ADO Den Haag vs Newcastle United match highlights

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Highlights (if that’s the right word) from today’s 0-0 with Den Haag at the Kyocera Stadium in the Hague.

It was something of a lacklustre performance from the Magpies against a Dutch side who were about the equivalent of a middle ranking Championship side over here. It was once again a return to Pardew’s “back to basics” 4-4-2 style of early last season rather than the Pardiola 4-3-3 / 4-3-2-1 of later in the season, with Ba and Cisse as the two big lads up front. The other big lad, Shola, came on to join the party later, and the Fenham Eusebio did indeed have the ball in the back of the net at one stage, though sadly, it was judged to be offside.

The definite lowlight was the monkey chanting from Den Haag fans at Papiss Cisse as he had a word with the referee.

Team sheets

ADO Den Haag (4-3-3): Gino Coutinho (G), Kenneth Omeruo, Vito Wormgoor, Gabor Horváth, Aaron Meijers; Danny Holla (C, Charlton Vicenzo HT), Jens Toornstra (Stanley Elbers HT), Kevin Jansen; Mike Van Duinen (Christian Supusepa HT), Rydell Poepon, Tjaronn Chery.

Subs: Robert Zwinkels, Ahmed Anmi, Dion Malone, Christian Supusepa, Tom Beugelsdijk, Aleksandar Radosavljevic, Kevin Visser, Stanley Elbers, Charlton Vicento

Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul (G), Ryan Taylor (James Perch 71), Steven Taylor (Mike Williamson 64), Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon (Danny Simpson 82), Gabriel Obertan (Shola Ameobi 71), Cheick Tiote (Gael Bigirimana 71), Haris Vuckic (Dan Gosling 64), Jonas Gutierrez, Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba (Romain Amalfitano 82).

Subs: Steve Harper (G), James Perch, Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Gael Bigirimana, Dan Gosling, Romain Amalfitano, Shola Ameobi.

Goals: None.

Yellow Cards: None.

Red Cards: None.


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84 Responses

  1. I heard the monkey noises when I was watching the game and they were an absolute disgrace. The Den Haag fans should be ashamed of themselves, but they probably won’t be.

  2. So much ADO about nothing then ????

    FFS having been away to Portugal and thinking Pardwho has finally seen the light, we come back to a 4-4-2 with pointless/clueless wingers and the silver haired twat exclaiming afterwards “We need more imagination”

    It starts with you Pardwho !

  3. He also metioned that the grass was too long, Andy, so Newcastle couldn’t play their usual slick passing game to crush the Cloggies.

    How was Portugal? Did you see any of the games there? Can’t remember when you went, though I remember you mentioning it.

  4. Bought a ’84 retro away top with the blue star to wear to the pub when NUFC play. I am sick of being asked if I am an NFL referee.

  5. The 4-4-2 has been extremely successful at times – see Man U at home and Chelsea away.

    It’s mad to suggest that no preseason time should be devoted to 4-4-2. Sometimes the more direct route will lead to success. I’m all for the manager having several tricks up his sleeve, keeping his opposite guessing

  6. @5..
    I agree to a certain extent.its not the formation at times its the players who play.
    Obertan is a prime example,yes he can beat his man 9times out ov 10.but instead ov just getting his head up n whipping it ib first time he fks about wiv the ball n our chance has gone,especially wiv Ba in the middle he should whip the ball in n leave the rest to the big man.

  7. Worky: is it worth going to see Roy Lichtenstein’s pixelated pop-art here at an exhibition in Chicago? I think I might go.

  8. GS says:
    August 6, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    “Worky: is it worth going to see Roy Lichtenstein’s pixelated pop-art here at an exhibition in Chicago? I think I might go.”

    Make your own mind up, GS. Personally I just find those cartoon paintings to be just sterile and derivative. I prefer the orignal comic artists and find them to be more interesting and innovative. Andy Warhol did his own cartoon paintings before Lichtenstein too, which Lichtenstein copied. With some irony, Warhol then found problems finding gallery represention because Lichtenstein already had a gallery for his. Unlike Warhol though, it was all Lichtenstein had for quite some time because he’s an unimaginative bore, Warhol just moved on and did other stuff.

    I think you can guess my general view on Lichtenstein from my comments above!

  9. jack72 says:
    August 6, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    I agree to a certain extent.its not the formation at times its the players who play.”

