Sunderland v Newcastle United extended match highlights video and post match interviews.

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Highlights from the Derby at the Stadium of Light.

Sunderland vs Newcastle United full match video.

It all started so well for the Magpies with a goal after only three minutes from Yohan Cabaye. However it all went a bit “Pete Tong” when Tiote was given a straight red card after 25 minutes for an unnecessary studs up challenge when referee Martin Atkinson was already giving us a free kick, though it should also be said that the sending off was a little harsh. Not the biggest miscarriage of justice in human history perhaps, though a little harsh nonetheless. Sadly, it also curtailed Shola Ameobi’s Mackem slaying for the today as Alan Pardew sacrificed him to shore up the defensive side with the introduction of James Perch after around 40 minutes.

However, Martin O’Verrated’s Mackems were a toothless upfront, even after the belated introduction of second striker, Louis Saha, after 63 minutes, and it took them until a few minutes of the final whistle to finally make the most of their advantage. Even then it was an own goal off Demba Ba.

Oh well, we are still on track for our usual four points per season from the red and white side of the North East. Perhaps the worst of it was that Tiote’s straight red will leave him stuck on the naughty step for the next three games.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew post match interview.

Martin O’Neill post match interview.

Team / Match facts.

Score / Goalscorers: Sunderland AFC 1 (Demba Ba OG, 87), Newcastle United 1 (Yohan Cabaye 3).

Sunderland (4-4-1-1): Simon Mignolet; Craig Gardner, John O’Shea (c), Carlos Cuellar, Danny Rose; Adam Johnson, Jack Colback, Sebastian Larsson, James McClean; Stephane Sessegnon (Louis Saha 63) Steven Fletcher.

Subs: Kieren Westwood, Phil Bardsley, Matt Kilgallon, David Meyler, David Vaughan, Frazier Campbell, Louis Saha.

Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C, Steven Taylor 80), Davide Santon, Hatem Ben Arfa (Gabriel Obertan 85), Yohan Cabaye, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi (James Perch 39), Demba Ba.

Substitutes: Steve Harper (G), Shane Ferguson, James Perch, Steven Taylor, Vurnon Anita, Gabriel Obertan, Papiss Cisse.

Yellow cards: Fabricio Coloccini (67), Mike Williamson (86), Yohan Cabaye (88)

Red cards: Cheick Tiote (25).

Referee: Martin Atkinson.

Attendance: 47,456.


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17 Responses

  1. Soh ! we are a long way from 5th. place, this time around.
    And by the look of things does’nt look likely to improve.
    Why ?
    Having watched most PL sides recently, i have seen a big improvement in most.
    Of course they have had to spend in order for this to happen, just watched Jr. Hoilett run ninety-odd yards with the ball and put it away, a guy we couldda had for a relatively small fee.
    Yesterday Shane Long both scored and worked his ass off, unlike our strikers (who appear to be reluctant to do any tackling) which for around five or six million, we couldda had another great deal.
    Instead we get el cheapo’s, like Obertan and Marveaux, a sick note and a Manc reject.
    Obviously Ba is off come the next window, would like to do a straight swap for Sturridge, but doubt Chelsea would buy it.
    Looks like we lucked out being Senegal are out of the African nations cup in feb.
    While on that subject there have been rumors of our signing CSKA Moscow’s Senagalese striker Doumbia, my question is can anyone see Ashley spending sixteen million, plus wages to match on any player? he would’nt spend that much on Ronaldo or Messi.
    So whats our future as a club ?
    A Stoke or West Brom, Aston Villa if were lucky.
    When with the right management we could be a top six side.
    But the what do i know.

  2. OK Chuck, just to get you even more riled. Did you see the MOTM performance from Wayne Routledge yesterday? The man who “wasn’t good enough for Noocarssel” according to Pardew before he replaced him with Obertan.

    Some of the dafter fans came out with the old “no end product” chestnut too, yet he has provided six assists and two goals in nine games so far this season. To put that in perspective, Cabaye has one assist, Benny has two, Obertan has one, Gutierrez has none, Tiote has one, Ba has one, Cisse has none.

