Debuchy deal details (allegedly)

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Mathieu Debuchy.
Debuchy: Still no confirmation.
Since the allegations that the arrival of Lille and France international Mathieu Debuchy on Tyneside was imminent, I have been poring over various French sources for details.

This is because it seems that the information coming out of the UK media on the story has just been lifted from a story in French journal, “La Voix du Nord” or “The Voice of the North,” which I translated in my previous piece on this seemingly everlasting imbroglio.

Casting back our minds to the failed bid for Debuchy in the Summer, you might recall that Newcastle United refused to go beyond €6 million (around £4.9 million at current rates) for the €15 million rated (£12.2 million) player, with Lille holding out for €8 million (£6.5 million).

Moving forward to the negotiations for a move this current window, it seems that Newcastle United’s offer was slightly increased. The €6 million basic figure was the same allegedly. However, there was supposedly an offer of a €500,000 bonus (£407,000) on top of this, dependent on appearences, with Lille supposedly suggesting that the offer would be accepted if the bonus was increased to €1 million (£800,000).

Whilst there hasn’t been any formal words from either camp saying these terms have been accepted by Newcastle, it seems to have been assumed in all quarters of the French media that the Magpies have acceded to the Lille’s request, and the final deal will be for €7 million (£5.7 million) including the abovementioned appearence related bonus.

Whilst the personal terms are not known, it has also been suggested that these have already been agreed over the last several days, though just over a week ago, Debuchy himself was quoted as saying:

“The sport situation is not very good at the club now, but I don’t have real desire to leave in January and abandon my team. I would like to end the season here, even if things could happen quickly. No one at Lille has told me ‘you have to leave in January because we have money trouble’, but if an offer comes along and it would satisfy everyone…”

“I have not changed my mind in six months about England and Newcastle.”

As I mentioned above though, there is still no offical confirmation at the time of writing, and it is not entirely sure whether the Magpies and the Mastiffs are still wrangling over that €500,000 extra bonus payment. Pardew’s most recent comment on the matter tended to suggest that negotiations are still ongoing. He said:

“That is the sort of player you would want to see at this club. Hopefully, we can do it in the first week.”

And in an even more explicit quote in todays Chronic:

“I hope that’s the case – but we are still far from a deal yet.”

Let’s hope that Derek Llambias, doesn’t continue to fanny around the way he did last time!


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73 Responses

  1. we need to get this deal done sharpish now that simpson (a very under rated player imho) is out for three to four weeks

  2. Happy New Year Worky, and all on this blog.

    Maybe Simpson’s injury is a blessing in disguise and will force MA and DL to pay the higher odds and secure this deal one way or the other.

  3. Getting really pssed off with the Ba saga,it is probably not entirely his fault but they are his agents and he can tell them to shut the f up.Pardew should drop him until the end of the window or until he signs a new deal we cannot be allowed to be a shop window otherwise we are just a wee club in the north east!

  4. sammyd, I wish that Pardew would shut the f up about it!

    How can he drop a player whos scored over half of our goals when we’re just above the relegation zone?

  5. sik ov all this bullshit with ba. he wants to leave and any player who doesn’t want to play for us doesn’t deserve to play in black and white again. as for signings I think we need:
    possibly ince
    gaimero (loan)

  6. and another thing, tiote is becoming a liability always gives th ball away and can’t tackle. bigirimana much better player for me he can tackle and sprays the ball about well. sell tiote whilst he’s stil worth something and bring in diame or sissokko

  7. sammy d says:
    January 1, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    “we cannot be allowed to be a shop window otherwise we are just a wee club in the north east!”

    But isn’t that the whole idea of the glorious five year plan sammy, ie using our scouting to pick up cheap, younger players from foreign leagues who can be sold on to bigger clubs for profit?

  8. Paul in Hollywood says:
    January 1, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    “Happy New Year Worky, and all on this blog.”

    Cheers Paul, and a happy new year to you and everyone else too!

  9. The Chronicle and the rest are talking about this as if the deal has already been done yet Pardew is saying there’s still a long way to go. What is Ashleys probelm with 7 million euros FFS!!??

