Marseilles President on Remy: “We have an agreement in principle with Newcastle”

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Loic Remy.
Loic Remy: Deal agreed "in principle" says Marseilles Chairman.
The President of Olympique Marseilles, Vincent Labrune, has reported that the club have now reached an an agreement on a fee with Newcastle United for Loic Remy, and that the 26 tear old Marseilles forward is now free to discuss personal terms with the club.

Speaking to French Radio Station RMC, he admitted:

“We have an agreement in principle with Newcastle, it is true, said Labrune. It was therefore authorized to Loïc chat with them. For the rest, wait patiently … “

The fee has been speculated as being €10.5 million, which is around £8.7 million at current exchange rates, though there has been no official confirmation of this at the time of writing.

Ex Newcastle United player and current Marseilles player Joey Barton also wished Remy luck on his move to Newcastle on his Twitter site, tweeting:

“Good luck to Loic in Newcastle. Don’t worry i’ve told him what to expect. Great guy. Perfect club for him. #toonarmy”

Although the player has been a big name in French football for a while and has 17 caps for the French International side, the player has struggled for form recently, scoring only 3 goals in 23 appearences for O.M. this season.


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138 Responses

  1. This could be a good signing, but it could be a complete disaster. There seems to be a big hangup with signing French players. As was talked about before, why not look to Spain or Greece for players from decent clubs who need the money.

  2. Pete, looking at Graham Carr’s belly I suspect he likes la bonne cuisine. Correct about it being a little risky, and about Spain, Strangely, Germany might be a happy hunting ground too from what I’ve seen, possibly.

    I wrote in several other posts that we should have been going for Vitesse Armhem’s Wilf Bony, who is just the right age (24) and scoring for fun ATM (22 in 24). This is in a good league, a league from which lots of players move to the Premiership without having any problems adapting.

    It’s too many French now. If they all have a sulk at the same, we’re knacked, and they could if our crisis gets deeper.

  3. Not sure about this at all. Not the player he has been in previous years, been dropped from their team for a bit, what’s he got, 1-2 goals this season, and if I remember rightly, he was diagnosed with a very dodgy ticker when he signed for Marseille.

    I’d much rather have had Bony

  4. could be a great signing now go and get douglas and i think the name is bong who is a better left back than santon as santon will get better but with compersition with bong it might get the best out of santon sooner thats our trouble we havent got players that have to play out of there skins to stay in the team

  5. How long till talks fail over fat wannkka ashley not wanting to pay his wages? We will probably get heskey on loan knowing them useless fooks

  6. Joe Hawkins: do you have specifics on Coloccini’s “family situation”? If you have mentioned this before, sorry but I missed it.

  7. workyticket says:
    January 13, 2013 at 8:03 pm
    “I want Rod Fanni, Frank Feltscher and Lee Dong as it’s the only way I’m going to get any entertainment watching Pardew’s Newcastle.”

    “And it’s Dong on a long ball, playing deep into Fanni”

    Even that w@nker Hansen might smile at that one.

  8. Expencive player for the form he is in, Torres cost 50 mill and didn’t come right. Maybe we should have faith in Carr, he must have seen somthing. We are relying on Pardew to organize a strategy to get papiss scoring, he knows this player. How is he going to work with a player he doesn’t know. We will see.

  9. People saying he is out of form he has only started 2 out of last 14 appearances n scored once! Looks like we agreed a deal so hopefully will be ready destroy reading next game

  10. Yes this has been in the media since yesterday, he has yet to pass a physical and agree on personal terms.
    Though i doubt if there will be any problems with either, as the general outline is usually agreed upon prior to final negotiations.

    Have to say, i did’nt expect him to arrive here and he hesitated it seemed, awaiting a better offer,but decided QPR or W/Ham were not better offers and obviously Spurs were not interested.
    Perhaps Joe had an influence on his coming, said he clue’d him on what to expect, plus the fact we have a good cadre of French players, that he can communicate with.

  11. Worky

    Yes we have all got the message, “Wilf Bony”
    Appears you are taking a leaf out of my book, mention it often enough and the message will get through, Pavlov would have been proud of you.
    Then the down side is some think you are beginning to doat.

  12. So here we are with just two points seperating us from the relegation zone and the big guns in a panic.

    With Llambias and Pardew worrying about whether or perhaps where they may be employed later this year.

    Seems the lesson has now been learned, you cant rest on your laurels (5th. place finish) and no one is too big to go down (well not really) but certainly the significance of what accured in our relegation year is still firmly imprinted in Ashleys mind.

    And with the EPL’s most rewarding season approaching, he’s gonna do whatever it takes to be a part of it.
    Could you imagine the shock of another relegation scenario.

    Which i doubt, we are any better prepared for than we were the last time.

    Well so far, no problems with the two guys who have arrived, but a bit concerned about Colo. and i,m sure it has concentrated both Pardew and Ashleys minds.

    And niether will risk any confrontational circumstance, that might piss him off.

    There’s that and the question of who else we intend to bring in as defenders, hopefully Douglas, dont mind Tomkins as a back up also, and while were at it a FB who can play either side, or just use Santon for that role and bring in a LB.

    Thats about it, we can see how things are by the summer and further strengthen, plus dump a few who are never going to make it.

  13. chuck-if we’re to get Tomkins I’d guess AP will use him like another Perch: CB, FB & DM. If we can get him and, say, Douglas without any more sales the squad will be in acceptable shape for now. We just need a forward to find some form and, to that end, tactics that make sense.

