Santon reveals on Roma rumours and Pardew’s right back conspiracy

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Davide Santon.
Santon: Roma rebuffed and intrigue over right back slot.
Davide Santon has given an “exclusive” interview for Italian football site, “Calciomercato” (football market) which was published yesterday. In it, he lifts the lid on rumours linking him with Rome, as well as a making some telling remarks about Alan Pardew’s plans for the right back position amongst other things.

Firstly though, he spoke about his disappointment at missing out on a place in the Italian side for the recent European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine. After mentioning that Santon had returned to the command of Alan Pardew “to toil under the pale English sun” (very pale in the case of Tyneside), the interviewer, Marco Guidi, suggested that Santon would have gladly given up his holidays to join the Azzurri for the championships. Santon replied:

“It would have been great. But it wasn’t to be. Prandelli (Italy coach, Cesare Prandelli) has made his choices and I have limited myself to cheering for the Blues in front of the TV. They had a great tournament until the final. We must say that Spain is very strong and when we were down to 10 it was almost impossible to get a result.”

Guidi: “In the future, are you confident of a return to the national team?”

Santon: “Well, a little, I think. But we must go step by step: if I continue to do well here in the Premier League, then I know I will have my chances. In 2014 we have the World Cup in Brazil, I would like to be there.”

Guidi: “For the time being you are the captain of the Under 21s, but there will be no Ciro Ferrara (ex Italy Under 21 coach) now he’s the new coach of Sampdoria. Sorry?”

Santon: “I must tell the truth, I was a little ‘I expected’. After the last game with Ireland, the coach had told us that in all probability would continue on another road. I wish him all the best in Genoa. Ferrara was important to me, gave me back confidence at a difficult time, even giving me the captaincy as well as wise counsel.”

Then Guidi turned the conversation to England, and Newcastle United, saying:

“Let’s return to England and the new season at Newcastle?”

Santon: “We are heavily loaded. Last year we almost qualified for the Champions League, something unthinkable earlier this year. Finally came the Europa League, which was still a nice finish for the club.”

Guidi: “And in Europe you could find yourself in front of the Inter (Santon’s former club).”

Santon: “I thought it would be exciting to go to the San Siro. But, if I choose, I hope not to face Inter. They’re putting out a good team and would be fearsome opponents.”

At this point, the converstion started to get very interesting from a Newcastle United point of view. Proving that reporters are stirrers the world over, Guidi then started a little mischief making with his next series of questions, but judge for yourself!

Guidi: About Inter and Newcastle, everyone wants Debuchy. Don’t these rumours bother you?

Santon: “No, I’m calm. At the end of last year Pardew had warned me that his intention was to make me play on the right, but that another would come in too. If it is Debuchy or whoever for him, whether it is a good player who can help the team. Then we see who the coach will decide to deploy.”

Hmm, well that certainly adds a little intrigue to the current Danny Simpson situation. If Alan Pardew had Santon pencilled in for the right back position from the end of last year, and is still looking for a third right back, and also, Santon mentions a player who isn’t at the club in connection with that position without even bothering to mention Simpson himself, then Simpson would probably be better off looking for a different club where his considerable talents would he would be more appreciated (and more well paid). Whatever, comments such as this may make his decision easier.

But moving on, Marco Guidi then carried on his naughty Italian mischief by reminding Santon that Roma are currently in the market for a full back, which led Santon into making another revelation about Roma’s interest in Santon himself. The player has been linked with the Romans off and on since before he joined Newcastle, with the club seeking a replacement for John Arne Riise, who is now a Cottager. Anyway, Santon then revealed that Roma came calling for him very recently, only to be rebuffed by the Magpies. On this, Santon elaborated:

“I know, I know (laughs). The Giallorossi (the yellow and reds) showed up a little ‘time ago, but Newcastle has now refused to let me talk. It’s OK with me, because I have settled in England and I have no intentions to move. I’m only here for a year and it’s too early to pack up and go back to redo.”