  10. Can we just get this deal done and move on to getting a decent CD, or are we going to nickle and dime Lille again to a point they tell us o go pound salt.
    Here we are, three points from the relegation zone, with half the side injured and a small squad, with youngsters not yet ready for the most part, two CD’s and Simpson out and we are playing low ball.
    Even Debuchy is afraid if he says anything he could be hung out to dry again as in the summer.
    My point is we desperately need defensive help and every deal is not going to be a great one, sometimes you have to pay the full price for the right player.
    But apparently Ashley and Llambias think they can or are entitled to get players on the cheap.
    Think of how many players we have been linked with, but the deals never went through, because we were reluctant to pay the going price.
    As for Ba, hey demonize his agent if you must or even him, but Ba is no different than any other player (a commodity), trying to earn the maximum from a short career and his agent,s job is to get the best deal he can,nothing personal.
    So getting angry about him leaving does,nt make sense, loyalty has nothing to do with it, as it does,nt exist on either side, just a commodity to be bought and sold.
    If we are going to strengthen the side, during ths window, do it early as we need all the points we can get at this stage, if we want to get out of a relegation struggle.

  11. chuck says:
    January 1, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    “Can we just get this deal done and move on to getting a decent CD, or are we going to nickle and dime Lille again to a point they tell us o go pound salt.
    Here we are, three points from the relegation zone, with half the side injured and a small squad, with youngsters not yet ready for the most part, two CD’s and Simpson out and we are playing low ball.
    Even Debuchy is afraid if he says anything he could be hung out to dry again as in the summer.”

    What were you telling me yesterday Chuck? Ah, yes! It was something like “FFS Debuchy is a done deal, get used to it” wasn’t it? :lol:

  12. Chuck. Some people allow themselves to become commodities. Those are the ones that sell each other and everyone else out.

    I can’t bide people who try to justify the greed of others by saying that it’s just how it works. It just proves the point about the soulless greedy element of humanity. Maybe you consider yourself a commodity. I don’t.

  13. LOL worky I don’t know why chuck bothers having a go at you all the time as he always ends up looking daft! :-)

  14. Dick says:
    January 1, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    “I can’t bide people who try to justify the greed of others by saying that it’s just how it works. It just proves the point about the soulless greedy element of humanity…”

    The greed of whom Dick, Ba or Ashley?

  15. Any greed. Some people just don’t get it and their argument against it is that they themselves are greedy.
    In what way is saying “I’m greedy too” any sort of logical argument.

    When people say things like “you just go wherever is offering the highest money” they just show themselves up as having no ethics or morality. In my opinion. They may see themselves as realists. I see it more as being soulless and unaware that some people don’t only measure the overall success of their life by how much money they made regardless of the cost to everyone else.

  16. well with the theme of the thread, bonne annee et bonne sante, to all on the blog.
    personally i’ll be keeping my powder dry, until i see him in a black & white shirt.

  17. Why hasn’t this deal completed yet?

    What else could there be to still arrange that wasn’t 99% done in the Summer?

    I’m usually more patient than most but I really expected there to be a Jan 1st announcement on this one to cheer us all up.

    C’Mon Ashley man stop arguing over the price of fish and just pay them the ******* money ffs!

  18. geordiedan says:
    January 1, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    “Why hasn’t this deal completed yet?”

    Dan, it seems that Newcastle might be haggling over a £400,000 bonus payment for a player who has been estimated as being worth over £12 million, but who’s on offer for £4.9 million potentially rising to £5.7 million.

  19. Dick says:
    January 1, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    “In what way is saying “I’m greedy too” any sort of logical argument.”

    Dick, I can’t see anyone in the comments above saying “I’m greedy too” or “you just go wherever is offering the highest money” though, and it’s a far more complex argument than you seem to suggest.

    Lots of African players, or players from an African background like Ba send quite alot of their money back to the world’s most impoverished continent. That isn’t “greed” and if that was the case with Ba, then I would rather see that than see Ashley, a billionaire and an incarnation of pure greed pocket the money for himself. Especially so as there is a good chance that Ba’s career may end prematurely due to his knee complications.

