A whole hour of little Vurn in hot Dutch video action!

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Vurnon Anita showing his new Newcastle shirt.
Anita: Excellent vision and technique for a defensive player
Of course, there was much delight on Tyneside when Newcastle United announced they had finally signed the very talented and versatile midfielder and defender, Vurnon Anita, from Ajax.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at Anita’s game gathered from my experience of watching him in the Eredivisie, though it is hardly extensive. I have also included a cornupcopia of videos of the 23 year old mostly looking at his individual contributions in five Eredivisie games, as well as a few more just for fun. Before I get to the videos though, here’s an outline of Anita’s game.

Primarily a defensive midfielder nowadays, Anita started as a right footed right back, and he has also played as a left back too. Though Ajax’s Gregory van der Wiel has kept him from keeping his hand in on the right side of defence in recent times, I’m sure that he could still hold his own there too.

As I’m sure you all know, Anita is hardly an imposing defensive player in terms of size, but he more than makes up for it in terms of skill and ability tp read a game. As to whether his smaller stature as a defensive player will count against him in the Premiership remains to be seen, but personally, I don’t have any worries on that score. As I’ve suggested, he is very good technically, and his vision combined with his technique helps him to pick out some excellent passes which can be very helpful in attack too. He’s also a very hard worker with energy to burn, and gets all over the pitch in the games I’ve seen.

You may notice below that in his defensive mid role, he doesn’t just break up play, winning possession then tapping the ball a few feet to someone who can do something with it because he can do something with it himself, whether it is running with the ball, or picking out a longer defence splitting pass to one of his team mates to set up a counterattack. He can even score the odd goal himself too!

Finally, he was also schooled from the tender age of ten at one of the two finest academies in world football, Ajax, which should stand him in very good stead too.

So, to sum up, he should be a VERY good signing for the Magpies, but judge for yourselves below. There’s all but an hour’s worth of material to look at!

Third Star Heroes: Vurnon Anita.

Vurnon Anita vs PSV Eindhoven.

Vurnon Anita vs FC Twente.

Vurnon Anita vs Heerenveen (First half).

Vurnon Anita vs Heerenveen (Second half).

Vurnon Anita vs FC Groningen.

Vurnon Anita vs VVV-Venlo.

And finally – Vurnon Anita raps, vurnon Anita paints masterpieces, and he’s nice to bairns, is there no limit to this man’s genius? Yes, he’s lousy at saving penalties!

Rap-battle Leroy Fer & Vurnon Anita.

Studio Ajax: Is Vurnon Anita the new Picasso?

Anita surprises a very shy young Ajax fan and prize winner called “Lars” at home, and gives him his “masterpiece”. Awwwwww!

So what do YOU think of our latest signing?


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25 Responses

  1. Unless you only picked out only the good bits, he never seems to lose the ball. Now I am really looking forward to seeing this kid.

    Thanks Worky, great job, as always.

  2. i’ve got a few mates over here (Holland) that support Ajax and they are absolutely gutted to have lost Anita.
    That itself speaks volumes and i for one think he’ll be a great player for us.

  3. GS says:
    August 18, 2012 at 8:15 am

    “Unless you only picked out only the good bits”

    No GS. Only the first one is a very short “highlights” video. Apart from the the two or three daft ones at the bottom, they’re just Anita’s individual controbutions to games for Ajax. Even if you just look at the length of the videos themselves, he spends a long, long time on the ball for someone who’s only supposed to be a defensive player, and is extremely comfortable with it and all the other things I say in the piece itself.

    I didn’t sing his praises before for no reason!

  4. Worky: you spend all of this time watching and thinking about football so answer me this. Are we a good team? Most of the players are recent aquisitions or starters (Krul). Is Pardew helping us or holding us back? You never really state your opinion on this. I see what Chuck and AndyMac say, but not so much you?

  5. Cloggybob, do you know much about Oussama Assaidi from Heerenveen?

    He’s gone to Liverpool for around £3 million now so it’s a bit academic from an NUFC point of view, but I’ve been watching him and I’m still curious.

    GS, I’m off to get a few hours sleep if I can. That would require another essay!

  6. Take your time Worky. I have to get some sleep myself as I have a very arduous day of football watching tomorrow :)

  7. Ok not bad but it is the Dutch league not the BPL.

    I like TK’s quote, when asked about Anita by Pardwho,

    “When the manager asked me about Anita, I said ‘buy him instantly’. He gives us a lot of quality in midfield. England is known for kick and rush, but he’s the man who can connect defence and attack perfectly.”

    Maybe its just Pardwho’s style thats kick and rush TK ? :)

  8. No Predeliction Competition this season?

    I think we should be told.

    Hope this helps.

  9. That’s a funny quote from Tim Andy. He is chief culprit in booting the ball forward.

    Starting to think Raylor will start today. Can see Pardew putting all his faith in set-pieces since Cabaye and HBA are probably out.

  10. Good news, bad news.

    U-21’s beat Spuds 6-4 Campbell hat trick but U-18’s went down 0-4 :(

    We’re off to sit in the “Gods” :)

  11. Hey worky-your latest man crush (Michu) has scored his first PL goal…took all of 8 minutes.

  12. tunyc says:
    August 18, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    “Hey worky-your latest man crush (Michu) has scored his first PL goal…took all of 8 minutes.”

    I’m over him now, tunyc. The Moroccan winger that Liverpool have just signed for around £3 million from Hereenveen is my latest. Watch him.

  13. I remember hearing on Sky Sports News when Swansea signed him. They said the fee (£2 million), and that he scored 15 La Liga goals. I know nothing about him, but thought that was odd they got a player that cheap who performed like that last year. He’s only 26 too!

  14. Arsenal/Mackems is dull as dishwater and the gooners look toothless. Sunlun have players out of position all over the formation. Weird.

  15. Jimbob says:
    August 18, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    “I remember hearing on Sky Sports News when Swansea signed him. They said the fee (£2 million), and that he scored 15 La Liga goals.”

    17 altogether Jimbob, and he is worth far more than £2 million. He’s worth several times that.

  16. Yeah 15 in La Liga Worky. I’ll have a look at that Moroccan you’re on about but all I’ve seen is West Brom destroy the fools. Mulumbu has been a rock in their midfield.

  17. Jimbob says:
    August 18, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    “Mulumbu has been a rock in their midfield.”

    He sounds like an Aboriginal name for a massive rock, like “Uluru”