OK, it’s the silly season – So who would you bring in?

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Newcastle United players.
Who would you add to the team?
In order to shift attention back to what this blog is all about, this is a very brief look at the new season squad and how we all think it will shape up.

According to nufc.co.uk, this is the current first team squad in advance of the new season.

NUFC's current first team squad.
NUFC's current first team squad.

The observant among you will notice that some of the squad have no faces, not because they wish to remain anonymous but simply to stress that there is room for new blood as well as possible departures before the current window closes.

So, given the fact we ended the season in 5th place, how far do you think we should go to reshape the 1st XI before kick off in August ?

In my opinion this is my ideal starting line up for Spuds.

My NUFC first eleven.
My NUFC first eleven.

Bearing in mind that defensively we weren’t the best team around last season I’m looking to bring in an overlapping Right Back (purely because poor old Simmo just seems to be a dead man walking right now).

Followed by a slightly more creative defensive midfielder, if that isnt a contradiction in terms, and the assumption is Anita could easily fit that role.

Finally the one problem area we have struggled with for some time is an attacking left side midfielder. Preferably young, pacy and with an eye for goal. As some of you may know my first choice was Bologna’s Gastón Ramirez, while some one on this blog seems to fancy young Junior Hoilett in that role.

Realistically we’re unlikely to be spending megabucks on any player in that position while we have the likes of Marveaux, Sammy and Fergie in the squad. However creativity is the key to our attacking line up so how about a couple of suggestions out of left field (see what I did there :) ) Adel Taarabt, Matty Jarvis or even our old mate Charlie N’Zogbia ?

Whatever your opinion let us know which players you feel we still need to bring in and maybe create your own line up for the first game of the season ?


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52 Responses

  1. Has everyone forgot about Adam Johnson? He would be perfect for the left side role and would be available for a reasonable fee with his chances at Man City very limited despite his clear ability! He would also be within Ashleys age transfer strategy

  2. Sheerclass> I’m with u on Johnson. I’d have him in a heartbeat but I think it would be his wages that stops Ashley going there. Shame

    Hoiltette would be a great signing too for us but again wages might be an issue.

  3. My No1 target would be Anita.
    All reports suggest he’s going to be top quality.

    We definitely need another quality FB, Debuchy looks good but we’ve been connected with quite a number, Pieters, Cissoko … all could do a job, in a perfect world I’d want two.

    A CB – Douglas looks to be the man. Hopefully a deal would be done.

    A striker – I’m a big Carroll fan. If we can’t get Andy, I’m not sure where we’ll find a decent striker in our price range.
    Will Obertan be converted to CF and become the next Henry? I’m not convinced he has that killer instinct, but I’d love to be surprised.
    Perhaps Graham Carr has a surprise on his list, let’s hope so.

    Looking forward to next season.


  4. Johnson is a mackem so not probable never mind the wage which makes chances unlikely hoilett is my choice has been as soon as he didn’t want to sign a new contract

  5. Totally agreed on the formation.


    would do nicely.
    Shame we didnt pick up Diame on a free – very good player for that ‘price’.

  6. Johnson is a Mag. Born in the Durham slum, from a family of Mackem’s but he’s always supported the Toon … brave boy!

  7. In:
    RB Debuchy
    LB (cover) Marcos Alonso? – 21 with bags of potential
    CB Douglas – Big fan of this lad. Bit of a hot head but pards will sort that.
    MID I like the look of Anita but wouldnt mind a cheeky bid for Ramsey from Arsenal?
    FWD/ST. Hoilett/Carroll/Johnson/Agbonlahor – Any of those please :-D

    Ok maybe a bit optomistic but its fun to play FM in your head once in a while……especially during silly season!

  8. I work with his cousin it is a rumour Im in county Durham so have had this debate in the past moving on i would be happy if we get 2 defenders douglas debuche plus options further up pitch e.g anita hoilett caroll (undecided if its a good idea yet)

  9. I also wouldnt be too bothered if we missed out on Debuchy and signed a couple of left backs instead. One 1st team like Cissoko and a back up like Alonso. Santon could be just as good as Dubuchy on the right in my opinion…… I might be wrong though!!

