Pardew thinks Toon fans are worth 1 or 2 league places

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Alan Pardew thanks Newcastle fans for their contribution to the 2011-2012 season.
Thumbs-up to fans, says Pardew
Alan Pardew praises Newcastle United fans for their support this season and reckons the fans have been worth an extra place or two for the team.

So, just the one game to go then. And then what are we going to have in terms of football until next season? Well I suppose there’ll be the Euro’s to keep to keep us amused, although I’m finding it hard to raise any enthusiasm for England at the moment. One thing we will have though is a fair few extra fixtures next season thanks to European qualification and, assuming we don’t manage a miracle next weekend, that’s looking like it’ll be the Europa League.

If we finish 5th, we’d start in the Play-Offs, which take place on the 23rd and 30th of August but if we get bumped down to the 3rd qualifier – maybe due to Chelsea winning the Champions League or us only managing to finish 6th – then we’d have two ties ahead of that on the 2nd and 9th of August.

There will of course be plenty of rumours about players leaving and joining during the summer and it will be interesting to see how our squad looks at the end of the summer transfer window, which opens in July. We’ve already had press reports about teams who might ‘swoop’ for our players and on the weekend the press was suggesting Arsenal would be in for taking both Yohan Cabaye and Demba Ba. As is often the case with such reports, no evidence by way of direct quotes from any official at the club has been offered, so it’s probably all tosh.

Occasionally a newspaper seems to get a spree of rumours that turn out to be accurate and maybe they have an inside man somewhere, at least for a spell, but I get the impression that a lot of them are pure invention with maybe a bit of educated guessing.

Anyway, our manager has been reflecting on the weekend’s result and the role he believes the fans have played in Newcastle’s season. Pardew speaketh thusly:

Our fans are realistic, they know we have come a long, long way this year. The task now is to stay there.

The fabric of this club, the history, the tradition it has, it should be at the top of the Premier League every year.

That’s the job in hand for me now, to make sure these players come back and put in the same dedication they have this year because they have earned big reputations now and now they need to fulfil them.

Our fans have been absolutely brilliant, make no mistake. There’s no way we would be in this position if it wasn’t for them. We would be seventh, eighth, maybe. They make a big, big difference.

We need them back next year and we need to give them something to come back for.

I thought we worked hard on Sunday against Manchester City, although we weren’t at our best. Things didn’t quite flow for us as they sometimes do and no doubt that’s partly due to the fact that we were up against the best team in the Premier League, but I still think we were a touch off our game ourselves. Everyone in black and white put in a decent shift though and I think on a different day we could have beat them. With good results against teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea this season we’re not that far off the mark.

Next season will be a tester though. A lot of teams can have a brief foray into the top places but coming back and doing it again and again is a much harder task. I like the way things are going on the pitch though. Some judicious purchases combined with hanging onto the crux of our current squad should hopefully see us in the mix again next season.

But there’s one more game to go this season yet and I hope we finish the season on a flourish at Goodison Park.

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53 Responses

  1. Too right. It was loud the other day my ears still ringing my throat still sore. Looks like the trialists are coming in now all looks good for next season already.

    What’s this I hear about us and mackems being in for Hoilett? Any substance? Why the mackems – surely it’s tosh he would even think of jumping ship onto a leaky boat?

  2. This is not Pardew trying to ingratiate himself with the fans, he doesn’t need to as he’s already done that. I suspect he’s just telling it as he sees it – just like in interviews when he’s said “I got it wrong”.

    I think his stock has probably also risen in the Boardroom, where I hope Ashley, the Owl & Co will listen carefully to his views when the inevitable bids are made for our better players, but also when he sets out his team strengthening plans.

  3. For next season lose no major players bring in jnr hoillet douglas and pieters plus a back up nippy striker and we’ll defo mix it with the big boys again

  4. Hugh,

    agree about the manc game mate, we played a little below ourselves, but we were up against a team that has no expense spared on it, let’s say.

    It was interesting to see the odd manc troll trying to have a go at us, weirdo!
    Though it must be a slightly hollow feeling ‘victory through purchasing power’.
    We have gotten where we are through actually building a team & a spirit within that team on a relatively frugal budget.

    Not sure about hoilett like, he’s alright, but he’s outta contract & refused to commit, so if we could get him for no money, ok, if not, i’d shop elsewhere personally.

