Brighton vs Newcastle United match highlights

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Highlights from today’s third round FA Cup match between Brighton and Newcastle United from the Falmer Stadium, Brighton.

brighton v Newcastle United full match video.

Goals and goalscorers.

Brighton and Hove Albion 1 (Orlandi 32, Hoskins 86), Newcastle United 0.


Brighton and Hove Albion (4-3-3): Casper Ankergren (G), David Lopez, Gordon Greer (C), Adam El-Abd, Wayne Bridge, Dean Hammond, Liam Bridcutt, Gary Dicker, Andrea Orlandi, Craig Mackail-Smith, Ashley Barnes.

Subs: Tomasz Kuszczak (G), Lewis Dunk, Andrew Crofts, Will Buckley, Stephen Dobbie, Kazenga LuaLua, Will Hoskins.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Rob Elliot (G), James Tavernier, Mike Williamson, James Perch, Davide Santon, Gael Bigirimana, Vurnon Anita, Sammy Ameobi, Mehdi Abeid, Gabriel Obertan, Shola Ameobi (C).

Subs: Tim Krul (G), Paul Dummett, Shane Ferguson, Sylvain Marveaux, Romain Amalfitano, Adam Campbell, Nile Ranger.

Yellow cards: Dean Hammond (20), Mehdi Abeid (40), Shola Ameobi (47),

Red cards: Shola Ameobi (two yellows 61).

Referee: Lee Probert (Wilts)

Attendance: 21,740


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49 Responses

  1. Is Debuchy injured? If Demba Ba can play today why can’t he?

    Plus, why not have Cisse get some playing time as an all out centre forward instead of the non-scoring Ranger?

    More absolute guff from Pardew in his aftermatch comments. He said we need better players whether that be getting them back from injury OR new signings. I hope that is not an admission that Ashley will be keeping his hands in his pockets.

  2. How long is Pardew going to last now? If Norwich beat us in our next game I think he could go, or in our next three games at least (Norwich, villa, Reading)

  3. toontony says:
    January 5, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    “How long is Pardew going to last now? If Norwich beat us in our next game I think he could go”

    Tony, if Hughton beats us and Pardew got the boot, that really would be ironic!

  4. GS, if Debuchy or Cisse had gotten injured in this match, we’d be plotting Pardew’s death right now. This game didn’t matter. He was right to send out a weak team.

  5. seaguller
    ‘we walloped you lot today’

    We know. First time your team has been on National TV in 29 years. ;)

  6. Worky, don’t know why you bothered to put the highlights up, as far as we were concerned there weren’t any.

    A stranger watching this game would think our lot were a non league team.

    The Ameobi’s were a waste of space, just why is Sammy supposed to be such a hot prospect he hadn’t a clue!

    As for tactics, our team looked as if they didn’t know each other, just what goes on at the training ground?

    I would suspect Pardew really is on borrowed time now, two more games I reckon, then a return of the mighty JK to save our bacon.

    Another barren season for us, as I can’t see us getting anything from the Europa jaunt.

  7. More excuses from Pardew. How he’s still in a job is unreal. He’s taking us only one way and it’ll be too late soon to turn it round. How this team can be in a relegation battle is astonishing. Getting fed up of it all, and I cannot see us getting anything at Norwich.

  8. Well cannot think of a worse xmas period for results.No surprise brighton turned us over again seems to be a normal fixture these days although we get to play them home and away next year in the championship.Santon made to look a mug by lua lua obertan-WHY.Norwich next week ba scored 2 there last season will get nowt down there this time see he struggled on his debut for chelsea.Can it get any worse course it can its the toon.

  9. IF we’d stuck with Hughton all along we would not be in this present, dire position. But then again, as Llambias said of himself and Ashley, “you don’t know how f’ing stupid we can be.”

