Cisse and Ben Arfa signed photo competition: The answers, the winners!

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Cisse and Ben Arfa signed photos.
Who are the winners?
Well, it time to give the answers for our latest competiton and announce the winners. Before I do, please accept my apologies for the slight delay in posting this.

The biggest hurdle for most who entered the competition, so much so that I began to doubt my self and all the statistical data I used (including the Premiership’s “OPTA” stats and several others) was the question about Papiss Cisse’s “minutes per goal scored” ratio. Lots of you got all the other answers correct but this seemed to be the real stumbling block.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the questions again, this time with the answers:

Papiss Cisse questions / answers.

Question 1: Papiss Cisse holds the record for the most goals scored by an African player in a season in the Bundesliga. What season was it and how many goals did he score?

Answer: It was 22 goals in 2010/2011 Bundesliga season.

Question 2: In the same season, Cisse won an award for being the most “efficient” striker in the Bundesliga. What is the name of the award he won?

Answer: It was the “EFFIFU” Award.

Question 3 Papiss Cisse scored 13 Premiership goals in a mere 14 appearences last season, but what was his Premiership minutes per goal scored ratio? ie how many minutes of game time it took him on average to score each of those 13 goals.

Answer: As mentioned above, this seemed to be the stumbling block for most contestants. According to OPTA’s Premiership stats, Papiss Cisse scored 13 Premiership goals, and spent a total of 1113 minutes on the pitch in Premiership games, meaning that Cisse scored a goal on average every 85.62 minutes. As the link for that one is to a subscription site and requires a password, I can’t post it. According to Transfermarkt’s stats, he spent 1106 minutes on the pitch, of course, scoring the same amount of goals, giving him an average of a goal every 85.07 minutes. I checked several other sources too, and even calculated it myself the hard way, and they all came out at around 85 minutes per goal, so due to the very slight diferences between various stats providers anyone who put a figure of “85” got the answer correct.

Question 4 Papiss Cisse played for five clubs before coming to Newcastle United (including clubs where he was on loan but not including the football academy, “AS Génération Foot” he attended in Senegal). What are the names of those clubs?

Answer: Douanes Dakar (Senegal), Metz (France), Cherbourg (France), Châteauroux (France), SC Freiburg (Germany).

Hatem Ben Arfa questions / answers.

Qusetion 1 Before Ben Arfa first signed for the club on loan, Newcastle United and his former club, Marseilles eventually agreed on a fee for his season long loan. What was the amount of the fee?

Answer: It was £2 million.

Question 2 In Ben Arfa’s fourth appearence for the Magpies, he was hacked down by a vicious scissor tackle from Manchester City hatchetman, Nigel De Jong, which broke his leg in two places. Which bones were broken?

Answer: His tibia and his fibula.

Question 3 Hatem Ben Arfa scored a goal for Newcastle United which manager, Alan Pardew, subsequently described as “technically the greatest goal I have ever seen.” Against which club did he score this goal, in what competition and what was the date?

Answer: Blackburn Rovers, FA Cup (3rd round), 7th January, 2012.

So there you go. It wasn’t a very big pot to select the winners from in the end because of the abovementioned Cisse minutes per goal question, but the winners are


First Prize: “Glentoon”

*Another drumroll*

Second Prize: “Mikeyboy”

So, it’s congratulations to both Glentoon and Mikeyboy! Hope you like your prizes.

If you can both get in touch again, giving you full postal addresses and postcodes, then I’ll get your packages wrapped up safely.

For security purposes, please make sure you use the same e.mail you used to enter the competition!

Thanks to everyone who entered!


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12 Responses

  1. hey hey its the first time ive won anything haha. thanks workey will send e-mail other now.

  2. I think it is less likely that Ba will leave because of the moves other clubs have made:

    Liverpool signing Borini and possibly Dempsey.

    Spurs signing Adebeyor and Dirty ‘Arry leaving.

    PSG looking at more high profile targets.

    Turkey not being as good a league.

    The noises that Ba is making about staying might be because he realises his options are becoming more and more limited. Having a bunch of Agents touting him can also only confuse and piss off possible buyers. In my opinion, Ba is trying to rebuild bridges and that is a good thing.

    Unlike some others, I think he did a good job for the team even when he wasn’t played as a main striker. He worked hard and even tracked back.

  3. glentoon says:
    July 15, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    “hey hey its the first time ive won anything haha. thanks workey will send e-mail other now.”

    Congratulations mate! I think that everyone who’s won a competition on here has written that, Glen. As I’ve written before, a few people entered, but only four or five people got past the Cisse question on minutes per goal scored. So, once you got the answers correct, you stood about a one in two, or one in three chance of winning one of the prizes.

    I’ve got your e.mail BTW.

  4. Oh, and if Monchengladbach sign Hoilett does that improve our chances for De Jong? I’m just trying to work out some of the “knock-on” transfer effects.

  5. GS says:
    July 15, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    “Oh, and if Monchengladbach sign Hoilett does that improve our chances for De Jong?”

    Well if the media are to be believed, which they usually aren’t, Borussia Mönchengladbach are chasing both players. Hoilett’s played for two German clubs before on loan from Blackburn because he couldn’t get a work permit for the UK initially.

  6. Woohoo!! first this and now Carrolls coming back!

    Cheers mate, I’ll send an email now.

    Can’t wait!

  7. Mikeyboy says:
    July 15, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    “Woohoo!! first this and now Carrolls coming back!”

    Nee botha, Mikeyboy, and congratulations once again to yourself and Glen.

    The first one is a certainty, but I wouldn’t be too sure about the second one quite yet. ;-)

  8. Whadda we turning into baseball, the most boring part of sports is having a bunch of meaningless stats presented to you.
    Can we leave that to the coach geeks, who in turn can present these stats to the manager and if he has clue one on how to use them, then fine, personally for the most part as far as fans are concerned they dont mean shit !