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Alan Pardew at Stoke.
Will this be the winter of Pardew's discontent?
Speaking in the wake of Newcastle United’s 2-1 defeat by Stoke City, the fourth in a row which leaves the Magpies slumped at 14th in the table, Alan Pardew, has now acknowledged that Newcastle may well be involved in a relegation battle in the coming months.

When asked by the Shields Gazette’s Miles Starforth if it was “too early to be talking about the club being involved in a relegation scrap,” the Silver Supremo responded:

“Well, we are now, and no, it’s not too early. We can’t bury our head in the sand, and we have to get wins to get out of it.”

After that gloomy initial prognosis however, he then continued on a more optimistic note, adding:

“Actually, I’m so buoyed by the performance [the Stoke City defeat], and by the fact that the things we have changed, the things we’ve done, have definitely helped the team. The team have responded to them. Hopefully, we can take that forward.”

But what do YOU think? Do you think we are on the rocky road which leads to to the Championship? Or are we poised to rise like a Phoenix in our next few games, making all such talk about relegation seem silly in hindsight?

Whatever your thoughts, please let us know in the comments section and vote in our poll.

To help you decide, below is a table of our recent form (last six games), along with a list of our next six Premiership fixtures.

NUFC recent form and upcoming fixtures
28/10/12 H West Bromwich Albion Won 2-1
04/11/12 A Liverpool Drew 1-1
11/11/12 H West Ham United Lost 0-1
17/11/12 H Swansea City Lost 1-2
25/11/12 A Southampton Lost 2-0
28/11/12 A Stoke City Lost 2-1
03/12/12 H Wigan Athletic ???? ?-?
10/12/12 A Fulham ???? ?-?
15/12/12 H Manchester City ???? ?-?
22/12/12 H Queens Park Rangers ???? ?-?
26/12/12 A Manchester United ???? ?-?
29/12/12 A Arsenal ???? ?-?


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35 Responses

  1. Worky: what I did notice in the last few press conferences was that Pardew was looking stressed and old.

    That is not a good thing if he wants to be shagging some of players’ girlfriends as the players are probably considerably richer than him.

  2. Worky: Thanks for the advice. I have made a few people a lot of money so I should probably not be so lazy and instead make myself a lot of money.

  3. I often ask myself why someone like you is doing this labour of love blog? I understand Ed ‘coz he’s retired and Toonsy ‘coz he’s a bus driver, but I don’t understand why you put in so much time and effort.

  4. i can see us getting no more than 5 points (max) from the next 6 games = 19 points from 20 games!!

    – & if that contiued in january = sacked by february.

    i’ve got my fingers crossed that he can turn this slump around – but i doubt he can really.

  5. All things considered you can’t be anything but doom laden.The fixture list,Injuries,The fact we have’nt put in one good performance all season.We can’t blame our old faithful “bad luck”as some of the points we have got have been lucky.WBA etc.We have all pointed to the whys.Not only not buying in the summer but getting rid of good “Boiler Room Players” Like Guthrey Nolan Best all who could have done a job in this situation.We haven’t even got the players to “Park the Bus on occassion to get a point or two.The only hope we are given is to play our way up but being a supporter of many years Ive learned miracles don’t happen.I fear it won’t go as far as the last game of the season like last time but a bit before.Doom Doom Doom.

  6. We all know that if parpoo gets the sack,the only managers that will take the job are terry venables,dave bassett or ron’whoops I left the mic on’atkinson…or any of the other players in the ledgends sunday league pub team,question is when we have those 11 first teamers including dan gosling…Will we be able to reverse this?..

  7. I’d take him, Jason…

    I can’t see us getting more than 7 points out of those 6 fixtures at my most optimistic. So yeah, we won’t be putting any distance between us and the bottom three any time soon.

    So what was the follow-up question? He’s taken a 5th-placed side into a relegation battle. Isn’t there something to answer for there?

  8. Doubt Pardew will be going any time soon but if he did.I would rather take a gamble on someone young and untried like Lee Clarke than any of the old brigade.

