Liverpool vs Newcastle United full match video, highlights, interviews and match report

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Liverpool vs Newcastle United full match video first half.

Liverpool vs Newcastle United full match video second half.

Liverpool v Newcastle United highlights, (brief) match report, match details and post match interviews.

Highlights from the game between Liverpool and Newcastle United at Anfield.

As usual, I shall post better highlights when they become available (along with some post match interviews).

It was a case of “same old same old” from Pardew at the start as Liverpool were all over the Magpies at the start. However, they were also rather sterile when it came to the crunch and couldn’t put a goal past the obstinate newcastle defence. So, for once this season, Newcastle United weren’t a goal or two down before the inevitable improvement came. As usual though, it took some exceptional play from two of the usual suspects, Hatem Ben Arfa and Yohan Cabaye to combine for an opening goal for the Magpies. Ben Arfa’s silky dribbling skills took him through two Liverpool players before he floated in a great cross to the far post for his fellow Frenchman. Cabaye more than kept his end up too with an excellent finish from what looked like a very tricky angle.

However, Newcastle didn’t have a monopoly on individual brilliance, something which Luis Suarez proved in the 67th minute with another excellent goal, this time for the Reds of course. With some irony for a team managed by the vainglorious, self styled high priest of tippy tappy football, Liverpool’s breakthrough fianlly came from a classic “route one” goal, albeit executed with excellent style by Suarez on the other end. He controlled a long ball with his shoulder whilst holding off Coloccini. He then manoevred his way past Krul in the Newcastle goal to casually slip the ball into the net in what was an excellent individual goal for the Uruguayan hitman.

By this time the match was an excellent contest which was almost (but not quite) living up to some of the previous classics between these two sides. The drama wasn’t over too, with Fabricio Coloccini picking up a stright red card (and missing the next three games) for a “studs up” tackle on the aforementioned Suarez. On closer inspection, he seemed to pull out and hardly made any contact. However, by the letter of the law, it can happen if studs are lifted in such a fashion so off went Captian Colo for the next three Premiership games! He seemed to have it in for Suarez throughout the game though, making other challenges on the player which also could have been carded in what was an uncharacteristic performance for el Capitano.

Though the game carried on in a very exciting fashion, there were no more goals on either side and it ended as yet another draw for the Magpies. that’s five draws in ten Premiership games for the Silver Supremo now as site user “toontony” helpfully pointed out a few minutes ago.

Score / Goal scorers.

Liverpool 1 (Luis Suarez 67), Newcastle United 1 (Cabaye 43).

Teams / Match facts.

Liverpool (4-2-3-1): Brad Jones (G), Andre Wisdom, Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger, Jose Enrique; Joe Allen, Nuri Sahin; Raheem Sterling, Steven Gerrard (C), Suso, Luis Suarez.

Subs: Peter Gulacsi (G), Sebastian Coates, Jamie Carragher, Jordan Henderson, Jonjo Shelvey, Oussama Assaidi, Stewart Downing.

Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul (G), Vurnon Anita, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, Hatem Ben Arfa, James Perch (Danny Simpson 27), Yohan Cabaye, Jonas Gutierrez, Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba (Sammy Ameobi 50).

Substitutes: Steve Harper (G), Shane Ferguson, Mike Williamson, Gael Bigirimana, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi.

Yellow cards: None.

Red cards: Fabricio Coloccini (84).

Referee:Anthony Taylor (Manchester).

Attendance: 44,803.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew post match interview.

Brendan Rodgers post match interview.

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152 Responses

  1. thought the racist got collo sent off meself the reply showed he hardly touched the dude yet he acted like some1 took a chain saw to his legs

    November 4, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    “thought the racist got collo sent off meself the reply showed he hardly touched the dude”

    He did do a few very naughty challenges on him throughout the game though Toon, and you know what football is like nowadays. Whatever the contact was and whether he pulled out or not, he shouldn’t have even thought about gannin’ in with his feet up like that. He wasn’t himself today for whatever reason.

  3. what about the tackle on jonas i think it was were was his red card did not even book the dude

  4. I’ve just embedded the post match interviews with Pardew and Rodgers on here insted of just having them tacked on to the end of the full match video.

    November 4, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    “what about the tackle on jonas i think it was were was his red card did not even book the dude”

    I think I remember the one you mean Toon. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

    November 4, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    “but the main talking point should be it looks like we lost 4 1st teamers for a while”

    Aye, you have a point there.

    November 4, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    “but the main talking point should be it looks like we lost 4 1st teamers for a while”

    Aye, you have a point there.

    I’m not sure loosing 4 1st teamers for a while is such a bad thing. The way we have been playing calls for a shake-up. Bringing in something different may be just the ticket we need because the cautious AP is unlikely to do it any other way.

  7. The Sterling challenge was worse than Colos but I think the ref based it on perceived intent. Ridiculous but not for the first time. Refs need to be consistent. HBA has put in performances which have masked the rest of the teams failings.

  8. Sammy J says:
    November 5, 2012 at 8:48 am

    “The Sterling challenge was worse than Colos”

    If it’s the one I’m thinking of, Sterling’s studs weren’t up but Colo’s were. It’s hard to defend Colo though as that wasn’t just an isolated incident. He seemed to have it in for Suarez over the whole match, and made some other challenges which were way over the line.