    That means Routledge has the same number of assists this season as Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Obertan, Gutierrez, Tiote, Ba and Cisse combined.

  3. Workey
    I have always thought Sturridge was good, i specifically remember him giving Enrique a roasting in a game @ St. James’s Park and as you know thats no easy job.
    I also watched Liverpools young Sterling ysterday, took his goal like a sesoned vet.
    Danny Rose had an excellent game to-day, so there’s hope for future Engerland sides.
    Look, both teams to-day have some pretty good talent, the failure is in the type of fooball they play, with neither manager IMO understanding where the modern game is going.
    I watched the Swansea vs. Wigan game yesterday, an entertaining game and a pleasure to watch, with excellent football from both sides.
    I have never been a fan of either Pardew (which should not come as a surprise to anyone) nor for that matter O’Niell, who i believe to be highly over-rated.
    The differnce is M.O’N. has an eye for talent and the MOM to day i though was McClain, which i believe was one of his buys.
    Pardew by far exceeds O’Neill though, when it comes to meaningless sound bites, that leave people scratching their heads.
    It’s a particular skill to speak for minutes and actually say nothing.

  4. Watching MOTD2 and I’ve just seen Tiote’s tackle on Fletcher again. Still don’t think it was anything more than a booking.

    Funny how Mick McCarthy’s eyesight’s improved since he left Wolves (and that sh|tbag Karl Henry) behind.

  5. DarthBroon says:
    October 21, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    “Watching MOTD2 and I’ve just seen Tiote’s tackle on Fletcher again. Still don’t think it was anything more than a booking.”

    Darth, I wouldn’t go quite as far as those two on MoTD, but as I wrote earlier, I certainly don’t think we could call it a great miscarriage of justice.

  6. chuck says:
    October 21, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    I have always thought Sturridge was good”

    Routledge, not Sturridge ye daft get! On another ex Toon midfielder everyone says we’ve replaced with better and cheaper, fatty Nolan has also scored 4 goals in 8 games from midfield this season with 2 assists.

  7. Yes of course Routledge, I could say something humerous but dont want to either offend anyone or feel i may be racist in any way.
    And yes, both scouse troublemakers (joking) were quick to be got rid of by an astute Pardew and i dont believe as most that their replacements were necessarily better.
    As i recall they were first and foremost on Pardews list, visiting both and attempting to gain their confidence.
    But i would guess both saw the writing on the wall and were possibly happy to get outta toon.
    Nolan getting more money and possibly extending his career, while Joey just could’nt resist the limelight.
    Leaving pardew in control, thats not to say he still could’nt lose the dressing room.

  8. The way the season looks to me, i feel Chelsea will end up with the top spot.
    This may be the final season for such stalwarts as Terry, Lampard and Cole, who wont be easy to replace.
    The transition is almost complete, except for those three and possibly Mikel.
    The only competition is IMO Citeh, a team with problems, (too many egos) and having to carry people like Milner and Barry, without doubt more quality in depth than any side in the league.
    But cant seem to find the perfect combination.
    Man U. i believe will not do better than third place, with no money and not really developing youngsters as before.
    Sign of the times.
    Spurs are attempting to make the top four and have some talented players, remains to be seen how their former Chelsea manager will do.
    Arsenal, supposedly the side NUFC are basing their business plan on, will do no better than fifth or sixth, they wont spend the money, simple!
    Then we got Everton, Liverpool, Villa, and a bunch of sides including ourselves who can all possibly have a chance at the top ten.
    Most having improved and a few hiring good young managers who can make a big difference.
    I dont see us coming close to another fifth place finish, i believe we got lucky last season.
    There will be few gimme games, but i expect Southampton, Norwich and ? to go down.
    So place yur bets, you heard it here first.

  9. Personal I think we will have a mediocre season this year. Looking back to last season we had a lot of luck and decisions go our way. But we don’t seem to have had that this time round.

    Personally I think a 10th-14th place finish with a semi final in one of the two cups left.

