Pardew: Newcastle will be like Spain and Best’s a Blackburn player now

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Alan Pardew.
It's Pimms O'Clock for Pardew.
Well, Wimbledon born Alan Pardew loves a bit of tennis (or so he said), and often attends the Tennis championship his birthplace is famous for.

So, Radio 5’s Richard Bacon pulled him in for an interview during the station’s coverage of the latest Wimbledon tournament for a chat. In it he talked about tennis, the recent European football championships in Poland and the Ukraine, as well as some things which undoubtedly be of interest to Newcastle United fans about his tactical thinking for next season, as well as Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba, and also Leon Best’s move to Blackburn Rovers. Here, I’m dropping in at the point where Bacon “grilled” Pardew (sorry for that) on what he can take from the Spanish national side’s performances for his work with Newcastle United.

Take it away, Richard!

Richard Bacon: “As a manager, do you look at Spain and think ‘Do you know what, let’s nick that, whatever they’re doing, I’m going to borrow that’?”

Alan Del Bosqiola Pardew”: “Well, you’d be naive as a coach or manager not to pick off some of the best bits that you could try and implement into your team.”

Bacon: “What yer gonna nick?”

Pardew: “Well I’m going to try next year, well, we did this year, to try and implement more possession in our game; it’s very difficult to do you know. They make it look very simple, they’ve got world class players all over the pitch. But, you know, can you trust our left back, can you trust our centre half to actually manoevre past a player and make a simple pass that works for us? You’ve got to trust your players and so that’s what you have to gain. All this debate about young players not coming through and all that, it is changing and we’re trying to do it and in the Premier League, I think there is a gear change to a more attractive game. Thank goodness after the kind of football we’ve had over the last 20-30 years.”

Well Pardew certainly changed tack tactically speaking towards the end of the season, changing from his usual M.O. of a rather direct 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3, or some would say even a Terry Venables style skinny “Christmas Tree” formation (4-3-2-1), with a conventional centre forward (Cisse) right at the front rather than the Cruyffian style faux centre forward or “false 9” who would actually drop back and pull opposing teams out of shape, as Barcelona or the Spanish national side do. It could certainly be exciting in attack, and effective too. Although it could be highly effective when we were on the ball though, we certainly didn’t dominate possession the way the likes of Barcelona and Spain do, or press in the same way when we were off the ball. Also, Pardew would often beat a retreat and return to something more akin to his old system too when the team had a two or three goal advantage, hence we never scored more than three goals in one game last season. But I digress.

Moving on, Bacon also slipped a couple of crafty questions on whether Leon Best was having a medical at Blackburn and moving from Newcastle United, Pardew responded on the medical saying:

“I beleive so. If he passes the medical then he will, yes [move to Blackburn]”

When Bacon the asked if he was “disappointed” to be losing the striker, he continued:

“I think it’s a great move for Leon because he wants first team football. He’s a great guy but he wants to play. Last season he was in and out, had injuries and was off-form. He needs to play and so, for Blackburn it’s a good signing and for us the money is okay too.”

Pardew didn’t reveal how much it was, but things have moved on since then, with Blackburn subsequently confirming that he’s passed the medical and is now a Blackburn player on a four year contract for a fee of “over £3 million.” The club’s statement on it’s website said:

“Blackburn Rovers have this evening completed the signing of Leon Best from Newcastle United. The 25-year-old striker makes the move from the North East to the North West for a fee of more than £3m, signing a four-year deal.”

Before he went though, the Silver Supremo was also grilled by Bacon on whether Senagalese scoring sensation, Papiss Cisse, would be joining the Sengalese squad for the forthcoming Olympic games in London. On this he was also very forthcoming, revealing that the “Lions of Teranga” had enquired about Cisse, but not his compatriot at Newcastle, Demba Ba:

“We have to give our permission and we’re sort of discussing it. I’ve only been asked for Papiss. It’s awkward because we want to prepare for a difficult season ahead. Premier League and Europa League, a lot of extra games” said Pardew.

Well, I for one will certainly be looking forward to Pardiola’s Newcastle United emulating Spain by winning the Europa League final 4 – 0 in May at the birthplace of modern Spanish football, Amsterdam!


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61 Responses

  1. Another shit player gone thank fck! Simpson next hopefully coz he’s as shit as this blog! Now bring on De Jong and De Buchy, much better than those two waisters! Onwards and upwards!

  2. Does the fact that Spain won yet again mean that Guardiola isn’t really that good because he had the horses and played the Cruyff course, so didn’t add much? Maybe a monkey could manage a team with Xavi, Iniesta, Pique and Messi, given they already know the system?

  3. Good job Worky. For every idiot I am sure there are 100 others who appreciate your website.

  4. What this doesn’t say of course is that Richard Bacon is a total knob.

    And that’s me being polite about him.