    Football earns billions and fans pay to see the footballers themselves and the coaches who coach them, not a scruffy, charmless slug slumped in one of the VIP seats. Hence I don’t subscribe to this “greedy footballer” cliche that often, and feel that they are at least as entitled to their share of the revenue football generates throughout the world. Their wealth is dwarfed by Ashley’s and that of many other club owners. As for an ethical side to the argument, Ashley doesn’t have any ethics.

  20. Dick
    You making an argument that i’m greedy and lack both ethical values and any form of morality ?
    Thats a bit harsh, Dick !

  21. Reading where both Hangeland at Fulham and one of our ex players Distin are out of contract come summer.
    Either would be a good addition to our defense, though Distin would be a short term fill in due to his age, but Hangeland has a couple of good years in him.
    Yeah i know niether fit’s the under 27 year old, with a sell on cash return.
    But then niether did Colo. or Jonas when we resigned them.
    There’s nothing wrong with having veterans on a side, who tend to be a stabilizing presence, plus the cost less and dont expect a five year contract.
    Apparently Fulham dont want to lose Hangeland, but it’s rumored they are interested in Simpson, in which case perhaps we could work out a deal.
    This would give us time to patch up a leaky defense and give us time to look at a young prospect for the future.

  22. Worky
    When i stated FFS its a done deal…..
    It was,nt addressed to you specifically, but to the readers of the blog.
    I stand by the statement and expect to hear the good news, shortly.
    I like most fans are a bit fed up with the cheapass tactics of our owner and simply venting my frustration.

  23. Worky
    As for Dick ?
    He sounds like a young fella, who has yet to face a situation where his moral values or ethics clash with his best interests.
    I kinda got a kick out of his moral rightiouseness.

  24. Good evening Folks and a Happy New Year to one and all.
    I’m not worried about the Debuchy deal, its gonna happen sometime this week, most likely tomorrow before the match.
    I just hope we continue with the recruiting asap, as we are long overdue a good CB to play alongside Colocinni.
    Not worried about the striker rumours either. That will get resolved when the Ba shenanigans get sorted.
    I really hope he commits to a new contract with NUFC, but no doubt this will rumble on all through January.
    Well its going to be a tough match tomorrow night, but I believe if we play with the attacking prowess we showed at manure and Le Arse, we will bring home the points.
    Howay the Lads

  25. I supposedly think that this supposedly is a good supposed deal for both supposed parties except Danny supposedly Simposon

  26. Dont suppose you have noticed, but Danny Simpson has been playing very well these last few weeks.
    I suppose if I was cynical, that may have something with him supposedly putting himself in the supposed shop window.
    He was offered an improved contract that reflected his supposed ability, but he supposes he can get more elsewhere.
    I suppose that queue outside SJP earlier could have been agents trying to get his supposed signature.

  27. Dude
    Actually, i believe wor Danny would be happy enough going to a London side and why not, great location, Craven Cottage, on the river, near his new missus etc.
    And they may even pay him.
    As opposed to living in a fishbowl, not getting any respect from the fans, his ex and her mother doing a verbal ax job on him, not getting paid what he’s worth.
    Whats to lose ?

  28. Pardon my ignorance Mr Blogmaster (is it worky ?) but in the right hand panel at the bottom, it says “transfer window opens for 184 days”.

  29. “not getting paid what he’s worth.”
    I dont know what his salary is, but he is only worth what someone wants to pay him.
    If he can do better in London (shithole of this country imo) or elsewhere then good luck to him.
    Fact of the matter is, he has his limitations and isnt as good as he thinks he is.

  30. Anyhow, this Debuchy fella has limitations too, just not the same ones simmo has.
    It may take a while for him to settle in, both in the region and in the team. Plus it will take time to get used to the pace of the PL. Time we cant really spare him.
    Poor sod will be under pressure from the off.
    A bit like Anita. Who is finally getting used with it, and looks like a classy midfielder.
    I hope he is back tomorrow.