  9. another bad performance up front defended ok but attack wise very poor from midfield up to strikers theres nothing we need a playmaker who can open up a defence and chip in with a few goals we are to defensive and teams no how we are going to play

  10. chris says:
    November 5, 2012 at 9:23 am

    “we need a playmaker who can open up a defence and chip in with a few goals we are to defensive and teams no how we are going to play”

    We have one or two of those Chris, and together they made and scored a goal yesterday. If teams know how we are going to play, then it’s Pardew’s job to fix it. Routledge was told by Pardew that he wasn’t good enough for Newcastle, now he’s at a team who play with a less direct “route one” style, he’s opening up defences and is making far more goals than our playmakers.

  11. Even though we came back after the start, we still played most of the game in our own half (as usual). We just soak up pressure and look to hit teams on the break. We’re so defensive and I just don’t understand these people who talk about Pardews “entertaining” football. What are they seeing that I’m not?

  12. toontony says:
    November 5, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    Yes, that’s a fair assessment of our default style toontony, though quite a few people still try to portray it as something different through some kind of wishful thinking, or because it has been written that we play like Barcelona in the Chronic / Journal or whatever. It’s called “self delusion”.

    Paul in Hollywood says:
    November 5, 2012 at 4:59 am

    November 4, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    “but the main talking point should be it looks like we lost 4 1st teamers for a while”

    “Aye, you have a point there.”

    “I’m not sure loosing 4 1st teamers for a while is such a bad thing. The way we have been playing calls for a shake-up. Bringing in something different may be just the ticket we need because the cautious AP is unlikely to do it any other way.”

    It look like it’s Perch is the one who will be out for a while, along with those who are suspended. As for your comment Paul, isn’t that just desperation?

  13. back to football. I don’t know what to make of this team. I have said this before, but we seem to be less than the sum of our parts. Maybe AndyMac is right and it is Pardwho.

    The other thing is our strikers who don’t seem to play well together and go on streaks and droughts. Would it be better to sell one of them and buy a complimentary replacement player? I bet the ones that we looked at at PSG are available now. And perhaps the persuit of Luuk de Jong says that the coaches know they can’t play together.

    My heart always rules my head with NUFC. So, I have a tendency to think we are better than we are.

    I hope we come good though, because I would never hear the last of it from Uncle Chuck if we finish below Swansea :)

  14. GS says:
    November 5, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    “Worky: his autobiography must be out of print as it was $219 on Amazon.”

    GS, I’ve put some links for you in the other post, one to an online copy to Bernays’s “Propaganda” from 1928, and another to Adam Curtis’s four part documentary on Bernays entitled “The Century of the Self”. Cost – £0.00 over here, or $0.00 over there.

  15. Surprised no one is mentioning Sterling tried to kick Simpson after he was tackled. Talking about intent there, I thought that was a straight red.

  16. Thanks Worky: I did order a biography of Bernays as I thought it would be an easier read. I am sure there will be many quotes from, and references to “propaganda”. As for reading stuff I don’t believe in, I have read parts of The Bible :) I also said I tend to dismiss some things out of hand and I know I shouldn’t so I try to guard against it.

    I am stuck in Wisconsin dogsitting again so I will watch those youtube clips you posted.

    NUFC Forever.

  17. Widow maker says:
    November 5, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    “Surprised no one is mentioning Sterling tried to kick Simpson after he was tackled. Talking about intent there, I thought that was a straight red.”

    Widow maker, he got a good stiff talking to instead of a yellow, possibly for being a bairn. But if he was going to get a card, it would only have been yellow anyway. No one on the Toon side is mentioning that Liverpool could have had a penalty either, though it would have been on the harsh side for a very soft contact which was quite hard to spot.

  18. yeah i saw the 2 kicks i think it was at simpson no booking there either that was a red also in my opion cant say he was going for the ball

  19. I do think Colo’s was a red card offense. I always ask myself what I’d think of a challenge if it happened to me or a teammate in a pub league match. I would have been livid-if he makes more contact there’s a very real chance he breaks Suarez’ leg.

    I’m also of the opinion, however, that a sending off should not be decided by a linesman on their own. They can give their opinion, tell the ref what they’ve seen but to be frank if they were qualified to make such a call they’d be fulltime refs and not linesmen.

    Colo just had an awful game. I don’t blame him for the goal-Suarez simply outruns him as he will most defenders. But the challenge on Suarez in the first half would be a penalty on another day and he put in a few more questionable tackles. He might have already been on a yellow for persistent fouling by the time of the red. Oh well, we all have bad days at the office and as someone else pointed out, he can play in our European games now.

    Funny how this game has exorcised folks. So many different opinions on who was ascendant, who played what formation, you got AP talking about our bad luck (?), people here accurately predicting our formation and the results of that, folks disagreeing over the relative quality of our defenders (again, ?), folks getting all testy on the threads.

    I blame the bin dippers.

  20. as for the penalty claim if i had been the ref would not of give it meself he was nevering geting on to the ball if the ball had not hit collo maybe then it was a pen.

  21. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< but still thinks after looking at the collo tackle a few more times it was Suarez reactioning that play a huge part in collo seeing red and the more i look at it from the side view the more i beleive hes a play acting cheat

  22. I think Paul has a point: I recall that AP only gave HBA starts last season after injury (to Obertan I think? His toe?) forced him to do so. WT-you must be stoked as Williamson will now get a run of starts…er, make that entire matches as we now have 2 players available at CB for the league. To be fair, I am glad we have him instead of some of the dross I’ve seen as our backup CBs.

    I have to agree that kicking opponents after the play has stopped is a clear red card offense. While reffing, I’ve seen it happen twice and I’ve produced two red cards.

