Arsenal vs Newcastle United full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Arsenal v Newcastle United first half.

Arsenal v Newcastle United second half.

Extended highlights.

MotD highlights of the Arsenal v Newcastle United game from Ashburton Grove, 29/12/12.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew.

Arsene Wenger.

Goals / Goalscorers.

Arsenal 7 (Walcott 19, 73, 90, Oxlade-Chamberlain 50, Podolski 64, Giroud 85, 86), Newcastle United 3 (Ba 43, 69, Marveaux 59).

Teams / Match facts.

Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Wojciech Szczesny (G), Bacary Sagna, Thomas Vermaelen (C), Laurent Koscielny, Kieran Gibbs, Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Olivier Giroud 74), Santi Cazorla (Francis Coquelin 86), Lukas Podolski (Aaron Ramsey 82), Theo Walcott

Subs not used: Vito Mannone, Johan Djourou, Francis Coquelin, Tomas Rosicky, Gervinho

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson (Shane Ferguson 82), James Perch, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, Gael Bigirimana (Shola Ameobi 82), Cheick Tiote, Papiss Cisse, Sylvain Marveaux (James_Tavernier 88), Gabriel Obertan, Demba Ba.

Subs not used: Steve Harper (G), Remie Streete, Mehdi Abeid, Sammy Ameobi.

Yellow cards: Davide Santon (90).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Chris Foy.

Attendance: 60,087


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66 Responses

  1. dont know if im the only one but we have a far better team then the team which got relegated, at least there is a bit of fight and grit to get a result. unfortunately haven’t watched the last two games and can only go by highlights and word of mouth but can see us getting out of this slump when we get a few of our big name players back. hope this is the case be shattering to see us go down as i think this would defiantly kill the club off for good :(

  2. No evidence per se, worky-but it is being reported by relatively reputable outlets that tend to be conservative about publishing straight-up rumors.

    And again, just as much evidence of Ba being scheduled to have “talks” with CFC.

    Have I mentioned my theory that, without Ba, we’re likely screwed?

  3. well it’s accoding to sky sports sources, and they tend to be as reliable, as british rail.
    a much welcome addition, if it comes off, just hope the debuchy deal isn’t financed by ba being flogged.

  4. nufc 337, i dont think we’ll go down this season, when we get back some of the walking wounded, we’ll just scrape by.
    it will be next season, that will terrify me, because i just dont trust the clowns, who are running the club.
    i have no faith in them, and they tend to repeat the same mistakes, that get them into trouble, and they dont seem to learn from them.
    it doesn’t bode well for the future, and more especially, if a certain silver headed gentlemen, has any further involvement, beyond this season.

  5. tunyc says:
    December 30, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    “And again, just as much evidence of Ba being scheduled to have “talks” with CFC.

    Have I mentioned my theory that, without Ba, we’re likely screwed?”

    I forgot to mention that in my last comment about Debuchy, tunyc.

    Don’t worry about him though, Loic Remy is a “done deal” it is understood. Going back to Debuchy though, didn’t we buy him already, only for Lille to cruelly renege on the deal?

