Newcastle United have now bid to sign Carroll on loan says David Craig

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Andy Carroll.
Return of the prodigal son?
Sky Sports North East reporter, David Craig, is reporting that Newcastle united are indeed trying to sign Andy Carroll on on a season long loan, and have “submitted a bid” with a view to making the deal permanent in the fullness of time.

As to whether Newcastle United would be willing to pay the same kind of fee Liverpool paid when they signed him from Newcastle back in January 2011 if they wanted to make the signing permanent he didn’t say. Also, he said nothing about whether Liverpool would be responsive to such a move, so this is by no means certain.

It would be a considerable loss of face for Liverpool, who paid as Newcastle United as much as £35 million for the player, especially so after Newcastle United’s Managing Director, Derek Llambias, tried to humiliate the Meyseyside club in a drunken gastropub rant on Tyneside which was recorded by Toon fans and published in the media.

No doubt, there will be more on this story later, if indeed there is anything to it.


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39 Responses

  1. Seems that the question I brought up a few days ago is even more relevant now, definitely a poser. I for one would love to have him back, especially that we are in Europe now. Think he’ll thrive a bit more with the pressure off of him

  2. Right-oh, Chas :roll:

    There’s nothing on what Liverpool have said. If I were them I’d tell ’em to shove it after Llambias’ vulgar and idiotic bragging about extoting the extra fee out of them and charging them interest to boot.

  3. ChasNUFC says:
    July 15, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    “Haha you cant get anything right workyticlet.”

    Er, neither can you by the look of things, Chas. :lol:

  4. In two minds.

    Whilst everyone deserves a second chance the team has however changed and evolved since his departure to a more flexible and skilled unit.

    Will the players want him back? Saylor probably doesn’t.

    Is this move football or financial driven?

    Will he be third in the pecking order behind Cisse and Ba and therefore a sub for most games although he should be familiar with that role at Liverpool?

    Ba played on the wing and didn’t like it whilst Cisse was upfront. I cannot see Carroll anywhere but upfront but what about Ba, Cisse and Ben Arfa?

    Does Carroll’s arrival mean Ba’s departure?

    Quesions, questions, questions………

  5. No grudges about him leaving to be honest, but football wise it seems like a backwards step towards hoofball. It will probably mean Ba leaves, unlike what most folk are saying about AC coming in as third choice.

  6. If it means Mr 4-4-2 sticks to his formation, that serves no one particularly well, then it’s a real backward step. As Kamar says, dont see AC playing out wide in a front three so if he plays up front with Cisse or Ba then we’re back to square one :(

    Also there were many fans who labelled him “Judas” after he got shoved out of the door, so how would they handle his return and would it cause rifts between the Toon Army ?

  7. I still don’t get this “we’ll go back to playing hoofball if Carroll comes back” thing. We didn’t play like that to a huge extent when he was here.

  8. we’re slowly but surely moving away from 442, a very occasional form now, we need a smaller, nippy forward to compliment our CF types.

  9. AndyMac says:
    July 15, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    “Also there were many fans who labelled him “Judas” after he got shoved out of the door, so how would they handle his return and would it cause rifts between the Toon Army ?”

    Andy, the kind of people who ranted about him being a “Judas” are also the kind of people who just blow in the wind and go with what the crowd are saying. Most of ’em will just have complete amnesia about their previous remarks and bang on about him being a real Geordie and such if he scores goals. Anyway, it’s all still academic ATM. If I was Liverpool, I’d just tell Owlheed and Ashley to shove their bid up their arses after what Llambias said after Carroll’s transfer to and loan him out to another club. Besides, is Ashley going to pay him £80,000 per week?

  10. It may be a chess move to unsettle Carroll even more and have him go to management to push for the move. I still can’t see Liverpool agreeing as they would look like idiots.

    Speaking of idiots, stand up the people who called him a Judas. Did they also call Beardsley a Judas when he went to Liverpool for what I think was a British record at the time?

    And as to formations. Can we not be flexible and have more than one? As I have said before, if we sign Debuchy we will be playing with two very attacking fullbacks so I can see us having a lot of fun on the flanks.

    This cannot happen though. liverpool would be the joke of football.

  11. GS @ 15

    ‘..liverpool would be the joke of football..’

    Aren’t they already?

    Some might say that Liverpool are being realistic, admitting their (previous managers) mistake and taking action. ‘…not throwing good money after bad etc..’

  12. Kamar says:
    July 15, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    “‘..liverpool would be the joke of football..’

    Aren’t they already?”

    No, Kamar, they are one of the two greatest clubs in English football history and we aren’t. We should remember that before we start getting cocky, or at least wait until we have won a trophy in the current century, never mind five European Cups, 18 League trophies and all the rest.

    All our scoffing at Liverpool is just envy really. ;-)

  13. We may attempt to get him back on loan. Can’t see Liverpool ever selling him to us though even for ~£20m. They’d be torn to shreds in the media and such.