  23. ELITE: you’re right about Suarez’ play-acting. He has few/no scruples about deception. His teammates say he’s just truly obsessed with winning. Whatever. It’s still an awful challenge in a non-dangerous area that looks more like assault than football.

  24. I also don’t completely disagree with your take on the potential pen. But note what I say: on another day, with another ref it may well have been given. He shouldn’t have gone in for that challenge at all. He’s usual better about that.

  25. Thought yesterdays ref had a good game, did’nt go crazy with yellow cards (which is becoming ridiculous)and let the game flow, or hoof in our case.
    His decission on Sterlings tackle(youthfull exuberance)was to give him a lecture, was fine with me.
    As for Colo., there was no harm done and it looked worse than it was, but niether pardew or Colo himself, questioned it.
    Possibly the culmination of Suarez making Colo’s day a tough one, plus the Porteno’s and their nieghbors across the Rio Plata estuary, from Monte have always been fierce rivals.

    Just read the stat, Taylor completed sixteen clearances, the comboned total of the rest of our defenders to-gether, that plus making a sliding block to prevent Stirling from scoring.
    Whadda guy! not as good as Williamson of course, but then what the hell do i know?

  26. TUNYC

    I’m unsure of exactly how things work between the Ref. and what are now known as the assistant refs, meaning the guy who keeps the managers from beating the shit outta one another and listening to their crap and what was once known as linesmen.
    Perhaps someone could iluminate us on the subject, as to what responsibilities and decisions are/can they be responsible for.

  27. Penalties are tough decisions, with to-days players dragging their feet going past defenders, looking for contact and diving like olympic contenders, as a result the ref’. job has become so much tougher.
    Not only that, but this ridicules system of handing out cards, especially red cards can in an instance, ruin any game.
    Of course, the powers that be are terrified of instituting any changes to the game and to an extent i agree.
    The last thing we want is to remove the human element of the game, but most professional sports have managed to incorporate modern technology that does little to interfere with the flow of the game and ensures the right decision was made.
    Some have introduced the sin bin, where a player, guilty of what would result in either a yellow or red card, now sits out a pre-detemined amount of time.
    IMO a much better solution.
    Of course we know refs are wired for sound, what about a three man panel to decide on watching the video replays from various angles, whether the decision was right and then relaying it to the Ref., with a minimum delay involved.
    I only advocate this technology be used in certain circumstance’s, which can effect the outcome of the game.
    It’s time to come to the aid of referees, who in to-days game are constantly criticised for making instant decissions, without benefit of hindsight like those seeing the same incident from various angles, not a lot to ask.

  28. Chuck: you are correct of course about Refs. What I don’t like are the “make up” calls they make and the ones where they want to “set the tone” for a game by giving an early yellow out.

    Good to see you New Yorkers are back and as fiesty as ever.

  29. Worky: everyone else can ignore this. Back to our earlier discussion, occationally I will watch the religious crap over here and once even called an 800 number. They sent me a vial of “holy water” a piece of “Jesus cloth” to pray with and a little booklet that showed cartoon men living with cartoon dinosaurs.

  30. Well, I guess we’ll be finding out in the next few weeks if the enforced little shake-up is going to do us any good. As said before, I think it may be what we need, even if it is desperation speaking.

  31. tunyc says:
    November 5, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    “I do think Colo’s was a red card offense.”

    It was a red card performance tunyc. I think that both he and Tiote have been watching “A Clockwork Orange” recently.

    Forget about Chuck and his childish prating about me having some kind of Mike Williamson obsession. He’s an OK defender, Taylor is an OK defender, but I feel that the big lad compliments Coloccini well out of what we have. I’d swap them both for Vertonghen.

  32. I can’t help thinking that if Collo had really wanted to cripple Suarez then he wouldn’t have missed by such a margin.

    I think Pardew got it at least partially right when he said that the match injuries disrupted the team. We were better than them in the 25 minutes prior to half time and could have gone in 2 or 3 up.

    To be honest though pre-game, I’d have taken a draw, overall we probably didn’t deserve one.

  33. Talking about referees I think this mark clatenburg crap is exactly that.

    Aparently the word he used were “I couldn’t give a monkies mikel” as a geordie I use that term all the time.

    These so called players need to get a grip. I’m not racist but this has to stop. It’s seems like certain people need to learn the word RESPECT.
    I don’t think for one second that mark is a racist and I personally hunk this is a vendetta by Chelsea towards the FA.

    It’s all gone down hill and is starting to become farcical.

    What could be any worse? Today I was thrown out of a Japanese restraunt when I told the manager “I had to nip to the toilet”

  34. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    November 5, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    “We were better than them in the 25 minutes prior to half time.”

    Did you have your special Toon spectacles on Grumpy, or were you watching another game by mistake?

  35. Stephen C says:
    November 5, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    “These so called players need to get a grip.”

    Stephen, “so called” suggests that you don’t think they are really footballers. Whatever else they are (pricks, knobs, twats, actors, big girl’s blouses, racists, non-racists, whatever) if they’re playing for the Champions League winners, then they are indeed footballers, and rather good ones too. ;-)

    Have you been reading the Daily Mail again? That’s a common cause of “so called” abuse.

    Really great to see on here again BtW, we miss you!

  36. I’m not sure either way about this “I don’t give a monkeys, Mikel” but I do suspect there’s a bit of English as a second language (if that) gannin’ on (again) – A peril of having the United Nations playing in the Premier League.