  9. it’s a tough one to call at this stage, it’s slightly further down the line, that worries me.
    the squad of players we have, are more than capable of staying up. it’s whether that prat pardew, will have the knowhow to accomplish it.

    if we can get everyone back fit, and we start picking up points at home, then we should be just about okay, but pardew has to change his way of thinking, or his stubborn outdated attitude, will bring about the demise.
    this club should be moving on, in terms of style of play, but haven’t due to having a very average, longball manager.
    if he can manage to turn it around, in the short term, then fair enough.
    i would still get rid of him though, at the end of this season, because ashley and llambias, are deluded, if they think this chump can take them forward.

    the worrying thing with our form, is it mirrors our relegation season, so that it a massive worry.
    the problem will always come back to the two tossers, who are running the club, who appointed this cretin, in the first place.

    dismissing chris hughton, for the white elephant of a manager in pardew, was laughable, at best, and showed that these two toe rags, have not learned any lessons, in how not to…
    they learned nothing from their flirt with relegation, when keegan kept them up, and we all know what happened, thereafter.

    that’s what is worrying me though, even if we stay up, they wiil continue to sail us towards another impending disaster.
    imo these two clowns will never learn, and will not do what is best for the club.
    what’s the betting, if they get through this crisis, they’ll keep pardew on, and proceed to do the same, going into another campaign?

    you can see the seeds of the sorry tale, being sown, as we speak.
    we wont qualify for europe, so we will more than likely lose our better players.
    that will send out a negative message, and we will find it difficult to recruit, decent incoming players.
    they will retain the services of the chocolate fireguard, alan pardew.
    he will then more than likely be told some crap, about europe coming to early for the club, and the cost has hit them hard.
    he will get his ritual humilation, at the end of august, and go into the 13/14 season, with a squad of waifs and strays, worse than this season, by a country mile, spearheaded by the terrible amoebi brothers.
    culminating with relegation after another steady demise, rant over, but i just cannot see anything other happening with a couple of conmen, who just see pound signs.

  10. at the end of last season, while i was sticking to my anti-pardew line in the face of overwhelming support for him by the media and fans i warned my friends who i go to the match with, most of them pardew apologists, that pardew and ashley would really demonstrate their ability and ambition in the close-season transfer market.

    and they did.

    we already had a paper-thin squad, the prospect of 8 extra games minimum made it clear, even to the most witless armchair fan that we needed reinforcements and not just young players for the future but players who were ready. and that was before we got rid of guthrie, best and lovenkrands, any of whom could have come in and done a job this season.

    i don’t think ashley will sack pardew. he made a very public show of support for him two months ago. i don’t think he’ll sack him even if we get relegated. even if he does, it still only removes one third of the unholy trinity. getting rid of the other 2 is of far greater importance to the future of our club.

  11. @nutmag

    i’ve got mates who are season ticket holders at both brum and huddersfield and neither rate clark at all.

    not saying he won’t improve as a manager but it would be a HUGE gamble.

    the only names i’ve heard mentioned on this board that i’d agree with are solskjaer and jol (at a push). personally i rate ranieri but i doubt he’d be on the radar.

  12. Nutmag says:
    November 30, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    “I would rather take a gamble on someone young and untried like Lee Clarke than any of the old brigade.”

    Nutmag, Birmingham City were fourth and fighting for promotion with Hughton, but with Lee Clark they’ve now slumped to 19th and the competition at the other end to avoid relegation. That’s hardly encouraging.

  13. “Alan Pardew would will tell you that he tries to play good football – That’s rubbish, he plays long ball football. It’s very direct, there is no creativity in midfield, he just wants to play route one football. Every time I’ve seen his teams play, they play that way but he’ll say in the Press ‘we play good football.’ At times he can be a conman.”Nostradamus Stewart Robson on Pardew’s appointment at Newcastle.

