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Vurnon Anita.
Anita: No deal without reassurances from Silver Supremo.
Whilst it has been widely reported that Ajax and Newcastle United have now agreed a fee for Toon target, Vurnon Anita, allegedly around €8.5 million (around £6.7 million), There is still some way to go.

It has also been reported that Anita’s next move (besides thrashing out personal terms) will be to seek a summit meeting with Newcastle’s Silver Supremo, Alan Pardew, to seek certain reassurances on the football side of things. Speaking in an interview for “Ajax Showtime,” the player’s father has outlined some of the reassurances Anita will be seeking from the Grey Gaffer.

Before I begin though, it has also been reported by some sloppier sites that Anita’s wage demands are above Newcastle United’s wage ceiling. Whilst this may indeed happen when Anita’s agent, Derek Llambias and Lee Charnley get around to talking turkey, the Dutch reports it was referring to meant that Anita’s demands for a new, improved contract at Ajax were above THEIR wage ceiling, not Newcastle United’s.

So now I’ve got that out of the way, I’ll begin. Anita Snr told Ajax Showtime:

“We have an offer in Newcastle United, that’s right. But we are not sure yet. Vurnon needs to talk first with the coach of Newcastle, because he has not spoken. Newcastle and Ajax are in agreement, but Vurnon first wants to know what the plans of the Newcastle’s coach are with him. If he wants to play him at right back? Or at left back? Or in the midfield? These are important questions for Vurnon in making his choice. These are the questions for which we still have no answer.”

As to whether Anita would be seeking assurances from Pardew about how many games he’d be playing per season wasn’t mentioned. Another false story in some media was that Anita would be arriving in Tyneside for a medical earlier today, but this was also corrected in the interview, as Mr. Anita continued:

“I expect Vurnon and I will still be in the Netherlands today. Tomorrow (Tuesday) Vurnon is free, just like the rest of the Ajax squad, but we have not yet been invited by Newcastle to come to England. For now, I expect so we will just stay in the Netherlands.”

Things were then wrapped up when Anita Snr told the interviewer that if Vurnon received the assurances he was seeking from Pardew, the move could go through swiftly, and that Anita could be a Magpie within a week, concluding:

“If the conversation between the Newcastle coach and Vurnon goes in a positive manner, then it can go fast. Then, suddenly, it could happen within a week all round.”

Well here’s hoping anyway, but we’ll see in the fullness if time.

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19 Responses

  1. Shock finding in the Torygraph. Newcastle United fans actually prefer their wives to their favourite Toon players, and probably wouldn’t let Captain Colo sleep with their missus after all. What is the world coming to nowadays?!

    “Men prefer their wives to football

    “Supporters of Newcastle United were more stressed when images of their partners were torn up than those of star players, scientists found, laying to rest claims that devoted fans are more loyal to their team than to their wives…”

  2. Cheers for taking the time to research that interview properly instead of just thrashing out an article within 5 minutes of some “news” hitting the internet.

    That Telegraph story, I can’t believe someone is actually paying someone else to write that…

  3. remember not to hoy to much hype on young campbells shoulders. looks what happened to all our other up and coming superstars!!

    calvin zola=hoop
    makum chopra=hoop
    nile ranger=hoop but potential if he sorts his life out!
    and andy carrol, who just fooked off!!

    let him just do his job and keep a low profile

  4. Really good player this fella…and will add a lot to the team.
    Just a bit worried who is not gonna play or is leaving….

  5. My main concern or question is why are so many of our top players injured or not match fit at this stage of the season. We can afford a crap start to the season – I could not bare watching MOTD and listening to how Newcastle are not living up to expectation. Yes early games but early criticism comes too with pundits.

  6. All else aside, I would have said CM was the strongest part of our squad and least in need of strengthening. Can’t understand the priorities here. As it is, injuries to any CB will land us right in the toilet again.

    Surely AP plans to play him at CM, not FB. All the reports I read on him say he’s a very good/potentially brilliant CDM and a passable/possibly-above-average FB.

  7. the season hasont started and the injuries are building up need to get anita signed in time for saturday and a striker asp or our nick name will be one season has beans the board has to get a move on quick

  8. tunyc says:

    “All else aside, I would have said CM was the strongest part of our squad and least in need of strengthening. Can’t understand the priorities here”

    If I was a true cynic then I’d probably see Anita as a direct replacement for wor Cheick. However I have to give Pardwho the benefit of the doubt – as he watched a lot of the Euro 2012 event – that he sees the way forward for NUFC without 4-4-2.

    IMO we need two solid, dependable yet creative holding midfielders (Is that possible ?). Players who can read the game, hold the ball up with confidence and yet pass, under pressure, to instigate attacking moves.

    Let’s hope that Anita and Tiote = Toure and Barry and then some !!!!

  9. I met Bigi’s agent at the weekend, he said Gael will be immense for us inside a year but he was hinting that Tiote wouldn’t be around to help him on the training ground. This Anita story would back this up and if he does arrive Im worried that it’s to replace Chieck and not Simpson ( who incidentally is also repp’ed by Bigi’s agent)

  10. “I understand Anita has to agree on personal terms. We surely can use a player who can be used in multiple positions.”

    Super TK’s comments. “Multiple positions” comes from ????

  11. I am a cynic, Andy, and my take is that Anita comes first because he’s seen as having potentially huge sell-on value. Between Anita, Bigirimana and Abeid, how many replacements for Tiote do we need?

  12. @13, neither of the two we have already are ready for the premier league, as good as Abeid looks I think this season he’ll hopefully just be eased in without the massive pressure. Anita has a lot of top level experience.

  13. Fair enough, but still-I think his potential sell-on value is key to this deal being done first and our willingness to up the original offer. I’m not knocking that but it shouldn’t cloud our front office’s understanding of the squad’s needs, which I’d rank right now like so:

    1. Defenders
    2. Defenders
    3. Defenders
    4. A depth forward, especially if we’re going to play 4-4-2

  14. Alan Pardew has blamed greedy clubs, players and agents for Newcastle problems with recruiting, and has told them that they will need to understand that “times have changed” if they want to sell their players to big clubs such as Newcastle.

    So far, Premiership clubs have brought in 69 players, paying hundreds of millions in fees and we haven;t even got to the business end of the transfer window yet. Surely he can’t beleive that really? If he does, he obviously has no sense of irony whatsoever after the £35 million Andy Carroll affair and Llambuas’ bar room bragging about “drawing” the deal and adding insult to injury by charging interest etc etc…

    “It’s valuation. Not just by the players themselves, but by the clubs and the agents. This is the big problem we have as managers and also chairman in the Premier League. The valuation agents are putting on their player is far, far too much. They need to understand that times have changed.”

    “Am I hopeful something can be done? I think it is touch and go, really. There are one or two things that might happen. Obviously, that’s not my department. I have targeted the players and we hope they arrive, but if they don’t then I do believe we still have a very strong side that will go in against Tottenham. You ask any Premier League manager, outside of Chelsea probably, and they will say the same thing. Even Manchester United haven’t done much business. Nobody else has really. I think everyone is biding their time before pitching in. However, I do think the ball will roll this week and there will be players joining Premier League teams for sure.”

  15. Andy T says:
    August 13, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    “Cheers for taking the time to research that interview properly instead of just thrashing out an article within 5 minutes of some “news” hitting the internet.”

    Nee botha, Andy. As the old proverb says, “A lie will go round the world while truth is still pulling its boots on.”