Newcastle United vs Atromitos match highlights (and streaker!)

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Highlights of this evening’s Europa League game for the Magpies against FC Atromitos of Athens.

A 1-0 victory to the Magpies thanks to a deflected 21st minute goal from Haris Vučkić on his return from injury.

Vučkić himself came on as an early substitute for the injured Ryan Taylor in the eleventh minute and made his mark, scoring the only goal in the 21st minute of the game. Atromitos probably felt unlucky though after Chumbinho was booked for diving on the eve of half time. Replays showed that Tim Krul actually caught his leg. Atromitos should have had a penalty and Krul should have been sent off. There was also another penalty shout for the Athenians in the second half too when Coloccini caught an Atromitos player with his leg in the second half.

The game was also marked by the intervention of a streaker at one stage (see below).

I will try to post longer, better highlights if / when they become available (of the game, not the streaking!)

Teams / Match facts

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Ryan Taylor (Haris Vučkić 11), James Perch (James Tavernier 60), Gael Bigirimana, Gabriel Obertan, Dan Gosling, Sylvain Marveaux, Demba Ba.

Subs: Steve Harper (G), James Tavernier, Yohan Cabaye, Haris Vučkić, Romain Amalfitano, Adam Campbell, Papiss Cisse.

Atromitos (4-2-3-1): Charles Itandje (G), Ioannis Skondras (C), Sokratis Fytanidis, Nikolaos Lazaridis, Konstantinos Giannoulis, Matias Iglesias, Eduardo Brito (Njazi Kuqi 88), Elini Dimoutsos (Sebastiau Garcia 85), Chumbinho (Nikola Beljic 75), Denis Epstein, Tasos Karamanos.

Subs: Velihir Radman (G), Stathis Tavlaridis, Evangelos Nastos, Panagiotis Ballas, Sebastiau Garcia, Nikola Beljic, Njazi Kuqi.

Score / Goals: Newcastle United 1 (Haris Vučkić 21), FC Atromitos 0.

Yellow cards: Chumbinho (43), Fabricio Coloccini (75),

Red cards: None.

Referee: Stephen Studer‎.

Attendance: 29,242


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107 Responses

  1. Gosling is awfull,he should go and play for chester,almost cost us a goal with 4 minutes left,he lacks concentration or any real skill,i woyld rather have ali dia…

  2. View from yesterdays game “Without Cabaye, HBA and Tiote we are a very average side”

    Meanwhile here are the UEFA pots…..

    The 48 sides are split into four seeding pots based on UEFA’s coefficient system, with one from each drawn into the 12 groups. No team can meet another from the same association. Once the draw has been completed a computer draw will determine the final position of the sides within their group and therefore the order of the home and away matches.

  3. In order to progress we’ll have to take points (4 minimum) from one of this lot in Pot 2 !

    Club BruggeClub Brugge(BEL)
    H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv(ISR)

  4. Group D
    Club Brugge(BEL)

    I’m off to buy a lottery ticket after that :)

  5. Group D
    Club Brugge(BEL)
    Maritimo (POR)

    No real long distance treks, the furthest is Madeira

  6. I’d take Hiddink’s Anzhi to win that group with the RBD’s fighting it out with Udinese for 2nd spot

  7. There is chance for us to progress after group stage. One of the easiest groups. :)

  8. I also don’t understand how a London court has jurisdiction over Russian Oligarchs. Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea.

    Makes the Fat Man seem like a Saint.

  9. Bordeaux finished fifth in Ligue 1 last season and are fourth this season
    Bruges finished second last season but are currently top of the Jupiter League
    Maritimo were fifth last year and now sixth

  10. Dont want to worry anyone but Citeh have sold the “leg breaker” to Milan. Looking for a replacement ?

  11. GS says:

    “I also don’t understand how a London court has jurisdiction over Russian Oligarchs”

    “On my analysis of the entirety of the evidence, I found Mr Berezovsky an unimpressive, and inherently unreliable, witness, who regarded truth as a transitory, flexible concept, which could be moulded to suit his current purposes”

    Sound like someone you know ?