    I think if our season tapers off at Christmas Paris will concentrate on the cups.

    I’d quite happily finish the season in 14th and have a semi or final to look forward to.

    But what can we expect? We haven’t really strengthened the squad, but a few free signing in the summer should see us alright for next season. This season though, lack of investment and a few low key performances might scupper our chances at a champions league position. Not that I even thought we would make it.
    There’s a few key factors as to why this season might not be as good as we hoped.
    Cisse not scoring for one and an aparent disliking between cisse and ba. Lets hope they can sort things out.

    And on today’s red card, I’ve looked and looked again and I can’t see it. I just can’t see the malice and I can’t see the violent conduct. It wasn’t over the top, it was more tiote trying to protect himself. IMO.
    I think this would get rescinded by the FA. But with comments by pardew and shearer I doubt an appeal would be made. I would have given a yellow for sure but I don’t know how he could have clearly given a red card. The ref was in a bad position his view obstructed so he has obviously went with home advantage and went with the crowd. I can’t believe people consider this to be anyway near a red.

    Was the ninja kick on Ba not a tad worse? Maybe not a red card either and definitely worthy of a yellow but IMO not as bad as tiotes coming together with dumbo.

  10. Great performance by the men at the back today. Collo was immense, Willo kept his hands to himself and played well, and both Santon and Simmo did their bit. Thought Jonas was dead poor though – running your legs off can only carry you so far

  11. Stephen C says:
    October 22, 2012 at 3:09 am

    “Personal I think we will have a mediocre season this year. Looking back to last season we had a lot of luck and decisions go our way. But we don’t seem to have had that this time round.”

    We’ve had a few things go our way, Stephen. First one that comes to mind is that we were very lucky with Tim Krul against Atromitos (got away with a sending off and a penalty). Though that was the Europa League, we’ve had a few things go our way in the Premiership too, though my memory is a bit shite this morning as far as specifics go!

  12. chuck says:
    October 22, 2012 at 2:46 am

    “The way the season looks to me, i feel Chelsea will end up with the top spot.
    This may be the final season for such stalwarts as Terry, Lampard and Cole, who wont be easy to replace.”

    Chuck, Lampard’s about three years older than the other two (34 against 31) and the other two are defenders. Lampard may be reaching his twilight, but the other two should have a bit left.

  13. We must have signed somebody else called Marveaux because Chuck @2 can’t possibly be talking about Silvain, the player he had inked in for Jonas.

  14. Canada TOON..sez
    “Willo kept his hands to himself”…
    Guess you must not have been watching his elbows then, when he took out the Sunderland player, with what the pundits are now calling “a synical foul”, a shot to the head.

    I was’nt basing my Chelsea predictions on age alone, though fits into the equation.
    Terry because of his recent problems, is not exactly that popular with certain people doing business with the club and though still a great player, i would’nt be surprised to see him move on.
    Cole, same thing, still a great player, but it appears to be the policy of the club, to not award a contract of over one year to thirty year olds.
    The side has been in transition for some time and these are the only ones left from the great one era, apart from Mikel, who could also be shown the door.
    No doubt they can play at the top level for the next two or three years and will possibly be looking for a bit of job security with a longer contract elsewhere.

    What i was calling for was to give Marveau an opportunity to play, so far he has’nt shown he deserves a spot, why?
    Lack of playing time? match fitness, i dont know ?
    It’s unlikely a player goes from good to poor overnight, ask Pardew.
    Actually imo Pardew should be using young Ferguson on the left of a diamond, cosisting of HBA on the right, Cabaye at the back and Ba/Cisse up front, with Tiote and Jonas behind.
    Then Simpson, Taylor, Colo and Santon accros the back.
    Though i believe Santon would be much more effective as an attacking right wingback.
    Our Purple players in Llambeas speak.
    Problem is we lack REAL quality in depth, due to a parsimonious owner, who is attempting to prove one can run a top side on a shoestring.

  15. Chuck: you know I agree with you about Ferguson. Slot Jonas or Anita in midfield when Tiote is suspended.