Newcastle United vs Swansea City full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Newcastle United v Swansea full match video.

Newcastle United v Swansea City full match video (opens in new window).

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Another disappointing home defeat for the Magpies as they were sunk by two goals, with Swansea’s leading goalscorer Michu getting his seventh of the season in the 58th minute. A disastrous sliced clearence from Tim Krul in the Newcastle goal fell to the Swans’ Spanish international winger Pablo Hernandez, who then proceeded to bang in an excellent cross straight on to the head of his fellow Spaniard, who headed powerfully past the hapless flying Dutchman.

More Magpie misery came in the 87th minute when Pablo Hernandez (again) launched an excellent cross to an unmarked Danny Graham who shot at Tim Krul. He saved but spilled the shot straight to Swansea’s Jonathan De Guzman, who bashed the ball past at out of position Krul from a tricky angle to make the victory complete.

A consolation goal did come for the home side three minutes into injury time, with Ben Arfa racing to the byline to pull the ball back into the danger area. A shot from Sylvain Marveaux hit the bar, and when the ball ricocheted back into a gaggle of players in the Swansea box, Ba the poacher was on hand to put an excellent opportunist header past Gerhard Tremmel in the Swansea goal. However it was too little too late.

Extended match highlights and post match interviews.

Extended highlights of Saturday afternoon’s game between Newcastle United and Swansea City at St James’ Park.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew post match interview

Michael Laudrup post match interview.

Score / Goalscorers.

Newcastle United 1 (Demba Ba (90+3), Swansea City 2 (Michu 58, Jonathan De Guzman 87).

Teams / Match Facts.

Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson (Gael Bigirimana 74), Mike Williamson, Steven Taylor (C), Davide Santon, Hatem Ben Arfa , Cheick Tiote, Vurnon Anita, Shane Ferguson (Shola Ameobi 46), Sammy Ameobi (Sylvain Marveaux 80), Demba Ba.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Tavernier, Mehdi Abeid, Romain Amalfitano, Gael Bigirimana, Shola Ameobi.

Swansea City (4-2-3-1): Gerhard Tremmel, Angel Rangel, Garry Monk (C), Ashley Williams, Ben Davies; Jonathan De Guzman, Leon Britton, Itay Shechter (Kemy Agustien 66), Pablo Hernandez, Michu (Danny Graham 82), Nathan Dyer (Wayne Routledge 62)

Subs: David Cornell (G), Chico Flores, Dwight Tiendalli, Luke Moore, Kemy Agustien, Danny Graham, Wayne Routledge.

Yellow cards: Itay Shechter (9), Leon Britton (26), Angel Rangel (66).

Red cards: None

Referee: Phil Dowd‎.

Attendance: 49,403.


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48 Responses

  1. Alot of us go on about how well Carr has done with the players and rightly so but Swansea have done just as well. Michu and Pablo hernadez are fantastic players and were even cheaper than ours. The whole team are really good to watch too, they attack more than they ever did with Rogers. I’d definitely like to have Laudrup as our manager so I don’t have to pay to watch all this lumping the ball to the big lad crap any more!

  2. Juventus must be a really good team if they can beat Chelsea 3-0 when playing the ballboy (Giovinco) up front.

  3. Is it the fact Carr is so good, or that other EPL Clubs lack good scouting systems.
    I mean why is it that people like Suarez and other South American players, seem to end up at Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and even Russian sides.
    Since Spurs directly signed the two Argentinos decades ago, there were few others recruited, before West Ham brought in their Argentinos.
    Why was that?
    And getting back to Carr, are there only two leagues he looks at, French and Dutch ?
    Is the Iberian peninsula and the Balkans off limits?
    Have to say i was impressed by Swansea’s Hernandez.
    But cant we get someone like Solano (still playing i hear) on a stipend, to scout around the southern tier of the Americas, little cost to us and who knows could possibly discover some unknown young future star, after all that appears to be part of the clubs MO, no ?

  4. We are but two losses from the relegation zone,
    Da da da dum !
    Yeah folks thats all.
    Shold be much tightening of sphincters, come the weekend.

  5. toontony says:
    November 20, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    “Alot of us go on about how well Carr has done with the players and rightly so but Swansea have done just as well. Michu and Pablo hernadez are fantastic players and were even cheaper than ours.”