  14. Dark Brown
    I was wondering what you were on about with The Maldives?
    Yes it’s certainly an island group and a former British possession.
    Unfortunately it’s thousands of miles from Argentina, in fact located in the Indian ocean.
    I believe it’s now a vacation spot, but is gradually sinking below sea level, actually the ocean is rising.
    Other specks of the former empire, to the east of it is the island of Diego Garcia, another speck, who’s native people were deported from there to the Maldives.
    In order that it could be used by the US, as an anchorage for a large number of fully loaded ships, filled with amunitions and war materials, that are on stand by to reinforce any battleground, that may need them from the Persian gulf to South Asia in general.
    The other Speck is also leased to he US, but thats located close to St. Helena, which if you remember your history, was where the exiled Napolean Bonepart was exiled.
    Named Ascention Island,located just norwest of St Helena. which consists of a vast array of antenna of all sorts, possibly one of the largest communication systems in the world.
    A fairly small seamount, which interestingly enough was a staging area for the war of the South Atlantic.
    Some of the worlds best fishing can be had there, you dont even have to bait your hook, nice sized tuna and large red snapper for the most part.
    I guess its a good idea to hang on to those specs, hell you never know how much rent you can get for them, or set up a corrupt banking system, even get to fight a war over.
    Though i dont know how any of this would induce the folks in Stanley, to kick my ass over.

  15. Can someone please explain to me this fascination with Douglas? I’ve seen him play twice and he didn’t look anything more than an incredibly average player, and I’m also informed he might be a bit of a red card collecting liability.

    Seems that people always become irrational with wanting to sign a player once we’ve been linked with them, often regardless of whether they’re actually any good…

    Personally I’d be pretty pleased with the signing of Tomkins if possible. He’s a young player, he really looks the part, we know he can do it in the premiership, age is very much on his side, I doubt his fee/wages would be much and he definitely doesn’t seem like one of these flash buggers constantly looking for a bigger club and bigger pay packet.

  16. Sky Sports are carrying a story (with quotes I might add) from Ben Arfa saying he’d like a move to PSG.

    “First, I must save my club. I only think of that. Help my team and my coach, with whom I get along great. We really want to fight for him.

    “The fans are great too. Once we have saved the club, you never know. To sign for PSG would be a childhood dream. If there is a proposal, I will study it with interest.

    “If there is a proposal. The “if” is important. PSG still lives in my heart. Playing there would be a wonderful gift”

    Make of it what you will chaps, but that sounds like a come and get me if ever I heard one.

  17. Scott says:
    January 14, 2013 at 11:24 am

    “Can someone please explain to me this fascination with Douglas? I’ve seen him play twice and he didn’t look anything more than an incredibly average player, and I’m also informed he might be a bit of a red card collecting liability.”

    Scott, in that case Debuchy’s a “red card collecting liability” too. He got 13 yellows and 2 reds last season, and 4 yellows and one red so far this season. That’s a fair bit worse than Douglas with his 8 yellows and 1 red last season, and 3 yellows so far this season. I haven’t seen Debuchy trying to headbutt a referee yet though.

  18. The disciplinary issue is secondary Worky. Obviously you’d prefer a good record to a bad one, but my main point is about quality. I’ve seen Debuchy play a few times, and generally been impressed. I think he’s a very good signing, made better if the reported £5 million is close to the mark. But the couple of times I’ve seen Douglas, he was very mediocre.

    Also, 2 red cards could just be 2x 2 yellows and that wouldn’t be too bad. If you try and stick the but on a ref in the premiership, you’d probably be looking at about 10 matches!

  19. In fact, if memory serves, when Di Canio pushed the ref at sheff wed, didn’t he get about 11 games? You’d get more if you gave one a dandruff salad!

  20. Seems like alot of money for a striker with his current stats….I would have just giving the extra cash to Demba BA as this guy doesn’t look fit enough to lace his boots.

  21. SJT, the thing is though that Mike Ashley can see one of those fluorescent “70% OFF!!!” tags on his shirt. Exactly a year ago, there was talk of him going to ‘Arry’s Spurs for £22 million, and even of Marseilles turning a bid of that size down at one stage, though I haven’t examined the veracity of otherwise of that yet. Whatever though, stuff like that gets Ashley’s juices flowing like Pavlov’s dog. We need a Ba though, someone who can come on and score two goals on his debut, not a Torres who was once worth tens of millions.

    So IF we get Remy he might turn out to be an excellent investment who looks good on the balance sheet over the longer term. However if his goalitis continues, if Cisse’s relative drought continues too and the worst happens, it could turn out to be a false economy.

  22. Aye Scott, it was an 11 match ban and a £10,000 fine when Mussolini pushed Allcock.

    Also, Debuchy’s three red cards since the beginning of last season were double yellows, but he was suspended four times last season and once this season so far, which isn’t good.

  23. Just seems expensive for someone on a 5hit run of Form…See Hatem is making noises…music to Mike Ashley’s ears that KERCHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!

  24. sirjasontoon says:
    January 14, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    “See Hatem is making noises…music to Mike Ashley’s ears that KERCHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!”

    Despite all the guff in the media, and from the mouth of the guffmaster supreme (Pardew), there hasn’t been as much interest in the big ticket items in Mike’s shop window as some might expect. Perhaps potential buyers are worried about Llambias bragging in bars about how he took the mugs to the cleaners if they don’t bring instant results for their new clubs? :-)

  25. Can’t help think that Cashley’s been goaded into purchasing players because he’s going to make another push to sell the club. Basically, if we go down, he’ll lose millions – but if he can keep us up with “minimal” investment, he might just manage to sell us on.

  26. According to various sources on Newsnow, AC Milan are still poking around after Santon and look to have upped their interest.

    Surely he can’t be allowed to go, what with the Collo situation (mystery) yet to be resolved.

    I’ll be happy when the transfer window shuts. See what we’re left with.

  27. DarthBroon says:
    January 14, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    “I’ll be happy when the transfer window shuts. See what we’re left with.”

    An empty trophy cabinet and nothing capable of filling it.

  28. Scott-I’d take Tomkins AND Douglas (or Yanga-M’Biwa or Hangeland as chuck keeps suggestings, etc., etc.). Writing is on the wall, either way Colo isn’t gonna finish his contract.