  14. Stewpot,
    much the same as you, i found it hard to believe that we actually finished in fifth place and it all seemed a bit surreal.
    Though i had resented Hughtons cold firing (you dont know how orrible we can be)and to replace him with this clown was the final straw.
    Apparently he either bullshitted Ashley, or Ashley just wanted a yes man, take your pick.
    But what i knew was we are going nowhere with this guy and refused to join in with the, Hell if he got us to fifth place crowd, he must be decent.
    He’s probably the worst manager in the league, but he needsw a job and will do what it takes to try and keep this one.
    I must say , along with a lot of others i was flabbergasted, with the eight year contract deal.
    Which indicates Ashley was more bullshitted than yes manned.
    Like i keep saying (well i keep saying a lotta things, comes with geezerdom) i get this sense of deja vu and feel things are so similar to the relegation season.
    It’s obvious Pardew is scared S**tless and has no clue as how to get things going.
    Unfortunately thats what you get for hiring a useless yes man, some one who is afraid to demand we buy, not just kids for the future or not just cheapo’s, but some real talent.
    There was talk by some fans of breaking into the top four, FFS you have to have a full squad just to survive this league.
    Unfortunately there’s no one to explain to Ashley whats needed and it’s time he wised up and hired a GM and a manager, who know what they are doing, because obviously he doesn’t, but refuses to admitt it.
    Ah well, if we end up in the second tier and lose out on the funds from the PL, he’s gonna wish he had spent the required amount on re-inforcements.
    But then whadda i know?

  15. Has Pardew not been sacked yet?
    I keep refreshing newsnow and await JK or Big Ron being photographed surrounded by sports direct slogans…..hey we may even get Roy Keane or Phil Brown if we are really lucky.


  16. chuck says:
    November 30, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    much the same as you, i found it hard to believe that we actually finished in fifth place and it all seemed a bit surreal.”

    It happens alot Chuck. A manager comes in from from nowhere and does well for half a season or a season then sinks like a stone. Do you remember that list of Pardew’s fellow managers of the season who weren’t Fergie, Mourinho or Wenger that I posted on here? Monkeyheed Reid, Coppell, Danny Wilson and all the rest? Pardew himself has done it already at West Ham. 9th and a Cup Final one season, record breaking losing run the next. It’s a funny old game and you can only make sense of things over the long term.

    As for why Pardew was picked, Llambias said he picked him because he was was impressed with his work at West Ham, though that’s mystifying after his second Premiership season there.

  17. Llambias was impressed by how sleazy he was and found a soulmate round the roulette wheel Worky :lol:

  18. Apparently, Michael Laudrup’s latest training technique is to get his players playing football with a rugby ball to improve their control. That’s good thinking.

  19. Worky
    Soh! was it actually Llambias who was responsible for hiring Pardew ?
    The more you learn about those at the top of the NUFC pyramid, the more unbelievable it appears.
    Most of us are unaware of how incredibly ignorant certain people can be outside of their comfort zones.
    But then, when did being a good retailer, ever qualify anyone on how to run a football club.
    Or for that matter how does setting odds qualify one to recognise who might be a good football manager.
    Stranger things have happened at sea, i suppose.

  20. chuck says:

    Good thinking if you intend to switch to rugby or wanna be a kicker in the NFL.

    Well Swanaea seem to be doing well on it Chuck. They were great with the ball against west brom and theyre definitely doing well in the league

  21. toontony says:
    November 30, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    “Well Swanaea seem to be doing well on it Chuck. They were great with the ball against west brom and theyre definitely doing well in the league”

    They were like poetry in motion in the first half Tony. Some of the nicest football I’ve seen this season by any team. They ripped West Bromwich apart. Look at one of Wayne “no end product” Routledge’s balls before the first goal in the video below. Then he scored two himself. I think he’d be good enough for Nooocarssel right now!

  22. chuck says:
    November 30, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    Soh! was it actually Llambias who was responsible for hiring Pardew ?”

    Well, as you should now, alomost everything that comes out of Llambias’s cakehole is a lie so it’s hard to say for certain. However, he did say that when he was down in the big smoke running that casino, he was a West Ham fan who went to the Boleyn ground / Upton Park or whatever the frig it’s called to watch Pardew’s Hammers. The great football expert was deeply impressed and claimed that this is wahat inspired him to bring in Pardew in place of Hughton. Of course, he also claimed the credit for sacking Hughton in the Llambiasgate tapes.