    True tony, £7.5 million for both is a steal. Michu’s a bit like Nolan post Hughton pushing him forward a bit. He used to score a few goals before he joined Rayo Vallecano, but after he joined he just started scoring goal after goal from “the hole” making impeccably timed runs at just the right time like the Nolan did for us and now West Ham.

    Hernandez is class winger for £5.5 million, and a Spanish international. It’s the magic of Laudrup though. Alot of the Spanish who are top players now used to idolise him as bairns. He’d worked with Laudrup before during his spell at Getafe and he wanted to work with him again.

  6. GS says:
    November 20, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    “Juventus must be a really good team if they can beat Chelsea 3-0 when playing the ballboy (Giovinco) up front.”

    He’s not a big lad it’s true GS. He makes Vurnon Anita look like Andy Carroll.

  7. chuck says:
    November 20, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    “Is it the fact Carr is so good, or that other EPL Clubs lack good scouting systems.”

    He’s a good scout, which is good for him as he was one of the worst managers in human history. However, there are other good scouts at other clubs.

    We Geordies are highly deluded about ourselves though, even though it flies in the face of all the evidence. If we do get the slightest sniff of anything actually going well though we go absolutely crazy. We think that we have discovered some kind of secret formula, a magic bullet that will give us world domination forever and we start getting really arrogant. It was like that with Keegan’s Entertainers. With Carr, we get a couple of good players on the cheap and fans think we’re the first team ever to do that and we’ve found a whole new way of running a club. We thought we could go around buying all the best players in the world for 50p and a canny bag of Tudor crisps. We come fifth for one season and convince ourselves that Alan Pardew is the reincarnation of Ernst Happel. Of course though, it isn’t like that at all.

    We’re a bit simple and a bit daft.

  8. questions have to be asked about scouting injury prone players like, gosling, marveux.
    then you have to ask why we are just bringing in kids, that cannot make an immediate impact, like, amalfitano, bigiramana etc.

    is carr being given a remit to say, scout 8 players, 4 for the first team, and 4 for the development squad.
    is he then handing in his list, then ashley and llambias are only going after the cheaps kids on the list?
    it does seem that half arsed attempts are made to land the primary targets, but the so called development kids are brought in, no bother.

    it might seem like something out of the realms of conspiracy, but are the gruesome twosome, actually manipulating who gets on the pitch, to some extent?
    i’ve heard stories of them turning up with clipboards and managers jackets, at the training ground.
    apparently trying to get chris hughton to play the players, they themselves, want in the side.

    the so called development kids are being thrown straight into the first team, because the manager has no choice, but to play them.
    is this their scam or strategy, to force their appointed stooge to display their stock, on the pitch, in the hope a few of these young’uns will become superstars, who can be punted on, for huge profits?
    i know they have publicly stated that they want to develop young players, with a sell on value.
    is this just their snidey underhand way to go about it, where they are even duping carr and pardew, into thinking one thing, and they are doing another, which is what keegan said about them.

    is this why we will never have a decent manager, who thinks for himself, because he will not be duped into this scam?
    pardew is being forced into playing reseves and youngsters, fair enough over the course of a season, you pick up injuries.
    the trail still leads back to ashley and llambias, who could have strengthened the squad, but chose not to.
    it’s not as if they were not busy in the market, they were bringing in waifs and strays, as usual, so it does make you think.

  9. I hope the point that the beeb quoted Pastdue in the ridiculous sacking of Di Mateo points to the fact that they know something we don’t. Here’s hoping anyhow!

  10. subz00 says:
    November 21, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    “I hope the point that the beeb quoted Pastdue in the ridiculous sacking of Di Mateo points to the fact that they know something we don’t. Here’s hoping anyhow!”

    He’s a reliable rent-a-gob with an opinion on everything, so they know they’ll get value for money subz.


    They do want to buy readymade players in the early to mid twenties bracket, it’s just that other clubs don’t want to sell them at the price Ashley wants to pay, after all you can’t just get Cabayes and Bennys at 50% off all the time. The ploy of unsettling players until their clubs will let them go at a fraction of their true value didn’t work last time either.

