Newcastle United vs Manchester City match highlights and post match interviews

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Highlights of this afternoon’s game between Newcastle United and Manchester City at St James’ Park.

Newcastle United vs Manchester City full match video.

Post match interviews.

Despite the loss against the Premiership champions, Alan Pardew was “very pleased” with the performance.

You’d never guess Roberto Mancini had won.

Score and goalscorers.

Newcastle United 1 (Ba 51), Manchester City 3 (Aguero 10, Garcia 39, Yaya Toure 78).

Teams and match facts.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson (Shane Ferguson 82), Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, James Perch, Cheick Tiote (Sylvain Marveaux 75), Vurnon Anita, Papiss Cisse (Shola Ameobi 79), Demba Ba, Jonas Gutierrez.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Tavernier, Shane Ferguson, Gael Bigirimana, Sylvain Marveaux, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi.

Manchester City (4-2-3-1): Joe Hart (G), Pablo Zabaleta, Kolo Toure, Matija Nastasic, Gael Clichy; Javi Garcia, Yaya Toure (C), Samir Nasri (Aleksandar Kolarov 37 (Dzeko72)), Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Carlos Tevez (Joleon Lescott 79).

Subs: Costel Pantilimon (G), Aleksandar Kolarov, Karim Rekik, Joleon Lescott, Abdul Razak, Scott Sinclair, Edin Dzeko.

Yellow cards: Mike williamson (15), Danny Simpson (27), Sergio Aguero (37), Kolo Toure (55), James Perch (55)

Red cards: None.

Referee: Andre Marriner (W.Mids).

Attendance: 49,779.


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31 Responses

  1. quicker we get to january the better.not expecting us to pick up a single point from now to then.glad i gave my ticket to my a uld man

  2. jack72 says:
    December 15, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    “quicker we get to january the better.not expecting us to pick up a single point from now to then.glad i gave my ticket to my a uld man”

    Oh FFS! Even QPR have started winning now with ‘Arry. 2-1 over Fulham (who beat us).

    We’re 15th now Villa have overtaken us. At least Hughton has kept Wigan beneath us with another win for the Canaries though.

  3. We’ve scored 19 goals, 11 of which are from Ba :shock:

    Yet Alan thinks there are plenty of goals in this team according to his interview with the BBC :-)

  4. Jimbob says:
    December 15, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    “We’ve scored 19 goals, 11 of which are from Ba”

    Jimbob, look at the chances and assists we’ve created in comparison with other clubs. Ba’s a miracle worker. I haven’t checked it out fully, but he must have the best finishing percentage by some distance in the Premiership as well as being near the top of the scoring charts.

  5. Didn’t watch the game but the highlights don’t look awful. Huge game next considering QPR won today.

  6. I’ve dropped the post match interview videos into this post now.

    Maze, we actually weren’t that bad. We started quite well even if they did score after only 10 minutes and we had a good long patch in the second half too. Santon dropped a real bollock for one of their goals though and had a poor game in general.

  7. i see that inexperienced soft s***e, chris hughton, is up to 7th, nice one chris.
    i wonder how long it’s going to take for it to dawn upon fat ashley, that he’s not cut out for this football lark?

  8. i can see why he looks buoyed during his interview, he’s saying we’ll be okay.
    that may be the case, but we only started getting into the game, when it was lost, and the pressure was off.
    we all know at times the so called smaller sides, will raise their game, against the big boys.
    the qpr game will be a different kettle of fish, so we’ll see how up for it, he is, when that comes around.

    one player in the window?, is he taking the gypsies or what?, we need at least three.

  9. worky, he’s made it now, king of all he surveys.
    it’s an absolute abomination, the * ****or, it will get the music industry, done away with.
    as john lydon calls it, “a mugs paradise”, because at the end of the show, what have you really won?
    any young’uns coming up now, should be urged to do it properly, and not take short cuts, if you want to be a musician, singer, etc.

    i always remember when i was a young’un in the early 80’s, adam and the ants, and shakin stevens, sort of era.
    shaky was getting interviewed about being a musician, singer, and what it took to become one.
    i remember him saying, and it’s always stuck with me, that it wasn’t glamourous, and you had to be dedicated to it, serve your time going around the clubs, dives, slums, clocking up miles, and basically living in the back of transit vans, in the middle of winter, and even then you might not get the rewards, but it was the love of what you were doing, that counted.
    these kids now are stupid, because they haven’t got the sense to realise, they are being used, and the only real winners, in shows like these, are pimps and parasites, like that talentless conman, simon cowell.
    some of these kids parents should open their eyes to the scam also.

  10. joe hawkins says:
    December 15, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    “worky, is that when some kid was trying to sue him for assault?”

