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Vurnon Anita showing his new Newcastle shirt.
Little Vurn: NUFC's "marquee" signing in this window.
As you no doubt know only too well, the Summer transfer window ended at 11pm on Friday evening. But are you happy, or not, overall, with the comings and goings at the club?

Reviewing the ingoings and outgoings at Newcastle United during this particular window (see table below), nine players have left the club and four have come in. I have included Ryan Donaldson and Phil Airey in the nine outgoings as they both enjoyed at least one or two outings for the first team in the past, though I have omitted several other Academy players who were released by the club in the infamous “night of the long knives” at the Benton Academy, when at least seven young prospects were axed in one go, plus the slightly older Kadar.

Though the figures are approximate, the overall spend for the club seems to be a figure of around +£2.64 million to +£3.14 million. Looking at the individuals involved will always be something of a subjective thing, but having a bash at some kind of assesment, I would say that the club has lost three squad members who had been very handy for the club when the inevitable injuries occured, or when more regular choices were fulfilling international commitments in major competitions such as the Africa Cup of Nations. We also lost the all but redundant Alan Smith (and his huge wages), the talented but constantly on loan Fraser Forster, the once regarded as highly promising defender, Tamas Kadar, who never quite failed to live up to earlier expectations, as well the two bairns mentioned above.

On the incomings, the club signed two more youngsters, 18 year old midfielder Gael Bigirimana from Coventry City, and 19 year old Centre back Curtis Good from Melbourne Heart. Then there was 23 year midfielder Romain Amalfitano from the home of “Champagne football,” Stade de Reims. Too old to be regarded as a “youngster” and more of a squad player who might hopefully move on to greater things in the fullness of time. Well, I’m presuming that was in Alan Pardew’s and Graham Carr’s thinking when he was signed, and perhaps the fact that he was free and cheap on wages was in Mike Ashley’s thoughts? Of course, the one “marquee” signing of the window was the highly talented and versatile defensive midfielder and full back, Vurnon Anita from Ajax.

You can see all the details in the table below:

Newcastle United’s transfer window
In Out
Romain Amalfitano: Stade de Reims – £0 Alan Smith: Released – £0
Gael Bigirimana: Coventry City – £500,000 to £1,000,000 Peter Lovenkrands: Released – £0
Curtis Good: Melbourne Heart – £400,000 Danny Guthrie: Reading – Released – £0
Vurnon Anita: Ajax – £6.74 million Tamas Kadar: Released – £0
Ryan Donaldson: Released – £0
Phil Airey: Released – £0
Leon Best: Blackburn Rovers – “over £3 million”
Fraser Forster: Celtic – £2 million
Total – £7.64 million to £8.14 million (approx) Total + £5 million (approx)
Overall Spend +£2.64 million to £3.14 million (approx)

So that’s the details in black and white, so to speak. On the one hand there have been arguments flying around about how we have expected too much for too little in our transfer dealings, leading to us losing out on much needed targets for the squad, and leaving it highly vulnerable to injuries and such in a season where we find ourselves competing in Europe. This is especially so after seeing several of the experienced players who fulfilled that role in the past being released. This has been seen as especially true in the case of defenders, and possibly most of all with strikers after the loss of Leon Best and Peter Lovenkrands from the ranks, experienced players who can no longer be called upon in troubled times. This has been brought into very sharp focus with recent injuries to striker, Shola Ameobi, and in our last game, a serious anterior cruciate ligament injury to utilty defender and midfielder, Ryan Taylor, which will see him out of the game for several months.

On the other hand, although other polls seem to indicate that over three quarters of the club’s fans are unhappy with the club’s dealings in this transfer window, Newcastle United’s manager, Alan Pardew, has turned on those who share this viewpoint, mounting an aggressive defence of Mike Ashley and the club’s strategy on player aquisitions, rebuking those Geordies who have the sheer gall to criticise the Slimmer of the Year for his alleged miserliness. It is Pardew’s contention that rather than criticising Ashley, these ingrated fans should actually be grateful to him for resisting the urge to “cash in” on some of the top players in the side such as Yohan Cabaye and Cheick Tiote, though we only have Pardew’s word for his assertion that the club had “a couple of phone calls” about players. One these admonitions went thusly:

“You have to pay a lot of respect to Mike, the owner here, because he could have cashed in on one of our big players” said the Silver Supremo, adding:

“We have had a couple of phone calls during the window and Mike has been pretty adamant that everybody stays. I thank him for that and our fans should thank him too because we are not as affluent as some other clubs.”