    Of course, they do want to sell them on at a profit in the fullness of time but there could be a problem in that department too. After all, would you like like to enter into multi-million pound deals with Ashley and Llambias after Liverpool and the Llambiasgate tapes? After Debuchy and the rest? And after they’ve been told that they’ll only be sold at hugely inflated prices? Clubs such as Manchester City might pay hugely inflated prices for players, but they don’t wouldn’t some piece of trash like Llambias bragging about how he ripped them off afterwards.

    As I wrote while ago, go and look at Udinese for some kind of model.

  11. avatar TROJAN RECORDS 73 says:
    November 21, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    “then you have to ask why we are just bringing in kids, that cannot make an immediate impact, like, amalfitano, bigiramana etc.”

    I think Bigi has made an impact Trojan. I personally think he’s a class act, hardly loses the ball by playing the right pass, always show’s for it, gonna be a top player IMO. Amalfitano’s not really had much of a chance yet but I think he’s got it too.

  12. I think that’s a reasonable interpretation, Trojan. The word “conspiracy” exists because it describes something that happens in reality.

    subz-I was so hopeful when reading that article when I got to the paragraph that started with “Newcastle manager Alan Pardew…” I thought Roman might have considering relieving us of this clown. You know, maybe he lost a bet or something.

  13. Manager payoffs have cost Roman Abramovich around £10 million per year at Chelsea, and that’s before he’s even paid the wages of the ones who aren’t sacked!

  14. QUOTE OF THE DAY: “After my first training session with Rangers, I went quietly into the shower when I noticed a foul smell coming from my kit. I looked more closely at my pants and I noticed there was something heavy inside. Paul Gascoigne had pooed in my pants! He’s crazy, end of story. It’s his way of being. Then I had to go home without any pants on.” – Gennaro Gattuso.

  15. i’m not saying bigi wont go on to become a good player, and yes in cameo’s, he’s looked good, but if we ended up in a relegation dogfight, it would be too much for players like him, to be thrown into the deep end.
    yes they will sign the odd player, if they can get them for nowt, other than that, they seem to only be interested in signing young players, for next to nowt, also.

  16. Good reference, wt. Hadn’t thought about those characters in a while. I always wanted Tom to catch Jerry and tear him limb from limb. Tom was just doing what a cat does…that mouse was a sadist…

  17. Bigi did say once that Tiote thinks he’s his dad.

    Tom was shite. My Tiddles (RIP) would have had Jerry for breakfast in seconds. He was the best mouse murderer I’ve ever seen.

  18. Workey: what are you talking about Tom and Jerry for? We need new innovative characters like Itchy and Scratchy. These are the way forward, chainsaws and machetes.

    Tom and Jerry are passé, old school who will never work in the modern world. They had the old “cat and mouse” type approach.

    What we need now is some Brendan Rodgers mouse catchery, or failing that, some Martinez or somebody else who has never won anything, ever.

  19. It is Thanksgiving tomorrow – you know, that Holiday when they had some turkey before slaughtering all the Indians and shooting thousands and thousands of buffalo from trains for “sport”.

  20. And these wise men said. And their spawn are still in congress, and they still don’t understand, thanksgiving???:

    ” The argument, made by U.S. Representative Conger, was delivered in 1874:
    There is no law that Congress can pass that will prevent the buffalo from disappearing before the march of civilization. There is no law which human hands can write, there is no law which a Congress of men can enact, that will stay the disappearance of these wild animals before civilization. They eat the grass. They trample upon the plains upon which our settlers desire to herd their cattle and their sheep. They range over the very pastures where the settlers keep their herds of cattle. They destroy the pasture. They are as uncivilized as the Indian.”
    1874, U.S. Representative Conger.”

  21. GS, The so called “native” Americans used to drive them over cliffs in their thousands too. They’d take quite a few for the winter, but most of them were slaughtered for no purpose whatsoever.

    GS says:
    November 21, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    “It is Thanksgiving tomorrow – you know, that Holiday when they had some turkey before slaughtering all the Indians”

    That could come under the category of “Karma.” After all, the Indians came over from Asia originally, and wiped out the real natives, who were much like the ones in South America.

