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Ginola and Ketsbaia in their 14 shirts.
Ginola and Ketsbaia in their 14 shirts.
Firstly, many thanks for all of you who took part in our latest competition, this time to win the latest Newcastle United “Season Review 2011/12” DVD.

Well, the deadline for the competition ended at midnight yesterday. So shortly after that witching hour, after checking for any very late entries, I took all the correct answers and selected a winner using the same high tech methods as I did for the previous shirt competition, ie a bucket and some folded up pieces of paper. After shaking the bucket around a bit and closing my eyes, I picked out a winner.

But before I get to that, I will just remind you all of the question asked in the competition, along, of course, with the two answers for the question asked. So, here goes!

Question: What was David Ginola’s shirt number at Newcastle United, and who took it over after he left?

Answer: Daveed’s shirt number was number 14, and after he left the club it was taken by chrome domed Georgian psychopath and enemy of pitchside hoardings everywhere, Temuri Ketsbaia.

So without further ado, the winner of the competition is (drumroll):

NUFC Blog user, “Milner”

So, congratulations Milner, you’ve won. Happy viewing!

If you could send in another message using the same e.mail as the one you used to answer the competition, and of course, enclose your name and postal address / postcode, I will get it on it’s way to you as soon as possible!

Finally, on another note, some of you regular readers out there may be wondering about the paucity of blogs on here over the last few days. Well I’ve just been taking a bit of a break for the last few days for various reasons, and will be getting back into the swing of things more this week (honest!)


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15 Responses

  1. a couple of quick words on Demba Ba –

    first, I have read that the £7m get out clause is only valid in the first year of his contract & expires on 31st July

    second, any club buying him would need to fork out an extra £10m in agent’s fees & signing on fees (which NUFC did not pay as part of the get out clause deal) on top of the £7m to NUFC – a big risk for a dodgy knee!

    I think he will stay at NUFC with the promise of a better contract in his 3rd year


  2. I didn’t watch all the euro match – but I thought Carroll has the makings of a decent centre back !
    How about a cheeky £4 bid to play him alongside Collo?

  3. Well done Milner, you weren’t very good at last night’s shameful, debacle though were you?
    Too focussed on winning this dvd, mate?


    BTW, who was that old lady dressed as a balding, ginger slug?


  4. Say what y’like about pirlo, but allowing an auldy that much time on the ball made me wonder why players like zidane & el diablo (del piero) bothered to retire.

    Joke midfield!

  5. Where’s the winner’s speech then, Milner?

    Supermac, at the risk of going slightly off topic, you’re our archaeology correspondent. What are your views on the latest “Time Team” farce? ie sacking many of the proper archeologists on there and bringing in an ex model to go alongside Baldrick.

    I’m asking because I was having a very interesting discussion yesterday about the celebritisation and dumbing down of “highbrow” television programming, and one of my several examples was how the most eminent Sir Mortimer Wheeler used to be TV’s face of archaeology, and now it’s Baldrick and a dolly bird.

    I’m just curious.

    Aye, they weren’t pressing that Pirlo gadgie enough yesterday evening.

  6. worky,

    aye, even big Al on motd spotted that at half time. He was proved right too.
    Shameful really!

    Aye too, the dumbing down of decent/scientific/docu tv is a total bore. Along with that dumb idea that you want to know exactly what’s about to happen in the drama you’ve just tuned in to watch, 10 seconds before it starts.

    Ccccrrrkkkk!..there goes another gear ground!


  7. I won?!? I won??!! I never win, WOOO HOOO!!! It will help me get over the disappointment of being subbed for a subdued Theo Walcott!

    On that note, Carroll for Welbeck looked good at the time, Carroll won a ton of headers…but then Danny was doing that well enough already. Admittedly, Carroll is almost unplayable in long ball flick ons, but it was our undoing i believe….

    Random flick ons with the hope ur striker reaches them isnt good enough: i’d take Ba and Cisse over Rooney and Carrol – ANYDAY.

    Now, back to my winners speech….i’d like to thank:

    David Ginola (wudnt we just love a new signing with that kind of winger quality)

    Worky, Clint and all the lads that keep this site ticking

    My dad, who’s prob gonna receive this dvd as a belated fathers day gift

    G.Carr for his shrewd transfer silence, unlike chattyman son.

    ben arfa and all the boys who’re gonna make watching this dvd a real pleasure.

    Cheers Boys!!

  8. I see arsenal have captured previously tipped for nufc, Oliver Giroud for 12m. planning a front 3 of Podolski, Van Persie and Giroud.

    Any which way u cut it, that top 5 is gonna be harder next season…even tho spurs are yet to make any big moves..

  9. Milner says:
    June 26, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    “I see arsenal have captured previously tipped for nufc, Oliver Giroud”

    That’s a shame. “Giroud signs on for Toon” (geddit?) would have made a great headline.

    Congratulations, Milner! Funnily enough, virtually everyone who wins the competitions on here say they never win, but this is the blog where everybody wins!

    Darth Broon, If you’re reading, I’ve just had an e.mail from Mr.Idealo saying shirt should be with you shortly.

  10. I guess only Wenger was astute enough to acquire a player of Giroud’s ability, was relishing the thought of a right side that included HBA, Cabaye and Giroud, ah well !
    Guess we must be close to the bottom of the list of prospects by now, either that or the same brinkmanship that resulted in last years window closing desperation bid for Santon is taking place.
    One would think following the enormous increase in TV revenue about to be paid, our owner would dig into his pocket in order to create a side that can compete at a higher level.
    But what was i thinking ?

  11. How man! Milner!

    Divven’t forget to send in your full postal address / postcode so I know where to send your DVD. Do it with the same e.mail you used for the competition as well so I know it’s you.

  12. chuck says:
    June 26, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    “One would think following the enormous increase in TV revenue about to be paid, our owner would dig into his pocket in order to create a side that can compete at a higher level.”

    Chuck, that’s only part of it. Both Mike Ashley and Sports Direct are now worth well over twice as much as they were when they started nailing signs up all over the stadium and renaming it. In between their first renaming of the stadium in November, 2009, and now, Sports Direct shares have multiplied in value three times over (£1 to £3). So that’s even more reason for him to get his wallet out!

  13. Apologies, mistakenly confused Debuchy with Giroud, so thre,s still a possibility of getting him (Debuchy)hmmm!
    Although it appears we have interest in just about every player in Europeat at present, certainly confuses the issue as to who we are really chasing.