Indeed, he has been driving the same message home to dissident fans in most of his recent interviews on the transfer window, and I have included some more examples below:

“I think keeping our best players makes a strong statement, from Mike Ashley in particular. He’s had a fair bit of criticism here, for perhaps not investing in the club or not being fully focused, or wanting to sell it and so on, but if that’s the case why didn’t he cash in on one of the big hitters?”

“Maybe next week the fans will realise we haven’t done badly to keep all our top players here. We have had to fend off a few and we have done that, and we are well-set for the season. Another year of experience, of course, should make us better this year – should.” and so on…

In one of the interviews quoted above, he also confirmed that previous statements from both himself and Derek Llambias that the club will have no choice but to sell if big offers come in for players actually came directly from Mike Ashley, saying on that:

“It is is a good statement from the owner. I think we’ve been bold, we’ve had enquiries and we have knocked them back. We said these players are staying but if you want to pay over the odds, fair enough, we’ll listen. That is where we’ve been all summer.”

There is also another excuse argument Pardew has used several times in the past. When a player comes back from a long term injury when the squad is short of bodies, he will often say “It’s like bringing in a new signing.” Well the club now has long term injury absentees Steven Taylor, Sylvain Marveaux and Haris Vuckic back in action after extensive layoffs. Curiously, Pardew has made as much use of it this time as I thought he might this time, especially so as there are three “new signings.” Anyway, I’ve just done it for him now!

So that’s the arguments on both sides, but what do YOU think about Newcastle United’s dealings in the last transfer window? Whatever they are, please let us know in the comments section and by voting in our latest poll.


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47 Responses

  1. By getting rid of the deadwood and bolstering the Development Squad, space has been created for the fringe players and kids to grow into. So that’s a plus.
    On the downside – the defence still has a fragile look about it….a quality left footed left back – is that asking too much?
    Wonder if Enrique fits into Brenda Rodgers plans LOL!

  2. It was as expected.
    Now the window is shut at least we don’t have to put up with the constant drivel and bull5hit from Partridge.

    Has Debuchy finished his medical yet BTW?

    Expect a few more injuries today…nothing that Partridge can’t handle,remember he had a tuff time at Charlton much tuffer than this he reckons.


  3. We have been left with an unbalanced squad with no/little cover in vital positions. Our squad was proven to be too small last season so this season we have MORE games-the fact we had to get more players in is obvious-the fact we have no cover for our African contingent when they all leave for the ANC in January is nothing short of criminal. We`v been told to THANK fat ash for not selling our best players-we are no longer in the crap financially so please tell me why we should even contemplate it? WHY the hell should we be happy? Pards blew smoke up our hoops by over hyping some of our fringe players who are quite obviously no where near the first team-at the moment, but the fact is we desperately needed cover at the back and especially up front as come Jan-we have NO strikers-Sholas knackered and Sammy`s not scoring-ranger cant score and is a waste of space and Campbells no where near. Yes I may seem negative but that’s what the clubs done-been negative. The first teams ok if we can keep them fit and persuade the Africans not to go in Jan-BUT!!!

  4. Ashley never spend Carroll money in our lifetime ,club takes 1step forward 3 back .squad thinner than Karen carpentar

  5. i’d like to have seen Luke de Jong bought who i thought went on the cheap considering his class and at least two quality defenders Debuchy,van der Wiel??

    Michael Owen’s available (lol)

  6. Little Vurn: NUFC’s “marquee” signing in this window. haha Mike Ashley last of the big spenders :lol:

  7. It’s such a shame Pardew is clearly a puppet(muppet) as its bad enough to see the side fail to make the necessary & sometimes reasonable, available & willing signings “Debuchy!- cough” but quite another to have the manager & directors spout a load of….. (insert chosen expletive). Carroll has been the subject of much speculation and I’m sure all fans remember being promised that his fee would be reinvested!? I’d of thought with the reduced wage bill outgoings at most to be a nominal amount. I’m pleased for the fringe players & youngsters who will get some first team action but can’t seeing them covering themselves in glory for the group stage considering Obertan was the best player when we scraped through qualification.