  22. Worky @30: American Indians did that to eat and live off for thousands of years.

    It didn’t affect the whole population much, because otherwise there wouldn’t have been 20 million buffalo on the plains, would there???

    Their buffalo abundance was incalculable to those people. THEY didn’t drive the buffalo population from millions to about a thousand to starve an Indian culture out of existence.

    And only Europeans had f@cking pyramids of buffalo skulls?

  23. Sorry Worky @30: the slaughter of American Indians is closer to home for me, it is thanksgiving. I Know the Spanish gave measles to Incas or whatever, but we can’t fix everything.

  24. GS says:
    November 21, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    “And only Europeans had f@cking pyramids of buffalo skulls?”

    My Tiddles (RIP) built a pyramid if rat corpses in the garden to impress me once.

  25. Me Dog dug up a mouse nest in me back garden and freaked out me Mam by crunching on their heeds. Jack Russells :)

  26. GS says:
    November 21, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    “Worky, workey, WORKEY? do you think Chuckles will be mad at me now for changing the subject?”

    I was just thinking that funnily enough GS. We can blather on about Amstel, Linguine and the terminal decline of the UK though. They’re approved topics.

  27. Liverpool on TV again here against Young Boys 2, Newcastle on TV nil.

    I have had enough of wankdorf Brenny (Brendan). Is that what “being Liverpool” means?

  28. went to the butchers…

    i said – half a pound of steak & diddley.

    he said – you mean steak & kidney.

    i said – that’s what i said diddler.

  29. These top ranked eating places are basically for those who want to be seen, way overpriced and a snobs delight.
    They are a part of show-buisiness.
    I would prefer to eat the food along the Biscay coast of Spain, wonderful!
    Not to say it’s not good on the opposite side of the bay, anywhere along Brittany’s atlantic coast.
    But though i’m fond of seafood in general, somehow i find it difficult to believe Noma’s Scandanavian influenced menu, is the worlds best.
    I think it’s a similar phenomena to the European City of culture, where the naming of veritable dump’s, is commonplace, and i rest my case with the fact Liverpool and Newcastle were vying for the award not so long ago.
    Getting back to food, Valperiso has some of the worlds best seafood fresh daily, the old town in Salvador, Brasil, has a workers Canteen that makes the best spicey seafood soup i have ever tasted.
    Of course Singapore has an amazing choice of foods, with enormous food courts,where a veriety of cuisines can be had for reasonable prices.
    Of course nowadays being London is a world city like NY, catering to the worlds richest people, they naturally have their share of excellent eating places.
    But lack a substancial native cuisine, i believe Indian food has become the choice of most, these day,s.
    Ah well, could be worse.

  30. I kinda miss the demise of the traditional Jewish Deli’s, in New York, Though i have eaten little red meat over the years, i like an occasional Pastrami on rye, with some Potato salad, actually a Brisket sandwich or even Corned beef, is just as good.
    No not that stuff from a can, shipped all the way from Argentina.
    Seems both Mexican and sushi joints are on every block, i like good sushi, plus eggs ranchero’s are ok, but i prefer not to have sealed orders, or food stuffed into a tortilla.
    The gradual dissapearance of the traditional New York style pizza, with a thin but resiliant crust, good sauce(very important) same with the cheese and oil.
    Replaced by a sauce out of a can and cheese heaped on and poor quality, you know what i’m talking about, they
    are everywhere.
    Ah well!

  31. Talk of food woke Chuck out of his slumber :) Don’t talk about the demise of Pizza, I live in Chicago where they think putting canned tomatoes, 5 pounds of cheese and a mystery meat on a cardboard crust is pizza. I haven’t had a deep dish pizza in 15 years. For the tourists.

    Anthony Bourdain (who I like normally, I am reading a book by him at the moment) did his show about Chicago yesterday. He must have had an alcoholic as a producer as he went to the shittiest places in Chicago – Simon’s, The Old Town Ale House, Billy Goat??? I am not a food snob, but these places are just sh*t holes.

  32. Is anybody getting excited for this game today? Worky, you should re-post your write-up because I have totally forgotten who they are, I seem to remember something about Madiera, or is that me still thinking about food?

  33. When you get the Chucklemeister on a subject he likes he can be almost charming and interesting. Pity this is a NUFC BLOG and not a food BLOG.