Pardew first Newcastle United manager to be voted Barclays “Manager of the Season”

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Alan Pardew: Manager of the Season!
The Silver Supremo blesses the multitudes.
Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, has been voted as Barclays “Manager of the Season” for 2011/12, after an excellent season which has seen the Magpies claim a place in European competition for the first time since the days of Glenn Roeder’s Newcastle United “Dream Team” in the 2005/6 season.

Depending on our result against Everton on Sunday, and a few other things going our way too, it could still even be top four and the Champions League!

Alan succeeds Alex Ferguson (2011) and Harry Redknapp (2010) in winning this award, and he was selected by a panel appointed by current sponsors, Barclays. Interestingly, this is the first time it has ever been awarded to a Newcastle United manager. Despite coming second (and third) in the League with one of the most exciting teams of the ‘nineties, Kevin Keegan never won it, and neither did Kenny Dalglish for achieving the same feat in a rather more prosaic style, and getting us to two FA Cup finals, after Keegan’s departure. Not even the most popular man in football in his day, the late, great Sir Bobby Robson didn’t manage it despite two top four finishes and a fifth.

So, our congratulations to our Silver Supremo!

However, just as a final thought which has nothing to do with Pardew’s achievements this season, which have indeed been remarkable and worthy of some recognition. It does seem to reflect how the status of the club has been lowered in recent years that our manager should be given this award, for finishing in what will probably be the lower tier of European competition, when some of his predecessors named above were overlooked despite qualifying for the higher Champions League, and even taking the Premier League title to the last two games of the season in Keegan’s case.

But anyway, here’s hoping we can keep up the same kind of form in both the Premiership AND Europe next year, and hopefully more!

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30 Responses

  1. Well done Pardew.

    Well done everyone at the club.

    Three points on Sunday and I gotta feeling we’re finishing in the top four.

  2. Worky, this is no lie… I actually wrote “Apart from Llambias”, but changed my mind before I posted.

    But yeah, apart from him.

  3. I think you’ll find teh reason KK never won it with what he did at the Toon had somethingt o dow ith SAF & Manc Usa winning back to back title or summit else around teh time… as for Sir Bob, we’ll that would be down to either Arse-nil or Chelski winning things… was always someone else to get in the way of our managers back then… lol

    Well done to Pardew, well deserved imo :)

  4. I guess this initiates the ‘kiss of death’ officially then.

    Oh well!

    5th will have to do!

  5. Didn’t Hughton win Manager of the Year in the CCC with us and now again w/Brum?

    Poisoned chalice that manager of the season stuff.

  6. Knew it was gonna happen. All things considered nobody has achieved more than pardew. Absolutely brilliant and has overcome the initial adversity we showed him when he first came in which I for one feel I should apologise for as I was raging when he was brought in but. He’s proved everyone wrong and worked wonders. May he stay at newcastle for years to come and take us to heights we haven’t seen at newcastle for 15 years.

  7. A fantastic achievement, well done to all those who made it happen, praise indeed is in order…

    “Congratulations Workyticket on your 600th blog”!!

  8. Ed got to 600 post in 2 weeks and 20,000 answers with 1,500 different NUFC teams sheets and 1,200 new french players to pick from.

  9. demba 3 says:
    May 12, 2012 at 10:28 am
    Not pardwho now is it Andy mackem! Ha ha your a joke mate


    Don’t you just love it? :)

  10. Aye and of course there was the period after they pulled it down – then didn’t have enough money to finish what they were putting in it’s place.

    I know some people slag off Sir John Hall, but I often wonder what the ground would look like now if he hadn’t come in and rebuilt it.

  11. Fook the old ground was falling apart, going for a piss (only if really desperate) was like standing in tsunami of urine, you were soaked and freezing, food was shite, impossible to get a drink unless you started queuing 5 mins after match started, you had fans chucking stuff at you and the football was mostly shite……. But we were happy :)

    Knock down this fancy ground and Bring it back…….. Not !

  12. UTD111 says:
    May 12, 2012 at 11:33 am

    “Aye and of course there was the period after they pulled it down – then didn’t have enough money to finish what they were putting in it’s place.”

    Neither did John Hall, seemingly. I recall quite a few contractors moaning about not getting paid years after the new stands were completed.

  13. UTD111 says:
    May 12, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    “Yep – one of them is a good friend of mine”

    One of them was kind of like an in-law of mine. He’s dead now, sadly. He wasn’t a big Hall fan and neither were quite a few of his colleagues.

  14. demba 3 says:

    “Not pardwho now is it Andy mackem! Ha ha your a joke mate” I think you’ll find that’s “you’re a joke mate”

    Sorry to disappoint Demba3 but to me he’ll always remain Pardwho, it’s the name he inherited when 98.5% of fans showed their disbelief when he got the job. Obviously not you though Demba because you’re part of the dyed in the wool 1.5% :)

    Let’s understand that Pardwho’s won nothing (apart from his BPL award). Yet, in my book, that’s why managers win awards. They take underperforming sides and transform them into winners. As far as I can recall, there’s not a lot of winning stuff on Pardwho’s CV but get back to me next season after we’ve lifted the BPL the FA Cup or the Europa League !