  31. Lew Davies says:
    January 1, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    “Dont suppose you have noticed, but Danny Simpson has been playing very well these last few weeks.”

    He’s a good full back Lew, he usually plays well. To answer your question, he’s paid around £10,000 per week.

    Lew Davies says:
    January 1, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    “If he can do better in London (shithole of this country imo)”

    I’ve lived here since the early nineties, and I’ve never felt the slightest temptation to move back up North. I agree with Samuel Johnson when he said to James Boswell hundreds of years ago:

    “Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

    I can definitely vouch for that.

  32. Ha ha Worky. Each to their own I guess. I have never lived there, only visited a few times, but it has never floated my boat.

  33. Bugger :!:
    I’ve just seen that physio room thing. Is Anita out for another 2 weeks? Thats not good.

  34. Lew Davies says:
    January 1, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    “Bugger :!:
    I’ve just seen that physio room thing. Is Anita out for another 2 weeks?”

    I wouldn’t take it as absolute Gospel, Lew. Last time I heard Pardew on it he said he didn’t know. If it is two weeks though, there are worse injuries than that and Tiote isn’t suspended anymore.

  35. Tiote is a bit off form at the moment tho. His passing has been woeful lately, and he so worried about the bookings he keeps getting that he has lost an edge to his game.
    I actually think the trip away to the African cup will do him good. Maybe help him find his mojo again. But we need Anita back and fit first.

  36. That’s true GS. There’s has been the Debuchy and Ba distractions with the opening of the tranfer window and I didn’t write a preview to focus attention on it here too. It’s just too much at this time of the year.

  37. Worky: that’s understandable. I’d take a draw to try to stop the rot and give us a bit of a boost.

  38. everton will stuff us they can smell rotten meat at SJP everybody on the physio bench , its like 2009 allover again ! Not looking forward to next 3 months why was pardoo given an 8 year contract , ashley sucks etc etc !!

  39. Let’s get together to cheer for the lads tonight. They surely need our support.

    Really hope to get Debuchy over, another one or even two CB. Ba will leave us soon, but Cisse is there to score the goals. HWTL!!!

  40. this game is in the bag, i mean according to mr pardew, newcastle operate at a different level, to everton lol.
    moyesy is having a go at pardew in the daily mirror, about learning his lesson, and not being cocky.
    lets see how this future england manager and footballing heavyweight, alan deluded pardew, goes tonight.

    everton are a well organized side, and will be a tough nut to crack, they should have won the reverse fixture, earlier this season.
    they are more than capable of getting a result here, so i’m going for a draw.

  41. joe hawkins says:
    January 2, 2013 at 10:42 am

    “this game is in the bag, i mean according to mr pardew, newcastle operate at a different level, to everton lol.”

    Aye, they’re sixth and challenging for Europe and we’re 15th and hoping we don’t get dragged into the relegation quagmire, so he was completely correct Joe.

    They should actually be our closest rivals though, fighting it out for one of the last European places behind the top six moneybags clubs.

  42. Samuel says:
    January 2, 2013 at 9:57 am

    “Let’s get together to cheer for the lads tonight. They surely need our support.”

    Samuel, try telling that to the so called fans on alot of other blogs who are constantly having a go at players like Simpson and Williamson, saying that they hope they break a leg and all the other vile stuff. I’m starting to feel ashamed about being an NUFC fan far too often now.

  43. Well ba is on his way to chelsea not playing against everton great news just when things could not get any worse we sell the only player keeping us in the premiership.4-0 to everton tonight without breaking sweat.Happy bloody new year.

  44. worky, that’s what’s astounding me, the level of vitirol towards the players, this blog seems to be the only one that critisises pardew’s tactics and methods.
    other blogs back pardew, and slate the players for being lazy and not fighting for the shirt etc.
    from what i have seen, you cannot fault the players for effort, but rather they dont believe in the system and style of play, they are being asked to perform.

    we seem to be devoid of ideas and leadership, which surely must start on the training pitch.
    our set pieces are woeful, and look like they have been cobbled together, by a 5 year old.

    we have looked like a team of strangers, for most of the season.
    i dont know whether the last couple of games, have had the hallmark, of when a so called wee club, raise them game against the big boys, QPR and a few other home games, have shown us to be unable to lift the intensity.

    we will see tonight whether they continue to raise the bar, or go back into their shell.
    i have a fancy for fellaini to run the midfield battle tonight, and he could be the key man.
    i aslo fear nikita jelavic, although he hasn’t repeated last seasons exploits, our defence is bound to give him a few chances.

