Will United Sell Cheick Tiote?

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Cheick Tiote.
For Sale?
As we move into the perilous waters of the summer transfer window, rumours abound about which players are going where, who is available, who is unsettled and how much money players are valued at. For Newcastle United, it is a particularly worrying time on the “selling” front, as the players who were brought in last time have established themselves in the English Premier League and are now “household names”.

One such player is Cheick Tiote – United’s beast of a defensive midfielder. One of the reasons our defence did so well in the season just finished was that the opposing teams had to get past Tiote first – no easy task. So it was surprising, and somewhat puzzling to the Toon Army, that with 11 games still to go the ever popular Derek Llambias decided to hang a “For Sale” sign around Tiote’s neck.

As I’m sure you’ll remember, for whatever reason Llambias decided to bang his gums to the press in March and utter the words:

“We’ll be losing one or two names this summer, but that’ll be regenerated back into the squad, for instance, Tiote has been with us a year and a half. He is out there. People know he’s a good player. He’s proven in the Premier League. How are we going to stop a big club from coming in for him? It’ll be very hard. If someone knocks on the door, the reality may be that we have to trade.”

Tiote has repeatedly gone on record in the past as saying he likes it here and doesn’t want to go anywhere.

“I’m a Newcastle player, my future is at Newcastle. I’m playing for Newcastle and I have to finish this season strongly and help the team get into Europe”.

There’s also an unsubstatiated rumour that he has already turned down Chelsea once because he didn’t want to live in London – can’t blame him for that!

However Alan Pardew has also seen fit to fan the flames and hint at a Tiote exit, although he at least has had the decency to state that it would take big money to get him away from United:

‘We have one or two players here that top clubs, I’m sure, will be interested in, but the one thing I would say on that is that they are going to have to pay a lot of money to take anybody out of here because we are obviously in a good position, not just on the playing side, but financially as well. ‘We are always on our guard with Cheik because we realise that to us, he is very, very important and it would be very, very difficult to get him out of here.’

Sadly, there are clubs out there who have that sort of money. Chelsea and Manchester United have been named in the media as having more than a passing interest in our midfield stopper, but what they may have to decide is whether they want to pay the sort of money that Mike Ashley will demand or whether there are other options out there which would represent better value for money. They would also need to take into account that he gets a lot of yellow cards and will be missing when the Africa Cup Of Nations comes around next season.

Articles have already started to appear in the media about United selling Tiote. Recently Duncan White of the Sunday Telegraph said “I think Newcastle will do controlled selling – people will look at [Cheick] Tioté and [Yohan] Cabaye, and, apparently, Demba Ba has an interesting release clause. I predict Tioté and one other to go.” At best just speculation, at worst – he knows something.

We’ll just have to see. Articles are also already beginning to appear in the local North East press about who United might get to replace Tiote if he goes. Vurnon Anita of Ajax has recently been mentioned – 23 years old and 3 caps already for the Netherlands. Personally I would love it, just love it if Ashley came out and said “None of our big players are available at any price”. Sadly, as we know, that isn’t going to happen folks.

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66 Responses

  1. Newcastle finished 5th in the prem. That’s the players not the city, if we are to improve then changes must occur. I think Tiote is an excellent player, but if big money is to finance the next stage then you won’t get it flogging Simpson or Williamson. Unfortunately we didn’t qualify for the CL so the big money needs to come from somewhere…that’s not likely to be from Ashley’s pocket, so I suspect they may sell a big name player. So be it….football is an evolving process and if they really want to kick-on and compete in domestic & European competitions then NUFC will need to evolve also.

  2. Discussion I had with a mate last night who is usually spot on.

    They will have to force him to leave like they did to Carroll.

    Tiote loves Newcastle, and is not interested in any more money unlike Carroll.

    Rumours I have heard is Man City are after him, have been watching him for months, and the club have been pushing Tiote to meet City, and City are willing to pay Ashley whatever it takes to get him.

    Tiote however appears to be rebuffing any discussions.

  3. Tiote has already stated that he will consider his options over the summer window. I think he’s going to go, and personally I’d rather he went than Ba, Krul or, ben Arfa. Tiote’s a brilliant player but we’ve a replacement lined up and if we got £20 million for him then we could turn him into several quality players! It’s all part of the plan HWTL.

  4. long term contract’s mean nothing to other clubs tiote signed on until 2017 and should at least see out some of that contract deal.

  5. Oh yea!

    Well done to the reserves ‘7’s’ for winning a trophy in HK.