  6. The good news is Debuchy is on his way, must be apparent following a 7-3 beating, even to people like Ashley, whats needed.
    Rumor has it Chelsea, Arsenal and possibly Liverpool, have show an interest in Ba .
    If in fact thats the case (why not ? the mans shown he’s a prolific scorer)then the price would more than likely increase, above the 7.5m.
    Not to mention those (demonized) agents fees, hell gotta blame somebody right ?
    Say we get around 10m. possible, no?
    Anyway we need a decent CD and possibly a good veteran to bolster our defense.
    Santon is eye catching as an attacking wing back, but not that reliable as a defender, in which case we should be looking at a RB also, possibly in the summer.
    Convert Santon to either an attacking midfielder or winger.
    Been both a critic of Tiote and praised him, from day one, but his limitations are obvious, poor distribution, overly physical, none of which has been improved.
    Are our coaches working with him ?
    If we can get a decent price for him, grab it and bring in Sissoko.
    Please, no more Perch in a CD role.
    You know for threequarters of the game yesterday, we gave Arsenal a run for their money, playing an entertaining possession game, with some crisp passing.
    For a makeshift side (due to injuries) we looked decent, but obviously ran outta gas.
    A small squad, injury ridden, with a heavy schedule, it should come as no surprise.
    It’s just too bad our owner has to learn the hard way, he’s gonna spend some money over the next couple of weeks and everyone he deals with will try to get as much as possible, knowing it’s a desperation buy.
    Had he spent in the summer, knowing we had a small squad, knowing we have as a club an inordinate amount of injuries and have extra European games, we would’nt be in the present relegation battle.
    Yeah! it’s still a slow learning curve.
    Especially when you have to depend on people like Llambias and Pardew, yessing you to death.

  7. Erm ! thats look at a LB come summer, not a RB as we will have both Simpson and Debuchy, right!
    Here we go Liverpool vs QPR, just started.

  8. We could do no worse by getting someone like Curtis Davies or Roger Johnson from the championship.

    Either I reckon would make good EPL players and wouldn’t break the bank and they know the English conditions.

    Moving to a slightly less wee club would also be a step up for them. :)

  9. chuck, it’s just on the yellow ticker on sky sports, demba ba’s representatives, are meeting chelsea’s tonight.

  10. I do not believe we will go down, and I am reasonably confident that we will bring in one or two players in January, albeit with the loss of Ba. But what are we trying to achieve besides being a well run club playing decent football? Long-term, we’re very unlikely to crack the top four or five, who will continue to dominate the division and the cups. What do we want?

  11. From The People newspaper:

    “Demba Ba could end up staying at Newcastle after demands from his adviser’s for extra payments pushed his fee above £12 million”.

    Ofc this could all just be made up tabloid guff but it could go some way to explaining why nobody was willing to take him at what seemed the very reasonable price of £7 million last January.

    I can’t say i’d be that gutted if Ba left as long as we signed someone who could link up with Cisse. I think Cisse is more than capable of doing what Ba has done in the 1st half of this and last season. I’m sick of the specualtion about Ba draggin on and if we could get a new striker who Cisse can actually play together with then i’d be ok with Ba leaving.

    As for the Debauchy stuff…. well I read that that was “confirmed” in the summer and it never happened. I’ll wait till I see the pics of him holding the shirt at the Stadium/press conference before I believe it this time.

  12. Colindm says:
    December 30, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    “Chronicle link here :”

    Paulos says:
    December 30, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    “From The People newspaper:”

    Aye Colin, Paulos. But quoting stories by Lee Ryder in the Chronic and his Chronic predecessor Anal Oliveoil in the People does more to discredit a story rather than give it any creedence! :-)

  13. Can’t really say I am “happy” with Alan… but maybe it doesnt really matter.

    By the way Chelsea rulezzz and you all know it! Peace guys ;)

  14. Totally agree with you nufc337 think we are nailed on for that third relegation spot now that demba wants to jump ship to chelsea.Need at least 3-4 players in next week which we all know will not happen.Again we must take the record billionaire owner gets us relegated again.Hate to say it but old red nose fergie is spot on we are a wee club until someone comes in and can really see the potential we have and can give the fans what they deserve.Been a supporter for 38 years as well as many on here seen ups and downs but cannot see it ever changing.To see us going to the likes of arsenal man utd and chelsea and coming away with great wins season after season will always be a pipe dream.We are in serious trouble this season and if we do go down we are the next leeds as ashley will just walk away.I can understand some of what he is trying to do but if clubs are holding out for the odd million just pay it for gods sake he probably blows that at his casino on a friday night.

  15. Worky: thanks for taking the time and effort on your site this year to keep me informed and sometimes entertained. Happy New Year.