  12. AndyMac @6: I quit work for a while, well, for more than a year so far because I was sick of it. So, I can go to bed and get up when I want now.

    I know I will have to go back eventually, but not yet.

  13. Andy @ 16

    The rumours out of SJP is that Mike Ashley told all enquiring football chairman / managers that his stars were not for sale. Presumably this included Man City as well as the other top premiership clubs.

  14. Do you think that QPR with Mark Hughes might just be making the same mistakes that Citeh with Mark Hughes made?

  15. If I were a betting man I would put money on a defender and a striker coming in by the end of the day.

  16. well in tonight’s enthralling and pulitzer prize winning chronic, that absolute zenith and bastion of journalism, “lee ryder”, has interviewed parvenu.
    shock, horror and suprise!!!!, they are going to go with what they have until january, although he doesn’t expect any one will be leaving.
    never seen that coming, i’m suprised!!!
    this must be the new tactic, send parvenu out all window, with horror stories about our best players being sold.
    then when it gets to the end of the window, with the current squad intact,the fans will be so happy they haven’t sold the family silver, and then this somehow steers the fans minds away, from the lack of transfer activity.
    it’s like some low rent psy-op, with the gruesome twosome,sorry fat boy and dracula, MK ULTRA this not.

  17. Kumar @27: And Rupert Murdoch is American now. They BUY their nationality to suit their pocket.

  18. I just crnt get other the fact that we aint bringing new players in. We’re in desperate need and we not buying y? Am i missing something here. 5th last season no chance of that this season not by a long way.
    All i have to say is mike u fat cockney c**t.

    I send my missis into town today to get me the new home top, she phones me when in jjb sports say they out of stock (unless i fit in a xxxl) brilliant i thought more n more toon fans about. I told her go have look in sports world (sports direct) owned by our very mike ashley only to be told there no newcastle tops there at all. Go figure?

    Ordered only on ofical site

  19. GS-you’re not above this. You love to stir the pot.

    Do you really find the the following unreasonable?

    “I find myself once again sadly disillusioned – I thought the idea was to try and build on last season’s excellent finish and get into a Champions League place?”

    Absurd headline aside (but it got your attention didn’t it?) it’s a well-reasoned analysis. If what we saw last night is the squad we’ll use in the group, I don’t care who we were drawn against, we’re going out.

    Idiots over there criticizing the piece have made up some facts to back themselves again: apparently AC is on 100K/week. Mark my words, we get injuries and lose a few in a row and end up in the bottom half of the table before xmas and the happy-clappys will round on this management viciously.

  20. GUYS,

  21. tunyc: I only read the first sentence or so because the headline made me not want to read the rest.

    I’ll read it now.

  22. 7M?

    1M (Bigi)
    0 (Amalfitano = free)
    390K (Good)
    6.2M (Vurn)

    -2M (Forster)
    -3M (Best)
    -?? (wages for the above plus Loven & Guthrie and all the reserve players released*)
    about 2M net

    *I think of our spending this way because AP & Dekka suggested I should. It’s not just fees, oh no…

  23. Read it, GS. I think the post is a whole lot more reasonable than the rank rationalizing going on in most of the comments.

  24. We have paid less than any other club in Premier league this window- maybe that’s “historical result” for our board.

  25. tunyc: I only stir the pot with certain people :) I was on the phone to Brendan the other day and he said he appreciated Chuck’s advice on here and that is the reason why he got rid of Andy Carroll and moved Pepe Reina to centre forward.

  26. tunyc: if you think I am above anything you are wrong. I think I am probably the least knowledgeable fan on here because I missed a lot when I was in London and Chicago when the games wern’t televised and the internet was new.

  27. GS @ 29

    The two russkies are not British citizens, they are Russian citizens. Both are UK residents whereas Murdoch I believe has American citizenship. Big difference.

    They live in the UK because (amongst other things) they don’t have to pay any UK tax on earnings they receive outside of the UK.

  28. Kamar @42: I know that.

    The Dirty Digger is an Aussie who became an American when it suited his interests. The Russians are in the UK to help their interests,and protect them from Russia when Putin is out.