  6. BillytheFish @ 2

    I hope that’s not true!!

    Citeh have the money to buy anyone they want – I’d like to see Droopy’s face, for example, if they went in for Modric! LOL!

  7. UTD111 says:
    May 21, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    “Citeh have the money to buy anyone they want – I’d like to see Droopy’s face, for example, if they went in for Modric! LOL!”

    It’s just jealousy UTD111, because even his dogs have have got more in their bank accounts than we have put together. :-) Anyway, if Man City really wanted Modric that much, Spurs would probably want Adebayor AND Milner or Adam Johnson going the other way, which wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

    On Tiote, he isn’t worth quite as much as some people think, and even though his value is rising all the time, the sums being bandied around are still somewhat ambitious, and the stories of big clubs falling over each other to sign him for over £20 million are somewhat exagerrated too. Ashley will find it far more difficult to pull off another Carroll style sting, expecially now that Comolli the Clown has been fired again.

  8. Shouldda stay or shouldda go ?
    It’s unusual to find a pro footballer, neither interested in more money or a move to a big club.
    Though i really doubt it’s the case.
    Wishfull thinking on some fans part i assume.
    Appears Llambias is trying his best to flog him for big bucks, which i very much doubt he will get.
    If we are offered anything over 15m. grab it, as he can be replaced.
    Or a deal made where we receive Johnson + cash.
    DM’s like Tiote are not that hard to find, just not for the 3.5m or whatever it was we originally laid out for him.
    IMO he still is not the finished product, too physical, poor distribution, but with a hard shot, that some of us would like to see him take, more often.
    Who knows perhaps with good coaching he may turn out to be an outstanding player, which he is not at the moment.
    But then what do i know ?

  9. We’re all discussing which Newcastle United players will be poached, raided, swooped for or whatever, and which players the Magpies will be poaching themselves. However, no one seems to have mentioned what would would happen if another club poaches Graham Carr? The club’s PR policy of moving him to the fore may backfire. Liverpool have a vacancy for a start.

  10. UTD111

    Yeah right, i would never forgive myself !
    I doubt if anyone with a brain in his head is really interested in Pardew, otherwise we would have heard something by now.
    I hear De Boer is going to be the chosen one ?
    Good choice IMO, hell any of the Dutch Masters.

  11. WORKEY
    Never heard of a chief scout being poached, but then what do i know.
    Actually Liverpool have in Clarke, the making of what could be one of the best young managers of the future.
    Another one , like Rodgers who served his time under Morinho.
    Hell if given the chance i would trade Pardew for him, never mind Liverpool.
    But i think a combination of De Boer and Clarke could revive Pools future, at least i think the Fenway Group seem to have done their homework, instead of listening to the fans, who in fact were responsible for King Kenny’s disasterous spending.

  12. Carr’s in his early 70’s right? Probably working for love rather than money at this point and more likely to retire than move I would say.

  13. UTD111
    Whaaat ? turned down the great Liverpool? whats up with those crazy Nederlanders, probably drinking too much Amstel ?

  14. The other thing about Carr is that this is becoming his team and maybe he wants to leave a legacy now that he is becoming known?

  15. Chuck says:
    May 21, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    “at least i think the Fenway Group seem to have done their homework, instead of listening to the fans, who in fact were responsible for King Kenny’s disasterous spending.”

    Comolli the Clown’s disastrous spending, Chuck, for it was he. If this Fenway group have really done their homework, one name which doesn’t seem to have been mentioned very much who they might be sniffing around is Pellegrini.

  16. Chuck says:
    May 21, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    Whaaat ? turned down the great Liverpool? whats up with those crazy Nederlanders, probably drinking too much Amstel ?”

    Brendan Rodgers must have been on the Amstel too then, Chuck, as he turned them down too.

  17. Having been out of the “loop” this weekend, how many Managers have now turned Liverpool down ?

    Rodgers, de Boer maybe Martinez ?

  18. AndyMac – last I heard, Martinez had been given permission to talk to them, but the Liverpool fans have been whingeing that he’s not good enough.

    Arrogant fookas

  19. Heard someone on Radio on the way home last night saying Dalglish got sacked for 6 months of poor results and Fenway want Martinez for 6 good results in one season. Tad harsh but I can see where they’re coming from :)

  20. AndyMac says:
    May 21, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    “Having been out of the “loop” this weekend, how many Managers have now turned Liverpool down ? ”

    And Chelsea, Andy. Guardiola, Don Fabio, Jupp Heynckes (Bayern Munich) and Elvis Costello have all ruled themselves out of going to Chelsea.