  37. I am watching CNBC (US stock market news) and the guest said we will LITERALLY go into a lame duck situation after this election. The host said the stock market could go “up or down” after the election.

    They get paid for this?

  38. Chuck @ 32: the penalty box thing, who’s doing it? It’s done in ice hockey because it’s traditional there. Same with lacrosse. But I haven’t heard of it in any other sport. It would fundamentally change the game and I don’t want to see it introduced to football.

    WT-yeah, Vertonghen has been great every game I’ve seen him in…I still think Saylor is our 2nd-best CB, not because of things like that block-good as it was his exuberant style of play sometimes ends badly, but because he plays well with the ball at his feet. That’s it.

  39. tunyc @45: i don’t watch much Rugby, but don’t they have a “sin bin” and they didn’t have it traditionally?

    Anybody can correct me as as I said I don’t watch much Rugby.

  40. Well “player” in every sence of the word.

    These people aren’t footballers any more, they are”players” in every sence of the word.

    There was also a joke in there aswell I’m not sure if you noticed.

  41. You have been reading the Daily Mail again Stephen! :-)

    Think of it this way, Bashar al Asad is indiscrimitely slaughtering people in Syria, Barack Obama is slaughtering people in Pakistan, China has taken over Tibet, Israel is taking over Palestine and meanwhile, a few footballers are entertaining millions. If some of them might make a bit too much of a fuss when they get tackled, some of them are accusing each other (and referees) of saying naughty words, and some of them buy hideously ostentatatious cars and go out partying, it’s hardly the worst thing that ever happened.

    Now Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias on the other hand…

    “There was also a joke in there aswell I’m not sure if you noticed.”

    Not as good as “This is Phil Collins for Nonce-Sense”

  42. So, it is almost election day and a man with a son called “Trigg” could be President. I hope not.

  43. I hate to say it, but we should drop Jonas. He used to be better at tackling and running with the ball, now he is better at falling down.

    Sammy or Fergie? Or the Chuckmeister’s favourite, Marveaux?

  44. truly terrible again from the toons, played off the park all game. due to liverpools inability to finish and poor referring they did manage a wholly undeserved point,clear penalty by colo …..

  45. Chuck @ 36… I mean the three players who were injured plus Collo who was red-carded. AP will be forced to make some changes that he wasn’t planning on, my point being that this may be no bad thing.

  46. Worky
    actually no.
    Have no idea what the joke was.
    However i’m intrigued about what substance you are presently using?

  47. For those who want to know which professionall sports use the sin bin, both Ice Hockey and Rugby do.
    I’m not sure if they have a professional league for lacrosse.

  48. Paul on the left coast.

    Actually, i have little interest in what Pardew is forced to do.
    I doubt if it will make much difference.

  49. Hey! we vote for Tweedle De or Dum, To-day.
    Dont make much difference, the same people will make the decisions.
    Taking bout K Street, Wall St., you get the picture, those that control, money.
    Aint easy in the belly of the beast, without a say.
    Democracy you say, the right to vote!
    For who ?
    Think things are any better in the UK ?
    Nah !
    You got the right to make it appear like us, as though
    you are exercising the right to elect a government of your choosing.
    Sure, pick one of the above, thats it!
    If you dont wanna live with this system, ok.
    If you dont, do as your told.

  50. GS says:
    November 6, 2012 at 2:36 am

    “So, it is almost election day and a man with a son called “Trigg” could be President. I hope not.”

    So Romney’s a big fan of “Only Fools and Horses” GS?

  51. Election day here in the states. Best part about it? No more political adds saturating my television screen any longer. If I have to watch one more negative attack it’ll do my head in.
    That being said, time to vote for the lesser of two evils here in a few hours. Even doing my civic duty and doing get out the vote calls.

    Though that’s only for the unpaid internship I was ‘smart’ enough to sign up for on a congressional campaign a few months back. So many awkward phone calls to 80 year olds living in the middle of nowhere.

    In regards to Sunday, I thought considering a point wasn’t all too bad. Collocini had a rough day compounded by the red. To be fair, if I had to play against a blatant cheat and all-around b**** of a player like Suarez, I want to stamp him out too.

  52. In fact, I haven’t played against him, but just watching him over the past few seasons has made it where I would love the chance to give him a nice, firm, stop ruining the great game of football “talking to.”

  53. hoosiertoon says:
    November 6, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    “but just watching him over the past few seasons has made it where I would love the chance to give him a nice, firm…”

    hoosiertoon, I thought that comment was going in a rather questionable direction for a football blog, until I got to the next line. :-)

  54. Hoosiertoon: Please tell me you are doing all you can to prevent Mourdock from being elected. We have a moron of equally low intelligence in illiois called Joe Walsh (not The Eagles Joe Walsh).

    How these people get on the ballot is beyond me.

  55. @GS I am in fact working on a democratic campaign, so I’ve been working on Donnelley’s campaign as well as mine when needed (opposition to Mourdock).

    @ worky I thought this blog tended to go off in that general direction quite frequently, thought I’d try my hand at not discussing football on a football blog. How’d I do?

  56. Hoosiertoon: good. I was worried that you would be wearing a sweater vest, watching Fox News and having a day out in Martinsville :) When the Toon come to Chicago, I will buy a poor student a ticket to the match.

  57. hoosiertoon says:
    November 6, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    “thought I’d try my hand at not discussing football on a football blog. How’d I do?”

    You Yanks (and GS) are all doing a fine job of diverting the conversation away from football and on to a certain election. Personally, I wouldn’t vote for either of the bastads!