  8. We have reduced our development squad by 5 (8 out 3 in). We have reduced our first team squad by 4 (5 out 1 in. So the wage bill has been reduced considerably, isnt that our target in transfer windows.
    As a club we dont have a left back? We have a few players can play there, but they all need massive support from jonas, which compromoses our midfield. The last time we had 2 lb’s in our squad was when bernard was here I think.
    We have 2 premiership quality centre backs. I said after the january window, it was ‘professional negligence’ not signing a centre half, I just dont know what to think now. I am a bit numb about what has happened this window.
    But the wage bill has been reduced, thats the important thing, eh !!!!

  9. after seeing what other teams have done I feel as though we have taken a step back we will not finish in the top half that’s for sure and if we don’t qualify for Europe it will be bye bye Cabaye, Tiote, Ba, Cisse, Ben Arfa im sorry but that’s a deffinate we will have to hope they over achieve till January and then buy more players we needed a first team centre back a first team right back and someone to push Cisse and Ba for there place and we got a centre midfielder where we are at our strongest, really peed off at this transfer window.

  10. Not getting a full back and a back up striker was a little bit disappointing but I have to agree with Pardew that keeping key players was the most important (ask any Everton fan, it´s not an easy task).

    Given the financial strength of the club Pardew was never gonna buy a player for 7-10 million just for squad rotation or even do as QPR geting in loads of cheap (and older) players on high wages, something that can easily backfire.

    So signing three promising lads and one “big name” player, is by all standards, and given the strength of the first eleven, quite fine by me.

    And before you start talking about needing a big squad because we are in Europe, take a look at the squads of last seasons finalists. Both Atletico Madrid and Bilbao have small squads with key players playing more than 50 games (Bilbao also reached the final of the spanish cup).

  11. I think the Toon’s Lowball offers have started to make other club chairman laugh presuming we did make some offers that is.
    Once a few more injuries happen to key players and a few suspensions kick in the pressure on Partridge will be immense…..even more immense that at Charlton.

  12. i had lot typed out, but i lost the bloody thing, so i’ll keep it brief.
    yes it goes without saying, retain the squad you have, but that should have been the bare minimum imo.
    nothing wrong with adding to the development squad, if that is the real reason.
    it is something else though, if you are hoodwinking the coach, into thinking you will strengthen the squad, when in reality, the kids you are foisting on him, will form the fringes of, your first team squad.
    also parvenu is daft to trust ashley, by getting rid of leon best, without bringing in a replacement.

    if andy carroll was our only option, then our scouting system, cannot be as good as it is mooted to be.
    it shows a lack of imagination, on the boards part, on the other hand, did they just use a person they knew, in one of their usual scams, to pull the wool over the fans eyes?

    i like most thought, if we added a fullback, a centre half, and another striker, that would have kicked us on.
    williamson is an accident waiting to happen, shola is far too injury prone, to rely on, and the we are left with danny simpson, who wont sign a new contract, and some think ashley and co are doing a good job, that is debatable imo.

    we have become an north eastern version of everton, they are skint though, what’s our excuse?
    we like them will have a good season, a not so good one, due to the lack of funds available.

    that brings us on to the shy and retiring alan parvenu, lets be honest, david moyes, he is not.
    he finds himself in the proverbial s**t again, it must be like, “groundhog day” for him.
    he finds himself, exaclty where he was, this time last year, in his own words, “putting out fires”.
    he will have to try and repeat what he did last season, but if we are totally honest, we did luck out, last term.
    the lucky win at the neighbours, sent us on a run, which culminated with, the most odious character in football, helping himself to an LMA AWARD.

    there were signs there, towards the end of last season, that we were crying out for reinforcements, as the last game of the season, at everton showed.
    we have missed out on the chance to capitalise on last season’s feel good factor, it’s another dangerous strategy by ashley, who for some reason, likes alienating his customer base.
    i hope him and dracula, haven’t been at the training ground again, with their clip boards and managers jackets, which chris hughton, had to put up with.
    they must think they know more than the coach, well it wouldn’t take much.

    alan parvenu better make sure that the water he uses to put out the metaphoric fires, is not metaphoric paraffin.
    because we have started the season sluggishly, and we dont seem to have the get up and go, we had.
    maybe we’ve been found out, and without giving ourselves new dimensions to our side, we could struggle slightly.
    i dont think we will be in any trouble, at the wrong end, but i cannot see us getting into the top four either.
    if that were to happen, we are going to have to have more luck, than we did last season, and some of our rivals, will have to not be at the races again.