  10. <<<<<<<<, will give that a miss workey saw enough 1st time round,we got some good kids on the books just some of them 2 earlier for them to step up defo need some fresh blood in the team,time to put ya hand in ya pocket mr Ashley

  11. @paul

    he couldn’t have stayed with our current regime.

    i was devastated when he left. not because i thought he was an amazing manager, you never know how things would have turned out, but he was a good manager making progress and he came across as fundamentally decent person who spoke with measured, realistic honesty. he was loved at birmingham and is loved at norwich.

    pardew was, as far as i can gather, unpopular at all of his previous clubs?

    a lot of people criticise ashley and llambias and rightly so but you have to ask yourself what sort of person it takes to work alongside them given their assessment of hughton being ‘too nice’ and their admission of just how nasty they themselves are.

    i cannot and will not judge pardew in isolation of the other two. to me he was the final piece in a shitty jigsaw. there seems little point firing him if the other two remain but i dream of the day that all 3 are gone and we can get our club back.

    January 5, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    “will give that a miss workey saw enough 1st time round”

    Toon, I know. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to watch ’em though to figure out how shite we really are, and why we’re so shite.

  13. JK to the Rescue.
    So many bad displays this season they are all merging into one big steaming pile of dog5hit with a gormless stuffed partridge sitting on the top in those stupid fookin’ spectacles.

  14. SJT, we were so bad it isn’t even worth bragging about of you’re a Brighton fan. It’s like bragging about beating an Isthmian League side 2-0.

  15. @sirjason

    like the everton dickheed the other night… fair play though, the unholy trinity are determined to secure our place as the biggest laughing stock in football.

  16. Yeah the only way is down I am afraid.
    Can’t see us getting nothing at Norwich that is for sure.
    Off for a beer and a few shots.

  17. I’ve been a supporter for over 40 years . you get wiser with age trust me its true.So when i see us struggle like this it brings back nothing but bad memories. No silverware again this season. I’d like to no just once how it feels to be a winner before my wife buries me.

  18. midway59 says:
    January 5, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    “I’ve been a supporter for over 40 years . you get wiser with age trust me its true.So when i see us struggle like this it brings back nothing but bad memories.”

    I’m not so sure about that one Midway. People who were wise to start with might get wiser, but some people are so daft they just get even dafter! ;-)

    When I’d just started supporting the Toon as a bairn, my brother in law told us that he was offered tickets by Supermac for the 74 Cup final but he turned them down because he didn’t like football. So then I watched it on the telly and we were murdered by Keegan. That was my introduction.

    It’s been downhill ever since though. :lol:

  19. How does everyone think this season will pan out?
    I am struggling to think of any positive outcome and the games we have won have been totally unconvincing as well.
    Teams must look at us and rub their hands together with glee-they play like a bunch of mugs that are managed by a mug that takes his orders from the biggest pair of pricks in football ownership.

  20. jasontoon

    what are you doing on the 12th of january between the hours of 3 & 5pm ?

    i’ll be slapping a bit emulsion on me kitchen ceiling then & your more than welcome to bring a few ales over and sit and watch it dry for a couple of hours if you fancy.

  21. @sirjason

    i think it will continue in much the same vein. i think we’ll scrape survival by virtue of there being 3 or 4 worse teams and the undoubted quality we have in the squad.

    what happens next worries me more. i can’t see our better players wanting to stay here now that they’ve seen the extent of the club’s ambitions and had to put up with pardew’s tactics.

    and if we do survive i’m sure that pardew will spin it out as kind of acheivement given everything he’s had to deal with this season and he’ll hang around like a bad smell, tickling ashley’s balls and laughing at llambias’s jokes.

  22. SJT – we’ll finish around 15th. Not because everything’s going all that well, but simply because there are five teams worse than us.

  23. Nice Roy love a good emulsion session-magnolia is a favourite!
    I think we mentioned the worst teams saga the last time we went down,I think the more pressure and the whole squad and manager will collapse.
    Was thinking Ashley could sack Pardew though and he can avoid spending any money in this window.

  24. Stewpot- tickling ashley’s balls and laughing at llambias’s jokes.

    Ewwwww :lol:

  25. sirjasontoon says:
    January 5, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    “How does everyone think this season will pan out?”

    When Pardew was appointed, I feared that it would pan out like West Ham and it seems to be on course so far. But who would play the role of Alan Curbishley on a white charger? Who that is capable would want to do it for the same wages as a Championship manager, only to find himself humiliated and badmouthed by a drunken prick of a Managing Director in some bar?