  58. Worky @67: really? Ultimately aren’t you a pragmatist and wouldn’t you vote for Obama to try to keep Romney out?

    Once they are in, they are in and we don’t have a referendum on every issue. I know about the drones and Obama, but it would be much worse with Romney and his pals in the defense companies.

  59. The funniest thing about this blog is that noboby cares that much about what other people think of them, they just say whatever they want.

    I haven’t quite got to that point, but it is very funny to read old goats like A-Mac just not give a sh@t.

  60. @GS Ah good old Martinsville, the most racist place in all of the north. I tend to avoid that place if at all possible, though it is a short drive from where I am at for college at the moment.

    If the Toon ever make the trip to Chicago, you can be assured I will be there. I’m not counting on them visiting though.

  61. Appears from news sources, there’s a good chance we will sign Sissoko during the upcoming window.

    Said to be close to Cabaye, but then so was Debuchy.

    A young defensive midfielder with a number of French caps, exactly what we need, another DM, as he would make around six or seven.

    I could see it if we are going to move somebody but what we need at this club is help across the back four.

    Of course we could convert him to a LB role, but we have guys like Perch, Gosling, Anita, Jonas, Raylor, who just slot in wherever, no one seems to know where they fit best, not to mention Fergie, Sammy, Bigi, Abeid, Amalfitano…….

    Are we a team of all rounders, no wonder we look so chaotic out there, with guys constantly being shifted around to fill in a spot.

    Can we please sign Douglas and a LB, switch Santon to RB and sort out the Cisse/Ba situation.

    Yeah i would like to see Sissoko arrive and he seems willing to come, but dont we have other priorities that have to be taken care of first?

  62. Hoosiertoon: I have been to Blooming”toon” many times. My ex-wife went to school there and she told me a story about them Martinsville folks. She stopped at a truck stop and one of them said “you sure is a tall one, but you wuddn’t know it lying down”.

  63. Chuck @73: you should have read AndyMac’s preview of the Liverpool game when he was quoting Pardiola as saying he had to convince Ashley we had to keep the team we have, never mind add to it.

  64. GS
    And you believe everything Pardew sez? or should that be,
    do you believe anything pardew sez.
    Guys nothing but a self promoter, an empty suit.

  65. chuck says:
    November 6, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    “Appears from news sources, there’s a good chance we will sign Sissoko during the upcoming window.

    “Said to be close to Cabaye, but then so was Debuchy.”

    What is it with Cabaye? He was telling Joe Cole he should forget about trying to get back into the Liverpool team and go back to Lille the other day. He’s sticking his nose in and gobbing off about things which don’t really have anything to do with him.

    That thing about Cabaye and Sissoko though was Lee Ryder quoting a “Newcastle source” though. So of course, it could be made up shite from Tyneside’s foremost bollocksmith.

  66. Do you think Romney is really from Newcastle? He did say “I love coal”.

    What a wart on a pig’s arse.

  67. Actually the recent rumor about Sissoko, could it be he is in fact a replacement for someone we may be selling for big bucks, well a profit…
    Tiote? nah! he sez he loves it here, but so did Nolan, now he’s happy to be in Lahndin, enjoying himself outside of the “fish bowl”as he describes Newcarsil.
    Cabaye is our most important player in my umble opinion, could he be on his way ?
    There’s rumors of HBA going to the Arsenal, but they are too cheap to come up with the money Ashley would want.
    Anyone want Jonas, doubt it, but would trade him to get Sissoko, if it was on offer.

  68. chuck says:
    November 6, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    “Cabaye is our most important player in my umble opinion”

    What about Mike Williamson, Chuck? I thought you’d pick him as our most important player rather than Cabaye.

  69. Worky: I bought a few call options on Apple today. It is hard to bet against Apple when you can buy a status symbol like an iphone or ipad for $500 (rather than a Rolex for $10K). You have to bet the masses will do it.

    I never read Das Capital, and I never quite understood the “dialectic” part of what they were saying anyway.

  70. Worky
    Yes of course, what was i thinking.
    Seems my choice of MOM (Taylor)was verified by a majority of the fans.

  71. What you said about Marx, the world is not only about Capital and Labour. It has changed bit. But, you know better…and it was only a 140 years ago before the invention of cars, computers, planes, scateboards, factory farming, air-conditioning, micro-wave ovens, non-stick pie tins, etc.

    women who can vote, edible panties, television, space travel, nuclear bombs, nuclear physics, cell phones, hoola hoops, refried beans in tins, cockapoodles…

  72. chuck says:
    November 6, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    “Seems my choice of MOM (Taylor)was verified by a majority of the fans.”

    Chuck, whether Taylor was the MotM or not, this “wisdom of the majority” thing doesn’t impress me at all. As Sid Vicious once said famously: “I’ve met the man in the street. He’s a c*nt.”

  73. Chuck: say something nice, today. I think there is a charming man under your harsh exterior. You display it now and again.

  74. GS says:
    November 6, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    “Worky: can you delete it?”

    GS, I’ve replaced it with a link to the source for those who might wish to look at it.

  75. Worky @ 85: Sid died too young. Imagine the quotes we could have had if he lived longer.

    Jonny Rotten’s famous quote about sex was that it was “a minute of squelching” and then he took it back and said it was about 2 or 3 minutes.

    Chuck, ring a bell?

  76. GS says:
    November 6, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    “Worky @ 85: Sid died too young. Imagine the quotes we could have had if he lived longer.”