    Completely agree with Jason @23 about forwards and money we’ll spend. You get the impression Ba was gone regardless after he showed a willingness to criticize. Considering sell-on value: if we had given Ba a 100K/week 3-year deal we might have had a 20-30 goalscorer, possibly the PL’s leading scorer on a multi-year deal at the end of the season. That would bring a lot more than 7M.

    Conclusion: big Mike doesn’t even have the stones to gamble properly.

  29. Not worried about the HBA thing either. He’s just stating an obvious truth. He’s not English so it’s not surprising that his fantasy side wouldn’t be English. He’s a brilliant player and I don’t blame him if he doesn’t want to spend his career in midtable (or worse).

  30. Sky Sports news is going mad. Its awash with word that Harry Redknapp has spent all afternoon on the phone to Remys agent in a bid to try and swing the deal round to get him to QPR. Apparently his agent is quoted as saying that if a price could be agreed, then Remy would be very interested in discussing terms with QPR.

    Pardew keeps saying he had alternative options for every position, so if that’s true then no Remy shouldn’t mean no Ba replacement, but its a case of how far down that list will they have to go. Personally I’m a long way from sold on Remy

  31. I think Hangeland would be a fantastic signing tunyc. I’ve had a very high opinion of him for a long time. I think he is absolutely first rate, and one of those players I have always wondered how he hasn’t ended up at a far bigger club than Fulham. The thing is he’s 31 now, and although centre halves usually have a slightly longer shelf life, its always very difficult to predict how quickly any player might deteriorate after they hit the big 3-0. Some, like Mr Giggs, seem to play forever like its nothing, and others, ie Mr Owen, are absolutely shagged and going downhill faster than waxed skis, so its always more of a gamble.

  32. Scott says:
    January 14, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    “Apparently his agent is quoted as saying that if a price could be agreed, then Remy would be very interested in discussing terms with QPR.”

    Well if he did end up signing for QPR, Scott, at least it won’t be because he’s turned his nose up at Toon because of our current predicament in the League. QPR are one of the few teams that make us look relatively safe in that department.

  33. Personally I am more than happy with this signing. Though his current form does not suggest it, every time I have watched Remy play he has looked like a great player. Fast, good on the ball, and a good finisher too. In addition to this, he can naturally slide into that wide position that Pardew seems so fond of shoving Cisse into, allowing him to play in the middle where he belongs.

    Of course I suppose that I am assuming Pardew will get his tactics right and not try and shoehorn him into an unnatural position, which is a very dangerous assumption.

    For someone who cost as much as he was rumored to cost even 6 months ago, getting him now for 8 mil is promising, as from what i have seen of him he has real class.

  34. Worky

    That’s definitely true!! But what it would suggest to me is that he’s gone for the money. I think for every bit as bad as we might be for low balling on wages, QPR are guilty of the whole nouveau riche idea of giving everyone way over the odds to secure them, like Chelsea and city both did when they first came into their money.

  35. scott-I find it highly unlikely we’ll get Hangeland too. I’ve liked him as well, long enough to remember we were one of the last few PL teams kicking his tires. Oh well. I just threw him out as an example of a non-Douglas first team CB who would work for me. Anyone who fills that bill would.

    hoosier: as of 14:06 EST, what signing? lol…and either way, we’d still be hoping & praying for a forwad to find form.

  36. I did’nt expect to sign Loic Remy, but looks like a done deal.
    The guys got a track record and you dont become a bad player over night.
    I suspect he has probably had problems with Maseilles, or had some falling out and they want him out.
    He will be ok.

    As for Douglas, well you dont get capped for Holland for nothing.
    Oh! but he’s a big tough CD (and gets cards) good! thats what’s lacking without Taylor.
    Hell i would like to see them both to-gether, keeping the opositions heads up and in both boxes for set plays.

    A no nonsense defender , yeah he’s 31 but probably a good backup, with a couple of good years left.
    However we got a dumbass self imposed policy of not buying anyone over 26/7, dont ask ?

    Not a bad young player, but nothing outstanding and BSA will be looking for an arm and a leg, with a rumored price of ten million.
    Think of who we could get for that amount, aint gonna happen.

    But there’s no doubt, the panic button has been pushed and Remy will certainly not be our last buy.
    The very thought of another relegation, must be terrifying Ashley, (who has been described by some as a gambler) well last summers decision to gamble on not adding to a small squad, lacking in quality in depth,with an upcoming season and a much heavier schedule, has come back to bite him in the ass, there will be no more gambling this seasom, believe it.

    Though everyone on here seem to be concerned with Debuchy and Douglas’ tough game , i cant wait to see them terrorizing the opposition, thats what defenders are supposed to do.
    That will give us four guys who can play tough, Taylor, Debuchy, Douglas and Tiote, with Cabaye, Bigi,and Anita not too far behind.
    Will make St. James’ Park an unwelcome date for most clubs, reminds me of the days of Jimmy Scoular and big Frank Brennan.

  37. Worky @25#
    When De canio pushed Allcock !
    I like everyone saw that incident.
    Allcock, instead of awarding De Canio a red card, should have awarded himself a yellow for the worst dive ever in the history of the EPL.
    I still laugh at how blatent it was not to mention ridiculess.

  38. Chuck says:
    January 14, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    “I suspect he has probably had problems with Maseilles, or had some falling out and they want him out.”

    A team full of surly, sulky Frogs who threw their toys out of the pram at their previous clubs isn’t necessarily a good idea Chuck. They could just as easily go on strike at SJP.

  39. @tunyc fairplay lol, not officially done. And now I see that QPR might just have hijacked our POTENTIAL signing. I wouldn’t believe that anyone at his level would go willingly to the worst team in the Prem. But we all know that old Harry probably went and offered much larger wages then Ashley ever would, and you would think if that’s the case he has a get out clause if they are relegated.

    Then again we are 2 points above the relegation zone, so if someone bases where they move to based solely on league position, then NUFC aren’t all that attractive of an option either.

