film stars.”

    Aye Nutmag, you’re probably right there there. However I still stick up the footballers. If there’s billions being made in football, they’re the ones we all go to see so I’d rather see them getting their fair share rather than bastards like Ashley sitting on his fat arse expoloiting talented working class lads the way they did back in Jackie Milburn’s day.

    Aye, even Mackems so I’ve heard!

  38. I should point out that Colo story is from but the quotes are from ‘Indirecto’ whatever that is. So if it’s BS then I doubt it unless the quotes were taken out of context but if it is true then it’s not good that the captain wants out.

    Hardly surprising though when you have an owner and managing director who would have lied through their teeth to get him to sign a contract last season. Probably promising investment in the squad and how we’re aiming for top six every year. That’s how they got in players like Cabaye, but they’re not stupid. This summer proved they had no intention of kicking on.

  39. aye worky we’ve had our share of Ashley types pulling the stings doubt there is anyone on the horizon to change that.Im even fed up of being fed up Better have another malt cheers!

  40. Jimbob says:
    January 3, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    “Think that was the day David Craig received bacon rolls from Ashley and we made £8 million ‘bids’ for Micheal Johnson and Kieron Richardson”

    Jimbob, I think that’s a bit of a daft January tranfer window tradition / running joke for baldyheed now. Hasn’t he received bacon sandwiches whilst out in the freezing cold on several occaisions from both Newcastle AND Blunderland?

    Jimbob says:
    January 3, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    I should point out that Colo story is from but the quotes are from ‘Indirecto’ whatever that is. So if it’s BS then I doubt it unless the quotes were taken out of context but if it is true then it’s not good that the captain wants out.

    I checked out the Colo return to San Lorenzo thing on some Argie sites. I seem to recall that it goes back a few weeks and it looked like complete pie in the sky talk from the San Lorenzo chief to me so I never mentioned it. I think that San Lorenzo are in a similar position to us ATM, a traditionally big team in danger of relegation thanks to some shocking form.

  41. Nutmag says:
    January 3, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    “aye worky we’ve had our share of Ashley types pulling the stings doubt there is anyone on the horizon to change that.Im even fed up of being fed up Better have another malt cheers!”

    Well I’ve been following since I was a bairn in the days of the Pirate and I honestly think, actually I know that Ashley is the worst now. Everything he’s done, with both NUFC and Sports Direct seems to be a complete con and he just can’t help himself. He lies even when he doesn’t have to just for the hell of it. I know just about everything there is to know about Fat Freddy and SJH too. What Freddy got up to in his scrapyard, the brothel, the contractors who couldn’t get paid when SJP was expanded, the seats scandal and so on too. Ashley’s still far richer, far more powerful and far more effective at being a bastad though.

  42. Stewpot @22#
    No doubt our defense of late, has been the problem.
    Everyone except the triumvorate are aware of that and expected it.
    But face it, Perch may be able to fill in as either a FB or Midfielder, but never as a CD.
    On the other hand Williamson is awfull , regardless of how some come to his defense on the blog.
    We need help on the back line.
    I believe with a bit of help, an additional good young CD and perhaps someone like Hagerland to bolster our defense, we can both survive and possibly rise up the league.
    We can, believe it or not survive without another striker, but not without strengthenong the defense.
    IMO Douglas who has height six four and is known as a physical defender is what we lack, plus he could be a positive in attacking set plays.
    Look i would be satisfied (knowing Ashleys penchant for buying cheap) with Hangeland and a good young replacement for Colo.
    And forgetting about a center forward, face it,who in this age uses two CF’s anyway, only Pardew with his hoofball 4-4-2.
    But then it appears, the triumvorate have other ideas.

