Steve Harper – “We’re going to lose half a dozen players.”

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Steve Harper.
Old codger Steve - Feeling the strain.
The forgotten man of Newcastle United, Steve Harper, has spoken out on his thoughts for next season at Newcastle United, claiming that as many as half a dozen players might be leaving, and making an heartfelt appeal for more players in the squad for our upcoming season in European competition.

As to whether this should include any younger, more sprightly goalkeepers to rival him him in the goalkeeper’s pecking order, he didn’t say, though he did have a good old moan about how pre-pre season training is getting ever harder as he gets older. In other goalkeeping news, it seems that Frankenstein’s monster Fraser Forster may well be coming back to Newcastle after all to report for pre season, with a much mooted deal for Celtic still unsigned. But I digress…

Getting back to the Easington shot stopper though, he was speaking to North East news website, “News Guardian” in a video interview on launching a charity “swimathon” called “Reason to Swim” for the Percy Hedley Foundation at Northern Counties School in Jesmond.

Firstly, on his preparations for the season so far, the old codger grumbled:

“It’s probably the hardest I’ve worked. In the summer, as you get older, you need to do that to keep topping up. It’ll be good to see everybody. We’re back in on the fifth of July, and obviously a few of the international lads (Yohan Cabaye, Hatem Ben Arfa and Tim Krul) will get an extra couple of weeks. But it will be good to see everybody and to find out what they’ve been up to over the summer.

On the teams preparations he then added:

“Well the goalkeepers do their own thing. We probably couldn’t do what the outfield players do, and they couldn’t do what we do. It is tailored specifically for us, and hopefully, they’ll take my ageing years into account.

Perhaps you should keep quiet about that, Steve, and keep your Zimmer frame and Motabilty scooter at home. As we all know, Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United is no country for old men!

After a bit of waffle about the Euros, Harper got back on to the subject of Newcastle United, and looking forward to the season to come, including the Europa League campaign and the extra fixtures it will bring.

On this he remarked:

Yes, it’s going to be a big season. But with Newcastle United, every season’s a massive season, the expectation, especially after a fantastic year. Next year, that will be something that’s hard to deal with. We had a small squad last year, we’re going to lose half a dozen players through contracts running out, or running down, so I think it’s important we add to the squad from the numbers we had last year, because Thursday, Sunday, Thursday, Sunday, which hopefully, it will be, will be very testing on a small squad. So hopefully, the people upstairs will take advantage of the momentum the club’s now got, look to build on it and stay at the top end of the league.

Correct, Steve. Though after being left out in the cold over “Bonusgate” back in the days of Hughton, reminding the people upstairs of his age, and nagging Mike Ashley to stick his hand in his pocket (of all things!) makes it seem as if if he’s on a mission to get himself transfer listed, pronto!

On the “we’re going to lose half a dozen players” bit, well, Danny Guthrie, Peter Lovenkrands and Alan Smith are the only ones who have definitely left the club, and that’s three for the mathematically challenged out there, so who will the other three be?

Perhaps he knows something about the likes of Danny Simpson and several other players that we don’t?

The full interview.


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94 Responses

  1. Er!
    Didn’t/don’t we have one of the larger squads in the prem?
    I’m sure there’s a site out there homing in on such stats that i’ve seen.

    So with ‘contracts running out or down’

    Smith, Simpson, Lovenkrands, Xisco, Best(?)
    There’s five!

  2. Exactly what I was thinking Clint except throw Guthrie in there and you have your six

  3. 3 of ’em didn’t even feature or hardly in Peter’s case, then Guthrie & Best will probably move cos they hardly play too.

    It seems Harper’s breaking ranks or not realising what he’s saying.

  4. Yeah – so we need six in to just replace them and wasn’t it Pardew who said at the end of the season that our squad was too small meaning we should be signing more?
    That means we should be bringing in around 10 players. Will we? Will we Hell. (And that’s not forgetting all this worldwide reserve and junior requirement we were told we were aiming at).
    For the moment it’s like that song – “It’s all gone quiet over there”.

  5. The author needs to wake up – He’s missed the point completely. Thankfully the supporters know what he’s on about. Don’t give up the day job.

  6. We do have at least one in, Amalfitano.

    Did we invite that Aussie lad back, or pay for him?

    Oh! & Forster!


  7. Well there’s only three players who have officially left the club, Guthrie, Lovenkrands and Smith, which I’ve added to the blog.

    That still leaves three though if I was Danny Simpson, I would definitely want out after all the shite he’s had to put up with from some fans.

  8. Ed Harrison says:
    June 26, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Ed, good to see you slumming it over here. Hope things are well on your side of the pond.