And that was that for what was certainly an enlightening interview in some respects from our “Italian Stallion”.


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65 Responses

  1. Very interesting article , and I’m pleased Santon is staying for now .The intriguing thing is the identity of the new player on the left , and if we are to have reserves on both flanks is that one or two left backs? We have Fergie and Raylor as reserves just as we have Tavs on the right but it clearly , to me , suggests incoming left backs . Pieters rising from his sick bed , or someone from under the radar.

    As regards your poll about payments for advertising , do those who vote yes also agree that the club should pay interest on the £145Million loan MA makes to the club for free?

  2. anybody else worried about how our squad is looking, we have added some young talent to our squad which is great but when our long term targets in de jong and debuchy are being linked with other clubs and failed bids does make one worried. to early to say of course but wouldn’t want to go to a plan b if we failed to sign our main targets

  3. 337 I’m not surprised we aren’t getting our targets.

    It’s too close to an International tournament for our price range, Europe is on a world wide high with every player and team in the spotlight.
    This will only add £3-4m on a euro bench warmer like de Jong.

    We all know mike well enough to know he won’t be held to ransom.

    Who’s is probably a good thing for the stability of the club and long term goals.

    But I think it won’t be so much of plan b but plan c or d when it comes to signings. I don’t thing debuchy will come and I think de Jong in long gone.

    I think we would be better searching for those rough diamonds again rather than bidding for polished and ready to sell diamonds

    There are leagues we haven’t touched yet. Did any one know who chicorito was before he poped up at man u?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the crew popped over to south America for a few bargains.

  4. @ Stephan … der are region we havnt explored but south america search has started … and even more than that DL is over in south america signing up two young Argie players and apparently having a final look at a Peruvian youth thats a few more rough diamonds and we signed that coventry kid who qualifies as a homegrown player wen he comes of age.. we have nowt to worry about

  5. John I got a whiff of that the other day.

    But it’s been years since we actually had any success there.

    We don’t seem to be any good at picking players from that part of the world.

    All the argies and south americans we have bought have flopped.
    (not including Gutierrez collo as they were in Europe when we signed them)

    I’m not sure where we brought bobby from but 1 south American out of how many?

    Any one remember basadas and even further back mirandinia? To name but a few.

    I think the work rate of south Americans is bar far the bet. Their no complain attitude is amazing, apart from suirez and tevez when did you last hear one complain.

    Hobby had family issues and wanted to move to London closer to his kids.
    But collo and Gutierrez have said nothing, they come in do their jobs and never say boo to a goose.

    Tevez and Suarez should be a ashamed of themselves.

    One thing I was impressed with when mike first took over was the deals he was doing for the cream of the drop for the south American players he was allegedly in communication with.

    I know this was a factor to why keegan walked out but that was one idea I liked the sound of.

    And as for birigirama ? I heard he is going back to Coventry on loan.

  6. We also had Acuna & Cordone from S.America who were to put it politely,shite.
    All the ‘rough diamonds’ seem to go to spain or incase ov brazilians,portugal.were they speak the same would be great if we could find even one gem from that part ov the world not just for us fans but for the future ov NUFC.but i think europe is our best chance ov finding these players.
    On the article by Worky tho,thats good to hear that Santon is happy here at NUFC.he’s a cracking player wiv a huge future ahead ov him,fingers crossed the lad will be wiv us afew seasons yet.when we do sell him that will be at a decent profit.i remember when he was still at inter n the italians were calling him ‘the new Maldini’.i for one think he has the pertential to be just as good if not better than the old man Maldini.
    The players germany seem to be churning out lately,surely it must be worth having a good hard look ower there aswell.they always produce hard working players,we had one ov the best in the Kaiser Didi Hamann,whom we should ov kept for longer.
    Lets hope the club are working on a couple ov decent signings that can walk into our first team that we dont know about.

  7. Jak mate

    I agree but hamman wanted to leave, and that is one thing you need to be weary of with the Germans, arrogance. If a better off comes along they leave. They don’t stick around.