  40. stewpot says:
    January 14, 2013 at 8:04 pm


    i thought you were writing for the metro now, not the sun!”

    Stewpot, well they call us “Rosbifs” and Krauts call us “Island Monkeys.” The Rosbif one’s quite boring and predictable really, but I quite like the “Island Monkey” one. If I put myself in the shoes of a sensible Kraut coming over to our island seeing drunken British people whooping and trying to break things, I can see where they’re coming from there!

  41. What a bunch of bell ends are running our club! Get out u knobs! You get a player that you have scouted and one that your manager has wanted for ages….and then balls it all up and let him sign for one of our relegation rivals…..this one takes some beating big mike!!!!

  42. You’re a good sounding board, chuck.

    “you dont become a bad player over night”

    Marouane Chamakh…Andrei Arshavin…Fernando Torres…Albert Luque…Wayne Bridge…Michael Owen…

    “you dont get capped for Holland for nothing”

    Rhetorically, you could say the same for England and yet: Jay Bothroyd.

    “rumored price of ten million”

    Anyone who pays that for Tomkins is a fool. I mean, 2M more than Cahill? 2.5X the price of Jagielka? Pass.

    “very thought of another relegation, must be terrifying Ashley”

    If so, he should have fired AP a month ago.

    And now Remy’s off because we don’t have the pull of 20th-placed QPR. So don’t ask me why I’m so negative right now.

  43. Here we go again. NUFC putting bargains before football, salary cap before survival. ‘Arry wheeling nad dealing, Joey being knob on tw@tter.

  44. Mea culpa ! fella’s
    I stated Ashley would’nt gamble again this year and i’m wrong again.
    But on the other hand i also said, i doubted if we could sign the guy.
    Could this be some plot devised by “wor Joey” bit of schadenfreude, like ?
    Nah! but i would like to to think it was, just the result of a cheapass idiot, who knows fcuk all about football.
    And could probably end up the reason for our relegation.
    And you know what, that might not be as bad as everyone thinks, perhaps it may result in finally getting rid of this disguting clique and get back to being NUFC.

  45. tunc
    Those you mentioned are exceptions to the hundreds of players transfered and what makes you think he would suddenly become a bad player.
    Dont go by statistics, or better yet do go by statistics, you will find his lack of playing time and starts has probably got more to do with his scoring record.
    I believe Loic Remy will do well in the EPL.

    Rhetorically no! you would’nt say the same about England and Jay Bothroyd is a poor comparison.
    IMO Douglas is a big tough CD just what we need and if he’s good enogh for Holland , he’s good enough for us.

    As for Tomkins, read what i said about him above.

    Already stated about Ashley and his two yes men, nowt more to say, a trio of clowns when it comes to football.
    The blind leading the blind.

  46. Can just imagine the scenario.
    Ashley and Lamebrain, attempting to coerce Remy to accept one of their famous lowball contracts for five years.
    With a guy who has already been offered an arm and a leg by Arry.
    Who gets on the phone and sez “Yo Arry! that offer still open” ?
    Then it’s sorry guys i got a better offer and i’m outta here, sayonara.

  47. chuck-I doubt anyone will be interested in buying this club for a long long time if we’re relegated again.

    That aside, you assert a lot of things without arguing them. For example:

    “Could you imagine the shock of another relegation scenario.

    Which i doubt, we are any better prepared for than we were the last time.”

    We have fewer points than at the same stage of the relegation season. Our only on-form forward is at Chelsea and one of two midfielders who might help there is out another month or so. We’ve shipped goals for fun for 6 weeks now and our best defender wants out. We are at the bottom of the league form table. Bookies have us tied for 3rd most likely to go down at 8 or 6/1, depends on who you ask.

    But fair enough, Jay Bothroyd was a bit of a jab…Albert Luque, however, sits on the same number of Spain caps that Remy has so far from France. Just sayin’…

  48. If what Lee Ryder is saying is true then QPR are offering a mega-deal to Remy with no risk to him. Supposedly would be pretty much a free agent if QPR are relegated. I question Redknapp in that is Remy really worth this gamble but it is almost an offer Remy can’t refuse – 85k and a “get out of jail” free card. It is Lee Ryder though so he could be covering for the three stooges.

    Plus, ‘Arry knows a lot about get out jail free cards after his trial. Monaco bank account in the name of his dog! Who knows what else is going on here.

  49. GS: so now immediately onto #2 on the painstakingly-prepared list of options, right?


    Of course they offered him good pay. He’s a player of some repute coming to a club that looks like being relegated. Not the time to bargain shop. But then QPR have a manager willing to tell folks above him about how to run a football club and a board that listens.

  50. And where have all the happy-clappy, pop-up-for-one-post folks who think we have awesome ownership and management?


  51. Watch for our squad to show even less spirit/fight this weekend. I know, you thought it wasn’t possible…

  52. Newcastle may or may not have tried to low-ball him, but even if they didn’t, and god forbid, offered him market value, then the chances are that QPR would still have put our contract offer to shame. They seem to be paying everyone way over the odds

  53. Scott: another way to see it is: they know they’re in deep and won’t spare any effort to get out. What’s over the odds when, without an in-form striker, you can assume you’ll be relegated?

  54. worky-haven’t seen it rise above the level of rumor. If you’ve got something more, let’s hear it.

  55. As for all the stupid f’ing commentary of Remy: what f’ing difference does it make to NUFC if he’s greedy or not? Morons.

  56. worky-you’re killing me here. Can’t find anything about ben Arfa other than that interview. Is that what you mean?

  57. tunyc says:
    January 14, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    “worky-haven’t seen it rise above the level of rumor. If you’ve got something more, let’s hear it.”

    tunyc, he claims that Chelsea made contact for him in the Summer, but that he (not the club) decided he wanted to stay in Newcastle. It seems that things are changing now though, and he’s interested in Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool as they are better clubs than Newcastle.


