Everton vs Newcastle United match highlights and (brief) report

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Highlights of this evening’s game between the Toffees and the Magpies at Goodison Park.

It was something of a “game of two halves” this evening, with Everton completely dominating the first 45 minutes with some excellent attacking football which left the Toon completely in their wake. For all their domination, they went in at the break with only one goal to the scoreboard, a great diagonal effort across Harper by Leighton Baines in the 15th minute.

In the second half though, Newcastle came out looking like a different team. Indeed, Demba Ba managed to equalise in the first few minutes with a landmark 1000th Premiership goal for the Magpies. This was thanks to an excellent pass slotted to him by the influental Yohan Cabaye.

However the lads were also very lucky when firstly Fellaini, and later substitute, Victor Anichebe, had two perfectly good goals ruled out. The first was for an offside that wasn’t offside and the second for a ball which defintely crossed the line but was also ruled out in what was a VERY poor performance from the officials. They were also a little yellow card happy too giving out six in what was generally a fairly good tempered match, except for a little righteous Evertonian fury at the officials. Even though I’m a Toon fan, I would say that most of it was justified though!

That all looked to be academic though when Victor Anichebe struck for the Toffees again in the 88th minute, without the goal being disallowed this time. However, Ba once again equalised in the last minute of normal time in what was a scintillating game with a magnificent finish!

As usual, I shall endeavour to post a video of the whole game if and when one becomes available.

Teams and match details

Everton (4-4-1-1): Tim Howard (G), Tony Hibbert, Phil Jagielka, Sylvain Distin, Leighton Baines; Leon Osman, Phil Neville (c), Steven Pienaar, Kevin Mirallas; Marouane Fellaini; Nikica Jelavic (Victor Anichebe 44).

Subs: Jan Mucha (G), John Heitinga, Shane Duffy, Seamus Coleman, Magaye Gueye, Steven Naismith, Victor Anichebe.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Steve Harper (G), James Perch, Mike Williamson, Steven Taylor, Davide Santon, Vurnon Anita, Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa, Yohan Cabaye (Gael Bigirimana (90+2), Sylvain Marveaux (Demba Ba HT), Papiss Cisse (Shola Ameobi 79).

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Tavernier, Gael Bigirimana, Dan Gosling, Gabriel Obertan, Shola Ameobi, Demba Ba.

Score / Goals: Everton 2 – 2 Newcastle United. Leighton Baines (15), Demba Ba (49, 90), Victor Anichebe (88).

Yellow cards: Phil Neville (6), Vurnon Anita (30), James Perch (37), Steven Pienaar (78), Marouane Fellaini (85), Shola Ameobi (86).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Mike Jones.


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20 Responses

  1. What I don’t get is that people are at the match and see that second half and leave before the match is over. Remember a lot of Citeh supporters were leaving before the final whistle when they played QPR.

    It is good we have Anita, he really made a big difference when him and Perch switched. Makes you think of what might have been if we got in another centre half?

  2. Thanks WT for the highlights. I just wonder why Pardwho sends out a team which is so mentally lacking in the first half and performed so badly that even he admitted it was not a Newcastle that he recognised :(

  3. Maybe the formation didnt help or the fact he left Ba on the bench and started with Marveaux (who was useless) but something was definitely not right in those first 20-25 minutes

  4. GS says:
    September 17, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    “What I don’t get is that people are at the match and see that second half and leave before the match is over.”

    The dread of the post game traffic is far greater than it is over there with all those massive roads, car parks and such that you have on that side of the pond GS.

  5. I went to that other board and it didn’t disappoint. It is a garden party with cucumber sandwiches on here by comparison. Here is a quote:

    “Kets, normally I take you with a pinch of salt but not anymore, you’re a sad little tw@t…get f*cked you sad B*llend.”

  6. I only just finished this a few minutes back by the way. It was a “work in progress” until then. I just thought I’d get the highlights out as quickly as possible then work on the rest once it was published.

  7. Worky: I hope you don’t mind me mentioning the “competition”, but it is really not competition, they are a different crowd on there.

  8. GS says:
    September 17, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    “Kets, normally I take you with a pinch of salt but not anymore, you’re a sad little tw@t…get f*cked you sad B*llend.”

    I don’t why you bother GS. You know the apes at the beginning of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey?” They remind of some of the people on Ed’s site.


    And .co.ck too.

  9. Worky: you don’t have to be nasty. Some of the stuff on there is funny. As I said, it is the immediate switching from euphoria to despair that I like. One of them turned off his computer when we were a goal down with 5 minutes to go :)

  10. GS says:
    September 17, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    “Worky: you don’t have to be nasty.”

    No GS, this is “nasty”:

    “Kets, normally I take you with a pinch of salt but not anymore, you’re a sad little tw@t…get f*cked you sad B*llend.”

    I was merely being accurate, it IS like “the Dawn of Man” on those two blogs. :-)

  11. GS – That “Kets” character was/is from another NUFC site (NUFC mad) where he is now banned from, wrongly in my view.

    Basically he just says the same thing over and over, usually about how Ryan Taylor is a £20m right-back and how good James Perch is. He also rolls out the same list of players every transfer window (Cissokho, Giroud, Lee Hughes) and says we should sign all of them.