    Although hamman did stay at Liverpool, he won thing there and when it comes to Germans they don’t like losing.

    So a German in our team might be the best for the long term.

    I’ve mentioned this before and it seems to be the major gripe from south American players, weather. Here in the uk we don’t have the tropical weather like Spain and Portugal do at times. So dragging a player over from south America will be too much of a shock me thinks.

    That’s why a few years declimatising in Portugal and Spain seems to be the norm.

  8. GFH says:
    July 7, 2012 at 8:27 am

    “As regards your poll about payments for advertising , do those who vote yes also agree that the club should pay interest on the £145Million loan MA makes to the club for free?”

    GFH, Ashley is the sole owner of the club. It’s Ashley’s own debt which he inherited, plus further debts accumulated since through his own mismanagement, but he’s passed it all on to Newcastle United. Yet somehow, he’s managed to persuade some of the fans that they should actually be grateful to him for not charging interest on a “loan” to the club to pay his own debts. Perhaps that’s why he’s a billionaire, and you aren’t? ;-)

    Another example is the Glazers at Manchester United. They borrowed around £500 million to buy Manchester United, yet it’s the club who have to pay it back so it is now mired in a huge debt which it didn’t have before. Unlike many Newcastle United fans, all of their fans actually do seem to get it though.

    Getting back to Newcastle United, it is now more in debt than it has ever been before, yet it is still being used as a free publicity vehicle for Sports Direct, a Public Limited Company which has many other shareholders besides Ashley. It may be legal, it may be a common practice, but that doesn’t mean that it is right.

  9. They say picking from France is good because they play similar style football in their league and can settle quick in England. I agree on the De Jong part, think he’s long gone. Gotta be alot of others about for around 10m.

  10. I’ve just read that de Jong isnt happy.

    The price has gone from £12m to £16m in a matter of days and munchengreenback are looking to walk away.

    Apparently for a sale of £12m de Jong had to waive the part of his contract where it state he get 20% of any sale. Now he has said he will they have hiked the price up to £16m

    But the word is he is off to the land of early risers and sun bed towel placers.

  11. jack72 says:
    July 7, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    “i remember when he was still at inter n the italians were calling him ‘the new Maldini’.i for one think he has the pertential to be just as good if not better than the old man Maldini.”

    Jack, it was Marcello Lippi who once said that Santon reminded him of a young Maldini, and it’s been blown up out of all proportion since through the distorting mirror of the media. Even if he’s eventually half as good as Maldini, he will still be a great player.

  12. Well I remember watching santon v ronaldo battle.

    Sir Alex took ronaldo off because he was caught up and tangled in santons pocket.

    Unfortunately that knee problem has scupered his progress but if he can get to within a whisker of where he was that will be to the benefit to us.

  13. One thing aboot Lippi tho Worky is the bloke kna’s a player when he see’s one mate.the lad is a player n a half in my book,does his job n does it well.
    Aye forgot to mention the weather Stephen,its defo not a big plus like spain,portugal.
    Also just read that senegal have omited Cisse from olympic squad.great news for us toon fans.

  14. Stephen C says:
    July 7, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    “But the word is he is off to the land of early risers and sun bed towel placers.”

    Stephen, Germans invading Spanish sunbeds with ruthless efficiency at 6AM – The Benny Hill remix. :lol:

  15. Stephen C: the quotes from De Jong seem to contradict your conspiracy theory from yesterday. It seems Twente are messing everyone about, including the player.

    By the way, are you posting using an I-phone?

  16. I’ve never had any experience in that.
    But no wander people hate the krouts so much.

  17. Well I cam up with the theory yesterday I read the news on de Jong today.

    But as for my theory they are now trying to howk the price up to cover the total value of tiote and de Jong.

    And I’m using an ipad 3. Gs.

    It my new toy.

    Free with a 24 month contract.