  58. From the French press, I take it? Would explain why I can’t find it.

    Anyway, had enough of this now. Still waiting for someone to convince me we aren’t nailed on for relegation.

  59. tunyc: who is our plan b? Why aren’t we in for a Lescott loan. Why can’t morons see that Remy’s Agents have the easiest sale in history – London, double the money, opportunity to be a hero, if that fails we get a big fat signing on fee. You don’t have to be a mercenary to take that, you would be stupid not to.

  60. is the ben arfa story really a bombshell? i would have said it falls precisely within the definition of what ashley’s business plan hopes to achieve i.e. buy low sell on for a profit.

    i’d be amazed if the likes of cabaye, krul, tiote etc aren’t sold on in the summer even if we comfortably stay up. remember pardew saying he wanted ‘one more season with this group’, perhaps he was being literal.

    with ashley this is how it’s always going to be.

  61. stewpot says:
    January 14, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    “is the ben arfa story really a bombshell?”

    As you rightly pointed out stewpot, I’m turning into a sensationalist Sun reporter.

  62. It would appear the way things are going Ashley will have to decide which division we can AFFORD to play in.My guess Div 1.Don’t you just love being a toon supporter.

  63. I’ve got time to pop-up for one quick pro management bit: I actually think we’re a little unlucky to be where we are.

    Yes we blagged some games that flattered to decieve, but I’m guessing few people could have predicted Cisse’s form this season – compared to last.

    Hba and cabaye being injured for so long, and tiote not really featuring.

    I do think that not buying a cb cover was a shambles given saylors history tho, and Pards has started nearly every game wrong – and then gone about fixing it over the 90…

    I reckon ‘they’ hoped we’d be mid table and still in europe, and we cud have been, but I also reckon we’ll be safe this season

  64. @worky

    i’m not suggesting it isn’t bad news, just the pointing out what you’ve previously highlighted, we’re a feeder club now and people should get used to the fact that our best players will be sold for profit. that’s the business plan.


    if the extent of our mamagement’s ambition’ is hoping to finish mid-table after finishing 5th it tells you all you need to know really. they have no ambition beyond making money.

  65. Milner, if a few players getting injured or going out of form is enough to destroy us, how do think it is for teams like Norwich with their tiny budget?

    It’s ok to say that we need a few new players to keep in the Euro places and continue to compete in the competition well without losing that. But to say we don’t have good enough players to rise above 16th when we have one of the best squads outside the top six (along with Everton) is silly.

  66. Nutmag says:
    January 14, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Ah yes but whats Joey,s advice?”

    Nutmag, It’s all happening on Joey’s Twitta. He’s been giving updates on Remy, asking whether Llambias has botched the deal. He’s been having a huge Twitter fight with Didi Hamann, with quite a few low blows gannin’ in. Lots of other idiots jumped in blah blah blah…

  67. at first was happy we were in for remy but now its good in a way we are not getting him as we can get aubameyang, for one he is a lot younger than remy and cheaper to. Also with ben arfa saying he wants to one day play for psg think he has just talked himself into leaving newcastle. One its not good for us at this predicament we are right now and two that will be another big name star who will be wanting out with coloccini,Newcastle’s inability to improve the squad has kicked them hard and we will be left in a poorer stat in the long run if our big name players leave.

  68. Hey Worky: do you have a site link that is optimised for tablets? I bought one because I was sick of my laptop with the giant battery roasting my balls.

  69. @stewpot

    have you seen much of him going from stats he is doing better than remy…all I know is that both are blessed with pace which is what we need to be honest.

  70. @nufc337

    yes mate, watch st etienne every week. he is quick and was playing well earlier in the season. but he’s been awful lately, ironically since he first wore his £2500 diamond encrusted boots.

    certainly wouldn’t mind looking at him in the summer but i think we need somebody who is scoring.

    also not sure how much he’d be up for the scrap but then i suppose you never know regardless of who it is.

  71. tunyc
    What i ment about the statement.
    “The shock of another relegation scenario, which i believe we are no better prepared for” !
    I ment exactly that, as the games dwindled down during that season, few really believed we would go down.
    Believing we were too big and would avoid the drop.
    It’s exactly the same feeling right now, though some are feeling a bit leery.
    Ashley gambled that we would, following a fifth place finish, have no problem with relegation.
    Therefore decided not to strengthen the side until later when he could get a better deal.
    Even with the increased schedule and the possibilities of injuries (hey we have had a history here of injuries)
    Of course, the results are what you see.
    Now panic !
    But when it appears we have Remy in the bag, he reverts to the same old cheapass, who believes he can do deals for fun.
    Losing him to a smarter Arry.
    Now the alarms are going off all over the place, with no striker, no CD no anybody and time against us.
    I just dont get these guys, stupid is what stupid does.
    And i’m just gonna sit back and watch the whole thing as it evolves, dont care any more.
    But that one cheapass decission, not to strengthen during the summer, will possibly result in our demise.
    Hopefully he can go and screw up Rangers next, that is if they can be more screwed up than they are.
    Hey i’m not gonna lose out on the biggest increase in revenue in the coming season, but i know who is and he must be freaked.

  72. Hey !
    Perhps we could put in a bid for “Wilf Bony”, aint seen him play but i’m willing to go on Worky’s reccomendation.
    Twenty two goals so far in the Dutch league, possibly another Dirk Kuyt ?

  73. Same old story think we have our man goes off and signs for someone else in a worse position than us.Says it all about us really.We are in BIG TROUBLE reading next and you can see the script already written championship here we come.

  74. So we can’t compete with Man City,Liverpool,Man U,Arsenal and Chelsea according to Pardew….add QPR to the growing list.

    Not bothered about Remy but on principal it shows how unambitious we are when it comes to assembling a decent team with some depth and craft.

    Flogging your top striker in January when you have no replacement and a toothless forward line that is either shocking (ranger),10 minute Man (Shola),Out of sorts(Cisse),On Holiday (Xisco.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see us relegated the way things are going,absolute GASH.

