Newcastle United vs Manchester City full match video, highlights and interviews.

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Newcastle United v Mancheaster City full match video – First half.

Newcastle United v Mancheaster City full match video – Second half.

Newcastle United v Man City highlights.

Post match interviews.

Despite the loss against the Premiership champions, Alan Pardew was “very pleased” with the performance.

You’d never guess Roberto Mancini had won.

Score and goalscorers.

Newcastle United 1 (Ba 51), Manchester City 3 (Aguero 10, Garcia 39, Yaya Toure 78).

Teams and match facts.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson (Shane Ferguson 82), Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, James Perch, Cheick Tiote (Sylvain Marveaux 75), Vurnon Anita, Papiss Cisse (Shola Ameobi 79), Demba Ba, Jonas Gutierrez.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Tavernier, Shane Ferguson, Gael Bigirimana, Sylvain Marveaux, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi.

Manchester City (4-2-3-1): Joe Hart (G), Pablo Zabaleta, Kolo Toure, Matija Nastasic, Gael Clichy; Javi Garcia, Yaya Toure (C), Samir Nasri (Aleksandar Kolarov 37 (Dzeko72)), Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Carlos Tevez (Joleon Lescott 79).

Subs: Costel Pantilimon (G), Aleksandar Kolarov, Karim Rekik, Joleon Lescott, Abdul Razak, Scott Sinclair, Edin Dzeko.

Yellow cards: Mike williamson (15), Danny Simpson (27), Sergio Aguero (37), Kolo Toure (55), James Perch (55)

Red cards: None.

Referee: Andre Marriner (W.Mids).

Attendance: 49,779.


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82 Responses

  1. So now Kraftwerk is art at THE TATE. I tried to tell people (brothers) it was art and music combined, but they wouldn’t listen.

  2. Apparently Ba wants £90 grand a week to sign a new contract.

    I’m sure big Mike will be up for that!

  3. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    December 16, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    “Apparently Ba wants £90 grand a week to sign a new contract.”

    Where are the quotes saying that and who made them Grumpy?

    He was supposedly signed on a three year contract anyway, and he’s only been at Newcastle for a Year and a half. There was also no transfer fee when we signed him anyway, just agents fees. When that happens it’s usually reflected in the player getting a bigger wage.

  4. Worky, Sandanista, I just bought it because I didn’t get it when I was younger. I know like 5 songs from it but I thought it would be like listening to 25 NEW songs from way back.

    I also got a thing by Frank Ocean to see what he is up to. A friend of mine said he is good.

  5. GS, in the mid-late fifties there was a musical revolution called “rock n’ roll” or whatever. Since that time, there were similar revolution every decade or so, mid to late sixties, mid to late seventies with “Punk,” the late ‘eighties with dance music. Then it just stopped. Young people became boring Capitalist conformists who were more interested in expensive consumer brand names aka “bling” than “revolution.”

    This gave the music industry an oppurtunity to re align things back to the way they were. Musicians were writing their own stuff, shaping their own image and this was giving the successful ones too much power. Before that, it was the suits who were in charge of the writing and the recording and the performers were largely powerless and interchangable. Their songs were written for them, their clothes were chosen for them, their image was shaped by them. Hence the industry was more in control. We’ve now returned to that time in the UK, which used to be the most innovative place in the world for music. We’ve gone from the Clash to Westlife, Girls Aloud, Geordie Joe, “Su-Bo” and similar guff.

    Now of course, you have Cowell over there shitting on everything.

  6. Thats true, the suits are constantly looking for control of the industry, it’s nothing new, with control, they increase profit. (Globalisation)
    Actuall there are perceptive musicians who end up controling their own destiny and all profit from their efforts.
    By controlling every part of the process, writing, performing, recording, distribution.
    Many of them African-Americans, Hip Hop, Rap, Etc.
    The Jamaicans were doing it with their own labels, way back.
    Kinda like Mini Breweries, who Produce and sell their product, within one building.
    Distribution is where it becomes difficult.
    But if you have a product in demand, you can usually cut a good deal.