  18. Stephen: it was just there were a few words that seemed out of place and I thought it must be the intuitive typing thing – Munchengreenback for example :)

  19. Gs I do seem to be having that problem but in the case of munchengreenback ? That was one of my own.

    Reading lots of report munchengladbak seem to be in for everyone.

    And we all know what green backs are. And the way they seem to be linked with everyone they aren’t short of a few.

  20. The other thing about De Jong’s quotes were that if he is to move then it seems he is off to Germany and not us. You never know with Ashley though, he might just have some candid pictures of the Twente chairman.

    Hoilett to QPR is a strange one. I am surprised Chuck hasn’t said anything.

  21. I noticed that one the other day via a link works give me on the proton collider.

    It was about women flaunting too much cleavage.

    It’s wasn’t worth reading but the 58 pictures were quite good.

    But I agree I think de Jong has chosen to go to Germany.

  22. jack72 says:
    July 7, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    “One thing aboot Lippi tho Worky is the bloke kna’s a player when he see’s one mate”

    Aye Jack, but he said that Santon reminded him of a young Maldini, but that’s not the same as saying that he is, or he will be as great a player as Maldini at all. What’s missing from that tale is that after Lippi said that Santon reminded him of a young Maldini, most expected him to be picked for Lippi’s 2010 Italy World Cup squad, yet he wasn’t on the list anywhere. When Maldini was the age Santon is now, he was an automatic choice for the Azzuri, playing in Euro 88 and the 1990 world cup. As Santon said himself (above) he watched the last Euro championships on TV. Maldini was also an automatic choice for Milan when he was Santon’s age, but when we bought Santon from Internazionale, he was on loan at Cesena as he couldn’t get into the Inter first team. I’m not saying that Santon is a bad player, he’s a very good player who may be a great player of the future, but Paulo Maldini was really very special.

  23. Stephen C says:

    Do you actually go to games?

    I’ve watched Simpson for the last 4 season and he is by far one of our most consistent defenders.

    I always go to games but I dont think any of the idiots on this site do. Everybody who does go the the games knows that Simpson is a load of shite whose always backing off players. If he was any good then manchester united wouldnt have let him go same as obertan

  24. chas mate

    you are talking from inside your arse.

    i go to every home and away game and have done for a good 4 years.

    and as for backing off, you idiots have no idea what backing off does, if you ever reach any coaching lessons when you leave middle school you will understand why players back off.

    but i will leave that conversation for when the penny drops along with your balls.

    the things will Simpson he is playing in a role that is dependent on the rest of the team being in a defensive position.

    backing off a player does a number of things, it ushers the player into the corner and away from the box, it also give the atacking player time on the ball AND give his other team mates time to regroup you fkn moron.

    it is fans like you who only know one thing, how to kick a ball and live your own shallow minded lives. there are 11 players in a team who need to make sure they dictate the play even when defending.

    if you bright sparks knew how to play anything more than sunday league you would see how the tactics of premier league football unfold.

    its not about one man in one position backing off.

    its about 11 men on a pitch and one man directing another man away from a dangerous area and this giving his teams mates the chance to reduce the threat of conceding.

    when people like you actually gain anything more than SATs then i might listen to you.

    but unfortunately even if you do have a GCSE then your parents must be proud.

    your comments on here are not only foolish but go to show how small, petty, narrow minded and lacking in insight your intellectual ability reaches.

    have you morons actually thought what would happen if simpson made a tackle and the ball broke free? who would cover? where would the cover come from? especially if the rest of the team weren’t in position.

    typical example of what happen when a player tackles too soon and the ball break free and the rest of the team arent ready.

    Fulham and Spurs.

    go watch the games again and tell me what happens?

    jak72 your turn

  25. ChasNUFC says:
    July 7, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    “If he was any good then manchester united wouldnt have let him go same as obertan”

    You missed Peter Beardsley out of that list, Chas, he was let go by Manchester United too. What a load of shite he turned out to be! :-)

    As for the rest, I think that Stephen has covered it very well. Sadly, there are too many Toon fans nowadays who just seem to feed off each others ignorance. I’ve seen and heard your ignorant, ill informed, abusive clap trap (backs off too much, can’t have been very good if he was sold by Man U blah blah) too many times, and yet the same idiots (including yourself, Chas) keep saying “get behind the team, get behind the team” if anyone makes the slightest criticism of Mike Ashley without the slight trace of irony. Fans like you are malignant and a disgrace to the club.