  5. Workyticket must be a mackem too coz only a mackem could write so much shite about nufc!

  6. G.S have u not got anything better to do?… I think we should have kept best until we got a striker in.

  7. Irishtoon: I tried to add something about Spain and was just about to say “I can’t be bothered” but you beat me to it.

    Maybe Best going suggests someone else is already in the bag? Hope so.

  8. Workythicket (and your thick mates on this blog) why do you all hate Ashley so much? He made a bad start but now hes learned the ropes hes the best thing thats ever happened to nufc but all you ever do is write shite about him

  9. chas,
    put a reasoned argument forward mate, no point in just abusing people.
    Everyone has a right to an opinion, that’s what this blog is here for, after all.

    You might not like it, but it’s here for everyone!

  10. Hi workyticket.

    I’m a long time reader of this blog but a first time commenter (I think). All I wanted to say was keep up the good work and just ignore idiots like Chas!!! This is the best NUFC blog around along with Leazes Terrace and I always look forward to reading your stories. They are original, intelligent and much better than some of the rubbish on other blogs which are just copied from each other and the newspapers mostly.


  11. ps Before I go back to my silent appreciation, what happened to all the other blog writers on here? There used to be a few but now it just seems to be you. That’s great but I do miss the different viewpoints sometimes.

  12. Eeeeesh! Whenever I go out for a pleasant evening, there’s always some Geordie wiseacre with a cup of misery waiting for me upon my return. Who’d run a blog? :-)

    Thankyou for your kind words Bobby and GS, they’re much appreciated.

  13. Yeah totally agree Bobby this blog is the best that I have seen and seems to have a balanced following who are able to debate various viewpoints in a mature manner (excluding Chas). Keep up the good work lads.

    Getting on to Spain they were awesome against Italy and I was going to put a bet on for a 2-0 win to Spain and I was kicking myself until the last 10 mins lol. If Newcastle could close down the opposition and pass the ball like that I would be in heaven especially with Cisse or Ba to bang them in we would be lethal.

  14. Thanks lua lua, we try!

    This one scared me for a few seconds.

    Official: Twente sign Gutierrez

    The Eredivisie side have confirmed the capture of the attacking midfielder, who will pen a five-year deal upon his presentation to the press next week.

    And another doylum has sent Danny Simpson yet another racist tweet and threatened to break his legs if he doesn’t leave Toon. The last one threatened to shoot him. Which rock do these gadgies live under?

  15. I don’t often watch 30 Rock, but did last night this was very funny. You might think this has nothing to do with Newcastle, but Ant and Dec show up later:

  16. All your work,time n effort r appricated worky n thats a fact mate..losers like bungalow heed(fk all upstairs) chas arnt worth the time ov day n best ignored.i bet even his fatha wished he had ov had a wank the night he was concieved.probaly him sending these tweets to simo..but enough about the loser chas.
    Now wiv Besty gone to Blackburn lets hope the De Jong deal is just about done.either way we’ll probaly know more in the next few days.with abit ov luck it might be a double signing wiv De Jong & Douglas/Anita..
    Keep up the good work Worky.

  17. Chas is probably made from the same Darwinian stamp as the tools who are tweeting Simpson and threatening him. Unfortunately the world was not made evenly in the intelligence and moral stakes. I for one enjoy the blogs and usual reasoned debate, also appreciatedthe effort you put into them in your own spare time.

  18. Ditto the sentiments for Worky’s effort, he’s like a literary viagra for the blog’o’sphere.

    I may be a little biased here, as i received my Season Review DVD in the post today, due to the excellent comp run here recently (again, a wee bias due to winning).

    I’ll be watching it tonight, and i’ll let u all know how it plays out

  19. Richard Bacon? I didn’t realise they were letting druggies into Wombledon these days.

  20. Just saw this on bbc:

    “Jamie Ness is set to complete his move to Stoke from Rangers after agreeing a four-year contract.
    The 21-year-old midfielder recently rejected an offer from the Rangers newco to stay at Ibrox.
    Scotland Under-21 international Ness made his Rangers debut in 2010, but injuries have restricted him to just 18 games since”

    I did wonder the other day, are there any players from Rangers worth raiding??

  21. Just seen that Butterfield chap from Barnsley we fancied, has joined Chrissy at Norwich.

    Shame, but at least he’s wuda been a potential worry for the medical room, had a nasty injury in Dec.

    Also, means Sammy and Marv should be vying for some 1st team outings, not to mention: Abeid and new boy Amalfantano!

  22. how DJG – I hord Bacon gans to wimblydon cos sumwan telt him there was white lines all ower the place.

  23. Thanks very much Milner, Clint Magnum, Jack. It’s nice to know that someone reads the bloody things! :-)

    Milner, glad you got the DVD ok.