    A “formation” is just a starting point too, Jack. There are differents ways of using a 4-4-2, or a 4-3-3 or whatever. There can also be different formations within a game, eg a an attacking 4-3-3 can become a 4-5-1 when the opposition counters and so on.

  10. Worky @8: that was my anti-Chuck question :)

    It really says nothing, but we did look static against Den Haag playing 4-4-2.

    What we should do is get one of these really experienced managers who have won a lot of stuff like Rodgers, Martinez or Lambert. They are after all, the future of not only football, but planet earth.

    For what it is worth, I think Liverpool are going to struggle.

  11. You have to admire Rodgers though and that massive head of his? What was that quote when they lost to Sunderland 2-0? Something like “they will have enjoyed the football we played”!

    The man who took Swansea up via playoffs and finished 11th last year. The back four could pass it sideways a lot though. Swansea will get relegated this season. They got lucky last year and Rodgers jumped ship just in time.

    He’s hardly Bobby Robson at Ipswich or Brian Clough at Derby, is he.

  12. Worky @8 and Chuck in general: I was thinking of taking a chick to the Lichtenstein exhibit and from what you said she will enjoy it!

    I have to take more art appreciation classes. I hate Lucien Freud and sort of like Jackson Bollocks. I can’t quite get over the fact that Andy Warhol had all of his students/fans do all his work for him.

  13. The sun is coming up in the UK. Better get back on topic.

    How about this for a lineup:


    Debushy Taylor Coloccini Santon

    Tiote Cabaye

    Ben Arfa Shola Cisse Ba

    Notice that I dropped Jonas because Ed’s blog have decided he should be on the bench. And I also included a player we haven’t signed yet, or may not sign.

  14. Very inventive line up GS, utter non-sense…kinda like modern art i guess.

    I TOTALLY agree with u on Liverpool struggling, their line up included an ageing Gerrard who may struggle with his ‘system’, Spearing, Jonjo Shelvey…Downing (2 goal a season man?), Adam….untested Borini (well, half tested…).

    Unless they sign more players, i could see them going down.

    any updates on yesterday’s Dailt Mirror claiming we’d done a double bid £10m for Anita and Greg Van Weil (the rb), both Ajax players….?

  15. Milner, Don’t tell him, but I sort of agree with Chuck’s line up. The 4-3-3. We will get tw@tted sometimes like away at Spurs and Everton but we will play some great football.

  16. Milner: I am glad somebody realises when I am not being serious. It is easy to be misunderstood on a blog!

  17. The most interesting tactic from Pardwho that I have seen is Sammy standing in front of the goalie, I think that might work.

  18. Do I f@cking care if GB gets a gold in handball or sailing or rowing, or “SIR” Chris Hoying?

  19. gs, partclew is in the chronic, sweating over the fitness of sami amoebi, as though the kid is a first team player.
    the kid is just breaking through, could this be a propaganda like statement, to no one coming through the door?
    your bang on though, he is an average coach, who really should have been 9 to 12 points better off, last season.
    his tactical naivity and his inability to lift the team at times, was staggering, but some seem to think the bloke walks on water.
    the same bloke cost them a top ten finish in the previous season, with his inane tinkering.

  20. adding to what i’ve said, imo a half decent coach, because lets be honest, that’s all he is, would have got newcastle qualified for the champions league.
    i know the club probably isn’t ready to make that step, but it is just highlighting how inefficient pardew is.
    with the players he had at his disposal, compared to other “MANAGERS”, frankly he should have done better.
    i know people will think i’m moaning after the season we had, but i dont buy into the partclew non revolution.

  21. Trojan, i think ur in dream land if u think another manager could have got us top4…

    …. with Willo at CB (altho he stepped up fantastically), no sure LB, Tiote absent occasionally thru injury or ACN, Demba’s early season ramamdan form, and ageing/low quality striker reserve (McLoven/Best)…..

    I think its a miracle we ended where we did – I’m not saying Pards was the Messiah that got us there necessarily – but I cant see how our squad could have realistically done any better, imo.

    I would concede that he showed too much faith in Obertan, at the seeming neglect of HBA, but he made some fantastic subs at just the right moment.

    He did win manager of the season, afterall…

  22. GS says:
    August 7, 2012 at 6:31 am

    “Swansea will get relegated this season. They got lucky last year and Rodgers jumped ship just in time.”

