Are the English media jumping the gun on Anita deal?

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Vernon Anita.
Why the long face, Vurnon?
There have been several reports in the English media about Newcastle United allegedly “reaching an agreement” over an fee for Ajax’s versatile midfielder and full back, Vurnon Anita.

Whilst is IS true that Ajax manager, Frank De Boer, has said offered some highly encouraging words saying that the clubs are “very close” to reaching agreement over the versatile midfielder and defender, he only said “very close,” not that an agreement actually had been reached, and there has been no mention from representatives of either clubs about a deal actually being agreed for €8 million (around £6.3 million), or that the player will be coming to Tyneside for a medical early next week, as has been reported by several sources.

Apart from De Boer’s words about the deal being very close, the Dutch legend also said:

“It would just be that we lost him and that’s a bad thing for us. I am glad that today he can play in any case, because it’s not around. But you should really consider that next week he’s no longer is.”

Apologies as I don’t do Dutch, just a smattering of French and Spanish, so I am relying on auto translate which can come out looking more like “Double Dutch” than simply Dutch, but make of it what you will!

Of course, this isn’t to say that as I write above, De Boer’s words are indeed very encouraging, and that things may have moved on even in the time since I have been preparing this piece, but as I suggest in the title, it does seem that some sections of the media have been jumping the gun with their earlier stories, and also have been embellishing it somewhat.

It might be just me, but it does seem a little strange that this alleged €8 million fee has been agreed, when there has been so much resistance by Newcastle United to making a bid of exactly the same amount for Mathieu Debuchy (which is all Lille are asking for the player). Debuchy is actually rated in several quarters as being worth more than Anita in the current market, as much as £10 million.

I shall of course try to keep with things and let you know if something concrete happens on either front.

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24 Responses

  1. If Messi became available for £16m would Ashley refuse to pay it because it was more than we were prepared to bid for Debuchy? For every transfer target NUFC will have a price point – based on their position, age, experience, sell-on value, etc, etc. So you can’t compare the two bids as I see it.

  2. Great news welcome to NUFC!!!! I hope I see a picture of Anita and at least 1 defender at SJP holding a jersey!!!

  3. Worky, some people get carried away, as far as they see it he’s already in their starting elevens at the expense of Jonas :-)

    If it was done and dusted, then why did he play today… That’s a bit odd. I’m sure it’s going to happen, but I doubt it’s as far down the line as some publications think.

    With Pardew having a serious erection for 4-4-2, I dunno where this lad will play, unless we do have a 4-3-3, or 4-2-3-1… But then that would go against him stating Ba will play 90% down the middle. Good to improve squad depth, but I’d imagine this fella is a starter.

  4. Pretty clear why we would be willing to pay this price for Anita and not Debuchy in my mind. The hierarchy at Newcastle seem to take the ‘rules’ of the transfer market very seriously. Debuchy is a full-back, who are historically cheaper than Midfielders. He also has only 1 year left on his contract, whereas Anita has several years left on his.

  5. Not that I don’t agree we should probably be willing to meet Lille’s demands for Debuchy by the way. Just seems to be the way we operate, not sure why anyone would be confused by this.

  6. …………..Anita and Tiote holding midfield

    HBA RW Marv LW

    ………………….Cisse and Ba

  7. pat daft says:
    August 12, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    “If Messi became available for £16m would Ashley refuse to pay it”

    Pat, judging by previous pursuits, if Messi became available for £16m, Ashley would make a take it or leave it offer of £8 million. ;-)

  8. If Messi was available for £8 million Ashley would need convincing he was value for money.

  9. Jimbob says:
    August 12, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    “If Messi was available for £8 million Ashley would need convincing he was value for money.”

    Still haven’t forgotten that Pardew quote about Ashley and Cisse I notice, Jimbob. :-)

    Neither have I, I was stupefied when I read it.

  10. “Ajax and Newcastle have reached an agreement, but I have not spoken to Newcastle yet.

    “The complete picture must be good. If talks do not go well, I will stay at Ajax.

    “But I think everything will be alright.”

  11. sparetheman says:
    August 12, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    “Debuchy is a full-back, who are historically cheaper than Midfielders. He also has only 1 year left on his contract, whereas Anita has several years left on his.”

    That isn’t always true, sparetheman, it obviously depends on the player. Were players such as Ashley Cole, Roberto Carlos and Paulo Maldini not worth very much because they were left backs? :-) Debuchy has been estimated as being worth as much as £10 million, especially so after the European Championships, which is more than Anita. He also has three years left on his contract, not one as you state. You’ve been reading some dodgy websites I’m afraid.

    Full back, Leighton Baines, is widely regarded as being a £15 million+ player, and he’s the same age as Debuchy.