  16. Left coast Paul @17#

    An interesting question, where is this club going ?
    Or what plans does our present owner have for the club ?
    Are we to be a top ten, but not top four (unless we run into a bit of luck like last season)
    Or is there even a plan ?
    What we do know is he came here as a new owner, stating he would be willing to spend a certain amount on an anual basis, that and his charm campaign, drinking with the lads doon the Key.
    Then it all turned pear shaped, resulting in an antagonistic attitude from both sides, the money guy saw the writing on the wall and fecked off back to london, a series of managers, firings, hirings.
    Well you all know the story.
    Attempts to sell the club, then the story, he’s here for the long run, all very confusing.
    However nothing since, no communication to 52,000 fans who pay their money each week and keep the club in business.
    Bit insulting IMO.
    I’m old enough to remember when no particular club dominated and won titles year after year, until Liverpool and M.U.
    Now in the age of oligarch owners, it’s no longer a level playing field, we get that.
    Citeh, M.U., Arsenal and Chelsea we can’t compete with moneywise.
    But surely we can compete with the Spurs, L’Pools and Evertons, if the club were run properly.
    What do i mean, sell the brand, increase the fan base, which in turn will earn more revenue, hire the right people who can do that, beside hiring the right people to run the footballing operation.
    To be only an adjunct to Sports Direc is not only shortsighted, it shows a lack of understanding of how the club has the ability to become a moneymaker, if managed right.
    I would like to know what Llambias knows about Brand Names and how important they are.
    Or how he would sell the NUFC brand on a world wide basis, hell we have TV programs here in the US, selling both the Liverpool and Arsenal brands.
    It’s about marketing not setting odds.
    But anyway, non of the above answere your question about what and where Ashley intends to take this club and it would be nice if he were to mention his intentions, to his paying customers, who i believe have a right to know.

  17. The Debuchy story in “Pidgin” English. Love it! :-)

    “Newcastle and Debuchy don shake hand”

    “Newcastle United don reach agriment ,say dem go sign France playa Mathieu Debuchy wen dis seasin finish. Debuch wey na ogbonge defenda for France, go lif in Ligue 1 klub, Lille waka go Newcastle, Britin dem Press Association tok for Sunday…” and so on.

  18. Looking at the poll about Pardew and we all know about how the questions asked dont always reflect the true nature of the question.
    How about something like listing all the EPL managers and ask who from this group would you like to see manage NUFC.
    Or just a simple, is Pardew the right manager for NUFC,
    with a simple, yes or no answer.
    Listing five alternatives tends to confuse the issue.

  19. GS
    I knew you were lurking in the shadows awaiting someones mistake or questioning something.
    Why dont you make a new year resolution, to only contribute an original thought, that is if you ever have one.

  20. Chuck says:
    December 30, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    “Looking at the poll about Pardew…”

    Yes, possibly Chuck; but there was a specific reason for that poll. It’s the same as one of the questions used in that Chronic survey, the one which was suspiciously rephrased when they published the results and also the one which led Lee Ryder to claim:

    “ALAN PARDEW has been given an overwhelming show of support by Newcastle United fans in the Chronicle’s Big Toon Survey – and the main message from the stands is: “We’re right behind you, Pards.”

    “Thousands of United supporters gave us their opinions on the current situation at St James’ Park.

    “And it has emerged that 95% of fans see Pardew as the man to lead Newcastle to the next level – with a tiny minority seeing the need for a change in management.

    “Geordie punters do not feel that the Toon boss can be blamed for the Magpies’ slide down the Premier League table…”

    Incidentally, my story about it is above the Chronic’s original guff in the Google search listings for “95% of fans back Pardew” at number one. :lol:

  21. @worky

    that pidgin english account of the debuchy transfer is a lot easier to follow than a lot of the stuff on this site!


    why would some kid in hanoi or brisbane buy a newcastle shirt over a chelsea one or a man u one? it’s complete pie-in-the-sky stuff.

    if you ever walk down northumberland st. in town or front st. in prudhoe there’s kids wearing chelsea, liverpool and man u… if local kids are so easily dazzled by clubs that actually win things now & again how on earth can newcastle compete?

    aside from being cnut, ferguson is right, we’re not even in the same league as the top 4 and while we’ve always had a decent amount of overseas fans (all very welcome), without any kind of tangible success suggesting we could attract significantly more is ridiculous.