  9. If you accept that Best, Forster, Guthrie, Lovenkrands, Smith and Xisco are likely to leave you’ve got to realise that only two of those above had any influence on the first team last season and that was minimal.

    If Smiths replacement is Amaltifano, all you need is five more decent players and you’ve dramatically improved the squad.

  10. Best = De Jong ?
    Forster = Jeroen Zoet ?
    Guthrie = Anita ?
    Lovenkrands = Attacking MF ?
    Smith = Amaltifano
    Xisco = any one with two legs who can run !

  11. Vuckic, Abeid, Ferguson and Sammeobi will probably play more of a part next season…

  12. Let’s not forget Ranger as well, he’ll be on his bike before the season starts.

  13. i’m hoping Vuckic will definately be a more dominant member of the squad. If he stays injury free there’s no reason why he couldn’t start in a 3 man midfield with Tiote and Cabaye.Add Marveaux coming back from injury and thats two players pushing for a starting place who barely featured last year. the new french lad makes three midfielders.

    I reckon we only need a forward, a centre back and a full back.

    If Simpson, Best, Xisco, Ranger and Forster do get sold then that money should cover at least a quality forward. then spend 4-6 on a full back and 3-5 on a centre back. squad would be looking good then

  14. what a load of crap this story is!! if its only players like simpson guthrie lovenkrans and smith who are leaving they were shit anyway and who cares? I bet you were one of those idiots who were crying when houghton nolan enrique and barton were told to do one. I’m sure that mr ashley and mr carr will get better players in. Onwards and upwards with ashley! harper can do one as well cos hes shit.

  15. Show some respect you idiot! Steve Harper has been class for years for us! Absolutely rubbish and negative article taking quotes out of context… He’s stating that we’ll lose 6 players and need to bring in more numbers…

  16. Gary says:
    June 26, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    “Show some respect you idiot! Steve Harper has been class for years for us! Absolutely rubbish and negative article taking quotes out of context…”

    Gary, where in the article does it say that he hasn’t been “class for years for us,” Gary? And where have I taken his quotes out of context?

    All his quotes pertaining to Newcastle United are there in the transcript, and the whole interview is there on video, so I can hardly be taking them out of context.

  17. ‘Perhaps you should keep quiet about that, Steve, and keep your Zimmer frame and Motabilty scooter at home. As we all know, Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United is no country for old men!’

    This is hardly showing respect for someone who has been a terrific servant to the club. I think the point everyone is making is that he is referring to players who we know are on their way anyway – he isn’t talking about losing 6 of our star players which you seem to think.

  18. Mal, everyone? You mean two people, and one of those said that Harper was “shit” and should “do one,” which is hardly very respectful, is it?

    Go to your GP and ask to be referred for a sense of humour transplant ;-)

  19. Guys, am I the only one that worries about getting into the Europa league? We’re not in it yet! Why is everyone acting like we’re already in the groups! I think we should be very careful and a bit scared…

  20. Beatski,

    Completely agree that Vuckic, Abeid, Ferguson and Sammeobi will all probably play more of a part next season. Also Marveaux who was out for almost all of the season. Perch may also play more often.

    Of the players who have gone or/and going (Smith, Best, Forster, Guthrie, Lovenkrands, Ranger and Xisco) it was only Guthrie and to a lesser extent Best who contributed to the first team and then only because of injuries to others.

    Harper has been a loyal and good servant for the club albeit lacking a bit in ambition. His current problem, other than being on his last legs, is that he is tainted because of his association with the English gang of four (Nolan, Smith, Harper and Barton) who made the mistake of thinking they ran the football team.

  21. Worky,

    here’s my address for the winners DVD – was thinking of giving u my dad’s up toon, but instead better send it to me for a pre watch, and i’ll hand deliver it to him when i’m next up:



  22. a dose of transfer reality

    values NUFC squas –

    Fraser Forster (£1.8m)
    Tim Krul (£5.3m)

    Fabricio Coloccini (£6.2m)
    Mike Williamson (£3.1m)
    Steven Taylor (£5.3m)
    Davide Santon (£6.2m)
    Danny Simpson (£4m)
    James Perch (£1.3m)

    Yohan Cabaye (£10.5m)
    Cheick Tiote (£9.7m)
    Dan Gosling (£1.8m)
    Jonas Gutierrez (£7m)
    Hatem Ben Arfa (£7.5m)
    Sylvain Marveaux (£5.3m)
    Gabriel Obertan (£3.1m)
    Sammy Ameobi (£1.8m)

    Papiss Cisse (£12m)
    Demba Ba (£13m)
    Leon Best (£2.6m)
    Shola (£2.2m)
    Nile Ranger (£1.3m)

  23. I’d have to argue that Perchino is worth double the £1.3m,

    But the rest seem pretty accurate…

  24. I’m a little confused as to the Poll thats put up with this story, the reason being, i was on the understanding that there were actually 2 group stages in the Europe League now, not just the one then into the last 32??