    The Sex Pistols broke the number one rule for a successful band, don’t sack the songwriter. Sid couldn’t even play bass, never mind write songs like Glen Matlock.

  77. Still stuck in Wisconsin and looking inward. I am a bit miserable, but listening to Paul Simon is a pleasure, but not fun:

    “And I see losing love is like a window in your heart. Everybody sees you’re blown apart. Everybody sees the wind blow”.

    That’s what I think about my dog.

  78. GS says:
    November 6, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    “Jonny Rotten’s famous quote about sex was that it was “a minute of squelching” and then he took it back and said it was about 2 or 3 minutes.”

    And Boy George said he’d rather have a cup of tea. I think he changed his mind on that one though judging by his later sex kidnapping exploits.

  79. Sh@t: that was a melencholy moment, I think I will have to go to a crap Wisconsin bar where I know nobody and get f@cking gloriously drunk.

  80. Worky: wasn’t Glen Matlock part of ultravox or something? And if he was that good, he would have gone on and done someting else?

  81. GS says:
    November 6, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    “Worky: wasn’t Glen Matlock part of ultravox or something?”

    He formed the Rich Kids, GS. They were Midge Ure (later of Ultravox), Rusty Egan (later of Visage), and Steve New who played with the Sex Pistols and P.I.L. So you’ve probably got him mixed up with Midge Ure.

  82. Getting back to the US election, which, of course, is what a NUFC BLOG is all about :) F@cking Mitt W@nker…

  83. I know this blog is going downhill fast, when we go from
    Marx and dialectical materialism, to quoting Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten, not to mention Boy George, ffs.

    Will always I remember around 79 when living in London seeing grafitti scrawled on a wall
    “Sid did’nt do it”.
    Course the Chelsea was famous at the time because of it’s policies of, (unlike most other hotels) accepting the notorious and leaving them alone.
    Which attracted, many bands, actors, writers, Arthur Clarke was a regular.
    Many stayed there on a full time basis and frequented the local bars and restaurants on 23rd. st. and 7th. Ave.
    Yeah there was a lotta stuff going on in the “Drop Dead New York”, The Bronx is Burning, garbage strike, graffiti everywhere 70’s.
    Oh for the uninitiated, the drop dead is a statement from our beloved president Gerald Ford, to the city asking for federal assistance to stave off banrupcy.
    Actually the guy never said it, it was a headline in the Daily News a crap tabloid that was famous for those kinds of sensational headlines.
    Anyway the result was his loosing the election, primarily because of it, no great loss i’m happy to say.
    Yeah, lotta fun in that Babylon of the day.

  84. As I said Worky, I am going to get gloriously drunk with fat strangers in Wisconsin. Hopefully, women with iphones and Mini Migaj on that iphone.


  85. Worky
    There’s too much talent in the side for them to be unsuccessful, no matter what.
    Would’nt be surprised to see them bring in a big signing during the next window, those oil rich middle eastern folks dont accept second place.
    Appears they may displace london as THE Major Airline Hub.
    Next comes Banking and Financial Services.
    Why should they allow others to handle their wealth, which is everywhere but the Gulf Region.

  86. you lads were not kidding about that martinsville, f**k me, that is one desperate place.
    i thought those little towns only existed, in the flicks.
    i just took a street view of the place, i was half expecting to see gizmo the gremlin, running across the town centre green.
    i bet rania’s bar and grill is kicking on a satda neet.
    i looked at the town’s website, it said, “a city without limits”, it had to be there is no limit to the amount of lynchings, that take place, annually.
    it’s the type of place you will never be seen again, if you upset the locals.

  87. TROJAN RECORDS 73 says:
    November 6, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    “you lads were not kidding about that martinsville, f**k me, that is one desperate place.
    i thought those little towns only existed, in the flicks.”

    Trojan, It sounds like what my American friends would call a Fox News and NASCAR kinda place from your description.

  88. Martinsville is actually well known to be the KKK capital of the midwest. I am not kidding and it is only about 50 miles from where hosiertoon is. But where hosiertoon is is a very nice University town and probably the best place in Indiana. They did a movie from there, I think it was called “Cutters”.

  89. I drove by the bar and it was even worse than I thought it would be, so I went to tescos and got 2 bottles of wine.

  90. GS says:
    November 6, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    “But where hosiertoon is is a very nice University town and probably the best place in Indiana.”

    GS, one of my Yank friends over here was from Austin originally, which has been described as the “Intellectual capital of Texas,” but surely that’s like being the greatest beautyspot in Middlesbrough?

  91. GS says:
    November 7, 2012 at 12:57 am

    “I drove by the bar and it was even worse than I thought it would be, so I went to tescos and got 2 bottles of wine.”

    How many Tescos do they have over there now GS? I was once stuck in Thailand for a bit, and I asked one one of the locals I met over there where they went for the best, most authentic Thai food. I was taken to a Thai restaurant in the local Tesco superstore!

  92. GS says:
    November 7, 2012 at 1:54 am

    “Worky: it wasn’t really a Tescos, I was just making a reference to a generic supermarket.”

    So why didn’t you just write f*cking “Supermarket” then FFS?

  93. Martinsville is indeed a Fox News and Nascar place. There are tons of those types of towns in the middle of nowhere, USA. But Bloomington, or Blooming”toon” as GS put it, is one of the most beautiful campus’ in the country. Look up Bloomington, IN in the fall and you will see what I mean.

    @GS you can find some great deals on alcohol at the Wal-Marts of the world.

  94. (Worky @114 :) because I am sort of like that.)