  26. stewpot says:
    January 5, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    “tickling ashley’s balls and laughing at llambias’s jokes.”

    Stewpot, that reminds me of a machine my brother had once. He has a cafe by the seaside up in Whitby and outside he one of those things that had cheap gifts for little bairns packed into plastic balls. It was the funniest machine ever. A standing, demonic looking clown would constantly bellow out “AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! TICKLE MY BALLS AND WIN A PRIZE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I’m not making that up. Seriously. It just used to crease everyone up laughing who passed it. They couldn’t believe it. Whoever made the thing is so warped they’re probably making a Jimmy Savile model now.

  27. For what i’m about to say,i could just as well transpose one of my rants in the archives, actually a lot more than one in fact.
    Yeah Pardew’a a clown and a small time con man.
    But he’s easily managed, do anything for a job.
    Say anything for a job,
    Blame anyone for a job.
    All of which he does on a regular basis.
    But because of that, it’s really not his fault we have so many injuries, but historically we have had more than our share and should have prepared for it, also i guess no one knew we were going to have a much heavier schedule FFS.
    Perhaps what appeared to me as a look of relief when we crashed out of the Fa Cup was’nt so farfetched.
    Hell we have had a recent history of getting beat by nobody’s, in which case it came as no surprise to most fans i suppose.
    Shame really cause we were always a good cup side in the day.
    I’m wondering what kind of side Debuchy thinks he’s joined.
    And King Kevin i believe is right, we do miss Cabaye and his bossing the side.

    Things are now coming to a head, with even Ed’s. feelgood blog going all critical.
    Demanding we bring in at least a striker Douglas and Sissoko, which aint gonna happen, but should.

    Well i suppose you have all got used to my repetitivness so i willrepeat myself once again.
    99% of the blame has to be Ashleys, Llambias being nothing more than a message boy, and Pardew a yes man.
    And as long as he continues to believe he knows what he’s doing, despite no one of any football awareness to confer with ( well perhaps Carr) then why would one expect anything to improve.
    My mantra of a decent knowledgeable GM and a manager who can put to-gether a side who can play an attractive version of the modern game, is the remedy for this club and the sooner Ashley faces that reality the better for all.
    It’s been five years of stumbling around, with this ridiculous policy of signing no one over 26, plus installing a wage cap, coupled by low ball bids, that are seldom accepted.
    Yep, slow learning curve still, with no changes in sight.
    Guess we will have to get used to it and possibly second tier football again.

  28. Due to the present struggle and the reality that Pardew aint got a clue as to how to deal with it.
    Should it not be time for some possible nominations to replace him, hell we could even nominate Llambias’s replacement as he’s gotta go too.
    No re-treads please, if we are to get a replacement for the Grey Gaffer, lets make it someone who’s sides play an attractive and hopefully winning style.
    I mean how many fans turned their tv,s off vs Brighton and football should be a form of entertainment, ergo an attractive style.
    I know who Worky would nominate and i got no problem with his choice, but there are any number of young guys making names for themselves, plus a few of the Dutch masters still around, but as in my rant above, most would only come if guarranteed a certain amount of control, which i doubt Ashley would be willing to relinquish.
    There lies the problem, not simply firing Pardew.

  29. chuck-you know my recommendation, his side knocked us out of a the FAC for the second year running on Saturday.

    And yes, wt, I know he’s good buds with Wise. I don’t care. I have friends (and definitely coworkers with whom I get on) who have other friends that I think are assholes. Doesn’t really interfere with our relationship.

    I’d also take Di Matteo. Or someone else from the continent.

  30. tunyc – I didn’t read Chuck’s massive-latest-missive but I agree with you. Pardew out, even Di Matteo in.

    Isn’t Guardiola available?

  31. There are many problems with ‘murka, GS. Many. And I understand that the fad in idiotic reality show stars has made its way across the pond…or is that where it come from? Hmmmmmmm…

    Anyway, you actually made me glad (happens often) that I don’t have cable anymore. I’m not subsidizing this BS.

  32. tunyc says:
    January 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    “or is that where it come from?”

    You can thank us for the latest generation of wonderful talent shows tunyc. I’m sure you’re a big fan.