Everton vs Newcastle United – A Toffee eyed view!

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Everton fans.
Everton fans - A very decent lot in my experience.
A few days ago, “Jogger” from the excellent Everton website, bluekipper.com asked me two answer 10 questions for the site’s “away team” fixture on the eve of our game with the Toffees.

In return, he very kindly answered some questions of mine about both clubs, and the match today, so here goes!

NUFC Blog: Who do you think has been the best Everton player this season?

Jogger from Blue Kipper: We have had some decent performances throughout the season, but my player of the season is Johnny Heitinga. He has been brilliant.

NUFC Blog: Who do you think has been the best Newcastle United player this season?

Jogger from Blue Kipper: The new fella, Cisse, looks to be a top player. Scores some goals that lad.

NUFC Blog: Who do you think will be Newcastle United’s dangerman on Saturday, and who do you think be Everton’s?

Jogger from Blue Kipper: Cisse and Jelavic look to be bargains this season in the Premiership. If you can score goals and these lads can they are a danger.

NUFC Blog: What do you think of David Moyes as a manager, and would you change him for anybody else?

Jogger from Blue Kipper: David Moyes has done very well for Everton, but he needs to win a trophy. That is what the fans want, and he will not be a deemed a success until that happens.

NUFC Blog: Which manager of any other Premiership team has impressed you the most this season? And which team? (no need to be flattering to Newcastle here!)

Jogger from Blue Kipper: The newcomers to the league have done the business and have enjoyed the way they have played the game – Rodgers and Lambert.

NUFC Blog: What do you think of Alan Pardew’s performance this season at Newcastle United?

Jogger from Blue Kipper: He’s done really well – It’s been a very good season from you lads. Some of the performances have been out of the top drawer.

NUFC Blog: Everton are a very good team, but would you agree that they usually seem to end seasons better than they start them, and if so, why do you think this is?

Jogger from Blue Kipper: We start most of the seasons like a shower of sh*te. So much so you would think that relegation seems to be possibility after the first 10 games. The January transfer window has made a big difference to us this season. The signings of Pienaar, Jelavic and Gibson have really done it for us. I’m hopeful that we can start better next season.

NUFC Blog: What do you think the score will be on Sunday?

Jogger from Blue Kipper: I think this will be a cracker. Two teams that will be going for the win big time. I’m going for a 2-1 win to us.

Thanks Jogger!

Everton v Newcastle United Match Preview

Finally, as a special tribute to our blue opponents, here’s a video of one of Everton’s greatest ever players, and one of the finest goalkeepers ever to save a football, Neville Southall.


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6 Responses

  1. erm… it put the wrong link on, I was referring to Tommy Smyth on the ESPN website.

  2. johno says:
    May 13, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    “Hoped to see a bit more of abeid and tavernier sammy a next season!”

    I don’t know johno. What if the reason we see more of them is because we’ve sold some of our best players from this season?

  3. GS says:
    May 13, 2012 at 11:06 am

    “erm… it put the wrong link on, I was referring to Tommy Smyth on the ESPN website.”

    Now who’s the big eejit, GS? :-)

    Did you mean “Tommy Smyth’s top 25?” or whatever it was?

  4. “If we didn’t have Demba Ba we wouldn’t have Papiss Cisse and we are trying to bring another player to the club who is close to Yohan Cabaye. That is another little connection and a bit of a clue for you.

    Hope its