  26. I have never seen you react like that before Stephen C, Chas really rubbed you up the wrong way. Can we try not to sink to his level, the abuse just breeds more abuse.

  27. What is there a full moon or summat ?
    Guys getting testy, first the South Americans were trashed, then the Germans, nowt good to say about the Dutch either.
    Oh! by the way you guys are rising too the bait rather easy, “chas” has got you wound up good, dont you recognise a wind up when you see it ?

  28. Or, Uncle Chuck should have a word with Chas as well, he can come out with the cutting comments when he has a mind to.

  29. Stephen C says:
    July 7, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    “It was about women flaunting too much cleavage.”

    What about men who flaunt too much cleavage, Stephen? I’ve seen alot of that recently. The plumbers have been ’round to my place to measure me up for a new tank and radiators.

  30. There is nothing I hate more than bullies. Simpson plays his heart out for us and idiots think they can play 5a side and know how to defend. It makes me sick to think idiots are taking over the world.

    But as for too much cleavage unfortunately you know it’s time to lose weight when you cleavage is just as big as your but cleavage

    And I’m not sure I get the drinking like. When I click on the link will it take me to drunken cleavage girls of eastern Europe?

  31. Forgot to mention some good news today.

    We won’t lose all our African players to the acn this year.

    With only one team from each group going through Senegal are in the same group as ivory coast.

    So that means we can either lose tiote or cisse and ba, not all three.

    Providing they are all still at the toon.

  32. Regardless of peoples different opinions (which everybody will always have) its the derogotary names chas seems to quote in most of his/her blogs) chas never just publishes his own opinion but also his full thought process with it.. The names and attitude that he says things in almost all of his blogs is the very reason hes not very liked on here.. Its not bullying! He brings it on himself.. And another thing, its idiots like urself who believes a real (hard) man is someone who can speak his mind in person or even someone who can use his fists.. Well ur wrong it takes alot more than that and i bet u are the very person with the big mouth who always gets a clout for not knowing how to shut up!

  33. Toonkev, that was just a couple of trolls from using different nicknames. They spend hours trying to get on here to post abuse. Just ignore ’em! ;-)

  34. Hmmm! just reading rumors that “Mr T” is wanted by “The Big Clubs” plus Arsenal (a selling club)much like ourselves.
    So far we have brought in two players for a total of ten bob and the next Jap Stamm from Ausie for four hundred grand is apparently in the pipeline.
    Boy that Ashley is some spender.
    All very well and good for the future, but face it what we need is some defensive help right now, plus a bit of strength in depth to carry us through a heavy schedule of league and european games.
    It’s rumored we are offering around four or five million fo the French RB “Debuchy” is that a serious offer ?
    Then there’s the rumored brinkmanship negotiations going on with the Dutch clubs, where the offers and demands are so far apart, it appears things are going nowhere.
    But then what do i know ?
    It’s certain we will have to start paying the going price sooner or later if we are looking at well known talented players like a “De Jong”, or the French RB.
    Also rumored HBA is in Arsenals sights, would fit in well with their system, but doubt they can afford him, having to deal with the master retailer Ashley, who will want his markup.
    Just hoping we can hold on to what we got and can add some re-inforcements for a demanding schedule coming up.
    We live in interesting times!