  43. Nutmeg
    Ah yes i remember it well, “standing shoulder to shoulder with opposing fans”
    In the day we had respect for each other and more than once heard quick witted ripostes and after the final whistle, there was the “well you beat us to-day but we will get you next time” with never any animosity.
    Where did it all go wrong ?
    I tend to think it was about the end of National Service, where 18 year olds were subjected to a bit of discipline and if they were interested in fighting, could get more than they bargained for, in the UK’s post WW2 attempts to hang onto the Empire.
    But i digress.
    What kind of situation do we now have, where i found myself watching a game at Citeh, where being the only ticket available was among the Citeh fans.
    Where i was unable to show my support for Newcastle, the alternative was to be ejected for causing a problem.
    Hey give me the old days anytime, when you could root for who the hell you liked.
    And actually, this is the case in many countries, Ireland, USA, where fans are mixed, but where there’s never a problem.
    Hell my visiting friends from the UK were astounded when offered beer from vendors, while sitting in the stands, and why not if you have a civilised crowd.

  44. interesting one with colo contract runs till 2016 and will be 34 or so, he is kicking on a bit but for the short term we cant lose him right now(with our defensive predicaments)…I reckon and hope that he runs his contract down and see his career out with his home town club but in reality can only see ashley cashing in

  45. Worky@47
    Agree totally and would add I think the Fat one and his ass lickers treat transfer deals as an alternative to there casino trips. Unfortunately its heads we loose most of the time
    Living in the midlands Ive had your Citeh expeariance at Wolves and Veela.
    I was also one the National Service guys who grew up very quickly it makes you very aware of things when you think its your last lying in the dust and flies of some third world country. I,m sorry I,m just an old guy having a moan.

  46. chuck says:
    January 4, 2013 at 4:06 am

    “Where did it all go wrong ?”

    Chuck / Nutmag, you can’t get too misty eyed though as it’s swings and roundabouts regarding the old days. For instance try asking a black or an Asian gadgie if everyone was nicer and friendlier to each other back in those days in the UK or worse, the US where they had stuff like segregation and lynchings. There was also he small matter of a genocidal World War in the thirties and forties and the fact that much of Europe was like a bombsite for years afterwards and so on…

    My Dad had to fight in the Second World War and my Grandad had to fight in the First World War. I’m glad I didn’t have to fight in a Third World War after what they told me about the good old days. Having written all that though, I’m still a grumpy old bastard about the modern world nonetheless. :-)

  47. Nutmag says:
    January 4, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Agree totally and would add I think the Fat one and his ass lickers treat transfer deals as an alternative to there casino trips.”

    There is a big difference though Nutmag. As you know, Ashley would happily toss away millions in a casino without giving a second thought. However when it comes to buying players, even whan he he’s getting a bargain he’ll drag things out for months “nickel n’ diming” (to use one of Chuck’s Yank expressions) over the smallest amounts like Scrooge. ;-)

  48. sirjasontoon says:
    January 4, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    “Hope Debuchy has got a Mahoosive HOOF on Him !!!”

    Well he does like to stick the boot in from time to time SJT and like Tiote, he has a substantial card collection. Last season he picked up 13 yellow cards and 2 reds (double yellows).

  49. If we just get him in Worky I can’t see him having a big impact to be honest and I was having a look over on .com last night (highly amusing) and everyone is getting Boners over Loic Remy not seen him play but doesn’t look a patch on Demba Ba and is 3 million pound more-cant see the logic.

  50. Jason, he’s scored 3 goals in 22 games with one assist so far this season, so he’s hardly in red hot form. Where we are now we need guaranteed goals, not someone who’ll need an arm round his shoulder until he gets his mojo back in a new league which is foreign to him.

    Cheers Brian.

  51. That’s what I though Worky-seems alot of Money for someone hardly in a rich vein of form.
    Everyone seems to be going mad about him on twitter and .com I thought it was just me not really that impressed and think I seen mentioned he has a dodgy ticker and thigh problems??
    Just what we need :lol:

  52. Jason, he’s scored 3 goals in 22 games.

    I reckon Ranger would match that given the chance…..makes me queasy even typing his name though,a proper Kernt.