  10. Andy, good to have a football debate for a change.

    I think we need a left back, centre back and a forward.

    Left Back – I’m not convinced that a predominantly right footed left back is suitable. I have always favoured a left footed left back. Horses for Course etc. Whilst Santon is good he is however very predictable. He nearly always moves infield with the ball. He rarely whips in a cross from the left like Leighton Baines.

    Centre Back – We need a centre back as cover for Colo, Saylor and Williamson. He doesn’t have to be the ‘finished article’. A young player with potential would be suitable.

    Forward – We need a forward as Shola is our only cover for Ba and Cisse. Whilst Obertan has the speed he hasn’t got the composure and belief to be lethal in front of goal as Henry was.

    Spurs Formation. I would like to see Marveaux in the line up. He looks a very cultured player. From the little I have seen of him, he rarely wastes a pass and he appears to have that precious gift of making time and space for himself. Alongside the right footed Cabaye (with Tiote behind) he would be the perfect fit for a midfield threesome.

    Against Monaco, Tiote played a much deeper role than last season. I wonder whether this was a one-off or whether Pardew had seen something in the 2012 tournament that he feels Tiote can play a more effective deeper role that allows the two fullbacks to bomb forward. I was impressed with Bigi against Monaco especially as he is so young. Alongside Tiote they would make a formidable pair.

  11. Guidetti. young versatile striker with years ahead of him. very impressive goalscorer, and will be much less of a financial risk than carroll.
    debuchy because we all saw euro 2012 and he wants to play for us.
    Douglas as hes a brick s**thouse and will scare opposinh strikers
    and hoilett as despite his wage demands havent we just got rid of somebody who was a higher earner in smith and also gonna be great in the future. already a great pl standard player

  12. play tavernier at right back looks like he is ready now!dont think we will get debuchy now.marvo looked very classy against monaco aswell

  13. The need of defence was evident last season. There are needs of 2 Fullbacks and 2 CB… One experienced and one youngster on each position. I would get Douglas, Debuchy, Cisoko, and Boilesen from Ajax, Then we would be set for defence. On midfield Anita. And two youngster wingers/strikers that can learn from the excellent Senegalese players at the club at present. This is a learning persod for the youngsters. It is very imortant to win the youths and get them into the team. I am gutted of losing Clyne, but now we have Good, Hoilett, Rhodes from Huddlesfield, Guidetti from Man City to get into their learning positions…

  14. At the risk of replaying a scratched record, what about Sturridge? I’d rather him than AC, rumoured to be £10m, happy to play LW in 4-3-3, or as 2nd striker in 4-4-2.

    I’d take that Guidetti chap (Ronald Koeman reckons he’s the next Ibrahimović), but i doubt City would let him go….Even if they did, he would be to replace Ranger/and/or challenge Shola for the coming season, rather than 1st team starter.

    Def’s: Simon Kjær, Wolfsburg wanted to sell for £10m last summer as he fell out with head coach, but instead loaned out to Roma where he failed to impress. Rumour is they want him back for another loan tho, so cant have been that bad. I thought he looked good in the Euros….Maybe his value would be down to £6/7m now, for a 23 yr old…I’d jump on that.

  15. Christer, I think us bringing in 7 new players is optimistic imo…as much as i agree that we need to seriously bolster defs:

    Already we’ve seen Jonas played as LB, and Perch/Simmo as CB’s…..it’s a fix-up job that wont hold for a whole season with added euro games.

    I like the sound of switching Santon to RB, new LB in, and new CB. Santon overlapping HBA could be lethal.

    I think we’ll see Jonas more squad player this season, leaving room for Sammy/Marv/Vuckic to challenge the attacking mid roles.

  16. Kamar good points all round and I also agree with Beatski about missing out on Diame and the views on Johnson.

    Left back – maybe we should look to Pieters to fill that role if Debuchy doesnt arrive and move Santon to RB? Above all we need full backs who can deliver decent crosses consistently.