    Darth Broon (if you;re reading), how’s the away shirt?

    On the subject of competitions, I’m looking at a great 16″ x 12″ proper hand signed photo of Papiss Cisse and a signed 12″ x 8″ hand signed photo of Hatem Ben Arfa right now, they’re very good ones as well! I think that they’ll be the prizes in the last of our close season competitions for anyone who’s interested?

  24. Milner says:
    July 3, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    “Just seen that Butterfield chap from Barnsley we fancied, has joined Chrissy at Norwich.”

    His chief scout, Ewan Chester, is going to be hanging around in all the same places as Graham Carr too, Milner. They’ve given Hughton a budget and he’s sending Chester around Europe. Like Carr himself, he was selected by Hughton because he too has good knowledge of the European leagues.

  25. Just read that wor scruffy unwashed neighbours the mackems are trying to snatch the signing of Anita..
    Also hope that Cisse does’nt play in the olympics.i know were trying to block him playing but wiv good right i say.we will lose him for the africa cup ov nations in january so also allowing him to play in the olympics should be a big no.he’s over 23 so that should work in wor favour.fingers crossed anyway.

  26. This is the year to invest in new players. The new TV deal will level the playing field for all but a few clubs so we will face more competition soon. As Worky and a few others have pointed out, we get very little from sponsorship so we won’t be much better off than the the likes of Wigan soon.

    The question is how to finance it NOW. I doubt Ashley will dig deep into his own pocket and it seems he stays away from banks. Is there any of the Carroll money left? If not, I see us losing one of our major players. Tiote anyone?

    The reason I say buy now, is because the banks are not fronting money but when the new TV deal kicks in ALL the clubs will have the extra cash.

  27. GS says:
    July 3, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    “Worky: I’ve never actually had Pims. Does it come in jello-shots?”

    I divven’t knaa GS, but you could make always make them.

    One thing I know know is that there is alot of disinformation being put out about Newcastle United transfers, and that the club is actually bidding far lower than many of the reports in the media are saying, that’s why I won’t write any easy stories about all the transfer speculation. It’s a bit like when we bought Cisse and virtually every media source said that we’d bid £10 million, when it was actually only £7.5 million rising to £9 million. I also heard on good authority that we only made a first bid of £6.5 million for De Jong instead of the £8 million which was widely reported. The club is like those people on EBay who make money by bidding 99p for everything in the hope that one in ten comes off, so it’s best just to ignore the stories until one is pleasantly surprised. Now we’ve lost a large brace of squad players, and need more for a European campaign on top of the usual next season, it seems that clubs have wised up to us a bit too. As I mentioned above, we may also have competition from Chris Hughton now, as he seems to be pursuing the same policy which he started at Newcastle with his current chief scout roaming around the European leagues.

  28. A proper article on football for a change, from someone who actually knows what they are writing about.

    and another one:

    Much better than reading reams of complete and utter tripe by no nothing journalists, most of whom have never kicked a football since they were at school.

  29. Worky,
    you’ve always gotta take the £\€ thing into account. most pressmongs don’t know or care about the difference & don’t listen & just assume.

  30. Oh yea!

    Very (happy?) 4th of July to all our American readers out there in webland!

    Up the revolution!


  31. “Managing Director Derek Llambias travelled to South America last week where he is understood to have been trying to set up a deal for two young players from Argentina to join compatriots Fabricio Coloccini and Jonas Gutierrez on Tyneside”.

    Says the torygraph.

  32. Yeah but Work give the Ronny Gill credit they did remove the link once they found out.

    and one thing, ive tried to watch the game again and looking at the time of his tweets he was tweeting away whilst playing for France against England.

    footballers tweeting is one thing but tweeting whilst playing is another.

    i wander if joey7barton knows hes got competition.

    i was in the USA last year for 4th July, amazing is an understatement. if i ever leave his hell hole and move to the USA i’ll move on the 4th of July just to be able to understand the passion of getting rid of so many things that drag you down.

  33. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 4, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    “What happened there worky?

    Couldn’t get here!”

    There seems to be an underlying problem with the server, Clint, then there was a bit of a problem with the database tables when it came back online so Hugh and myself have been fixing it. We were both doing similar things at exactly the same time so I divven’t knaa who got it sorted in the end. Hugh reckons the worst case scenario is that there’s a problem with the hard drive on the server and he’s the biggest expert as it’s his server and his field of expertees but we’ll see.

    We also seem to be getting attacked quite alot too. Much of it is the Chinese, and also the Russkies. They just launch millions of attacks on servers all the friggin time.

  34. What is with that shit?

    What do they actually gain from all those attacks?
    Are they just ‘testing’ stuff out, or what?


    it sounds like good craic like.
    Guess that explains the lack of our American cousins today then?