  53. maze202 says:
    January 4, 2013 at 1:43 pm
    Waiting for the debuchy signing blog!


  54. maze202 says:
    January 4, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    “Waiting for the debuchy signing blog!”

    maze, I did a little bloglet yesterday afternoon about him signing his contract but I started getting nasty comments telling me I was a fool who didn’t do my homework because the source was Cabaye’s UK Facebook page, not his official, official French one in French, which is the only one linked from his website. :roll:

    Anyway, I took it down.

  55. SJT it doesn’t feel real until you see it on here.
    Yeah I saw the small one you did and a few of the comments. Gonna have to youtube some of this Remy chap.

  56. maze202 says:
    January 4, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    “SJT it doesn’t feel real until you see it on here.
    Yeah I saw the small one you did and a few of the comments. Gonna have to youtube some of this Remy chap.”

    Aye maze but everyone does those with the photo of him holding the shirt, with all the “great to be at such a big Premiership club blah blah, Geordie fans are awesome and make such a big noise blah blah.” The usual things they say.

    I’ll probably deeply probe him later but I also had one about the curse of the LMA “Manager of the Year” award on the way hopefully, and there’s an FA Cup game tomorrow with the Seagulls.

  57. GS says:
    January 3, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    “Worky: when did you put the Pardew poll up? I wonder if things have changed with recent events?”

    GS, you asked me this yesterday on the vanishing blog.

    Actually, things seem to be on the up for Pardew approval wise. 4-5% more are “Content but waiting for improve” (39-40% to 44%). I think that the “Taxi for Pardew” one is down by 1% (12% to 11%) but I’m not entirely sure about the rest.

  58. See the “Comical”is reporting Pardew as saying we must have patience in our search for a ST and CD.We’ve been waiting years hows that for patience.Chelsea took days to sign Ba and they are not desperate.What a bloody numpty!!!

  59. Nutmag says:
    January 4, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    “See the “Comical”is reporting Pardew as saying we must have patience in our search for a ST and CD.We’ve been waiting years hows that for patience.Chelsea took days to sign Ba and they are not desperate.What a bloody numpty!!!”

    Translation: They’re waiting until they can get one on special offer for one reason or another like their contract running out, low buyout clause, temperamantal, dodgy knee / groin / other part, from a club having a relegation sale, debt sale or whatever…

    They’ll want 50% off like Sports Direct, only the 50% offs in there are fake. To be fair though, they paid just about the right price for Anita though he didn’t have any potential problems and Ajax are used to dealing with chancers like Laurel and Hardy.

  60. Nutmag@68: They misheard him. Pardew wants “patients” for new signings – we’re going in for currently injured players! ;)

  61. Ba gone is so bad for us.

    I would be interested to read the new excuses as to why Cisse is not firing now as many unthinking fanatics on Ed’s and the .uk have all claimed will happen.

    I expect excuses such as:

    1. Cabaye’s injury is upsetting cisse
    2. Ba’s greed is baffling Cisse so his performance is suffering.
    3. Shola, Williamson, Michael Owen e.t.c……

    Truth is even if we recruited the whole Barcelona team and when Pardew fails to win a game he will make excuses about how 1 or 2 injuries to players in our youth team have affected the senior team.

    Pardew is just a shite manager. I saw this from the moment we hired him. Newcastle’s only excuse is a shite manager

  62. Well, I did until they moved me on. Said my material was getting stale! :o

    I reckon the club is still in for Miralem Sulejmani. The Serb’s not exactly the kind of player Pardew’s been talking about – more of a tricky winger than a striker, though he is quick. However, he’s a gifted young player represented by Mondial whose career has hit some problems. So it’s a similar situation to Ben Arfa’s when he joined us. Sulejmani’s contract expires this summer and Ajax just announced that he wouldn’t attend their training camp in Brazil, so it might be getting resolved in the next week.