  22. Around 70 minutes or so into the game, with both sides at 3-3 in a very exciting game for both sets of fans, Alan Pardew decided to make an important tactical change, his usual one to try and hold on or to use his words “shut up shop.” Catastrophe then followed and Pardew tried to blame it on the turf at Old Trafford.

    He really is the biggest bullshit artist in the history of humanity.

  23. @worky

    “He really is the biggest bullshit artist in the history of humanity.”

    during the substitution i tweeted that he’d just cost us the game… got flamed by pardew fans… at 7-3 they were all using pretty much the same excuses plus the ‘arsenal didn’t play boxing day’.

  24. stewpot says:
    December 30, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    “why would some kid in hanoi or brisbane buy a newcastle shirt over a chelsea one or a man u one? it’s complete pie-in-the-sky stuff.”

    Because we appeal to the underdog who likes a bit of soap opera stewpot. “Aran Shearer” used to be a factor too. I have met Vietnamese and Indian Newcastle United fans in places like Saigon and Panaji in the past. One of them, the first person I met in India was a guy who took me around on his Honda Dream. He saved whatever he could for what muct have been a very, very long time to buy a genuine Adidas Newcastle shirt, not one of the ubiquitous (out there) knock-offs. To say that he was proud of it would be an understatement.

  25. stewpot says:
    December 30, 2012 at 8:32 pm


    that pidgin english account of the debuchy transfer is a lot easier to follow than a lot of the stuff on this site!”

    Stewpot, it reminded me of one of Ed Harrison’s blogs on TBH, only with him it’s just typo errors because he rattles them off so fast to get the punters clicking away on those ads. :-)

    Where is your Twitta BTW stewpot?

  26. @worky

    funnily enough, the reason i said hanoi was becuase i’ve got a mate over there and he does his bit to spread the word, however, my point remains that we’re never going to enjoy the kind of mass glabal appeal that chuck is suggesting, certainly nothing that would make any difference in terms of finances.

    We may very well appeal to a few peopl who dodn’t just want to support the usual suspects but I’d say that those are the exceptions to the rule.

    As an aside, I was wearing a toon shirt in New York once with Shearer on the back. In the middle of Union Square I heard, in a load Noo Yoik accent “Gary Shearer! Manchester!”

  27. Oh! And if Lille really did renege on the previous alleged Debuchy deal, why would Ashley and Llambias be willing to go through the whole process for a second time? Or were they just lying again perhaps?

  28. stewpot says:
    December 30, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    “As an aside, I was wearing a toon shirt in New York once with Shearer on the back. In the middle of Union Square I heard, in a load Noo Yoik accent “Gary Shearer! Manchester!”

    Typical Yank :-)

    I’ve just tweeted my comment 37. Yanks, I was joking above BTW, though it is true. :lol:

    I’ll have a read later, stewpot.

  29. Chuck @28: I was “lurking in the shadows” in plain sight. I only made that comment because of your history of complaining to people about their “grammer”. So calm down old man.

  30. Chuck as well. You might have had an original thought once. But when you repeat it over and over and over again and never change your tune it ceases to be an original thought.

  31. Thanks Chuck @ 22. BTW, I also enjoyed your earlier recap (?) of English history and the Percy’s. A good blog needs discourses like these just to keep them interesting.

    To try answering my own question, and yours, I think MA is in the business to make money. He’s in the process of turning NUFC into a “going concern” and then I think he will sell it off at a massive profit to some mega-rich tycoon who has wandered over to the Premier League as a way to indulge his riches. All of which reminds us of that great Pink Floyd track on Money… “think I’ll buy me a football team.”