  5. nigerian toon army says: lose no major players bring in jnr hoillet douglas and pieters plus a back up nippy striker –
    sounds simple doesn’t it – I’d be happy with that, but Hoillet may be looking for a bigger wage than we pay – still, we much now look like a decent bet for any decent player to move up to.

    That last bit “move up to” should be a big factor now that we are “top 6” and euro bound – we are now a club that players respect – we have proved that we beat manu, chelski, liverpool etc – only good, young ambitious players need apply !


  6. Mmmm!

    Wouldn’t take moses either, didn’t wanna come, & would rather go to wigan, lack of ambition there & he thought he’d get more game time at lowly wigan. He’s greedy & overlooks an easy pass for a goal & goes for personal glory. I reckon he’d bring other personal issues too. Just an opinion like.

    He’s a decent player but too many faults for me.

    & why over spend on english mediocrity?

  7. If players want more money than we pay, i don’t want ’em playing/sulking for us.

    Football should over ride money.
    Please, no essay’s about the money/profession discrepancy.



  8. UTD,

    doesn’t that also translate to:

    “You get Frenchmen, you get quality”?


  9. disappointing to hear that Newcastle arent interested in Melbourne heart player curtis good would of been a dream story, being in Melbourne and all would of been nice to see someone from this neck of the woods make it in the big time

  10. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 8, 2012 at 11:22 am

    “Wouldn’t take moses either, didn’t wanna come, & would rather go to wigan”

    Clint, Ashley wouldn’t pay over £1.5 million for him.

  11. Worky,
    he got that one right then.

    Was he at the end of his contract?

  12. Is it down to ashley?
    Or is every transfer at every club ultimately down to the club owner?
    & if so, do all clubs fans refer to their owner in dealings or do they normally just blame the manager/coach?

    Just wondering like.

  13. It’s time for Mike and Derek’s casino skills to come to the fore: Do they stick with the current heart and soul of the club, or do they twist by selling a couple of them to recoup some hard cash and pick up a few more bargains on the continent? Not being a gambling man, I’d be happy to stick. But I am sure they will be more open to the gamble, feeling that they’re on a lucky streak.

  14. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 8, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    “Was he at the end of his contract?”

    Crystal Palace were in administration, Clint. They had to sell him.

  15. Be nice to get Hoilett, excellent young player, got pace, power, can take in defenders and gets his goals.
    Moses is similar but IMO, Jr. just edges him.
    On saying that, we will have Marveaux, Ferguson and Jonas, available as left wingers, with HBA and Obertan on the right.
    So far Obertan has been a dissapointment, but HBA a surprise (to AP only) so we could use another R/winger.
    I’m betting we dont get Hoilett, to expensive and too many clubs chasing him.
    Probably get another unknown Frenchman.

  16. Defenders…we need at least another centreback and leftback:
    Douglas – could be just what we need
    Peiters – yes please
    Jan Vertonghen – yes please
    Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa – can’t see it happening

    MIdfield…we need cover for Cabaye he has looked worn-out last few games & if he has an off game we lack someone else with real craft and composure. Not sure who this would be though as none of the players we’re linked with appear to be in this mould!
    Moses – no thanks
    Jnr Hoillet – depends on attitude…I suspect he’ll be looking for a payday while his stock is high. He looks a decent player though.

    Forwards…will we keep Demba? personally I hope so. Shola has linked up well when called upon but would be nice to see a quality addition.
    Bas Dost – Looks good but I’d rather…
    Luuk de Jong – very promising aged 21 and around 12-14million. Youth obviously good but already at an impressive price tag so unfortunately I expect he’ll head elsewhere.
    Olivier Giroud – Out of our price range.

    Know of anyone else we’re linked with?

  17. Simpson to miss the final game with a bad ankle. Legit or he’s leaving in the summer?

  18. Think he’ll go. He’s done well but if we are “going Dutch” this summer(sure Fat man does it when he can) then I’ll be happy enough.

  19. We will see just how smart the people running this club are?
    I dont get the Simpson deal, it has been mentioned that there’s been an agreement on the money, the problem is , how its going to be paid ?
    What does that mean? if it’s just a technicality, can it not be taken care of.
    Cause we have a good young no nonsense RB, who has shown steady improvement since his arrival and it would be a dumb move to lose him over a technicality.

