Pardew’s big Ba bombshell

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Alan Pardew as Corporal Jones in "Dad's Army."
Speaking in a pre match press conference for this evening’s Europa League game against Maritimo in Funchal, Alan Pardew has revealed his displeasure at the recent words of Demba Ba’s spokesman, Alex Gontran, also revealing that there is STILL a release clause in the player’s contract.

Telling the media of a recent conversation with Ba about his spokesman’s comments, with Ba himself also revealing that “lately I am not so happy with some things going on.” at the club in his Everton post match interview, Pardew commented:

“I have spoken to Demba [about his agent] and told him I was disappointed with some of the comments around him. Sometimes it’s out of his control and out of my control. We know each other well enough. I just think people were saying things they shouldn’t say, really.”

Pardew then reiterated however that despite all the current fuss and bother, they still have a good working relationship, saying:

“It doesn’t really affect myself and Demba, we’ve got a very good relationship.”

When asked if Ba could make a move to Arsenal in the next January transfer window, Pardew also responded:

“The situation with him is ongoing in terms of his contract, as there is that clause in there and it makes us vulnerable. That’s where we are. It’s still open in the next window.”

Well that’s a bit of a bombshell on the eve of our Europa group stage campaign!

To refresh your memory of what Gontran said about the Ba imbroglio, it was:

“Since returning from the Africa Cup of Nations, Demba doesn’t understand the management. If he continues to be a substitute all season, we’ll look at other solutions. The choice to put Demba on the left last season was good for the club, because [Papiss] Cissé scored 13 goals, but there was a lack of recognition for Demba. It is more difficult to play well when you don’t have the confidence of your staff.

“How could you put your best striker with full confidence on the left wing? He is playing in the Premier League, with lot of fellow French speakers and he loves the club’s supporters. He would like to start every game but he respects the choice of the coach, even if he does not always understand or agree.”

Ba did not travel with the squad for this evening’s game. As to what the amount of Ba’s release clause is, or what the conditions attached to it are, Pardew did not reveal.

Ba’s post match interview after the Everton game.


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15 Responses

  1. Obviously Pardew is ready or willing to sell Ba in January or why would he have mentioned the clause when everyone thought it had ended?
    Pardew talks too much but it’s probably because Ashley has his hand up his back. ‘Gottle a geer’ springs to mind.

  2. every one must be laughing at us thought the clause had gone whats ashley going to do if ba goes not get another striker as we have shola ashley should tell ba he is staying and for his agent to do one

  3. Don’t want this going on, we need the focus to be back on the pitch with a win tonight and against Norwich. Hate all this negative stuff, that can’t help the team.

    Need to see more performances like the second half at Everton! and see this lot pulling together again.

    For me Ba needs to sign up or shut up. If he goes in January so be it, easier said than done finding a replacement though.

    No need for agents to be spouting off, I am sure everyone inside football knows the score with his contract, all they are doing is winding us fans up.

    Really hoping some of our youngster come through big time this season to compensate, especially Sami, Vuckic, Bigi Fergie and Campbo!

  4. Someone has to say it. Pardwho chose Cisse as the sole striker on Monday night because of his goal against the Ivory Coast. Yet Ba was clearly the “form” striker out of the two ! If he’d started with Ba then this nonsense would not have occurred.

  5. Why the hell doesn`t Pards just shut the hell up-In my opinion he`s touting Ba about by going on all the time -Just shut the hell up!!! I`m sick of hearing about how we should be happy that Jabba hasn`t sold our best players only for muppet to tell the world that their available-last blooming time-SHUT UP PARDS-WHAT WILL BE WILL BE!!!
    Good luck tonight lads-TOON!!!

  6. Yep i was right the cracks are begining to show.
    I would like to know why we were told Ba’s get out clause ended when the window closed ?
    And if it apparently did’nt, why we have not negotiated a new contract.
    Not to mention the fact Pardew has made sure the football world is aware of it ?
    I’m not in favor of agents getting involved in the everyday operations of a club(stick to negotiating contracts)
    But we are about to see the full force of syncophatic news media and the clubs PR department, come down on Ba’s agent, big time.
    Whats the real story ?
    Possibly the club is teed off that he is’nt accepting a new low ball deal (we have our wage cap) and have decided to take the seven million for him.
    Though with a suspect knee, could be a problem.

    From the projected lineup against Maritimo, looks like we really dont give a damn about this tournament, that in fact we are fixated on the PL, that is we dont want to be relegated again and lose another fortune.
    Some lessons Ashley has learned.

    But with the present ownership and management, there will always be problems, no matter what you read about everyone on the same page and just loving being at the club.

    And Baines was right to mention we are a long ball club (hoof it up the pitch, what plan ?)) a direct side which were it not for the fact we have some skilled player would look hapless.
    Cant string three passes to-gether, no clue as to how to break down defences.
    I think what we need is a manager !

  7. What we need is a manager who keeps his mouth shut and stops insulting the intelligence of his own fans with his renderings of his bosses’ mantra.
    If he just got on with his job we’d all have more respect for him.

  8. Chuck@I,m with you What do they do in training you do’nt have to train to hoof a ball up field.It does not suit anyones game its awful to watch and it boils my p*SS

  9. Must add most of our football this season has been below par to say the least.We are only getting flashes of what it should be.Cabaye for one is not playing like he can could be he his mate did’nt sign.Many more games like the first half at Everton and team spirit will be the first thing out the window.

  10. chuck says:
    September 20, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    “Whey, wha ?
    Sorry just not used to people agreeing with me!”

    Time to go back to the drawing board Chuck.

  11. Alan Pardew, shopkeeper. At it again.

    Chuck-we can’t concentrate on the EL…because we have to prioritize finishing 8th in the PL.

  12. tunyc says:

    “Chuck-we can’t concentrate on the EL…because we have to prioritize finishing 8th in the PL”

    Ah but we focus on the PL because its nearly a million pounds per place (in the new deal) yet we’d have to reach the EL Final just to get £11m. Pffft

  13. So what you’re telling me Andy is that big Mick wasn’t too keen on AP’s subs at Everton last May?