  45. See Demba deal almost done,funny Pardew just mentioned that deals in the January window can take a long time to complete and also these Phantom clubs get in the mix too.
    Must think we are daft.

  46. Demba gone, WE ARE FU**ED!
    The only player scoring for us FFS.
    Livid doesn’t even come close to how I feel.
    Never giving this regime another penny. I urge everyone to do the same till they get out.

  47. You cant believe a word he says. He says Debuchy deal could help us keep Ba, 2 minutes later it comes across the newswires that Chelsea have met Ba’$ relea$e clause. He really must have no contact with Dekka. Hopefully, Debuchy will be at the match tonight to give us a glimmer of hope.

    He also put the blame on injuries again, although he forgets to mention that Marveaux, Anita and Obertan seem to be coming into some form. What is wrong is the defense which is suffering from lack of investment and the fact that Pardew has taken personal responsibility in training for this part of the team.

  48. Don’t have time to fanny around now that we probably need a new striker to go with the central defender that we also need. I think we could use 4 signings in this window if Ba is going…. but i’ll be suprised if we make more than 2.

  49. i saw the usual scene with the buck toothed snake, david craig, spouting his crap as usual, when we loose one of our players.
    he’s on about what business we might do, he’s like the “harbinger of doom”, whenever he is seen, it’s bad news for us.
    he’s arse crawled the lowrachy, ever since they bought him off with a bacon sandwich, a few year back.

    you cannot blame the club for letting a player, who clearly doesn’t want to be here, move on.
    the question though, is always the same, it’s only a good deal if he’s replaced.
    time and time again though, we get let down by messrs ashley and llambias.
    how many times has it happened, that they let our most influential players leave, and not replace them?

    they have form for selling one player for a certain amount, and buying in another for less, and pocketing the profit.
    so demba ba goes for 7 mil, and debuchy costs 5.5 mil, will they do their usual and pocket the 1.5 mil profit?

    will the trail go cold from now, until the last knockings of the window, when some derisory last minute bid or other skullduggery takes place, which ends with them having made the squad weaker, and a load of excuses of why they couldn’t get them over the line, which is another buzz word, since these toerags arrived?

  50. sjt, dead right, he’s already trying to make excuses, by the looks of it.
    i saw the light with these lying b******s a long time ago, if the fans see this divvy pardew, getting hung out to dry again, and they stand for it, then serious questions have to be asked of our support.

  51. The match banter will be up before the game as usual. I’ve made it a bit of an epic this time to make up for the lack of match previews over the holidays.

  52. Un-Ba-lievable!

    If he’s gone, then he needs to be replaced. But how do you replace the league joint top scorer??

    And who plays tonight?

    Shola and Cisse up front?….this could be a great time for Cisse to bang a hat-trick.

  53. Todays rumour mill has Odewingie coming to us for £3m, be a good signing if true although he is 31.

    Another one is is a WH player Mbia or something like that, never been on my radar so can’t opine if good or bad.

    I concur with with Hageland suggestion although I couldn’t see Fulham wanting to sell him. Still think it would be worth a pop at Curtis Davies or Roger Johnston.

    Last season our defence (much the same as now) was more organised but now seems to be clueless for much of the time, Just what has changed.

    No team should let 4 goals in in the last 20 minutes, not even Barca should be able to do that to us.

    Just hope tonight we get our act together, is Ba going to be on the teamsheet or has he gone already, in principle if not in fact?

  54. Oh, having just reread some other comments it looks like Ba is gone already. Might have been useful if our super business bosses had managed to get at least a decent loan player from them as a makeweight in the deal, McCeachran perhaps!