  20. Going Dutch you say? thought we were gonna get some more French ?
    First French, then Dutch, before long we will introduce the “Sports Direct” logo to the world.

  21. back of the ronny gill has ran a story saying players like ranger, best and Guthrie will all have to leave before new players come in.

    Guthrie is a very talented player who IMO had he been playing regularly could have commanded a £10 transfer fee. but with only a hand full of games i think £4 might be what we get.

    Best will probably go for around £3-£5 million and ranger will probably go for £1 or £2 million.

    do you think we could get £3million for obertan or do you think no one would be foolish enough to take the risk?

    all in all i think we could scrape £10-15 million from selling three or four fringe players to enable 2 or 3 in.

    if we can rely on friendship to pull some strings i can see Krul having a word with Vertigen. werent they room mates with holland when they were younger?

    personally i would like to see luuk de jong and peters and that would be it.

    let the team gel and see where it gets us.

    with players like santon, raylor, tavernia and now Perch all performing well defense next season wont be so vulnerably as we thought it would be this season.

    Perch has found his feet and in doing so saved us a few million that could have went on a defender we didn’t need.

    is midfield strong enough? if we keep guthrie i would say yes, but for me, gosling doesnt cut it.

    i heard a sniff today Real Madrid want Cisse. so who knows we might have £50 to spend in the summer.

    Andy Carroll any one?

  22. chuck says:
    May 8, 2012 at 4:57 pm
    Going Dutch you say? thought we were gonna get some more French ?
    First French, then Dutch, before long we will introduce the “Sports Direct” logo to the world.

    i thought we already had?

    after all have you not watched “only fool and horse” lately?

    del boy often refers to “lilly whites” as his main competitor when flogging down the market.

    if you watch the episode where they have lost everything after the watch sale you will notice more product placement and free plugs than a sports direct advert at St. James Park.

    you can see where Mr. Ashley got his ideas from

    Old habits Del Boy hard.

  23. Stephen C says:
    May 8, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    “Guthrie is a very talented player who IMO had he been playing regularly could have commanded a £10 transfer fee.”

    That much? Are you sure, Stephen?

  24. Guthrie is the only midfielder (central) that comes close to being technically gifted as cabaye so please let’s keep him as he has proved his quality instead of selling him and getting in someone new who might flop don’t forget sir graham carr is bound to get it wrong eventually

  25. Isn’t Guthrie out of contract this summer and therefore we get nowt if he leaves?

  26. worky @ 26

    i think so yes, it was not long ago when ryan taylor came out of the darkness and was given a £10 million plus price tag.

    so it just goes to show what a few good games in the EPL do for your value.

    Guthrie is as good as if not better than cabaye IMO there is only a fine line between them both, they are both very talented players who work well in each others absence.

    if we sold cabaye i dont think we would miss him as much as we missed Speed and Robert Lee since we have Guthrie to bring in.

    and yes a full season in the prem would IMO give him an easy £10 million price tag

  27. Nigerian toon army @ 27….

    Very true. Carr & co cannot be expected to continually produce cheap, young quality transfers. If it was that easy we’d see more off it @ other clubs. Obviously they’be done a brilliant job so far but it would be unrealistic to think we can sell our players at a profit & upgrade with cheap imports. Now we are in Europe it will help us attract better players but agents & clubs will also look for bigger fees making it harder for our scouts. Carr has attracted a lit of attention & I’m sure if he becomes interested in a player it will alert other clubs. As with Cisse will we see us play some bluff with one or two first?

  28. Stephen C says:
    May 8, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    “worky @ 26

    i think so yes, it was not long ago when ryan taylor came out of the darkness and was given a £10 million plus price tag.”

    Stephen, you wrote £10 before, which would have been a little on the low side, hence the sarcasm.

  29. Stephen C says:
    “i heard a sniff today Real Madrid want Cisse. so who knows we might have £50 to spend in the summer.”

    I trust you missed the important word “million” out of that sentence Stephen?

  30. Let’s just hope all the first team stay. Will check out Maher – cheers Worky

  31. Paul in La La Land @ 33 & worky ticket.

    to be honest i didnt miss the word million out,

    Guthries contract is up at the end of the season.

    and my last word were Andy Carroll Anyone?