    Hopefully Douglas is coming, too, but his situation is well-known.

  63. To get Cisse back on form is simple Numpty should play him as a striker and give him half the attention he gave to BA>

  64. @Wellington: Even a broke clock is right twice a day. Pardew had his luck last season.

  65. So it’s all down to luck unless it’s not? ;)

    Look, it’s one thing not to like the way that Pardew was brought in, but he’s not a terrible manager. If you look at it squarely, last season was over-achievement, this season under-achievement.

  66. Good call, worky. Nolan was the last and that because he was perceived as out of shape and in decline, had pretty much lost his place in the team and was available at a cut-rate price-3M according to rumor if memory serves.

    Every one of the signings mentioned above was a special case: Nolan, Barton (indiscretions), Simpson (blocked by Neville & the Da Silvas), Gosling (a lot folks think we did EFC dirty on that one), Raylor (fringe player makeweight for an NUFC first-teamer), etc., etc.

    By the way: good to see DeBuchy in. Hopefully he can help our defense-as a solid defense is, in comparison with an ability to score, more often what separates sides that survive from those that don’t. On the other hand, players now available for selection have scored all of 5 PL goals this season. Yikes.

  67. Wellington-he’s taken down a team, did his best at West Ham and was fired from a side in League 1. I’d say this season is par for the course for him and last season he grossly overachieved with what was largely Hughton’s team + an in-form Ba & Cisse.

  68. Chamakh to WHAM on loan. I’d have rather taken that chance than Remy for 10M+…or expecting Shola & Ranger to pull the load for half a season.

  69. tunyc: if they are depending on Shola, we are f@cked. He has been so much better recently when he is not trying too hard and in his role as super-sub. However, he can never put more than 2 or 3 games in before being injured.

    So far, Ranger has always been a non-scoring striker. The Chuckster made a good point that we don’t get many goals from midfield which is supported by you saying we have only 5 goals from our available players.

    And I think Remy has scored 1 goal this year?

    Cisse looks like he is coming into form. I bloody well hope so.

  70. Oh, and when will we score from a free kick or a corner? We must be the most wasteful team in the league from set-pieces.

    So, we realize we are sh@t at this, why wouldn’t we bring in a specialist coach to work on it. Denial, that’s why. The coaches’ egos prevent them from seeing the obvious – that they have failed in coaching this part of the game.

  71. tunyc – I think you’re going a bit far with “Hughton’s team”. Tiote, Simpson, and Ben Arfa played important roles, but so did Cabaye, Ba and Cisse. (If you want to call it “Carr’s team” – fair cop, but that’s going to hang over any manager.)

    There is a worry with Pardew that he can’t keep a team going in the long-run, although he usually has good results initially. Dunno if that’s because he gets the chop before having a proper shot at stabilising, or because there’s something wrong with his training methods.

    Still, you’ve got to ask who would come in to replace him at this stage. Maybe Laurent Blanc, but that’s about as good as it gets.

  72. Wellington says:
    January 4, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    “tunyc – I think you’re going a bit far with “Hughton’s team”. Tiote, Simpson, and Ben Arfa played important roles, but so did Cabaye, Ba and Cisse. (If you want to call it “Carr’s team” – fair cop, but that’s going to hang over any manager.)”

    Well you could also say that it was Hughton who recruited Carr in the first place Wellington.

    Also, Cabaye and possibly Cisse too were being chased before Pardew was even appointed. It was Hughton who reshaped all the scouting, and Llambias thanked him by sacking him and appointing a silver haired used car salesman.

  73. Wellington-quiz time: who brought Carr to the Toon?

    GS-to be fair, both our midfielders you would expect to score (with 5 between them) have been injured. Jonas doesn’t score, Tiote doesn’t score, this isn’t news. Marveaux could be very, very important in that respect.

  74. I think I’ve mentioned this already but what the hell.

    One thing which worries me about Debuchy is that he received 13 yellow cards and 2 red cards last season. That’s ALOT of suspensions and with him and Tiote on the pitch together, it could be mayhem.

