Pardew reflects on season and looks ahead to transfer market

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Pardew reflects on the season
Toon boss happy with 2011-2012
Newcastle United couldn’t finish the season on a high at Goodison but few can deny they’ve had a successful season anyway. Pardew reflects on the season a bit and so does this author.

On the back of our 2011-2012 season Alan Pardew has been reflecting on things and considers it a good season, all-in-all. Pardew said:

We have made a huge leap this year. Even just to compete with these top teams, and to finish above the great teams that we have, the players can be very proud. It is one of the finest seasons at this club.

Pardew has also been indicating that he’s already looking to strengthen the squad, saying:

We’re already thinking about two or three players, but I think you’ll find that a lot of the clubs who might want to do early business will have to wait until the European Championships are over.

It’s going to be a bit like a roulette wheel, and I’m hoping that the players we’re looking at all have awful tournaments.

But there’s a good chance they’re going to have excellent tournaments, and all of a sudden, their price might look a bit different. I think all of us will be looking at that closely.

I think it’s been a successful season for Newcastle United. 5th place and a Europa League spot is far more than I thought we’d get but we’re worthy of it. You can’t be lucky for 38 games and the Premier League is the true test in that respect.

We started well, going 11 games unbeaten until our visit to Eastlands in mid-November and that was the start of a dodgy run for us. But we came out of it with a new formation, better football to watch, a new number 9 and we finished the season well.

This is a snapshot of what the season looks like statistically, divided (roughly) into thirds:

  P W D L F A Win% Loss% PPG GPG
Whole Season 38 19 8 11 56 52 50 29 1.71 1.47
First 13 13 7 5 1 19 12 54 8 2.00 1.46
Second 13 13 5 2 6 19 26 38 46 1.31 1.46
Final 12 12 7 1 4 18 14 58 33 1.83 1.50

It’s interesting that our goals-per-game is pretty much the same between our decent first 13 games and the poorer second 13 games, which points to a problem defensively. This ties in with the long-term injury to Steven Taylor and, shortly after that, a shorter-term injury to Coloccini too, which meant we had to reorganise things and include players who, up to that point, had had little first team football. I’m sure the defence is something that the club will seek to shore up during the summer.

Stats aside, what I ‘feel’ is the main thing to address in preparation for next season is a certain ‘fragility’ we can sometimes have. On our day I believe we can take the game to the best of them but we’re also prone to crumbling a bit at times and particularly suffer when we don’t score first. I wonder why that is?

Is it because we panic when we go one down, pushing players forward too far too soon in an attempt to level things for fear of the thought of being behind? Is it psychological or is that we just don’t have players capable of digging us out of a hole? Personally, I struggle to believe we don’t have the players because these are the players that managed to secure us an admirable 5th this season and have at times looked excellent. Maybe it is some sort of panic and perhaps they need to be drilled a bit better in the art of comebacks.

Anyway, I was just taking a first look at some of the things we may need to address for next season. That takes nothing away from our excellent finish this season, so congratulations to the players and all at the club for that.

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15 Responses

  1. We’ve had “headless chicken” 20 minutes in a couple of matches which have badly affected our goal difference. In those matches we just didn’t seem able to get hold of the ball and keep it for five minutes to take the heat out of the game.
    But it’s been a fantastic season with many, many highlights.
    I think Tiote may go and perhaps one other, but we’ve coped admirably with such departures.
    I can’t wait for next season. Passport being dusted off already.

  2. We’ve also had some chronic decisions too, like 2 pens against in 2 games, very rare & bad decisions to boot.

  3. In fact i think we’ve had the most pens against in the league.
    arsenal didn’t get one pen at home.

  4. “We have made a huge leap this year. Even just to compete with these top teams, and to finish above the great teams that we have, the players can be very proud. It is one of the finest seasons at this club.”

    No, Alan, we’ve had a good season and well done. 1904–05, 1906–07, 1908–09, 1909-10, 1923-24, 1926–27, 1950-51, 1951-1952, 1954-55 and 1968-9 were our finest seasons, because they’re the seasons when we actually won major trophies. That’s what the finest seasons should be to a club the size of Newcastle United. This club had a long history long before you came here and you have to actually win things and be one of those “top teams” before you can get all cocky and say and say it is one of the finest seasons at this club.

  5. Hmmm, it’s certainly a fine season but one of our finest in history?… Nope.

    That’s getting slightly carried away I think.

  6. Auld joey covered himself in glory, again!
    Oh dear!

    I woulda kept me head down after getting sent off in a crucial last game like.

  7. Pards is a cockney – you have to give him some leeway when it comes to what he says….they’re not the best people in the world when it comes to english expression….

  8. “It is one of the finest seasons at this club” !
    So sez Mr. Pardew.
    But then what the f*ck does he know ?
    Yeah i know manager of the year etc. etc.
    Listen its all about PR, the only real awards are those voted on by PL players themselves, the rest is PR bullshit.
    With the squad he has had (dont ask why the defense was not added too) apart from Santon, who never got to play anyway, possibly the worst use of a squad ever.
    Could even be dumber than his episode with Mascherano and
    his mate at West Ham.
    Gotta laugh at his statement above…
    ..our visit to Eastlands, that was the start of a dodgy run for us, “but we came out of it with a new formation”
    Errmm ! are you saying you only played one formation ?
    There was no plan “B” or horses for courses, the same plan for both Stoke and Arsenal?
    What was the plan for Wigan ?
    I got the guy pegged as a big time bullshitter, and he will be found out !

  9. Clint
    Exactly what makes you guess he did’nt actually mean ever?
    And that’s the difference between you and Joey, he doesnt give a rats ass!

    Is that a half assed apology for Pardew or what ?

    Hear Martinez is about to become a free agent, any chance we can do a straifht trade for Pardew, of course we could throw in a couppla bucks to make it worthwhile.

  10. pardew stated in that in the transfer market hes looking for
    defenders its true we need some strong and more creative defenders but he most needs is some really fast wingers to out pace his opponents on the wing we have gave more posession away and if he got more very fast wingers the assist stats would be amazing and the goals from ba and cisse would basicly us having two alan shearer up there