    Centre Back – Just looking at the options available to us right now I’d go with “He doesn’t have to be the ‘finished article’” as I believe Saylor is good enough to partner Colo but quality back up is a little thin.

    I mentioned bringing in a more attacking full back and another DM in an attempt to solve two problems which we “suffered” last season. Lack of crosses into the box (only Blackburn and Fulham had fewer) and blocking passes into the box thus preventing more goal scoring opportunites for the opposition.

    Forward – I agree, a confident attacking winger with the ability to cut in, as HBA does, would be my choice. Didnt really consider Johnson for the reasons already mentioned plus Citeh would want to get as much money back in terms of their own transfer fee. Who knows maybe Marveaux is the answer ?

    I remember writing, a year or so back, that 4-3-3 would suit us with HBA and the then available Shaqiri playing alongside Sturridge (after his loan spell at Bolton). Unfortunately Shaqiri signed for Bayern for a measly €10m and Sturridge continues to be frustrated at Chelski but still IMO, as well as Milner’s, a good shout.

    However looking at what we’ve got now, in terms of forwards, Cisse aint that type of player. He’s an out and out striker, of that there is no doubt, but his success is based on strike accuracy (being in the right place at the right time ?) and not on assists for others. Ba also fits that role so we are blessed with two strikers, if they’re both still here, who can operate on a like for like basis, both capable of slotting in to fit the team.

    Hence the shift towards an alternative yet still creative attacking formation where Cabaye operates in a more advanced almost “playmaker” role (a position he adopted at Lille in 2009/10 season to great effect) complimented by attacking midfielders creating opportunities for whichever forward has the ascendancy.

  17. I have never liked obertan when he has played but mainly because I don’t think he can cross a road never mind a ball and he loses the ball it stupid places of the pitch. Hearing him mentioned as a CF has interested me though as the one thing he has going for him is bags of pace, with a bit of practice I think he might fit into a back up CF role quite nicely, especially towards the end of games when big centre backs are fatigued

  18. @ Milner

    Great shout with Sturridge. If he is availible for around 10mil (Which i doubt….unfortunately.) He would be a much better bet than Carroll in my opinion.

  19. or – alternatively- we could just f*ck about playing Football manager on our playstations.

    Honestly – what a lot of pussies

  20. The release of Newcastle United’s new home strip has been delayed until Thursday, 9th August, and the third kit will go on sale on Thursday 30th August.

  21. Derek, dont think Obertan can be a striker, his effort against Monaco was hit with no conviction, no disguise and devoid of attacking instinct. The follow up by Gosling wasnt much better…

    It’s interesting that very few people mention Gosling’s name, does he simply fail to master one trade? Can he fill Gutherie’s squad boots?….i doubt it, he seems to lack passing range, shooting confidence etc….

    I think Gosling’s best bet is to become a def-mid ROCK, work on his headers and close control…or face being bumped for Biri.

  22. whatever happened to 3 pots in?

    Kids today….they dont know theyre born…


  23. workyticket says:

    “Whomever we sign, having a head would be a basic requirement in my book”

    Dont give up your day job WT, oh wait…….

  24. Yeah, one could take it that way, worky.

    But after all, Rodgers is completely within his rights to come out and say he’s not going anywhere at any price (even if it’s completely dishonest)…

    If DL & Co. let LFC set a price for Carroll based on what LFC paid for him, they’re fools. Adebayor: 6M, Dempsey: 10M, Maiga: 4.7M, P. Odemwingie: 7-8M?, Berba: 9-10M?, A. Johnson: free, Rodallega: free, Carroll: 20M+??! We should be very careful not to fleece ourselves. Ibra didn’t even cost that much.

  25. hoilet or sturridge for me peters would be ok dont no whats happening with douglas but needs sorting he is class if not peters anita makes me wonder if any of the players mentioned
    we will end up sighning

  26. Whatever his wages, he was effectively a free (albeit with a small compensation fee for Blackburn because as he’s under 23).

    Surely a club can consider that when working out his overall salary ? I wasnt a fan of Hoilett’s but given that we’ve got bugger all else in that department…..