  12. Not sure about where he’ll fit in. The perceived ‘wisdom’ is that he will play alongside Tiote, and allow Cabaye to venture further forwards. Pardew commented that Ba will play 90% of games through the middle so it’s safe to assume both Ba and Cisse will be given starts in the league when available. Can’t rule out a departure from central midfield if we do sign Anita as I can’t see the likes of Jonas or Ben Arfa being dropped that often.

  13. jimbob: 9

    fair point (temporarily forgot he existed)

    how about this though: 4-3-3

    ….Anita Tiote Cabaye…
    Adam Campbell…….Cisse

  14. Pat says:

    “Pardew commented that Ba will play 90% of games through the middle”

    Maybe 90% of the games he plays but maybe not 90% of all games ? Ba and Cisse rarely fit together, not even for Senegal, so I can see 90% of games where one of them starts while the other warms the bench.

    Anita and Tiote would be an ideal pair to cover what will still be a suspect defence, leaving Cabaye to do what he does best – playmaking.

  15. Milner, I’m all for the 4-3-3, or 4-3-2-1… But, it will be 4-4-2 from Pardew I think. If he wants to be defensive, like at the start of last season, using the wingers as second full backs. In essence it was a 6-2-2 :-)

    If we want to be fluid, creative and utilize the players we have to their full attacking potential he needs to knock that system out of his head, and stray towards what we set up as towards the end of the season. As I have said though, he won’t, we’ll be rigid and rely on Jonas and Ben Arfa to swing crosses in.

    That set up works if you are playing a very good team and you want to try and contain the game and sacrifice attacking threat for defensive steel (Chelsea away being an example). But you won’t create much, and at the end of the day, goals are what win games.

  16. Though saying all that, our defence can be shocking at times. When we set up wrong, we fail in style and get spanked. I think we had the 3rd most clean sheets, yet conceded the most in the top half of the league!

    Still, attack is the best form of defence. When you have Cabaye, HBA, Ba and Cisse you should let them free, not hold them back.

  17. AndyMac – “so I can see 90% of games where one of them starts while the other warms the bench.”

    Can you honestly? I’ve read that a few times on the other blog and it’s baffling. Ba was frustrated at playing left of centre, and you think he will now settle for a place on the bench in the peak of his career, or be given the odd start against Sporting Van humpledink in Europe? It’s all guesswork but reasonable to assume that AP was coaxing him into staying by dangling a carrot – which didn’t involve sitting on the bench.

  18. Lotta tacticians on here, but don’t bet on Pardew using anything innovative in the way of tactics.
    That is, unless he can be convinced by Carver or another coach, as up to now he has proven to be one of the most conservative (read Kna nowt) of managers, innovation not being part of his vocabulary.
    As for line ups,dont worry, there will be playing time for all, horses for courses should be the plan.
    After all most sdes adjust their sides according to the opposition they face, can we wxpect this from Pardew, ermm! remains to be seen.
    One point mentioned by AndyMac, the fact Ba and Cisse just dont seem to jell when playing to-gether and Ba is no winger, which rules out either a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 lineup, unless one or the other is left on the bench.
    But thats a bonus to have a bit of quality in depth, both in forwards and midfield, hopefully we can still add a bit of quality to the back four, though it’s getting a bit late and if we are to add numbers, now is the time to get them intigrated into the side, not the day before the season begins.
    And whats up with all of the knocks and strains, this side should be fit and raring to go, someone not doing their job i think?

  19. Could’nt agree more, low fives are much cooler!
    American football players use head buts to celebrate, but i doubt if that would work in the PL somehow.
    Then there’s the chest bump, probably a bit too macho for
    this side of the pond.
    Never understood the penalization of removing ones shirt, i mean c’mon.
    Now taunting is panalized in certain sports, which i’m in favor of, either the opposition or their fans, it’s just not cricket like.
    I’ would also like to see more board kicking, a la Katsbia, enjoyed the hell outta that.
    Re introduce the offside rule to what it was, the present rule is too subjective.
    Sin bin instead of cards, electronic devices to settle disputed calls.
    Penalize diving, even suspected diving, that would cause
    pause for though.
    Have to admitt have no clue as how to prevent the lovemaking during set pieces (arms around each other)
    Thats about it.

  20. Workey
    You are preaching to the choir, regardind Debuchy, but our owner obviously disagrees, believing he can buy him for less than his clubs present evaluation.
    Probably a bit of ego involved, being some folk hate to admitt to being wrong.
    Ah well!
    In which case who’s next on the list, or could we offer an acceptable deal to Simpson ?
    And whatever happened to Big Douglas, is he still on the radar?

  21. Chuck, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind Yanks being Yanks at all, because they’re Yanks and they know how to do it properly. It’s just when you get English people trying to go all Yank, high fiveing and gannin’ on about their “butt” and their “ass” and other such horrors. It just isn’t right. If anything, it’s even worse the other way round too. Madonna FFS!