  35. Stephen C says:
    July 4, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    “Yeah but Work give the Ronny Gill credit they did remove the link once they found out.”!/MathieuDebuchy

    Stephen, when I looked at it, I thought it didn’t look right after a few seconds. It didn’t seem seem to have enough followers for a French international footballer for a start (though it’s since increased markedly due to the Chronic). The content didn’t seem quite right either if you can understand a little basic French.

    They are the ones who are supposed to be professional journalists who check things out and have some kind of integrity. To publish it without taking just a few seconds to check it is lazy, incompetent and shows contempt for the readership. Sadly though, local journalism has gone right down the lavatory since it was taken over by the majors, in the Chronic’s and the Journal’s case by the Trinity Mirror group.

  36. Clint my family live near the Beach in cali.

    people were camping out days in advance just to get a spot near the beach.

    everywhere has communal BBQs, and people had pitched tents right next to BBQs just to get first burger.

    some parts of the USA shock me, but lots of it amaze me. put it this way i very much doubt Hoosier will pay us heathens a visit today.

    he will be half cut, give its a big wooooo, woooo like the jerry springer fan club and will wake up tomorrow not having a clue what has happened or why he has ten tons of beads around his neck and his pant around his ankles.

    so whose up for the Chelsea game if i can get a spare ticket?

    and if any one wants Arsenal tickets can you let me know in advance.

  37. i completely agree worky, but didnt they move all the old staff up stairs and found people like this joker?

    must admit he does come forward a little timid on TV but does seem to have some strange level of journalism.

    he seems to be looking for a under 25 audience.

    Worky do you know where i can get a hold of your App. for Ipad. ive just accrued the new Ipad but unfortunately i dont seem to be able to find anything with you on it like i did whith my android.

  38. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 4, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    “What is with that shit?

    What do they actually gain from all those attacks?
    Are they just ‘testing’ stuff out, or what?”

    Clint, here’s one aspect of it.

    Much of it is state sponsored to steal intellectual property and such, much of it is crime which is mafia backed and so on. But whatever it is, when you check out the IPs of industrial strength attackers, most of them resolve back to China, along with states such as Russia and a few other states which used to be known as parts of the Eastern Bloc.

  39. Stephen C says:
    July 4, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    “Worky do you know where i can get a hold of your App. for Ipad.”

    Stephen, I keep meaning to design apps for this site, and lots of other stuff too, but the other contributors have done feckall recently so I have to do all the blogs too. So, because of other things in my life, I just don’t get the time unfortunately.

    I’m thinking about packing the blog in because it was originally supposed to be a collaborative thing, but it’s like working with corpses at the moment.

  40. worky who designed the App. that is floating around the google play store?

    it was that app. that brought me here.

    it seems to be powered by the Telegraph i think.

    and has tweets from the offical nufc twitter account.

    i assumed it was the telegraph until i found out you did a bit web design.

  41. worky, to be honest i dont use the blog much myself during preseason.

    preseason for me is time to catch up with my business and get things ready for the new season.

    there is no harm in having yourself an off season. one weekly update and let people make comment on our views of the previous week.

    keep your updates for when something actually happens.

    this blog is the more informative blog, not scraped from the barrels of broon. like some.

    although each person is entitled to their opinion and level of thought, i like this blog.

    it give me something to reach for(normally the dictionary when i cant understand half the word used)

    i think the problem is worky. you have set your own sights to high.
    i would be happy for one update per week and maybe one mid week.

    most of the time people comment on off-topic subject and we get dragged into a world a million miles away.

    thats becasue we usethis portal as a way to comminicate.

    to be honest i dont really read most of the articals, i read a few paragraphs and get stuck in.

    the most important part of this for me, is the interaction between the fans and getting involved.

    you could past a “mr. Potato man joins the toon”
    and people will still manage to talk about why ben arfa was on the bench for so long and why we havent sold obertan yet.

    so my advice would be to just lower the bar.

    Quality rather than quantity.

    at the end of the day, people come here because they like the craic, some like to read, some just like to look and learn.

    the blog will still live on even with two articles per week. because the heart and soul is Newcastle United and as long as there is a geordie left on earth these blogs will always be needed.

  42. Stephen C says:
    July 5, 2012 at 12:12 am

    “it give me something to reach for(normally the dictionary when i cant understand half the word used)”

    Aye, sorry if that’s the case, Stephen. I don’t know about other people but personally I love stuff that is full of things I don’t know as it gives me a chance to learn something new.

    Incidentally, did you know that they almost certainly found the secret of everything in a single sub atomic particle yesterday in Switzerland?

  43. Thank you for another informative web site. The place else may I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect method? I’ve a undertaking that I am simply now operating on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such information.