    BUT, I was watching Fox News and they are depressed. They had Sarah Palin on and she made even less sense than usual.

    Now they have Carl Rove on, the man who spent a billion dollars and lost. Stephen Colbert compared his head to a big ham and was spot on.

    They tried to buy an election and failed. It is time to try to take some of this money out of politics. My fear was that democracy could be bought, and it turns out it can only be rented. What we need is to get rid of “K” street and Wall Street money, as Chuck said earlier.

    It won’t happen, but at least for now the propaganda didn’t win out.

  95. GS says:
    November 7, 2012 at 3:33 am

    “My fear was that democracy could be bought”

    It’s a bit late for that GS. You know perfectly well that if an American politician doesn’t have the support of corporations and special interest groups, then he doesn’t even get to be a candidate, never mind get elected as President.

  96. What a lot of folks dont understand is Barak Obama, is much more than Romney,in the pockets by The Military Industrial Complex the term coined by Ike in his farewell speach.

    An organization, the then President and one of the highest ranking military men, warned the American public to beware of.

    That warning obviously should but was’nt taken in by the same voting public.

    We now have a military as large as the fifteen next largest countries combined, with manufacturing plants located in every state of the union.

    Sure also an enormous sorce of jobs and money, but anyone having read Kennedy’s book, “The Rise and Fall of the Great Nations” (a Yale historian and Geordie, attended St cuthberts GS) should understand there’s a direct relationship between what the economy can afford and the size of the nations armed forces.

    Besides this, he is responsible for the killing of US citizens, without trial, yes via the infamous drones, with their missiles, operated by people thousands of miles away observing the targets on a video screen, not unlike the war video games played by many.

    Many strikes indiscriminate and lacking verification, do we care ? apparently not.

    The war against terror continues (an Oxymoron)

    Thats only two strikes, there’s still Guantanamo, the fact billions of phone calls and e-mails are being listened to and read, being brought to attention by key words being used.

    CCtv cameras everywhere,audio recordings on public transportation (post Big Brother stuff) if you see something report it, insane stuff.

    With the NYC Police’s Comish Kelly, in charge of a private army with agents all over the world, an increasingly military like organization, that stop’s and searches hundreds of thousands of it’s citizens each year.

    Spies on Muslem groups and others.
    If this does’nt sound like pre war Nazi Gemany, a totalitarian state, then i dont know what does.
    Of course when mentioning these things, i find the public are so unaware, their standard answer is, if you are not doing anything wrong why worry about it, it’s the police’s job to prevent crime, scarey !

    And like us, dont be complacent, you still have the record for CCtv cameras and god knows what else.
    I recall in the late seventies someone brought to light a building in Pimlico that listened to over a half a million phone calls at a time.
    God knows, thats thirty years ago, surely they have improved their performance by now?

  97. The Irony is, had a Republican been elected in the 08 election, or even now.
    Their feet would have been held to the fire, by an angry public.
    But being the general vision of Obama is, he’s struggling to deal with an obstructionist Congress, doing the best he can, he gets a pass.
    It’s time to wake up and hold him responsible, to force him to meet the promises made
    The working and middle classes must increase the pressure on the President, force him to create progressive legislature and at the same time put pressure on the congress and upper house to listen or get dumped out of office.
    No more tax cuts for the rich, rebuild the US manufacturing base, work to-wards a greener America.
    Force the utilities to find cleaner ways to use fossil fuels, dont poison the great aquifers of the central plains, stop the tar sands operation, a massive polluting operation.
    Stop the war on the labor movement, and the one in Afghaistan, close Guantanimo, no more undeclared wars it’s simply unconstitutional.
    Hell i could go on, but i’m sure you are all bored by now.

  98. Soh ! we got Bruges to-day, they were not much of a problem last time, so we should probably clinch a spot in the knockout rounds.
    Who we gonna play?
    And why dont we have a game preview blog up, get on the job man!
    Ok hers my side, for what it’ worth.


  99. Chuck: I am not disagreeing with you for disagreeings sake, but I think Coloccini and Tiote will start because of their red cards and Jonas and Krul will probably be rested.

    I am watching NCIS – how old is David McCallum? He hasn’t changed since The Great Escape.

  100. And on politics. I know they are all bad and bought. But it could be worse is all I am saying.

    I feel sorry for Mitt despite his car elevators. He was given the choice of Mitt and Willard as names. He could have nicknamed himself Bubba or Scooter though.

  101. chuck says:
    November 7, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    “The war against terror continues (an Oxymoron)”

    Is it an oxymoron or a tautology Chuck? Either way, it is absolute nonsense.

    You used the original term, though it was almost immediately changed to “The War ON Terror.” I recall that just a few hours after it was “rolled out” to a salivating media, some naughty people at the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme “Newsnight” had great fun grossly over enlarging the first letters of each word in graphics, so it spelled out the acronym “T.W.A.T.” It was quite amusing at the time, and VERY swiftly changed to “T.W.O.T.”

  102. chuck says:
    November 7, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    “The working and middle classes must increase the pressure on the President”

    Get with the programme Chuck, there is no such thing as “working class” any more. Everyone who works, pays taxes and consumes is flattered by their meaningless promotion to the ranks of the “middle” classes. Beneath that there is a substratum of feckless, lazy, scrounging good for nothings known as the “Underclass,” the UNworking class, or merely “scum”.

    It’s a great world we live in nowadays.

    Oh! and on the football Chuck, Coloccini and Tiote will definitely play whilst they’re on the Premiership’s naughty step, and your favourite, Iron Mike, will probably be the other centre back.

