Maritimo vs Newcastle United full match video, highlights and interviews

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Maritimo vs Newcastle United full match video.
Maritimo vs Newcastle United full match video.
Maritimo vs Newcastle United full match video and interviews (opens in new window)


Highlights(?) from this evening’s Europa League game between C.S. Maritimo and Newcastle United at the Estádio dos Barreiros, Funchal, Madeira.

There are some highlights from ESPN here too.

A disappointing stalemate. Whilst Maratimo displayed some good build up play and passes into the box from players such as Sami, as I predicted in my preview of the game, they couldn’t really have anyone who could supply a killer finish. Then again, neither did we!

For Newcastle United’s part, after a very disappointing start where Maritimo fashioned a few chances, we did improve as the game warmed up and created a few of our own, with some near misses. Nonetheless though, it was hardly a classic and was a disappointing start to our campaign in the first Group Stage. There was also some controversy at half time when Williamson made what appeared to be a back pass to Rob Elliot in the last knockings of the first half and got away with it. Maratimo eventually had Simao booked though for dissent after he had a good old moan to the referee Schorgenhofer about it in the aftermath of the incident. It was another fairly poor performance overall from the gadgie in the black in this game, though this has usually worked in Newcastle United’s favour so far!

In our favour, youngster Gael Bigirimana had a good game for the Magpies, as did goalkeeper Rob Elliot after his second first team outing for Newcastle, the last one being a somewhat disappointing one against Nottingham Forest in last season’s League Cup.

Elsewhere, our next Europa League opponents, Bordeaux, look to be a very big threat as they buggered Brugge 4 – 0 in their Group Stage game.

Team and match facts

Maritimo (4-2-3-1): Romain Salin (G), Briguel (c), Joao Guilherme, Valentin Roberge, Luis Olim; Rafael Miranda, Joao Luiz, Heldon (Fidelis 54), Simao (Goncalo Abreu 75), Sami, Danilo Dias (Adilson 82).

Subs: Wellington Lima (G), Joao Diogo, Marcio Rosario, Igor Rossi, Goncalo Abreu, Fidelis, Adilson.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Rob Elliot; James Perch, Mike Williamson, Steven Taylor, Davide Santon; Gael Bigirimana, Dan Gosling; Gabriel Obertan (Sylvain Marveaux 80), Haris Vuckic (Sammy Ameobi 53), Romain Amalfitano (Shane Ferguson 76), Shola Ameobi (C).

Subs: Steve Harper (G), James Tavernier, Shane Ferguson, Mehdi Abeid, Sylvain Marveaux, Sammy Ameobi, Adam Campbell.

Score / Scorers: C.S. Maritimo 0 – 0 Newcastle United. None.

Yellow cards: Gael Bigirimana (45), Simao (45+1), Romain Amalfitano (68)

Red Cards: None

Referee: Robert Schorgenhofer.

Attendance: 4,000.


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14 Responses

  1. Thanks Worky, though I have to say that my gut and much that I have seen and read so far this season does not give me the sense that all is running smoothly in the Newcastle camp. I think the miserly approach over Debuchy dampened several players spirits since it showed a lack of serious ambition and intent by the Board when all other top clubs were buying quality new players. Demba Ba clearly is unsettled, Cisse is out of form, injuries have struck, and Pardew’s jaw-jaw may just be getting a little bit boring to hear. I hope I’m wrong. The second half at Goodison may have demonstrated that I am.

  2. Being the little i saw of the Maritimo game there were no highlights, i’d like to put my two cents in on the Ba controversy.
    You know the guy who coined the phrase “Look for the money” was right.
    Appears we have been negotiating with Ba, or at least with his agent, over a new deal
    And true to form, also apparent, Big Mike has offered a lowball figure, resulting in both Ba and his agent going public.
    With Ba playing good cop and his agent playing bad cop,
    Ba stating he wants to stay, his agent making other sides aware he may be ready to leave if the money’s not right and Ashley his usual tightass self.
    If we knew the figures involved we could make some kinda
    judgement, but like Simpson, we are left to guess.
    Of course the Siver Supremo has to continue to put his foot in his mouth again, cant he just keep his dumbass mouth shut for a while and stop complicating matters.
    Cause i really dont understnd what he’s talking bout most of the time.
    Finally, when is Ashley going to realise football is not the rag trade, that he cant bully his way through.
    A typical example was his failure to get Debuchy and Douglas after unsettling them, his brinkmanship style, which he got lucky with the prior season, aint working.
    Both the Dutch and French sides told him to pay the going rate or go pound salt.
    And his attempt to install a salary cap, has been tried before (did’nt work)
    Face it each player has his price, yeah there are the occasional exceptions to the rule, but not many.
    And if he (Ashley) believes he can have a successful EPL side for peanuts, he’s kidding himself.