  7. Worky

    I think it was on the sports section of the BBC news red button.

    Or possibly in Saturdays Telegraph, can’t remember but I definitely saw it mentioned. Could just be paper-talk though.

  8. Something i often wonder about, what was it about Do-Wop, that it never really made it in the UK.
    Yeah i know selective songs from certain artists did well, but it was never quite that popular as in the US.
    I remember being in Baltimore, a blue collar industrial city, with a large port, for a few months in the late sixties.
    What was strange about the place was it was totally , unlike many US cities, unaffected by the so called British music Invasion.
    And i recall a paper my ten year old son was asked to write, by a teacher from Johns Hopkins U. Entitled Christ Stopped at Eboli.
    That being a euphemism, (the fact the mountainous area, south of Naples was ignored by invaders, who saw no reason to go there)
    It seemed that the British Invasion music, had either no reception or the fact Do-Wop and shitkicking music was a prefference, I was never sure.
    In which case (yes both The Beatles and others had begun a revolutionary british sound) mostly based on American Blues and R&R etc.
    But that really does’nt justify the fact Do-Wop never caught on in the UK.
    Hell i could be wrong here but dont think so and just curious.
    Was it cultural ?

  9. Aye Grumpy, it’s been all over the place but all I’ve seen so far has been of the “it has been reported” and “a source says” variety, along with all the other stock phrases which cover speculative guff in the media. Just take it with a pinch of salt until someone comes out and is willing to say something about it in public.

    Having written that, I have no doubts that Ba wants an improved contract and will go elsewhere if necessary to get one. Newcastle have the best squad outside the top six yet Ashley only pays the same kind of wages as a club at the lower end of the Premiership (I think NUFC is around 13th in the Premiership wages league?). With Ashley’s greed, it’s hardly surprising there’ll be alot of players who feel they can do much better for themselves elsewhere. But there’ll also be alot of false stories about it in the media too. Some will be from hacks with an active imagination, but some might also from the club to paint a picture of Ba as a greedy, overdemanding primadonna who’s a bad influence on the whole club à la Carroll, Barton, Nolan, Enrique, Simpson and so on…

  10. Watched an interesting movie on PBS last night, made by
    the BBC.
    Entitled “Dagenham”, which at one time produced Cars in such volume, coming only secondary to Fords Detroit production,in late sixties.
    It was about the women workers, who sewed the seat covers and who were declared unskilled labor, and had their wages reduced.
    Which were already lower than mens doing similar work.
    Basically it was about equality, which no one ever challenged prior to this, as women were always discriminated against, when it came to labor and wages.
    Like Rosy the riveter in the US shipyards, her and others likee her were eventually producing one ship a week, plus aicraft by the thousands.
    By the wars end, they were for the most part made redundant, whithout choice and their jobs given to returning servicemen.
    But i’m digressing.
    The movie was intresting, showing the cosy relationship between Labor, the government at that time (Labour) and of course Ford Motors.
    All of who were willing to throw these women under a bus.
    But thanks to their holding out for a principle they eventually paved the way for an equal pay for equal work law.
    Yes i understand it’s a movie, where all the undercurrents and complications could not be aired, but it tells a basic story, that’s complimentary to women.
    And is entertaining.
    My understanding is, Dagenham is no longer in production, or only produces auto engines, i’m also interested in finding out why that is.
    Out of date Plant ?
    Was production switched to East European countries, with lower labor costs and perhaps less militant labor?

  11. chuck says:
    December 16, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    “But that really does’nt justify the fact Do-Wop never caught on in the UK.
    Hell i could be wrong here but dont think so and just curious.
    Was it cultural ?”

    You’re going back to the pre Jurassic period there Chuck! Until the sixties, the English mostly went for American stuff over the more home grown material because it was mostly better. The likes of Elvis, Jerry Lee and Little Richard certainly trumped our lot it must be said. I know that Doo-Wop was over here too and I used to get bombarded with stuff like the Platters, the Ink-Spots, the Mills’ Brothers and all that stuff from my dad. I know that they all had hits over here as well as over there, but it’s before my time so I’m a bit lost on the subject really.