    So once you get through the first group stage, you enter a second group stage & then into the last 16 due to the amount of teams who’re given Europa League places from all the new leagues around??

    Can someone please confirm this, then I can vote on how far I think we’ll get :)

    Btw, Didn’t Kadar get his marching orders, so you can add his name to the list of 6 too :)

  25. Toon69 says:
    June 27, 2012 at 11:34 am

    “I’m a little confused as to the Poll thats put up with this story, the reason being, i was on the understanding that there were actually 2 group stages in the Europe League now, not just the one then into the last 32??”

    It’s the last 32 after the group stage, Toon 69:

    First qualifying round, second qualifying round, third qualifying round, play-off round (Newcastle united), group stage, round of 32, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, final.

  26. Milner, divven’t put your address up here. I thought that you were going to send it in by e.mail. I’ve saved elsewhere and deleted it from here.

  27. Milner, I was just about to get it sent out, but Amazon want a delivery telephone number if I have it delivered directly to you. I’ve sent you an e.mail about it. Divven’t put your number on here though! Just send it by reply to my message if that’s ok?

  28. SUPERMAC-(is that something you order @ McDonalds)
    Gotta say for the most part you got the numbers fairly close, but anyone paying three million plus for either Obertan or Williamson, would have to be very gullible.

  29. i think Willo stepped up to the mark this season, and at 27/28 yrs old – i’d say £3m is about right.

    Obertan, on the other hand….

  30. Krul, Cisse, HBA, Colo, Tiote, Cabaye & Forster are way wide of the mark from that web site appraisal from a couple of days ago.

  31. Supermac says:
    June 27, 2012 at 9:55 am

    “a dose of transfer reality”

    Supermac, they seem to have changed since you typed them all out above.

    For example, Cisse is down as being worth £16.500.000 now rather than £12 million, but Marveaux has gone down from £5.3 million to just £2.600.000, Danny Simpson’s gone up from £4 million to £4.8 million, Tiote’s gone from £9.7 million to £11 million and so on:

  32. Milner, your season review DVD is ordered. Estimated delivery around 3-5th July. Hope you enjoy it!

    Stay tuned for more competitions soon!

  33. “ has learned that 12 clubs of those 23 Premiership and Championship clubs have now been inspected by the League’s independent standards organisation, with Newcastle one of three teams who have been given an indication that they have failed to reach the top ranking”

    I’ve often wondered why it is that despite the so called wunderkinds signed by NUFC over the years (Spear, Kadar to name but two) we still end up with almost nowt to show for it ? Particularly when compared to “tinpot” clubs like Stoke, Fulham and the Makems ?????

    Boro have always had a good set up so I cant understand why the Fatman hasnt just gone out and poached the top men from Rockliffe Park ? Pretty sure they must be better than the shower we’ve got at the moment who now seem almost resigned to shipping out entire teams of youngsters at the end of each season :(

  34. Worky, cheers mate, looking forward to watching it all back…esp Liverpool home and Chles away!

  35. Andy,
    tbh, it’s a lot easier for their bairns to get a game playing for that shoite like!


    Krul, Ferguson, Ameobi’s, Vuckic, Saylor, Forster, there’s a few.

  36. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 27, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    “Krul, Ferguson, Ameobi’s, Vuckic, Saylor, Forster, there’s a few.”

    Clint, there’s a question of definition there. I suppose that the Ameobis, Steven Taylor, Fraser Forster and Shane Ferguson would count as NUFC Academy products. However, Tim Krul was a product of the Den Haag academy and was signed as just a very young senior / reserve player rather than as a bairn for the Academy. Ditto with Vuckic and NK Domzale in Slovenia.

  37. worky,
    i thought if they came here at a ‘certain’ age they qualified as ‘home grown’?

    Maybe i just didn’t read the memo correctly, or at all?


  38. Stewart Downing, Adam Johnson, James Morrison and Wheater have all come through the ranks at Boro and then sold on. Apart from AC and Saylor we’ve had very little in the way of top class players coming out of the Academy.

    Krul was boought in when he was 18 as was Vuckic and I’m not sure you can count Forster, Sammy and Fergy as top class and Shola….?

    This may not be the entire list but here’a some of the Academy fall out for 2012.