    Not a “big difference”

  29. First tie away to Maritimo 20th Sept
    Home to Bordeaux 4th Oct
    Home to Bruges 25th Oct
    Away to Bruges 8th Nov
    Home to Maritimo 22nd Nov
    Bordeaux away 6th Dec

  30. And, I know I have put this up before, and I have no idea what “faith” Bren is, but this is him:

  31. Kamar @45: I think I do, but I will be happy to read a bit more and will get back to you in a day or two.

  32. glentoon says:

    “I just crnt get other the fact that we aint bringing new players in. We’re in desperate need and we not buying y?”

    I read yesterday that Pardwho said something along the lines of

    “We have a squad of 24 players and the younger ones need to show they’re genuinely capable of playing in the 1st team” Which sounds to me like Fatman’s words, “So why am I paying for 13 players who never make the first XI ?”

    Having said that, it will be interesting to see how many of them make the grade !

  33. We have Steven Taylor, Sylvain Marveaux and Haris Vuckic back from long term injuries. Using a phrase from Pardew’s lexicon of Ashley PR phrases, “that’s like signing three new players”.

  34. So we’re putting this season in the hands of young unproven players. Yeah brilliant if it pays off but i crnt see all 13 making the grade so were we left thn. Up shit creck without a paddle.

    Please please newcastle get a grip and buy we NEED more players.

  35. workyticket says:

    “We have Steven Taylor, Sylvain Marveaux and Haris Vuckic back from long term injuries. Using a phrase from Pardew’s lexicon of Ashley PR phrases, “that’s like signing three new players””

    or two players and a semi permanently injured Vuckic :)

  36. Really hoping this is a hoax but – Demba Ba out for 3 months due to knee injury. Scheduled for operation in Senegal in the next 5 hours.

    Can’t say for sure yet. Not sure why he’d go to Senegal for the op if true.

  37. how many times is parvenu, going to let the so called hierachy, hang him out to dry?
    with every window that passes, he looks more and more like a fool, with zero credibility.

  38. Deadline for 25-man squads in PL is 4pm Tuesday. But if clubs want to leave space open there is no deadline to sign free agents…. so EMO could be back in time for Europe ? :roll:

  39. GS-all I said was meant in good humor. You stir the pot in a thoughtful way, which I appreciate!

  40. Our europa league group certainly seems winable wivout a doubt.
    Like most fans tho im getting more n more worried about the lack of transfer news 2day.we need a player now after Raylor got injured last night.reading sky sports,the bbc sport etc n theres not even a rumour about us been linked 2anybody.ffs we gotta sign Debuchy 2nyt.if not im afraid we will struggle in the 1st half ov the season.we’ve getting a great draw for europa n have a cracking chance ov progressing but we need atleast someone in for Raylor.not ganna hold my breathe tho

  41. @60 Theres a bunch of reports out there saying we’re done with transfers this window. Quotes from Pardew too.

  42. Not so sure about that with this squad, Jack. We’re constantly going to be sending out the kids-same ones who managed 1 goal from a boatload of chances last night and were lucky to finish with 11 on the field-because of the upcoming PL game v Wigan/WHU/Stoke. We’ll need some luck and virtually no injuries to significant players to win the group.

  43. AndyMac says:
    August 31, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    “Home to Bordeaux 4th Oct”

    Girondins de Bordeaux aren’t to be sniffed at. They aren’t the equivalent of a Championship team like Atromitos, they are more like a very respectble Premiership club. They were 5th in last season’s Ligue 1, and their last game was a 0-0 draw against Ancelloti and moneybags PSG.

  44. sampdiago says:
    August 31, 2012 at 9:51 am

    sampdiago, once again I’m really sorry about the comments. You appear to have the same mobile phone provider as “Witters” and hang around in all the same locations so you are drawing from the same blocks of IP numbers as him when you are online, but I am working through it.

