Newcastle United vs Olympiacos match highlights

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Newcastle United v Olympiacos highlights.
Newcastle United v Olympiacos highlights (opens in new window).

Highlights from yesterday evening’s “Guadiana Torneo” match, which saw Newcastle United drawing 1-1 with Greek Super League champions, Olympiacos, at the Estádio Algarve, Faro, Portugal.

It was Steven Taylor who opened the scoring for the Magpies after 25 minutes on his return from a very long injury layoff. However, Kostas Mitroglou levelled for Olympiacos in the 79th minute, even though they were down to ten men after Francois Modesto was sent off five minutes beforehand for receiving two yellow cards. This meant that the match went to penalties. I won’t tell the result of the penalties if you haven’t seen them yet, but don’t look below if you want to watch them first!

I will try to post a video of the whole game later on if there is one available.


Newcastle United (4-4-1-1): Tim Krul (G), James Perch, Steven Taylor (Paul Dummett HT), Mike Williamson, Davide Santon, Gabriel Obertan (Sammy Ameobi 72), Gael Bigirimana, Romain Amalfitano, Dan Gosling, Romain Haris Vuckic, Shola Ameobi (C).

Subs: Steve Harper (G), Danny Simpson, Paul Dummett, James Tavernier, Ryan Taylor, Jonas Gutierrez, Sammy Ameobi, Cheick Tiote, Sylvain Marveaux, Mehdi Abeid, Papiss Cisse.

Olympiakos (4-4-1-1): Roy Carroll (G), Tasos Papazoglou, Fejsa, Djebbour Rafik, Giannis Fetzatzidis, Siovas Dimitris, Dielna Claude, Vlahodimos, Marinaldo da Silva, Diogo Luis Santo, Torosidis Vasileios (C Marko Pantelic 69).

Subs: Balazs Attila Megyeri, Maniatis, Francois Modesto, Marko Pantelic, Kostas Mitroglou, Jose Holebas, Andreas Tatos, Manolas Konstantinos, Likoeannis Ch, Karagounis Vasileios, Giannis Potouridis, Djamel Abdoun.

Goals: Steven Taylor (25), Kostas Mitroglou (79),
Penalties: 4-4 (Newcastle: Cisse (missed), Vuckic, Amalfitano, Perch, Abeid. Olympiacos: Maniatis, Pantelic, Holebos, Tatos (saved)) .
Yellow cards: Haris Vuckic (53), Francois Modesto (53),
Red cards: Francois Modesto (74, 2 yellows).


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64 Responses

  1. Did i miss something ?
    Who the hell is Paul Dummet ?
    and why are we playing mostly backup players, is this not the time to get some co-ordination to-gether for the side that will open the season ?

  2. Chuck, yes, you did miss something. Dummett, like James Tavernier, is one the the younger Academy / Reserve 20 year old types who should now be nudging his way into the first team setup soon if he’s going to fulfill his potential. He’s a centre back or left back. It will be a very tough job to force out brilliant defenders such as Williamson though. :-) He even made a little cameo over on your side of the pond this time last year.

    The lads are playing two games in two days, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of the big lads in the Braga game later this evening, or even tomorrow evening over there.

    I’m sure that you’ll be overjoyed to know that Junior Hoilett has decided to sign for QPR for free.

  3. They took six years to put up an NHS sign? My friends in Chicago had no clue what any of it was about.

    I think they had the Jam playing “Going Underground” and a snaky tube like thing at one point to signify the “tube”. Nobody had a clue what that was about.

    And “message to you Rudy” for some reason.

    It was bizarre. What would the Chinese think?

    I was in a bar in Chicago watching it and the sound was on. Normally, with Yanks, if there is something clever or funny or spectacular they will whoop and holler and cheer. Never happened once.

  4. GS says:
    July 28, 2012 at 9:25 am

    “They took six years to put up an NHS sign? My friends in Chicago had no clue what any of it was about.”

    Perhaps they should educate themselves a little more about the world outside of Chicago then, GS?

  5. Not really Worky. It was a bit bizarre.

    I know, Danny Boyle did it, so what could I expect from Danny Boyle, right? Maybe I don’t like Danny Boyle or 18,000 army in London because they F2cked that one up as well.

    I have never seen “Slum Dog Millionaire” or Glee or Big Brother. It must be me not liking this contrived shite.

    I will tell you that once people realise there is some “emperor’s new clothes” stuff going on here there will be a reckoning.

  6. On the plus side, my dog is about 80% back to normal, so I am very, very happy about that. I am now prepared for when it happens again, because after all he is old.

  7. On second thoughts. I think it is ME. I can’t watch Jeremy Kyle or X Factor or Glee, because they bore me.

    I don’t happy slap or copy Beckham’s style and I don’t tweet. I don’t live for the Danny Boyle past either.

    I am out of touch with the new England, the new reality.