    Joan Edmundsson
    Matty Grieve
    Ryan Donaldson
    Dan Leadbitter
    Patrick McLaughlin
    Andy Mogwo
    Aaron Spear
    Ben Tozer
    Fabio Zamblera
    Ryan Donaldson
    Ole Soderberg
    Jeff Henderson
    Phil Airey
    Sam Adjei
    Stevie Folan
    Tamas Kadar
    Greg McDermott
    Patrick Nzuzi

    Kazenga LuaLua was the only one who commanded a fee although technically he wasnt Academy when he left !

  39. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 27, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    “Howay the Lasses!”

    That one on the end looks rather well upholstered for a footballer, Clint. She must be in charge of the half time pies, a relative of Micky Quinn, or both. I certainly wouldn’t want her landing on top of me anyway!

  40. workyticket says:

    “I certainly wouldn’t want her landing on top of me anyway!”

    You’d love it !!!! :lol:

  41. Andy,

    downing (snigger), a johnson (bit part player at manc, good though(‘on his day’)), jim morrison wba (not bad), wheater (catweazel) not quite sure if he’s good or bad tbh.

    No one’s saying Shola/Sammy, Fergie & Forster are top class like, just that they’ve come through. Although Forster has won a few titles now.

  42. The keeper in that photo looks miserable as sin! Cheer up love you’re having your photo glen for Christ’s sake!

  43. Aye that’s what typing on my phone gets me! Obviously my last message wasn’t meant to say glen, it was meant to say taken!

  44. Scott @56: you must have a bloody weird phone that confuses “taken” and “glen”. Agree about the miserable goalie, that’s what I noticed about the picture as well.

  45. Isn’t the bigger picture that no team is producing home grown talent, so why would we be any different?

    And why does a fat, useless Mick Quinn ever get quoted on anything ever, ever, like, ever. Yeah, he’s got some goalscoring record, but he always talks shite.

  46. GS says:
    June 27, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    “And why does a fat, useless Mick Quinn ever get quoted on anything ever, ever, like, ever.”

    GS, Did you know that Micky Quinn once had his horse trainer’s license suspended for cruelty? He sat on the horse!

  47. Worky @61, I got to 54 seconds of his pap and couldn’t be bothered to listen to any more.

  48. Since I am the only one on here:

    Why do the commentators say Barcelona one minute and Barthelona the next.

    And they say Merielesh, but not Shhvehnshhtieger.

    And Rosicky or Rodsidsky or whatever they try to say.

    And are they in Munich or Munchen, I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE UP THEIR MINDS.

  49. Steve McMamanemenmeneman is commentating in scouse here like, so I doubt the Yanks can understand him whatever he says.

  50. It’s like watching England play it is so boring.

    And, no, Worky, it is not tactics or cat and mouse. It is just crap (so far).

  51. Clint: the Rosicky one is the worst. They have co-commentators saying his name differently from one minute to the next.


  52. I think Cameron will be wanting to take both teams’ benefits away as neither is looking for work.

  53. GS,
    only the under 25’s mate.
    Oh! & the old, sick, mothers & bairns.

    Some commentators try & say names correctly, others are phillipsteens & just won’t try.

  54. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 27, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    only the under 25′s mate.
    Oh! & the old, sick, mothers & bairns.”

    And Geordies, Clint. He wants to start paying people in the North lower benefits than people in the South.

  55. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 27, 2012 at 9:45 pm


    aye, what a surprise hey?”

    What is, Clint? Hugo Viana? Or slashing Geordie benefits?

  56. GS says:
    June 27, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    “Haven’t Portugal ever heard of “bird in the hand”?”

    They prefer two in the bush to one in the hand over there, GS.

  57. I decided I was only going to the Pub for one game this week and today wasn’t the day, thank God. C’mon Germany.

    Luckily I don’t bet on the scores, but I am not bad on results.

    Even though Italy looked good against England… My dog could have beaten England, he has better ball control. Scott Parker – limited footballer. We all knew that after watching his run around in circles routine for NUFC.

    I also think that Ferguson will end up a better player than Milner. So there!

  58. Worky, me old Mucker. Is it Pirlo time or Cataneccio tomorrow? You too Clint.

    I don’t think the Italians have a chance.

  59. I’m also trying to work out a girl, and 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 doesn’t describe any of that shit. She has nicer hair than Andrea Pirlo though.

  60. GS says:
    June 28, 2012 at 6:17 am

    “Worky: Please put up a new thread so I can erase all knowledge of my last comment.”

    8AM, London time, GS. 90 odd minutes. I’m just polishing it off now.

  61. GS @88 says “My dog could have beaten England”
    – that team would struggle in the PL, but surely we knew that before they started. Their best hope was a penalty shoot out – and we knew they would cock that up as well. So what exactly was the point of the whole fiasco?