  23. It’s weird but the more the seasons go by I just feel further and further pushed away
    From my home town club.
    Just feels like the whole heart and soul has gone.
    I remember when it all started to go financial…well Mike put this in and he saved the club,wage cap,age restrictions…blah blah
    It really has to me over the last few years and become so tarnished and dissipated its
    not in the least bit enjoyable.

  24. I know exactly how you feel SJT, there’ll be no Newcastle United left soon, just Sports Direct United and those friggin’ signs. They have indeed ripped the heart and soul out of the club.

    People say it’s the way things are now, but I’m in North London and Arsenal and Tottenham are nothing like NUFC and they would be absolutely horrified if they were. Yet those clubs generate far more income even though Spurs are still stuck in an old stadium which is only the size of our old one. In other words the club gets more of the disadvantages than ANY other club and absolutely NONE of the advantages because the owner is a complete and utter huckster. It’s as if we’ve entered into some kind of Faustian pact where we get absolutely nothing, but we still have to give our souls to the devil. We’re still the third most in debt club in the Premiership. We can’t afford enough good players. We can’t afford a good manager and even when they had one for a fraction of what good managers are usually paid, they sacked him because as Keegan said, Llambias knows less than nothing about football. The owner and his cipher are compulsive liars who lie even when there’s no discernable reason or motive for it. Sometimes they just do it for the hell of it because they get some kind of kick out of it.

    Despite all that though, it doesn’t even have much to do with how we’re doing anymore. I felt exactly the same way even when we were fifth at the end of last season. Win or lose, we’re now supporting something that is completely different to what it was before, something with no class whatsoever and absolutely nothing worth respecting. The club has been defiled.

    Everyone in Newcastle with any sense should stick their heads out of their windows and scream “I’M AS MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

  25. Well said Sir Jason and worky. I spent lots of my hard earned on another season ticket and I still go to the games but it just seems like a chore now sometimes. I just go out of blind loyalty because it’s in my blood but I get angry with Pardews football, angry with those bloody signs, angry with the constant shite coming from llambias and Pardew, angry with Ashleys smug face. It’s just no fun any more. Even when we were crap and only 20,000 used to go to the games sometimes it was more fun than it is now. like you Sir Jason i’m absolutely sick of Llambias just going on and on about the finances and how wonderful ‘mike’ is. As you’ve shown on here worky it’s all complete crap from start to finish!

  26. ToonTomy

    I think if you had watched Swansea over the last few seasons you would find the last thing they needed at this time was better tecnical ability, as they were better than Arsenal in that respect.
    Both under Martinez and Rodgers.
    I Just think using a rugby ball is nothing but a gimmick and doesn’t really make much sense, think about it.

    Yeah, read how Llambias fired Hughton, cold!
    The guy is obviously a lowlife, without manners or class.
    But i get this impression that Ashley is a bit of a control freak and has to OK every deal that goes down.
    For someone who gives the appearance of a successful business owner, in the rag trade, i question his inability to do the same with NUFC, as he certainly gives the impression (if you look at the history) of being on a very slow learning curve, since taking over and doesn’t look like he even gets it now?
    Here we are in a relegation struggle, when theres a possibility with the right signings we couls be possibly vying for a top four spot.
    That and silly stuff like not offering Simpson a decent contract, having played for peanuts over the last few seasons, but i guess he will run out his contract, cause we cant afford to sell him at this stage.
    What this club needs first and foremost are a decent manager and a GM with a track record, people who understand the game, both on the pitch and financially.

  27. chuck says:


    I think if you had watched Swansea over the last few seasons you would find the last thing they needed at this time was better tecnical ability, as they were better than Arsenal in that respect.
    Both under Martinez and Rodgers.

    Chuck, I watched Swansea under Rogers when they played us and other teams sometimes. They just passed the ball around in their own half too much and never took any risks. They’re far more attacking and exciting to watch now Laudrup is there. I don’t think they have better technical players than Arsenal unless you count the manager!

  28. Routledge has turned into a great little player since he started working with Laudrup too. We could do with him now!