Gael Bigirimana: Evidence is mounting for imminent signing.

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Gael Bigirimana.
Bigirimana: We should find out soon if rumours are true.
There seems to be mounting evidence that the signing of Coventry’s Burundian youngster, Gael Bigirimana, is on the cards at Newcastle United.

As regular readers may know, I don’t usually go in for these transfer rumours without solid evidence, however site regular, “Stephen C,” referred me to this story claiming that Bigirimana would be having a medical tomorrow, suggesting it was from a source he trusted so I thought I would check it out further.

Since then two independent sources claim that he has already been seen at the club’s Benton training ground, one from an NUFC fan on Twitta who I don’t know, and another from someone I do know. So, after all that, whilst I wouldn’t claim that it is certain by any means, after checking it out, I certainly wouldn’t discount it entirely either, but whatever the veracity, if he has indeed been at the club for talks and a medical is due tomorrow, we should know soon. The player has been the subject of speculation as a possible Toon signing for some time, with fees of anywhere between £500,000 and £1.2 million being suggested.

I’m no expert on Bigirimana, but the 18 year old is a Burundian born player who has been described as a defensive or alternatively a versatile “box to box” midfielder of great talent who won the Football League’s “Apprentice of the Year” award last season, as well as being Coventry’s “Community Player of the Year.” As you can see from the video below, he does seem to be a very nice lad who knows how to charm the oldies in the local community, and he has a hairstyle like a “gonk.”

Last season, he made eighteen appearences (10 as sub) in all competitions in his breakthrough season for the Sky Blues.


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32 Responses

  1. Maybe we’re going to print Tiote on the back of his shirt and sell him to Liverfools for £50million?

    Dead ringer in the pic. :D

  2. He seems to have a lot of fans on the coventry blogs and that’s reassuring. Hopefully he’d be hungry and up for the fight, a good acquisition if true.

  3. GeordieDan says:
    July 5, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    “Where’s this video of him Worky mate? :/”

    It up there now, Geordie Dan. Sorry, I forgot, then I remembered, then there was someone at the door and someone on the ‘phone, then I finally got to bang it in there.

  4. Life in the fast lane mate eh? ;)

    Seems a canny lad this Gael from the video. We know nowt about him as a player so far so I guess he’ll be one to keep an eye on over the Summer.

    Came from nowhere this move so I’m hoping its the 1st of many.

  5. well Victor Moses was a young’n when he signed for Wigan so lets hope he is a good one.

    we could do with a few young kinds like that.

    he looks a bit like that Brazilian. not sure of his name though.

  6. Been bubbling under for a while now this one, looks like it’s coming to a head.

  7. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 5, 2012 at 11:18 pm
    Been bubbling under for a while now this one, looks like it’s coming to a head.

    Why you say that Clint?
    you got Zits?

  8. i got a few of bartons tweets about that louise Mensch

    she is a tory MP. she was getting a ribbing from barton so i took a look.

    claims she had taken Class A drugs.

    then i looked at her husband. Peter Mensch, the manager of Metallica, Jimmy Page and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    a fart in a room with them is enough class A to last a life time.

  9. Stephen C says:
    July 5, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    “Worky ive sent you an email mate.”

    Aye, I’ve got it, Stephen. Cheers.

    On the subject of Victor Moses, he is evidence that the lowball approach can backfire as much as it succeeds. When we were after him, he was worth about £2.5-3 million, Ashley thought he could low ball a distressed seller in administration and wouldn’t go a penny over £ 1.5 million for him even though Hughton really wanted him. Wigan got him for £2.5 million. He’s now a £10 million and rising player. Whelan 1, Ashley 0.

  10. i agree worky.

    but at that time Mike hadn’t plastered his logos all over the place and was looking for a buyer himself.

    its in his best interests to keep the toon in the spot light so no doubt we will find out tomorrow after noon when he is unveiled or fails a medical.

  11. John Guidetti – 20 goals in 23 games and 8 assists for Feyenoord last season and is very impressive if he’s really up for grabs. Problem is that he’s really a Man City player on loan to the Cloggies.