  55. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    January 2, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    “Another one is is a WH player Mbia or something like that, never been on my radar so can’t opine if good or bad.”

    M’Bia. We were after him years back when Kinnear was manager Grumpy. I think he was too dear for Ashley’s tastes though.

  56. chuck, it’s trivia time. Who’s the last established member of another PL club’s first team to be bought by NUFC?

    I can’t remember either; we don’t have any in our squad. So Haangeland and the like won’t be happening.

    Frankly I think any moves may come to naught if Ba leaves. Scary thing is, I have trouble imagining who in world football could replace what he’s doing for us.

    joe-I do blame our front office. You know, at the end of the day it’s a job. As with other business, the boss can’t let go the only guy at the brokerage who actually sells anything because he asks for a pay raise. Or, you can, but you’ll be out of business soon enough.

  57. Isn’t M’Bia at QPR?

    Too rich for our blood, QPR signs him: instructive as to what Ba’s up against with Dekka.

  58. With Ba withdrawn, players available today account for all of 5 of our 26 league goals (AP can’t select Jonny Evans, either). This is a fact.

  59. tunyc, can’t remember exact name but it was a WH player mentioned with a similar name.

    Oh and a Happy New Year to all.

    I was at a friends New Year party and got talking to a Scottish guy who is a Dundee United supporter and apparently the Scots all have EPL teams as their second teams (cos they watch a lot of EPL football) and his is The Toon so we sank a few drinks together as we commiserated over our present plight.

  60. tunyc says:
    January 2, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    “Isn’t M’Bia at QPR?

    Too rich for our blood, QPR signs him: instructive as to what Ba’s up against with Dekka.”

    I seem to recall that he eventually went to Marseilles from Rennes when we were interested, then to Marseilles to QPR when the Joey Barton show went the other way?

  61. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    January 2, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    “tunyc, can’t remember exact name but it was a WH player mentioned with a similar name.”

    Momo Diame Grumpy. He supposedly has a very low buyout clause (£3.5 million).

  62. I’m putting the match banter up a little earlier than usual this time as it’s a bit more of a match preview. This is to give people a chance to read it though it isn’t quite as bad the usual ones on here. ;-)

  63. You never know, Ba might fail the medical and we don’t have another premiership game for a while so that gives us time to recruit. Maybe there is hope (he said, desperately clutching at straws).

    I can’t understand how Ashley’s plan could be for us to fail, so he must know we need new players except Pardew is telling him it will all be OK when the “purples” are back. BUT WE DIDN’T PLAY VERY WELL WHEN WE HAD THE PURPLES THIS SEASON.

  64. I believe the two West Ham players mentined as possible signings , were James Tomkins, the Enland U21 CD and a decent young player.
    The other being Mohamed Diame, a midfielder who apparently like Ba, has a transfer clause which could be triggered, during this window.
    Diame has had a a good season up to now and it’s rumored not unlike Ba last season, there are a number of clubs who have shown interest.

    It’s been rumored Debuchy is now on Tyneside, going through the usual pre signing rituals, but the official deal will not be concluded until later in the week.

    Which brings us to the expected CD.
    Will we go for Douglas again, apparently he’s been playing well, with rumored interest from a top Italian club.(Inter)
    He’s a tough tackling CD, something we presently lack and with his height (six four) could be effective on set pieces.
    Of course there’s always Alderweireld, or the young French CD, currently plying his trade at Valenciennes,(Ismit- Marin) who is rumored to be in the running to collect a full French cap before long.
    There’s no lack of talent available, just an unwillingness to spend a dime.

    Gotta laugh at some of the sillier statements like..
    We will be better off without Ba, etc.
    How can a side be better off without it’s phenominal goal scorer, havent figured that out yet?

    Remy ?
    Never believed we would sign him, still dont.

    We should go for a guy we missed out on in the summer, who i’m sure we could get, Jr. Hoilett.
    Not getting a lot of playing time at QPR and could fit in perfectly behind Cisse or fit on either wing.
    Young, got pace and power, good technique, knows where the net is, a perfect fit and something we dont presently have.
    But then what do i know?