    Aye, something like that Joe. It was a drummer who claimed he wasn’t paid and that Lydon headbutted him.

  11. My question is, would it be acceptable to lose 8 out of 10 to get rid of Pardew? Of course there is no guarantee that he would go if this happened.

    On music, hasn’t the x-factor and I-tunes combined to make most popular music bland and concentrate money even more in the hands of producers. Even labels (EMI) and shops (HMV) can’t make any money.

    Then there are the mega-bands doing mega-concerts on past glory.

    Worky would know more because of his sound engineer business but I guess there is money to be made doing your own CDs and promotions because sound equipment is so much cheaper and it is so easy to duplicate CDs. So the real underground music might be thriving, I don’t know, I am a bit old to follow it and don’t have any tattoos or piercings.

    I was following The Guardians best albums of the year, but are there really any albums anymore, how many do they even sell in the days of the downloadable 99 cent MP3?

    It seems to me that we are seeing money and power being concentrated in a few hands in the music business just like the rest of society.

  12. Then again, the more things change the more things stay the same. The Sex Pistols were complaining about A&E from EMI, XTC didn’t make a record for 10 years because of a dodgy contract (meanwhile they became irrelevant) and Les Miserables is now a movie.

  13. Well the script is written QPRs first win away can just see it.Pardew keeps saying we are playing well we are not its relegation form we are in right now and by the time the january window comes in it might be too late.What players will want to come here for a relegation battle thats if we go for anyone at all.Been watching the Toon for 38 years through some great times but mostly bad ones and things never seem to change.Hacks me off when Arsenal fans or Man utd fans complain about their teams form try winning sod all for 50 years and still see if you turn up.Just having a moan but it would be great to finish in the top six every season and play some decent stuff i think thats all the majority want to be fair but thats not the Toon way is it.

  14. The concert for Sandy, aaarrrggghhh!
    Hell the same old faces, who for the most part have not aged well, The strolling Bones are like a comic parody of themselves.
    The multi millionaire working class hero, Bruce Springfield, dug out his old jeans and plaid flannel shirt to sweat and rasp hia way through his act.
    Of course Mc Cartney just wont go away, like Billy Joel
    he still longs for the spotlight.
    I remember Frank Sinatra in his twighlight years and wondered why he bothered, i guess the lure of the spotlight and adoration of the fans, is a tough johnson to kick.
    Now on saying that, i would go almost anywhere to satch a Tony Bannet concert, even though he’s 120!

  15. I have to take issue somewhat with this growing consensus that “we weren’t that bad.”

    I think we did have a bad day. Even when we were on top we didn’t look likely to score. This was especially true in the first half when, by contrast, city created numerous changes as soon as they got on their passing game. They easily could have been up 3/4-0 at the break. Williamson’s sliding save on the line, the one wrongly called offside that Krul saved with his feet but gave up a huge rebound, several goal mouth scrambles that left me wondering how they didn’t score and then the one they did. Our only real chance was when Williamson got the second ball on that corner and did well to shoot on target from a difficult angle forcing Hart to save with his feet.

    This to me is the problem with this team more than anything. Though again, I would have considered starting Perch in the center of defense, knowing the pace of city’s forwards. Can’t complain too much there-Williamson did indeed have a good match yesterday. Colo was actually not as good on the day.

    Have I mentioned that Vertonghen had another excellent game and scored today?

  16. Glad to see someone else calling out Springfield, chuck. I’m sure you know how folks around the nyc area are all over his nuts. Homeboy’s been a straight-up phony for a while now.

  17. Stewpot: you really think Ba will stay? Money, weather, Agents, London – say not. Or, Liverpool and even more money.

  18. tunyc says:
    December 16, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    “They easily could have been up 3/4-0 at the break. Williamson’s sliding save on the line… Our only real chance was when Williamson got the second ball on that corner and did well to shoot on target from a difficult angle forcing Hart to save with his feet.”

    Stop saying good things about Williamson tunyc, or people will start calling you an idiot. ;-)

  19. no i don’t think he’ll stay GS, looking at his contract his agents have been angling for a move away since the day he signed.

    i like him but as soon as his release clause was made public i’ve never trusted him (more accurately his agents) and cannot believe that somebody at our club actually agreed to it.

    i cannot imagine a decent club agreeing to be held to ransom in such a way. do you think ferguson or wenger would have agreed to such a clause because i don’t.

    just another stupid decision by our management in my opinion

  20. Chuck: Tony Bennett wheels himself and his wig to his Viagra concert in Highland Park every year here in Chicago.

    They banned smoking outdoors!!!!

    John Hiatt said “f**k” one time and almost caused a riot. Oh, the children!