  75. @wellington

    to rely on the fact that ‘there’s nobody better’ is hardly a ringing endorsement of pardew.

    his past record is underwhelming at best. he has proven to be largely unpopular with fans and players, has employed unimaginative, long-ball tactics and what little success he’s enjoyed has always been followed by a swift downturn in fortunes.

    unfortunately, though not unexpectedly, that pattern appears to be repeating itself.

    personally i also take exception at him being ‘ashley’s man’. he’s clearly ashley’s or mike’s (as he nauseatingly insists on referring to him) mouthpiece at the club, a little PR puppet and the thought of another 8 years of his sycophancy just doesn’t bear thinking about.

    i doubt laurent blanc would come anywhere near ashley and his cowboy mates.

  76. wasn’t the ba deal claimed by pardew as his own and not down to carr?

    makes wonder which genius agreed to the sell-on clause in the first place.

  77. tunyc says:
    January 4, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    “Good call, worky. Nolan was the last and that because he was perceived as out of shape and in decline, had pretty much lost his place in the team and was available at a cut-rate price-3M according to rumor if memory serves.”

    Well Jimbob was right about Ryan Taylor tunyc, but he was a borderline first team player, even at Wigan. Agreed about Nolan possibly having a mid career crisis when he arrived, but he’d played 22 games in half a season before he came here so he was still an automatic first team choice. Hughton totally reshaped Nolan’s game when he was here though and he hasn’t looked back since. He was actually more like £4 million than 3.

    Nolan played Agreed about him possibly having a mid career crisis when he arrived but ha had

  78. stewpot says:
    January 4, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    “wasn’t the ba deal claimed by pardew as his own and not down to carr?”

    Yes, Ba and Obertan stewpot.

  79. wt-good points and true. You beat me to the CH/GC connection. To avoid getting too far afield: given our recent dealings do you think there was ever a chance we’d be in for guys like Hangeland or Hoilett?

  80. There are good players who were available during the summer window.
    Douglas, Sissoko, to name two.
    Try and sign them now.
    Hell! Ashley and his odds setting sidekick thought, we will get em cheaper during the winter window when their contracts are running down.
    Problem is they (Sissoko wants out) (Douglas wants the EPL) and both are sought after, meaning possible bidding wars, where we could end up paying more than the summer asking price.
    I think we may have actually paid more than originally asked, for Debuchy.
    But then those guys are great dealmakers and what do i know ?

  81. So Debuchy is clearly gonna be Right back for next few years, are we selling Simpson?

    If not, then he plays out till summer and leaves on a free i believe…?

    if we sign a half decent forward, and some CB cover, then i guess it’ll have been a worthwhile window – i gotta say, the last game without simmo, showed how much we wont miss him. Perch didnt do a lot, and isnt best playing there, but he still contributed as much as Danny.

    anyone know whether D’berg likes to get forward as much as Santon? (hope so!)

  82. @worky

    debuchy is also quite injury-prone. he’s a good player though, I saw him quite a few times before the euros and was always impressed with him.

    it just seems crazy to get rid of simpson for a nominal fee leaving us short of cover. surely the one thing we’ve learned this season is that squad is too small. what happens if debuchy’s hamstring goes and simpson has been shipped to another club. back to square one.

  83. Wellington says:
    January 4, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    “Still, you’ve got to ask who would come in to replace him at this stage. Maybe Laurent Blanc, but that’s about as good as it gets.”

    Well Wellington, the favourites on here would either be Jimbob’s suggestion, Big Ron Atkinson, or mine, a glorious return to Toon for Jim “Bald Eagle” Smith or “Uncle” Joe Kinnear. :lol:

    You have to laugh or else you’d cry being an NUFC supporter.