  75. If anyone saw the documentary on QPR called the four year plan you would realise that the mgmt team are a bunch of idiots and it looks like Tony Fernandes has just added to it. The whole club is on a hiding to nothing and in no way can afford to pay Remy 96k a week with get out clauses all over the place in favour of Remy, ffs they pay Hoilett 80k a week! they are on their way to bankruptcy without doubt !

    Can’t understand people saying we should have matched qpr on wages – I’m sure every other toon player would be queuing at Llambias’s office demanding parity

  76. I can’t help but think that our scouting team is being used unofficially by other teams now. We picked up some cracking players over the last couple of seasons, but other clubs have picked up on this fact. Now, when we show genuine interest in a player, they have confidence that the player is decent.

  77. I will add that I think it’s the right decision not to try and match QPR’s wage offering. I’m assuming that Remy has get out clauses a plenty in his contract with them, so we could end up signing him in the summer anyway.

  78. mindshaft says:
    January 15, 2013 at 9:44 am

    “If anyone saw the documentary on QPR called the four year plan you would realise that the mgmt team are a bunch of idiots and it looks like Tony Fernandes has just added to it.”

    And the difference with Ashley and Llambias is…?

  79. pete_toon says:
    January 15, 2013 at 9:52 am

    “I can’t help but think that our scouting team is being used unofficially by other teams now.”

    We’re not the only team who have football scouts Pete.

  80. workyticket says:
    January 15, 2013 at 10:16 am

    “We’re not the only team who have football scouts Pete.”

    Oh I know that worky. But I do think the fact that our scouts have shown such an interest in a player is now giving other scouting teams the nod about the player.

  81. pete_toon says:
    January 15, 2013 at 10:58 am

    “Oh I know that worky. But I do think the fact that our scouts have shown such an interest in a player is now giving other scouting teams the nod about the player.”

    Pete, ‘Arry was after him for Tottenham a year ago, and Tottenham were after him in the Summer too. He would have been scouted for a fair while before that too by several clubs. He isn’t a Graham Carr “discovery” he’s been followed by several clubs for a while. It’s like Schrödinger’s cat. Just because we don’t watch other team’s scouting teams, it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything.

  82. Ah cheers for that worky. TBH, I tend not to follow what Flash Harry does so I wasn’t aware that the Spuds were after him. And kudos for getting a bit of quantum physics into a comment.

  83. although i can understand the clubs stance on remy, because there is no way i would give a player like him, 86 grand a week.
    it’s the same level of naivety that newcastle display, during windows, that is frightening.
    we have learned nothing from the kevin keegan era, it seems, they are still selling players without replacing them, putting in low bids, and getting gazumped at the last minute.

    i think the time has come for ashley to appoint a proper football man to handle this side of things.
    i haven’t got a clue what llambias is supposed to be doing, the bloke doesn’t seem to be up to the job.

    i haven’t seen much of loic remy, and he would be a risk for sure, but it’s the principal of the situation.
    yet again llambias has embarrassed this football club, with his mishandling of the deal.
    i wonder whether this regime have dealt themselves a mortal blow, in terms of their standing, within the game?
    all rival clubs now will wait to see what newcastle are going to do, and you can bet your life, an agent or the jungle drums, will get back to interested parties, what newcastle are offering.
    we are going to become a club that sets up deals for their rivals, it is not good enough, and this level of amateurism, has followed them, from day one.

    to be outbid by a club at the bottom of the league is soul destroying, and makes me worry for the future of this club.

  84. joe hawkins says:
    January 15, 2013 at 11:55 am

    “to be outbid by a club at the bottom of the league is soul destroying”

    Lakshmi Mittal is one of the world’s richest men Joe. He’s the world’s king of steel and is ten times as rich as Ashley.

  85. worky-I think the point still stands. They’re 20th place and the guy we wanted would rather go there. I can only imagine what our squad is thinking.

  86. Well it’s pretty stark from my point of view this morning. There’s nothing positive about this club right now. No entertainment, no good football, no results, the world’s cheapest billionaire for an owner, relegation looming and a bunch of players who only indicate that they don’t want to be here. Definitely getting back to my original plan of ignoring all transfer coverage now-this time of the season isn’t for us.

  87. worky, i know how rich the bloke is, it’s just soul destroying.
    where do we go from here, with the clowns in charge?
    i dont like all the money involved in football, rightly or wrongly the clubs have to compete.
    ashley is just using this club as a roulette wheel, and it is another gamble for him.
    it’s all about big money now, and ashley isn’t going to revolutionise football, he either puts up, or gets out.
    i’m not asking for them to spend over the odds, but these idiots wont spend full stop.

    he should sell up and buy rangers, because his blueprint might work up in scotland, but it isn’t working here.
    i’ve no doubt this remy thing will blow up in QPR’S face, and old dodgy floppy chops will probably bankrupt another club.
    i’m just fed up to the back teeth of ashley’s crap, i just wish he would f**k off and take his minnions with him!

  88. tunyc says:
    January 15, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    “worky-I think the point still stands. They’re 20th place and the guy we wanted would rather go there. I can only imagine what our squad is thinking.”

    Well I’ve been watching “Daddy Cool” all day tunyc. They compare him with Didier Drogba because he’s the new Ivory Coast striking sensation but I’m seeing an African Big Al.

  89. joe hawkins says:
    January 15, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    “where do we go from here, with the clowns in charge?”

    A massive custard pie fight Joe. 50,000 Toon fans against Bozo and Biffo.

  90. Not to bothered about not getting Remy as such.Its the fall out from it that counts.Money is what floats his boat fair enough.For an age now it has been said and reported what a great team spirit we have.Well team spirit is a very fragile thing and its taking a lot of hits at the moment.I have always said it would be the first thing to go if we hit a sticky patch.My fear would be who are going to be the first ones to the lifeboats.The next couple of weeks will show us who I have my list but unfortunatley Ashley Lameass and Pardew are’nt on it.