    “The Chronicle understands that wage demands of over £50,000 per week coupled with the compensation that would be owed to the Ewood Park side are likely to kill off any potential switch to Tyneside.

    Instead, United were looking to plough on with their current transfer blueprint and 18-year-old midfielder Gael Bigirimana was at the club’s Benton base yesterday to tie up a £500,000 move from Coventry City”

  27. The De Jong deal is an odd one …some are now reporting he’s gone for as little as 10million to gladbach. Anyone actually have an accurate number?

  28. Cant confirm an eventual fee Sammy but I’m fairly sure that de Jong didnt want to join the Toon.

    “”I’ve told Twente that I only want to go to Gladbach. Borussia are playing in the qualifying round of the Champions League, and it’s best for me to take the next step in my career”

    Plus Twente weren’t ever likely to sell to us as long as there was another club involved ? OK we play hardball but once a club has been “bitten” by the NUFC buying strategy they probably dont feel inclined to get shafted again ?

  29. Sammy J says:
    July 19, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    “The De Jong deal is an odd one …some are now reporting he’s gone for as little as 10million to gladbach.”

    €14 million Sammy J, which converts to around £10.9 million at current exchange rates. Most of the bids allegedly being made by Newcastle United are cobblers and I’ve spent a long time checking it out. We never bid £12 million for de Jong. Ashley wants players at half price and seems to be relying on bluffing tactics to put off other clubs and also unsettling players until the clubs cave in, but it isn’t working at the moment. Other clubs have become wise to it now.

  30. Okay I watched the Monaco match and Santon did not look convincing at RB. I just don’t think he’s comfortable on the right. IMO Debuchy is the RB that will be brought in and Good will sign to cover CB, one more CB in and defense is good. Anita would help alot in midfield and Abeid/Vuckic coming through won’t hurt. A striker would be nice. Someone pacey or mildly useful in the air please

  31. tunyc says:

    “If DL & Co. let LFC set a price for Carroll based on what LFC paid for him, they’re fools. Adebayor: 6M, Dempsey: 10M, Maiga: 4.7M, P. Odemwingie: 7-8M?, Berba: 9-10M?, A. Johnson: free, Rodallega: free, Carroll: 20M+??! We should be very careful not to fleece ourselves. Ibra didn’t even cost that much”

    I wonder if the same pissing off process has taken place at the RBD’s as they now seem to want only a cash bid for AC and appear to have kicked the loan deal into touch ?

    About a week ago I asked whether Carr and his team should maybe seek out players at a lower level, albeit with promise, whose transfer fee would be within the NUFC budget, whatever that is. Then we could stop this nonsense of bidding very little for players whose clubs know they can get more from elsewhere.

    WT remarked a few weeks ago that we passed up on Moses for £2.5m and lost out to Wigan. Yet now Chelski are being told to stump up £10m for him ? So the impression that we recognise great talent almost before anyone else is maybe a little wide of the mark ?

  32. liverpool are just trying everything at their disposal to recoup both silly money & face with regards the ac debacle.
    We should neither help nor encourage their madness!

  33. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 19, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    “liverpool are just trying everything at their disposal to recoup both silly money & face with regards the ac debacle.”

    Clint, this was initiated by Newcastle United as a gambit to unsettle Carroll and then the media inevitably jumped in.

    The story has gathered momentum from the perception that Rodgers’ method has no room for 6’4″ target men, and some misunderstood answers to leading questions by the media to Rodgers himself. It also gathered more momentum with the signing of a young Italian striker who Rodgers worked with at Chelsea, Borini, and probable signing of Clint Dempsey.

  34. workyticket says:

    “Andy, when was there ever an Andy Carroll loan deal to kick into touch?”

    er when Rodgers suggested it ?

    “The Liverpool boss told the Daily Telegraph: “It’s something I would have to look at, I have to be honest.

    “I’m not going to sit here and say I will never let anyone go on loan, then come in here in two weeks and a player’s gone, and you’re saying ‘you said you wouldn’t let them go’.