  13. @ 11 Petter

    Playing extra games in England especially EPL has been suggested on numerous occasions to be more taxing than other countries / leagues because of the pace & physical emphasis on the game. Regardless, holding up the overachievements of technically & tactically superior sides doesn’t hold water. Everyone knows we should have strengthened and were fed a load of bull instead, adding insult to injury.

  14. @ Sammy J.

    Try to tell the Bilbao players that it is physically more demanding to play in the EPL than playing 50 games plus for Bielsa…

  15. Sorry Petter not having a go just don’t see how an exception supports your argument. We all know anything is possible for one season, but are you really suggesting the way forward to compete for Europe & keep our ambitious talented members of the squad is to loose significantly more squad members than you bring in. We’ve lost a useful player to injury already & will be hampered heavily by ACN. I’m not suggesting we take the reckless actions of QPR as a model bit it seems highly unlikely we can compete for 5th this season. We overachieved last year & had the chance to cement that achievement with a few key signings but have failed to do so. What do you see us achieving this year?

  16. My view is once you start flirting with top 4 – 6 then u have to spend big on big names who are ready made to go str8 into team at no notice rather than having this transitional business model that will only keep us going for so long before were found out. Playing the same aide in the europa league matches will be testament to that.

  17. Partridge says fans will be happy with 8th so I am happy :lol:

    Partridge “I don’t want to raise unexpected expectations. I think our fans would honestly accept eighth, though I don’t think they’d want us to finish lower.”

  18. Can’t be arsed with a long rant this morning, so all I’ll say is that it was a shite window, with zero ambition shown.

    And shut up Alan about thanking Mike yada yada bullsh*it. Nobody left because nobody made a big sexy juicy bid for anyone.

    Try set the team up today in something other than what we used to see in the early ninetys, and if we fall behind I dare you to try and win the game since you seem unable to when put in that situation.

    Suppose it was a longish rant after all.

  19. Yeah SJT, lets focus on the league (which we won’t win) and the FA Cup (which we won’t win).

    I’d rather finish 8th but give Europe a good go, and that other cup, whatever it’s called now. They’re our best chances of winning something.

    But we won’t because finishing 8th is priority…

  20. Gotta finish 8th JB,If we finish any higher I will be devastated haha
    Enjoy the match lads watching it today from a pub in Northampton presuming TV and electricity has been invented there.

  21. @ Sammy J.

    “but are you really suggesting the way forward to compete for Europe & keep our ambitious talented members of the squad is to loose significantly more squad members than you bring in.”

    Well, we kept the whole bunch this time, so I guess that answers your question. And seriously, we didn´t lose that much quality. Guthrie would have been missed hadn´t he be replaced by a much better and more versatile player.

    “We’ve lost a useful player to injury already & will be hampered heavily by ACN.”

    Hampered heavily? Not necessarily. Guess we will all be cheering for Ivory Coast during the qualifying match against Senegal and losing only Tiote.

    I agree that we should have strengthened while at the same time I acknowledge that it was always going to be very, very difficult to improve a side that finished fifth last season. Chelsea´s answer was to spend 80 million!

    Pardew clearly has faith in Vuckic, Sammy Ameobi and Shane Ferguson and must be crossing his fingers that they stay injury free for most of the season.

    Good run in Europe and 6-7th place would constitute a good season.

  22. To have a manager who advertises his lack of ambition so early in the season is depressing & embarrassing. He has talked in the past of us being a big club, the man demonstrates no improved understanding of being able to identify with the fans. All the foundations are there to build on and consistently challenge for Europe & domestic cups if there was wise investment. The club got very lucky with the group of players but are welching on what they’ve said to fans & probably players, who like us will grow disillusioned &, unlike fans have the option to move on. Its sickening tuning in to SkySports & listen to pundits refer to “The Sports Direct Arena” in an incredulous fashion, often so bemused by it additionally calling it St James Park or commenting that “it doesn’t sound right”. I gave Pardew time & the benefit of the doubt but I’m sick of listening to his crap now & believe it is only a matter of time before we see the disaffection seep its way into player performances. I only hope its not against Villa today because that should be 3 points in the bag.

  23. Surely with a few additions in key areas we could have made the top 4?
    Zero ambition and the club is run and managed by total wankers.

    Relying on players like SAmeobi he has shown nothing so far in my opinion,gangly,scared and miles away from a top premiership player.

  24. Surely with a few additions in key areas we could have made the top 4?
    Zero ambition and the club is run and managed by total w@nkers.

    Relying on players like SAmeobi he has shown nothing so far in my opinion,gangly,scared and miles away from a top premiership player.

