Arsenal vs Newcastle United match banter!

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Arsenal v Newcastle United.
Another tricky tie for the Christmas holiday.
Venue: Ashburton Grove, N.London.
Date: Sat 29th December, 2012.
Kick off: 5.30pm.
Referee: Chris Foy.

In the run up to this game, much of the emphasis has been on the rather petty spat between Alex Ferguson and Alan Pardew over Ferguson’s behaviour in our previous game with Manchester United, with the purple nosed supremo demeaning himself even further by making some rather childish comments about Newcastle United and Alan Pardew which I won’t go into here.

So it’s on with another tricky Christmas holiday fixture, another away one, this time against Arsenal. Before that however a quick note: Although I have posted this match banter, I will be busy during the game itself, hence I may not be able to publish the team sheets when they come out as usual. One more thing is links for the game. As you can see at the top, this game will broadcast live on ESPN in the UK, though if you can’t get it, you should be able to find some links to watch it online at and also

One more thing is that although I didn’t prepare a full match preview for this game due to Christmas commitments (sorry about that), I did manage to make a contribution to the rather extensive match preview in the excellent Arsenal ‘blog, “Berkampesque,” which you can find by following the link.

Meanwhile, in the run up to the game, Alan Pardew has been attempting to put a rather perplexing “spin” on Newcastle United’s disappointing season so far, saying:

“You take November out of the calendar year and you have to say what a bloody great year we had. But unfortunately November soured it and it’s put us in a tricky position for this first half of the season.”

However, as with many of Pardew’s statements, this doesn’t really bear up if you examine it closely. For a start, Newcastle United’s record in December so far (which isn’t November for any of you who might be confused like Pardew), Newcastle’s record has been (most recent first) L|W|L|L|L|W, which is hardly the form of a team having a “bloody great year” apart from November. Here’s hoping we can ’round off December with one more “W” though, or at least a “D” before 2013 is upon us, which will surely lift the spirts of we fans somewhat.

So that’s about it for now, except to say:

Howay the Lads!


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94 Responses

  1. perplexing spin indeed. it’s been going downhill since may, a desperate summer on the transfer front and since then… why pick out november, august was mediocre as were september and october and december has hardly been anything to write home about. so i make that a third of the year where there was anything to be encouraged by… perplexing spin indeed…

  2. Krul, Simpson, Perch, Colo, Santon, Tiote, Bigi, Obertan, Marv, Cisse, Ba.

    Glad Obertan is starting as he’s looked pretty good in his last 2 sub appearances. Not really any option for Pardew. Got all the kids on the bench together with Shola and Harper.

  3. can’t watch This we are terrible no confidence at all we gonna do a portsmouth qualify for Europe and get relegated

  4. we weren’t playing too badly up until the arsenal goal… but we’re always going to get punished playing a high line against genuine pace.

  5. We’re actually playing quite well now. Had the better of the first half for sure. Marveaux is quality hope we don’t sell/swap him he’d be great with Cabaye and Benny.

  6. this was a good half we have had more of the game after the opening 5 minutes but if we keep playing the high line against that sort of pace when our defence is not that quick it will be another game where we play well but get sfa.We have looked alot better of late and i am confident of a good few points coming our way in january just lets hope some reinforcements are coming in.HWTL.

  7. Good thing is, we are scoring goals, which we didn’t do quite well in the beginning of the season. The attacking play has positives. We still let ridicolous goals go in though.

  8. What a difference from a month ago. We played well at Old Trafford, and are just looking a totally different side playing with confidence and style. Well done Collo and whoever else said we’ve had enough of the crap stuff! HWTL and Happy New Year to all Geordies and NUFC fans from a grey, miserable, wet Hollywood!

  9. for all my doubt and obsenity at marv after the everton game i appologise that ball was world class surely we cannot lose another 4-3 thriller it is begining to wear a bit thin now

  10. pile forward hoof do whatever but just think we have scored six goals in two away games at two of the hardest grounds to get goals so the future looks bright

  11. if we havent got debuchy mbiwa and /or douglas by jan 2nd i am going to start supporting accrington stanley

  12. No doubt the excuse will be that we played on Wednesday and Arsenal didn’t. No excuse for defending this bad though.

  13. So we train defense 4/5 days a week. Concede 11 goals in 2 games I’m not sure we’re doing it right.

  14. 7-3!! Do we still practise defending or did we give it up for Christmas? and will someone shut that screamer up in the crowd and no it’s not Dale Winton!

  15. 8 more years guys, plus a mass exodus next summer. Everything is looking peachy for Ashleys spend little program.

  16. We can score 6 goals in two games against top sides and lose and the reason Ashley keeping his hands in his pockets

  17. at 4-3 down we have got to go for it and we have got spanked but i would rather do that than defend a 4-3 defeat!Atleast the scum lost aswell

  18. Fukin disgracefully, were in deep trouble, santon and tiote were awfull, and cisse has no idea about build up play or how to do defensive duties, we could go down

  19. I know there must be some positives to take out if the last two games but why bother! I don’t feel as physically sick as I did on Boxing Day and old Purple Noses’s boys nicking 3 points but still this Roller Coaster shit is getting ridiculous!!

  20. What is our GD now, minus 15? I am worrying about keeping our best players, but the real worry is how to attract them now we are on a downward spiral?

