Ba not a big enough name for us says Galatasaray chairman.

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Demba Ba.
Ba: Cold shoulder from Turkey.
Well, the latest “silly season” non-story about Galatasaray making a “daring raid / swoop” for Demba Ba seems to be dead in the water, with Galatasaray’s Chairman, Ünal Aysal coming out and saying that the club will not be making a move for the Toon’s Senegalese hitman.

Claiming that the striker wasn’t a big enough name to replace ex Liverpool striker and bouncing Czech, Milan Baros, if he leaves the club. Baros can currently be seen strutting his stuff at the ongoing European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine. Of course, when he suggests that “Ba” isn’t a big enough name, it probably has nothing to do with the fact that it is only two letters long (sorry, I’ll get me coat…).

Anyway, Aysal told the meedja:

“Ba’s name was suggested to us by a committee member and we opened negotiations after approval from (coach) Fatih [Terim].

“However, negotiations have stopped. We already have [Johan] Elmander and have two other strikers.”

“The future of [Milan] Baros is uncertain and if he leaves, we will replace him with a bigger name. Demba Ba is not that striker.”

However, Turkish journalist, Mahmut Donuk, told a slightly different story, suggesting that it could be the old “ticking time bomb” in Ba’s knee could have been the real problem, if indeed this isn’t just another daft shadow play, possibly involving one of Ba’s army of phony agents or whatever.

Donuk allegedly told Newcastle United site, NUFC Fans:

“The situation is pretty complex. Galatasaray wanted Ba at first and they spoke to Newcastle United. Now, they’ve changed their mind. I don’t think it’s about wages. There is a real concern that his medical record in the past hasn’t been great.

“There were reports here in Turkey yesterday that the management wanted Demba Ba but Fatih Terim didn’t want him. So, there was this conflict in the management too.

“The club has now decided against signing Ba.”

In other news, it has been alleged in the French media that while Newcastle United have made a bid for Yohan Cabaye’s close friend and ex Lille teammate, the Lille and France full back, Mathieu Debuchy. According to Lille’s chairman, Michel Seydoux, it was only a mere €5 million (approx £4 million) and understandably turned down. If true, this would be less than half of Debuchy’s current estimated valuation, though this would be nothing new for the new Newcastle under Mike Ashley.

Seydoux said:

“Newcastle proposed a fee this week of five million euros for Mathieu Debuchy, who is under contract until June 2015,” said Seydoux, then adding:

“We are not sellers. We did not sign a new contract with Mathieu last year to get one further season. He is part of our plans. He is a man of Lille!”

So there you have it, more silly season nonsense to keep you entertained!


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30 Responses

  1. has he puck joey harvey you should work for the mirror with that rubbish your spouting that boys going no where this summer

  2. Yep…nothing at all…utter rubbish anyway he’d never inform the world via twitter

  3. god only knows but the other joe heavey is a mackem. jealous muppet sit back down in the mid table

  4. Cabaye’s the one to worry about so far with these Euros ATM. Unless, of course, Benny gets a start for France and scores an amazing mazy, dribbly hat-trick or something like that.

  5. i completely agree Cabaye has been on fire and running there midfield as he does with ours but cant see him going either, i think ba is a gone and perhaps tiote. But think Cabaye will stay and hopefully will bring Debuchy back from the euro’s with him ;)

  6. Err lads,

    Have you seen the only ‘over the head’ t-shirts on two for £20 are Ba, Cisse, Tiote, Collo and Krul!

    Surely these would be the most popular and worth a premium, unless…

  7. Stephen C says:
    June 17, 2012 at 5:30 am

    “that would be 9, worky”

    Aye, thanks, Stephen. But that list doesn’t include Alex Gontran, who was named as his official agent when a gadgie called Armand Doom claimed to be his agent and that he was planning a mave to Manchester United. Then there’s Demba Ba’s brother, who is also involved in representing him. I think there may be more too. It’s all very complicated.

  8. er…… I would have thought the fact that the tosspot cant spell Joe Harvey would suggest a wind up ?

  9. AndyMac – Thank You!

    And by the way the number of Agents Ba has working for him is 19. That’s the big secret behind his squad number. Sorry to blow it like that Demba, but they were bound to find out soon.

  10. Armand Doorn, the agent who claimed he was represnting Ba in a move to Manchester United, the agent who Ba referred to as a liar who had nothing to do with him, still has a picture of Ba on his agents site’s “hall of fame” section. So he is still trying to suggest that he is a representative of Ba, or has been in the past.

  11. Sat 19 15:00 H Reading PREM
    Tue 29 19:45 A Aston Villa PREM
    Sat 02 15:00 H Chelsea PREM
    Sat 09 15:00 A Tottenham PREM

    Games during the ACoN!

  12. Carroll Wins Over England Doubters – says another blog.
    Well, he did score a classic english forwards’ header, but in that game he reminded me of another lost great hope – Mark Hately.
    It was soon realised that Hately was not the type of player to lead a successful top side (club or country) and he was soon replace by the Linacre-Beardsley type forward – England & Liverpool should beware.

  13. supermac,
    when rooney plays the complacency will come flooding back, ac will be dropped, walcott won’t start, cheater young will along with welbeck. rooney will probably get sent off etc etc.

  14. Clint – Woy will play Rooney, he can’t not play him, hopefuly with the team he finished the last game with.
    We should win, but it will paper over cracks – I’m not impressed, and not realy wery interested.

    I am intesested in Spurs home chelski away villa home – hard start? I bet they think so! I see 7 points here.
    We will find spurs a shambles, even they have no idea who they will play. Could catch chelski cold for a point. Villa are a mess.

    Sod europe – HWTL