  25. Guess most of regulars are aware of my thoughts on how things have turned out, this window.

    Ashley is just not about to spend one thin dime, if he dos’nt have to.

    Llambias is an Ashley sychophant
    Pardew ” ” ” ”
    ED’s blog is now a probably a paid part of the NUFC’s PR. depertment and if not, should be.

    Plus most of the local rags (and their excuses for sports journalist’s)obviously find it easier to be part of the feelgood party, none willing to criticise our dear leader.

    Ah well ! tell the story often enough and people will believe it.

    Obviously most fans are not that dumb and recognize the window for what it was, a cleanout of youngsters and marginal players, followed by one fair purchase and a couple of could be’s, none it seems quite ready, other than Anita.

    Even though left out to dry, AP has remained loyal to our dear “leader”, even preparing us for the bad news, with the good news, huh ?
    Sure the fact that brave Mike has refused to accept the offers for our stars and we are now in a stronger position, than this time last year, go figure ?

    Appears we have already given up on the European challenge, (no dosh in it) using nowt but youngsters and fringe players, concentrating our efforts on the FA cup and League, yeah good luck on that!

    Is what it is, get used to it, if you have’nt already.

  26. Actions speak louder than words: how many other EPL managers do you hear from on such a regular and inconsistent basis. His problem I imagine is that his intelligence doesn’t match his ego, and to compensate he has invented a self-aggrandised role, when he realises he cannot come through on his previous statements, rather than confront his own reduced capabilities he just ignores his previous comments and pushes on with the new script as if he’d not only be reading from it all along but has written it. A simple apology for an unsuccessful window would has sufficed and an admission that the team needs to adapt to to his own and the directors limitations but I understand this is unrealistic so why not just keep your trap shut! Lets hope he’s prepared the side for today better than he spins his masters propaganda bull$h*t but maybe I’m just being harsh for even the best polished turd will still just be a turd.

  27. Was just wondering about some of the comments by Pardew, for instance, how do both Demba Ba a Cisse feel about his statement, he hopes Senegal lose out on qualifying ?
    I mean, is this guy for real?

  28. “Luke Edwards ‏@LukeEdwardsTele

    #nufc turned down two approaches for Yohan Cabaye during the final weeks of the transfer window. One was from #Arsenal”

    Twas ever thus (and we knew all along didnt we boys and girls ?)we were lucky to hold onto our star players !!!

    Thanks ever so much Fatman :roll:

  29. I replied to Luke Edwards after reading his tweet saying “I didnt realise you were still paid by Ashley ?”

  30. I said something earlier which I think is stuck in moderation.

    The jist of it was, why even bother supporting NUFC if it makes you all so miserable? It is supposed to be fun.

  31. I can understand having a bit of a moan now and again, but not every day, about everything. And I do understand that I am moaning about moaning.

  32. I am looking forward to the game. We have some special players who will put a smile on my face win or lose.

  33. Watching Liverpool. Down by a goal and they take off Borini (who is crap) and bring on a left back (Downing). Rodgers makes absolutely no sense.

  34. @ GS
    Don’t get me wrong. Looking forward to the match. Just very frustrated as I do believe we have a special set of players and with a bit of squad tweaking and better tactical guidance could achieve a similar feat to last season. I could possibly accept the underwhelming improvement in these areas if we didn’t keep getting fed line after line of conflicting confabulation – It’s insulting!

  35. Maybe Downing should be played in goal.

    AndyMac @39: you can put up a pathetic link, it doesn’t mean I am not correct, whether I am on a soap box or not.

  36. i think we’ll just about limp over the line today, we’ll play the same way as usual, lack of urgency etc, and a plan a, and very little else.
    we’ll stick in there, and come away with 2-0, or worst case scenario 2-1.
    cannot see us getting beat today, famous last words, and all that.

  37. And AndyMac: it is a bit of a liberty accusing me of being on a soap box when that is exactly what I am accusing you of… No smiley face, because I mean it.

  38. GS says:

    “And AndyMac: it is a bit of a liberty accusing me of being on a soap box when that is exactly what I am accusing you of… No smiley face, because I mean it”

    Twas an attempt at humour GS, remember humour ?

  39. AndyMac: Wasn’t a very good attempt. And if I wasn’t being humourous it was very much in keeping with the previous posts by you and others.

    It wasn’t an attempt at humour by the way. It was a snide comment with nothing to back it up.