  45. before this window opened up for business, you just knew what would happen, it always does, where ashley is concerned.
    low and behold i’ve just looked on the skysports website, and just like you knew he would do, pardew is giving it, the big i am.
    “my main priority was to keep the squad together”, fair enough, but what about all the other lies, that come from your mouth.
    you cannot believe a word this man says, he’s been hung out to dry again, but he’s that much of a puppet, and a deluded fantasist, he’s trying to make it look, like he’s in control.
    it’s laughable, we had a discussion, bollox, you went to see fat boy, and he’s knocked you back, but because you haven’t got the stones to stand up to them, your coming out with more crap, to try and validate your position.
    he’s terrified he’ll get the sack, for challenging them, pathetic on his part.
    jedward have more credibility than parvenu, how many times have they had him over now?
    he’s got to be as daft as a brush, for coming back for more.
    he went on a weeks huff last time, looks like he’s just going to suck it up, and put a positive spin on things, what a knobhead he is.

  46. See what you’re talking about there at 61, maze. Sooooo….

    F*ck you, AP. (And save your bullshit about top clubs-we’ve been outspent by EVERY PL club and at least Blackburn from the championship.)

    F*ck you, Llambias.

    F*ck you, Ashley.

    Midtable here we come!

    Will continue to refuse to spend one thin dime on club merchandise, as I have far less means than this club that apparently can’t afford to spend at all.

    PS-f*cking Southampton have signed Gaston Ramirez. Must be nice.

  47. As it’s transfer window deadline day, perhaps I should do my “Argentinian international full back spotted at Benton” (Jonas Gutierrez) story again? :-)

  48. Well I suppose you can leave that post with the naughty words in moderation if you like. I’m guessing everyone here can imagine the sentiment it expresses.

    This ownership has no ambition whatsoever and this club is going nowhere under them.

  49. Well I’m going to go read about politics now, because it doesn’t anger me as much as this stuff. Laterz.

  50. It absolutely blows my mind that a newly promoted team like Southampton can go out and spend money to buy a player like Ramirez, but we can’t spend a dime to bring in cover at defense. I’m so disappointed in this window. Had the real opportunity to go out and buy a few good players to push forward with. Instead we have done nothing to address gaps in our squad that have been there since the Championship really. Unbelievable

  51. tunyc @72: don’t do it, the papers will be full of the Romneybot speach and you might turn into a Romneybot, if you are not careful. Ask Worky, he has views on how this propaganda works.

    These are the people that elected Ronald Reagan when he was senile. These are the people who put cameras on every street corner of Britain and tell you it is for your own protection.

    But they will sell a criminal a gun at Wallmart.

  52. “Wallmart”

    Tsk tsk GS and you an alleged Yank ! You’re not secretly living in Meadow Well ?

  53. Calm down folks, it’s only a game!
    A form of show business, ya win some and ya lose some.
    That i can take, but to watch crap football, why bother?
    And as long as AP is at the helm, thats what we are in for.
    There’s a lot of disgruntled fans here who have no clue of how to vent their anger at ownership.
    Theres only one way that ownership will pay attention and thats to watch at home.
    Never forget it’s all about the dosh, init !

  54. TUNYC @ 71

    Looks like we are turning into Wigan……

    Yeah! we should be so lucky.
    At least they can play an attractive style of football .

  55. We get no one,no one leaves,we get stuck with goslng and anita was our marquee player.nufc,i love my club.

  56. Chuck @77: YOU just don’t get it (you said that to me earlier). It is tribal, man. We grew up with it, it is in the blood. An Ashley cannot take that away or a feeling at 1 O’Clock on a Saturday of anticipation.

    Even if we are shite this year, I would rather see a Ben Arfa or Cisse goal than 10 Van Persie goals.

    Every time I go to the pub and we score, I instinctively jump to my feet and put my arms in the air. Even after all these years.

    So Keep your Rodgers’ and Martinez’s and your Wigans, Swanseas and Liverpools. Or the latest one you will come out with this year – probably Reading?

  57. Nice to see Spurs invest money into their team. And Everton.

    We’re still missing a striker and a defender, but oh well. £3 million net spend. Great work.