    “There are many things to going on loan. Is it going to be beneficial for the club, that’s the most important thing? Sometimes a player going out on loan – in general, not just Andy – can benefit the club in the long term”

    However I agree with CF and tunyc (to an extent) that we shouldnt be touching this with a barge pole as the cash is needed to buy players in other key areas.

  35. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “Btw, nice one Andy,Good stuff mate!;)”

    Thanks CF your turn next :)

  36. Anyone else wondering I’d someone else other then the obvious fore-mentioned is ob our radar. I cannot believe we’ll start the season without adding 2 more names, debuchy aside and yet even that is looking a struggle. What happened to the two South Americans we were supposed to be talking to?

  37. worky,
    that’s as maybe mate.
    I won’t be wasting effort caring about such like.

    I stand by what i wrote, they are desperate to eke out as much as possible from whomever & save as much face as possible.

  38. Andy,


    i’ll try & get me eye back in with a match report of the next game, providing i see it all mate.


  39. Also according to Santon Pards told him he would switch to right regardless next season as he was bringing someone else in buy Debuchy would / should play on right not left

  40. AndyMac says:
    July 19, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    “workyticket says:

    “Andy, when was there ever an Andy Carroll loan deal to kick into touch?”

    er when Rodgers suggested it ?”

    Andy, I don’t really have much time for words such as “suggest” or “understand” when used by journalists.

    That was Rogers responding to a question about interest from AC Milan for Carroll which he hadn’t looked at, and the exact wording of the original question wasn’t quoted either, which makes it a little dubious too.

    If you apply the same logic to Rodgers’ full answer, does that mean that every player in the Liverpool squad is being offered on loan?

    Here’s the original Telegraph piece by Luke Edwards which the BBC link you posted was butchered from:


  41. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 19, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    “i’ll try & get me eye back in with a match report of the next game, providing i see it all mate.”

    Clint, it’s on ESPN and Bet365 will be streaming it too if you sign up there. There’ll be others streaming it all too.

  42. Incidentally, when I stated above that a £12 million bid for de Jong was “cobblers,” I forgot to mention that Newcastle United allegedly did make a €12 million bid, which would be around £9.3/9.4 million, but some sites changed this to into £12 million, such is their attention to detail when it comes to getting their facts right.

  43. Four of the most exciting young English (well ones Canadian) talents are, Hoilett, Johnson, Moses and Sturridge, would take any of them.
    Problem is English talent comes with an inflated price tag and we know Ashley is not known for chucking his dosh around(unless it’s for parties in NYC or in the casino)
    I have a problem with Ba on the left while playing a 4-3-3 and so does he, does that mean we will go with a 4-4-2?
    Why not platoon Ba and Cisse, one playing the first half, the other the second half of a 4-3-3.
    Sound radical?, thats because it’s never been done, to my knowledge, but why not ?
    The fact we offered Santon for the Ex Barca wonderkind,at Roma, does not bode well for him and i think he himself would jump at the opportunity, no matter what you hear about him loving it here.
    Debuchy would imo be a deal as good as getting Cabaye, he wants to come and hopefully will(give us the French national right side)
    And right now we need defensive help, bringing in Debuchy, perhaps Sissokho and Douglas, would give us a bit of depth, which we are going to need this coming season.
    But i’m sure our head scout has other options we have yet to hear about and may be in for a surprise, but we need bodies.
    Anyone read that article about a combination of taxes and the new UEFA rules that make it worthwhile for Ashley to spend on players at this particular time, would like to believe it’s true, plus the guy is coining it right now through Sports Direct.
    C’mon show us the money Ash !

  44. Debuchy in that right-back role and Victor Moses in the left AM position.

    i was really impressed with him second half of the season and he seems more comfortable playing wider than Ba did.

    Chelsea want him apparently (god knows where they’ll fit him), so his price and wages would probably be a turn-off.

    finally in that deeper midfield role i think we need someone quite defensively minded if we get Debuchy. He and Santon like to get forward a lot so someone who can drop and cover would be handy.