  91. Nutmag-the squad has little spirit, it’s been evident from early in the season. I’ll be shocked if we start next season with all of Cisse, Tiote, Cabaye, HBA & Krul.

    worky-regarding Bony: is there any indication we’ve looked at him? Or are you trying to duplicate the sympathetic magic you used to bring about the Cisse move…lol…anyway-and this is it from me, seriously-we should consider Iago Aspas at Celta Vigo. Supposed facts are an 8M-ish buyout clause and Chelsea taking a look. The latter may be bs, a classic agent’s ploy to drive up the price. He’s got 8 in 18 matches in the primera, had 23 in 35 in the segunda last season. He won’t be 26 until August. We should be looking to swoop.

  92. Chelsea sends Piazon to Malaga on loan. I guess our guys figured we have enough forwards.

    Michael Johnson released by City…I’ve got a feeling I know who our next signing will be…

  93. tunyc says:
    January 15, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    “worky-regarding Bony: is there any indication we’ve looked at him? Or are you trying to duplicate the sympathetic magic you used to bring about the Cisse move…lol…anyway-and this is it from me, seriously-we should consider Iago Aspas at Celta Vigo.”

    Not to my knowledge tunyc, he’s just another pick from my Eredivisie scoutings. I still like little Adam Maher too.

    Iago Aspas is Laudrup’s. I think there might be some sort of pre agreement in place with Swansea already, and the Prince of Denmark is currently stroking his chin on whether to wait and get him for free in the Summer, or pay a million or two for him now. Having written that, the player himself has said that he doesn’t want to move in January. I’ve been watching Celta a bit myself and there’s some stuff there we might be able to work with. I’m currently checking out a potentially sub £1 million centre back.

  94. Just thinking about this as I sit here in between classes reading all the transfer blogs today: could this season be anymore depressing at the moment? From the middle of summer to now has just been one big giant downward spiral, and the sad thing is that everyone with the exception of the people running the club could see it coming.

    Failing to improve upon last season’s successful, and some would say lucky season, massive injuries being picked up all over the squad, and a mind-blowing tactics by our “manager of the year” have resulted in this being perhaps the worst season of my time(albeit not nearly close to being as long as most on this site) being a NUFC fan.

    And now in January we sell our best player this season, sign a player we should have signed to help out in summer, and then sit and watch while QPR, the worst team in the Premier League, goes out and not only takes an important transfer target out from underneath us, but then sign(or are on the verge of signing) another quality player in M’Vila. Meanwhile, our wonderful club continues to sit and be “connected” with numerous other players, all of whom I have no hope of NUFC signing due to recent experience with the wonderful leaders at the club.

    The sad fact is that it’s gotten to the point I haven’t enjoyed watching since about the first five games of the year. This is the first time as a fan that I can say this, including the relegation season. I watch the games simply hoping that we will wake up and even remotely resemble the team from last season, or even the season prior. But I am, predictably, disappointed every week. Watching our players labor against the likes of Norwich, Southampton, and West Ham recently has been so troubling to watch.

    Nevertheless I will continue to Toon in and watch, because either fortunately or unfortunately I now live and breathe NUFC football.

  95. pete_toon says:
    January 15, 2013 at 9:52 am

    “I can’t help but think that our scouting team is being used unofficially by other teams now.”

    I think you’re absolutely right, pete.

    Not only that, but other teams know that we’ll be looking to pay peanuts to tie any prospects/targets to a long-term contract. All anyone looking to hijack the deal needs to do is to offer a market rate of pay – and point out the turmoil the toon has been in since Laurel and Hardy took up the reins.

    Utterly depressing :(

  96. A lotta sour grapes, greedy cnuts, they are using our scouting system, QPR will go broke. etc.
    Get real folks time to realise the problem is not with other clubs, or players we dont have.
    It’s right here @ NUFC.
    I’m not gonna repeat it, you all know where the problem lies, get used to it, nothing has or will change.

    Actually being that panic has set in, (the fear of relegation, which again, we are totally unprepared for)
    How many of the current playing staff have relegation clauses in their contracts ?
    Oh! the drop that year? aw it was just an aberration, we finished in fifth place and are now going for a top four spot.
    Yeah right !

    But now everyone is totally depressed, the news is we are going to launch a nine million bid for young Ajax captain Siem de Jong.
    Reportedly the driving force in the side, who can play as a CF or midfielder, just the man we need, to pair up with Cisse and provide a bit of scoring.
    Actually he is a decent player, watched him a number of times.
    Question is it’s gonna be tough to lever him away from Ajax, will take a lotta heavenly grease and we know about Ashley and parsimony.
    But what the hell we may end up with three or four good players arriving, the stakes are tremendous and an old casino pair like Llambias and Ashley aught to be aware of the odd’s by now.
    So hang in there folks, it aint over till it’s over!

  97. Tyy again…..Worky

    The prince of Denmark may well be considering his future elsewhere, it’s rumored he is on the short list for the Real Madrid job.

    But then so is Benitez.

    Apparently the impossible task of managing such a club,
    plus a lack of success, has finally got to Morinho, who has stated he’s looking for a return to the EPL.

    Cant say as i blame him, but that being the case, probably means a London side, as i cant see him wanting to live in some provincial dump.

    Of course a snowball in hell’s gotta better chance than NUFC getting him, that i think we can all agree on.

    Unfortunately thats one of the drawbacks of acquiring players for NUFC, most prefer to live in the capital, where they have everything avaiable, plus a bit of anonimity.
    Ah well !

  98. Well if it is true Remy on 95 grand a week then well rid but if he scores the goals to keep Qpr up then was he worth it.Anyway another player nicked from under us the rest of the team must be wondering what the hell is going on colo wanting to bugger off back to Argentina tim being eyed up by Ac Milan ben arfa fancies Psg what next will be lucky to field a team of eleven players at this rate.If we cannot beat Reading at the weekend we I fear we wont with all this going on then we deserve to go down and to think the makems can do us afavour by beating wigan says it all really how far we havent come from last season breaks your heart.