    Where’s Cloggy Bob? Come in Cloggy Bob! What do you think of him if you’re still out there?

  12. There is no way in this world that victor moses is worth even half what whelan is demanding.

    Greedy yet profligate in front of goal!

  13. Rumored NUFC have given up on Jr. Hoilett, due to excessive wage demands reported around £50k. per week.
    Yeah i realise it,s a lotta dosh, but the guy is a free agent (well sort of)and the amount we would have to pay in transfer fees would more than cover his wages for a three year contract.
    Another situation not unlike Moses.
    Boy thes guys are really cheap, probably end up with a few prospects from the second tier.
    De Jong looks like he’s been priced above of our limit, but hopefully we can sign “big Dougie” and “Debuchy”

  14. Chuck. That would defeat the object of a free transfer.

    If we are going to end up paying top dollar for a player over 4 years we might aswell sign someone we like and pay in installments.
    Something I must say mike won’t do either.

    I totally agree with you though. But I think it’s more about principal rather than sence. If they pay hoilet £50k per week that will rock the boat.

    Nice to know he won’t pay his players but he will pay his friends at sports direct will free advertisement and increased profit.

  15. If there is a wage structure, there’s a wage structure.

    If hoilett is more interested in money than football, they can keep him, same goes for any other player.
    Every f***er else is ‘effectively’ getting a pay cut, so they (prem footballer’s) can wear it too.

  16. Clinton

    Just run it by me, which players are “not” more interested in money than football ?

    As for to-days signing Bigirimana, one for the future.
    appears our policy has changed somewhat, being we are signing youngsters who have proven they are only a step away from being PL quality, instead of sixteen year olds, good policy !
    Hell Hoilett has been in the leagues for at least a couple of years playing regularly and is only what 20 ?

  17. Actually saw a comment on him (Bigirimana)they had him coming from Burgundy, though whaaat ! another french guy.

  18. chuck says:
    July 6, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    “Actually saw a comment on him (Bigirimana)they had him coming from Burgundy”

    Chuck, I think they may have meant “Burundi” :lol:

    He was born in Burundi, though he has played for the neighbouring DR Congo under 18s once.

  19. Clint
    Appears you are in agreement with the club wage policy, “pay em as little as possible”
    Sure, sounds good, but just because we made some decent purchases recently, does’nt mean it will continue.
    I believe these were abberations, exceptions to the rule and doubt that Ashley or anyone else, could continue to find such deals.
    Just look at whats happening with McClaren and his Dutchies, not a lotta progress there and even if we did a deal with the club, theres still personal terms to arrive at and an agent who will ask for the moon.
    Sooner or later if we are to have a competitive side, we will have to pay the going price, both in fees and wages.
    I can remember Fergie stating Man U. had a salary cap and would,nt pay Roy keane the fifty grand a week or so he was (his agent)asking for.
    He got it and they are now paying Rooney over two hundred grand a week.
    The cost of doing business in the EPL.
    Thats if you want to compete, unlike Arsenal or Spurs, who have been losing their best talent to those who can pay and we could be in that category too.
    Tell me how can Spurs compete with a wage cap of 70k.p/w ?
    And how could we replace our top players with equally good replacements, for the same small fees we bought em for?
    Hell we better watch out, we may end up like Man. U. listed on a stock exchange and incorporated in the Cayman Islands, dont think it could’nt happen.

  20. Workey
    of course i knew it had to be a mistake and assumed it was the Hotel Ruwanda’s nieghbor Burundi.
    Now tell me is he a Tutsi (the basketball guys) or a Hutu ?
    could be a Fugawy, you know the pygmy guys who jump up and down in elephant grass shouting “were the fugawy”

  21. Ok gotta go, before everyone gets on my case for the last racist sentance, just an old joke!

  22. As a tribute to our new Burundian signing, the lads should walk to this from now on. It would be a nice change from Mark Knopfler’s “Local Hero.” It would probably scare the shite out the opposition too.

    The Burundi drummers

  23. chuck says:
    July 6, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    “Ok gotta go, before everyone gets on my case for the last racist sentance, just an old joke!”

    Off to another KKK meeting, Chuck? ;-)