  8. Woikey
    I think it was a dumb move not to sign Hoilett, as was the case of Moses, who we couldda signed for £2m., but everyone thinks the club is doing good with the present signings.
    We must have a lock on players for the future, cause thats all we’ve signed so far, when do we get the players for the run at the top four ?
    The “right now” quality in depth guys that are essential for the approaching heavy schedule.
    Seems we have abandoned “Big Doug” too complicated and are looking at Swansea’s “Williams” gradually going down the list.
    I’m just hoping we can still sign Debuchy, as the man himself (Ashley) is apparently getting in on the negotiations.
    Appears Cisse is pissed about not being allowed to play for Senegal’s olympic squad, why the hell did they not let him go, whats the difference wheather he gets game time for NUFC or his national side ?
    And i dont wanna hear he could be injured, he could just as well be injured in a friendly for us.
    Now AP will have to deal with a resentfull Cisse, dumbass!

  9. GS says:
    July 28, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    “On the plus side, my dog is about 80% back to normal, so I am very, very happy about that. I am now prepared for when it happens again, because after all he is old.”

    Good to hear, GS. As you could see last night (or yesterday afternoon over there), the Queen’s still putting herself about a bit and she’s about the same age as your Jack Russell (relatively speaking).

    GS says:
    July 28, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    “I have never seen “Slum Dog Millionaire” or Glee or Big Brother. It must be me not liking this contrived shite.”

    Yes, but I suspect you’ve heard of the Industrial Revolution? William Shakespeare? Isambard Kingdom Brunel? The National Health Service? James Bond?

  10. As i dont have a tv where i am, (actually by choice)get in a lotta reading time this way.
    Was dahn a pub larst night, they had the Olympics opener show on and as GS sez, could only be described as “bizarre”.
    What the feck was that about and what did it have to do with the Olympics.
    “Alice in wonderland on acid” ?

  11. chuck says:
    July 28, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    “Was dahn a pub larst night, they had the Olympics opener show on and as GS sez, could only be described as “bizarre”.”

    Not as bizarre as this though Chuck. :lol:

  12. Woikey
    Actually stopped watching the Bizarre production, the local craic was more interesting.
    Did i again miss something?
    James Bond, fer chisakes combined with Shakespear and the NHS, like i said Alice in wonderland on acid.
    I’m sure the rest of the world are still scratching their heads and wondering , what kindda fecked up country is that.
    Plus i understand that neither the Jocks or the Taffs got involved when the National Anthem was sung, dont they know the words?
    I think this demands a serious investigation, with severe penalties (no not penalty kicks)for the offenders.
    Perhaps like our Islamic brothers they could feed fifty
    unemplyed English people each.
    As this kind of behavior just can not be tolerated, or before long you will end up with people jumping queue’s and stop constantly saying sorry to one another.

  13. whenever they try to set Shakepeare to dance/rap music it doesn’t work. That beat doesn’t go right with iambic pentameter.

    Less so the industrial revolution, maybe Kraftwerk could do it. And bridges aren’t the most interesting subject for an olympic show, unless you are into lego.

    There have been many classic songs written about the NHS. I don’t seem to remember any though.

  14. Woikey
    Yeah the US world cup opener was somewhat bizarre also.
    But was both a logistical and financial success and we got the national flags right.

  15. @14, And just ‘coz something else was shite doesn’t mean that this ode to shite wasn’t shite! Put a few violins in there and it makes it classy though?

  16. What I was saying was that you can put in references to Shakespeare and Brunel, but if you make it a dancy dancy thing with cell phones and facebooky nonsense, it turns into nonsense.

  17. GS says:
    July 28, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    “Worky: this is the only song I can remember about a government agency/office:”

    GS, Kate’s Bush did one about the GLC as well. From “GLC, the carnage continues” with Robbie Coltrane as Charles Bronson as “Red Ken” Livingstone.

  18. What it is! It is that they turn up on German TV and that the audience don’t have a clue that these people are some of the most talented people they will ever see. And they clap, nicely. And they also don’t realise this is a snapshot when these artists are at their best.

  19. And the Kaiser Chiefs don’t do their own songs. Say’s a lot. Will Oasis copy the Beatles next, Oh…

  20. MENACE was the perfect punk song! They didn’t even know any lyrics, only the chorus. They strung it out to 1 minute 40 seconds with an extra chorus.


    Boris Johnson :) Fat C@nt, Olympian.

  21. I can translate:

    When I press this special key, it plays a little melody.

    I am adding

    and subtracting.

    de, de

    plus, minus.

  22. GS, the ceremony was aimed at all target audiences so different people won’t understand/enjoy different parts. Can’t please them all. Thought it was alright for the budget they had. No point trying to out-do China.

    The media reaction from the rest of the world is almost entirely positive and well recieved.

    Game tonight isn’t there? Any links?

  23. maze202: alreet then. everybody I saw thought it sucked, 100 people at least. and that was first hand experience and not mejia sucking c@cks.