  21. For the first 80 minutes of this match we were still in it. We were arguably the better side in the first half. I am not despondent. The scoreline did not reflect the match. We are playing much better football than we were last month. There is hope.

  22. What the hell is Pardews game, that man has not got a clue, 3 out of the last 4 games he hauls off Simpson (rightly so cos he cannot defend for peanuts – stands watching) moves Stanton over to the right, and hes nots defender either and the world collapses. Tavernier and Ferguson are way short of PL quality.
    As for corners whens the last time we pushed and shoved in the box, no aggression whatsoever.
    Sorry Pardew, but you are totally clueless. and as for Ashley the least said the better

  23. paul in hollywood it is probably easier to not be despondent in hollywood than it is here as it has not stopped raining since 2009

  24. Ah well!
    An entertaining game for a while.
    Conclusion ?
    We screwed up by not strengthening the defense during the summer.
    I mentioned Perch, being at best a fill in player, but not as a CD. and to expect to win games with the likes of Perch, Williamson, Raylor, etc. playing in such an important role, does’nt make sense.
    We have to bring in defenders during the next window, things are serious and we could end up being relegated again.
    However all is not doom and gloom, at least Marveaux is getting starts and looks decent.
    Bigirimana, for a 19 year old definately has a future here.
    Santon is becoming more valuable and IMO could take on an attacking midfield role, nice to have a player who can fill more than one role.
    I dread the fact Ba may leave, where are we going to get a replacement for such a prolific scorrer ?
    What happened to Tiote to-day, went missing.
    Obertan has great pace, but no football brain, usually either coughs the ball up plus he can’t take to the sideline, like Jonas, as it’s on his wrong foot playing on the left.
    Ferguson or Marveaux are better there.
    Though i like Marveaux as a midfield playmaker.
    Come to think of it Santon could also play the left wing, it’s commonplace in to-days game to convert wingers and wingbacks.
    We will need a replacement for Simpson, plus a good young CD to eventually take over from Colo. and perhaps a veteran CD that can carry us through the season, on a one year contract.

  25. sammy d @ 73: I understand. For us to have some rain is a blessing from above. We desperately need it.

    Still… we were good for most of the game against Man U and Arsenal. So much better than the AWFUL performances a month or so ago.

  26. Caught Pardews air punching act following Ba’s goals.
    What a clown, here’s a guy who believes his own bullshit.
    I dont even know what the final score was as i gave up after six.
    Well lets see how our competition looks, thats Aston Villa vs Wigan, just started.

  27. Chuck says:We will need a replacement for Simpson, plus a good young CD to eventually take over from Colo. and perhaps a veteran CD that can carry us through the season, on a one year contract. lol to eventually take over from collo lmao yeah hopefully jan 1st

  28. credit to wenger his interview gave alot of praise to us and said the scoreline flattered them which it did.However we need a shit load of defenders on tuesday.And a happy new year to toon fans all around the world.

  29. Cant remember a worse xmas set of results.Score 3 goals at man utd and 3 at arsenal and come away with nowt feel sick thinking about it.Need a bit of luck but think thats gone now see us in that last relegation spot just cant see where the next win is coming from-everton and norwich no chance.

  30. @sammy

    wenger’s always been very generous about us, he does at least have a bit of class. “When the FIFA delegation arrive in Newcastle this week, I hope they are stunned by the sight of St. James’ Park and by the way it dominates the skyline – a sporting citadel, and the heartbeat of the city, in a city that breathes football.

    There, they have a love of the game that is remarkable. Nowhere else in the world can you travel into the centre of a town or city and find the football stadium squeezed between the streets where people live their lives, only to then put them on hold on a Saturday to watch their team play.”

    or, “a wee team in North East.” take your pick.

  31. @stewpot
    here here, thats why i was asking paul in hollywood if he was an expat or one of our wee clubs worldwide fans.Hello worky you’ been doing the family christmas thing today? I dont think i can take another game of monopoly/frustscrabblewhatever.

  32. sammy d says:
    December 29, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    “Hello worky you’ been doing the family christmas thing today?”

    I’ve just got back from the Emirates sammy, but I ended up watching the game in an African restaurant thanks to a thieving cow called Susan Snowdon who stole our tickets!

    This is the stupid little dollop here:

  33. stewpot says:
    December 29, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    “wft? how did that happen mate?”

    It’s a long story stewpot. I’ll let you know when I have all the details. ;-)

  34. @worky

    well, judging from her profile picture, i already have my doubts about her!

    have had a few ticket mishaps in the past but just for gigs, never for the football like.

  35. sammy d says:
    December 29, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    “you have got to be joking worky how has she managed to thieve your tickets?”

    My friend gave her around £70 from myself for a pair of tickets as well as something for his ticket and she kept the money and never replied to his calls etc. Then, she travelled down to the game on the same coach as my friend with tickets while we watched the game from outside.

  36. stewpot says:
    December 29, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    “rotten behaviour… did your mate who traveled go to the game or to the restaurant with you?”

    He didn’t have his ticket either stewpot, he was with me.

  37. 7 more years of pardrew. relegation fight next season to look forward too. to many games in the fa cup and capital one cup and injurys will be his excuse. its annoying being a newcastle fan. maybe one day in somebody else’s lifetime will win a trophy. benitez for me as manager is an inprovement