  35. Whats the general opinion on “Woy” hell he’s got Engerland up to what is it fourth or fifth best international side in the world rankings.
    Dunno about that mind!
    Was hoping he would bomb out and get the heave ho, so our silver supremo would possibly be offered the gig.
    Having at present some talented players and expecting more through the pipeline and having got rid of guys like Guthrie and Best with possibly others to follow, we could use a talented Manager to play the kind of football that would finally make this club into one challenginging for silverware.
    Reading where Rodgers got an invitation to join up with the Spanish team manager to discuss tactical matters and the way the modern game is played, guess that confirms my thoughts on who are presently up and coming managers, like Rodgers, Clarke, Martinez, not to forget our former manager Chris Hughton.
    All of which have been either given PL jobs or were in the running for them.
    As an afterthought, it did’nt surprise me one bit to see the highly touted Germans look like a bunch of plow horses against the Spanish side and had mentioned it prior to the start of the european championship, only to be told “ye divin kna what yer on aboot”.
    So humor me for a little schadenfrued.

  36. chuck says:
    July 8, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    “It’s rumored we are offering around four or five million fo the French RB “Debuchy” is that a serious offer ?
    Then there’s the rumored brinkmanship negotiations going on with the Dutch clubs, where the offers and demands are so far apart, it appears things are going nowhere.
    But then what do i know ?”

    Chuck, I may have written this before but they’re going on the EBay principle. There are some people on EBay who bid 99p (or 99c on your side of the pond) or make a very low maximum bids anyway on hundreds of items which are worth far more in the hope that everyone else misses the listing because of poor titles or whatever and they win. Of course, they lose most times but even if they only get one out of many, it’s worth it to them and they go on to sell the items at a profit later. It’s the same with Newcastle United’s buying strategy ATM.

    With some it’s about a question mark hanging over them (Ba’s knee, Marveaux’s groin, Ben Arfa’s temper etc), with some it’s just that they go under the radar like the Ebay example I mentioned (Cabaye, Cisse, Benny got to 25 got his leg knacked for a while and grew up a bit). Sometimes it doesn’t work out (Marveaux’s groin, easily outbid for Victor Moses and we missed out on a player who is now worth far more). As you know, Ashley likes a gamble and so far he’s had a bit of a run, but runs inevitably come to an end, it’s just a question of how long they last.

  37. chuck says:
    July 8, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    “Whats the general opinion on “Woy” hell he’s got Engerland up to what is it fourth or fifth best international side in the world rankings.”

    He’s a very decent, experienced manager who is strong tactically (thought perhaps not to your tastes), but in many respects that isn’t the problem. Once players, and possibly even the manager step into the England paradigm and cross that white line, they start to worry about which root vegetable they will be compared to by the English (or to be more exact, the Aussie Yank Satan Murdoch media) and it makes them nervous and destroys their confidence in the large competitions. It’s become a part of the whole national psyche as far as football goes.

  38. Derek L says:
    July 8, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    “If Danny Simpson is so good why is he being linked with Reading?”

    I’m afraid I don’t understand your point, Derek. What does a silly media story linking him with another club have to do with anything? He’s been linked with several clubs by them so far. Aston Villa was first, then Fulham, then Norwich possibly because of the Chris Hughton connection and now Reading. I don’t really see the relevance TBH.

  39. Maybe Newcastle just look for ‘an angle’, moneyball style, like coming back from bad injury, not happy at present club, want’s prem football, know’s someone at club, etc. etc.?
    Very few clubs have the general ‘pull’ where a player just jumps at it.
    Sometimes one of the above holds sway.

  40. Derek L

    Reading are a completely different club now,
    my old boss Mr. Medejski has sold the club to a russian multi billionaire called Anton Zingarevich.

    so i can see why Danny Simpson is being linked to Reading because they are one of the richest clubs in the Premier League and can buy the very best.

    Danny simpson being one.