  103. @GS yes it is..they show quite a bit of football there actually. Official US Soccer bar as well, for whatever that’s worth.

  104. Worky @129: I worked at a company that had about 20 staff and 6 of them were ‘Vice Presidents” of something or other. I used to joke that they were “VPs in charge of the toilets”. That didn’t make me very popular.

    I was “promoted” to President of a company with 5 staff, and the boss promoted himself to CEO – sad but true. I think I put “Financial Analyst” on my business card rather than go along with the chirade.

  105. GS says:
    November 7, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    “I put “Financial Analyst” on my business card rather than go along with the chirade.”

    It’s a good job you didn’t spell “analyst” the same way as you spelled charade on your business cards, otherwise you’d be an “financial analist” :-) I once had to explain to the tax man why I was claiming hundreds of pounds for an “anal check.” It was actually an “Analyser Checker” which I was using in my work as a sound engineer at the time. It was the only part of my dealings with that lot which was faintly amusing.

  106. “sound engineer” is there anything you haven’t done? “Chirade” looked wrong, but I couldn’t be arsed to check it.

    Why don’t you give the Chucklemonster a hard time about spelling and gramm(er)ar?

    It took me ’bout a year, but I have warmed to the grumpy sod (apart from the repetition) – and I am sure Chuck doesn’t care what I think :)

  107. And worky: how could I spell “analyst” the same way I spelled “chirade”? They have different letters in them.

  108. GS says:
    November 7, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    “sound engineer” is there anything you haven’t done?”

    That’s my problem GS. I’ve never really stayed put and stuck with one thing for long enough, otherwise I’d probably own NUFC by now. :-)

  109. GS says:
    November 7, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    “And worky: how could I spell “analyst” the same way I spelled “chirade”? They have different letters in them.”

    Mistaken use if the letter “i” GS.

  110. Worky, the “i” letter I understand. You missed my point.

    But, I don’t understand why people get mad at you on line and go off in a huff. My guess is that you must be a c@nt in real life to piss them off.

  111. As well Worky: I am in Wisconsin and I drove to the bar and they had gun racks on the roofs of their trucks. This is kill Bambi season up here.

    I figured it might be a kill the English, big city liberal thinker if I mentioned I wasn’t a big fan of Paul Ryan.

    So I stayed away.

  112. gs, so i take it good old hooverville, is like that forgotten gem, of the 1980’s, “hunter’s blood”.
    “anybody seen purdie”?

  113. maze202 says:
    November 7, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    “Forster put in a brilliant performance vs Barca tonight.”

    He was the man of the match in both games maze. Selling him for £2 million is turning out to be a huge cock up.

  114. I was accused of going on a pilgrimage by admitting having visited Trotsky’s home in Mexico City, the place he was assassinated that is.
    Now a sort of museum.
    The same idiot insisted that the Turks were in fact Ottomans.
    I attempted to explain, the Turks in fact dominated an area from european Turkey to western China, including most of the Stans and were the descendants of the golden horde, an enormous group.
    That and the fact that they had a significant effect on Vienna, which while under siege by Sulieman the Magnificent, were relieved by the Slavic Poles (slav being the Roman term for slave)
    And in their haste to escape, lost both their entire supply of Coffee and their magnificent Arabian horses.
    Resulting in Vienna to this day being a city known for it’s coffee shops, plus the Poles continue to own some of the best Arabian blood lines.
    Not to mention the pastry invented by the Viennese to celebrate their relief, in the shape of a Crescent, commonly known as the croissant.
    So shaped in imitation of the Ottoman Turk symbol the crescent moon, adapted from the former Eastern Empire city of Constantinople.
    So where did this coffee come from, you may ask?
    Etheopia is the earliest recorded origin, thats why i buy Ethiopean coffee, i figured by this time they must have perfected the bean.
    Yeah a flawed concept i know, but what the hell, i’m sure they can use the dough.
    On the subject of Ethiopia,ever listen to any Ethiopean music?
    Of course you hav’nt, in which case you should check out the album, Ethiopiques.
    Why ?
    You may be intrigued and actually like it.
    It was written and arranged by an ethiopean graduate of The Berklee School of music in Boston, a school well known for turning out some pretty good jazz players and arrangers.
    The musicians were mostly from the Hailie Sellasie military band, some of the few musicians of the country
    who were able to read music.
    Check it out !
    Not something like that gimmicy German Bagpipe band, all sturm unt drang, no! an unusual melodic sound, you may enjoy it?
    The least that can happen is you can tell people, erm yeah, i’m kinda like into Etheopian music right now,it’s really like erm, you know….

  115. Yeah,cant figure out why we sold the guy, and for two million, we couldda parked im there and even used him as a bargaining chip for someone we may have wanted.
    How bout those Celts, beating Barca, no easy task, especially when you consider the difference in both leagues and wealth.

  116. Chuck: I watched the election on Fox News just to watch them squirm. I know you and Worky think equally badly of both parties but I particularly hate Hannity and O’Reily. It is interesting to see them say they are “Fair and Balanced” and then refer to the Republican party as “we”, and only have Rove, Palin and Krauthammer on.

  117. Ssd was that Shakespeare?

    Sounds like some deluded tripe I used to come out with?

  118. Geordie, That was someone trying and get some loser’s site up the search engines by gaming Google. This site gets many thousands every day as they are usually sent to many sites simultaneously. Most of them get caught by our preotection but you get a few that slip through the net.