    The UK really started to come into it’s own with a very talented and somewhat troubled bunch of young ruffians who were raised amongst the ashes of WW2. After that, slick dance moves and matching suits were all seen as a bit too cheesy and “showbiz” over here. If there is a “cultural” difference, perhaps that’s it?

  12. Worky

    Yes ! it appears NUFC (Ashley) are ready to let possibly the leagues best goalscoring threat leave, rather than pay him what he’s asking for.
    No doubt it’s primarily about the salary cap.
    I’m sure there are more than enough willing takers who will be happy to pay both his transfer fee and whatever he is asking, salarywise.
    Bum knee and all.
    Of course any player leaving The Toon, is automatically
    described as greedy and disloyal, well for the most part.
    Loic Remy, a consistent goalscorer with Marseille has been rumored to be arriving as his replacement, with Marveaux going the other way as part payment.
    Actually does’nt sound that bad, as the pairing of Ba and Cisse is just not working out, lets see ?
    I wouldda prefered to give em Obertan, as i think Marveaux could turn out to be a good buy, looking at how he’s come on with limited playing time.
    What’s the odds on Pardew now?

  13. Personally I don’t think we will be seeing the back of Pardew in the near future regardless of results.

    I reckon he suits Ashleys profile of what he wants and probably won’t start to panic (or whatever he does) till we are heading for League 1.

    If he was to ditch Pardew however I wouldn’t mind us getting Kenny Jackett, he seems to have a good grasp of the necessary aspects to assemble a winning team. OK he is a championship manager but at least he has served his time at the lower levels.

    Chuck I have been watching a couple of the Man V Food progs lately, whats your take on them?

    Some of those servings would keep me and the missus going for a month. :)

  14. Chuck, it was “Ford’s Dagenham Dream.” I’ve seen it too and funnily enough it kind of goes back to the rock’n roll thing and the UKs love of things American pre 60s. Fords had big fins, lots of flashy chrome and were more Yank, more Rock’n’Roll than the tweedy British cars from the likes of Austin Morris et al. Though Jaguars like the Mk2 and the E-Type were the coolest cars ever, they were too expensive for the common man (and it was mostly men in those days).

    The problems with sexism, equality and also racism inside and outside the unions were universal on both sides of the pond back then. As for the Dagenham factory now, you’re right. It doesn’t acually manufacture cars any more, just engines, and the workforce is only one tenth of what it was at it’s zenith (40,000 to 4000).

    As for the reason, you got nearest to the truth with the last attempt, ie “lower labor costs and perhaps less militant labor?” Unions have been largely cowed since that bloody woman to a large extent, but the UK can’t compete with ex Commie nations just as your lot can’t compete with Mexico when it comes to pitiful wages, as hard as they try.

    As for your question “Out of date plant” There’s the old argument about how the Germans and the Japanese lost the war but won the peace. The UK was heavily bombed, but of course, Germany really had the shit bombed out of it by “Bomber” Harris and your lot. You also left a bit of a mess in Japan as well. There was no infastructure, no plant left and so on. It was the British who rebuilt VW and got it going with the Beetle and the US/UK also rescued many other German manufacturing giants. Ditto with the Japs too. So, we gave both Japan and Germany spanking now state of the art infastructure, plant and all that, which they subsequently used to take over the world of manufacturing.

    Now it didn’t affect your side of the pond so much. Americans fought in the war, but none of your cities and factories were bombed. Hence, you also had a modern infastructure and well equipped factories. However, we had to rescue Germany’s infastructure and our own, not to mention paying back all those “lend-lease” agreements from the war. You still can’t compete with so called “Third World” and “Developing” nations on labour costs though.

    Rich economies like the US, UK, Germany and Japan can only compete by using their technological advantages to maufacture top end “state of the art” stuff such as jets and latest generation weaponry. Or stuff vulgar nouveau riche people in these rapdly developing economies who make the cheaps stuff want, eg Bentleys, Aston Martins, Rolexes etc.