  41. workyticket says:
    July 8, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    “Toonkev, that was just a couple of trolls from using different nicknames. They spend hours trying to get on here to post abuse. Just ignore ‘em! ;-) ”

    News to me like :???:

  42. toonsy says:
    July 8, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    “News to me like”

    No it isn’t. You know it perfectly well and it’s discussed all over your blog, and several of the contributors have been at it too. That “Jobey07” was a real Oscar Wilde, the best he could manage was “this blog is shit!” He was posting under a phony username but he used his real e.mail address. :lol:

  43. Yeah both Reading and QPR are wealthier clubs with owners who are willing to spend some of the revenue from “the Australian satan” (as described by Workey)to improve their sides.
    And if Simpson gets a better deal from Reading, then good luck to him, cause it’s obvious our owner has never
    appreciated the fact he got a decent RB for nowt and payed him the same, nowt.
    Reading (not Reading)the Santon interview(Which i doubt he thought would ever be published outside of Italy)one gets a more interesting perspective of what is going on, as far as players see things.
    I believe Santon would jump at a chance to play for Roma, but unfortunately now is not the time.
    Seems for the most part we are fed a diet of PR stories
    that reflect that players are all happy and content at the club, with everyone on the same page.
    When anyone with a brain undrstands these are guys with varying attitudes, some (most)are looking to maximise (moneywise)a short career in football, with others ego driven to win silverware (also) and get their names on record.
    It’s gotta be a difficult job to keep harmony and cater to so many varying egos, with so many differing agendas.
    And listening to Santon, does’nt sound anything like the PR bullshit we heard earlier about him being gratefull to the silver supremo for giving him time to adjust to the EPL, (which i always thought of as bullshit anyway) football is football no matter where it’s played.
    Ah well, most fans I suppose are more than willing to settle for (an ignorance is bliss tude)and a top six finish.
    And who can blame them ?

  44. Ha!

    Well if you’re gonna believe/put your faith in the spin machine that is the press/media…


  45. Toonsy
    I remember you banned me from this blog back in the day, but i’m damned if i can remember exactly what for.
    Yeah i know in general why, (criticised some of your stuff)but when i came back with a “different nome de plume” “chuckles” as opposed to “chuck” you must have recognised that chuck and chuckles were one and the same,
    no ?
    Actually i thought you did some pretty good stuff, considering the volume of stuff you turned out, even though not unlike Workey you were inclined to generate a couple of articles based on some of my comments.
    But after all immitation is a form of flattery, which is acceptable to most, including myself.
    Tell me do you still have Batty, Big Dave, etc. plus the synchophatic (something “dog”)with all their petty likes, dislikes and vendettas?
    Nowt as queer as football fans, especially Newcastle fans.

  46. Chuck @53

    “…even though not unlike Workey you were inclined to generate a couple of articles based on some of my comments.”

    I think I remember why toonsy gave Chuckie the heave ho.


  47. Darth, I got your e.mail about the shirt BTW. Sorry I didn’t get back to you. Glad you like it.

    I’ve got two very nice signed photos for the next competition. The first is a 16″ x 12″ of Cisse (first prize), and a 12″ x 8″ one of Benny (second prize). I’m just trying to think of some teasing questions.

  48. ive haven’t been on this blog all summer and ive only been back two or three days and war breaks out.

    what does it take to some some mutual appreciation for a team we all love.

    yes there are some numb skulls out there who only see the colours of the rainbow and colour blind to anything else.

    but there is a word for those, ignorant, but if we didnt educate the ignorant where would we be?

    i would hazard a guess toonsy’s blog but i will reserve judgment. if fact i wont judge at all.

    we are all here because we have a common love for one thing.

    yet we seem to be intent on tearing it apart at the first oppotunity.

    i dont see why as fans we need to isolate individual players and reap havoc on their lives.

    what ever happened to decency and compassion.

    people should be ashamed of themselves to point blame and other people through ignorance or hatred.

    personally speaking i think the hatred towards Simpson has anything to do with player ability, it has everything to do with race and one thing the ignorant do know is that racism is a serious offence. but hounding someone and bullying arent.

    unfortunately to the determent to the whole of our society.

  49. Dark Brown
    Could you be a little more forthcoming i cant read minds ?

    Stephen C
    Lighten up for chrisakes, it’s only a football blog !