  32. Sigurdsson would be a fine addition to our squad, although after his recent performances his price may be inflated!! Also, his colleague at Swansea, Danny Graham! He’s not set the world alight yet, but he’s strong, has potential to get plenty of goals and he’s a local lad so is naturally a grafter! Yes Swansea have had a good season but in our team I think he’d improve further again!

  33. On the subject of Simpson I think he’s off.

    Shame because I have been critical of him in the past, but I’ve noticed his steady improvement this season. But I do believe we can / will replace him with something better.

    I really like Guthrie and think it would be a massive shame to lose him.

    Agree about the game Hugh. I don’t think we were at our fluid best. Players like HBA and Cabaye are better suited to our previous 4-3-3, pushed further up field. But we were up against the best team we’ve played all season. The tactics were right because had we been more free form, City would have took advantage. As it was, it took Mancini having to push Toure up, and once he did that, it’s a very hard task to stop the bloke. He’s very very good.

    I have no idea about Sunday. It’s going to be hard to get through the afternoon! I fancy West Brom over Arsenal, but Spurs should beat Fulham…

    I’m chuffed because I never thought I would be sitting here with only one game to go thinking about the Champions League!

    Very proud of Pardew and the lads this year.

  34. Good news is Chelsea losing means we pretty much have 5th as minimum.

    Bad news is Liverpool winning means they have the chance to overtake Everton, which obviously will give Moyes’ lads more incentive to beat us on Sunday.

  35. well 5th it is……..until Sunday.

    ive been reading something on the internet today and im thinking to myself. is mike Ashley that bad?

    read this and tell me what you think? or are these guy just getting in first and mike will come along with the same idea?

    who was it that said mike wanted to market his sports direct business in the far east?

    Cardiff City could wear red as major rebranding is proposed – Cardiff City News – Cardiff City – Football – WalesOnline

  36. No lower than 5th is nice!


    Red is the lucky colour in the far east. So it’s no surprise that they’d suggest it like.

  37. well with this new away kit is this just the first step to a return to our very first strip?

    i would hate to think so.

    shivers down my spine at that thought

  38. Black ‘n’ White all the way mate.

    2nd & 3rd kits can change all they want for me, we’ve probably utilised every colour down the years anyhoo.

    Have ya’ got the collywobbles?


  39. well if you look back at the history books our first trip was red and white stripes.

    i feel sick just thinking of it.

  40. good to see mid-table sides like Liverpool doing their bit to help the big clubs like NUFC – thank you scousers for beating chelski, and thank you for the points we took off you, and thank you for the shed load of cash you donated to us, and thank you for providing a home for our over-rated ex-players !

  41. must admit though i like this new strip, i got a close look at it in the toon shop.

    its more copper than just red. its got a certain glittery glow to it.

    i think this might prove popular.
    ill let you know if they do them in knock offs ;-)

  42. Stephen,

    aye, fank thuck we changed that, hey?


    aye & managers & coaches!


  43. :lol:

    Aye, it does look alright like, i do like that it’s pretty simple, not too busy.

  44. clint up close its very busy. it wasnt what i expected.

    i thought plain one tone like the old white and blue kits from a couple of years back.

    but this one is different. it is very metallic and instead of plain its almost like its made of 1 inch strips of material running horizontally parallel across the strip.

    when the light catches the strip its almost like one of those pearlescent cars you see im hoping the home kit wont change much, although i have seen a few doing the rounds. i still think we will get that black and white away kit and the thorny looking home kit. but no doubt we will see in a few weeks.

    and not doubt there will be a euro kit once we know where we are. 4 or 5 kits to look forward to how good can this summer get?

  45. have you taken a look at lyons new away kit?

    its that busy you need 3d specs

  46. Insomnia here. Nufc have a post on the official site that says the interest in cisse is a bit of cheap naughty ‘journalism’ and the legals will be in touch. On the simmo injury i met him in the players lounge (it is a bit of a story but not a very interesting one lol) and he had a velcro boot on his foot. I asked him if it is doing ok and he said its not too bad. So, genuine injury there.

  47. Get yersel some sleep man! Well chuffed with the day’s result and the season in general. Lets go out with a bang rather than a wimper this year (blowing a 3-0 lead over WBA was a pretty dire way to finish last season).