Cisse pips Benny and Taylor to MOTD’s “Goal of the Season” award

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Cisse celebrates Chelsea wondergoal.
Cisse's big banana beat Benny's Bolton dribble.
Well, it’s been a week for Newcastle United picking up awards with manager, Alan Pardew, recently being awarded the Barclay’s (bloody awful bank by the way – I know!) “Manager of the Season” award.

Well on BBC’s “Match of the Day” on yesterday evening, there were no less than three Newcastle United contenders (out of ten) for the show’s coveted “Goal of the Season” award. The first was Ryan Taylor’s mag-nificent strike against Everton from November of last year, the second, Hatem Ben Arfa’s mag-nificent strike against Bolton in April of this year, and finally, Papiss Cisse’s, er, mag-nificent strike against Chelsea at the beginning of this month. Of those, both Ben Arfa’s and Cisse’s efforts were regarded as being amongst the best three by sofa pundits, the two Alans (Dull and Duller), with Peter Crouch’s amazing volley for Stoke against Manchester City being the other one.

But it was Cisse’s big banana against moneybags Chelsea which won out in the end, with the goal succeeding the previous winner, the incredible overhead goal by Wayne Rooney which was also against Manchester City. That one was the goal which was recently voted as the greatest ever Premiership goal ever in a compettiton to celebrate 20 years of the competition.

Below are videos of Taylor’s, Ben Arfa’s and Cisse’s goals, along with the goals by Crouch and Rooney mentioned above. But which one do you think is best? Vurt in wor purl, and / or let us know in the comments!

Ryan Taylor against Everton (5th November, 2011).

Hatem Ben Arfa against Bolton (9th April, 2012).

Papiss Cisse against Chelsea (2nd May, 2012).

And the other ones

Peter Crouch against Manchester City (24th March, 2012).

Wayne Rooney against Manchester City (24th March, 2012).

What do you think?


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9 Responses

  1. Ben Arfa for me!
    Imagine if Roony, Tevez etc had scored that. You would see it every day on tv!

    We done to the lads. 5th is a great season, take that next season too please!

  2. It’s hard to pick a winner out of that lot, Rooney’s goal was spectacular and deserves the all time award.

    For the Toon I would go with Cisse, some say it wasn’t a shot, but if it wasn’t a shot who was he crossing to? There was no one there! For me Ben Arfa’s goal against Blackburn was better than the one against Bolton, he had more to do in a lot tighter space.

  3. Cisse did the most outrageous bender I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen a few cos I live near Brighton!

    I reckon they were probably going to give it to Crouch had it not been for his cheating dive yesterday.

    Benny at Bolton for me though – that lad oozes skill and class, hope we’ll see plenty more next season.

  4. Ben Arfa against Blackburn was my favourite goal of the season but unfortunately it was in the cup and so does’t count for this.

  5. Cisse is a worthy winner like.

    Ben Arfa’s is the one i chose here, though it’s a tough one to separate those two for different reasons.
    Raylor’s was a bit of a banana too & a great strike!
    Aye, HBA’s in the cup is special, probably even better.

    Great goals!

  6. Yeah I felt bad for Bolton initially and then I remembered when QPR played them and were disallowed a perfectly good goal.

    Does this mean Cisse’s goal will be on the intro for next seasons MOTD?

  7. It was nice to see Shearer disagreeing with hansen about spuds ‘blip’ on motd.
    1 win in 11 is not a blip!
    1 win in 4, possibly 5, is a blip. 1/11 is a meltdown, a capitulation, a disaster! How many points clear of arsenal were they?
    manusa’s ‘blip’ was funny though too.


  8. i think cisse’s goal no-one mentions the way shoal ameobi lays it of for him so i think he should get some credit aswell