  14. I called him a judas and ill stand by it cos he is. If i was him and the club wer “forcing” me out id go home lock the doors turn off me fone and take any punishment given to me. Did he? No he got in the helicopter all smiles and signed away. Id do anythin to play for my boyhood heroes. He had his chance and jumped ship. They r all the same all money grabbers. If u welcome him back ur as idiotic as the 35m we got for him

  15. I think the former fat man and his pals have a sense of humour. At worst we wind up Liverpool and unsettle Carroll. With an offer from Newcastle on the table, I doubt Carroll would accept Wham or Fulham, which is good for us.

    Carroll to Meelan it is then?

    Livened up a slow Sunday though.

  16. webbo says:
    July 15, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    “I called him a judas and ill stand by it cos he is.”

    And after the sop, Satan entered into Judas. Then said Llambias unto him, “That thou doest, do quickly.”

    Now no man at the table knew for what intent he spake this unto him.

    The Gospel of John, 13:27-28.

  17. Well if we’re all fancy and elegant now and score goals with our little pinkies sticking out, Berbatov tweeted on Twitta that Fergie told him he’s on the market for a mere £5 million. The wages would be even heftier than Carroll’s though.

    GS, If I was Carroll, I wouldn’t come back to Tyneside. Never look back as Lot’s missus was telt in the Bible.

    Well it is Sunday! :-)

  18. Berbatov’s wages would be too high, again, for an occasional striker.

    LCG, quick, hungry striker required!

  19. Clint: is “choc ice” racist? I will have to ask Worky as nothing is racist unless he says it is :)

  20. maze202 says:
    July 15, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    “Choc ice is about as racist as it gets. But I’m sure Rio had no clue about it.”

    It reminded me of whem Muhammad Ali disgracefully kept referring to Joe Frazier as an “Uncle Tom,” when he was nothing of the kind, and was a great boxer and a good man too. I never had much time for Muhammad Ali’s rants after that, nor Pele for that matter, who was also a conceited twat.

  21. Andy Carroll fkn sucks big fat fkn d ick. He is one hell of a sh it player and I don’t even know WHY they have bid for him already??? Some people are reporting that we could bid in excess of 17m for this unfinished piece of shit then why can’t Ashley and co. lodge a 15-16m to bring Luuk de Jong to Newcastle?! Plus de Jong has far more potential to be one of the best in the world.

    And I don’t even know why the fk these people think he is good? Like who the fk would wanna bring this peice of shi t bk and pay 80,000 a week when he walked out for £££?! Some people I just don’t understand!

  22. I know I brought it up but this is my last comment on the subject, because it bores me . The British press are hypocrites. None of the white journalists will take a stand on the developing “choc ice gate” because they are sh@t scared of saying the wrong thing. They will roll out Ian Wright or Sol Campbell to do a column.

    If Ashley Cole comes to SJP this season and the crowd chants “choc ice” do you think we will get a fine? F@cking too right we would.

  23. This is what continues to happen when the justice system fails, yet again.

    Lilly-livered, panderers to money!

  24. GS,

    the british press are probably exactly the same as all press, everywhere.
    An unwanted tide-mark around a sink.
    An inevitable side-effect!


  25. Say what you like about Liverpool, but Fenway management are no fools, they realised their mistake and dumped a former great striker but never a great manager.
    He bought a league winning side at Blackburn and inherited a good side at Liverpool, did nowt other than screw up during his time here, that and gave his son a job.
    Though they dont match up with many of the Liverpool sides that came before, they have the nucleus of a good teamn and an excellent manager.
    It may take time but i’m sure Rodgers will achieve some kind of success with the club.
    And anyone who thinks Carroll is coming back Fugedaboudit!
    This is the last place liverpool would send him, just Ashley and his cohorts fecking around to see if it’s possible to make a buck out of the situation.

  26. Justice, are you serious ?
    Was justice done during the Murdoch hearings ?
    Will justice be seved as far as the billionaire Tetra Pac junkies are concerned.
    A kid in Tottenham took a bottle of water during the riots and is doing six months, the dead wife of Rausing, was caught attempting to bring a number of class A drugs to a party at the US Embassy and was given a second chance,friends of prince Chuck it seems.
    Her old man is secreted away in a private hospital, with the Police unable to question him, even though he is under arrest.
    It appears justice is open to all, yeah just like The Ritz.
    Another Von Bulow case in the making.
    And having admitted to calling Ferdinand a F***ing Black C**t, Terry walked, what kind of justice is that ?

  27. Pointing out a double standard is not a lynch mob. I get lost on some of the PC racial semantics. My thing is more that the journlists will be tying themselves up in knots now wondering what will be the correct thing to say.

  28. It is the same with the Army on the streets. The same people who spent years making assurances that London would be safe, now have to explain why at the last minute they need the army. I just like to see these people squirm.

  29. Is it most un PC to find Irish rappers funny?

    I’m just watching a programme on them on BBC3 and it’s cracking me up!

    Chillin’ with my Shillelagh

    Leprechauns ain’t shit!