    I really hope not, GS, as Michael Laudrup is one of my greatetst footballing idols. With a football at his feet, he was far greater artist than Roy Lichtenstein or “Jackson Bollocks” as you call him.

  23. Milner says:
    August 7, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    “I think its a miracle we ended where we did”

    He certainly did well overall Milner, but it was hardly a “miracle.”

    He should have been fighting it out with Everton for seventh with some of the excellent players he had at his disposal. But of course, two of the teams who should have finished above us had a mare of a season and so we ended fifth. So credit to Pardew for taking advantage of that, but he isn’t quite ready to walk across the Tyne without the aid of a bridge quite yet.

  24. GS says:
    August 7, 2012 at 6:17 am

    “For what it is worth, I think Liverpool are going to struggle.”

    Rogers needs a proper playmaker in midfield to do what he wants to do. They have never been quite the same since they sold Xavi Alonso.

  25. I would like2see swansea go down aswell.i also annoys me when someone puts BPL???whats that all about?? Its EPL the ‘E’ standing for ENGLISH not BRITISH..if the welsh had 1ov the best leagues in the world would they allow an ENGLISH side in?? IMO no…4that reason alone i hope they get bottom place aswell i may add!!!
    Worky can i hav the address ov this site so i can get it on my laptop pls.cheers pal

  26. Look out4 arsenal again this season.the signings they hav made a top notch,infact there that good i think van persie will sign a new deal n stay…

  27. why not?, we were only a kick up the jacksy, away from doing it.
    that was due to the fact we had four or five stinkers against fulham,spuds,norwich,beat at hyem by the baggies,everton last day.
    imo down to pardew’s one dimensional tactics, and not having a plan b, and that thin and handsome owner michael wallace ashley, keeping them a bit short of cover.
    hardly dream world is it!!!

  28. GS says:
    August 7, 2012 at 4:12 pm


    GS, why don’t you find us a decent bit of coverage for the monkey hangers game instead of some daft “Never mind the Buzzcocks” video on YouTube?

  29. Jack, i reckon Oliver Girard will take some time to settle, i think 10 goals is all he’ll get next season. Podolski might well bang double that tho..

    Feeds for tonight?

  30. Milner says:
    August 7, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    “Feeds for tonight?”

    Milner, nee telly, nee streams, can’t even see it coming up on BBC Cleveland radio, never mind Radio Newcastle. All I’ve seen is audio commentary on the monkey hangers website and you have to take out a £5 monthly subscription just to listen to that one match. That’s why I haven’t put up a match banter thing.

  31. Worky man, it was about the wig. I was thinking about getting one and needed to see if I could see the join. I should do it on my free time though.

    Milner, I paid for NUFC-TV about 8 years ago when you couldn’t get BBC radio Newcastle in Chicago and there weren’t any internet channels.

  32. Here’s the Line up:

    (4-2-3-1): Steve Harper; Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Mike Williamson, James Tavernier; James Perch, Gael Bigirimana; Romain Amalfitano, Dan Gosling, Sylvain Marveaux; Shola Ameobi (c)

    Substitutes: Jak Alnwick, Davide Santon, Ryan Taylor, Curtis Good, Mehdi Abeid, Haris Vuckic, Hatem Ben Arfa, Gabriel Obertan

  33. Good to see Simpson playing. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if we keep him and play him.

  34. I’m not watching this game, only listening to it but it seems that Shola has been the man of the match so far, and by some distance from what I’m hearing.

  35. I read the updates on the official site. Says Shola went off injured at 43 minutes.

  36. maze202 says:
    August 7, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    “I read the updates on the official site. Says Shola went off injured at 43 minutes.”

    Aye maze, Benny and Vuckic came on for Shola and S.Taylor in the second half. Vuckic scored, but the monkey hangers have got one back. 4-1.

  37. GS says:
    August 7, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    “2503 for a preseason game?!”

    What’s wrong with that? I thought there would have been a few more for a game just down the A19. That’s only about a third full.

    I hope the French are alright down there!

    It’s 5-1 BTW, Obertan with the final goal.

  38. @32 GS
    What u mean’what am I on about’??
    Atleast i keep my posts about football unlike u,wiv ur andy warhol shite,ur politics etc..get a grip ov yasell eh!!!