  15. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    December 16, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    “Chuck I have been watching a couple of the Man V Food progs lately, whats your take on them?

    Some of those servings would keep me and the missus going for a month.”

    Grumpy, it saddens me greatly that we can no longer take the piss out of the Yanks for being fat bastads who eat too much anymore because we are now the fattest bastads in Europe. We took over from the Sausagemunchers a while back and that stupid programme doesn’t exactly help the problem!

    I wonder what someone living in a shack in Sudan would make of it?

  16. Grumpy: it is not just the diner places that give out too much food. I can’t go to a steak house in Chicago because they serve 24 oz steaks, with no vegetables. You order a “side” and get 24 ounces of potatoes with cream or a whole head of broccoli swimming in cheese.

    It is such a waste because I don’t want to eat their cold food at home and would much prefer paying half the price for a third of the amount.

    Smith and Wolensky from New York is just as bad.

  17. So, I was at Gibson’s steak house in Chicago a few years ago, and there were four of us. We ordered carrot cake. They brought 1/8 of a 24 pound cake, that’s 3 pounds of f@cking cake. We ate about half, took it home, stuck it in the fridge for a week and threw it out.

  18. Worky I have to admit I do wonder at how people who are really starving feel seeing progs like that. Most people in the world can access TV now, so possibly they can watch these programs.

    Dunno if you read the Matthew Norman restaraunt reviews, his guest this week was Alexei Sayle who is something of an expert on S.Korean cuisine. When asked if their was a difference between South and North Korean food, he replied in the North it’s soil and grass. Which would be funny if it wasn’t true.

    On a different note I’ve been watching Sports personality of the year and Jessica Ennis looks fabulous.

  19. And talking about out of date machinery, I used to work in a large Bearing factory in the UK and the machines we were using were German pre-war and wartime ones.

    The bearing we made were really cr*p, nowt to to with the workers it were the bl**dy antique machines.

    No wonder they were able to outproduce us.

  20. They are bringing the religion crutch into this massacre in Connecticut. I really hate to say it, but they are almost wallowing in their misery, the candle vigils.

    I know everybody will hate me for saying that.

  21. GS says:
    December 16, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    “They are bringing the religion crutch into this massacre in Connecticut. I really hate to say it, but they are almost wallowing in their misery, the candle vigils.

    I know everybody will hate me for saying that.”

    I completely agree GS. If they really care about bairns getting slaughtered over there though, why don’t they get rid of that stupid, awful, retarded, disgraceful Second Amendment thing about the right to blow each others heads off?

    Do they all have small penises in the US?

  22. The weird thing is that the Governor of Connecticut was saying that this should reaffirm people’s faith, when I think it is the complete opposite. Random acts of violence are not divine.

  23. Worky: you should look at the replies that people make to the link @29. You have said before that people take the time to wish you cancer or a horrible death.

    Strange world.

  24. Sorry I forgot to post the long “Match of the Day” highlights this morning.

    GS, I just find reading comments from people like that nauseating and depressing.

  25. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    December 16, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    “Personally I don’t think we will be seeing the back of Pardew in the near future regardless of results.”

    If we look like we’re going to get relegated, Ashley will fire him in a trice. The stakes involved with being in the Premiership now are far to big for mercenary bastard like him to do anything else.

  26. GS says:
    December 17, 2012 at 12:07 am

    “Don’t worry Worky. This is always a good read and I am glad you keep the nutters off it.”

    I’ve never really worried that much about Yank gun nuts on here GS. :-)

    Cheryl Tweedie must be one of the worst singers I’ve ever heard. I’m not just saying that because she’s supposed to be a professional singer, I’m just saying it full stop. Even if she was a pissed up secretary doing Karaoke, she’d still be shite. How on earth can she judge other singers?

  27. Worky: I saved “The Greatest”: Gerd Muller to watch when I was having a bad time with NUFC. Football porn.

  28. Yes, it was really good. Beckenbauer playing with a dislocated shouldler, Cruyff dancing it in from the kick-off.

    It is still good now with Messi, Ronaldo and Falcao.

  29. The Garrincha one about him being the most talented footballer ever, smoking, drinking and shagging.

    They are all good though.

  30. The funny thing was that they used to play with a pudding for a ball if it ever got wet.

    And then Jeff Astel? supposedly died from heading that pudding too hard too many times.

  31. Do you know I have outlived Father Ted now? I think he died when he was 48. It was after the Marathon bar turned into a snicker.

  32. I am sorry, I am sorry. CNN are putting up pictures of these kids and their names and pretending to weep in public. It is a crass show of shyte as they cut to the next commercial.

  33. CNN – Putting up the words “EXCLUSIVE” on the screen as they have 5 family members of someone killed in this tragedy interviewed.

    I will tell you what – I wouldn’t be interviewed if this happened to me.

  34. It is so sad that these people died for nothing. But I don’t get the point of Yahoo and the Daily Mail putting their pictures up just to make us all sad.

    I know stepping on a duckling would make me sad so don’t show me it.

  35. Yes folks we are all aware of how the media in general, feed off tradgedies and how the first amendment to the US constitution has been grossly misinterpreted.
    So lets not continue the process here.

  36. Worky

    Yes we all know that German cities were in ruins at the end of ww11 but German wartime output reached it’s most productive level in 1944 and though many auto. plants were severely damaged, Daimler Benz was for the most part intact, with one of the most modern production facilities anywhere.

    One has to give Pardew a bitta credit, why ?
    Here he is smiling and quoting stuff like.
    If we keep playing like this we will be alright.
    That following the Citeh game.
    FFS we got beat!
    And the last game we won, was by a lucky ricochet of a defenders ass, not to mention none of the earlier sides in the loosing streak were exactly top four.
    The same attitude was previlent in our relegation season and we actually had earned more points during the same time period.
    Are we a better side now, than then ?
    What happens when Ba leaves, who do we look to to score?
    If by now everyone with an interest in this club, has’nt
    realised we are in deep shit and our owner and manager have no clue or are reluctant to make the neccessary moves to solve this problem.
    Then welcome to the second tier, whatever they are calling it these days.


  37. @chuck

    for me, the most worrying quote from pardew post-city was the suggestion that we’d only be looking to sign ONE player.

    the last game we won was against wigan, which game are you referring to?

    i think we are a better now than we were in the last relegation season but that doesn’t necessarily mean the outcome will be any different.

    if ba leaves it may free-up cisse a bit but i wouldn’t like to test the theory, don’t forget ba only scored once after the arrival cisse last season. but it would be suicidal to let him go.

    there is still no prevailing anti-ashley/pardew sentiment in sjp that i can detect. indeed, level 7 tried to sing pards’ name a few times on saturday, which was met with general indifference from the rest of the leazes end. seems to me it’s more than the management who are sleepwalking into a crisis right now.

  38. Chuck mate, do you always have to take the opposite viewpoint? I swear, if I said I like Mexican food you would tell me it isn’t really Mexican and the Mayans did it better back in the day.

  39. Sorry about the lack of blogs. Even though I’m a grumpy old Scrooge at Christmas, I still have to get out and about and do lots of shite, buy presents, send cards, meet people etc. I’ll knock some stuff out tomorrow.

  40. Worky
    Contrary? not really, just keeping things straight.
    Fact is there were two differing arguments, following the introduction of the US Army Airforce to the European
    The RAF with bomber Harris, was more in favor of terror bombing, of cities, with Dresden and Hamburg being the best known.
    While the US favored the destruction of german industry.
    The fact that Germany’s war production reached a peak in 1944, guess you know who won that argument.
    Resulting in the Daimler Benz plants being intact following Germanys surrender.
    Yes, Volkswagen was seriously damaged, but it was the Marshal Plan that restored German and other European industry.
    As Britain was broke and had problems everywhere, throughout the world, in attempting to retain colonies , not only British , but French and Dutch.
    There was no money for Germany rebuilding it’s auto. industry.
    For gods sake bread that was never rationed during the entire war was now rationed in 1946-7 following the end of lend lease, and whale meat and horse flesh was added to the British diet and rationing of food lasted well into the 1950’s.
    In which case i dont know where you got the idea that Britain helped the recovery of Volkswagen, to the detriment of the British car industry.
    FFS Henry ford introduced the assembly line prior to WW1
    but certain British auto firms had’nt adapted it as late as the end of WW2, no wonder the went outta business.

  41. GS
    No! in fact i probably introduce more points than many to the blog, hopefully commenting on things some may find interesting.
    Which is more than i can say about some.
    And yes I tend to repeat myself, not because i’m a codger, but it’s the only way i know that absolutely works.
    Pavlov knew!

  42. Grumpy
    Man vs food ?
    I have never watched the programme, but we got plenty of food programms on US tv.
    Cant believe the Brits are more obese than us, wow.
    My favorite used to be Jaques Pepin, fabulous chef, made things look so simple.

  43. Chuckles: I have no problem with you at all. I will point out the obvious about you now and again though.

  44. chuck says:
    December 18, 2012 at 6:22 am

    “Cant believe the Brits are more obese than us, wow.”

    We’re not Chuck, we’re just the fattest bastards in Europe. You lot are still the fattest bastards in the world by miles. You’re in a league of your own there.

  45. I was just logging in to corect that above statement myself, beat me to it worky. Fatter than the seppos! Not a chance.

  46. That’s why their biggest cities are on opposite coasts, to stop the whole continent up-ending.

  47. goodoldjimgold says:
    December 18, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    “That’s why their biggest cities are on opposite coasts, to stop the whole continent up-ending.”

    If it did that, it would probably be Florida first Jim. My sister married a septic once and lived there for a while. You go for a meal there and they wheel out a whole cow, and that’s just breakfast. The ice cream abuse is terrible too. They just eat tons of the stuff with loads of syrup on top all the time.

  48. Worky: I literally can’t go out for a meal here without literally eating a whole cow.

    I know not “literally” :)

  49. @66 worky

    makes you wonder which other players feel the same.

    how many of them have been lobbying for him to change his default approach which clearly wasn’t working. is the recent return to a more measured approach is down to pardew or the players?

    i know one thing, as soon as city scored their third on saturday pardew’s response was as predictable as his post-match platitudes.

  50. A message to Alan Pardew from Bob Paisley.

    “We realised it was no use winning the ball if you finished up on your backside. The top Europeans showed us how to break out of defence effectively. The pace of their movement was dictated by their first pass. We had to learn how to be patient like that and think about the next two or three moves when we had the ball.”

    A message to Alan Pardew from Bill Shankly.

    “At Liverpool we don’t have anyone running into no man’s land. If you get the ball in the Liverpool team, you want choices… you want at least two people to pass to, maybe three, maybe more… You might not be getting very far, but the pattern is changing. Finally, somebody will sneak in.”

  51. Worky
    Yes no doubt, Ivan Hirst had a part in the recovery of Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant.
    Both he and the REME obviously saw an opportunity to use the plant as a repair facility to service their own vehicles, while keeping it going by re introducing the production of former models.
    The point is it was never a serious attempt to revive a private corporation, that was done through loans and other aid, brought about by the Marshall Plan.
    Which was mainly responsible for the economic revival of Western Europe.
    Unfortunately at the time the UK was exhausted following over five years of war, not only physically but in fact the nation was broke and had to continue rationing food until well into the 1950’s and in no position to subsidise or come to the aid of the German auto industry.
    Though being the largest beneficiaries of The Marshall Plan itself,receiving a total of $6594 billion from a total of $12371 billion, not bad!
    Plus from the end of the war in Europe, their were more important problems than the revival of the german car industry, with the victors still trying to sort things out until well into the late forties.
    Germany not becoming eligible for funds until 1949, whearas the program which included most of Western Europe, excluding Spain and Finland (finlandization)began in 1947.
    So $6594 billion, i’d say you folks should be less critical and a bit more grateful, after all we saved your bacon in two ww wars and threw you a few bucks to get on with things.
    Be nice and dont bite the hand that fed you.

  52. chuck says:
    December 18, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    “So $6594 billion, i’d say you folks should be less critical and a bit more grateful, after all we saved your bacon in two ww wars and threw you a few bucks to get on with things.
    Be nice and dont bite the hand that fed you.”

    Chuck, Yanks never wanted to get involved in the war, but were dragged kicking and screaming into it by the Japanese, and used it to feather their own nest. So lay off with all that “you should be grateful” shit. All of that money was paid back with interest. You were only dragged into the First World War after the sinking of the Lusitania too. The United States only ever acts in it’s own interests, but like Newcastle United nowadays, it lives on myths and lies.

  53. Worky sez @ 72#

    We realised it was no use winning the ball if you finished up on your backside…..

    Any chance of passing this on to Williamson ?

    Also sez,

    ….you might not be getting very far but the pattern is changing. Finally someone will sneak in.

    Ermm! isn’t that what Rodgers advocated at Swansea and is presently attempting to introduce at Liverpool ?
    It’s possesion, passing and eventually breaking down the other side.
    Surely Bob Paisley cant be wrong.

    And hey, a quick break out, we got that covered, were experts at it.
    Just hoof it as hard as you can in the general direction of their goalie.
    Thats what i’m talking bout.

  54. chuck says:
    December 18, 2012 at 5:25 pm


    Ahh! dont take it so serious, just amusing myself.”

    I’m not Chuck. When blogmasters are daft enough to take you seriously, they usually start foaming at the mouth and ban you before they need a straitjacket, don’t they?

    Are you banned on Toonsy’s ATM? :-)

  55. Worky
    Nah ! once in a rare while i cotribute to either Toonsy’s or Ed’s. blog.
    Only if i read something I either agree with or disagree, as you could guess mostly the latter.
    What the hell they are all hits and controversy is what drives blogs.
    But no one wants or needs any frothing at the mouth.

  56. chuck says:
    December 18, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Nah ! once in a rare while i cotribute to either Toonsy’s or Ed’s. blog.”

    Well in that case I’m very disppointed with you Chuck. You’re obviously out of form nowadays.

  57. Gotta imagine most of the world would refer to yanks & brits arguing over who’s fatter as splitting hairs. As for me, I’m bringing down the average!

    Actually, Roosevelt and a whole school of thought within the US government very much did want to get into WWII, just didn’t think it was politically viable. That’s why the conspiracy theory that we had advance warning of Pearl Harbor that was ignored, and used the bombing like a false flag attack to justify entry into the war, still rattles around. Read the fine print: we had done a lot to provoke the Japanese. Looking back, we did too much in that vein for most historians to accept it as coincidence.

  58. tunyc, even if we are fat bastards over here now too, don’t worry, most of the world knows you lot are still the undisputed champions in that department. :-) I bring the averages down over here too. I’ve always been a Greyhound.

    Aye, very fair point about Roosevelt but you do love your conspiracy theories over there. The Japs could have destroyed even more than they did on that day, and the idea that Roosevelt would let that much of his navy go down for some kind of “false flag” thing is rather silly.

    Yes, you did aggravate the Japanese, but they were every bit as bad as the Nazis. WW2 really started with the Second Sino-Japanese war in 1937. They slaughtered millions in camps in China too along with all the really nasty stuff like incredibly sadistic experiments and so on. The Allied POWs weren’t treated that much better than those in the Concentration Camps too.

    We both had to stop them, but of course, the biggest irony of all was that we both had to ally ourselves with the biggest monster of them all, Uncle Joe Stalin.

  59. I hear you about conspiracy theories…just ’cause I think everyone’s out to get me doesn’t mean it’s NOT true!

    I don’t subscribe to the Pearl Harbor theory because you’re right-the Pacific fleet could have been crippled with a more thoughtful attack.

    Humans capacity for violence against each other is truly impressive.