  84. @milner

    yes debuchy is more in the wing-back mould than full-back. his crossing isn’t bad but he can be a bit wild in the tackle. as worky has highlighted, he picks up a lot of cautions.

  85. tunyc
    I really doubt it.
    Hangeland may in fact want a move, as i see Jol is strengthening his defense.
    An experienced and consistent defender, who is getting on and maybe looking for a few extra quid, that Fulham are not prepared to pay.
    He would be a sound acquisition, but we are probably lucky to be getting Debuchy, because of the idiotic policy of not buying anyone over twenty six.
    Hey whadda ya gonna do ?
    As for Hoilett, we couldda got both him and possibly Sturrige, not to mention Moses, back a coupla seasons for next to nowt.
    Where was our great scout Carr then, off in France somewhere.
    Too late now, though i’m not sure about Hoilett, but i hear hes on big wages, which makes that a deal killer.
    Yeah the wage and age caps, are a stupid way of doing business, but like i said, the brainstrust know more about it than I.

  86. i’ve watched some utube of D’bushy now, and he seems quite quick and strong, likes to take people on, but crossing a little suspect, and more uncouth then u’d expect from a Frenchman – quite Meat and Veg.

    But i reckon’ll that suit the prem league more!

    all we need now is a CB and striker!

  87. chuck says:
    January 4, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    “Where was our great scout Carr then, off in France somewhere.”

    Despite Debuchy, France is soooo last season now. Spain is where the action is, and possibly even Germany.

  88. Our current strongest side, on ability only(thus forcing the formation), and all, in my most humble opinion:


    Subs: Shola, Obertan, Willo, Bigi, etc

  89. Honestly, I can’t find a definite answer as to who got Carr on-board, but I doubt it was Hughton. (Charnley would have agreed the terms, but that’s not the right kind of answer.) Did the hierarchy ever trust CH that much?

    And no, it’s not a ringing endorsement to say there may not be anyone better. :) But if there’s no improvement to be made, then there’s not much point in kicking Pardew out.

  90. Milner – I think the midfield triangle ought to point the other way, with Tiote at the back and Anita-Cabaye as the central pivot. Both have the energy to make runs forward and the ability to make those effective. We’ll prosper from having them alternate.

    Note also that playing HBA & Marv (both of whom drift inside towards the #10) will make the formation very narrow. Even if you think Obertan isn’t as good as Marveaux, he brings something a bit different with his pace and directness.

  91. Milner
    Perch as good as Simpson, surely you cant be serious, thats like saying Williamson’s as good as Taylor.
    Though i think some on this blog may argue that point.
    It’s like in the day when everyone was on Nicky Butts case and could’nt figure how he was the first name pencilled in each week.
    Why ?
    Cause they new nowt about the game and could’nt see what he actually did, even though he had lost a step his positional play, more than made up for it.
    Sure he frequently fouled, but never in a critical area, Tiote could have learned a lot from him.
    Appears once a player shows signs of either wanting away (which Simpson has’nt) he gets labled as either greedy or has no loyalty to the club.
    Hey! loyalty is a two way steet, and the guys been on a low ball contract since he’s been here and because he wants a decent contract, immediately gets put down as disloyal or greedy, by some on here.
    Hell i think he’s a decent player, not spectacular like Santon, but more reliable defensively, give the guy a break.

  92. chuck – simmo’s good at the back, a goal line clearance expert! but shite at crossing, and would know how to take someone on if they were a 90 old wheel chair bound retard.

  93. Milner @101#
    Yeah! i like that lineup, lotta skill involved, with four up front that can score.
    But have to agree with Pardew we could use a couple of midfielders with pace and power, after all this is the EPL.
    As for your remark about Debuchy’s crossing, in fact it’s one of his better abilities, that and bringing the ball forward, which unlike Santon, does’nt appear to affect his defensive game.

  94. Wellington says:
    January 4, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    “Honestly, I can’t find a definite answer as to who got Carr on-board, but I doubt it was Hughton.”