  32. Worky: that stuff you were saying a while back about propaganda and that if you repeat it often enough people might think it is true. I think Mr. Ba Humbug is using those tactics on me, except I actually think he believes it and can never see the irony in anything he says. I will leave it there as it gets too easy and therefore really boring.

    As I have said before we do not have a “brand” in the US. People here have no idea where Newcastle is. They have a vague idea about coals to, but often don’t understand what that means. They know Liverpool because of the Beatles and Man U because of their success and there are a lot of Irish supporters. Then there are the London teams because a lot of people have visited London.

    NUFC may as well be cricket as far as the Yanks are concerned.

  33. GS says:
    December 30, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    “Worky: that stuff you were saying a while back about propaganda and that if you repeat it often enough people might think it is true.”

    That was Hitler and Goebbels, not me, though it’s a very easy mistake to make.

    I wasn’t necessarily referring just to the US. Despite what they say over there, it isn’t the only country in the world.

  34. Worky: I bought his autobiography called “The Father of Spin” but haven’t had time to read it yet.

  35. If Ba is off this window, we are no more than a fat gamblers chips at the table to keep betting on zero. All the sheeple saying he’s held the club to ransom and balls to him let him go don’t know sh1t from puddin. We WILL go down if we are to rely on an out of form striker, as much as I like him.

  36. @subz

    i don’t think he’s held the club to ransom, he’s simply exposed the problem with having an wages ceiling which the club will break for some but not for others.

    the biggest scandal in this whole sorry affair for me is, just who agreed to such a stupid clause in his contract that left the club exposed in this way?

  37. I will be relieved if/when Ba leaves. Cisse is the more dynamic scorer and we will be fine once we get him back as our No. 9. This will also mean adding a much needed midfielder to the pitch.

    I am assuming Debuchy is a done deal, so if we can also bring in a solid CB to challenge Colo and Co., as well as a pacy winger type, I will feel good about this squad escaping relegation and perhaps making noise in Europe…

  38. Yank Toon Fan says:
    December 31, 2012 at 4:28 am

    “I am assuming Debuchy is a done deal”

    I wouldn’t be so sure Yank. It seemed a bit smelly so I chased it and I’ve tracked it down to a suspect story in the French media. I’m just writing something up about it.

    And don’t be so sure that Ba leaving couldn’t end up as a catastrophe. It’s a big risk with the club in it’s current position.

    maze202 says:
    December 31, 2012 at 1:12 am

    “Worky are you Johnny-X on reddit?”

    No maze, but I did notice that one user had been posting quite a few stories from this blog when I was checking out a post on there a while back.

  39. Stewpot

    What i’m talking about is marketing, the available possibilities that is.
    Not the present facts.
    Yes we are aware as fans of NUFC, that as far as income is concerned, we are not on the same level as Man.U. or Liverpool even Citeh or Arsenal for that matter.
    The reason being, we have’nt won anything in fifty years, nor are we actively using the media to market the brand name.
    Unlike both Liverpool and Arsenal, who have made programms for tv, either the recent documentary featuring Rodgers, or Arsenals films of games from their Archives.
    Man U. and Chelsea plus Citeh are a top three who are for the most part winners and dont have to try so hard.
    The Halls unlike our present owner had a certain awareness, building a state of the art stadium, with it’s own tv studio, unfortunately wasted on our present owner, who may be a talented retailer as far as the rag trade is concerned, but obviously is either disinterested in the footballing side, only using NUFC as an advertising board for Sports Direct.
    Instead of say The Fenway group, or Kronke at Arsenal, selling the brand on a world wide basis.
    Look, there was a time (Keegans reign) when we NUFC were everyones second favorite side, the underdogs, who played an attractive and exciting style of football.
    That alone repeated, could make us a name well known
    (it’s about marketing) and gain a certain type of fan, one who rooted for the underdog.
    But it takes a certain knowledge of both marketing and football combined, to generate that appeal to the public.
    Money has to be spent, an attractive type of football has to be played, meaning the hiring of someone other than a casino oddsmaker and a failure of a manager.
    This is not some wee north east club as Fergy suggested in a fit of pique, but a sleeping giant with the possibility if owned by someone with vision, could be a successful top side in the EPL and Europe.
    Most of to-days revenues are generated by tv and sales of shirts, bums in seats help as do sales of food and liquor, but mainly tv and apparel sales generate the largest part of earnings.
    I personally don’t see us reaching our potential, unless we have the good fortune of finding an owner who like both Liverpool, Man. U. and Arsenal, (all US owned) and a group who understand what it takes to generate profit and grow the club, unlike both Citeh and Chelsea, both owned by oligarchs, which are apparently playthings of those same super wealthy ego driven moneybags.
    Sure with the right owner and policies, we NUFC could be a name to be reckoned with.