  3. Workey
    Just read something interesting by your hero Michael Laudrup.
    He stated it,s ok to pay another team a so called bonus to beat a side which is a rival of your club.
    Perhaps he’s a bit ethically challenged or having spent some time in Italy, taken on their values.
    As we are all aware of the many match fixing events that have and do accur there.
    Wondered what you make of the subject ?

  4. On Rob Elliot,
    Reading where Harper put in his two cents in regard to the Demba Ba controversy, lecturing him (Ba) on his attitude about rotation.
    For someone who has collected a paycheck for years for being willing to sit on the bench, thats rich!
    Actuay he’s looked poor recently and perhaps should consider retirement as Elliot has i believe replaced him as the number two goalie, which would relegate him back to collecting spelks.

  5. chuck says:
    September 21, 2012 at 11:34 am

    “Wondered what you make of the subject ?”

    Sounds like he was talking about the Spanish “suitcase” culture, where teams, usually towards the end of the season, are offered incentives by other teams to win. This of course is different to the kind of scandal which came up in the Italian “Calciopoli” scandal(s), where teams were paid to lose.

    It’s an interesting question because teams are supposed to want to win. If a team have nothing to play for towards the end of a season and just send out anyone, not caring about the result one way or the other, that in itself could be seen as a “corruption” of the game too, a corruption which may have repercussions for other teams not involved directly in that particular match if you see what I mean?

    As for Laudrup’s views on the subject, I would have to see an unedited transcript of the whole interview to give some kind of “informed” opinion.

  6. I’d like to see a raw version of the Laudrup interview too. As it’s presented now, what he said does not look good. If you ask me that is. He seems clear that he doesn’t think receiving a bonus from a third team (with an interest in the result of the match in question) for winning affects a competition’s integrity. I wholly disagree. If the payments don’t affect anything, why would they be paid?

  7. toontony says:
    September 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    “If we put the same kind of team out against Bordeaux we have no chance home or away”

    I wouldn’t say no chance whatsoever toontony, there’s always a chance, though it would be a slim one unless Pardew fielded a side which was more like a Premiership first team rather than a youths and reserves side.

  8. I am not absolutely sure, but didn’t Man U reserves beat our reserves easily last time out? That doesn’t bode well if we put out our reserves against them in the League Cup.

    Does anybody care though, even if that is theoretically our best chance of a trophy?

    One game at a time though Worky, Norwich next.

    Oh, maybe not one game at a time since we are already talking about Bordeaux :)

  9. GS says:
    September 21, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    “Does anybody care though, even if that is theoretically our best chance of a trophy?”

    Well that’s Newcastle United hubris all over GS, just like the the last time we flattered to deceive. We haven’t won a proper trophy in over 40 years (the predecessor of this one) and we were in the second tier only three seasons back. Now, one flukey season we come fifth and all the laughable arrogance has returned. We won’t demean ourselves by bothering about the “other” european trophy (or the Super Cup), we won’t look at it as a stepping stone where we can gain invaluable European experience in the hope we eventually step up to the big one. We just want it all without the patience and the effort. That’s why we’re one of football’s perennial losers.

    Last year’s finalists, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Club should be about the same as Newcastle United, they operate on similar budgets, yet Atletico have won 2 UEFA Cups / Europa Leagues, two UEFA Super Cups and a Copa del Rey in the last three seasons.

  10. Worky: I hope you didn’t take it that I thought we should ignore either the League or Europa Cup. It is an absolute travesty that a club like Boro have achieved more in both than we have.

    2 or 3 more players would have allowed us to not have to put out totally inexperienced teams in both competitions without jeopardising our league 1st 11. We probably have missed a big opportunity.

    It is obvious that Pardew is crossing his fingures and hoping we qualify for the knock out round of the Europa Cup when he will PERHAPS field a stronger team.

    Knowing us, it will backfire and we will have put all our eggs in the Premier League basket – and who knows what will happen there with a few injuries and/or bad team and formation selections.

    I still think we are good enough to finsh top 8, but it could be so much more.

  11. One of the interesting things to look at so far is how differently Spurs are looking at the Europa Cup.

    That was against Lazio though.

    Maybe I am jumping the gun and Maritimo was a one off. When we see our team against Bordeaux we will know for sure if we are taking this competition seriously or not.

  12. GS says:
    September 22, 2012 at 3:00 am

    “That was against Lazio though.

    Maybe I am jumping the gun and Maritimo was a one off. When we see our team against Bordeaux we will know for sure if we are taking this competition seriously or not.”

    Or as they’re affectionately known in some quarters “S.S. Nazio” due to their past links with Mussolini and their many far right fans. They lived up to their reputation with Tottenham.

    No, I didn’t mean mean you, it’s just the general club psychology. We always think there’s an easy way that no one else has cottoned on to, whether it’s a permed messiah or a roly-poly super scout who can buy all the world’s best players for £1.50. Then with the slightest sniff of success we get all arrogant and premature and funk it. The psychology even infects the people who come in from outside.

    Aye, as I wrote before, Bordeaux are like a good Premiership team so we’ll have to send out the big guns for a result.