    Wellington, it was Hughton, they knew each other from their Spurs days and Hughton said he brought him in too, though Ashley and Llambias were desperate to claim the credit for it. There isn’t any doubt about it.

    All of the people Ashley and Llambias bring in are casino mates, or in Pardew’s case, Llambias claimed he was a big fan of Pardews in his West Ham days. He used to go and watch them when he was a Casino manager down here in London, though as Keegan rightly said, he knows “less than nothing” about football. :-)

    Incidentally, good scout though he is, if there was ever a compatition to find the worst football manager in history, Graham Carr would probably make make the final stages. He had an absolutely awful record!

  95. Milner
    I dont know what you have against Simpson, his crosses are as good as the non existent crosses from Jonas,Obertan and for the cutting into centerfield Sansom.
    Fact is young Ferguson is the only able crosser on the left side, a left-footed old style winger.
    No i think Simpson does’nt get the respect he deserves, probably has more to do with his contractual situation than his footballing abilities.
    A percieved lack of loyalty.
    Ah well.

  96. Chuck: this lot have brought in free experienced defenders before. I think Worky mentioned Sol Campbell, who was a mistake because he was obviously past it.

    However, Hangeland is about Coloccini’s age so why not get him for a reasonable signing bonus and his wages would be a lot less. Has to be better than Perch at Centre Back or didn’t Simpson play there at Norwich last year?

  97. chuck says:
    January 4, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    I dont know what you have against Simpson, his crosses are as good as the non existent crosses from Jonas,Obertan and for the cutting into centerfield Sansom.”

    And I don’t know what you have against Iron Mike, Chuck.

    What’s Kenny Sansom got to do with it? :lol:

  98. Wellington @ 103 #
    No Milners got it right.
    With both wing backs bombing forward Tiote and Anita giving cover, in front of the back four.
    Leaving the striker wing backs and what you refered too as HBA and Marveaux moving towards the middle, with Cabaye orchestrating things, i believe would give many clubs a broblem.
    Though Tiote’s poor distribution needs attention, or bring in Sissoko.
    Plus be nice to be able to platoon Douglas, with either Colo or Taylor.
    That would be a side.

  99. chuck i agree with most of what you say but gabby has been producing alot of good balls this season when he has been in the team and will get better and better,he is going to be a big player for this club,as for pardew i was a fan but some of his tactical decisions of late have put me in the not sure catagory,but i still think more time is needed.Cashley and co are responsible for the lack of depth in the squad and all of the injuries are not pardews fault,you xcan only piss with theprick you have got is a saying that springs to mind!

  100. We gotta forget about Ba and wish him well, he did good for the club and we made a few bob off him.
    As for Williamson, c’mon folks !
    And do we really need another striker ?
    Are we going to play 4-4-2 again, thought that was the problem.
    The need is across the back four not up front.
    Give Cisse an opportunity to show his stuff, did it during the last part of the season, why not a repeat.
    Though King Kevin does’nt think he has the power or abilities of Ba, i say, lets wait and see.
    Forget Remy at fifteen million.
    Spend it on Douglas, Hageland, and Sissoko.

  101. @sammy

    cashley & co. includes pardew, you can’t separate them. at the end of august i didn’t hear pardew saying he needed to strengthen. he was full of ‘the most important thing was not losing players’ and went on to declare that the current squad was good enough to finish 4th.

    injuries and lack of squad depth are just excuses for his and the board’s lack of foresight in the summer.

    keep blaming the organ grinders by all means but don’t forget the monkey is the one flinging the shit.

  102. Sammy D.
    You actually agree with most of what i say ?
    Then your a very bright young man Sammy, and probably a judge of women, horses and good whiskey, to boot.
    Im kidding Sammy, but nice of you to say so, as i usually get stick.