  58. JimBob @82: BUT:

    Did Spurs or Man City get better? Stayed the same.

    Arsenal let Van Persie go and got questions in return.

    Liverpool got Borini and Joe Allen, get out the bunting.

    Chelsea – much improved, Man U much improved but they are not who we compete against!!!!

    Everton: hopefully they will have an off day when they play us.


  59. GS, have we improved though mate? I don’t think we have. Added to finishing 5th last year, why can’t we spend on the squad to improve it. Only three players short of a big improvement in my opinion. Ashley just wants to spend less and less, Pardew said that in a way at the beginning of the summer… Can we do it again spending less?

  60. Jimbob:

    This year. We haven’t got a hope of competing with the Manchesters and Chelsea (and Wigan of course, ey-oh Uncle Chuck).

    Arse, Spurs, Liverpool and Everton are about our level now.

    If we bought one player like Douglas or Debuchy, do you think that would make a big difference?

    Do you think QPR will spend their way to success with a ground of 16,000. Hah, and Hah again.

  61. We should start a fans/players club fund,because I think ashley only wants free signings or players nobody else wants,i love demba but nobody was going to pay to take a risk with his knee and nobody was going to pay what we would ask for tiote,cabaye or h.b.a,im sure all three are on 5 year deals with the contracts signed the end of last year.

  62. GS, I believe either player would have made a difference, especially a CB Since we only have three and we need four. A striker is also needed as Ba could break down at any minute. Both he and Cisse could be in Africa in January and are only back up is a totally shagged Shola Ameobi.

    If those teams you mentioned are on our level now it means we haven’t improved and they have. Any business in the universe must constantly improve and move forward otherwise they get overtaken eventually.

    Spurs and Arsenal will finish above us.

  63. Jimbob: I am sort of looking on the brightside as I never look on the Chuckside when it comes to NUFC.

  64. Probably a good idea GS. Still, I’m disappointed, but I expect nothing less from those two wa*kers running the club. At least SD is doing well.

  65. Jimbob: the player Villa just signed who stuck his head out the window looks exactly like Mike Tyson – that’s all I was saying.

  66. BREAKING NEWS: Didn’t that Sky Sports chick have a blue top on with a plunging neckline earlier today? Now it is yellow with a plunging neckline.

    Oh Rupert, you don’t say!!!

  67. We have Dave Bessant and Ian Dowie in the Sky Sports studio. A spiv and one of those ugly looking things from The Lord of the Rings movie.

    The idiot front man just said it was a very good day for Daniel Levy because he failed to bring in Jaoi Montihno (sp) because they could save their money for the next window.

  68. GS says:
    August 31, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    “The idiot front man just said it was a very good day for Daniel Levy because he failed to bring in Jaoi Montihno (sp) because they could save their money for the next window.”

    That’s the kind of thing Pardew or Llambias usually say on days like today, GS.

  69. Well done the BBC for not allowing Mike Ashley to buy any more new players. I watched that game the other night and was amazed that so much Sports Direct tat could be stuck in one Sports Direct Arena (SJP). When the billboards rotated it was only to say “80% off”.

    Is he going to buy space on peoples heads and bellies soon? As that appears to be all there is left.

    For once I agree with you Worky.

    Never agreed with Chuck though, mollified, placated maybe.

  70. I’m looking forward to are colours being changed to blue and red. SD plastered across the back and front, and the stadium seats being altered too.

    It could happen.

    He has to upset us at least once a season so be interesting what will happen before Christmas.

  71. nah, that’s the one that got away the other week in Wisconsin. You know, when the stupid f#cks were trying to kill muslims they didn’t know and instead killed sihks they didn’t know. But, then again, if you really want to do religion you can’t do much better than behead 17 people for dancing. The Talaban, arn’t they just so cute.

  72. Chuck: I have now put a transfer deadline on you, I didn’t want to do it because I thought you were so boring you might need a bit of help. Even from me when I am a bit of a jerk sometimes. But, time spent, and now new time earned.

    Central Standard Time at 12pm. Alreet then…

    And then, WHAT IS THIS?