  40. GS at 43#
    Do you think i repeat myself from some sort of dotage.
    Actually it’s the only system i have found that works.
    A combination of repetitive suggestion combined with a bit of Pavlovian conditioning.
    It’s amazing how often i find my views being repeated by others, though perhaps not, as they may have reached the same conclusions.
    Perhaps ?

  41. Disagree with a lot of comments above about NUFC’s “brand.”

    You don’t have to know where a club is to support it. You just have to take notice of them for some reason. Most yank Beatles fans I know don’t know that they were from Liverpool and if they do, they don’t necessarily know where that is.

    City shirts cropped up all over NYC like mushrooms a couple seasons ago. And while everyone seems to think their global dominance goes back to the dawn of time, I also remember the moment when every third kid here decided he wants a Barcelona shirt.

  42. @tunyc

    but surely the reason that man city shirts started appearing is because they started winning things and signing star players.

    geography is largely irrelevant, most glory-hunting, cockney man u & liverpool fans have never been to the north west.

    the point remains, why would some kid in new york choose newcastle over one of the top 4 beyond a desire to look like an NFL referee? perhaps the odd one will but never, NEVER, on the scale of a top 4 club or barça or bayern.

    as mentioned elsewhere, there was a point 10/15 years ago when our stock was higher globally due to the keegan/entertainers/shearer effect but that has been eroded over the last decade.

  43. stewpot says:
    December 31, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    “geography is largely irrelevant, most glory-hunting, cockney man u & liverpool fans have never been to the north west.”

    I live in North London and I don’t really see any “cockney man u & liverpool fans” just lots of Arsenal fans and if I go up the road a bit, Spurs fans. Most of the people who support different teams are like me, ie people who were born in places like Newcastle (or Gozzie in my case), who have moved down here.

    Of course though, when it’s countries who don’t have a big football tradition of their own yet, but who have decided to support some massive team in the Premiership, La Liga or wherever, that’s completely different. There are also people who live way out in the suburbs quite a few miles away from any top teams and they might support Man U, Liverpool or whatever and they’re probably the ones behind this ‘Man U supporters dahn sarf’ cliche.

  44. Chuck: when I agree with you, you say I don’t have an original thought. How can I possibly win in that scenario :)

  45. @worky

    i lived in brondesbury park and my neighbours were all welsh and all liverpool fans. my boss was a man u fan from st john’s wood. i lived in nottingham for 10 years and knew way more liverpool and man u fans than forrest or county.

    it’s probably more prevalent in the home counties than in central london i don’t know. i know when i listen to 606 there are as many southern supporters as there are locals to the point where i know it irritates man u fans from manchester or scouse liverpool fans.

    that’s all really a side-issue, the point i was trying to address was chuck’s plan for brand expansion around the world which i still maintain is fanciful at best given the comparative lack of marketability compared to more successful teams (brands).