  103. chuck I would gladly leave remy where he is if we brought those three in but would change hangeland for mbiwa

  104. sammy d says:
    January 4, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    “and all of the injuries are not pardews fault”

    It depends Sammy. Sometimes injuries are just sheer bad luck, like when a player get scythed down with some awful tackle or whatever. However many times it can also be a question of training methods and style of play. Pardew’s teams have run alot of miles, usually chasing opposition player around when they have the ball. We’ve had a hell of alot of groin injuries since Pardew took over.

  105. thanks chuck everything you say about me is right I am an excellent judge of horses (lie) I do Know a good whisky or two but most of all i am a fantastic judge of women (just in case our lass is watching) unfortunately it has been a long time since I was a young man!

  106. worky I did say all of the injuries are not pardews fault,not none of the injuries are his fault.

  107. Chuckles, you rarely get stick for what you say, you get it for the way you say it. Everybody on here knows you are the thinking man’s grouch.

  108. sammy d says:
    January 4, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    “chuck i agree with most of what you say”

    In that case you need to be escorted to a padded room with a very secure lock Sammy! :-)

  109. worky I only meant i agreed with chuck on the latest few comments not on a long term lifestyle changing basis however you you are not the first to suggest long term secure accomodation,our lass prays for it just before every match.

  110. workyticket@108 – You’re right. I added “Spurs” to the search and found the quotes. Thanks! :)

    Chuck@113 – I think you’re actually talking about a third system, because you have Cabaye sitting deeper than the attacking midfielders. ;) But really, these views are not very far from one another. Arguably, the variations we’ve argued for represent ways to vary a 5-man midfield system to account for different opponents.

  111. Worky: if Sammy D agrees with Chuck on Nicky Butt I will be surprised :) I don’t want to get into that argument again though :)

    Wellington: the problem with a 5 man midfield is that Pardew plays our only real striker (with Ba gone) in that midfield. If you haven’t noticed, we are not Barcelona and we do not have lionel Messi to score 90+ goals a season as a withdrawn striker. I am not having a go at you, I just think we have one instinctive striker/goalscorer in Cisse and we have to play him as an out and out goalscorer and not at right-f@cking mid-field Mr. Pardew.

  112. I don’t wish Ba well, though I wish him nothing ill either. He went somewhere for more money. That’s his prerogative. Most weeks I don’t give two shits what CFC do and when he plays us I hope he has an awful, awful day. I don’t get emotionally wrapped up in who is and isn’t in our squad these days. On the other hand, his “it wasn’t a difficult decision” comment rightly won’t endear him to any Toon supporters. I will enjoy a bit of schadenfreude if he gets stuck on the bench behind that fat spanish waiter’s best buddy.

    As for forgetting about him? How many players have been sold while top-scorer in the PL? Is this the lowest fee ever gotten for one? Adjusting for inflation, I’ll bet it is. And we just lost 50% of all our PL goals (a further 20% are ensconced on the injury list). Personally, I’m gonna have real trouble forgetting that.

  113. yes tunyc just imagine if he doesnt score for a couple of games and then has to spend six months on the bench waiting for a chance while pining for the adulation of 50,000 deluded geordies that would be good but it is not going to happen because he is so good he will score tons of goals in a better team just like AC did!

  114. GS – I agree, the selection to play Everton was more than a little strange.

    However, Pardew has said that he intends to field Cisse as center forward from here on out. If he doesn’t honour that, then he’s going to be thrown under a bus.

  115. Wellington
    Yes i would have Cabate as the back part of a diamond, consisting of HBA and Marveaux and Cisse up front.
    With the ability of both Tiote and Anita, to play a defensive role, behind.
    I wish that Tiote’s passing ability was as good as Anitas, which would make this a serious side in both the attacking role and as defensive side.
    Hey! perhaps Bigirigama can play that role, if not there’s always Sissoko.
    Could you imagine, a side with the likes of all these players on the books, plus either Hangeland or Douglas.
    Would be a tough side to deal with.
    However there’s always the question of Pardew directing them, Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh !