Manchester United vs Newcastle United full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Manchester United v Newcastle United 26/12/12 – First half.

Manchester United v Newcastle United 26/12/12 – Second half.

Extended highlights.

Extended “Match of the Day highlights of Wednesday’s game between Manchester United and Newcastle United at Old Trafford.

Post match interviews.

The Silver Supremo thinks we should have got something after taking the game to them, and felt Manchester United last two goals we “poor”

Old purple nose thought his boys were “phenomenal” but had his usual carp. This time it was about the Simpson / Jonny Evans own goal which he thought shouldn’t have been allowed by Wirral Whistler, Mike Dean. He also conceeded that Man U can’t go on like Keegan’s Entertainers, ie letting the other side score three, but putting four past them.

Score and goalscorers.

Manchester United 4 (Evans 24, Evra 58, Van Persie 79, Hernandez 90), Newcastle United 3 (Perch 4, Evans (OG) 29, Cisse 69).

Teams and match facts.

Manchester United (4-4-2): Davide De Gea (G), Chris Smalling, Rio Ferdinand, Jonny Evans, Patrice Evra (C), Antonio Valencia, Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes (Tom Cleverly 69), Ryan Giggs, Javier Hernandez (Darren Fletcher 90+1), Robin van Persie.

Subs: Anders Lindegaard (G), Alexander Buttner, Scott Wootton, Nemanja Vidic, Tom Cleverley, Darren Fletcher, Ryan Tunnicliffe.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, James Perch, Gael Bigirimana (Gabriel Obertan 65), Vurnon Anita, Papiss Cisse (Sammy Ameobi 79), Demba Ba (Shola Ameobi 71), Sylvain Marveaux.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Tavernier, Shane Ferguson, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi, Adam Campbell.

Yellow cards: Jonny Evans (36), Javier Hernandez (38), Mike Williamson (42), Antonio Valencia (53),

Red cards: None.

Referee: Mike Dean (the Wirral).


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81 Responses

  1. worky, I usually know when you’ve posted a new post because it comes up on newsnow but this one wasn’t on there when I was looking earlier. Just thought i’d let you know in case there was something worng.

  2. Thanks Tony, I noticed it hadn’t been picked up. Usually it’s just one of those things that just happens once every few months or so and I put in a missed headline report.

    Did you know that you can pick up all the stories on here by subscribing to our RSS feed, or through Facebook and Twitter?

    To subscribe to our RSS feed:

    Click on the “RSS feed” at the top right of this blog (next to the “Newsnow” sign).

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    This should sort you out. If you choose to do that and you have any problems, let me know.

  3. Thanks worky, I’m no expert on this computer stuff but i’ve tried what you said and all seems ok. I’ll know it works for sure when you do another blog!

  4. wt @ 3: the comments on that piece are almost unbelievably stupid.

    “I would happily sell ba…”

    “if Ba goes and it means Cisse playing in the centre and scoring goals again, I don’t really give a damn”

    Gonna do some tabulating, but I’m guessing we’d be at or near the bottom of the league without Ba.

  5. Without Ba’s goals we’d have 5 fewer points (I’m even counting his OG that cost us 2), putting us on 15-the same as Wigan, who would be ahead of us on GD (-18 v. -16). So we’d be in 18th. Also, Reading would have two more points for 12 total and a GD of -15. Yikes.

    But yeah, just sell him and replace him with an out-of-form unknown. That’s IF Ashley actually opens his wallet.

    Shortsightedness seems to be a hobby for some people.

  6. tunyc says:
    December 27, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    “wt @ 3: the comments on that piece are almost unbelievably stupid.”

    I’ve seen far worse on Ed Harrison’s site tunyc.

  7. tunyc says:
    December 27, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    “Shortsightedness seems to be a hobby for some people.”

    tunyc, shortsightedness is part of the package which goes with stupidity.

  8. workyticket says:
    December 27, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    “Ed Harrison’s site”

    Term I use for the comments there is “verbal melee”. They feed off each other and the comments become more and more inane as a thread grows.

  9. Aye tunyc, “verbal melee” sounds about right. The second sentence reminds me more of the other nufcblog though. Each comments thread seems to gradually descend into the same old people doing the same old running “in” jokes which weren’t even funny when they started. With .com it’s more the ill informed, adolescent savagery towards some of the players that gets me, along with the shortsightedness that we’ve already discussed.

  10. a belated merry xmas to everyone, first off.
    i’m suprised no one is up in arms over owld whiskey nose’s, broadside against newcastle.
    “that wee club, from the north east”, or words to that effect.
    this after pardew said, he should have been charged, for abusing the ref, during half time’s, recent defeat.

    saf is a complete prick, and i was incensed at first, but digesting the information, pardew is daft goading fergie, he has enough bother to deal with, without upsetting the golden owld twat.
    it wouldn’t suprise me if pardew hasn’t used this stunt, to steer critisism away from himself, and a last ditch attempt, to rally the fans behind him.

  11. joe hawkins says:
    December 28, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    “a belated merry xmas to everyone, first off.
    i’m suprised no one is up in arms over owld whiskey nose’s, broadside against newcastle.
    “that wee club, from the north east”, or words to that effect.”

    Joe, it didn’t bother me in the slightest to be honest as the comments reflected on him more than on Newcastle United. They made him sound petty, small and weak. It was almost as if Alan Pardew had done to him what he had done to Keegan years ago. He lost face completely.

  12. Where have we been ?
    Personally i have been amusing myself with the less than revolutionary events in English history, the Wat Tylers, Jack Straws, Jack Cades, the Lollards, The Pilgrimage of Grace, Cromwell and the Levellers (Commies), Jacobites,
    Chartists,to The General Strike of 1926.
    Which should make a certain number of Geordies proud of their “Jarra Marchers”, who walked the length of the country from north to south to air there grievances.
    While throughout history at the same time they there lurked the Percy’s, who played a large role in supporting the status quo.
    Whether it ment keeping Kings in power or a general role in suppressing any revolutionary causes, they were certainly adverse to any democratic movements.
    That remains to-day, as one looks at the fact,the county of Northumberland is almost totally owned by the same family (The Percies), with as many as three hundred farms, entire villages and for the most part, most of the real estate in Newcastle and it’s surrounding suburban areas.
    And they say that feudalism is something of the past ?
    In looking at to-days political and military situation, (engaged in Afghanistan, bleeding money through taxes)
    The present economic downturn.
    Hell it’s not much different from where we were in the fourteenth century, the hundred years war in France a constant drain, taxes increasing, the nobles constantly wanting more.
    It’s surprising there was no (apart from the Cromwellian) real revolution.
    My question is why ?
    And to say that the situation has changed perceptibly from that of the citizens of the fourteenth century, could be questioned.
    The only measure would be to compare Margaret Thatchers attempt to impose a poll tax, during the eighties and it’s rejection by the people, to that of the first poll tax in 1377.
    Yes war and taxes were just as important as to-day, plus the people may in fact have been as aware or even more so than, to-days generation.

  13. Window’s open soon, whats in our Christmas stocking, doubt following our interesting game against M.U., theres a lot of concern, ergo possibly less money to be spent?
    Seems wor Demba has not recieved as many offers as he expected, at least no one is beating down the doors for his signature, as far as we can tell.
    Which could mean a change of heart, seventy or eighty grand a week ? (who knows) may look like an enticing amount, for a guy with a bum knee.

  14. Just a quick notice to tell you that there will be a match banter for the game this evening, but I may be too busy to keep updating the teams and so on. I’ve put the usual places where you can find some links for the game in the post itself rather than the comment as I usually do, but I’ll probably just be keepiing in touch by mobile or whatever so behave yourselves!

  15. Watching Swansea…they, like City, are tactically the opposite of us. Every time they come forward, you can tell their players have a specific idea about how they’re going to try to create a chance. That’s how you get Danny Graham looking like Shearer at times. Excellent service.