  21. At the risk of annoying wor Chuck – I think Martinez still has a lot to prove. Needs to develop a bit further before he gets to revive a fallen giant like the Scousers (big job there – crap team and all the money spent!!)

  22. Just read about the Ressies winning in HK and new boy Lubomir Satka doing well apparently ?

    Also now Chelsea have edged Spuds out of the CL, we’re booked for Qualifying Round 4 of the Europa League on 23rd/30th August, so plan your holiday dates carefully this year people.

  23. Don’t know if your just bating us Chuck…I cent think of too many who can do the Tiote role so well. Yes he needs to develop some aspects of his fame but he us young & more importantly seems to fit. This could be a team that grow together into more that a collection of promising individuals. Part of Manure success is undoubtedly because they are familiar with each other. A very average, side they are at the moment aside from Rooney plus 1 or 2 others yet aside from City nobody was in touching distance of them!

  24. …apologies for my poor use of the English language. Haptic keyboard, predictive text, & fat thumbs is not the recipe for success.

  25. Martinez would probably save liverpool from relegation next season…Just!

    liverpool put out a call to their fans oin twitter just last week asking for suggestions, howay, keep up!

    de boer has maybe been on de beers?


  26. liverpool is the new ‘poison chalice’.

    If di matteo gets the chelsea job, which looks unlikely, he will be expected to do it on the cheap (moneyball).
    That’s his best chance.

  27. Sammy J.
    Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to tell and sometimes a little of both, would’nt refer it as baiting, just throwing in something humorous.
    But i was’nt kidding bout Tiote.
    One problem is distribution, which is very important for a ball winner.
    From what i see he has reverted to dumping it to the nearest black and white shirt, whereas for a while he looked around for “the pass”.
    Plus ease up on the hits, sometimes leaning on a guy or
    channeling him in a certain direction works just as well, plus it does’nt result in a card.
    It’s about coaching and with our so called defensive genius manager, whats up with that ?
    I’m sure Chris Houghton would have covered that.
    But then what do i know ?
    Amsterdam time, later.

  28. UTD111 says:
    May 21, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    “Why would De Boer leave a cracking club like Ajax for the total mess and madhouse that is Liverpool?”

    UTD, I’ve been following Ajax for decades, and I can tell you they are more of a madhouse than Liverpool! It’s been a bloodbath there behind the scenes recently with all the power struggles involving Cruyff, van Gaal, van den Boog and so on, which is quite normal over there. If you follow Ajax (and NUFC), you get all the soap you ever need!

  29. if newcastle want to progress from this season bearing in mind we will have a hell of alot more games next season we kinda have to sell tiote for the sake of squad depth. hes a player among the ranks thats worth the most money and is very replacable. guthrie did a cracking job covering him and guthrie isnt what u would call world class. if we want new players someone has to leave and id rather it was chiek as much as i rate him than say cabaye cisse ben arfa etc. that will free up alot of funds for “younger cheaper better imports”

  30. chuck,
    Tiote gets cards for brushing past & tapping players on the shoulder mate. Sometimes he gets them just for looking scary!


  31. indeed i am, well noted. however his form at the end of this season has been 100 times better. he still frustrates me but his value to the team has improved significantly since he was hauled off at half time against blackburn after losing the ball every time he touched it. not saying im his biggest fan but he is warming to me and is obviously worth money due to his flair when he decides to use it. he produces moments that can change a game and is not replaceable on the cheap. tiote is however

  32. goodoldjimgold says:
    May 21, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    “Anyone else get an email off Pardew?”

    He’s always bugging me to ask for advice, Jim.

  33. Who gives a shite this is football,who was Tiote 3 years ago? out with the old in with the new! I support Newcastle United Football Club not Tiote or Cabaye or Ba or Cisse or even Ben Arfa for that matter. Dont get me wrong there brilliant players and i love them but football is all about money so i try not to get too attached to players anymore. nufc 4 life

  34. I just looked through Tiote’s yellow card record and he got more after the turn of the year. There were people saying in the early games that he wasn’t as effective so maybe he needs that agression and consequent cards?

    I don’t recall him ever getting a red and can really only remember one suspension in the 2 years he has been here. He also doesn’t really seem to change his game even after a card.

    I could be wrong. Clint???