    That is why he gets on peoples chebs and why they ultimately get annoyed with him.

    This is a thread from just after he was banned. The reaction towards him says a lot :lol:


  12. Lucked out!
    As we all watched the first half, appeared to be how many will we get beat by?
    The side looked as though they had only just met one another, no cohesion, no plan, just reacting to a side who were both organised and conforming to a tactica
    approach, who broke down our defense, without much trouble.
    Again we found it difficult to get over the halfway line and retain possession, our attempts at goal were few and never appeared capeable of putting the ball in the net.
    Dont know what happened between halves, but it was a different team that showed up for the second period.
    A side willing to put some effort into the game and though Everton still shaded it, there were some decent efforts made and the two goals were the result of hard work, as Everton were a tough side to break down.
    The final result shouldda been 4-2 to Everton, but i will take the point.
    Again Shola showed he can play as a second striker, with some nice holdup and passing plays.
    I dont get it Shola can play with either of our Senegalese, but they appear incapable of playing to-gether?
    We need defensive help and the guy who gave Williamson a good rating, should get his ass down to speck savers and taake the game ref and linesmen with him .
    For sure we missed Mr.T’s breaking up play’s in front of the back four.
    Marveaux looked disinterested and was taken off, hmm!
    whats going on there?
    Cabaye had a fair game, hopefully will reach last seasons form soon.
    HBA did’nt get into the game that much, some nice moves, but in general did’nt recieve much service.
    Anita is looking to be a good buy, versatile and a tidy enough player.
    Dont see this side setting any records or garnering any silverware, best we can hope for is our football genius owner, will realise we need help at the back and we could possibly have a good post Christmas run in.
    Dont hod your breath though.

  13. chuck says:
    September 18, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    “We need defensive help and the guy who gave Williamson a good rating, should get his ass down to speck savers and taake the game ref and linesmen with him .”

    From what I can remember he was a little out of position for Baines’s goal, however Iron Mike made some important blocks and interceptions and had a good game overall. He was certainly better than Steven Taylor and up there with big Shola as our second or third best player behind Ba, who was MOTM unquestionably. At the other extreme, poor Marveaux had a bit of a ‘mare before he was pulled off by the Silver Supremo.

  14. I think what last night told us above all else is we cant play with just one up front. As usual Cisse was left isolated in the first half and nothing was held onto for very long.

    4-3-3 becomes the logical formation of choice for our wingless wonders who offer very little in terms of helping out in defence. I think we can afford to allow HBA to wander aimlessly for 90% of the game but not Marveaux as well and I’m still hopeful that one day Pardwho will manage to get both halves out of his team rather than just the one !

  15. Appears, Ba’s agent has expressed his opinion of AP.
    I dont like it when agents become involved in voicing opinions about who why and where their clients should or should’nt be playing.
    Just take care of the money side and shut up!
    But the cracks are beginning to become apparent.
    Obertan reportedly refusing to go on, Ba bitching through his agent, Marveaux supposedly walking out when not picked to start recently.
    Of course, we hear nothing but feelgood stuff emanating from the dressing room, but it’s obvious there’s dissention, though there’s also a heavy duty PR campaign in place.
    Should be an interesting period approaching, nufc PR dept., combined with Pardew soundbites, might be interesting if AP could learn to both speak English and
    put a cohesive sentance to-gether.
    But i imagine he’s fairly safe, hell where’s Ashley gonna find another guy ike him?
    But for many, the problem has become obvious, that the so called big name manager, is a failure as someone who understands the modern game, “the empror has no clothes”
    And the retailer and his casino sidekick, who were going to show the rest of the league how it’s done, have failed miserably to bring in the defensive help that could have made the side competative both in europe and the EPL.
    Then again other than for egos sake why would they care, hell better a few million in their pocket than spend it on player transfer fees and wages.
    Still gonna make a few bucks from simply being in the league and have a big advertising board for free.
    Ah well!

  16. Workie
    Have no idea why you constanty defend Williamson, if you hav’nt by now sussed the fact he’s a poor player, what can i say ?
    You state he ws a little out of position during the Baines goal, yeah about ten feet.
    Not only that he ball watches, in fact that’s what he was doing at the time, though he has improved in time, by not spending half his time going to ground and for a tall guy is less than usless in attacking set plays.
    He fails to use his strength and size by laying a bit of body on the opposition, so there’s no fear there.
    All in all, as you can painly see not in my opinion a PL quality player.

  17. Worky-I too am surprised by your take on Williamson given the sort of player you seem to like. He’s servicable and with players like Jelavic and Fellaini to deal with I understand starting him over Perch. He gives away possession so much though. I counted at least three instances where the ball comes to him through the air and he has no one within 3 yards of him and what does he do? He heads the ball 15-20 yards down the middle of the field, right to an EFC player. I’m amazed at how little confidence he apparently has in his ability to take a ball down and find a pass. That’s why he can’t dislodge Colo or Saylor who despite their flaws are solid passers not afraid of a ball at their feet.

    I don’t blame him for Baines’ goal though-that’s down to a midfielder who didn’t pick him up when he started his run.

    I am humbled by the fact that I agree with Chuck.