  39. I saw Warren Barton interviewed the other week. He said that Vinny Jones would intimidate all the players and bully them. Except Mick Harford. Apparently he was sh@t scared of Mick Harford. I didn’t know Harford is a Mackem.

  40. Shola injured, eh? If he misses time, we’re down to 2 first team forwards.


  41. Jack72: calm down man. I usually get on here in the middle of the night. I was having a word with Worky because I know he knows a lot about art.

  42. GS says:
    August 7, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    “I saw Warren Barton interviewed the other week. He said that Vinny Jones would intimidate all the players and bully them. Except Mick Harford. Apparently he was sh@t scared of Mick Harford. I didn’t know Harford is a Mackem.”

    With Graeme Souness it was Terry Yorath. He put Souness out of the game for months once.

  43. tunyc says:
    August 7, 2012 at 9:47 pm


    On the subject of time running out in the transfer window, what about this Anthony Koura???? I’ve been boning up on him and he should be a brilliant young striker to sign.

    Donachie said he wants him, he scored 2 goals in a reserves game when he was here, he’s been a French international at every youth level he’s qualified for, he’s only a few hundred thousand at most, Le Mans are desperate for cash and yet we’re either still wrangling over a deal, or the club have passed on him.

  44. jack72: it is preseason, what am I going to talk about? 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 has been done to death. I read your post again and understand it a bit more now.

  45. Is Joe Allen any good? He didn’t look that much in the the Olympic team. Chuck? Resident expert on all things Swansea? And Wigan, and Norwich.

  46. Worky: I told you about the thin skin thing on a blog. If anybody says a word to me, I hit back in a sort of reflex way. I did it to Chuck. It is such a weird thing for me because I am not normally like that.

  47. Watching Chelsea 1, Man U 5 from ages ago. That gay guy just chipped that grumpy Danish guy from 28 yards.

  48. 2-5, Nicky Butt lost his man. Big surprise Chuck. 3-5 and it had nothing to do with Nicky Butt.

  49. GS says:
    August 7, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    “Is Joe Allen any good?”

    Yes. Although he’s small, he’s a very “complete” midfielder who can defend as well as attack, which of course, is very handy in teams which tend to play with three rather than for in the middle.

    £15 million though, I divven’t knaa at all about that. Laudrup has just signed an absolute cracker for Swansea called Michu, an attacking mid who scored a goal every other game for Rayo Vallecano in La Liga last season for £2 million to replace that Gylfi Sigurdsson.

    Mark my words, he could well be the bargain of the season.

  50. “Mark my Wurdz” was the funniest guy I have ever seen. Saw him at the Islington Labour Club. I couldn’t eat the next day because my jaw was so sore from laughing.

  51. I am trying not to go off on a tangent. But a friend of mine’s wife said I called her a n@gger. I have never used that word in my life. I told her she is insane, but I cant win. I am either a racist or I call her a liar.

  52. Worky @72: I do have a clue and that is the problem. Her husband slept on my couch a few weeks ago when they had a fight. Now I am the problem and she is making sh@t up. I am seeing my friend on Thursday so it will be either sorted out or there will be violence.

    It is an American thing, yelling about nowt!

    You have to live here to know it.

  53. I always have to bite my tongue with Jerry. His wife is about 6 foot and 17 stone. Always on about dieting and never doing it. Now I am the problem :)

    Tangent police, please.

  54. GS says:
    August 8, 2012 at 1:54 am

    “Get a new thread on man, stop the slacking off.”

    I’ll put some highlights of the monkey hangers game up then.

    I’ve actually wrote two or three blogs, but I decided not to post them.

  55. I know, that’s why I am fighting back. I could tell you the whole story, but there isn’t a story. She drove me from a party at 5 in the afternoon – that was it.

  56. That’s the so confusing thing. I never said anything, not a dickie bird and now I am stuck.

  57. Stephen C says:
    August 8, 2012 at 3:43 am

    “worky i found this a few minutes ago and thought of you.

    i know you will like it.”

    Thanks Stephen. That’s one of the things I like about living down here in London. Virtually everywhere I go has been used as a location for some famous film or album cover or TV show or whatever, or has a song written about it. I’ve staggered past that Bob Dylan one ’round the back of the Savoy.

  58. Good find, Stephen! Though what it reminded me of, mainly, is that all of Manhattan above 14th St. looks kinda the same.