  35. Only read Comments 1 and 47 not all the rest in between and I agree with both! Tiote is a cracking player but as per the point I was making yesterday about Freiberg improving in the 2nd half of the season in Germany despite losing Cisse, sometimes you have to let one of your top players go for the good of the club! If we could spend the money from one good sale on 2-3 good experienced players with a decent track record who will give us strength and further depth then yes selling Tiote is a feasible option and not necessarily unthinkable!

  36. GS,
    he doesn’t really alter his game after cards mate, ya’ right. 20-30% are for being Tiote now.
    Sad but true!

    interesting angle mate & not without merit.

  37. Chuck @ 38

    My gut agrees with ur views on Pardew, yet maybe he is capable of growing and adapting, hell footbal isn’t rocket science, so maybe he can find the right formula next season but let’s hope its more bells & whistles as opposed to door bolt catenaccio he’s built a good team spirit with players yet to reach their potential which is why I’m keen to keep them together for a season at least. Nothing worse than unfulfilled potential.

  38. Sammy J says:

    “…apologies for my poor use of the English language. Haptic keyboard, predictive text, & fat thumbs is not the recipe for success”

    Thats your excuse Sammy but what’s Chuck’s ? :)

    Mick, sorry but I get more and more concerned everyday that fans with a love for this club are getting brainwashed by the Trolls in charge.

    Selling Tiote is one giant step backwards especially with a new season in Europe beckoning. IMO we need all the players we can get which is why Simmo and Guthrie should be given new contracts. If we’re going to have a go at the Europa we’ll need two, almost identical XI’s with quality in both. Otherwise we’ll run the risk of failing in two or three cups and BPL form could also suffer.

  39. GS says:

    “I don’t recall him ever getting a red and can really only remember”

    Sadly I do GS the ill prpeared affair at Stevenage where your mate Twinkle Toes went with on record saying

    “Looking at some of my players we were running on empty – the team was a shadow of the team that played at Wigan and against West Ham. Four or five players looked like they were shot. We’ve had a really tough period. The injuries and the effort took its toll tonight and unfortunately we were on the end of a defeat that we wouldn’t like”

    Whereas the Boro’s manager Graham Westley commented:

    “I don’t think you win if you don’t expect to win!” :(

  40. Also, Tiote doesn’t seem to commit “bad” fouls, you know stamping, scissoring, two footed lunges. I would agrue he is “not that type of player”. Maybe refs pick up on that.

    Although if Nigel De Jong, Ryan Shawcross, $tevie Me and John Terry are also “not that type of player” then perhaps it is all an illusion and bad fouls don’t really exist.

  41. Sammy J says:
    May 21, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    “hell footbal isn’t rocket science”

    So why are football managers paid more than rocket scientists, Sammy? ;-)

    As the greatest football master of all once said:

    “Football is a simple game. It’s just very hard to play it simply.”

    And his message to Pardew:

    “Avoiding playing badly is easier than trying to play well.”

  42. workyticket says:

    As the greatest football master of all once said:

    “Football is a simple game. It’s just very hard to play it simply.” And his message to Pardew: “Avoiding playing badly is easier than trying to play well.”

    Not the same man who gave this message to Pardwho ?

    “We were always confident, but we were never over-confident. Being cocky is a form of ignorance. It means you are talking too much and if you are guilty of that, an opponent will bring you down to earth”

  43. can i just rewind for a minute………I’ll keep it short and sweet! Remember the anger and upset when we lost Carroll,Barton,Enrique and Nolan? Well now look at us?

    Its not up to Tiote weather he wants to stay or go its up to his agent loyality in football is dead so forget it. Just remember the name on the front of the shirt is more important than the one on the back….Newcastle united

  44. hahaha…. up abit to the right there is a badge! can you see it? that badge makes me go all funny when i see it, its like falling in love for the first time

  45. OK J? This is the question I have never asked anybody. Why are there sea horses on the badge?

  46. Andy Mac @ 52: Tiote is fantastic for us, works his arse off and takes no prisoners! one of our players of the season and undoubtedly he would be a big miss if he went but…
    How exactly are you proposing NUFC put together two strong XI’s packed with quality players unless we let one of our leading lights go for a substantial value to help finance several new players! Remember we are owned by Cashley not Abramovich, yes he is extremely wealthy but as we know he is running the club as a business and he ain’t gonna stumb up fortunes in advance of generating money first! I never said sell Guthrie or Simpson, I think they have both had a good season and as they may not generate big bucks if sold, particularly if Simpson’s contract expires, I would be more than happy if these two pulled on the b&w stripes next season!

  47. Yes I know Simpson has a year left on his contract but as I have stated previously he deserves a new contract for his efforts this season!