  24. Bloody hell. I am being stared at by a dog and I have to figure out how to get his heart tablets into him when he wont eat his food? I mashed them up and put them in his water and he wont drink now, the little shit.

  25. Told you Worky: we don’t have 2 teams. I am on my way to Faro now to play left back.

    I am a surprise package. I have been told that fresh air plays a better game than me, so I have to step down.

  26. GS
    being i completely lost interest after the first couple of minutes, i have no clue what took place other than the occasional glance at the screen.
    I suppose their had to be some rhyme or reason behind what took place, i’m afraid it escaped me.
    I’m more concerned by the actions of those non singing Jocks and Taffs during the national anthem, i think it’s all a bit sinister and sense a devolutionary plot.
    A full investigation should be demanded, with the Calypso singer “Lord Such” in charge (all investigations have a lord somebody in charge, right?)
    Lets get to the bottom of this obviously subverive tude on the part of the Taffs and Jocks

  27. So, Elliot isn’t playing? Does that mean he is shit as I think he is and Pardew has changed his mind?

  28. So Chuck, I am on the 3rd date and have reached 2-3 base. Do I, walk away or ask you for the Cialis. She works for Ely Lilly.

  29. Just farting around and waiting for Worky to put on the link for the game…

    My team is


    Simpson Tavaninier Colo Raylor

    Cabaye Tiote Jonas

    Somebody Ba Marveaux

  30. GS
    I suppose you realise what this modern day Spanish Fly does to the system ?
    It raises the blood pressure and could cause a heart attack, (read the disclaimer) just do it the natural way.
    Now if it does’nt work out, she’s obviously not that hot, or you have a mental problem, after all it’s for the most part in your mind.
    Try smoking a joint, will relax you and works better than Viagra ir Cialis.

  31. So is the game on regular ESPN ?
    Portugal are on GMT-1 zone description , which would make it 1930 GMT, not 2030 as listed, no ?
    Or do they not advance clocks one hour during the summer months ?

  32. Even though it’s west coast (Portugal) is further to the west than all of Englands east coast, therefore west of the Grenwich meridian.

  33. Cheers, Chuck my man.

    Same timezone as UK for Portugal.

    I am not worried about the cialis. You have to realise I try to be a bit of a silly f@cker sometimes.

    19 nowt to the toon, I think today.

  34. Cialis is much worse than Viagra. If you take one of those buggers, you won’t be short of a place to hang your hat for three days.

  35. And also further west than all of Englands west coast, with only Ireland situated further west, than either.
    Which means if they advance their clocks one hour, during the summer months, they will have a sunset much later (in time zone -2) than any other European country, with the exception of Galicia in Spain which is basically on the same meridian.
    Got it ?
    So what time does the game kick off ?

  36. Worky @44? How do you know that?

    This girl works for Ely Lilly and I was thinking if she is a bit of a dog the ciallis might help?

    I am sure Toonsy will come on and give me advice.

  37. GS
    The biggest selling tv ad. for, i believe Cialis is…..
    If you have an erection lasting for more than four hours, perhaps you should call your doctor.
    And if your date works for Ely Lilly, i’m sure she has a purse full.
    So smoke the joint anyway and take the pill, could be the ride of a lifetime.

  38. GS says:
    July 28, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    “Worky @44? How do you know that?

    This girl works for Ely Lilly and I was thinking if she is a bit of a dog the ciallis might help?”

    I’ve taken copious amounts of both to help offset the rather withering effect of huge quantities of cocaine in my highly sinful past.

    Cialis would make Bella Emberg look good ;-)

    Chuck, in case you’ve never heard of Bella Emberg

  39. What you have to realise is that I am making light of my problem whilst I wait for the match.

  40. Damn ! no amount of drugs could make Ms.Emberg appealing, but you had better check with GS. he’s the one taking the cialis.
    And his date has to be an improvement on Bella.

  41. Have to say i enjoyed Trainspotting, but Slum Dogs was not my cuppa tea, not to say Danny Boyle is not a good film director, in fact he’s very talented IMO.

  42. Totally agree Chuck, almost like Tetley. It could be our symbiotic, systemic, and green tea moment.

  43. OK gotta go see if my local can get the game, they do it via computer via a French provider, amazing really, can just about get any game being played.
    A definate threat to both Sky and the EPL, with the recent decision deciding as long as the signal comes from within the European Union, it is not considered theft of service.

  44. Well the Olympics opening ceremony certainly seems to have got American right wing nutters wound up with it’s celebration of multiculturalism and free healthcare for all, which is nice.

    I knew two of the people carrying the Olympic flag BTW.

  45. My friend was sayin about the boner drug that if you haven’t had a good time for a while, you may as well F2ck it twice, or what!

  46. GS
    Sorry, nothing as plebian as Tetley, perhaps a little Da hong pao, from Muyi Shan, birthplace of Oolong tea…..