  99. Pre-agreement for Aspas with Swansea, huh? Man, worky. I don’t see how you don’t get paid to do this. Because the journalists that do still think he’s going to Chelsea or even possibly Reading. Lazy bastads.

    Darthbroon @ 70:

    “All anyone looking to hijack the deal needs to do is to offer a market rate of pay”

    Literally have had that exact same thought repeatedly over the last day.

    As for what happens by the end of the window, we have a MASSIVELY important game this weekend and last I checked, 0 goals won’t win you anything.

  100. tunyc says:
    January 15, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    “Pre-agreement for Aspas with Swansea, huh?”

    Actually, no tunyc. Very sorry about that. Competely my mistake as I was watching and writing about Daddy Cool and not paying enough attention to your comments for a moment I’m afraid. That’s Jose Canas from Real Betis, but Swansea have been strongly linked with Aspas too before the big boys moved in.

  101. chuck says:
    January 15, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    “Tyy again…..Worky

    The prince of Denmark may well be considering his future elsewhere, it’s rumored he is on the short list for the Real Madrid job.

    But then so is Benitez.”

    Chuck, whatever happens to whomever in the fullness of time, that’s just speculative media guff, though “5-0, 5-0” Laudrup is almost unique in being revered by both of the big two Spanish giants.

  102. Again the rumor mill has us(nufc) meeting Colo. to-morrow in a get to-gether, which may end up with the cancellation of his contract.
    That of course is not the only rumor we dont want to hear, the repeated rumor of Santon going to Rome and his tapping up by another top Italian side, will no doubt have their affect on a homesick youngster.
    Then we have, HBA giving PSG, a come and get me message.
    Keeping Cabaye happy appears to be an important part of Pardews job, after all he’s the driving force behind the side, and if he wants out, were done and dusted, with only guys like Obertan left.
    Yeah things do not appear to be well, but then it’s the case in most loosing dressing rooms.
    But to lose, Colo., Santon, HBA, and prhaps Cabaye, there goes the spine of the side, second tier he we come.
    But if Ashley sees the light and brings in some talent, plus restart things with a clean sheet (a real manager)
    as it’s also obvious that Pardew has lost the dressing room, with his outdated tactical plans or lack of any tactical plans, whether outdated or not, and the blame game, that reflects on everyone but himself or Ashley.
    Then this club has a shot, but dont hold your breath.

  103. Could it be that We (nufc) have become nothing but a shop window for Continental players ?
    Knowing if they produce a season or two of decent football and a bigger club (or one that pays the going rate) comes in for them, Ashley will be more than accomadating (as long as he makes a buck)
    Take HBA for instance, whos career was going nowhere in France, looked at as a bit of a problem child.
    The guy negotiates his way to the EPL, by proffessing love for NUFC, and everybody buys it.
    Gets some recognition and keeps his head down.
    Then along comes a Gulf oil oligarch with tons a dosh, who buys his local and boyhood club PSG.
    Before long he’s stating his love for PSG and will before long, be happilly ensconced playing there and living in the city of lights.
    Whatta guy !
    How many others in the side have similar intentions ?

  104. “Could it be that We (nufc) have become nothing but a shop window for Continental players ?”

    You didn’t just notice this, did you chuck? Originally the plan was to use Dekka & Big Mike’s connects with greasy agents to mine players from SA, sometimes via Spain. The KK mess and other incidental factors blew up that one. Truth is, if Remy had come he’d see us simply as a way to advertise himself. Make no mistake, if he’s successful @ QPR he’ll follow Ba to a top side.

    As far as what players profess in the run-up to moves, it’s all rhetoric and you should believe none of it. But then some folks call me a cynic.

    By the way-sorry for misreading your comment above!

  105. Worky-no worries on the player…I thought your response seemed strange but didn’t look into it so that’s on me too. At this point my reading is that Chelsea’s interest either predated signing Ba or was always bs. With Sturridge & Piazon (why didn’t we ask for him on loan again?) gone, maybe they’re still in for him. Latest development has Reading considering a bid. His buyout clause is widely-rumored to be about 8M. I dare say we could do worse.

  106. Worky @130
    Not quite Speculative media guff, in fact the results of a poll of Madridistas.

    In which oddly enough Benitez came out on top, go figure.

    Do you really expect Laudrup to stay at a club like Swansea forever ?

    No different from our mercenaries, chose a side he figured played the right style and could make him look good.

    (The groundwork being done by both Martinez and

    Then move on to bigger and better things.

    And what do i think, i think he’s a smart guy and wish him luck.

    It’s money that drives both players and Managers, anyone who has’nt figured that out, well what can i say.

    And to get pissed by players who may reject your clubs bid and accept a higher one elsewhere is nonsense.

    Football is essentially the entertainment business and like every business, is about profit and loss.

  107. chuck says:
    January 15, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    “Worky @130
    Not quite Speculative media guff, in fact the results of a poll of Madridistas.

    In which oddly enough Benitez came out on top, go figure.”

    I don’t have to figure it out Chuck. I know Laudrup’s history at Royal Madrid and Barcelona, and I know Benitez’s history with Valencia as I used to stay with girlfriends out there and watch his team. He’s a Madrileño and I think that Benitez’s Valencia were the last side to break the dominance of the big two and win La Liga. He has a very good name over there, like Laudrup.

  108. tunyc says:
    January 15, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    “Worky-no worries on the player…I thought your response seemed strange but didn’t look into it so that’s on me too. At this point my reading is that Chelsea’s interest either predated signing Ba or was always bs.”

    I’m not sure tunyc, but I think that the first team I heard Aspas being linked with was Swansea.

  109. worky-then maybe CFC’s interest was/is real as that would scare off a club like Swansea. No point wasting your time negotiating for a guy when you know another club can just swoop in and offer him a massively larger wage…oh, wait…