  50. Stephen C says:
    July 9, 2012 at 12:51 am

    “personally speaking i think the hatred towards Simpson has anything to do with player ability, it has everything to do with race”

    A few awful tweets apart, I dont think it is, Stephen, though I can understand why you think it might be. I think it is prejudice of a different sort. People who don’t really understand football in general, or Simpson’s game in particular tend to go on weird prejudices, such as the fact he was a Manchester United reject on his way down from the Premiership, bought for only £500,000 when we were in the Championship, not an exotic French international on his way up to the Premiership. If he was a striker who subsequently scored a goal every other game, or he shouted and pointed alot, looked “committed” and sent opposing forwards into row Z all the time, it might be different, but he isn’t and he doesn’t, he’s more subtle than that.

    It was the same with Chris Hughton when he was here. The same people thought that he was too “nice” to ever be a good manager. They didn’t understand his cerebral approach, his long term thinking which has put us in such good stead, and his more subtle approach to management in general. They just go on certain stereotypes and some people just don’t fit in with that. If they came with massive reputations beforehand, it may have been different.

  51. chuck says:
    July 9, 2012 at 1:25 am

    “Stephen C
    Lighten up for chrisakes, it’s only a football blog !”

    You’ve changed your tune, Chuck! You usually light up like a Christmas tree when the “R” word, and various other social issues are mentioned on this blog (and rightly so most of the time).

    Many of us meander into “deeper” topics on this blog, and you are frequently one of the worst offenders! :-)

  52. workyticket says:
    July 8, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    “No it isn’t. You know it perfectly well and it’s discussed all over your blog, and several of the contributors have been at it too. That “Jobey07″ was a real Oscar Wilde, the best he could manage was “this blog is shit!” He was posting under a phony username but he used his real e.mail address.”


    Not now though. Simply because I can’t be arsed with worrying about what is going on over here. I work abroad five days a week with very little time of, and that time off I do have I send with my 12 week old son. Callit maturity or the fact I can’t be arsed with such pettiness or whatever, but if others are at it then I know nothing about the recent stuff you say has been going on.

    Chuck – Yeah man I admit I was wring to have banned you, and had it been now I wouldn’t have. Call it growing up if you like, or learning to ignore things. Of course I knew Chuckles was you, but maybe I knew I was wrong which is why I turned a blind eye ;)

    Anyway, we’re in danger of getting rather sad in going back over 18 months. A lot of water has pass y since then and that’s how I like it to stay.

    BTW Worky, I see you haven’t lost your charm with your writers? :lol:

    Toodle pip :)

  53. toonsy says:
    July 9, 2012 at 6:06 am

    “Not now though. Simply because I can’t be arsed with worrying about what is going on over here.”

    Right-oh Toonsy, of course you don’t. That’s obvious from your last comment and the fact that you somehow find the time to read this blog every day, and jump on every single comment which mentions you or your site within minutes usually. :lol:

    Don’t be so hypersensitive.

  54. Worky @55

    Yes, thanks again for the shirt Worky.

    I wore it to work last Friday. I’m the envy of every one of my current crop of colleagues who isn’t a Man Ure fan – which is NONE of them because I’m currently working in Essex :)

    If only had a figure svelte enough to do it justice. It’s a bit tight at the front and I’ll probably need to iron it over a wok :)

  55. Toonsy
    No sweat, no grudges, it’s all just a form of amusement.

    Yeah your right, i can be the PC police @ times and will continue to be, cant help it, just as i cant resist a tongue in cheek dig that is often mistaken as serious.
    Or an iconiclastic like dig at pomposity.
    Just the nature of the beast i suppose.

    I suppose i may owe an apology to you, as you sounded a bit depressed and would like to add, i agree with both yourself and Workey, in regard to Simpson.
    Often stating on here that many fans just did’nt get what he brings to the side, even comparing him to Dennis Erwin, as a defender who seldom goes to ground, due to what some regard as backing off, but it’s really good positional play, channeling attackers into positioins where they dont want to be, etc.
    I tend to think he is getting a raw deal and would like to see him get a decent contract.
    Our loss if he does’nt.